The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 9
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.'/•* MONDAY, DICCEMWCK 1U, 194G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS ill Post-War Juries Condone Crime Experts Find Greater Tendency Toward Clemency for Accused. DENVER (UP)—A wave of jury verdicts across Ihe country I" showing nnpi'ccedcitted leniency towards defendants in criminal trlnls of violence. It Is explained 'by Denver psychiatrists us a direct result of the war. nislrict Attorney James T. Burke said he has received reports prosecutors elsewhere indicating a marked turn to extremes In leniency on the nart of Juries. Denver psychiatrists, who say present conditions make a similar Ireml which followed the first World War "look like a rehearsal," explain that most of the verdicts arc Ihe result of a lack of personal control on tlie part ot the Juror. The jury verdicts show a subconscious revolt against man-made restrictions, the scientists explain When a juror, faced with passing on a case, makes his decision lie draws on ills own personal experience rather than taking an objective view in forming his reaction to the trial evidence presented, lie must call upon his own conscience i" testing the fncts of the case, aUd H 13 this conscience which has been warped by the long suffering and privations ot war. combined with the constant fear of death and the sight of violence. ', The long war years, with increased restrictions and tendency to make people subservient to ^ centra] force, helped to destroy individual thinking which governs a persons' conscience or sense j of what js right or wrong. These conditions ( brought on by the war only aggravated an owr- all tendency among modern men to retreat, from an individual philosophy of right and wrong and to depend on man-made laws,to gov r - ern their actions. A mass of .man-made restrictions has been enacted and enforced which govern the modern man'.s life to the point where his individual knowledge of right and wrong has been deadened, psyc".^|r»:rTsts continue. Tlie sudden death, uncontrolled hate and fear nnt! long periods of personal privations suffered, during the war further tend to. war]) the thinking of individuals frorn its normal form. The person's conscience has been deadened. . "Individuals are becoming less individualistic and are losing their ; own self-respect," one phychiittrist said, -in the early days, "pio'ner.'-s. seeing crimes committed, felt a personal responsibility to do something about it. Now, for tlie most Part, they a ie content to rely on the mass Of «'»lute restrictions to uphold'tficif social structure " " Italian 'Sandwich Men' Take to Wheels PAGE NINE Italian version of "sandwich man" is a lot easier on the feet than Ihe kind These biltc-mountcq posters, P>c^rcujpllrmgja^n^on^£lrecl,,jidvcrtlso American movies. Atomic Age Fails to Bring End Of Old Muzzle-Loading Rifles SHARTLESVILLE, Pa. IUPI — P.fviz'itc-loading rifles, popular when tlie United States was young, still resound today In the Blue Hidlse foothills of Berks County in Pennsylvania. . Tile old-fashioned, long-barreled weapons are used regularly in matches staged by the nine-year- old Blue Mountain Muzzle Loading nifle Association, which counts upwards of 100 members from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Use or micrometer sights Is the only concession to modernity permitted the shooters, who rest the cumbersome rifles, weighing Iran of his lillc's barrel. The llintlock, by far tile older of the t»o types, dales back lo 163o, and tlie percu&slon to 1K07. Introduced in the United States early In the lalh century bv the Germans ai