The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 4
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AUK 'Subversives' Held Free Rein Army Officiol Says It Has Been Difficult To Weed Out "Reds" : WASHINGTON, Dec. 10— (UP) — The Army lacks any satisfactory system of checking on Communists and other subversives and removing them either from the service or f ro»t.£Lyi}l!iii.Ai;iny jobs, an unlm- IKMcBable War Department source sale! -today. As^things arc now, it was said. Coiuoiunist agents could easily aalnjiiccess lo American war Plans, guidtji missiles, radar nnd crypto- grap^ic systems. Trie Army has not made any adetjtiate loyalty check on the 50,000 jBC'.r officers it is taking into tile t^ervlcc despite tile danger to national security, it was asserted. Undersecretary of War Kenneth C. Sioyall had been upgrnlnted as the War Department member on a newvboard named by President Tiuiflan to delve Into the problem of -removing civilian subversives frorrP government office, y,, Tli new Republican'.' congress Is knowji to be considering; invrstiKn- iionsr' to turn out subversive cic- men[|: in high places, particularly in Uie State, War nnd Nivy departments. Trjp present situation as regards the -'Army was described' .to the United Press as follows: Trtt Army safeguards aRa'ihst Con^iunbt agents never have rc- covcffd from the dissolution of the counter intelligence corps, the ,tgeij§y that had charge of checking ^ubvcrslvcs In the Army. lfandiai|i£c l ] by 1C4H Order C([ih.m\intsK"toc*^ advantage of \vartjraej£Xp»nsJj)ij,-tpJiiiflUrate into 1 osijfens of power ninf InCliicnce in Hie government. Tbev nlacet' aseijjs freely in 1843 and 1014 in the -tWar Department and other apeijies. Tljjp Army Intelligence officers iis-hting against this Infiltration wcre-i harried- 1 hll^. bjv'aii order of Dcc.JSO, 1943f)td^1o lake any fur- llier^ictloiK"to''re?trlct Communists frcin" ••scnsllive 1 '-^duties. Tlje counter-lnlclligcnce corps uas.s rliminalcd ns a centralized apcnry although reiniianls of it c.vlsriindcr the various Army com- n>an{|s overseas, when it Was dc- Etrojicd. all records on subversives uerejjiakcn from it and dumped into JJtlic general records section w'ne*c they are submerged In n m.TSfc of other records. Tfjp directive on control of sub- verges was nmcndcd in .lanunry. 1D4(>^ when nil Army commanders wcrtr ordered to make sure that "Erijfitive" military positions were ,. only by persons, whose Ipy.- 'Ks boyond qucstloiiV *f i, -^ Ihe machinery for fcrrcCirig rut4hc£e subversives, isolating and the^; elimlnatins them lias been dsrtrtyed. ..' . ' ' ', TUr, loyalty Investigation duties of fee counter intelligence corps '.<er« turned over to the Provost • Marshal General's office which is thoJl'M.P." outfit of the Army. It personnel trained In cs- piormge or counter-espionage. rifeiination of Communists from overseas commands is left up to local commanders without any men t-.airtd in espionage. About all the piovost marshal's investigation consists of is calling up the local rcta4i credit nssocialinn to discover if the subject pays his bilk. LJtlfe Rock Woman to Go On* Trial for Murder Shah of I tan Wants Better Living Conditions /of Subjects RCCK, Ark., Drc. 16 — s. Tracy Eschwcilcr, -15 yeaffold divorcee, is slated to laci firsu flcgrec murder Charges tittle Bock tomorrow, arising of the; death of her former hns- banfl. Dr. Paul C., Eschwciler, las 1 August, 23. ^s.' Eschweiler allegedly shot thchprpfessor in the University ' Arkansas School of Medicine in is loom niter an argument over the piccnrc of another woman in U dc'Un's billfold. Ttoe;couple