The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 23, 1934 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 17

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 17
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' TOE OTTAWA JOURNAL 17 SALLY RAW Friday; march 23,-1934.. "Bolero" Tells Story Behind Dancer's Life, Raft in Leading Role Paramount' Great Picture Coming to RKO Capitol Depicts Youth s Heart-Rending Straggle (or Success. TELLING the intimate story1 of the life of world famous dancer, George Raft's latest starring picture for Paramount, "Bolero," comes soon to the RKO Capitol Theatre. The picture, directed by Wesley Ruggles, features Carole Lombard, Sally Rand, the Fan Dancer, and Frances Drake. It reveals the long struggle for success by an ambitious youth, who finally achieves fame only by denying his emotions, by trampling on the hearts of Jjie beautiful women who help mm on nis way to tne top. George Raft, who himself, was an Internationally famous dancer before bt came to the screen, plays lh lead.' In the supporting cast are the blonde beauty of Carole l,ombard. a the only woman he loves, Sally Rand, whose startling Tan dance Is recorded In the pic-lure, Frances Drake, as one of his xrtners, and William frawley, vho plays the role of his brother-nanager. Basel en Ravel Mask. The dance numbers are woven bout Maurice Ravel's world-fa-pious "Bolero," and in one ae-uence Raft and Miss Lombard resent the tango "Raftero," atliich promises to become enormously popular - in ballrooms Sroughout the country. "Bolero" is baaed on a story eiitten by Carey Wilson snd Ku- : uiaamon. ana adapted by race Jackson, presents Raft, in opening sequences as a coal rker. who has turned dancer. 4 who is avid for fame and r petition of .his talents. Jealeaa f Partners. 'e Is ruthless, crafty and deter mined to achieve success. When he discovers that the public does not watch him but focuses its attention on the beautiful women with whom he dances, he discards one after another of his dancing partners, as each outlives her ability to attract notice. . When he meets Carole Lombard his plans are defeated by love. The tragic intervention of the World War, and Its effects upon him and his ambition, lead to a dramatic ending. , PLAT IN' KEMPTVILLE. KEMPTVILLX. Ont, March 22. (Special.) A play entitled "A Pair of Spectacles" was presented in St. John's Church here on Wednesday night by the Alerts Club, of Mc-Leod Street United Church. Ottawa, under the auspices of the Kempt-ville C.O.I.T, and drew a large crowd. Those in the cast were: Maurice Holdham, Marion Smith-son. Fred Clauson, Keith Davidson. Cecil Scott, Charles Mattice, Mrs. Ethel Betta. George Smith. Alnslle Huber. Bettv Dowd. Keith Jmea. Gardiner A. Conley director. MULTIBESTO II V U RDAbfC IIMIUAe a as aall'e.llNi.a TO FIT YOtR CAR" Distributors I ivicmuiicn supplies :. LIMITED x wwawa vmario V 7 Sec Our Exhibit in the RKO CAPITOL r yt ! t SEE OUR DISPLAY IN THE RKO CAPITOL Business efficiency demands noiseless typewriting, comfort demands At, human nerves. , demand it, health demands It,' And to this "demand there is-one and only one answer REMINGTON NOISELESS ' J " v -l--. Tbr operator who changes to a Remington Noiseless has nothing new to learn and lie new typing habits to form. She win And in the keyboard an old familiar friend. The only .thing pew to her will be ' the freedom from nerve-racking notes a grateful and welcome change, as counties operators have already testified. N - ' . .' v ' ii .. . ' " .' ' X In Justice to yourself you should know the many advantages of nobeless typewriting. X Fcdcrcl Typewriter Company & LIMITED , if Queen St,: Ottawa. TttlCpllaOllaB Qneea 27-5. Sail Band and Her Fan j;,-art,- ( f , s : ' 1 , . : ( s 7 , v I' i. aaaaairBaBaae) J. i .vAiivUal Hally est, ha Theatre, ilaiid, wbe ensinatea toe laawas ' au iuo an aiagu nd s a featarei rail la "Betore," ceaalnf seen to toe RKO Capitol Col. A. Z. Palmer Dies Suddenly In His 53rd Year Assistant Adjutant General at Canadian Militia Headquarters During the Great War. Colonel A. Z. Palmer. C MO . assistant Adjutant General at Canadian Militia Headquarters during the Great War, and a leading figure in humanitarian and welfare organizations in the Capital since his retirement from military life in ISIS, dropped dead early last evening. He was 92 years of age. Stricken with a heart attark while walking on Friel street to his home at 2M Daly avenue. Col. Palmer collapsed opposite