lt j Swiss who settled Central Pennsylvania, the flintlock wan the i-hoseu weapon of frontiersmen. The percussion superseded it as Ihe nation's top rllle approximately 20 years before the Ci- vn 1 War. The llintlock Is fired by n flint fixed in the cock or hammed which, on striking the battery — or pan cover—ignites the priming powder and communicates its fire to the Canada and Ohio Swap Lore on French Art 15 to 35 pounds, with barrels al>- charge through the toiichhole The I percussion is s et off by priming TOLEDO. O. (Ul')—A special ex- hiljit of 75 I'Vench pulntinss, illustrating the hlstorv of Frame, has been unveiled uV tlie Toledo Museum of Art. beginning the several weeks-long show. ..; The exhibit was .sponsored bj I lie Art Onllcrv of Toronto and the Toledo Museum of Ai'l. the Ilrst exhibit ever arranged through the joint efforts of n Canadian mid American museum. The iirl is arranged in ijroup.s showing Hie grand moimrchy, the revolution, the wars three invasions, and the social nncl economic upturns ol France. In may cygs. British Papers Get More Pulp Six-Page Issues in London Heralded as Newsprint Arrives LONDON (Ul'. — Most til \M- lutn's newspapers now are 50 per cent WBIW than ul any lime since Hie bliu. but llu'y still are not O.UIU' us IUI'KC us n Bmutl-lOrtii Amciinm dully. U'HU'r uie increased newsprint I'Ktlrm authorized in September by the liovernmcnl, foiir-iiiinc, one- Jii'iiny |j:i|ici's were enabled lo limit six-page editions three limes a vwk niul finlH-ivaBc UiWoUis went I" 12 panes three times n week. , New.spuiiers which had been .I'uiniipllc-d lo restrict (heir ciieu- "lion for 5'i years now are pel nUicd 1 0 print us many copies a 'heir readers will buy. t puper.s immediately ilcvolci heir exlra ration of siiiice to lea I "res. .sports ami ndverllslni lord Henverbrook's Dully lixiirrs. with n jirrn.s run ol iij>|>roxlumli ly :i.r>W.Ot)0 dally In Us Hist wc.e under the new ration, used Hire 1 for foreimi mid local new Read Courier News Want Ads. proximately 40 indies long, on specially - built benches during match action. Time Hiid science combined to dim the popularity of the muzzle- fed rifle. Shnrtlcsville, for generations a liot-bed of old-time shooters, now boasts the only range for the powder-primed weapons. Old- timers, however, are not the only persons lured to the sport. The age span runs from 12 to 70 years. Women are well represented also, and display excellent firing lalent, Mrs. Sue Hirtle, of Bath, i Pa., whose husband, Dr. Jerome E. HIrtle, is club president, holdr the Eastern States aggregate championship. A pre-Thanksgiving turkey shoot went to Mrs Marv Wengert, of Bernvjlle, pa. Two muzzle-loading rifle~types, [ flintlock and percussion-lock, are fired at Blue Mountain. Both are loaded from the muzzle with black powder and a round lead ball inside a finely-woven cloth patch. The powder, specially manufactured, is sold" a), gun" shops! the lead balls must be molded by the individual shooter to fit the-caliber with iulminnling powder that is exploded by concussion. Of an 'muzKlc-load«d Ihciums, the "Kentucky Rifle," first ,,inde by gunsmiths near Lancaster. Pa., is the best known, it has a <U-liich barrel and weighs from seven lo 12 pounds. Match rifles .,,<, ] 1C avicr and scale us much as 35 pounds. Woman's Tale ot Stays Stays Traffic Ticket BUTLER, pa. (UP)-A local wo- inun added this one-lo the motley hear 5 ' ° f ! '" b ' S trnffic Policemen "I was in one of tlie stores trying on corsets when my (parking'me- ter! tune ran out. I either had to get a parking ticket—or come out Iwo pages lor features uiul one for ' sports. That waw a Rnmplu rullo of Iho other penny