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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Wednesday, April 11, 1934
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Mrs. hC Sharp tTcok Active Lead ,him. Work -ty-o. . f; - v '5":; ' .Wonuin Prominent, in Presbyterian Church Diet at Home of Her ' Bister Hmi.v " ' Mr. I C. Sharp, honorary presi. .- dent ef ttw Western division el th 2 Wcenen'e Missionary Society o On , Presbyterian Church In Cuwla, " and prominent In Presbyterian - circles in Montreal, died yesterday . et the bom of hat sister, Mrs. Her-... nan H. Pitta. SSI Metcalfe street t Widow of Dr. L Clarence Sharp, M Montreal, she waa formerly - Helen Jean MacLeod, daughter of the lata Cosmo Faulkner MacLeod .i and Ana Forbes, of King"! County, : New Brunswick. Her lather erae a . cousin of the late Sir John A. Mac- Devoted throughout her life to Hi Presbyterian church, Mrs, Sharp eras active la the Sunday school and mission bands In Marys-: Tills, KB. Atter moving to Mont- Teal In IMS she devoted great ' part of her Ufe to the work of the women's Missionary Society, and r occupied the office of president ot ; the Quebec Presbyterlal for more - than 31 years. She was for M years s most active member of St. .. Matthews Presbyterian church, ' Montreal. , . ) Her- husband, th late Br. 1 1 Clarence Sharp, predeceesed her by 11 years. Their united service to . the community In which they lived c In Montreal will long be remero-" bered there. An ardent Conserva-V tive, Mrs. Sharp at the time of her : death was first vice-president of the r Women's Conservative Association -of Montreal. -w v t . Surviving are tour sisters, Mrs. :.' Daniel Fish. Fnglefleld, Sask.; Mrs. . Herman H. Pitt. Mrs. J. R. Me-' lntosh and Mis Margaret F. Mao - Leod, - Ottawa;" - one niece. Miss - Marion risks, asnglenctd: and eight - nephews. Cordon McL. Pitts, erehl-t tect, Montreal: Dr. John F. Me-" Intosh and Dr. C. Aunt Mcintosh, fof th Royal Victoria Hospital. : Montreal: Stuart M. risk. Martin-: town, Ont.; Kenneth risk. Vie-: toiia County, NJM Roland risks. Here'i a tempting'1 MEAL to Satiety th Mot Sugar Cured premium Ham Champagne Sauce ARSON'S ' Bank sad gpsra Bis, .". kelea ahep Ops Day tflfht 0AVE04O ? Death Electric Rangt ' ttl 61' wmpoW PtsrUT R!ds Stovt Store m BANK ST. - t FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST : OTTAWA . ' . . ... Ctrdlally tavHa Tea and Tees- mends t Attend a j FREX LECTURE I CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ,M . - ---Entitled " " " . "Christian Science: Its Assurance To 1 ' ; Tt; r C A Troubled World" 1 -VjJ ' t rm v. boss, .ojt- f Seat rrasKleee, Califeral . Mvstser at the Beard et Lectamklp et Te NeUet CkSKk. Xke flrrt Cearth et cliritt, icieatus, . , , . Ball Room,' Chateau Laurier Friday Everuii, April 13th, 1934 at UI Coming to Roujn and Timmnn! , Well -Known European HerbaUct ol the 'y i i SR. THUNA i-b- r BALSAM REMEDIZ3 Limited will be tn podvh. at the radio Horn, ea wtONrs-DAY sad THURSDAY. APRIL II and 1. and in TIM-KINS on FRIDAY. SATURDAY fnd SUNDAY. AMllI. IX. Is snd IS. If you are aiUns. see him v.hen he is there. enS t atarlMl m tK- Hnut B.Kk. uhi.k On Barest resseeies srs asset eaieiess as drlviag skkasai Ireas the .