The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 11
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MONDAY; DECEMBER ic, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION m ii«« _• . ««« 0«*«t flr« «T«n(« «or«Ji to tt« Utu. Al ord.r.d for thru or «Lr UBM ud rtoppod b«for« txplrfttloa will b« efcmrg- •c. (or the number of tlBM tb« U W*"4 tnd xljuitnent of bill K«<1« _All Oiuslrted AdmrrtliluK copy >aV •'tctd by porAoni nBldlnf out*id* of tb* tlly MUlt to ACCOBlLUliOd bjF CAlll. KA^M M«. ** P ° A«y«rU«iui "ti»r foi in*(llu luu- Uoai Ulr*j Ui< on* ItnM r»U. Vo mpoulbllltr will b4 tato« (or •on UAH OM lucorrtet iutiertion ft( *ay For Safe II inli il rakh rctiislfr. Sei- Kyliil I'liillilw. 30S K. Muin. 12-l!).ijt-l1 Hltel oil barrpl rteli. Blytlievllle M»- rliioe Sliap. O«ll 2828. llllB-cV-ll uitMn bo lit Venetlu bllbii—11 »pt colon. Tbrw wxlu lUliicry. D»«l'« P»iit * W>llpi[ier Slor». 10|7-ck-lf iuve bav«r for your BOW*. B. 0. C.mpUl! PliODe lie — 2BSO. OIfic« 120 Boulk Becoid. 10|2-ek-t( ^^ ^ e 1 re Bi'lling the new roam cleaner. FLn« r'oaui liku r.nbudy'fi biisitLCaa. Deal'si Husiness lot 127x341 ft, South Division. See H. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. li:22-ck-tf Cellar Xrnas trws for sale. 75c RHI! up. Tavlor's Urnccry Stiulti Hw j-. 01. ' ''•I A. T. Karls (or Good fnrin lands. Pl;unc :!S12. KcnnrU. Ma. Vital Office. HroBB City. Mo. 1213-ck-lT .envinn Inis-n. must sell — House holil Kiioils al.,o fnrnitiiro. 605 C'liicV. For Him—a Genuine Bamboo Fly Rod for Chriylmas, §12 to $22. Planters Hard ware. 12-3-ck-12-24 -rnoin houBe. Gan bo made into two ftfiRrtinents. Double garage. OO. 1 * Criiek- asavlia. 12I2. t k-l|2 Xi'nilli lla.lio. Chair-side model, rxcell- fnt rendition $50 Sec Flowers Hie K.idio Man. at I.i>y Kich Clievroli-t Co. u-lik-M KOIJJSON' NEW SlUJDIVISION Gravel road, south and west of Camp Moultrie. Thesse lots are restricted to 21 to 20 drop siding, painted. asbestos shingles, concrete, stucco or brick. Streets will be graveled in front of all lots. Water will be in alley at rear of each lot. This place will be clean, a place you'd like to live. O. S. KOLUSON, 405 N. Uiwul- way, phone 3309 at night. • 12-10-ck-l? drorery Mr,r|. ilciin,; nice l.usincsj Ur- INK i|iinrl,Ts, J rooms mill h.itli. Wnnl li> M-ll it.ii-k iiul rl ., v t; and fivlttn-s. Wril,. F. K. Coiirirr ,\'e»-«. Cl. .Tolin Dreri 1 tr.iotor 1 row ciilti lor — I r.i«- middle ImsliTS — Uu »nd lloh .li.k. S.-,. Cliiyi<in -Hnlil l.»i\nr«. IMinnr. 2r'l'J. l.nxfirn All kinds of fireworks for Christmas. At Huchannn's Grocery, North Hi-ivay 61. 12-10-pk-25 Duroc boars and bred gilts with or without papers; also meat hogs. C. E Abbott, West Highway 18. -rnvn iniivnrs. llacK aq.-iin al Wards. l'n|.lll:ir. liricol hns u niovVrs «-ith liitil" priced feiMures. Ocl ynurj nt \lnr<l« now (or n.ilj- f20.»r>. Monl- Fonrvry U'nr.l i- Co. I2|ll-ck-13 . il' yuur Wnnl ' r|ui|>iiuTiil for repair . l'iiiii|il<-1,' stuck of rcjil;icnitent parts. I'r.ii.ijit niul efficient service K*|irTt wnrkrnnnslii]!. .