the residence of Dr. J. Lorenzo La my, 211 8tewart street, at Friel. . He was dead when carried Into Dir. Lamy's office.' Col. Palmer had been at the Rldeau Club in the afternoon and shortly after 830 o'clock left for his home. He took a street ear to Friel 'street and was walking on Friel towards Daly avenue when seized with the heart attack. Severe Shock' to Friends. Although Col. Palmer had been In ill-health for several years, his death wee entirely unexpected and was a severe shock to his family and to his many friends sll over the city, Kev. unon A. H. Whalley, rector of the Church of St Alban the Martyr, of which Col. Palmer had been a leading member, was one of the. first to call at his home and console the bereaved family. - Allyn Zoueh Palmer was born in Ottawa February IS. 1882. son of the late Armory Zouch Palmer and the late-Mrs. Palmer. He was edu cated at Ash bury College and upon graduation there, enrolled in the Royal Military College at Kingston to prepare for the career be had mapped out tor himself. . After lea vine R.M.C CoL Palmer Joined the Imperial forces, being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on May 23, 1900. in iwz ne was rauea to tne rsmc of lieutenant. For a Ume ha saw service with the Indian Army, attached to uie aruuery. In August, 1S04. Col. Palmer returned to Canada and, Joined the Royal Canadian Artillery. Two years later he was made captain, which rank he held until 191J, when he was promoted to major. His executive ability won him a post at headquarters of the then Department of Militia and Defence and in February, 1912, he was assigned to administrative duties at Ottawa. This special position he held for more than a year, after which he was given the more responsible work of assistant adjutant general. In ISIS, he was made lieutenant-colonel and not long afterwards was given the rami of full colonel. Never of robust health. Colonel Palmer was not able to so to the front but his superiors found his tnorougn military Knowledge ana keen mind made him of tremendous value to the Dominion at heed- quarters during the trying days of ufie-isia. - ; Usssslial Aajatoat General. During four year. Cot. Palmer was Assistant Adjutant General, continuing In thai position until 1817. In his final year with the military forces, he was Deputy Adjutant General . for Personal Services. Giving up his duties after the war. Col. Palmar went on the retired list December Ik 181. His indefatigable efforts for his country won tangible recognition from His Majesty the Xing, who In ltlt honored mm witn uie rank, of companion of the Order of St. Michael and St George. Since Ma retirement to civil life CoL Palmer had devoted himaelf to every worthy cause and organization, giving unsparingly of bis time and energy to the welfare of his fellow men. Last year he took a prominent part in the Federated Charities" campaign and In associa tion with Col. George Patterson Murphy helped to make the drive the success that It was. He was also a director of the Ottawa Neighborhood Service. Two ether worthy organization In which he waa much Interested and took a leading part were the Victorian Order of Nurse and the Royal Human Society. One of the east-known and most highly regarded parishioners of the ... VI t TO K 1 R A D IO ay e New net Mrett , Trnm .. Double Output Of Motor Cars 1 Production of I.S71 motor vehicles during February more than doubled the output of the corresponding month last year when 3.296 cars were produced, says a report issued yetserday by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Of the February production, S.4II cars were ' made for sale in Canada, leaving a balance of 3,160 cars Intended for export. Whp Created Charleston? Raft Says Great Dance , Based on Negro Rhythms Star of Feature Picture "Bolero" is Joint Creator of Popular Dance Studied negro Knytnms ana Gets Credit With LeRoy Prim. Yesrs before the dance crate called the "Charleston' swept the nation. George Raft, featured In the Paramount picture "Bolero," which is a comlni attraction at the RKO Capitol Theatre, stood one dsy In a warehouse in a Southern city during a lunch hour, and watched a ragged negro truck-driver dance. While a moaning harmonica fur nished hot accompaniment to the intricate dance steps. Raft watched entranced. He had Just begun to earn his living as a hoofer, after tiring oi tne -prize ring end baseball. Raft began -to study negro rhythms. His studies resulted in a dafice creation that brought