The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 6
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Grid Game 'Fix' Attempt Bared One Man Held Under $25,000 Bond; More . Arrests Expected. NEW YORK, Dec. 16.—I UP) — New York Authorities- moved fit today - on a gang of New Jersey gamblers who sought to stage n sports "fix" rivalling-thai of the notorious Chicago alack Sox base- Itflll scandal of 1919. .The syndicate tried to get two stars of the New York Giants pro- :.f»ssfoi)al football team to toss tneir National ; League Championship game with the Chicago Hears yesterday- They suggested that Frank Titchock, the Giants' passing artist, and Merle Hapes, a consistent ground gainer, see that the Bears won by more-than 10 points. The betting fraternity had conceded the Bears were 10 points better than the Gianls. .The. Bears won. 24 to 14, and without any skullduggery. . <_Both_ players, however, refused to liavc nny "art In the "fix". Just who tipped off th e police was not certain, mil many hours belore Sunday's sellout game a Broadway character named Alvln Paris, a thin, red-hatred man of 28, was arrested. He readily admitted trying to put the fix on Filcliock "and Hapes, but gave no hint h c represented a .syndicate which Mayor William F. C'D.vver saitl was,"vic- lous." Hc was held on a felony charge at $25.000 ball wnlch was expected to be posted today. . More arrests were expected. Paris said he offered Pilchock and Hapes" $2.500 apiece In addition to: the profits on a $1,000 bet irr-Uieir names if they would throw thergame: Both refused. -.National League President Bert (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Marquette centers Kcnnwesno,-, l e f|,and nvea m tlic.r ry for tip-off during practice workout. Coach Bm * ler, background, keeps steady eye on the play . Bell wouldn't let Jfapes play yesterday because lie had been ap- |B;oachert directly Filchock was permitted .to pl.iy because lie was approached only "uy Innuendo" but nlost of his passes went awry any- i seal]: >«>w. [lasted ^Assistant District Attorney George Monnglmu said Paris merely' w:is "covering up" for the syndicate which reportedly bet $-10000 on the Bears on the strength' of the fix," then hedged wlion Pil- ctrock and Hapcs refused to foilow through. For the record, Monnghim .charged Paris with Grudge Fight Looms In Legion Arena With blood in their eyes and revenge In their hearts, Leo Newman and Curios Rodriquez will clash with Dill Canny and Red liobcrts tonight hi a tug match at the Legion Arena. The inelamorphlc blood In the eyes of Newman and Kodriquez will in actuality be the goading mcm- thelr last encounter with , anil Hooerls. upon which ct-casion they suffered a gorcy beating at the hands of the latter pair. After Canny had spill Newman 1 ;; with liis heavy, fist, Leo only n short while, longer, then collapsed. The match switched to a fracas between Rodrlquez-unc. Canny with the Latin going down in five mimues. Siiu-e then, Newman and Rociri- quez have been biding their time, impatiently awaiting tonight's chance to even the score. Their hectic -„ and extra-legal manucvcrs in their attempted i last two malc'.ies here Indicate or a participant in a pro- | that thc v are ready and willing to game, a charge on which do battle in any manner to• iwenito conviction is punishable by one to the blood-stained smirch on their rive years in prison and a JIG.OOO • wrestling escutcheon. Newman is slated to tangle with Canny in one of the one-fall preliminary bouts, a meeting that will likely set the stage for the remainder of the evening's performances. Roberts meets Roclrlque?, in the other prelim. '- fine. His hearing was set for Dec. -{-With the first fipoff,' authorities assigned Acting c.ipl. Raymond MaiUirc to the case. He was the fkent who broke the Brooklyn College baskeiball bribery scandal last year. ^Police Commissioner Arthur \V.»!lander rounded np Bell, Tim MHi'a. who rounded (he Giant • t?nm, Mara's sons. Jack, now president of the club,and Wellington, arclub official. Magiiire nnd other officials and took them to Mayor O.TJwyefs office Saturday afternoon. ^That night the talks went on at p.Dwyer's residence. Then Hapes apd Pilchock were brought in Fil- choek was released immediately, 9Jit the officials questioned Hapes i.rpm 1 a.m. to G a.m., and he ptobably wouldn't have been much good on thejield yesterday. Sunday morning, he signed a confession He S ai d he met Hapcs at ,.