The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1946
Page 6
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.PAGE, SIX NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMDRR 17, 1'MG Spurt in Building Of Homes Loonis • President's Decision, However, Draws Fire From Some Critics. WASHINGTON', Dec. 17.— (UP) —Spokesmen far the construction industry today predicted a speedup 111 building homes for veterans under President Truman's revised housing program. Hut there were conflicting forecasts from file President's critics, who said the new changes were a "fraud* on veteran's and the "death knell" Q( (he emergency housing program. In the midst 'Of tlie brickbats and bouquets Frank H. Ctvcdon, the new housing expediter, jironar- ed to issue tomorrow on Thursday the first orders to implement Mr. Tnmian's new housini! policy. The initial orders were expected to end ninny priorities and list materials which must remain under allocation control. Industry spokesman praised Mr. Triimnn lor removing Ihe $10.(100 sales ceiling on new homes and for easing the $80 a month rent ceiling for housing built under Ihe pro- cram. H. R. Norlliu)), secretary-manager of the National Retnil Lumber Association, sard the changes had "simultaneously made practical and possible" the rapid construction of new homes for the first time since the war ended. Hullclcrs to SIiOw Speed Novthun said Hnnlx-r dealers and • builders were ready to construct homes in record numbers with the "end of government-created bureaucracy and red tape." Hii"h Nelson executive vice president of the National Association of Heal Estate Boards, agreed with Northun that Mi. Truman's program was n "step in (he right di- dection." n s only fault. Nelson said. i s that it ' "doesn't go far enough" and should have scrapped rent ceilings outright. Norton 15. Long who resigned ns Winterproofing Of Homes Urged By' U. S. Bureau More than 20,000,000 Amcrli-nn homes need lo he winterproolccl to prevent waste of the nation's fuel supply, and to permit the average householder to enjoy the maximum of comfort and economy. accord- Ing to information released by government ncenclcs. Bureau of Standards tabulations estimate that fuel savings up to M percent can' be secured through the Application of simple heat loss preventatlves to the walls and roof of an unprotected house. With suitable weather - stripping and slorm-Siish applied to the doors and windows, tlie total savings can be boosted another 20 percent. Hefore the winter winds howl. the householder's first step toward home winterizing should be to prevent nil excessive amount or heat loss from his house, It, should he sufficiently tiir-tiglit to hold Hie heat for a reasonable length of time. Heated air rises. Unless n defective roof is repaired the entire house nets as a flue for the upward flow and escape of heat from the lower floors. Many type's of iT.of construction waste heal. Even the majority of the l>r-st structural materials permit waste of hiel to such a degree that, heat-sealing soon p;iy s for itself in ue| savings. loose fill, batt or blanket i-ios oi mineral wool Insulation will "seal in the heat when applied l o the attic iloors. or if the attic Is to be used for living quarters, by being placed between (ha framing of the roof on the Interior side. deputy housing, expediter yesterday in protest against the new program. charged that Mr. Truman's authori/ation of $1000.000,000 lo insure rental mortgages was a "complete phoney." That sum, long declared in n farewell statement, was authorized under the Pntnmn (housing, act n«fl had been at the disposal of housing officials all along. He said the new program was a •iraud perpetrated on veterans for political expediency" APARTMENTS FOR RENT MALDEN ARMY AIRFIELD at Maiden, Missouri Pending disposal of all or