Mohave County Miner from Mineral Park, Arizona on July 21, 1888 · Page 2
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Mohave County Miner from Mineral Park, Arizona · Page 2

Mineral Park, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1888
Page 2
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srv ssty n w s MS fe A V - V -4 fe i JT iff 1 liMIWWli WW M fjNtf iWiidrimiri SS The Mohave iBtaER C M FUNSTON Editor KINGMAN JULY 21 1888 It is reported that Lucky Baldwin won 30000 at the recent wices at Waeh ington Fork Chicago Tho town of Calico Sari Bernardino county Cal was destroyed by flro on the morning of the 17th instant Twelve braineM iioufiea burned Les 20000 There are seven Presidential tickets in the field and it is probable that the average voter can get a ticket and platform to suit him The express companies are having a lively war of rates in the East and it is cheeper to ship by express from New York to many of the Western cities than by freight In the past five years the people of the United States havo taken out of the ground in minerals of one sort or another 047305041 more in vain 3 than the aggregate amount of our debl in 1886 The Citiren says The Albuquerque postofflce is the principal one in New Mexico and Arizona During the past year it handledi77748 registered letters and its receipts from all sources were 40186325 i The Senate this week pasocd a bill to place John C Fremont on the army retired list with rank as Major General The Hotwo should pass the bill also as it is ft fit tribute to the valued services of Gen Fremont to the nation Judge John A RuBh has been appointee Attorney General of the Territory by Gov Zulick to succeed Briggs Goodrich The appointment is a good one1 and Gov Zulick is to be complimented on his good judgment in this appointment -Arrangements are being nmde between the Burlington road and the Brotherhood of Engineors whereby the strikers may resume work Both parties are anxious to compromise and it is believed that the matter will soon be settled There is not a repjlar minister of the gospel in Mohave county nc is there a single community in the county large enough to support one If some one of the many missionary societies in the East would send an energetic missionary hero he would bo will received and receive omo pecuniary support During -two years past but two sermons have been preached in the county Thii is a good field for missionary work and he who loyeth the cause of the Master better than himself can find abundant labor iioro and s rich harvest The total amount paid by Montana mines from January 1 to Juno 30 1888 was fl748000 distributed as follows among the different companies Granite Mountain IlilOOOOO Tfchfcil u I r gm4f Heel Hope Jay Gould Montana limited Original v Parrot 7 - wSmimmttl - V IWlii 5gT53tgaX lj i 75000 M000 172000 230000 3000 190000 Total J700O Since the first of July the Granite has paid another dividend of 110000 and tbejOriginal one of 3000 and the next month will raise the total oi000000 or over The last of theApacho Indmns of Get onimos gang who were confined at Fort Pickens were removed to Mount Vernon Ala by rail on the 21st of Juiie it was theintention of the Government to send these the youngest of the band to Carlisle Penn to school but it seems -there was no money for their transportation and they were to be kept at Pickens until such time as the money could be got The others about fifty in number were ent to Mount Vernon about a month ago There are now very near five hundred Indians bucks and squaws at Mount Vernon It- is supposed that tho soldiers will leave here this summer to go into camp and this it is supposed is the reason the Indians were removed from Pickens Warrington Corr of Florida Times Union Two Mojaye Indians were in Prescott to day to solicit the influence of Governor Zulick ia obtaining rations forjthis tribe from the Government Oneof them who spoke very good English was interviewed by a Journal Miner representative to whom he said that the rations asked were only for this year Ho stated that there were about 1000 of his people who depended upon the spring rise of the Colorado Elver to raise a crop for their wipport That ilhls year the river has not risen and as a consequence they would be unable to raise their usual crop and unless aid was extended to them