The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT •"—"~K"»F-W Chick Cagers Defeat Osceoia (Btythcvillc Players Forge Ahead in Second Period to Win 36-23 Opening their season with a victory, (he Blytheville chicks' "A' squad cagers toppled bsceola there last night by a 30 to 23 count. In tlie' prelim game, the Chick Girls were nosed put. 25 to £3 by the Os- ceoia sextet. .Marion Gay and team captain Jim "Stafford shared high-scoring honors as both forwards dropped through 12 points. Wisenmaii, Os- ceoia, center, was runner-up with W. tallies. The Chicks led at the half, 20 to 15. The girls' game was a close race throughout, lied up 17 to 17 at halflime. Bobbins of Osceoia led scoring 14 points, with Bonnie Ball of Elylhcville following wilh 9. Next tilt slated for both squads Is Jan. 3. when they meet Osceoia in a return game here. Starting line-ups and box scores follow: Boys Game Blytheville (36) Pos. Osccola (23) Gay (12) P P. Bannister (7t Stafford (12) F Held C Wiscnmnn (10) G Shaneyfelt (fti G T. Bannister (1> Substitutions: Blylhovliic — -" cr " nigan !3>, Gentry, Hodge'(2), Simon, Elliott W. Osceoia—vyootcn, Hisaw, Ralph, Hawthorne, 'Jersey, Qreniian. • Girls Game Blyllicvillc (23) Pos Osceoia (25) Hardy Caldwell (5) Foster B. Ball Widner Wilson ( Travis Mann Fleeman (9) P P P G G O Windlaiid (6) Bobbins (14) Grlgsby (3) Bannister Caldwell Foster -Substitutions: Blylhcville— Scny (»>, White, Whlsenhunt. Bailey. Osccola— Tliompson, Driver, Gregory. Buich (2), Adams. Relerce: Dukie. speck. Practice Sessions Held By Day is Cup Contestants .MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 14.—(up)—For the second successive day the new U. S. doubles combination of Frank Parker and Gardnar Mulloy shaded Jack Kramer ana Ted Schoedcr today in a two-hour workout in preparation for the coming Davis .cup matches. Moslems Deplore Rioting in India British Policy Blamed - By Leader for Terrible Disasters • LONDON, Dec. 14.—(UP)— The British Government's policy In India may lead lo « "terrible disaster" and already can be blamed for 30,000. riot deaths, Mohammed All Jinnah, Moslem League president, charged last night in n renewed .plea for a separate Moslem slate. Jinnah quoted "most'reliable ln- fprmation" that 30,000 Indians had killed and 50,000 made homeless in recent riots. '•; "It is really due to the action of the'Britisn cabinet mission anu tne viceroy, . proceedinE from sion lo step," he told nn Indian nudience. "They cannot be exonerated from their rCEponsibility from the way they have conducted negotiations and the way in which they have proceeded to form an interim government, ignoring and by-passing thc Moslem League." / T he predominantly Hindu All- India Congress Party, he charged, is "going .headlong on a mad career. . . They arc responsible for obstructing the achievement o? freedom of the people O f India." ' ' Jinnah implied that the Moslem League might form n separate constituent assembly. Tlie league has refused to attend tho assembly now .meeting in New Delhi. Fort Smith Editor Wins 'Golden Deeds' Award FORT SMITH, Ark.. Dec. 14. - (UP)—clarence F. Byrns, editor of the Fort smith Soutnvvest American an,( Times Record, today held tue "book of golden deeds" awarded him last night by thc Fort Smith Exchange Club. The «ard is made annually to the person performing outstanding PJh «. service. Byrns was cited for nis «ork as an editorialist and development ot the state's natural resources, and as an advisor to Icg- LSV Football Players ... Cram tor Hew Year's Day Test With Arkansas U. BATON ROOGE, La,, Dec. 14. <UP)— LSU Tigers were scheduled today to study Arkansas offense plays on tlie scrimmage field In prciwatlon for the Cotton Bowl game. Coach Bcrnlc Moore lias emphasized defense against Rnzorbaclc punts and punt returns. Mat Fans to See Big Grudge Baltic Bill Canny is Paired With Roberts to Meet Newman, Rodriqucz nevenge will be the keynote of Monday night's tai; match In the -cgion Arena as Bill Canny nnd Red Roberts pair off in a special cturn match against Leo Newman nd Carlos Rodriqucz. Pointing out that this match will c n battle royal involves going out n no limbs. NcTOian and Rodri- uc?, have been clamoring for n nance to stage a return scrap •lib Canny and nobom to avenge he trampling handed them at the unrtct's last meeting. * The last time these bruisers got -•••-.ii_ tn UIAI.