- ' ' rretee. PTJti tVTORWATHIN rni TIP mBo. DR. THUNA BALSAM REMEDIES LIMITED Mead OSlee, Tereese, csasaa. aearai a.m. te t s. ssch day. teeM ThwfSey. m.m. te IS sees.) H, i for over CO years c a r-i.wiWorrv ccrrcctivei' Heads Organisation V: i Cecil Methane, whs elected president . at Hassan Society. Ike Ottawa Claremont. Cal l Hollis M. Flak and Clarence M. Pitta, of Ottawa. lite . funeral was Held this afternoon at two o'clock from th residence ot her suiter, Ml Metcalfe street, to Union Station. Th body will be taken to rrederlcton, M B, for interment la the family plot Rev. Dr. W. H. Leathern, minister ot St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, will officiate, , s ; , Council Support For Houde Seen $ Likely to Get - Enoueh "Doubtful,, Votes When Selecting Executive. Cansdlsa hn by Direet wire; MONTREAL. April II Surprise et th vast majority th -mayor- elect, CamiUien Houde, received in yesterday's civic elections here hav lng tubsidecV . POliUosl - thought turned today to the probability of Mr. Houde securing control ot th City council. . i -.; v Not having stood under' party auspice or supported alst of aldermanie candidate. Mr, Hood nas no omciai nipporiers aa yet in (he new council although at least IS sre known to favor his campaign. Ten are iregarded as definitely antt-Houde while 11 are doubtful. Ten members of the old coencll of 15 fell by th waysld In th election turnover. - Crux of the City Council sltua- tlon is th election ot new execu tive committee, th "cabinet" of th council, of which th chairman of th executive Is "premier.'' Nineteen votes, a majority ot th coun cil, if necessary to elect th ex ecu- tiv and air., rioud ana his ad visers believe that sufficient ot th doubtful members will swing to his tide to permit election ot an execu tive ravoracie to Bis plana, . Lowest Prices ( . oa Men', Women's f and c&Ddrw's Wtr, ' ..?,. FnrDjtnrBV te,'-' snns urn awn avn STERILIZING' -' - and PRESSINC NEW METHOD ' 1 e'eleek . "tSjinss"' CAassT1 Humane Society Reports Epochal Year, at Rfeeting Cecil Bethun Is Eeturn- ed aa President at 46th Annual Gathering of "Members, t x : An epochal year In the history ot th Ottawa Human Society was reported at th 46th annual meeting held In the Chateau Laurier yesterday, under th presidency ef Cecil Bethune. . ,.. . - . ' Following were th officers elect, ed for th ensuing year: , Patrons; Th Governor Genersl and Lady Bess borough. . Vie patrons: Mayor J. P. Nolan. Hon. Thomas. Abeam, Mrs. H. M. Ami. Mrs. X. X. B renin er. Col. C M. Edwards. Mrs. K. F. Fsuauiar. Mrs. Robert CilL Mrs. John Huckell, airs. 4. nt. u. iemoine. Hamilton MacCarthy, R.CA Mrs. D'Arcy Mc- Gee, Chsrles Ogllvy. Sir Oeorge Perley, RL Rev. J. C. Roper, DD. P. D. Ross, H. 8. Southsm. W. M. Southern. Majov-General J. H. Mao nrien. atrs. n. L Tnomas, Hon. Cairln Wilson and Norman Wit- Officers: President. Cecil Bethune; first vice-president, James U Kemp; second vice-president, Charles t Russell; traasu rsr. tnsnes A. uray. Executive commlrte: Th four elected onicers. and three directors to be appointed by th Board ot Directors. Board of. directors: The four elected officers and Mrs. H. M. Ami, atrs, 4. r, Asnwortn, naroio w. Allan, Miss Orac BelL Douglas Blair, Mias riorenc Brown, Miss Ruth Cameron. Mrs. 1. W. Csrling. nnnur vrowson, sirs, n. as. uaiy, Mrs. r. J. Delauto, Mrs. CT B. Dougherty, D. Kemp' Edwards, Mrs. t . rauquler, Mrs., Fred T. Graves. Mrs. W. Oresves. Dr. J. B. Holllngswerth, Mrs. Allan Horwood, A. w. Horwood. A. H. Jarvia, Mrs. J. U Kemp, Mrs. MscBrien. Miss Ethel MacCarthv. Miss Anna Pin. hey, Mrs. 8. B. RothwelL Miss W at. r. Raya, E. B. Sherwood. Mrs. 1. T. ShiiTeff, Miss Laura Smith. Mrs. H. I. Thomas. CoL Drew Thompson. Sunt J. M. Tuppar, Mrs. J. P. D. Vsn Veen, fred Van Veen, ana i. Clara Kelllir. Representatives from, Service ciucc: Kinsman Club, U C. Mun- die: 100 Club. J. 8. Craic Lions. Max Rungs; Xiwanis. Cecil O. Mor rison: notary, or. p. n Pailister. Btanding committees: To be an- pointed by the incoming Board of Directors. . Honorsrv veterinarians: Sr. 9. t. PaUlster, Dr. w. Spearman and Dr, H. M. Bellamy. Honorary solicitors: P. D. Wilson and 4. L. Kemp., , Secretary Olvea Reperi. 