great suffering would certainly follow As the Mojaves are an industrious and self-sustaining people their request in this instance should be complied with and aid should be given by the Government Journal Miner There will be a total eclipse of the moon on Sunday July 22d Tho progress of the event will be as follows in local or Eastern time First contact 1055 p m beginning of totality 1154 p m end of totality 1 356 a m last contact 2 34G a m The moon will be in absolute eclipse that is central in the earths shadow at 12448 a m Tho duration of totality will be 1 41G The position of tho moon in its orbit at this time with reference to tho earth is somewhat more favorable for the observations proposed to bo made the moon being more deeply immersed in the earths shadow now than in January This slightly increases the duration of the totality and what more important in tensifies the darkness of the moons face A total eclipse of tho moon is a rare event partial eclipses beinjj comparatively frequent ittfafti wiin ni ii TERRITORIAL ITEMS An Odd Fellows Lodge is shortly to be started in Nogales The cost of running the Territorial prison during the last quarter was 11 74074 Tempo and surrounding country has 8000 acres in wheat and barley the present year An Odd Fellows Lodgo will be instituted at Bisbee on the 24th ins This will mako tho ninth Lodge in tho Territory Judge Barnes will not go to Prescott to attend the Supreme Court having been informed by Judges Porter and Wright thai there is nothing of importance there to be attended to ilia Board of Supervisors of this county have fixed the valuation of cattle at 10 per head which is plenty considering the price at which other property is rated Tombstone Epitaph The Indians are busily engaged in planting corn beans and melons They will harvest but a small crop this year owing to the low stage of water in the Colorado Yuma Sentinel In answer to a letter written to him by City Marshal Blankenship Mr Claude M Johnson Indian agent at Sacaton writes that tbereare no cases of small pox among the Indians Phoenix Gazette J y Roberts says that if tho citizens will stand the expenso he will donate his services in experimenting with tho ex plosion of giant powder with the view of producing rain Prescott Journal Miner The contractors on the Florence canal sunk a well last week just within the lines of tho proposed reservoir about fiftc emiles south of Florence Abun danco of water was found at a depth of fifty two feot Enterprise Amonio Loretto ex County Treasurer of Yuma county and a prominent Yuma merchant committed suicide at thai pi ace last week by shooting himself through the head Depression caused by long continued sickness ia said to bo the cause At a meeting of tho Board of School Trustees held last evening W W Gillette was chosen a Principal and AK Hitchcock as Assistant The salaries of lady teachers were fired at 05 n month for primary and 75 for grammar departments Tucson Star An onion twenty inches in circumference and welghingtwo and a half pounds was brought to town to day by Alex Silva The Salt Biver valley can produce as largo vegetables and in greater variety than in any known section of the South westw A rizonan Georgo Stevenson telegraph operator at Glamis thirty four miles west of Yuma was found shot through the heart in his office on the afternoon of the 14th instant A Mexican was arrested on suspicion and taken to Yuma by tho trainmen The particulars are not yet known If Phoenix had another railroad like the little burro what a fix she would be in It takes about as long to come from Maricopa station a distance of 34 miles as it does from Los Angeles to Maricopa nearly 600 miles Surely we need another lightning train Gazette Messrs Pete Dnmpheyand Postmaster Elliott have made a big strike on the Fairbanks mine in Olive Camp At twenty feet theyhavp a well defined four- foot vein of solid galena ofof which runs from thirty to fifty dollars in silver They will commence shipping at once and thus add another bullion producing mine to the Olive Camp Star 4 Mr Thos White who wastho engineer of the Phoenix Mining Company at Cavo Creek was brought to this city fast Monday suffering from supposad poisoning Everything that skill and affection could suggest was done to save his life but without avail He lingered until yester day