The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1G, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK:) COURIER NEWS Bullets Wound 6 |ln Labor Battle Officer is Injured In Overpowering Gun-Toring Laborer PITTSBURGH, Dec. 16—(UP) — IA bitter InleiTnclional dispute I among members of Local 240 of tlie teamsters union erupted into ke yesterday svhen live rs were shot, nncl a city pu- man was injured. The near riot occurred in front • <if Hie Syria Mosque where the lo|<:al' had assembled for a reoi'ga- |iiix;itlon meeting. Tlic (canisters were wounded by i burst of gunfire while Patrolman I Al Qualll. former prominent mlcl- 1 (Itewci^hl boxer, wa.s injure<t when I lie jammed Ills hand into the ac- |ljon of nn mitomatie pistol. - Quail], who was off duly, was I driving jmt the mosque when lie I heard two shots. The shots, allei;- Icdly ilrrd by NP.stor Miskow, 29. I wounded Charles Persinacr, 30. land John J. Sweeney. 23. Tile men 1 liuil been arguing about a union lon. All .suffered leg injuries I :ii)d only Sweeney was rcporled in I !.cri(iiLs condition from .shock. 1 Quiiill .stopped his cnr and chns- I fcl Miskow. He overlook the lams- I l":r in a n iwn by vacant, lot. In the I rnsuinii struggle three more shots I were fired from Die .38 automatic isto] wounding Miskow and WIN am McGregor, 48. another teams• iQimill suffered injuries on his .iimb and two fingers when he lammed tile pistol. Polic" charged Miskow .with fel- I onions shooting and carrying con- I cealed weapons. The wounded men I and .several other union members I were held as inuterinl witnesses. Quaill overpowered Mi.skow but iL- ])air wu.s iiuinmeled by nearly iV li'iim.sler.s. The |»trolman, who |-was in civilian clothing, identified ; himself as an officer and ordered I lie crowd Lack. .Meanwhile. ; , squad 'it 200 re.servi- officers rushed to Hie iccne. Labor Expert Makes Study Of Wages-Profits Records BY S. liUKTON' IIKAT1I NBA Staff Cerrcsllniulent NEW S'ORK. Dec. 5. INEAI - An overall average wage boost of 10 per cent would ''have \viycd out every dollar of profits made by the nation's biggest corporations since Pearl. i.aibDr. It would have eliminated aii dividends, all reinvestments In facilities, all additions to surplus—aiul would have left them many million dollars-in the red. 3-^ies of management, lik'e lo talk a'oout "fabulous profits" that tlie bosses refuse lo share with Jabor. Unioli leaders are fond ol such heights." A majority of the public, ac:ording to one national survey, believes that industry Is making around 25 per cent profits, «nd is rerePllve to such demands as M:U'- wayes c.vnn OF THANKS We wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to our many friends during Ihe illness and recent death of our loved one, A. W. "Bunch" While. Especially do we wish to thank Dr. D. c. McLean and the nurses at Walls Hospital for their faithful and untiring services. Mrs. Bunch White, wife Barbara Carol White, daughter fcX Melvin A. White, brother • The Willingham Family. ray's lhat employers again, and cut prices. It Is iiliijossible lo olitnln figures from all ol American business, it would Ink— many man-years of mathematics to analyxj them when gathered. Hut some Idea ol the truth can bo obtained by studying the records of five of the biggest co>i)on>lions thill have been key victims in major 1948 .strikes- General Motors, u. S. Steel, lielli- lehem Steel. General Electric and Wosting'nouse. Prom" Jan. i. 1040. 