'Th report of th secretary, J, Clam Reiuy, suted that -the prin cipai event ot the year waa th building and occupation ot th new animal shelter on Mann av nue, near Henderson s venue. Th building 1 paid for, but It is built on tana merit. Metal cages and pens hsvs been prdsred. nhey will be paid tor out a a special runa raised try a number of young girls on Sandy Hill some years ago and held In trust by Mrs. C B. Dougherty.' eaia tn report. In addition It was reported by Mrs. J. P. D. Van Veen, convener ot th Junior Work, that there were now 1J00 members ot th Junior branch. , Archbishop J. C Roper told th meeting It "was a triumph to have secured th new shelter. He con gratulated th society on th excel, lent reports subeoitted. Cecil Bethun. as president, ex pressed his "grateful thanks tot th co-opsratton of the members. We ought au to rejoice in the cgnat-tlon of th society." be said. The Ottawa Humane Society had bow got to tn posiuon u snouia oc cupy. - . -. Douglas Blair reoorted for' the publicity committee, and on the ruKsestion ot that committee a "Spe cial vote ot thanks" was passed to th local newspapers for their gen erous co-operation In th work ot th society. . Mrs. a. W. Horwood reponea tor th earnmtttce on shelter super vision and ssld that tor th first ttm In its history th society had a building at its own. cut ap pealed for contributions toward th furnishing ot th equipment. . MM Sasays Written. Charles E. RussslL rerjortlnc on "Humane "education," said that tn the essay competition last year there were I sou essays written in th schools James L. Kemp reported for th building and sit committee. t Th tresiurefl report nreoared by C. A. Oray, showed the society to be In s astlslsctory position - said th president, though it would be necessary to secure, by sub scriptions and memberships, $3,000 for current account this year to keep th work going. Mr. Bethune ssld It waa hoped th city would increase Its grant to th society. : "Wonderful co-operstlon has been received from the city and county Miller Atuf th IWfMfinetsl flWiHee.1 the secretary reported. Inspector J. W. Friend reported that during th year there had been KS eases investigatod. 103 horses ordered In from work, 634 warn- Inea Issued. destroyed. If dogs destroyed at the shelter. 77 doge destroyed at their homes, 9 csts- destroyed at the shelter, and MM at their homes. Home had been found for It dogs and 71 cats. Other animals destroyed had been eight white rata, on pigeon, one hen and thre bean at local annua- Burnt places. - t .. . Mrs. Hinckley's rather Dies in Little Falls, W.T. LITTLE FALLS. N.T. April If Theodore Douglas Robinson, 80, as sistant secretary of th United Start ee rlsvy during th Coolidg administration, died today of pneumonia. He was the father of Mrs. Helen Hinckley, ot Ottawa. Mr. Robinson was a nephew 'of the lata President ot th United State. Theodore Roosevelt, and a first cousin of the wit of th pres ent fTesiaent. Wlt Hiss at Death. John A. Hinckley, the United States Minister to Canada, and Mrs. Hinckley, left tor New York a