-I a (i'-'ii ogclhcr _ about a month' ago— Heir singular form of mayhem was nhanccd by n considerable qunnt- tv of free-flowing blood, contrlbut- d In the main by Newman. all' started In Hie seml-wlnd- P of that card when Canny lumped a deadlock on Newman nd drove short, twisting punches o Newman's forehead until the icllm's scalp split nnd b lcd pro- usely. That established thc modus pcrandl for the night and few tlier holds prevailed. Leo tried n -comeback for the ig match but collapsed In thc H'st fall, weakened by his bleed- Papsand r B'Cage Teams Defeated Hoyri, Mo., Teams Register Wins in Two Contests Hers After n sudden rcUillutlon In (In dying mliHiles of (he Kame Ilia came within one point of tying Uu. score, the; litythevlllc J'apn'is;. dropped behind to lose their open- Ing tilt of thc season to the Haytl Mo., Juniors laat niglu on the home court by n 40 to 30 count. __ In the' cm tain-raiser, the Ch'cXr "B" cnnars were ou(-|wi;itcd by (lie Haytl "H" squad, 42 to 2:i. The Ilr.yli juniors took the Icat. and never relinquished it for three- quarters, lending 17 lo 7 m the half. Wilh four minutes left In iJi-> last period, thc Paps launched n scoring sprint thnt bronchi Uicm within a point ol the visitors' 2'J tallies. Thc Paps .showed every possibility of pulling ahead, bul'tlv sp,-i,it ended us the lliiyll boys garm"vil » series of free losses to stretch i tliclr lead. I Ward, Haytl center, led scoriiv with 14 points Willie runner-up hor- ors were split, three ways. Honry- cutt, Pap forward, Don-is, Haytl forward, nnd Williams, Huyti <>itai'l, cadi racked up seven tallies. Beginning as an oven name, i!v Ciiick "B" cagcmcn led the Huyli _5^VTHBVILLJB(ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bees by a' nnrrpw 11 to 10 m .r at the end of the first period. From mat point, however, UK' visl'ors forged steadily nhciul mid kei">l Die Chicks from scoring during I lie second slnnzn. Huyli led at the hnlf 20 to 11. The second half followed tile snme piitlern ur, th" second quarter, Hnytl pushing t,> „ 12 (,i 23 win. High-scorer Dawson, llnvli center, with 15 points. Trayl-ir Chick uuuni, followed wilti 10 Starling line-ups and box scores follow: Junior Game Drawing Cards S-i •Iti-pity Ihejruji who doesn't know Hie j-joys of duck-lmnliiis —sittinj home by u nice w-wurin fire." ; head cut. Rodrlquez lugged his 1>;lps (30) mp companion to (he -Iresslng H o |lc S' c »i ( -t <7> ..P.. ooin and returned to have It out Oc " ltl y <'!> P.. fllli Canny. Thc Latin got mad, n H, CL ' ! 2> '••' C - loorty nose, and pinned-all in ?-. G - 1 vo minutes Donncrs m ....a. Consequently, Newman and Rod-' ,.f'' st ' Ullic ; ns: BlS'U.evi,l l; - i«ue z have been nurshjg a" grSgo Up,' D ™-J 2 >- ^Idwell ,„,, Whist the rowdy duo who let Ilayti (40) . Don-Is <"n . Watts Kil . Ward (Mi Penrter^ Williams i7) - -w..v v uuu wnu icl iclr blood so freely. Apparently ractlcing for Monday ,,| Blu . s foul .. •ay collision. Newman and his La- II cohort nave been Indulging in nd.isguiscd "anything goes" [uses during their last two appcar- nces here. They m.magcd lo foul 'fir way to „ win Ul JUS " CC Shawnee Wins Three Games From Luxora _ Shawnee cagers copped ail wn n »g honors in a triple-bill Ms night at Luxora as Senior Bov Senior Girls nnd Junior Boys k-aiil met. * Wef-Ory Vote Tuesday PIGGOTT; Ark., Dec. 14 _(UP) —A local option election on the le- pl sale Of alcoholic beverages is to be held. In Orcen\v ay , four miles south of Plggolt in Clay'County nott Tuesday. It will be the first vote of it-5 kind -since a counlv- wide ek-ction In 1944 banished the »le of whiskey, beer and wine ORDER NOW! fortune's famous EGG-NOG ICE CREAM 1 WOODS DRUGSTORE 221 W. Miin lu thc first On ft T ' y lrlG<l t00 mllcl1 oo often In last week's match and ic pair wps disqualified for their snenannigans. The prcllmlnnry line-up | S thc same was. on the night this sanguinary grudge wns born! can- f?