fame and, years later, controversy. Long slter the "Charleston" had become the greatest dance craze ever to sweep a nation, a number of dancers began to claim authorship of the dence. Recently, by strange coincidence, the two persons most generally accredited with having created the Charleston, worked together on Psramount's "Bolero." The one is Raft and the other. LeRoy Prinz. Paramount'i dance director. The old controversy over the origin of the dance was stirred snew by Raft's revival of his hot "Charleston" In an early sequence of the picture. Prinz offers documentary oroof of the fact that he Introduced the "Charleston" at the Rainbow Gardens in Chicago In 1913. dancing it to a tune called "High Step." Chjirch of St. Alban the Martyr, ho was several years a warden and had been a lay delegate to the Synod of Ottawa. He was a popular member of the Rideau Club and the Royal Ottawa Golf Club: CoL Palmer and Mrs. Palmer were prominent in Ottawa's social life and their home was the scene of much gracious hospitality. Col Palmer wu highly regarded by all who knew him and his death saddened hi many friends. Sarvlvmt Relatives. His wife, who survives him, was Isabel Gladys Hamilton Irwin, daughter of the late Colonel De la Cherois Thomas Irwin, C.M.G. They were married in 107. In addition to Mrs. Palmer, three children survive. Hamilton Peter) Palmer, at present at Pickering College. Newmarket, Ont.; Misses Vivien end Enid Palmer. A sister. Mrs. Sally Osilvle. of Calaarv. also survive. Funeral arrangements . have noli Dean made, pending the arrival in Ottawa of Mrs. . Palmer' brothel,. CoL Erie Irwin, of Montreal . Another Suicide In Stavisky Case Name of Diamond Mer- chant on Pawnshop ..... Owner's Cheque Stubs. Atsselatee Pms CaMe. PARIS. . March 22. Violent criticism of French Justice as the result of the Stavisky scandal hit present and former ministers of the Government todsy. Henri Cheron. Minister of Justice in . the Doumergue Cabinet, was accused by members of Parliament with permitting a delay of action In the case, while Ren Renoult, former Justice Minister, was assaulted by a group of lawyers in a courtroom, after deputies hsd dragged his nam Into the investi gation of the collapse of the zwyonn municipal pawnshop. Another suicide in the Stavisky case was reported by the police tonight. ' Jean Brumschvick, a diamond merchant was found dead in a hotel bathroom. He apparently bad swallowed poison. The police at first believed he had committed suicide because he faced a prison sentence on some chsrge. but later they uncovered bis condition with Stavisky. His name, officials said, appears en Stavtaky's cheque stubs, and the link bsteeeu the two men was ought by th commission, which Immediately considered the new angle. Dr. H. E. Cumming, M.C., Diet at London, England Dr. Herbert Ernest Cumming. M.C, a native of Russell, lr dead at London, England, where he had lived alhe the end of the Greet War, according to a cablegram received by his sisters. Misses- Lauretta and Jean Cumming, of Ottawa Born at Russell. Dr. Cumming was son of th late Mr. end Mrs. Duncan Cumming. Educated at MeGill University, he graduated in medicine In 1913 Snd took post-graduate work at Montreal General Hospital. On the outbreak of the war. he enlisted In the medical corps raised at MeGill and went overseas with the rank of lieutenant At th front Dr. Cumming was wounded snd served with such distinction that he was awarded the Military Cross and was demobilized with the rank of major. Deciding to remain In EnglandV, he began to practise hi profession In London and had lived there ever since, with the exception, of visit home. His wife, who was Dorothea Trim, daughter of the late Sir F rands Trirfle and Lady Trtffle, and three children survive him. In addition to bis two sister In Ottawa, he leaves two ether sister. Mr. John R. MacLaurln, of Van-kleek Hill, and Mrs. Glen Brown, of Pittsburgh. Pa., and three brother. John, Duncan and Dougal, all ef Russell. , , OBSMVIS Seta BUITHDAY. -SAINT JOHN. N.B, March 22 Hon. Hugh H. McLean. Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, today quietly s been id bis SOth birthday. Hi term a Lieutenant-Governor, extended by six months, I drawing to a close., , i ' .. k Rsft docs not deny Prinz' claim. He says simply: "The dance which lster became known as the "Charleston' did not get that name until a tune of that title was applied to it. 1 had done the dance (or years and I was. to the best of my knowledge, the first white male dancer ever to Derform it for an audience. I did this dance to Georgia Brown.' a composition by Ben Bernie. and I first won real recoenition with it at Texas Gui- nan's Elfey Club. It was long sfter-wsrd that the tune called -Charleston' was assoclsted with the type of dance I waa doinc." . Raft was the first to Introduce the dance abroad and created a sensation with It in Pari and- London. In the latter place he won new fame when the Prince of Wales silted to be taught the dance, and In appreciation presented Raft with a costly clgaret lighter. Raft attributes much of his ability to create and execute Intricate dance steps to his early study of negro rhythms, a period In which he Isid up a store of tempo vsria-lions and syncopation Ideas thst he still can draw upon. The oicture. "Bolero." has Its sensational climactic dance scenes- based on Maurice Ravel a Famous composition.. "Bolero," the picture which stars Raft features Carole Lombard. Sally Rand, the Fan Dancer, and Frances Drake. It tells the story of a glamorous dancer who rose from cheap dives to world fame by climbing on a ladder of women's hearts. Bold Annual Meeting - Some Tune in August Decision to hold the annual meet ing of the Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association some time In August In Montreal, was reached yesterday at a .meeting of the board of directors. In the Chateau Laurler. Mr. Clark was host to the members at an Informal dinner at the Chateau Laurler last night. Guests of honor were Senator . .Buchanan, Senator Riley and O. D. Stanley, M P . who addressed the gathering briefly. TO GET RID OF bTRPLUS. DUBLIN, March 22 -Miniiter of Agriculture James Rysn told the Dail Eireann tonight the Govern ment intends to introduce after Easter a bill providing for slsughter of 200.000 calve yearly for veal In order to get rid of surplus cattle and supply home requirements. Protest Lloyds Being Allowed Business nero ' . !, l-ainBM Mffla panic of Canada yesterday entered n t .alna m nrovlaion In the new Insurance bill which would permit Lloyd's to enter tne insurance business In Cauda without Min. ,Mia to he held In this country as protection against such. riSKS. All incwpwiwa iw""-1" outside Canada doing business here must deposit assets in Csnsda tu cover Canadian business. . LOBES HIS CASE. MONTREAL. - March .-Judg-ment for'tl.4M was rendered her today againat Mr. Justice - Louis Buyer, of the Superior Court who had contested the right of the pastor snd wsrdens of the Church of SI. I .eon de Westmount to tax him for ' this amount for additions and Improvements to the church building during the years from 1927 to Ittl. Mr. Justice Wilfrid Stackhouse. of the Circuit Court, rendered the Judgment. Edmonton Woman Dies in 109th Year Remembered Historical Events in Europe Century Ago. j Caaadaa Prsss ky Direct Win. ' EDMONTON, March H-Mrs. Maria Oolnlck. Edmonton centen arian, who for sun years had been taken rare of by th nun of St Joseph's hospital, I dead bar, aged 108. She was th oldest woman in Western Canada and had been resident of Edmonton for many years. She was a nativ of Poland and had lived through stirring time before coming to Canada and could faintly remember soma of th Important features and event of history in Europe a it was known neerly a century ago. Mrs. Getnick had oractleallv out lived all her relative snd was 94 WTtetrstie fonttrated to the Wtrsl. Issues Ees training . Order on Dr. Locke TORONTO. March 11. Dr. Mahlon W. Locke. Williamsburg, and John L. Counsell. K.C.. Hamilton solicitor, were restrained by n order of Mr. Justice Patrick Kcrwln today from Interfering with contracts between Miss Elora Griffith, proprietress of the "Nurses' Home" et Williamsburg, and patrons of her establishment , This order will remain in opera tion until disposition of-in action by which Miss Griffiths seeks to obtain permanent injunction. Counsel for Miss Griffith alleged that Dr. Lock had told patrons of the "Nurses' Home" they would have to leave If they wished to receive treatment from him. IS GRAND CHAMPION. KAMLOOPS. B.C. March 33. Prince Domino Mth. Hereford bull, owned by W. A. Crawford-Frost, of Crossfield, Alta, today won. the grand- championship in his .class and the Canadian Hereford Breeders'- Association' award at the 18th annual bull and . fat stock show FEATURE Large Sizes ' to Weasea's SUITS - - COATS DRESSES - See Mr stock to sizes tg to 44 . 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