afternoon when death relieved him of his suffering Phoenix Gazette Three hundred cows with suckling calves the property of William Slaughter of American yallej passed through St Johns last Monday en route for Holbrook from which point tho calves are to be shipped to Los Angeles California Jpr veal and tho cows to be driven back to Slaughters range This is tho first ship ment of tills kind made in this section St Johns Herald By the report of J H Behan Superin tendent of the Yuma prison It Is shown there are now 120 prisoners confined in that institution that for tho quarter end ing June 30th fifteen men have been re ceived etoven discharged by expiration of terms three pardoned by Governor Zulick three sent to the insane asylum two sent to the Government prison at Columbus Ohio and one committed suicide Joso and Constanbret young 8an Carlos Apaches arrived here Tuesday evepng from Carlisle Pennsyl vanla where they hs4 just graduated from the Government Indian school after a four1 years course Both aro very in telligent red men and stated that they would each locate 160 acres of land on the San Carlos reservation and settle down They left for San Carlos Wednesday Wilcox Stockman On the Fourth of July fast as some bombs wero being exploded on Congress street in front of tho Pearson block one ricochetted against a large plate glass window in Blacks jewelry store shivering it into a thousand fragments The parties firing the bomb had a hearing today before Justice Meyer on tho charge of malicious mischief and was discharged Tho jury before whom tho caao was tried rendered a verdict of acquittal without leaving their seats Tho verdict gives universal satisfaction Tucson Citizen Tho Atlantic Pacific intend at an early date to bring to tho notice of tho public the beauties of tho Grand Canyon of tho Colorado an4 for tho purpose qt finding out what can bo done to make the canyon accessible J B Warner of that road lately mado the trip A party ot in inMniMnrtriim Wyihjfcy rtV twenty four from Los Angeles however also made the excursion This excursion was under charge of Curzon the Manager of the Black Diamond Coal Company Among theparty was Dr Sinsinbough of Los Angeles who declared that the Grand Canyon of the Colorado was in some re spects more beautiful than the Yosemito valley S F Post The outlook for the development of the mining interests of the portion of the Territory near to and which will eventually be eontributary to Nogals is very encouraging and to use a mild term flattering In the old district In the Santa Bite and Patagonia Mountains work is being dono in a systematic way In the near district in the Psjaritoe Mountains a large number of prospectors are in the hills busy at work The ore deposits are not confined to any restricted locality but camps are found in every canyon The woods are full of miners and the ground seems to bo lousy with horn silver The rainy season is now upon us and tho pick and shovel brigade will be largely increased- Wo will endeavor each week to report correctly the character and ex tent of each new find Record WASHINGTON IKTTER PROM OUR aXdUXAR COBKESVOVDENT Washington July 9 1888 Representatives Kelley of Pennsylva nia and Cannon of Illinois both good Republicans had quite a spirited argument fn the Houso Saturday over Mr Cannons proposed amendment to the Mills tariff bill covering the sugar molasses and confectionery clauses The amendment admits all sugar below No 10 Dutch Standard freo of duty and sugar above that grado is to pay a duty of three tenths of one percent the amendment also provides for the payment of a bounty to tho producers of American sugar and molasses Mr Kelly argued that tho amendment was a direct attack upon the principles laid down by tho Re publican National platform Mr Cannon retorted that his amendment was not pi- posed to tho Chicago platform and that ho would not permit tho gentleman to construe the platform for him nor read him but of the Republican party This sort of talk was indulged in for quite awhile and the Democrats byed it and of course dideverythintf in their power to widen tho breach between the two Republicans Even tho Democratic members of tho House had to Join their Republican coU leagues in the general titter that passed over that bqdj on Friday when Mr Mills accepted tho amendment to the tariff bill