™,. i.i ^ lash wlth N< wm:>n in a unit likely to be a pnce-sctlcr for hi. remaining matches. Rodriguez m i °!!, 1t0 stru «S ]c with Roberls In (he other prelim, Duclos H) Mulllns (5) Smith <<!> Tray lor (1C) Pitxhugh 12), Pcrclful. Hayli-Clllbnw S. Pendcreniss. Glass, Diw- son (2), Adcock, Pinkston, McDj.i- iels (2).- Teams Garni: 1'ns. Mayli (.|>) .,. .F. M'Clanahan '0) ••••P Hedge ;!!» .... C.... Dawson < 151 •••C! Wells (?) • • -O Morgan <4) oubslilutions: .Ulythcvillc-Kinc; McDaniels, McFarland, Lcgr-ctt. , ' Hn >-»-Wllllains, (8), Kohn (3). Watts (2i ' Wnrci Tabriz Offers Resistance to Iran's Troops TEHRAN, Doc. 14. (UP)- -.\ stubborn group of the defeated Azerbaijan "Democrat" regime's supporters resisted Iranian government troops from behind barricades in Tabriz lodny nfter tlie regime's No ^ man was arrested. Mohamed Beriya. who ranked Just behind Jaafar Pishevari in the defunct semi-autonomous rommp , Wils arrested in thc Azerbaijan -^ K B ^. - ^ g^r^-^'"^ :tt, ccd lhat Pishevari fled to Russia. game 28 to 15 with guard, leading scoring with eight points. Frccls, Shawnce forward, followed with seven Hanna, forward, dropped in iive for Luxora. The Senior Girls annexed a 40 i 28 win. Bennett led. scoring with H point, as Smith -followed of Lu/orn T,!!° Sha , V : n . co Jllni ° rs eked out four. liter. f ° , ? " r forward, followed with ay host to an The bnrricaderf "Democrats" were warned by government forces to surrender or be blasted from their biiilclings by arlillcr v lire. Their de- Razorback Cage Team Loses to ipeedy Kansans KANSAS CITY. Mo., Dec. M. UPi—The University of KII"LS.IS wed the Big Six Conference';; ref- lation last night when it defeated rknusns. n "Ruosl" in the confcr- nce's own basketball tournament, nd entered today's finals with onthern Methodist. Arkansas and Southern Methodist both of the Southwestern Conference, were Invited to take, part in the annual tourney to fill no !!>.• brackets and immediately proceeded l<> outclass several host teams. Kansas edged Arkansas 53 tr> f,2 while Southern Methodist was ellm- irmllng Kansas State, 40 to 3C. Both played evening games in the chain- pionship bracket. In afternoon game, to determine the finalists for today's coiiioia- ^tion title, Oklahoma defeated Missouri Cl to 53 and will meet Nebraska, which disposed of Iowa Slate' CollCKC, 54 to 51 . Championship Game Won by Tigers 45-6 LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. (U.P.)—Little Rock High Scii Tigers today hole! an unblemished season's record as well as tho Arkansas football championship following n smashing 45 to 3 victory over Helena-West Helena here lust, night. . s Virtually conceded the state championship early i n the scaMin after convincing wins over J3n; 10 opponents, the Tigers on to roll up a total of 557 points to 31 for their opposition. The tc;mi never scored less than the SI points they picked up in (heir opening game against Forilycs Franco Regime Critical of UN Communique Recites That Unhappy Action Will Bring 'Lament' BILBO SATURDAY, DECEMUBU 14, Continued from Page I. Mississippi contractor. • Fi»M Breaks Up Session " Thc fight broke up the hearings for thc day. Before Gandy was so abruptly Interrupted, he had testified the $25,00 was used in behalf of former Sc;i. Wall Doxey, D., Miss., in his campaign for re-election in 1942. Dcxey lost and now is Senate sergeant-at-arms. Oitndy said that $7,500 was paid to Roland Wall, former state WPA director. Wall was one of four candidates In the first Mississippi primary -Aug. 1. 