had been divorced IP^rafter 17. years of marriage. Tpis. is expected to bo the. fin; case- for Prosecuting Attorney Sat Robinson, who is leaving the laskT County oifice January 1 Pu- coca SUFFERERS! : V 666 SNAPS INTOACnON!,/ 'STARTS RBI EF INJUST6 ) SECONDS.' BI.YTHEV1LI,E (ARK.) COUKIKR NEWS Winners of Maria Cabot Gold Medal "liree winners 'Bhi: MlKiiPi C: " )l " r °" M M « l!l ""' J"»™'"ta»e efforts to better the relations were feted at in- Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Nev York Citv r ' Hy SMI SWIKI Unilcil I'rcss Slafl Cnrrcsiitiiidn.n TEHRAN, Dee. IG. (UP> — Tile huh of Iran foresees a pcri'jd of •anciullity lending; [ 0 bi-tlcr livin- Ills people niul teliovc.s the sii- ation In Azerbaijan province has turned lo normal. With tuilct optimism the Sti-yi'i'r- Ul ruler, Mohammed lllzii pnhlevi, Ascribed In an Interview Ids'pliim ir raising trim's standard of llvlni;, iucatiun mid health. His cliosr.'ui ttllutlc was enhanced hy ncwj I'.iat Is armies were re-establishing iheir onliol over ureas recently doml- alod by dissident regimes, "The new situation in the Azcr- iiijnn < a urinniil ;-itii:i- 1011," lie said. '"I was conlidenl'iil II times that 'the people' nf AnnV,- idjan would have the same wishes s the rest of the country." The Shuti's troops have solldUh:d icir rule over Am'hiiljnn prtivi'iiv •i|>inj! out the (Iiml shreds of "cli'i.i' crnt" resist a nee. General All Uax- mra. Iranian chief of stair, an- oimecd lliat [jovernmcnt forces li:u[ ntcred Mchiibad,. seal of I|K; .sclf- i-oclaimed "Kurdish people's ie- ublic" \vitiiout resistance. He ;'aU "lhazi Mohammed, the Kurd n'- iinc'.s leader, was prepared to "sui>lit himself" to the central aov- nuueiit. In slow hut accurate liiigliuh. the hope* North Carolina Senator, Foc of .New Dealers, D/os I RALEIGH. N. C., Dec. 1C.—(UP) —Amid speculation as to his successor, funeral services were to he , ,.,.. H conducted hero, today for Sen keen (her and | I!IS Josliili VV. Bailey, 73, senior North BILBO Tlii: Shah referred especially lo the role of aviation In developing Iran. He is -•-•' — visited many country in plane. "In u country like Iran remote parts of (lie his' American-made - "J ••">. illtl] UJICIU distances are great, the future must bring ii-considerable increase-In aviation lo facilitate travel both-with-' in (he country and between Inn and the rest of Hie world." he f ,i,'j;i "Planes also arc necessary Irom military viewpoint. That's 'p.ut of our plan for modernizing the army aid airforcc. We hope to ,ic(|iilre new equipment. Notliini; has ly<>n decided on where we will iirciuirc it but we must K n the best and the most .suitable spbcitleations." Carolina .senator. Bailey, long-time fo c of New | Deal administration and chairman where of the Senate Commerce Commit* CtJiitiiiucil (rum rage 1. Innlly scheduled as a witness locl.iy. Hut the hopslla) snid lie was feeling "pretty rough" and Ihal he 1 would have to undergo a physical examination today to determine if he could make the Iraln till) ID Washington. Terry originally had asked His 'committee to excuse him from tostiryiiiK in llKht of what hn described as anonymous telephone calls ihiTatcnlng himself, his wifJ nnd daughter unless he remained silent. Ililliri I'ruff.yses Confidence The investigation was based on charm's that liilbo received more than $:f(J,000 in cash, nn auto, a completely lurnished "dream house" and other favors from contractors whom he helped Bet government, contracts. Bilbo said lie •didn't t;ct a damn dollar" and that he M'OUld prove It. Hilliu also W.