part of this ; ,i»Ti. ; ] ( | by sale or lease, ami as an : ,icl to the Gt.vovnmfnt -Housing Program, the followinjr describe,] rosidciilial units at the 'field arc available for lease to veterans and oilier acceptable, renters on a month lo mouth basis. j 2 I,, 5 Rnonis will, ice boxes, stoves and oll,or I modem conveniences 1 Rent—$5.00 per room, per month. inquire: Mr. U. I, Ward, War Adminislralion, MaW Army Airfieltl. I'lionc: Maiden 1000. Inspection: S:00 a. ,„. | 0 - ):00 p. „,. daily inclndin Sundays. J E-PAINT,. Outside White! JiiSl received small sltipnienl of 'SF \- UltOOIvS" House 1'jiinl—(Juai-iinU't-c! top t[tian'ty. One gn}\im containers only. Price — $5.75 per Gal. Case Lots $5.55, 4 Gal. to case \Vc arc informed that House i'ainl will lie scarce for at lear.l anolher year, liny now for your needs next sprinsr, B I'ainlers l)i-o]i Cloths. Whole and Ue- lail. Size 12'xl5". White and t-i.lor.s-. $16.40 value only $14.49 Write or rail for (|tian(ily pricos. Piiinl Brushes—Complete slock of all si/,o "Supei-Kccn", "Wooster" antl "Itubliersel". Also popular priced consumer brushes lo suit all household needs. Wnll I'l-olcctovs—I'lastic fire resistant and lrans]iarcnf. Size 20"x40" 98 C Size 30"x40" $] 95 DEAL'S PAINT AND WAUPAPEU STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" 101 S -'st. Phone .16!! YOUR HOME OF TOMORROW UNCTIONAL ai-rangemcnl and and effectively separate' l ' rt ""*'<- - <• •< economical among the highlights of this versatile design winch pivcs maximum space in a small home. Containing many new features for ismily comfort, it is a inociern concept of the American home. Compact simplicity inside and outside mark the, house as contemporary architect tire that will net become obsolete with changes in style. Scientific planning (jives it Die spaciousness of a larpe home's various functions. the 'IVIhe left of the main entrance is Die gcMieruus-sizcd livint. roorp which measure's 11x23 feet C'or- ncr windows at each end give <!;iy- liRhl and ventilation from three exposures. The n replace is designed so that an outdoor fireplace --JIM- family picnics—is built into the same chimney. By combining the living room WK.i an iidequate 7xU-fool dining of glass block urea, Mr. Simpson achieved the five daylight ",. "•".' "erasr-asi I '"' irrTJi'' \; PIMTNG * 7Afl - KITCHCH FIRST FLOOR PLAN ceiling panel of glass block. Next to the laundry is the attached garage which'has an inside- entrance to the laundry room and kitchen. The first-door study, or den, Is one of the home's most versatile rooms. Placed close to the lavatory, U can serve as an extra bedroom or maid's quarters, or even a (junie room. In the wall adjacent lo the stairway, u large panel was specified "to to the steps and SECOND FLOOR PLAN house with the convenience ami cost of a much smaller one. The ciylit-rooin home, containing two h.'ilhs nn<J an extra lavatory, was tk-sijinutl by the oflicc of Matthews M. Siirspson. member of the American Institute of Architects, v:ho specializes in modern homes. Two prominent organizations in New Jersey have: recently chosen it us the "house of the month" for a home exhibition. One; of iho home's most practical features is Mr. Simpson's nr- vungcmcnts for brightc-mni; the interior with natural <l;iyliiil-,t. t-'his is achicveil by cornor win-. U'OWM in all tin.' principal ruoin--' and skillful use or ulass block.! partitions around the stairway, ;.. the kitchen and laundry loofi.. The most unusnab factor i:i :\ • ' architect's built-in ilavS'.gr.:...-.- system are Ihe fjluss blocl: ^.-....-. . which convert the stairwrij':,.