intirnlngci'f.,, i'aliliiliK |)M> n I'uitra The Dally liorald, tint Dully Mull n lid Ihc News Chronicle npnar-1 limti'd their npnce about like tho Express. Tho tabloids, the Dally Cirnphlc and Hie IXxlly Mirror, np- |H'iuv;i will) !2-|i:i»o cdllloiis. Tho lines and the Daily Tc'li'm'iiph iivc been usiu« their rations for vli'a IMIKDM tlmiiixhoni the w»r. hey merely printed move copies i im'i'l Ihc (Icmuid. l/oncton's inoNiliiji papers rcpre- 'iit Iho Kie.ilosl concentration of univy circulations of miy city In lie world Iji-ciiuse they .serve (he hi In- lli'illsh Islos us «(>!! :is l.on- Ion. l.utcst cliT.uliilkm Humes of .ondnn mo: nlinter.s were: Daily Hxprt'.v;, :t,'l(ia,a30; Dally lenild, a.lBl).(!(li); Daily Mirror, 1,- ISV.OOI); Mows Chronicle, l,[>!»5,- UOl); Drills- llniphic. 8S2,OiX); Dally IVIdiriiph, H:t.',000; Tnc Times, .Wj.nut); the Daily Worker, 100,000 Afternoon newspapers—Urn fiill- <e Kvi-nliiH News and Iho tabloh vTiilnij Ktiindiird and (he Star— iniiilc similar iiniiM|;rtni-iHs to (In movninR iwpi-r.i, but inibltshci Ihi-lr IJKu-oascd-sIxe odltlons on ul tornnli- diiys In their moriiliiK I'a per rivals. Vlniunt Camvose, imbll.sher o Ihc inilucnilal CiHisei'vailvc D/iilj Tolri;rii|>h, Mild (he 'IVIi'ttriiph sue I'll'lccd iUU.tlOa renders lo lnvren.s Its number of pages during the war within Ihe limits ol Us newsprint ration. With tho new rn- uon, lie suld, IL hones to reach 1,1)00,000 dully. ' Ont-Armed Sergeant Get* Bock in Army DUHOIS, (UP)—Somu AmcTleans arc hard I GOT YOUR CH|LD? a sinslc Mason, tlie codifsh sjiawn mere than 9,OM,Oflt> in the street dressed in whalebone to put a nickel In the meter." Officer Hay Gallakhcr ripped up the ticket, he had slurlctl to scribble out for her. WASHER SERVICE Phillip Frcl aenam Olaaaan, Pani, ITODI uf BiuU Applltneaii Kepilr.d ADAMS APPLIANCE J. - 1071 , Mff. 208-08 W. 3.3% COMPOUND INTEREST FOR 1947 DIVIDEND ANNOUNCEMENT The National Life insurance Company announces the continuance of its present dividend scale on all forms of insurance and retirement annuities for the year 1947. The basis of surplus interest distribution on participating funds held by the Company remains the same, 3.3 '/<'•. JACK W. POWELL, Agent vty Iiinr»4 Kl««. ••rvi HUntf* OK. Tkon. >I01 TIGHT, ACHING MUSCLES ARE MY SPECIALTV! MENTHOLATUM Poor IH.Uo chorit. miuiclcn nil noro nn "ncho.v" from Imnl couuliingV (Julck» MiMitluilnUini. Huh it on linck, chcot, neck. Your child will like thnt warm, gently Htimulnlin^ fiction. HC|IIA ic^cn conccjition without irritating vliilil'n ili-Iinilu nornml nkin. At Humu lima Approxim«l«ly 2MOMO fi lee I were used In lln of tin cans In 1M5; . , (CM' c* ' FLUSH OUT KIDNEYS lilicMa, mid lie»J»chl no vtiin« mo« tt»» i lion due ta exceu acid In the urbw. Tto kidney. «re one of Moture'. iw of «-' ?ed i>crsu[v.ston. Sheldon Hoffman had to be ken to Ihc hospital on eleiillon ny. En route, the ambnliiiicc ausod at the polling place, and ic patient wus rolled In on H Iretcher. Hoffman marked Ills bal- ol and WHS wheeled out lo Ihc rilllm; ninbulancc. Heal Helium tlners, descendants f aiilmnlfl which escaped from <i 'recked circus train yeans IIRO, are omul ulld In Mexico. A Gorgeous Galaxy of Xmas Cards Awaits You at the The Tot Shop So If you h«ve <htse «oubt«, »v* yOM kiihieys Mnd bladtlcr • Hood fliMMnc OQt by takinK Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root, i work* on the fcMneys lo flu*h *' ~' .'