\lcjri1yoruery \Vnrd Jv ' \Vnnl riirj — 5 ,.ipn- liroVfaM snilp. r*iit hpntrr. 1M24 Carolyn I.I'MV.KH. 3 mile'; north of Calumet on criM-1 rnnil. p'liiyd llar v .et( plinne '' 10O [ons cooil R for snle. 1'lione nnil Ie-i|irde7R liny 9. I 2- 1 l-pk-l|I 1 CHRISTMAS GIFTS GALORE: — -— Luggage. Glassware, Electrical Aopliances. Fountain pens. Pen & Pencil Sets, Hillfolds. Radios (battery & electric). Guitars, Mandolins. Harps, Accordion.-s. Combination Sets, all kinds of favors, Clocks. Smoking Sets. Tramps, Chinaware. Ladies Purses, Traveling Kits, Ties, Gloves, Ra»»rs. Toilet Articles and Sets, Silverware, pictures and Frames. Novelties and Most Anything yon want at J. IMell Brooks .T.. 109 E. Main St. Phone 9f>6. 12-13-ck-tf '10 Acre farm with new frame dwelling, near Manila. $2,"..500 cash, balance terms. Wtw frame dwelling in Manila, SMSO. J. C. Chapin. __j»amla, j\rk. 12-13-pk-17 "".' : n,!i&"j" > ;,"">>'">"'• - »™-i>- «• i'^iiiL^^n^^^^i;^;^ Hnu%r anil lol lor s»l e . "CIS Won Vint _ 12[13-pV-a6 Ml mMlrcs.r~A], n 30 »| fr lank. 1'l.onr n.i?!) iaun.iik.j7 «ll.iti l.o! iiitsr .rwlnc ™.-!.|HB. 11^4 Onrolinc SI., Tndc AJdn. iatl3.j,l.-17 SODA FOUNTAIN FOB SALE Liquid Carbonic with Car- honator, ten pumps, twelve foot counter and nice back bar. Will sell al a bai'i'ain. Call 960, Blylhcville. __J 2-ia-ck-tf TRUCK FOR SALE Extra duly 1942 Chevrolet, tires on ail six wheels, overload springs, healer, spare wheel, fog- lights, ; n . sulaled body 12'/jxG'/ z x<>'/. feet. Perfect condition. Call 2147 or 960, BlylheviJIe. 12-12-ck-t.f Sodu fuiinlnin. C"'"l liuy. J200. M.y lio *<M-II «l l.tnul.'K s *. | He .s,, m .. Mil- lula. Ark. I'luiiK- TA. l2H2-|.k-ly Xi'W 104C K|inrinl Dcnisr .1 Ouor wiliin. I'Jyjiioull:. Tmy (lunj;,,, Sli'i'li'. Mi.. O.M.C. (ruck. 2H lull. Call In- krrn I 4L'I Diin^nii. 1' I'li'.'O. SliTiifni: l»ii;s—FKrflU'iil Ol.rijlniax nifls for Jillnli-]* ;iml l.oy ><-,.nls. Sybil 1'liilliiis. a UK K. ill nin. 12111 vk IS r '-r,itmi Sujirrlliiinp oil iH'nt.T, lu-vv : II- r.iorn (til ]IO;IIIT. ('nil :t71K. I, 'I', li.irril.nin. 1 SI I l-,,k. IB 1 now li 1-Vinnall (rnclnr willi rnllivnlor nn.l lifter: 1 19-12 (Mip> ( liurk {' O. K. I..KI- milr-mir. |,rii-,.,! far .mirk *•»!<•. .T. A. Hilt. Sl.-cl,-. Mn. ,,| H 1^11 -V. I'-'iM-iik-lK n rim's <im> niixc,! Innil u-it), f.inr r.jnni hou*»v H"<"l l.;iru. N'.'ar Kci-i-r ArliiiiiMiK. Will nmkf, h,,|,.< of ™l(/.» r«T «<-r,-. l\u ffiiri-k >IL!M u| (UM- I'ri.-e r.f $1:10 ],i. r nrri'. W. M. Iturtts ticiith.r. V! o :i:till. I2[l4.]ik-!fi Complete housekeeping outfit consisting of refrigeriiior. 5 burner cook stove, oil burning heating stove, bedsteads and beds and many other things. Must sell at once. See Willie Purccll al Yarbro. 12-16-i>k-23 Automatic pop-up foasler. 519.95. Hubbard & Hokc Appliance Co. 12-16-ck-IJt for Rent nl. I'ltnnr 2C7S. I I'll l-|ik- L| II 1250 acres of -rood cotton. corn and bean land 'on gravel roail, near liivthc- ville. School bus. Call or write E. B. Gee Cotton Company. 202G or G45. 