*- cocktail party on Nov ,,' , Casually mentioned Fiichock Last Tuesday he invited both players to-his office, but they declined' ...The next day he went to the ^utT^ry o:i *r • Gia - 1 i-uv.'V ther bow sny we c °>"" :».»".- Hapes told- him "\Ve don't want to let them down" , t Tl,e Giants, then moved to Bear n and Paris tried unsuc- .-igain on Thursday 'and n>1 " case began breaking Chicago Bears Win 24 to 14 From New York My OAltL I.DMXfuiST United I'ress SimrJs Wi'lrr NEW YORK, Dec. 1C. <[},, > Neither the Chicago Uenrs ,jr 'lie New York CilttiiLs were siitisf «i teddy with lhc ;H io 14 B[ , u . v - ( , lory yesterday which - Bn ve •'/,(, "monslur.s of llu; inldwny" i fifth national football jciiEtiir :Ii.'unpioMslilp. - ' AB 1)12 gam? was playod [|>c : Hears won decisively, ^3, 'more |:ower and precision in cverv department, and in normal condi- tiens it would have been a B riiii- fylnj. revenge for the H to hentli> B the Giants gave the Bcai In. regular-season play. Hill It wasn't played under normal conditions; the shadow of -in attempted "fix" or the game 'by Ramblers hung over the |>!ick<« Poto Grounds, and the Ofai>i.s were without the services of Men ITapes, hard-running back w!i» was declared ineligible because ol Ills part In the would-be coupe. Hapcs was Innocent of brlhe-ra!:- Ing. bul NFL Commissioner Beit KM] suspended him because nc had b:>en approached by Alvni Paris, tiio gambler who admitted! he tried lo "fix" the grimo. Frank Fitchock, the GiaiiVs' ace C I • r passer, also was a|ipri)ach,;d, uv- O6leCt(CHS SOOn cording to police who took Pans -^ „ L —^>^Ji I confession, but he was allowed lo Comin'Out AH-Time Chick Balloting Chisks" poll in the "All-Time during the last ID To Be Announced p^r"! towa,<r w inn;,v s 'a (,'ame. but It wasn't enough. The Gianls wore sullen and de- rrcssrd before lh c jrnmc, and then | their feelings scsm to lum to Incivousncss as they trolled onto the field before 58.32C fans. 1 They rumbled- several times in the early part of the game before regaining their MONDAY, PRGRMRBR if,- days has neon light with the few billots that have been returned -serving mainly to back up players already picked as heavy favorites. Loading selections among linemen are Eugene Ulackwell at left end. John (Bol Coppcdge at left ~..... u Ul ...jj mui ^uii^tiuge ai ic i, iui <-- ii-EiimuiH ineir TH'OlessSoiiai tackle. Calvin Moody at left guard, aplomb, and one of those fUmb rs Bill Gad-,vn, at enr at enter, , and J. IJ. cost them a touchdown as c ewe ~ . •-* ^i.,'..,,., miLi o. 13. LIJ^L Liiem a loucnciown Whltworlh at n t ;hf guard. .Voting Frank hobbled on his own Uons 'rcmiilns varied''-fiu! "alter 1 " 1 " •'""' "" Cl """' tW ° plays lalcl ' Backfield leaders Include Hcrschel Mosley at left half-hack post with •Mayficld (Sonny) Lloyd at lii'ht tiolr l^.l.l:.. r._,:,. . ". Ciallarneau than five elapsed for i> touchdown, minutes of play, L"SS l-.aa half. Eddie Saliba remains the leading choice for fullback Qu-ir- ..»,.- v.^.^uLt^ OJUAUI,I, ^y-ii; selections remain close with Davis Cup Players Named "'or 28 r, 25 i R! !?' L *P anto 2a - H «...•.. . uj ineir throe tills They comb out tinder royal palms nn<l- bet ween hedges before players in shirtsleeves as another Florida, racing season. gels liiKlcr way at Tropical. Dyess Cagers to Enter Tournament at Shaw nee Dyess Senior Boys and Uirls iKirkelbaU squads are slated to be among the teams entered in the s:iawnce Invitational Tournament b^f;inning tomorrow night at Shawnee and continuing through Friday night. The Senior Boys record stands at three wins and no losses. They have defeated Luxora, 29-14; Osce- Girts fefeot Cage Team at Manila; Boys Lo Gosnell High Sslioal' cagers split two games with Manila High School Friday night at Gosnell as the Pirates were' downed: 31-22 and the Plratettes won 21 to. 22. Manila ciigtmtn coiitroled the boys game thrpugliout, leading at. lialftline, 10 to 5, and turning Uack a last-quarter Pirate rally. Mbbley. Mimla forward, won high-point honors with 10 tallies while Charlie Harris, Pirate center, followed with seven. The PiratetUs overcame the Manl!a' sextet's Halftime-le»a! O f i 5HO 9-and two siiceessive goals in the last, minutes', of play b y Bevlll and Wisdom put: th< , ln , . d their' muftia. Bevlll ol G M ,«n Te scoring with 1'i points and' Wlilti PV of Manila followed with "l wl " tnej Coach J. B. Harris will'take his squads to Cooler for a return game Tuesday night, Friday „$"' 'g™ iiell meets Arrnorel- i,, i doiible- heailer on the home court,. SwoUen Sfemm Craighead Bay's JONESBORO; Al wallc him pa S ,.,er eu e f o«~e. It work, w, It" Thompson T|l »''*lay, along with his fattier ••™. JV rcflieroay. .:••-.