'through 1S145 (and inlo 194C in the cases ot three where ligurcs me available) these five super-corporations, sonie- liines described as "ImsY hud net sales aggregating S3'/.4ti(i.3U3.000. Their profits - net Incomes alter allowing for tnx?s, etc.—totalled $1,- This one billion four hum'reJ million dollars js the top Wasmo of Ihe "faoiiious profits" attribiiiccl to five of the nation's blgnsl. most efficient calibrations liiat had a major share in wnr production and now. in peacetime, find almost unlimited iiiaiki-t.s lor their products. There are three theoretical ways of measuring whether these profits are, m fact, lubiilous—whether these great corporations can afford to pay much higher WIIKCS, or reduce their prlces.'-or both. THE FIRST YAKHSTICK claims) that It will not attract the funds necessary for expansion; Unfortunately this is not practicable. H would Involve a detailed i-.imljsls of the corporate history ol eaeh company-- slock originally sold, split-ups, reinvestment of profits, divldetils paid, it would Ignore the prices paid bf current owners of the slock, II could be done only by making arbitrary assumption at every step of the way, s The second test would be to see vlll ., how mii.-h these corporations could and I ll!ive l ' nt prices during the war years, The answer Is: If. on the average, they had reduced prices four cents on the dollar, they would have wound up 585.000,000 in the reel without linv- Uili paid one j:emiy in dividends, mil one penny into reserves, or ploughed buck ou penny into expansion, modernization, etc. The third lest, bent lug upon . Industry's ability to raise again without Increasing price's. Is lo see how far profits would liavo none toward payroll boosts. The answer is: A 1C 1 ijcr cent average raise would have Increased payrolls, from Ihe btM'imiiiiK of 1942 to date, by $1.- •l3c:8£0,CCO. nut total "profits" were only $1,412.907,0=0. SD siieh a raise would have meant S'M.OCO.030 In red Ink. These figures are subject to one v,crmns.'. H prices had been cut ....„,„, ^ wages boosted, net operating pro- 1 CCDOCO .„„,. ni.s would nave gone clown so lluit- pavroll l:xes would have vanished, anil i> uhii-hcm lunch of the loss would have been dumped on the federal treasury Tlie New York Stork Ex:haiii;i-, iu its monthly iuiuse organ, presents n study oL data from '^ inujer corporations, to obtain which the 1915 annual repels of more than 103 concerns were j-ombrcl. 'PAGE SCVfeV liuvi- last SI.90D.COll before dividends. I Tin-so i, fl - general flKiucs. 'I'hey do iioi tell the si or; of Individual and C If th, their pay ti cent in Cleneral Motors coul.l •toil wanes m.l ]H-r cent. 'a! Electric 1-1.7 per mil. uul owed no return to Moi's. Hut an U r> per cent IM- uoulil have put WeM- inio the reel, a 1.-I per ' ^ - .nild have wiped out U. S. Steel 1 !, iirolits. and a 5"! per cent boost would have miide lieui- Icheiu ]»,(. uHincy. BTHAWS l\ 'llllfu'lNII This yen's strikes forceil each ol these i-oiicerns lo grant substantial p.iy increases. The results are um yd coirplele. but here arc son-.e .Mi-a\vs In the wluil: Taroii,;], H.-pt. -M. isno. Genera veterans In Crosselt. ' He served for more tlinn four .vein's with HID fifth Army Includ- IHB '2$ nionltie In the Mediterranean! Thculcr. Four and Loot Theater Office New Lawmakers 1(l Begin Study of .