The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1946
Page 2
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fAtiBTWO BLYTHKVILIJS (ARK.) COUEIEE HBWfl Negro is Saved From Angry Mob On* of Victims Dies; Fdur Others Wounded In Miirlreosboro, Tertn. NASHVttLE, T«\n, tKc 11 — (UP)--Tobe Haynps, tlio Negrq who ran amok with two pklols and a fholgun in a police station, faced murder . charges today with .the :ieatli- of- Patrolman Herbert Mc- 'Clenahan, one of five white men Jelled U'j': blillets tjeioie the Negro wns captured. Hnynes was brought here under xtate'jiolice guard 30 miles from the scene of the shooltno nt Murfrccs- boro. Police saved the crazed Ne- yro I rqrn; possible mob violence. Go'v. J!m Mc'Cofd fiad sent state troopers headed by Chief Lynn Bcmar, former: all-America player to see that Ilayues was brought here safely. Witnesses said that the Negro, , \- (lioul warning, opened fire In the ; Murfi eesbpro : police, station. He was not, under arrest'at the time and authorities w ere •unable to give any motive for the shooting. Later, no barricaded himself in A house three blocks from the police station'.! wounding three others before surrendering. Police':chief Wash Powell who was slightly bruised and said a tullet had ricocheted off a brass button on his uniform. Others .slightly wounded were Sheriff', Ear! tJcKnlglu. Fire Chief B. B. Qiinrlcs and Ray Armstrong, a bystander. When stepped from the howe 'to surrender several In -Ilia crowd were heard to say something' about -'getting 1 ' him. But police lonned'n flying wedge nnil pushed him thrbueh a crowd estimated at almost :1,500. State troopers removed Haynes from the,, local jail after Mayor John Holloway nnd the Rev. Hubert Covlnglon spoke to tlic <|'owcl asking-them to disperse. While city police cars were driven between the Jnll and the crowd as a precautionary measure. Hnynes was taken out the side door. He was treated In a hospital here fos l:ullel wounds In an arm mid leg 7 Bilbo Appears Before Probers TUESDAY, L&CKMBEH 17, HMC Polish Stowaway Bride Facing Deportation NORFOLK, Va., Dec. 17. (UP) Christina Minor Sklha Chrlsly, Pol. Ish stowiiwny who married the sOc'- tnul mate .she,met while crosstng (o this country aboard the U. K. Robert W. Hart, today awaited depni'- tntlon v/lillc her husband annou>ic"d IK- would appeal to the Stale Department. Mrs. Christy, 20; was denlod a will of habeas corpus In U. S. District Court lirji'o. Instead, the court roni':in<irc[ JUT to the Immigration ncM;ui'(inonL. Sin; was married last week to Christy, who was one of Hie few bi-r One and 'Number Two: K was utmost too much for him, thai dream. Ifo had a hell of a line building thn church." people who knew she was Aboard tlie Hart when the vessel crossed froin ISurope. She spent most of the voyane I" a cargo hold. In M'AKN'ING OKDKU tin- Cliancery <'our(, Clilrkn- suwLii District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. HUM-! Zclmar ............ PlainllfT, vs. No. 9820 Robert /dinar .......... Defeudant The defendant Robert. Zclnwr Is hereby warned to appear wUhln thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer I lie complaint i>( the plaintiff Ha/el Zclinnr. Hated this 2C day of Nov., 1940 HARVEY MORUIS, Cl^ik iiy Mary l#e Jarrall, I"). C. Percy A. Wright.. Ally, for PHI. M. (i. Purllow, Ally, ad Lllcm. Ecimtor Theodore Ci. Bilbo confer.'; with his attorney, Forrest 1). JucK- son. rljjlit, of Jackson. Miss,, as the .Semite War Im'c.sliBiVliiHi, cam- nilllcc (i))cnod public lii'iirlnys in Wii.sliinutoii, D. o. Thi 1 nfririiif.;*) ai" l;elng held on i-hurf'iss ihut Bilbo received tsj'nlultli-.'i from • Ml.ssi.s»ippi contnu-lors lor hclpliuj ihmi net cons! motion jobs. Tlif h have a brallni; on whether Illlbo can retain his seat in <NEA Telcpholo.) Bilbo's Dream House With Lake And Nearby Church 'Just Grey/' Georgia Editor Dies HOT;,SPRINGS. Ark., Dec. 17. aJPlr^Husli Burton, OB. publisher of (lie.Lavohla, Ga.. Times, nnd n prominent Georgia newspaperman, died here yesterday. Burton furm- trly served In tlie Georgia Legislature. He whs at Hot Springs for his health. •.. WAHXING ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chicka- sawba.District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Le Vada Davis -Plaintiff vs.5 ,-, No. S877 "•••• ',-:'. f. Hugh ;M. Davis Defendant. The;defendant Hugh M. D.