- when lite wagon in wiii The youn e ster.,,h;owned last' ,idln g phmged into . The line-u]) was the one which | had been expected from non-play - i.,,.., L/^LU U.S[>L-LU - U i,om non-piav- ' Slaughter i i»B Cnpt. Walter Pate, and the AUS- : Tl '«e. Of their 'three tilts, the Dyess Seiiior Girls dropped one to.Luxora, 4-1-33. but won over Osceola, 23-19, and Lspanto, 19-16. Remainder of the season's schedule follows: Dec. 33 —McCorma'ck at Dyess. Jan. 3 Truman at Dyess. Jan. 7—Ehawnee at Shawnec. Jan. 10—Keiscr at Dyess. Jan. 11—'Marked Tree at Marked EGBERT VVyo. (UP, -Badgers sics also chose the predicted sciiiai. lohn Bromwicn. Adrian Quist, 22,5/5 Grid Fans See ( Pros Battle to 77-77 Tie ! LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1C. (UP) — The All-America Conference, launched last fall amid heated predictions of triumph and disaster, concluded its firsl season yesterday as the Los Angeles Dons and tbc Chicago Rockets played to a 17-H , tie before 22,515 fans at Memorial; Coliseum. Only effect the finalf had on' the final loop standings was to give ' Los Angeles third place In the Western Division and consign C.n- i ~cago to the cellar. The Cleveland Erotvns tern Yankees far outdistanced the eastern half ol the conference. The- Browns and Yankees will meet in f championship playoii on Saturday. Hapcs disappeared and Pilchock said after the same, "I tlon'l know a thing about it at all." The way the yame turned out no one lost anything. Bets on the Giants, w lth 10 points to boot, would have made it a lie score for the gamblers. The result was — no bet. .. ...... ............... „ ........ and a miniature cyclone proved j Dlnny p.iils and Colin Lone hard on the chickens of the H. G. i The singles matches start De~ Anclei'Eon family here, The cyclone I 2«. nnd it. was believed that Kramer killed 40 of 225 chit-kens In a I : "« Parker v.-oilld tie the U. S play- brooder house. Just prior to dial ....... --- = --• •• badgers killed fifl er.s nromvvbh and Palis Kramer is U. S. champion, and next Si::u;ry in Cleveland. The Dons-Rockels tilt ,vns a seesaw battle which saw the Rockets lake an early lead, surrender it to the Dons, nnd then come tack in the final minutes to earn a lie and almost gain the. victory ivinmcr is u. s. champion, and' | Parker was national champ in 19U.! •r>. Still in some dorbl was the V. S. doirolcs combination, since P;itc cc:i use ur.y two ol his four Iilayers. Kramer and Schrccdcr Was favored to get the call, Parker! Jan. !3—Osceola at Osceola. .Jan. 14—Missco at Missco. Jan. 17—Sliawnce at Dyess Jan. 28—Dell at Dyess. Jan. 24 Missco at Dyess Jin, 28—Keiscr .at'..Reiser. Jan. .11- Lipanto at, Dyess. Peh. 3--Luxora at Dvess. Feb. 7—Dell at Dell. F -'°- '3 McConnack at McCor- - mack. I\b. 14—Gosncll at Dyess . 19—Truman',: 'at Trumann. . owns were the walk-away 1 Wes- n winners while the New York| BuDWEISER/ HOW DO YOU GET IT?" '\ ASK FOR IT-ALWAYS" CECIL LOWE GROCERY Invites you to try the new SCOOTER - TRUCK FREE DELIVERY SERVICE We have a full line of Fancy nnd Staple Groceries. ' Fresh Fruits nnd Vegetables. Nuis and Candies . _also Fresh and Cured Meats, wit!, Poultry Drcss'-Hl Daily. Call now for jour Christmas needs ... If yon can't come to our store, call 55)7. We K ,,aranlcc our selections will please you when delivered. Deiheries ikade anywhere in (he city. Incite in jour order a few quarts of M«Kfo»hrook Milk ... and Uiillcrmilk. 532 N. 61 Hi 9 hwoy Ca|| So many more people are asking for Budweiser today that if you don't-ask for your share, somebody else will The world's largest brewery is working at full capacity to supply you with the most popular beer the world has ever known. 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