^Political Tricks DATON »O1K!13, I,a., l.lcc IU.P. 1—I'ollcc toilay souttnt fast -working biindits who uililit hiiund four persons al ! union HOHKB ihi'iiler. rlfl.'d . , S ,,| OS u>t:illnij *',- IH'Jlll.iJliri. u si't aside nothiin; lor income and profits luxes, and is claimmi; n lux refund of HOCK. Ark.. Dec, 10 New members of the Ar- IJ|> >ui| i ivy ii ^i: kli\-|llll, I Hi. II ll'l'f p ••-'-•• -~ cash itox of tin estimated $3,'ilX) ' 'Ui')—New members of the Ar- rut telephone wires in the ismcr u I kiuis «« General Assembly will be office, ami fled. given a preview of the 1U47 session The bandits were described bv i,...!,' .._ !' , ,....,.!..^ The biiiullts were M. A t hcu\er Jucob, mnuant-r of as about M each. Tluy . . . . o"!,;^ i\nrii a IMIivi: IMLV »)I n ,, ; ., kaiisns-*|>onsorecl Instllutii opens Uncle S;i:u's treasuiy Is losing'al-1 most 5:'7,t:oo.(icO. as Vomjiared wlihi _ months of 1945. Alter i:i\ saviui'.s. fj.Mc: wound up net iimliis of 514000.000 contrasted with alniDsl tl4H,CtX),OCI) lor did ncit wear masks. The p»h- followed Mrs, Hose Alexander, cnslilcr. from the ticket cane lo the (jeiiciiil office, pol'cu Juki. A L'.iiu was I'iiniiiied aitiilnsi her back as she entered the ol- ihe snii-.e pvriod hi 1045. U. H. .Steel, lor the first mouths i>i lino, clalii.-, !\ tux re- jolliers, fund o[ sT'JI'O.flon Instead ol pro purini: lo p:iy S'JII.Md.W/O. which 1 did last vear through .hluc spile "[ Alexander, Jacob. Miss Catherine- Dunn anil Donald Vlck were tied. Vlck freed himself in U) minutes and nulled iho ;ID. In I the t'orpotatlon made net nrllt on a StllD-1 win, , wiora v,, the eupltol here. There lire TV new members of the lciiisi: of lleprosentallve.s and H 'v members of the senate.-/ odty'a «j«ion» will -ke to a/ijpltll" d»y tn tt, while Die afternoon meeting" wfll typify it senate session. Tlic mcc'.lng tomorrow forum on writing, k.i^ passing of' legislation, local «nU special legislation, repealing •«'£, voting procedure and legishitly* re- Kearch. DtJn Robert A, L«ll»r o! the Unlveislty of Aikansas 'L«w Eclioul will conduct the meeting. I;e yachts can travel'-three"'U frur tluies as fast, as the wbid IHishiiiii them, with speeds :of J*», 124 and no milcs'per - hour having been recorded on Isioatttl i Firom where I sit... fy Joe Marst. How to Stop Worrying ,. . - . ..• • Ihc first way and probably mo Unfortunately dividends ratner best would Ire to '-'determine how limn overall net profits ' were tab- big a return those profits consli- ulatcd. The report show-, that it lute on the money actually invest- the 22 corporations had cut prices cd in the corporations—-whether an average of three per cent they stockholders arc profiteering <as would have lost $l?.aol),000 last year Labor contends) or whether the before dividends. If'wages had been return i s so small (as management raised O.a per cent, they would Kt.-el .showed more ihroiirh Si-pi. Illl tills yeiu 1 la!, I. Thai is because, tin- corparalion wrote oft than 54-1 millions of miiln- lenaniT thai tno wnr had prevented bi'ini! done. Talk of "fabulous profits" which business refuses to share with labor inspires signs like this line carried in a New Vo'.k dcmon- stntements RS Philip Murray's to his CIO national convention, when he said that profits are running at. high levels, yet industry is "forcing our price structure to fantastic M:ln (iocs Haref[H)[ 1-AHAMln, wyo. (Ul'i—Lack of Inhibitions ml|;ht huvo been to blame. Tlien nyiiln. It'miulil have been ihr- .sheer Joy of summertime. Anyway, u man was seen In the business district in his bare Icet. Forestry Specialist Arkansas VA Assignment Lrrn.n HOCK, Aik., Dee. it). — <lll't- dunles H. Iliidscm of Uas- trop. I..;i., was named today as n lorrstiy si)Ccl:dlsL training o|[t':'r by W. U. U-e o| iile Ve'.n-an.