The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on January 16, 1987 · 51
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 51

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1987
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w '-.r. SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, Friday, January 16, J987 D-3 O V I E S yaua(K firafef Ves up to the Hitchcock tradition By Michael Sragow FXAMINfR MOVIE CRITIC DN THIS AGE of the non-thrilling thriller, "The Bedroom Window" is a surprise and a relief. It's one suspense movie that really is suspenseful. This lively, droll entertainment doesn't stint on the JtKpardy yet supplies more quips than corpses. As an essay in Hitrh-cockian suspense, about the perils (f pretending to witness a crime, it earns high marks for the casual wit of its vignettes and the cumulative impact of its story. . Textbooks teach that Hitchcock earned his fame by thrusting innocent heroes into dangerous circumstances. But Hitchcock's best films, like "Strangers on a Train" or "Rear Window," often featured heroes put at risk at least partly by their own flaws by their own homicidal fantasies or voyeurism. ; Curtis Hanson's thrillers extend this honorably sordid tradition. In 1979's "The Silent Partner" (written by Hanson and directed by Daryl Duke), Elliott Gould played a bank teller who stashed away most of the loot from a bungled robbery but then had to face the psychotic thief ilone. In "The Bedroom Window,", Steve Guttenberg plays a glib Baltimore architect who's beginning an Movie Review 'The Bedroom Window' Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth McGovern, Isabelle Huppert Writer-Director: Curtis Hanson, from Anne Holden's novel "The Witnesses" Rated: R Theaters: Alexandria, y Serramonte6 Evaluation: affair with his boss' wife (played by Isabelle Huppert). They're still in a post-coital bliss w hen Huppert witnesses an assault on a young woman (Elizabeth McGovern) from the bedroom window. The would-be rapistkiller spots the witness and runs before Guttenberg gets a look at him. But the next day Guttenberg reads that another young woman was raped and killed nearby. Huppert, w ho had a clear view of the killer, refuses to go to the police out of fear of revealing her affair. Guttenberg decides to raid Huppert's memory and testify himself. Soon he's stalking the killer while the cops begin to see him as a suspect. The developing tensions swiftly turn the "Rear Window" set-up Into "Strangers on a Bed." For Gutten-berg's affair with Huppert is no more than an extended one-night stand if stand is the right word. When he forces her into a partnership in crime-solving and perjury, his show-off move backfires. Hanson's handle on seriocomic yuppies gives his thrillers their distinctive wised-up flavor. In "Partner" Gould was a yuppie precursor, able to dispose of a body as if it were a household chore like raking the leaves or beating the rug. Here, almost every character except the victimheroine McGovern, and the cops is busy doing the moral-limbo rock. When Guttenberg ambles into the office of his cuckolded boss (played with amusing unctu-ousness by Paul Shenar), for some reason the boss is packing Bugsy Siegel's old gun. The edginess that seeps into the corners of the movie comes from Hanson's sense that nearly everyone practices a form of the daily double-cross. Huppert, whose apple-cheeked face is starting to look bruised, bears the brunt of the movie's amiable cynicism. The more self-centered her character gets, the more effective her performance becomes. Guttenberg is more palatable than usual as the anti-hero; his smarminess is in char- V i ' . o tv At 4 H J f- It . f..x-' ,.,, 1 4 1 . t I J. J i v sx " I l ' ' 1 i' 'AN ",lr'! V S :t Hi acter. When he sheds it he seems a attorney as if he were chairing a little naked. board meeting, and Wallace Much of the barbed humor Shawn, who invests the killer's de-comes from supporting actors like fense attorney with a weaselly Robert Shenkkan, who plays a state pride in his own cleverness. And as Elizabeth McGovern Is the would-be victim of a rapist In 'The Bedroom Window' Detective Quirke, Carl Lumbly gets to parody the serious mien he displays on "Cagney and Lacey." Elizabeth McGovern brings her rosy romantic glow into the character of the assault victim a waitress at a singles bar who becomes Guttenberg's one ally. McGovern, usually cast in plusher roles, exults in this woman's toughness. She adopts a full-tilt walk and modulates her husky voice with a flat accent and an aggressive delivery. She plays at being the brutal truth-teller, and then (in a comic high point) lives up to that role. It's a case of an actress triumphantly playing against her own type. "The Bedroom Window" brings back some forgotten pleasures of the genre. It plays a game called Perception, in which the alert viewer wins. And it has a satirical sense of the form's ritual obligations the red herrings, and the Hitchcocklike frames in which entire subplots turn in a matter of seconds. Though Hanson lacks the visual finesse of the Master of Suspense, his movie comes off without a Hitch mostly because the script goes off full-cocked. Here's a wee bit of Scottish escapism that tickles, too By Michael Heaton OF THE EXAMINER STAFF rHEN YOU'VE tired of movies dealing with war remembrances, real or imagined, cop- outs, predictable murder mysteries, ape epics and unfathomable foreign fiascoes, try, your luck with "Restless Natives," a wee harmless bit of a movie. This charming, small film about two Scottish youths out on a felonious lark, won't change your life, increase your income or teach you to dance, but you may smile and even go so far as to laugh. Actors Vincent Friell and Joe Mullaney play a couple of hapless pals working in a novelty store who find Scotland's chronic boredom more than two good young men can bear. v The two conspire to pull a couple of highway robberies, breaking the ennui and increasing their meager weekly incomes. What enhances this simple storyline is the method , employed. The two wear clown and wolfman masks, ride a motorcycle and rob only tourist buses, using a puff-gun full of sneeze powder to have their way with the victims. While the press delights in reporting their scandalous adven tures, lifting the boys to near legendary status in the surrounding countryside, the pair makes the mistake of ripping off a vacationing CIA agent played by Ned Beatty. Beatty, in the throes of a bitter divorce, decides to take his mind off his troubles by applying it quite singularly to the capture of the wayward thieves. "Restless Natives," when it isn't busy advancing its silly plot, takes short detours down the road of relationships, exploring what makes them tick. The two leads are extremely endearingwhen they can be understood, and the cinematography, which ought to have the Scottish tourist board doing cartwheels, only adds to the project's ; warmth. - Given half a chance, "Restless Natives" may have you considering a little lovable larceny of your own. Movie Review 'Restless Natives' Cast: Vincent Friell, Joe Mullaney, Ned Beatty Director: Michael Hoffman Writer: Ninian Dunnett Rated: PG Theater: 4 Star Evaluation: Plffl-MiLEiMOKI .GUIDE WeddingsPartiesGifts ADVENTUROUS FARTilrS MURDER MYSTERY WKNDS Call Vintners Inn 707-575-7350 MURDER UNLIMITED Private & Corporate Events 474-8005 A!R50ENE ADVENTUSIS SCENIC SAILPLANE RIDES Over Bay Area. Open Daily. Gift certificate available. Makes unique giftlll 656-9900 BID & CSEAKFAST AGATE COVE INN Mendocino. Romantic cottages, fire places, ocean view. 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