few day ag an re ceipt of Information that Mrs. Hinckley's father was In. It la d erst nod they were with him whet) be died, . . IHE OTTAWA JOURNAL Noted Chaplain Of Great War Diet Csasdlaa Press Csala, WELLINGTON, N it April 10. Rev. Angus . Mac Dons Id. -noted Presbyterian chaplain during the Greet Wer, died her today. He waa senior chaplain to the New Zealand overiaas forces, held th rank of Ueu tenant colonel and was men-toned in despatches. Col Mae-Donald was born In Scotland. He served In the Indian army for 10 years , and aaw much frontier campaigning. After he entered the Presbyterian church he went to Canada a a mis-' lonary before coming to New Zealand. . ' ' Enters Campaign With His Cabinet Une-Up the Same Cooke or Ireland to Retire From Contest aa the Be suit of Merger of Bid lugs. ' . '- Caaaetaa Pre, by Plreet Wire. . TORONTO. April 11-Th Mail and Empire today sayi It had learned definitely that Premier George S. Henry of Ontario will enter the pro vincial general election campaign with th present Cabinet and port folio Him-up unchanged. . Th paper says this dispels rumors that big shake-up in th Govern ment was impending. ' Will Ceatsse Ridings. , The paper adds: "On good author ity, the Mail and Kmolr learned that th entire Cabinet, as at present constituted, with the possible exception of Hon. John Robert Cooke. North Hestings member, end chairman of th Ontario Hydro- Klectrie Commission,' will contest ridings on behalf of their party when th time for action srrivee," Th nresent three ridinas In Hastings County will become two ridings under tn redistribution act and it has been generally accepted that either Mr. Cook or William H. Ireland. West Hsstincs member snd Conssrvstive whip, would retire from me contest. Tne aiau ana Empire says Mr. Cooke is reported intending to devote all his energies to th Hydro cnairmansnip. Ready to Opea Campaign. Conservatives srs preparing for the camnaian with. Hon. William Finlayton, Minister ot Lands and Forests and member for East Sim-cos, readv to start a speoch-tnaking tour of his constituency and help th Government in th general ap peal. The Mail and Empire say At- tornev Oenersl W. H. Price -will sneak in Guelph. next Saturday, where Mayor Beverly Robeon Is ex pected to receive tne party nomination to oppose Paul Munro, Liberal for South Wellington. Premier Henry will sneak in Barrio next week In connection with the Centre Simcoe Conservative convention, . To Stopf COLDS QUICK! TAKE Crave' ' Laxstrv Brome Ouinin wttbout delav it dose the (our things aeceeearv. First, it open tne ooweia. ascoao, it comoats the cold eerms bt the system. It relieves that beaded and "grippy" feeling and tones the entire system tad kelps iwuiy agaioK lunacr anaca. WARNING I Om'l Laxuln tmee Q. tee leSHM fcailliinelr leuteted. DonTet SenleS l Gfeves tswUve Brente Out&lse hi set cSerobte cested beceeei test vnaU Intw fare wilS tee actios. tMettrt eke efrr wbea- tstei eeamllr eo m beotm umt awke suet neeev ea ikeei. feelet oa Ike teal tales, took IwtkeeasMGimsontaepKiueeT7' is . CllUtMIKO STJBBOUNOINaS add to the enjoyment ot any meaL Our dlntnf room Is newly decorsted the food la tlnuiuelly good your satisfaction stilt be VENETIAN SWEETS tissue I SPARKS ST. MsssTeTaitTeTeTaeeBS FUR STORAGE Off or TOOK OWN 1 & VALUATION; AU eeea ' hraslf ateT kef or sierlng la Srsprsafed vaalla. Pa Irene osa b aasared that aaeth Ufe vrlU be exterasia. sted wkea th eeats are re- CAPITAL STORAGE CO. ,V,:; QUEEN 371 ; hi RHEUMATISM Neuralgia ; Lumbago Nwuritis , Sciatica "My nrescsee wars knotted so la greet BK,n writes A. A. Brooks, Tia.JsIa, Ontario, telliag ot hie su8eriee frees acute muscular rheunatism. '1 tried T-R-C and was thoroaehhr satisaed. Hot eksrp sharp pains and JuU aches eSeeppeered. Stop aedl take t-R-CV No karmiul Mel 91 vvvMjrvliejsrCs assdltss ail liMso T- R-Cs Very Enthusiastic About Outcome Palestine Appeal Mrs.. A. J. Freiman. O.B. E., Apprecutea Many Offers of Service in Na- . tlonWlde Campaign. ;y On the v h . departure from Ottawa to personally super-the United Palestra Appeal Campaign in Western Canada, Mrs. A. J. I reimau,. w-.a. wwmww the campaign which opens on Sun day night with national nooa-up n.sea at g.iS o'clock by tha Prime Minister. Rt, Hon, R. B. Bennett arid by A. J. rreunan. nneirfent of the Zionist Organisa- Uon. appearen verj w . . .w i about the outcome of th neien - Interviewed at campaign headquarters, Mrs. Freiman said: "This has been the most heartening cam paign I ever worked lor. never before have w had such an n-enunsins resoons from workers. nor such ectiv eo-opers!ion from everyone conneciau win uu e- Full of optimism and displaying the seal which actuates all workers, th national chairman referred to the many offers ot service that have poured in and tn man Steele already overcome to male this drive for funds an overwhelm ing and snprecedsntad success. Mas Act QeJcsiy. The human aspects of our cam. naien have eantured the hearts and the Imaginauon or. au pi, spectiv ot race, creea or neuonai-it. " eentlBued Mrs. Freiman. "The grav situsUon ot the thousands ot refugees maaea it unpeiauve us to act quicxiy ana Turning to Palestine si a refuge, Mrs. y relman ' enthusiastically re minded newspapermen that recent Information from Faustina was w the effect that lobs could b found immediately for at least 14.000 iro-miaranta both on th land and In new Industrial tindertaklngS. Asked regarding th proposed transporting of children to Pales-tin, Mrs. Freiman emphatically asserted. "The area test appeal ot all Is that to save the children and give them a decent futur. Thousands of parents have mad application to th Jewish agency in Palestine nieedins for the ; transportation ot their children to Palestine. It heartbreaking to think ot thee people who stsnd prepared to permit th deperture of their offspring in order that they may live more en-loyably in a land to which they vmri tn en.1 i wtm nf the considerable Inter est being evinced In th campaign by non-Jews, Mrs. Freiman was asked If the United Palestine Appeal was being confined to Jew mi M, eouu mn, am campaign in which all Canadians might help. "Th appeal is to ews now. -ur. rreitnan. "but I feel that the humanitarian-character ot th campaign cannot tall to commend Itself to non-Jews aa well and their cooperation, needless to ssy, will be warmly welcomed." , ; : '. . aHsplsy OeadarlU. . At this Juncture In th interview i eMimm referred to the meet ing of th Women's Cdhadisn Club at Ottawa, at which ther was a wonderful demonstrsuen ea sympathy from non-Jewish friends. It .... , thia maetlrut that Mrs. Chsrles Thorbum In an Impromptu speech wished th campaign success, and mad the suggestion that non-Jaw be permitted to contribute 'so humanitarian a cause as ssna lng the homeless to th Homeland.' Mr- 3 a. Wilson. . th nresidenl took tn the suggestion and without i.rihe- hesitation there was a spon taneous response. . Mrs. F relman was deeply touched with this dis- nlsv of eoodwiu. riiioaiifMinri reanuM . mwumtm- Uons for the recepUon ot child rreeM In Palestine. Mrs. Frei. man responded. "Of all th socisl axnerimenta being tried out In Pal' eetln by th Jewish pioneers, none le erenier than that of th chil dren's villages, which are self-governing organisms complete In every -detail Self discipline I the kevnota of those settlement, and th children sre being taught that the Golden Rul la th only one anollrsbl In human reuuonsnips. Mrs.' Freiman continued, referring to th organization ot thee viilsges for th children of pognxa-elricken nueaie Asked as to the reason for her tnn. Mrs. f reiman saia: "Th west Is working hard to trial th campaign a success, and I ft ;se feel that if my presence will b ot any assistance. It Is my duty to be there." Mrs. Freiman then reviewed the carefully detailed arrangements which have been mad throughout th country, paying particular at tention to the optimistic encouraging and energetic reports received SV ijuawa nesniquarsers iron, branches throughout th Dominion. . prior to concluding th inter view. Mrs, Freiman paid glowing tribute to .th assistenc rendered by newspapers to th campaign. "The most cordial and personal letters expressing heartfelt sympathy for the cause and promising mention have com to us i editors of some of th largest and most Important dailies In th Do minion." .-Concluding, Mrs. Freiman said: am Indeed very hopeful of th re sult when I tnuut a tn great known and unknown army of help ers who srs standing behind me and faith In th righteousness of our causa.' . Child Saves Himself , By Grabbing Headlight rmdins himself in th path an approaching truck, seven-year-old Anthony McCuUough. living at JIT Nicholas street, saved himself from Injury yesterday afternoon by grabbing a headlight and clinging to It until the machine stopped. Michael Cassidy. 4M Cooper street, driver of th track told n the bo ran from behind ema - e u 11 1 iwu, m. ,,,vuw Sreet. Boat Walter, directly In hit P1. - . ... w iMb n,m iMi his home, where It was found that h was not hurt. : - rlCTOM MINUTU DOM. wtr-TON. Ont. April 10, ReV. R. McCormack, minister of Plcton Baptist Church sine Wl, died fud-denlv at hi home her today from a heart seisur. He was as years old. A native of Scotland, Mr. Mo. rnrmarh earn to Canada in 110 a held charges kt Hilitburg. Ailas Crsld. Bracebridge, Norwood. Lake- Held ano rivu. - in the mlnlatrv M years and during that time composed words on In ed and music of several hymns, . : ' iYould Place 15 v Families on Land City Would 8ave $6,000 Taking Bttcn sumoer Off Belief..., ; -.'t ;.'(.. Because they estimated th city would save aajoo In the course ot ar. th land settlement com mittee at a meeting In Board i of rmnl meena laas nurht decided ask the Board to provide s.wv Ik. elvle eetunataa this r to send 1 Ottawa tamUles to settle the lsnd In Northern Ontario. Cost at a family on relief average f00 a year Th Board previously had decided to Include $100 for the settlement or iu ismiiies. .umi iMiiins m relief are considerea. Total cost ot settling a family is 408 of which two-thirds is contributed by the Dominion and Ontario soveanmants BO that n cosns w IniiMineie tn ha sent north were received from 27 fsmilie but several were excluded oecaues they wer not on reiier, sooes them wented to b located on tend the Moonbeam section but others expressed preference for approv districts near susunwe rwentis. As soon as tncre naa oven iinai agreement as to th namber ot famille to be setUed this year the Ontario