1942. Thc others were Dcxey, Collins and Sen, James o. East land, D., Miss,, the ultimate winner. Gandy said the money was paid to Wall to enlist his support for Doxey In a. Sept. IS run-off primary. It wa^ to be used to defray what he called the defeated candidate's "operating deficit." The witness had just begun to tell of similar conversations with Collins when thc portly former Congressman, his right first "cocked for a round-house punch, lunged at him from three feet away. Gandy, a slight man of about 150- poimds, raised his feet for protection. Thc force of Collins' charge upset tlie witness chair, Ganriy sprawled on his back on the floor Collins was trying to trample him when the policeman intervened. Collins, who also was one of four unsuccessful candidates against Eilbo In the Mississippi Democratic primary last July a, later told reporters that : Gaudy's testimony was "all a tdnnined lie." Gundy testified 'that he, Bilbo and Attorney Forrest Jackson ol MADRID. Doc. 14—(UPi—Gen-' 1 {? c ? son> Msls - were members of an cralissimo Francisco Franco's cab- ^j nr °™ al committee" promoting I developed thai ),c obtained all the money In small denoini nations and It made "a right good sized package ' about 18 inches long and six Indies high. Gandy said he gave the cash to Bilbo and that the senator "dis bursed It." Tic also turned over to the committee for further study a book 01 memorandum notes" showing the total receipts and disbursements he personally handled as informal treasurer for the informal Doxey campaign committee ,, Be f de . tl] e *25,000 from Newton, the bock listed SS,C0 0 from B. -L,. Knost, another contractor, with the notation that H was a "loan." Knost said he and Mike T MA-- rissey .another contractor, joined n the $,,000 contribution with ±1 '.""^"'""dlng it was to be used In Doxey's campaign. He said it was a donation, not a loan. Knost, Morrissey and Newton all were contractors on construction ' 'Newton testified that he wrote four checks totaling $25,000 payable to Bilbo for (he Doxoy campaign after attending a "pep talk" in a Jackson hotel room. GIFI !OVftlfsr WHCH ii s xi luet nsserled today after a nine- hour Cession (hat the majority of the United Nations soon will lament their decision to withdraw ambassadors from Spain. With Franco presiding, the'cab- inet debated the .situation between Spain and the United Nations until 2 a.m.. then issued a communi- que which was the fourth Spanish government protest against the ON in 12 days. •The New York agreements . . . constitute a n evil symptom of the mipcaceful spirit thai rchjiis in the youthful international organization and an unhappy precedent for relations among peoples which before long the majority of nations will find cause to lament," the commuique said. Thc communique said thc UN decision was clearly an infraction of the UN charter, it salt! thc Spanish people had reacted with mod sense and shown their leel- H ings in the pro-Franco denionstra- ,;,..; lions throughout Spain last Monday an c | Tuesday. Arkansas Marine Feared Piano Crash Victim TEXARKANA,. Ark., /Dec. 14. — (UP)— Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stafford of To.xarkann -have been informed by thc Marine corps that their son, Pvt. Bobby Joe Stafford, \vns one of thc 32 passengers on tho Marine Corps transport Plnne missing on the Pacific Coast. Voting Stafford had just completed T? „, TT ,, ^ - Ji "» iui " uau just, competed Eugene Hall proved to be the his hoot training and was being I <i :»m llrr l.iHln T},,,,lr ..I .„'*....„ ~r , - fa '^ UC 11J b outstanding Little Rock player In a star-studded team transferred from Senltle. Theft Suspect Arrested; $180 Returned to Owner Mickey Burgess. 25-year-old resident of Miami, Olcln., was held u> Circuit Court on charges of l>::rp.- lary and grand larceny, in a preliminary hearing Tuesday at O.sci - ola before Mayor FJcn p. ijullnr. i Arrested last Sunday at Osccola by Police Chief Thrailkill, he v.