^ Ail- iiihilslraliou regional oitlee here. I ! Hudson will lie stalloncd at the VA guidance center In Montlcello 1 .i'here Arkansas A. and M. College I ilt'crs specliil courses In apprentk'e- thlp forestry and in applUHl forestry Irnclliifr to a bachelor of science degree. , | Hudson will supervise all ' . ails' forestry training In Arkansas In attention lo till Job-training for I KUCSS folks In our town do nlwtil as miu'li wiirryhiir IIH in yours—over liinisfii); and pric(-M,.3nil crops, am! jnhs—iniii Ilio little dtiiiicstlc prul)- ICIUK Ilial ure always I'omliiK up. Dnd HiwIi'niK, wlio'ti lived to tlie liappy IIKU of cijtlity, luis u Hhnplu foriuula for »l(i|ipini; worry. About every iirohlem, lie nslirt himself: ] s theru nnytliliiK I can tin aljont it? If Ilicrc- is, lie never lioatpoues mailing a ilcelsion, or tuldns; nocca- Kiiry actiun. Jf (here isn't anything ho C m, ,)„ about il. lie sets uslile a VworrylnK Iinur' 1 nflcr d!nn*r, nmt >;*(» his worrylnjf over In one concentraW.d period. When (hut's over,he rei«.ifi« «ver u friendly J;|UHS «r,b«*r. witV Mil llciskhfj— aaU tli«y l«lk »W«.t lileiiMnnl tlilii K a loxellier, until M. "'lie. .-..,., Krnm wlicre 1 sit, Hint's us work' able a formula iia you could Ili/d ... lU'lit down to tin- mellow gliss.of'.. bwr llinl seems to wink aw»y your Wfll'I'ltV. C<>i>);t g l,i, 1<Jtf,, U,ii(cJ State, Hrcums Foundation' Candies Chocolates, Peanut Ilrittle. Cli(»(.-olate Covered N u t H, Chee Wees Mini liubljlus AVOI D\t-W-E- : - : H-U RLY- B U R LY "F H / WOOD ALLS See for yourself how well- made they are! A product of WOOD OF TEXAS, o name famed for fine work and sporls clothing. WOODAUS are of excellent quality san- forized fabrics. For yoor everyday work, and yoor active sports, know the comfort and neal appearance of WOODAUS. Comb, Brush Mirror Sets LUCITE Nylon Bristle Your riirisliiias j.ifl IifiidfjiKirlurs for tn-t-fy mem her «!' (he Himily! Kirli.v's, Iliis .vi-nr, offurintv a ,,, O ro t:om|)lt'1t- seUjflioii nl fine M ifls Ilia,, uvur hefore, lcnlui'in K nnlitinitlly known l>r;iiul.s. Elizabeth Arden i\lillc Kltiers It's You nine GVHSH I'erfnme—Cologne Rath Powder Saclicl, Rels Dana Dana Talni 20 Carat Perfume ( 'ol(>Ktie I?itlh Powder Lipstick Price V'owrter Lentheric Tweed Confetti Shanghai Miracle Perfume Cologne Sets Lucian Lelo^ig Taglio Opening Ni;?ht In,]), (nni>(u Incliscrccl Tail Spin Perfume ISalh Powder For SMOKERS Pipe Rack & Tobacco Humidors Lighters —- Ciguret Cases Tobacco Pouches Pound and Half Pound Tobaccos Jo!m Middlcton autograph assortment of fine tobaccos Christian Pcpcr famous fine tobacco Pipes $1.00 to $12.50. SEAFORTH Talc - Shaving Lotion - Hair ^Dressing Shaving Mugs - Cologne Sets $2.00 to $7.00 JOE ISAACS, Inc Evening in Paris Cory Richard Hudnuf Du Barry WEIL - Cobra, Cassandra Sets Soap l!;illi Powder ColORllc Toilet Water PciTumc Sachefs Corday .Tel Krenxy Ardent Nitjht Kay Daumit Forever Amljor Double Dare Wicked Max Factor CHRISTMAS CARDS Box Assortments 39c 59c 79c 97c Name imprinted 50c per box Greeting Cards for relatives Lentheric SETS Woodbury SETS Travel Cosmetic Kits Arden I)n Harry 10c to For The NAILS Hcvlon (: hen Yu Christmas Sets GIFT DRESSING Paper, Seals, Tags, Cards, etc. A Gift to Really Please Him! OLD SPICE SETS Williams SETS Pepsodent SETS Po-Do SETS Fitch SETS TOYS FOR THE KIDDIES! 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