offered by Mr Vance of doubtful Connecticut to strike out tho para graph imposing a duty ot 3D per cent on wood screws thus leaving tho present protective duty on a Connecticut mo nopoly Tho Houso has by a vote of 177 to 8 passed tho Holraan substitute for the Senate railroad land grant forfeiture bill The bill forfeitsall lands granted by Congress to any State or to any corporation of a railroad or to a railroad or telegraph line opposite to and coterminous with the position of any such railroad not con structed arid completed within tho timq specified in the original grant etc This bill is said to conflict with a decision of the 17 S Supremo Court The River and Harbor bill which lias been passed by the Senate with numer ous amendments is now in tho hands of a conference committee It is not thought that the House will raise any very qus objections to any of them but whether tho President will sign tho bill is a question upon which great diversity of opinion exists I think he will sign it Mr Cleveland has in connection with one of the private pension bills of which quite a number wore vetoed last week laxen occasion iu explain inn posmuu in regard to tins plaes of legislation He denies that he is unfriendly to the de serving veteran Tho Lighthouse Board has written a letter to the Speaker of tho H onso forming him that the appropriation passed by the Houso for its use is inadequate and that if it remains as at present it will be necessary to extinguish some of the lights It u probable jjiat the Senate will make the necessary increase in the appropriationj and that it will bo agreed to by the House Tho Senate is evidently feeling the effect of tho warm weather t was In session only two days last week The members of the nouso aro nearly all getting anxious about their political fences at home consequently they are rushing tho Mills bill which will prote ably be passed by that body before August frsTxnt as there are qult a number of other important measures to be acted upon it is not inceiy mat tne adjourn ment will take place till late in August possibly not bofore September The certainty that tho Mills tariff bill will shortly pass tho House has stirred the Republican Senators up to the necessity of preparing a substitute expressing tho views of the Republican party which is to be offered in place of the MJUs bil Just what this substitute will be is somewhat doubtful as yet It i3 sure to contain a clause repealing the internal revenue tax on tobacco in all forms it is probable that the duty on sugar will be put in half anttthat the internal revenue tax on alcohol used in the arts will be re pealed Further than this all is cpnjec ture Mr Clovelands letter to the Tammany Society of Now YoTk on the 4th has been commented on here It is regarded as an avant courier of his official letter of acceptance It is highly pleasing to the Repnbljcns to note that he still stands by his tariff message of lagt December Members of his party may trim and dodgo on this question but he is firm It is generally believed here that the nomination of Mr Fuller will be confirmed this week Tho extreme warm weather hero has had a dampening effect on politics as pn everything else the past week being unusually quiet for Washington WHY uus v xjceouer ana u A Sanderson partners 8B Beecher Co Plaintiffs Caldwell Wright JDofendant it WMT do I have this drowsy life Hfsrwlinf WKITdoIhaveBMk Wit WHY Neuralgia and Bheu 4tint WH does Scrofulous taint asd Erysipslas show itself t ilOAVSB your blood is filled with PiM which must be pfetely Eradicated before you cb rf ain health Yon most go to Ub roifc of th matter Pat the iQdnsyr the great and only blood purifying orgaos in exwptete ordsr whisk Q OMpfeU htalta aad with Warners Safe Cure and WAENERft SATO FILL your Care in Certain WHY do we BECAUSE ands of grate women in all world hare vdl tonus to this know this tens of tlious fal mon and parts of the untarily writ offect There is Me stand still in 4 ease Yoi are oither growing Better or Wow Maw to it with WHY not jeay resort to that medicine wbjehkeaWfrritabJy Cared N lilt d which will cure yea if yoa will give it a chance T All of Warners preparations are Fnrely Vegetable They aro made 6jh honor They are time tried They aro Ne New Discovery Un tried asd Worthless ion the cqn trsry they have stood the tesirtby have