12-9-ck-tf BLYTBEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Your Car Deserves A Gift Too! For alt the months of loyal duty to you, your car deserves a gift in that it should be cared for properly . . . you'll find that a little care now will save you costly trips back and forth from the repair department. Bring Your Car Home to Phillips for Proper Care PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth-Blythevllle, Ark. Tel 453-S721 Announcements Wanted to Buy Bedroom -Steam heat. I'hone 3 rtflo* >PM« for ral. Entire meconrl floor al 138 E. Main. Pri.jt, en - traac«. T«aetl«n ilEndi. l ] aone 801. Bedroom SJ N. Oth, Tlione 2^3 Lost Handmade Brown Crocheted purse. Reward. Phono 25(i(i . 12-lG-pk-19 Reward: T.ost \\hife and lemon licked female seller bird dog on barfield road near radio tower. Weight approximately 25 Ibs. Call 595 or 2805. 12-14-ck-IK l.nsf siiuie wliere lictvveeu Ri-hr;it>le store w.-sl of Manila and lllv., line Vein \ 2" S-ply lire nnil wheel. lieiv:ir,l. «ade Kiiriiilurc Co.. Illytlieville. Ark. "luck horse raulr. nhont 1(1 y,,, irs „],, One eyed — u-ei|fh< 1 If.n li, s (;,, 1H . nliout 4 or 5 vvei'ks ?:'-, ri-vv-inl ^i e V. -V. AUIiotl. 1'liouc 2217. riox— ronlniiiiric lop c!i:iius, peavy liniik. .1.\e ,-iml lioiinn-rs. $r. revv.ird. I.osl tji- 1«een Mo. onit Illy., on Air HUM' roail. Koi' II. M. Ahl«itt. [ilione '•^n Lost or Strayed my residence—1J20 Walnut—one white and lemon spotted f e in ;\ I c pointer bird dog. Has just weaned pups. Reward fin- information leading to her recovery. R. L." Wade, phone .3122 or 3285 121G-ck-2;{ ,,. „, . , I " w««»w»i «u DUV I!ij? Christmas Hingo Parlv !.,„.,•• i.t Legion Hut, Wednesday DO ^T TAKE A LOSS. Get «- -" r ' • the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. Dec. 18. Sponsored hy ladies of the Catholic Church 12-10-ck-17 Help Wanted \V:mU'd! Housewives, .10 yi'iu-s or over, to ;lo in. i mi work at your couvon- lenci.'. Apply a( S. H. Kress J1_ 1 '^ 12-l-l-ck-17 Taken Up m "''i "i 1 " lf '•""• 2 ' orri ' 1 mu1 ". ' J.II1. .', „„ fool. J. II. Blev/ii. t)llv> ,,.»j ui-tr,' mil |,i v||| null, ),),,11 III ' Wl ' ' ' :i'-iil l.'ljll |lii I'JKHiii HS'l .) rt . U,-v. ,«.«,- 7c- t'l.n-1, fit. I. 1 -I TpV-LM Not all conc-bcnring trees arc "evei-fjreons." and some arc cvcr- grecii Hint do not bent- cones. All Kinds of FIREWORKS for Christmas at BUCHANAN'S Gro. & Mkt. North Highway 61 Loans Automobile Loans Convenient Way to Borrow COMPARE OUR RATES Personal I,onus Pot- EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES niul Insurance, Doctor Bills Accumulated Debts. . QUICK. Confidential Service Universal C. I. T. Credit Company. 11C N. Second St Blylhcville, Ark. "Pig" Anrri Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, M«r. Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main Services .-imlme nml Imrn-r linnginf. .1. 11 Fr ">»i'.l'liuiii- 2-ini. IZIIS-pk-ll i aun,, Jlnrderi. 1011 W. Vlue. Tractor r*p>l™ and nerrlee. Electric and aeetylem welding. BUekmnith work. Delta Imikmtnt Co. Phonf e rep«lr «11 (TJTM wxklnir »«»inw TdfcftrilleM of tlnd of condition AUo buy Bed Ml), plctap and deIlT«r. Blylhwitlfl Uaekinc Bbop. 917-olr-tl MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch BMg, Blytherilte. 