^ i, light shad. Tlicsu ln\nslui:cnt ;>.i/. litions b o r r o u' light from first and second-door rooms to brighten the stairway which utltcru'isc would eel little daylight. P I a t e risers in tin flexibility and space economy found In the most modern houses For privacy in the; dinette, fold'iiu' doors or screens could bo used' A rear poreh behind the dinette can be opened lo enlarge the room for warm-weather dining. Conveniently placed is the (Ix 10-foot kitchen, scientificallv arranged in U-sh.-ipc to save step"and v/urk. A panel of glass block over Hit work counter daylights this area without, sacrificing pii- yur.-y. And because of the block's instiLituij; qualities, the panel 'l^f.-s not become steamy or ;idd a "ii!:ni4 ell'c'ct lo the room in e-j!t' Ci-is? 1?'•;»•!; ; ;1 Lisinidry t\,T:','."<-nl to il.e liitihon ;:t «iv- |;ilso to the u j) s t a i r s hallway. 1 The second I\oor is equally well .designed and arranged to ' r>'v. ;cheerful daylight in every rocip. 'Adjoining the ll.\15-foot mas:er .bedroom which geti veritilr-.t r ..' [and light from three sides, i; •> ! compact dressiny room ar.ti pi! ;vnle bath, The dressing louni I contains built-in wardrobe el..«el;. and window-seat storage spac:. j A reccsi'l i'.nthr.' udjoiu? irio in^stc.- l).iMi. c.T.vjtiiirliy c!-vu) tc ;tno oi'acr t^'-j Hxll.fM.«l t*-<i . j .'uom^ . l :el\v-e,i tnc^ij l\»'<> bco- iioonv-, Mr.*n pi.-ixle piu- , vision f^.' v.-^ll <:lv^s^\i; ^p.o hum- l':i d.:-n5 £juii ^rr.^.Jrif; raoles. '"•K t^o lun-.ily bfdnwms i;<H .! <.'..;;;• '•;.• t-n.- fU'bt-i'.om- '-;; .-, :'<_• ii'-axinuiin ciay- •. |i: ivHcy in the laundry, ! e, t specified a Iluor r to- b!i>'-.: '.!:<:!. Tlil'OU^i "ii i.r».|"a"ii7.-iii:i,- panel in the master LJ^'.-OO'" daylight (lows clear through ;;,e •;<!-- ond i'oc.1- while 1 i R h t i p. s - (! lc stair u.••.•,-. stairs at th puints where nc- c i d c n t s often occur. The house is built around a center hall which a 'To ids privacy Post O/f/ce Experiments With Helicopters to Speed Delivery of Mail •-«r^i NEW YORK. Dec. n. (UPl—Ten rspcviincntnl heUi-o;:tcis \v\ii be p".t into niail delivery sci.'icc by the I'cst OHico Do.-:... :mcnt Jan. t> in tht? New York area iu an ['[Tort lo prove the feasibility of helicopter service. Gael E. Sullivan, second assistant postmaster genera!. nmiounrt?d today that the helicopters will !>;> flown by private operating companies for a mouth between major mail collection depots in Neu' York state. New Jersey and Uonne-'ticut. Architects Seek fo Lower Costs Matter Gets Study At Meeting Held In New Orleans. Methods of reducing building oats mul plans (or urban devslop- m-nt were considered by the Board if Directors of Tile American In- titule of Architects at n meet ing leld earlier' this,month in New O- eans, James R. Edmunds Jr., president of The ln.sU|ulc, has au- lounc'cd. •Til addition. The Board diseussed ecommendutions for Improving tne iunlfty of construction now that luitcrials shortages are beginning lo -lisappear," Edmunds .said. "The problem of cost rediicii'iii Jemanrts special attention in view the increases which have «r- currcd during and since the war. This Is a problem not only for architects but also for all other branches of the construction Jncl'.isl.'y. "Some savings will 'result automatically from the disappearance of the black market, now that pi ice ceilings on materials have been removed. and the future elimination Df materials shortages should pur. ,in cud to costly delays in buildlni;. Hut further savings also will Ije p K . sihlc If the entire Industry coop,.., ales to that end," he s-.iul. STARTS RELIEF IN JUST 6 SECONDS , COLD PREPARATIONS TABIEIS OK LIQUID Tr.d* M.rk Eire- KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes * Flush Out Poisonous W«»t« If you have an evcessof acids fn your blooJ your 15 iiiiies of Udfjuy tube* may t« over- v'orkcd.Thcseh'rty HUcra and tubed are woj-ttV JflK day and nitfht to help Nature rid yoiiv BJ'stern of excess tcids and imiaorioiid wa^ti* When ilLsonlei-of kMucy function [lermita poisonous mutter to j eiimm In youi- bta<*l it inuyeimst'tiiiHnJMirljackBtJu? F rhc-uiiij»Uir)ii,ins Jt;y]miijs, tusaof JK-H aud tntjuy. tffctthuf iiu mains, fcivelliny, jitilfiuesa under Hit- oy , .