-LS confident (hat Srinite Republicans would fall in Iheir attempts to bar him from the senate on the basis of the pro- cccdiriL'.s. Sriiiu: Republicans privately agreed that the outlook was dubious. Before the weekend recess the •nmmitlec received testimony that !i!!)o did Ket checks from some of I lie contractors but that it was all , for the I94U election campaign of I former Sen. Wall Doxey. D., Miss. I IJoxey was defeated and now is I Senate st'iKcant-at-arms. i Robert, Gaudy, Jackson. Miss.. | insurance at'cnt, said he cashed four checks for $25,000 marln out to Ii:ll;o by T. F. Newton. Hattlesburg off. lo Mipporl Doxey In [i )c Collins' slury was su]i|>urt«d' by Us stinliiry, Miss L*urn Harrison ut MfrldJan, Minn., who tes- lifird »h« took notrs behind a boriioom door on the Bllbo-Coi- lins conference. Travis testified he had received $11,003 from Bilbo's "informal" Uoxcy-for-scnator campaign committee. He said it was used to line up county organizations which worked for Collins In the' first primary and switched to Doxey for the runoff. He sale! Collins had nothing to <io with the arrangement or tile money. conliiictor, t o be used In the Doxey camp,il<{n. . ' Candy said $18.!>nn i«-ns i's» r i '•> tee. died hriii.s"lio'me'"here' J "yest'c'rI l'" ny " o l )r " P!ltI "E deficits" of two day after an Illness of several I' cn ' ull(tillc s who were eliminated In i months. Funeral services were to-p llc '"' sl ("'''"fH'-V A»K. '£>. nnd line 1 I'c held lit 3::iO pin at the First I " p I' 11 ' 11 'o*'fin'il«ation behind Doxey Baptist Church here. """' for the Sept. 15 runoff. Prominently mentioned for the' " L sai<l s "' (i '" ) went to Cooil seal held by the veteran Democrat Tl '" vis ' J«ckson attorney. as ., rep- since 19^0 Is wllkins I> Horton of 1TOPnlilllvc ' '« r former Rep. Ross Plttshoro, Democratic n-itlonnl :, Col!llls »"'! 57.500 went lo Roland "' ' Wall, another defeated candidate. •iijh 'sntd-|iow hfc hopen. to- rnivj ^ "'."VWorkcrs of America rAPLi lis ulilllcV people IJcltcf T iffAM* * l ^«*f!«he United clerical. Tccti- i)od, clotliing, hjaltir and 'cduca- 1 ""', 11 '""' Supervisory Employes ion. r l'he piiaiiiKmim ..,.i..: ..r commitlecman for North Carolina. Mmirnr ( ] fn Washin^toii WASHINGTON. Dpc. |_<UI>>- ...... "|V,"."","" | C.ovcTiiincni officials and meml»r.s Attlliatc Yflth Union "' Congress joined today in enloK- l^liH! the laic Sen. Josiah W. Hni- ley. I)., N.. c., us n i;''r:at citizen-' and legislator. , ' A delegation of senators will ho named to attend funeral services in Raleigh,. N. C., this atlcrnoon lor the veteran Democrat. "'•-. Sen. Clyde R. ' Hocy, Bailey's' democrat!: collnngue from North Carolina. 6 ;'.1d his admiration and regard for Bailey had grown in the 50 years he had,known him. .. ' Supervisors Entitled WASHINGTON. Dec. IB. tU.l'J I he U. S. court ,,[ Appeals lo- dny upheld I he right , )f KU[WI ._ visory employes to belon B lo uio same union as rank and file niem- Lers. or the same industry. The ruling wfl s made In a ,»*c involving a group of supervisuy cjnploycs of Jones & /.aiigim,, itecle Oorp. They sought t o -- orlll » unit of District No so, ,jV1ino ( Workers ,,r America "We need H lonu period of li-an- uillly to get on with Iliis. Ueiorn vill lake time," he said. J The Interview was held in i'ie! Shah's private .palace study, a roiiui ! K quiet lastei readied by waikijv; i hrouijh a columned corridor of nnrbb strewn with Persian nip; "We wiinl an improved standard if living for the people," the Shall snW. "Thcrs arc live principal pulnis —housing, food, clothing, h"illh mil education. The first three will >e mainly obtained by pruv!i!t:u