-ns cision to resist iciiortcdlv w-is dim ,' '"," * —,'"" •'"*""''", jju v.ns in part to stories'ot 7a?al«Uac"' ™<\ ilI '^ "' ^ from thi i ,1,1 i,,, - , caught by on other Democrats Azaibarjan citizenry. Reports reaching Tehran from various parts of the province indicated that Azerbaijan civilians were Killing some of the Pidnyis --Democrat irregulars—who fell into their hands. Mrs. Clarence Taylor Succumbs in Helena HELENA, Ark., Dec. Funeral services were 14 (DPI. i,,,ed o- 1 S^Co^rteTNc^TWnt Ads. ,1"', Rt . 1 ! c £., h<)1 " c . '^"'e"Thursday ,| c ,u , t ihc money. belonging to a Mr. Blake of Vernon, Tex., of th,hotel, was recovered and returned to its owner. Thc defendant was said to i-.-ivc confessed to thc charge and no.v is in thc county jail at Osccola lie had beau making his h v - n ? .,i O.sccola for Hie past several munilis. Mrs. Taylor came to Arkarisas~ln early childhood and lived at Ra. Imhodcn and Lake City moving to iTclcna in 1030. ivmg in addition to her hus- re one daughter. Mrs. Wilma night. Southern Mclliodist University in Dallas. NOTICE Everett Uranrli and the Kdllfh- crnaircs. a J1-pi ccc ( | :mcc ,,.„„, of Arkansas Stale CollcKc slll- dcnls, is available fur ji>bs in tisis area. Contact. RAYMOND MILLS JO.VESHOIJO. AICKANiiAS riiunc 2M3 Mississippi Politics Aired He insisted that the $25.000 in checks he cashed were for thc Doxey campaign. Thc testimony STARTS RE LIEF IN OUST 6 SECONDS 6CG f«jr fast relief from alt ; nlil misi'rlr.s. Knjuy rt'^u.» r-*w • ..-liieh linvc; nmde 66C" IhcsUnd- (£1.: .1 bj- ot mllliaut. in 45 years. ' Caution: Take only aa dlrcctexl. COLD PREPARATIONS TABLETS Ol LIQUID Shopping Days To Christmas It takes only 3 minutes (o open a Charge Account FITZPATRICK Jewelry Stores Blytheville, Ark. Osccola, Ark. Klkeslon, Mo. Farjgould, Ark. BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING SPECIAL RETURN MATCH CARLOS RODRIQUEZ and LEO NEVVMAN versus BILL CANNY and RED ROBERTS ———^ 2 1-FALL 30-MINUTE MATCHES Leoi Newman Carlos Rodriquez • • • • vs Bill Canny Red Roberts JUST REC IVEB Large Shipment Oil Circulating New Theater Manila's Finest EVKKV NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday B« Opens W«k Days 7:«« p.m. Sal-Sun. 1 p.m. Cunt. Bhowlnt Saturday Ku\ 1'k'lurc 'AMBUSH TRAIL' Also Shoil Subjects Owl Show 'So Dark the Night' with Steven (Jcray Selected Short Sunday and Monday "EASY TO WED" with Van Johnson Also Sliurfs CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKDAYS Box Office Opens 6:45 p.m Show starts 7:00 p.m. Time Today The San Antonio Kid «ilb IViid Kill Kiliolt and Koljby Blalcc Srii.ii: "Manhunt on Mystery Island" Chapl. 10 Also Cartoon OWL SHOW Starts at 11:00 p.m. "The Oklahoma Kid" "'Uh J:nncs Cagncy and Rosemary Lane I urplc Monster Strikes" Chapl. 11 Also Shorts Sunday and Monday "BATHING BEAUTY" <I« Technicolor) with Rcil Skclloii and Esther Williams News & balloon Delight her fastidious hear! wilh this crisp laffefa Powder Mitt lavishly filed with Apple Blossom powder that sifts through a soft terry cloth palm. Pink, while or blue; in a stunning gjfi box with o 4-ounce refill. WOODS DRUG STORE Ralph Nichols 221 W. Main St. Koy Woods riionc soi TERS PRICES RIGHT! Farmers Supply Co. COOTER, MISSOURI Open 6:30 p.m.; Show Starts 7 p.n Time Today Sheriff of Las Vegas with Wild Bill Klliott as Itert Ryder Boliby Blake, Alice Fleming Serial: Last Chapter "Chick farter, Detective" Also Shorts SAT. MIDNIGHT SHOW Starts at 10:45' p.m. "TOKYO ROSE" Byron Barr, Osa Munscn Also Shorts SUNDAY & MONDAY "Leovc Her lo Heaven" (In Technicolor) with Gene Tfcrncj, Cornel IVIIflc .Icannc CrHin Paramount News and Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "SAGEBRUSH LAW" with Tim Holt Cartoon and 1st Chapter "Zorro's Black Whip" SATUKDAV OWL SHOW "THE APE MAN" with liela I.ugusi Tins Cartoon Sunday «nd Monday Tuesday tf Rictia((l Wajbaum RKO News and Cartoon

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