. . iiicrcAilitK the flow of urine * lieve thjit CXCCM iclrllty and ' butnlul tcmat\rm when you pi _. . . i . helps tlmt bladder irritation tlut innkes yOM get up niglits^ f * MucJc of 16 hcrhj, roo<!, ve»«ablt», ami bnlmmi, Rwrnnp-Rout li nbviluuly oon- httbll Tornxing. Milliont have token H for 3 Rcnerutioiu . . . often with woodwfu) rciuUi. Cnullon: (aVt us directed. A . Far free trial »iipply. >enj to Dtpt. TI Kilmer 01 Co., Inc., Box 1255, Stamford, Conn. Or— let full-tiled botlleo" Koot to*1ay nt you/ c' PERMANENTS OH of Tullpurnncl JX.r.O Murcellliu Crrrne ....fil.IiO FOR CHRISTMAS Itcvlon (lift Srln llrlrni- (,'urtin Citlil W:ivr» Dermrtiti <,'o-,mi-(lr« The Beauty Bar Phono H202 Glcncoo !Intel IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolert Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate I>ell>err CALL Stccfe 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE Kl.Ur!' rOOI.K, Owner & Me* Highway 61 North ul HOLLAND, MO. THIS CHRISTMAS Give Him a Gift He'HBePtoudtoUse. Lynch Blythevillc, Ark. 3702 — Telephone's — 280-1 Clyde R.Welman, Gen. Agi r 1201-0 National Jfank jj],^ Memphis, Tennessee NATIONAL LIFE Insurance Company MUTUAL • KSTAHI-ISHF.U 185U We Carry A Complete line of 36HGAMOT Sets and Individual Toiletries 3 PC. Maldicd Scl — Borgamot Stiaving Soop, Face Talc anj AF.'ar Shove lolTon ......... ^3.50 4 PC. Moldicd Set — Befgamot Aftcr-Shovo lolion, Shaving Soap, Ball, Talc and Hoir If lie's (lie kind of man wlio .ipprai.Ucs [lie "l>csl," lic'll lli.inl; you for your iliiimni'ii.ilim; jjooil [aslc llic ininulc lie r.ccs the mine "licrg.nnol by Orloff" on those di.slinclivelj' ii,ii)Jr.omc bUck ;iud gold conuinfts. Aiut lii? uliniralion for you will increase every time lie uses these superb ^ood-^roominj; ;iccc r .. sorics ., . for llicy re scented with r.ire .md coolly "lk'rj;,nnol" —the, lun^y. Listing fragrance iO truly m.isailine ... and to delightfully appealing lo the l»<lics. FIREWORKS of All Kinds NUTS and CHRISTMAS CARTER GRO North Highway Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wm. R, Overton ~ county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years • Phone Evenings — float House, llig Lake ' ; or H<1, , Ark. Borgomnl Brulhleti Shova Crcarti in handtomc largo Apolhccaiy.ilyfe jar ....... $2.50 Bcrgamol Mcn'l Soap (box of 2 "1=0 ........................... $1.50 Dorgamol Men's Borh Tolc Largo Apolhccary-ilylG jrjr. SJ.50 Ecrgamot Aflcr Shave lolion. Bcrtjamol Men's Magnificent 4-Pieco Bergamol Matched Sotsl If lie's "very" on ymir ftih I)/ you'll V..MH (o pvc Fiiin Dcr^.n^ol 11 one nf llicvc -i-piVtc m.ucdcd wis- Ii.imisonitly |>,ic f.'it^ctl in hix:iiriou^ Kolil .in.! «ifl hii-xcs: -I p<r. set (illnsU.ittil) includes flcrji;.uiml Men's Sn.ip, iJiushlc^s Sh.ivc Oc.un (tuhr;, AfttrSKivc Lotion nnil Ottt^nc S-l.5t) Afso -1 IV. Scl of Hereiniot Men's So.t p, F.. 1 1 lit r Sh.ivc Oc,i rn {i uHt) After SlMvc Lniinn, nrul Hair JJic^- ini;- It.uulsuincly ^ifl-buxcd J1.5J) Bergamot—For Shaving Pleasure Beyond Compare! Cijvc him m.iny Iiouis nf wonJcTful >liAving plcn.sirrc plus ,in ,iftcr-s1».»vc nun iclls the wnrlJ lie's .1 mighty fji^tklums, Hcrp.unot Slv\v- in£ -So.ip nn'I After Mi.uc Lotion m n>,ilclic<] set, pifl hnxcd .... S2.50 (Jr j;nc liim tlic very l.^t uorj in i;o!ul h.ifr pKK'ining \vit)i Ucf^unnt Si.ilp .in*l H.iir Nhs^.i^c Oinlmcnt anJ <ij-c.isclcss H.iir Dressing. 2 pc. mjUhcxJ set, gift hoxcJ $3-00 WOODS DRUG STORE KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" ^ Your Source of ilcpcnriiiblo Service 2089 Vour Sonrce of 'Dependable Servici G. O. POETZ MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS KAU'H NICHOLS 501 W. Main St. ROY WOODS Phone 507 Follow the crowds to PLANTER'S! for all your gift selections— Toyland on Balcony Gift Dept. on Main Floor HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. Phone 515

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