proved their superiority They stead alone in pro eminent mtritan YOU KNOW IT ii A Horrible Inheritance The transmission of the fearful effects of contagious blood poison is th most borrlble inherltsnco which any maa can leave to his Innocent posUrlijr but it can bo certainly mitigated and ia the majority of caae prevented by Ute of the antidote which Katura tarnishes and which Is found In tho remedy known all over the world as Swifts BpeciUo comiaoaly called 8 a 6 JlrJH Brown or Hornelhvllle NY Wrlti Threo years I suffered with this horrlbU disease HwlUi pelfla eared ma completely Prof Id win Saar 9si Xlfed stNT writes Swifts Bpecino cured mi of a fearful cte ot Blood Fotton Dr B F VTingfleld of the Soldiers Home Rlchmoudl Vat- writes Mwifts Bpocillo cured mo of a severs case of Blood Poison D W K Briggs Brooklyn N T writes I was a perfect wreck from Blood Polsoe Bwifts Speciflo restored health and hope and I am well to day C W Langnill Savannah Oa 1 suffered long with Blood Poison I tried Bwifta Specific and am perfectly well A TV Buoll of Powers Hotel Roch estor NY writes i It is tho best blood remody on oarttC I cured myself with it I recommended It to a friend and It mado him well Mr IP L Stanton ot the Bralthvllle Ga News writes that a friend was afflicted with a case of Blood Poison and two bottles of 8 S B effected a comploto cure Treatlso on Blood and Skin Diseases auUdfrce Tkb Swift 8rEcmcCk Drawer 8 Atlanta Oa ALL lOOLisy By our connections with tho mills and largo facilities for manufacturing wo save the commission iou80 iobbcm and ro tailors profits thus enabling us to glvo to tho customer FASHIONABLE garments of SUPERIOR quality at first cost Send six cents for samples 48 inch linen tape measured Jtnd Instructions for measuring Stato what you want samples of k COVER THY 1 NAKEDNESS A few of tho advantages to bo gained by dealing with us are Latest Stylos in goods of nil kinds the Newost Fashions Boston Prices Larger Variety to choose from Absolute Reliability n guarantee to return money if desired an opportunity to purobasc anything yon want not kept by your local dealer US CLOTHING CO W C JQNZS MANAGER 465 Washington Street Boston Mass Change of Firm ISotfco is hereby Riven that the undersigned has purchased the Homo Bestaurant and fixtures locnUd at Needle Oal and will continue the business at tho same place Dated Needles Cal June 28 1888 34 4 Job Wo NOTICE TO CIlKDITOllS Estate of Waller 8 Clark Deceased Notioe is bore by given by tho undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Walter 8 Clark deceased to tbe creditors of and all persons having olaims against the said deceased to exhibit thorns ith tho necessary Touchers within four months after the first Dublication of this notioe to tbe said Ad ministrate at blsplnce of business viz bi mo ijioreoi jjeeoner a to in mo town of MinerafPark Mohavo Oounty Territory of Arizona thf same bohjg the plabo for the transaction of eid estate iTI E F Thompson Administrator of tfao Estate of Walter S Clark decoa8odff Eb Williams Attorney for Administrator 34 sinttDioifS Jn tbe Justices Court ingman Precinct Mohavo county Arixona Territory - - r r The Territory of Arizona sends greeting to Ualdwell Wright You are hpreby sawrponod an ron aired to appear in an aQtioabrougrit hgaihst you by tboabovenamodPlaintiflsin tho Justices Court of KinRman Precinct County otMo have Territory of Arizona and answor tbe oomplaint lilod with this Court at King man in said county witkin five days exclusive of the day of soryace after the service upon you of this Sanraons if served in this Precinct and within tho County but if aervod out of tho Precinct and within tho County fhon within fiftopn dji In all other cafes twerity days Andyou aro hereby notified that if you fail to appoar and answer tho complaint as abovo required tho Plaintiffs will toko lodgment against you for tho snrn of one hundred and seventy nino and 50 100 dob lars and costs and disbursements in this behalf expended Oivon nndor my hand at said Precinct this 28th day of Juno A D 1888 C M Fukston i 84 5 Justice of tho Pcaoo of said Prooinct rW V OrwcK or tiik Boixribr Sufskvibors j or Mohave CJodntt Arizona J Notice is hereby jjiven that the Board of Supervisors of Mohave county Arizona did on the 3rd day of Ttly 1888 adopt the following order On motion it was