Relief Land Settlement Commltte will be asked to send a representative her ; to Instruct uos selected. All expense or swruemeni are borne out of th fund ot WOO pro-.iriMl fnr each famllv. For the first year there Is an allowance of $10 monthly for food and 1J0 to provide materials tor the erection ot a house; The sum ot 100 Is kept aside to be used tor food in the second year. Remainder 01 tne money Is for livestock and ouier needs. Before tne untario agent wilt nurehaaa anv livestock a set tler must have erected a suitable shelter tor the animals and have sufficient feed on band lor tnem, rk niireheeea made include horse, cow snd soma chickens and when possibls a pig 1 also pro vided. ' Amongst th applicant were two men who went norm in uie fmnj eeven families two years ago. all ot whom returned to the city very much dissatisfied with the conditions as they found them. They expressed a desire to try again be-lievins that new arrangements would anoro tnem a oeiwr cnance to make good. Th applicant with the largest family is a man with wife and seven children, and the oldest Is a man of 1 years who has two grown-up sons, ready to ac- comoany him. Alderman O. S. Sloan, vice-chair man of the committee, presided at the meetinar and Aldermen N. H. Macuonaid, A. .ncianger, ano . a. Forward were also present, with Nelson R. Ogilvie, secretary. Janet Oaynor Now Tree rrom maniai jjonas LOS ANGELES. April lO.-Janet Oaynor, film actress, was freed from marital bonds today. Th interlocutory decree of divorce she obtained on year ago from Lydell Peck, studio supervisor and former Sen Francisco lawyer, became nnai and was entered In th , county clerk's records. An eminent neurologist ssys that the brain is not one organ but a hundred organs' com bin- MODEL 316 X $250-00 . seehst aaktaet ef kad-rked walaet with Paleate , UMIIaed eaasiag Boer, ne seaeereuy raae sM easels sa Oated ptuars saaka tki s saasuieesee at Irace aa keaaly. Plrare atrtaed att walaet Is eeakklaed wnk delicate aseelalaei aad auraaeuy te preehsr sa effect never kef ere SrMeved kk eaklaet desisa. Kiev PkUte Seslcne alga sakemey takes.. 17S ' SPARKS ST. ' -"T ei'T 131 - f.f , 'v't ' - rfc f. ij : ' li tM I ; lli ft t I' I? I jl- t k ' t? !J' f." ' i n- 8 'I r if i V ty I J J,' Vff, fni.iiiilftl aual ' eu.iope Wi tumintf MM if Hall Botary President I ALDERMAN XENON BOUCHER, wh was elected pisslgsnt ef BaU Retary Clab yesterday. Alderman Zenon Boncher Hull Botary President Alderman Zenon Boucher, prom inent Hull businessman was sleeted president ot Hull Rotary Club at a special meeting ot th board ot directors, held yesterday afternoon. Mr. Boucher succeeds Patrick Graham as heed of HuU Rotary and will assume on juiy l. James Wright was elected aa vice-president for the comma year ana earn ameers are Paul Btw Marie, seer tarv: Robert Curphey, treasurer, and Gabriel Cot, sergeant - at - arms Various committees of the club will be appointed at a later meeting. DATES OF MEETINti. MONTREAL. April 10. Date of th national meeting of th Canadian Authors' Association, to be held at Devil's Lake Camp, Lake of th Woods. Ont, are Jim IT-JO, farmer President Howard A- ceii ttedy announced here today. It mmimii v iwui uiuewsu ported that th association would meet on June Your Paint Problems Solved! You Can Uara Bow by Coenhuj tottta m m jafjeft "sw" ' a m m aaalWU N) gMNMN PfawsftV U'-i; t'v-... ". X'-':-' ". I DEMONSTRATION ToBBeU i.tlMi&a PjatrC . . ; J April 12th to 18th Inclusive" You ar Invited to coma and brlr your