^ J.-en^JadiC':; end ilizriuesSi l-'requunt or scanty Iffl&b.tgcs with simiriJiitf atiil 1/urnijiK i.jn.i. times .srtows lli«re is Kouitthini; \ruMJK\vit3i your kJthitya or bladder. Kiilney-i may need hdp tlie esme iis low- els* BO nsk your dnn>abl for ttuun's I'ill, K Ktinununtriiiirutii.'. used succe^l'ulJy Ijy m'il- ljuits for over jy xmi-*, Uomi'a «jve hwupy -re [if m ,,| u-itl liohi tlio 15 mi!ed «f kWm-y New! Automatic! ELECTRIC RANGE with exclusive RABIANTUBE 5- SPEED COOKING UNITS HOLLYWOODStftRUN Only Frig'ulaire has Radiantubc 5-spetd cooking units. Only ptigiJiirc gives you SO many conv;. •m'tnce fenures for so liule cose. Among tlieai MC: I:x[fa»large all-porcelain oven Simpli-miric Oven Com;ol Double-Jticy Thermizer Cookt'r Fluorescent Lamp Cook-Mister Oven Clock Control Automatic Time-Signal Mode! EIDO shown S1IS5.75. O tlic.- Model: rroir. »211i.7;-. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. 20S \V. .Main phone 2071 .1. W. ADAMS, Als-r. Kvei-y Sat unlay 7::») l>. Si-.' Ovor Station 'WREC 1 ' i-anacil i<j xl at it i-an I.-V li'jili \.-ith or without t bascinvnt. There also will he a shuttle service between iV.e Now York C'ilv ana ships at sea in an effort tu cut day's from delivery time. l T misii:i! Trip .A cripple;! null once Mvain the Atlantic ticean tn>m the North Hci io Newfoundland, ft trailed behind :t partly disabled Noi-\vc;;ian .sailini: vessel eating food i< ssc<i ovei- b^arti to it by tfu 1 .'.iiiior.s during the trip o: more than three months. Chinese fortune-tellers read the Hues on the Miles of [lie let; ns well as The nuTrkim; : ; on the hands. OF I'KOEATE Notice is hereby yiven that the last will and testament of Mrs. Dol- liu Sn\ith, deceased, \vas proliati'd in common form in the Probate Court of Mississippi County. Ari:a,-.- sas, Chickvisawba District, on the 30IH day ot November. 1040. An appeal from .such probate can be effected only by filing a petition, slating the grounds of such app?a]. with this court within six months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand nnd official seal this 3th day of December, 19-iC. T. W. POTTER. Clark. By Eli/abeth Blythe, D. C. 12:10-17-2-1 MY WIFE IS LOOKING FOR A WAY r TO PAINT OUR HOUSE FROM DRAB TO GAY YOUR PITTSBURGH DEALER KNOWS THE TRICK HIS COLOR SUGGESTIONS REALLY CLICK Longest-Lasting Paint New Rooms for Old — Techide Flat Wall Paint Wolthidc is co^y to :fqv apjjiy - makes '*»* b'.c one day d LIT ay -wpslinlilc. I'"lal. scmi-Rloss fitiishcsl Gol. $3.29 Just mix with wntcr and use. Goes on over old piaster, wall- hoard or cement. Dries m a luitty. Wnslmble. Paint Cleaner Florhide for Floors Cleans painted surfaces the rar.y way. Brush it on, tbcn r off. It's strcaklcss. Leaves surface 'Water . . . your healthfu helper!' 7 Use "COLOR DYNAMICS"! • Pittsburgh's COLOR DYNAMICS is a new painting method which IniiUb tnocnlc nnd renews cnctfty. The whole *;toty is explained in our new book, "Color Dynarr.k-s". Conic in for your free i"opy. Hubbard Hardware Co. ! 213 W. Main Phone 2015 Hove you ever noticed sickness usually seeks out places of dirt and filth? It's true . . . and true too that you con banish disease carrying germs from your home with thorough and periodic cleaning. That's where water comes in —Us action as o pickup agent quickly carries germs and filth right out of your home, and with them the possibility of sickness to some member of your family. So remember, use plenty of crystal clear, inexpensive water for health sake. Blytheville Water Co, BERNARD ALLEN, Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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