jmlercd that a new registration of the itvotersrof Mohave county bo mado for the ensuing election 1888 and all voters jaro required to reregister such ro regisftration being deemed necessary by the Bwrd of Suirorvisors Voting aye hlemrk Crosier and Johnson And tho Clerk 1m directed to publish this order in the official wiper of ths county in tho manner and loir the time required bylaw By order of the Board of Supervisors Jamer J IIvok i Clerk lftlee Forfeiture To Ouy W McGrjffTy Yoa Are hereby notified that I have ex peaded one handred dollars ia labor and improvements upoa tbeDansby mining olHlno situated In tho Lett Uaam Mining District Mohave ooiinty Arizona Territory and duly recorded In Book I Mges 101 and 102 Mohave oonnty Mfsing Heoords In order to hold said preiolaos ender the pro vision of Heetion 224JUe vi8d Statutes ot the United States being the amount required to hold tbe sanwfo th year ending December 81at 1857i And yoa are farther notified that the pro portion of said expenditure due from yon is 2JM lawful money of the United States and if within 90 days after the publication of this notice you fkil lr refuse to contribute your proportion ol auehj expenditure as eo owner yonr interest in said claim will beeoine the property of tbe undersigned under niid section 23241 TattersoRs Well Arinona Jane 18 1888 83 13 CalnJjono IVtlc ef AplleatM for w V B Patent tho feldna fimte Mill ftife Usrixen Statics Lax 6 Omcc Prescott Arizona July 21 1883 f Notioo is hereby givnn that tbe Golden Gate Mining and Milling Company by its attorney in fact Jama J Hyde whoa postoffice address ia Kingman Mohare county Arizona has this day filed hia application for a patent for live acres of land known hs tbe Golden Onto mill site used In connection jwith the Golden Gata mine Hituatod fn the Txst Uuflin Mining Dintrict county of Mohave arid Territory of Arizona and designated by the Sold notea and official plat on iile in tbia oiBoo as Lot No 38 in Township Itango of the Gila and Salt Hirer meridian Said lot No 88 being daecribed asfoIIowK to wit Beginning at A pont distant 100 toet 0 43 degree 20 minutes W from initial monument ioontionwl in tho location notice where in set a post 4x1 ins i ffact long 1 feet In tbe ground fur rounded by mound of stones post marked G G M 8 No 1 Top of large limestone rook 8 feet at ba and running to a point rock marked G G M 313 V i basrs S 20 do- grees 10 minutos E SO feet Thence N 40 ejrees40 minutes Vf JLG5 feet to Idcibv iouurant and pot 4x4 1ns 4 foot loiicll feet in the groond surrounded with mound of stones post marked O 0 if 8 No 2 Bock 3x4x2 feot marked GGM 813 P Ho H bears N 15 degrees 55 minutes W U feet Thence N 43 dogrees 2 minutw 660 feet to location monument and post 4x4 ins 4 feet ion IX feet In tho ground sur rounded with mound of stones post marked G G Mi S No 3 Flat bouldor 8x6x4 foot markedG G1T 8 B P No 3 bears N 23 degrees ft minutes IS 350 feot U 8 min mou No 2 h JJ M V bears N 27 degrees 10 minutes W 1K20 feet Thonco 8 4G degrees 40 minutes E 184 feet to wator ditch 830 feet to location monument and post 4x4 inff 4 feet long IX feet in the ground surrounded with mound of stones post marked G G M S No 4 A boulder 5x2x3 feet markod G G M SB P No 4 bearsSCOdeuraes 25 minutes B 214 feet Thenco 8 43 degrees 20 minutes W 1C0 feet So quartz road 238 feet to topof bill CCO tet to location monument and post 4x4 ins 4 feet long IX foot in the ground surrounded with mound of stones pent marked G G M 8 No 5 Boulder 2Wx4xfl feot marked G G M S B P No 5 loars 8 25 degrees 55 ndnutes E 171 feot Thence N 46 dogrees 40 mluutesW 1G5 foot to post markod G G M 8 No 1 and place of beginning Majrnctio variation H degrees 10 minutes L Containing five acres Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion of said mill sits are required to fllo their adverse claims with therfflater of tbe United States Land Office at Prescott in tbe Territory of Arizona during tba sixty days period of publication hereof or they will be barred by virtue of the provisions of tho statute E BtfBawjs liogiater Aollce AplicatlB for i Putcat for tko OalflcH Gate Mia las Claim TJmitkd 8tatks Xand Omo Prescott Arizona July 21 1888 f Notice is hereby riven that tbe Golden Gate Mining and Milling Company by its attorney in faot Jameit J Hyde whose post office address is