-ivis is hereby warned to appear wllliin thirty:days;in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Lc Vatia Davis. - baterl tills 2 day of Dec.. 1M6 HARVEY MORRIS, del* By Mary Lee Jnrratt, D C Ed B.'Cook, Atty. for Pltf. Howard Moore. Atty. ad Utem. 1213-10-17-24 - WARNING ORDER In the. Chancery Court, Clilcka- sawbi IVictrirt, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Robert Wrieht Plnl'itlfT. vs.-.: fio. 3393 Elvira Wright Defendant The-defendant Elvira Wrls;il i: hereby 'warned to appear wl'.hln thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof nnd answer the complaint of the plaintiff Robert Wright. Dated.this 20 day of Nov., 194G HARVEY MORRIS, ClCVk By Mary Lee Jixrratt, D. C. Percy Wright, Atty. for Pltf. n. G. Partlow, Atty. ad Lltem. 12^-10-17-24 Iiy KRKitKltKJK <:. «)TIIMA,\ j UiiiteU I'i'Css Stiiff (!i)rri's;iO!Hlt'nl WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. - At. Idifg Inst I am In postllon to .s|>e:ik iinthorilallvely on the beautiful dream of Sen. Thuoclorc G. Biluo. The bookkeepinB In connection therewith may tie a Mule ulghlmiu'lsri, but the beamy nt the drcnm .sliines through. The Senator's vision began w'tn a lake to beautify the miinor hour.!- ic'd already built In the reniei- if x hit 3,000 ncrc Mississippi plar,- jition. So he got out his mnle, .ailed a one-imned iissislant ami .wo boys nnd started to din h'ni- ii'll u 'pond. One of his rich eomrar.tor riemls. name of Mike Morrlvsvy. lapjiencd by and offered lo U.R t for him: Mike—who ran a fnnn of his own, rented road wrnplng machinery lo the yovoninient, iiid operated a saloon on an isl.UKl in lie Mississippi—dug a ningnlllcom;) ake. He left nn Island in Ihoi nkldle of U. ! There Bilbo erected a sm;ill iilinslon hf called Dream House Number Two. And soon the snn- itor was Improving Ills drcnm. With tho ns5tstancp of the sinne helpers and the snmc m:ile \\c was tryiiiK to build a rolnfoiced concrete swimming pool. AnoDicr of his contractor Friends. John 11. Junkln. who sold rendy mixed concrete for the building of army air fields, happen-d by. He offered to build the pool. A few more weeks passed a no I here wns the senator sadly contemplating the sorry state of the palvtl'OH Hie original Dream House. And I tust. happened bv." HL-11 third war conlrnotor, Maurice T. Heed and . . "No mule?" demanded Sen. Homer T. Ferguson of Michigan. "Mo mule." reported Reed, llo had the Dream House pnintcd a kind of nitt, sort of. 'o tho.! senator. He said, under nriji.ig l,y Sc'i. Forxuson, that ho used rilnin pnint. nol suecial dream nnirtt. Part of Hilbo's drcnm (it, was a whopper, .that dream) consisted 01 a new home for the Juniper Grove Baptist .Church by Ilic lake, and a new rome with four batli tubs for the preacher. Bilbo's co'.U'.'.iotor friends contributed checks ranging from $500 lo $3.500 for these td:[Ices. Came- Christina.; and thcio was the Junior dream house, bare, uolti ami empty on the Island. Sllljr/s secretary nnd one of his pohl.lcill cronies borrowed $500 from Ihe bunk lo buy sofas, . chairs aim floor lumps as a je- membratiee to the senator. The bank eventually demanded that these worthies coutjh up Ihe SliOO. plii-i f.17 interest. So 'J"n- Ifnetor Hee<i paid vhul.' loo W5iy did he do It? "They asked." he testified. I'll have lo skip nil Ihe money contributed to political campaigns In Mississippi, as well PS vhf troubles of tin- income lax bureau tiylnj; to convince the contractors that gifts to Bilbo couWn't be deducted as charily. These developments are Intere.stinK. but they have notlilng lo do with tlic dream. "A beautiful dream,'' said Ihe portly Morrissey, who wore a:i n:most-yellow tweed suit and an expression of hurt- surprise. "The senator wanted lo be burled, wlicn lie died, by the parsonayo, bun way between Dream House Nnm- GATEWAY SERVICE CO. Builders ot Guaranteed Generators and Starters Phone 983 J. O. Lentz Dub Sizemorc Fishing Tackle Pocket Knives Bill Folds Pen & Pencil Sets Wrist Watches PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main St. ' Phone 515 For the perfect gift! Give a Motorola ,Radio from Dixieland Service. All Sizes * .. . they'll fit his car well! S E R VI C E ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Hi«fli\viiy (il North al Holland, Mo. 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