9-23-ck-tt Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows weatherstripped. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. 10th. Phone 2293. ll-2€-pk-12-2S Call Dan for depetidahle plumbing and heating service — Repairs—remodeling —Dial «37 day or night, J2-13-pk-20 COLD WEATHER AHEAD! Check Ant.i-freeze Check Radiator and all hose ccmnecfioiiK Check Battery Check Oil for proper winter weight Check Lubrication ' One trip service to Langsfon-Wroten is your assurance of worry-free driving this winter! Langsfon-Wrofen Co. Solet— BUICK— S«rvlc« U< S ' Tir *» W.ta.t BEKT1CI ond Oil I5J Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB '»ck •Nirmh, Owrwr Give Your Feet a Break with Proper Balance Resoles and Heels of finest Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. -24th- Ycnr Repairing Radios 8 In Btyllievllle H. S. WERNER Call 3431 FARM LOANS RAY WORTH INGTON Brrulnt This Section for Zl Y«n 115 Ho. Ird, ni>th«Ti<]«, Ark. Tnne In PrndenlUl Proirran Sunday at 4 | over WKF.C LET US BE A SANTA CLAUS TO YOUR CAR THIS CHRISTMAS GIVE SEAT COVERS A Gift to be Appreciated "OUR SEAT COVER PATTERNS ARE BEAUTIFUL 1 ' LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301W.W.In.t -, .. Phone 578 Suve Muncy Tndny, Any Day STOP AND SWAP KLBKKT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 K. Main Plume R3H Vuu Must He Happy nr No l)i-!tl RADIO REPAIR SERVICE '' Any Make or Model I to 2 Dnys Service We Call For nnil Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan MOTOROLA Sales nnd Service lOfi South First 5M Main, Illyllirvinc, Ark., Phone 20'il DON EDWARDS •Th« Typewriter Mum' ROYAI,, SMITH, CORONA ml REMINGTON PORTABLE UO N. SECOND ST. PHONK W*3 (Every Tr«n»aot1on MtTBT BB BATWyAOTORT) I FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizei 12 in. ro 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 nt Stale I-in* Phone Hlythcvillc 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Host Prlctfl Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Fred Lawfer '. ADAMS APPLIANtE CO., Inc. , J. W. Adams. BUT. Plione Z071 Z96-M W. Mtlo Announcement — We Arc Now Equipped ro • • Give You Complete .. _.. REPAIR SERVICE Weft/ing - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop S. P. MAIN' .James Husscll F1IONE »7i ban Russell -. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I Ready for a Look L 1R\6O 10 BUSH HtR UP, BOOT*. BUT Wt'S SPKtftD TUl-i SVVW BUSlNtyi «W OVJtR lOVJrJl ROD TO\.O OtlO TrKW THt GPv\- «t Vi/d PLftMT '. IN VOUR OtftR »t\& TUPCT SrVc »RlN&-i ROD FROM VXDRX. BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Feel BY MERRIJT, BLOSSEJ PICTURE Of= ALDEfJ TOM16HT. MR. FROST! THE WHOLE ) ITS STUDENT /ALL BODY IS / READY. /HJWOUS , BOyS.' TO SEE If. II HOPE SO AM I .' 7\DU'LL CUKE AD- JUST A FEW IKJ ABSTRACT PAIMTING. SOMETIMES I 'TRY THE MOOCRM SLANT/' (THIS IS CALLED "SUMMEe BREEZt? -I COMSIDER. IT My BEST ABSTRACT -- J r FffOBT/J

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