Mends. th advantage that Flo-glax gives In overcomirig painting difficulties. ; , .; A special repreeeniaUv of Flo-glax product will demon-, strata the uses ot them on Furniture, Wail, Floor. Linoleum and Oilcloth, . ... - . : -,.r Gmhm Srrhs at O'Connor. ' a Pnone Q. W- ,1 ' . mM ''f : -rc i 4 r eerslea ef the ever pepelar Baey . C Oraa aeslsn wklea stsrsaenlses , 'tsar IseiT? sls any serreemsiass. Teas , I T; y S- cafclnet IS tn htsck sralaaS with ka- CSCEJ ' atraaseat saael In blskly Asared : ilifiF " Kp: an Orleatal weed wuk haad- !- if tip rakaed anlsa. rs Pkhee detlsae 1 31? .'tiifS Sl' hltojlenty takes giving -esbe 't'llt tl ', WvoWivr beguiw . ! 'A - you fft onj that covan tiw : lJ l.gfZ.. ' tJr aU-wsvw band. Abov ' .?jzrzTzJrSZi .Vr ' b ahown th dial ol.a J kV sjaTftgfP r ) , PHTtCO thai, in M t(B Jkl blind gpota oo wv dun- 1 " ' ff, WHEN choosing an ALL . Wave receiver b aura you gat on that covan th entira ail-wave band. Above b ahown the dial ol , PHILCO there are blind spot no wave chan nel onUttl--anytning lea complete ig not truly aii-wava. Enjoy brxaclcsurU from - half way round the world-listen to the thrilling police and aircraft caluv or ('eavesdrop" when ths unatur , are talking. Get a PHILCO . and get everything that' on the. air. And once you get ., them, record them right on . the Philco Dial. You'U ap- , predate the convenience) of . thla Immensely, or you.i mo;:y dacic Ftfiin RtctpHe eray PMct All-mtv prPrlf imtmilU witk m FhilctT AU-mttn Afrtti 0KME LIMITED ; WEDNESDAY, APrUL 11. 1934. Wt Hawke$bury Mail round ueaa Coroner ,Oecldea Samuel T. Howes uomnuiv-u Suicide. -; : t ' seeetal t The Jearaal. ' HAWKESBURY, Ont, April IS. Samuel T. Howes, M, weii-anown resident of west nawsaswury, bimself twle with a rule this morning at hi home, and died al most Immediately. An lnvesus-- non of Jhe laraiiry oy . Kir by, coroner, led nun to nt. men hast cornmltted suicide. and no Inquest will be held. Howe had resiaea wiin sue o brother, Robert, and a sister. Miss Llssi Helena Howe. This morn-lng before breakfast. Robert and bis sister wer vumj ii separator. After preparing break-fast. Miss Howes called her brother, wh was upstairs In th house, but on receiving no answer, went to look tor him. Sh found him deed In a storeroom In the upper floor. with a bullet wouna jus. the heart and another In hi chin. A riS was lying near th body. Neither 'she nor her brother had heard the shot. . . Dr. Klrby'f Investigation also revealed that How had not been in good health, for some time nasi, . and was despondent. He had been sick in bad all day yesterday. Dr. Klrby believes the first shot was Urea mie me men newx. evu then fired th rifl Into hi chin. Howes was a bachelor, and had lived all hi Ufa in Hawkesbury. His family was well known throughout the district and th new of hi tragic death waa received with profound regret SENT TO PENITENTIARY, BARBIE. Ont. April 10. Mrs. Patricia Larkin, charged with arson and conspiracy which gutted th residence of Mrs. Mary Ann Mc. Ewon her February , today elected trial by Judge without Jury. Mrs. McEwen. convicted of setting the fire, was sentenced to thre years in Portsmouth penitentiary. 3 MODEL 344 L $129-50 vsrstea ef she ever Lew key i ; FBTKO lei MM gesaetog ear. saaVrakae eaklaet wish bsstra- seat psaat ef katt was ana eilaalal weeeV ' Oraeefesty carved . pttaeteis bt strlaes aad katt walaet. . eUi-wsvs rseeaaea. ant Plsnee tlsaed takes glvkkg QUEEN . "610$ -

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