vprk for people, niul minimum pay — minimum hours of work should te sufficient to procure them Iliosu I things and have u little ovr lor' veckly recreation and pay for tholr life and work insurance. Health safeguards and education will b,: wovirtcd free by the eovermiient." Of Iran's relations with UH*.;--, Britain and the United Sta'.cs he said, "we like every other r-oumry want to enjoy good icliitlons witii tnosc powers." The nnaninuiu court wiis written C. Clark, it opinion of l|j c by Justice lirti- ^ : Wall Admits Deal • 'Wall tcslificd he received SG.005 fi'oii] the Bilbo committee fo li- qiiUlatc his "operating deficit" — in'return for plunking for Doxey in the 1M'2 run-off. He said he also got Si:oo nr SISOO lo pay the cost of tils campaign for Doxey. '.'."I didn't know a thin» about the -$25,000." he said, "had 1 known, "i wouldn't have sold myself as short as I did. I want to be hopelessly Irank \rit|, you." V'-Ooxcv himself testified that lie •never knew Newton had contributed $55.000 to the Bilbo committee 'for bis campaign until after he had cecji defeated. (He said Dilbo and Gandy told [im $8.noo went to Wall nnd Sl-1.- lo'CoIlinS' outfit/ and he "did- ; . c<[ fiom the court -666 EASES THESE 6 CQLD MISERIES QUICK 1. Headache. 2. "SlufTed-up" N T os( 3. Minor-ThroaUrritation. 4. Cong Dii£lo a Cold. 6. "All-Over" Muscn larjftcieo.-fi. " Feeling Doo!t take chances with a cold-! At thMreryifirst sniffle, ask your Ar\ig- gist'for' insttntVcti"? 6^6 — start getiin?.^leisp}^relief Srom all SI'JT of your cold'i most troublesome miseries^ justescetmds! Nov,ondci that, In 4£ jaars, mj//i'o)<8jia\e tuineil to f»«ous p»cscrij)(roH-t>pe 666!* Tiy It! Jaution: Tak«J>nly as directed. CblD PREPARATIONS TobUta or Liquid woolens, urtT/iouffats Collins testified that he refused l l- lca l''°m Bilbo in September. the House of is Holding the Line! NO INCREASE IN PRICE THE SAME PRE-WAR QUALITY M'AOICAM'S V.O. C';ill:i( Wlli.ihy. A l]]:' "f Illlr sclrclrd' wllls'ri Mi.II I'ldllt. l> VISU'S llUI 5ths r42 5 42 IMiis I'll, niarcrs M'.AltHAM.'S 7 CIIDWH "I c mi r,i wiilskry. HS . f >r;un NcudMl Jjiiirtt; liii s I'mof. Sths 4 70 . . lilriHtctl Wliiskrv. • Civnin Nrulnil Spirit Proof. 5ths 3 66 1'IllS | <'li:irc SVAIiRAVS ANCOINT ROTTLI- "111 Distilled from urain. Proof. 78 I'lllS I'll. Sths 3 GIFT VALUES $4.95 Helps teach baby table ncrs early . . . sterling spoon and fork. $41.00 Emerson record player. Portable for that parly. EMERSON RADIO $28.95 up Radios — Emerson, Gcui;r:il Electric, Telctone - $28.05 up. DREIFCS rol limit us . . . WMr Iliaininiils 3 i WEST MAX ST. ITO«U HI BLTI* the Street from Grahers I lif inultvsijiMCcI, who!i>,s;ilc dislrilinlor of Scaaram lii-ituls—SraKram's V. ().. So;ij;i'am'.s 7 Crown, Sca- ^i-ini s :, Cmwn. and Seagram's Aiu-ionl Hotlle (iin —Iit'arlily endorses the almvc currently advi'rlisoil •^"isi'iim policy. We-, (ni). art- holilinij (he lino. \Ve shall nitl raise IK- wlnili'salo prico of any Seagram pnulucls dis- ininifod |,y IIH . we will also take ovt'ry proper means '<» *ei- Ihal exislin^ rolail prices lo the consimier -Hall nol lie raised. W« O L-E SA L€ LI 0 U 0 R D-E A L € R 5 MITI.K KOCK I'OHT SMITH MONDAY, IJECEMHKU JG, 194IJ fror JIMMIE EDWARDS NEW STORE at 301 E. Main St. f) d Ik'i'o they iirc-! Hugs . . . i,ll-w( M »l !)x!2 Iliy perfect ', In isl m;is R -if| IIM- iinyonc's homo. IScltet- i-ome rijrfit (Imvn (d Jinimie Ktlwnrcls Fiirnittiro Company Kuiay' Uic'sc ;ii',. the hai'd-lo-gct nuiuhcrs fhai ;l i"e rciillv ill (k'niiinil. $64.95 A ronin st;ihv;trt soli SH i It. 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