Kingman Mohave counfy Arizona has this -day filed his application for a patent for fifteen hundred linear feet of the Golden Gatei mine or vein bearing gold with surfnea ground six hundrikl foet in width situated in the Lost Basin Mining District county of Mohave and Territory of Arizona and designated by the field notes and official plat on file In this office as Lot No 87 in Township Bange of the Gila and Salt Biver ma- ridian Bald Lot No 87 being cUacribed si follows to wit Beginning At the initial monument mentioned in location notioe where in set a post 4x4 inches 4 feet long 4 feot in the ground surrounded with mound of stones marked I M G G M C from whiioh granite rook in place marked I M G G M O It P bears N 73 degrees 40 minutes W 5IG feet Thence N 11 degrees 5 minutos E 160 feet to location monument and post 4x4 ins 4 feet long 15 feet ha the ground surrounded with mound of stones post markod G G M Co No 1 Large boulder 2x2x7 feet marked G G M0 B P Nol bears N fiO degrees 2R minutoi W 560 feet Thenco N 78 degrees 55 minutes TV 300 feot to locution monument and post 4x4 inches 4 feet loner IX feet in the ground surrounded with mound of Btones post marked G G No 2 Pyramid shaped rook 2 feet at hAe ttndd foot blRh mai ltad O W JKoi5 B P beans N 22 degrees 25 minutes W 453 foet U 8 min mon No 1 bean S 45 degrees 5 minutcslV 70G feet Thrtnca 8 11 degrees 5 minutes W 007 fact to trail 1500 -feet to location monument and post 4x4 ins 4 feet long 1J feat in thoground sur rnundod with mound of stones pant marked G G No 3 Law itookon South side of main wash roaifced G 0 IB P No 3 boars 8 70 degrees 40 minnhis W 1075 feot Hiohcat neak East of Salt Sorincii bonrsTf 65 degrees 45 mine tea W Thenc 8 78 decrees 55 minutes E 410 feot to wash boars NE and 8 W GOO feet to location monument and post 4x4 ins 4 feet long IK 5t in tho ground surrounded with imosmd of stones post marked G G No 4 Book in place marked G G B P No 4 bars 8 89 degrees 10 minutes E 421 feot Extremo point of blaok table mountain on West side of Wallapai Wash boars 3 53 degrees 40 minutes W Thenco N 1 doBMios 5 min ntos E 900 foet to trail 1500 foet to location monument nsd post 4x4 in 4 feet loner IK feet in tbe ground surronndod with mound of atones po H marked G O No 5- Granita bonldor marked G G B P No 5 bears 8 31 decamp minctM E 423 feet Tbenco N 78 degrees 55 r5nutesW 800 feet to post marked G G No 1 and plaoe of beginning tlontaining 20GG aores Macnotio variation 14 degreos 20 minutes E Any and all persons claiming adversely any portion o said Golden Gato Mine or surfaco ground nre required to file their adverse claims with tha of tbo TJnitod BtaUs Land Office at Prescott in the Territory of Arizona dnring the sixty days period of publication hereof or they will be barred by virtue of tho provisions of the statute E BtTBauw 37 Wta 5 V fMMtPiv VMMMMiMnMHiNMaMHatMVMMMMfflV11111 k3r v ti yf fjnsrsr Vrtr WW m 1 mm m w m D tI JaJ PSJsj W H AT I 11 iF f to mi I041S CXOTHINft I 1 4 JHiito audi Cape and Netfea B lankets Quilts Mattkesses Etc Etc pt i tW Wirv V ii v jflrsriv ri r iHOEltIH BOOTS SIIOEH u tft w sr MH C iXilfmA1trSFti vk KP 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competition C Tb LodttUackComUaatieTt lo tucfu tool for a ft Tools Machinery Hardware V THE DEPOT Or Every New Invention New Tooj Praeticat ImprevMBent Useful OSBOEN A1EXA1IDEE 628 Market St and 1 3 Post t f SAftT FftANCISCO i - C 55ZiVcVTfc5ZjB a WiEm AKw Powerful and Quick Aetfaf Wrcach Alltlzei j ctsejs JsdBts v- MWfi vQ Aaj of Li dial Ihjiies tH Triijte I TT Trie Jkmmrimm Ckmmplmm Ohallsmc mml XMl -d tke Ol bh Empmei and Light K deter Those Staadard WM which have achievedsuch high distinction and so tocteheivea npxtar m as tfie ImOtm aai Tmrmgm aeyelee f Hm Wrfaiidtbot etlrclylfawgaeFeriWtaridPteeteeAWl nnd ColumbI VIm the lateitproductfo ofCormulIy Jcflreyand the Pope Manufacturing Co Both jt n PHytog toJkW Wk replete with Jf erI Zaeaitee and Veefkl Derioee 5 The Henley Monarch Rink amd Club Skates Stoct Urge and Fresh and ia Quality UasarpassiaV PRICES LOW OSBORN ALEXANDER 09 Marfcst Snd lax Po ttt Sn FrwMlsM SLXCttMiwrMwnLhmU kj isr ThhrrOMMKLSUcU UaMtMtI itMlMWWWSM i MntXMMMMMlk TO HrttS OUIfSr A47 j jV u - TUM fltRPM cm m tl Wk tf i v W A Kl 3 4 JJ f imi ji i -d

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