The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBKU M, Two Columbians Face New Charge Atlanta Grand Jury Hears of Threats ro Dynamite City Hail ATLANTA, ,Ga., Dec. 14. (UP) — Two leaders of Columbians. Inc.. were imlbted yesterday for ille- B:il pasession of dynamite by a stale i;raml jury which heard testimony k'ilat the organization planned to Fcomb the Atlanta City" Hall. Muni<-'i[>.il Auditorium. City Jail and newspaper buildings. The grand jury indictments followed by three clays confessions i-y uvo Columbians that the hatc- t-roup hoped to sc-iz^' 'he American !;overnmenl and rn % in Hitler fashion. Homer L, Loomis. Jr., founder ot the Columbians, and Pi |'dent Emory Burke were ineJicted for illc- t r :il possession of dynamite and for not. The jury spotlighted a previously unnamed Colum'rfian, Ira Jell. 4ri-year-old contractor ,by indicting him also on the dynamite charge. 1-ioth clnti'ges are misdemeanors, cHMyhiB 12-montl: Eentences upon conviction. , Last month Loomis and Burke were indicted by another Fulton County (Atlanta) Grand Jury on charges of usurping police power. The jury acted suddendly after announoing e.-rlier that it had recessed until Monday without* acting. A one-armed well digger. Jeff . Johnson, told the jury he sold the | I'ynumitc to Jctt. corrobating expose statements previously made by two young Columbians turned state's evidence. Georgia law requires purchasers of dynamite to tobtain permits first from the county urinary (probate jud[;e.) The indictments for riot alleged that Loomis and Burke were among Columbians who beat a Negro. Clifford Hines. into a state of hysteria •the night of O:t. 28. Evidence obtained by nnti-Nazi league operatives including blonde Rcnce Forrest, who posed as a Fascist agent, was offered the grand jury to show that the Columbians scutrht to overthrow the United States government. Other witnesses included James Ralph Chilciers. 18. and Lanier Waller. 21. who had previously unfolded the Columbians Na2L-model- ed scheme for violence with the help of arms smuggled from occupied Germany. BLYTHRVIl.LR (AHK.) COURIER NKWH THE PRESIDIO—WHERE UNITED NATIONS MAY FIND A. HOME PAGE'TIMUBK lliiiimn" slroiiJ'ly lor selection as pcniiiinoni silo of Uif UN li'-sulijiuu-loi's is Iliu famous 1'ivsidio Sim I'm- ;•;•••<> Army |uisl 011the l.oldcii Calf. WanxMi Austin, chief IJ. S. <lclcfjnlc lo NIC UN, asserts: Ilic While llmisi; will allonmt 1o make Ihc Presidio availably i!i c special UN site cnmmillcc has recommended il, nlom> will, •,, I'lnlmMiiliiu MI-CM i his view o Ihe ban 1-nincisco l,tw area siiows tliu Presidio in bold wliite outline suri'oiiiuleil bv [lie nlv, and _(l) (.nlden (.ale bridge, (2) Alcalrax, (H) Treasure Island, (•!) San Fruncisco-Oatclaiid bav l.ridi-c,' (fi) Oakland Judge Gives Defendant Choice Between Prison | Term and Aiding Victims HATTIP3BURG. Miss.. Dec. 14. (UP)—A Mississippian convicted of manslaughter today had Hie choice of -n two to 20 year prison lei'm, or 'helping to'support;eight dependent children of the man killed by his.ct'.r. W. II. SherrlM, of Hattiesburg, w.i.s offered tliese nltcrnri'ives Wednesday after a jury iiad found him guilty O f manslaughter in the traffic dcatli of John D. Gardener. Gardener died Sept 13. when Shcrrill's car crushed him against a truck. The victim was the father of 12 children, eight of them minors. Forrest County Judge William Haralson proposed that Sherritl pive S5 a month each toward the support of these children until all reach 18. The youngest is two years old. Sherrill, a 47-month Armv veteran (if the Southwest Pacific and father of two children himself has henn Riven untij Saturday to make his decision. Qthman, It Seems, Fears Worst In investigation of Senator BY FRKDEHICK C. OTI1MAN (United I'rcss Staff CurrcsiinnilL-ntl 'WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. — Sen. tap. when the man was unofficial mayor of Wasliington. Terry wasn't oil Theodore G. Bilbo couldn't a rabble if he wanted: He lispth:; Turned out thai he was scared. * The committee lawyers snirt Ihey. This is embarrassing lo the man. ,„,,, C -men locking for him now So sore is his mouth from an op- , blll tlint he 1]ft( , rei)ollL . u lus lif( , oration a while back i.luit he can't ]l!ul bcen threatened if he testified, wear his lo'.ver plate. He can only ( A couple of weeks later, he wrote mutter to his Uuvvcr. who functions a mysterious phone voice also offer- as his mouth piece in the Senate':; c d lo do away with his wife and caucus room. AH Ts not magnolia blossoms and soft breezes ill Mississippi. That daughter. He disappeared. Hilbi nudged his mouthpiece. Attorney' Forrest Jackson of Jackson, much the special war investigation ; Miss.,' who smiled genially and !n- senators that tins was ., commiUec has learned to far in :rs formed th inquiry into $25.000,000 worth of ' . nc re Mississippi politics. He said Armv Air Fields built by the man's ; the man joined the Senate in de- dini; Terry's appearance constituents. There also seems to . be a slit-ht ease of incipient mnr- ••Yeth," p-.n. Bilbo snid. More dor involved, though nobody seems tomorrow. M'loll more I'm nlrnkl to be U.king this seriously except possibly the pent who fears his days arc numbered. These apparently unrelated subjects I'll liy to drop ii) their pro]i- er niches as \vc go along. The man was nn object of sartorial splendor in red. while and blue nccklie. diamond horseshoe slick pin, red kerchief, and brown suit when he walksd in. He ruined the sauvc effect only when^Sen. James Hemictt returned Monday lo Cud- <lihy Field. Corpus Clnlsil. Tex. after spending two weeks with his piirents. Mr. and Mi's. K. I,. Hennet t. Corp. Earl j .Baker arrived here Monday on a no-day furlough with Ills parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. J. Biikcr. Corporal Daher has. been stationed In Germany for the past II months. Mr. nnd Mrs. T. L. Stanford spent the week-end Pouholicmtns with Mrs. Stanford's brother, R. J, Harnell and MLS. Bnrlictt. Mrs. Walter Hardln left Wccl- ne.'-duy for her home in Lexington, Term., uflr-r a (wo weeks viMl will) her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stanford. Walilcr l>cteir. and Ai'llne L. Huechler 'jilh of Uclli'vuc, I!!.; l/oyti E Bu-1: ami J.ianlln Mi -l|;c U-jdmont bath (H L-.'iu-hville; Waller K. Tseh- crney of chlrayo, III., mid C Maile Kustermunn of Highland 111.; l.-i'Oy .lelmlng.s of Artnore and Kiyo Koberson of Hl.vtheville City and Juanila Janes uf Manila. Joel K, OlililHtuI Mid Ednn Mac Dcshearse both ot City; 1*. )!. Mull- hews mill Mrs. Kllon Youna bwalu Loth u( Oily; Lsroy A French null J' Witiuln Norton both of oily; Juincs i K. Diiliy and llacc Kundeibm k J bath of Steele. Mo.; Aiiyusl J. U,>- , hii^ue ul ChaKec. Mo., mid Cluie i VettiT of Coniiiu-rcr, Mo.; I'rnnk J Mack ol CUy and flellv Jean Clny- i ton of Fulton. Mo.; l>.'n. McKlnley • imrt Thelnir Oi,.upbell both of Cn- J :iither3vlHe, M».; Aleu Siullli and i O.tundo l/nicry litiili ol M'Uitla; If.. • O. Attains and Mrs. £iai'ah llaltlwln | ::nl!i ol Anna, ill.; Herman Dennis i end Hutu O!i'iin Closselt both of J CooU'j-. M>.; James D. ' DeSpnln j ant! Normii l-(U! Gisbie both of i M intl.i; Ulus Mllolitll Cnsdlo ol J ctly ami Mnniuci-llc I-oulse Dolcn, i of M'liii'hl., Nalhiin Hoblnson o! i City and Delia Marie Green of ] Muunlan View; !3llus Oiu'jbs unit I C.Uberlne Oi'ub.-s bHIi ol Car'.ith- ' I'r.svIHe; C!co 1. HoeXci- of t.?i«;li-' J vlllr and Ulsla Irene Ncwsom of i lones'ooro; llcibeit J. Clillds ami j liiimu l.oe iVii'Bcr both of City; , i'lnaui I,'.i Jeiirni's and Mrs. Ver.i .rli<'iils:^ Inth of St. 1.3111s; K II, li:V.'o:i:'d unrt Linuliu' Dlllai'd both >f Meirplils; Wade II. Thompson m>«l Maly J.illa l; / i both of Oily; Sum Hoover ami M.illon Cal-' limin Inll) of Cairo, 111. | J. M. I'nrkfi iind Mrs. Uoljerl Oool bnlh of Muiudo. Ill; Churlcs 11 fnratlon Jr. of Mnntlu und Milrlicd Tin IK;- 01 Bald Knob; F.I K. Uo;;e of Kennelt and M»r\ - Jiuiel L if llu of Ulytlieville; Ciiinul Powers and U(-fiil:i! Crawford bolh of StoMi 1 . Mo.; Clarence Harlt'ss of Little Itork und Mis. Marie Coolc.v cl Lns Angeles, Oallf.: Gene Rothcll Ar:tuillon and lOtla Virginia Hato'i both of City; Clarence J. Smith and .n-'inlre Murphy both of Mil- nlln;la?orge Williams of Orun. Mo., and .le.vel V.iunlm of Morluy, Mo.; .Irk-' Rice Jr.. and Irene Hndley ol Manlln; Alfred A. Wood and Mr*. Coun.r Hem Wut WASHER S. C. Ingram of L".soi'a and Uon- nle linker of City; Klein am Conn Crtsey both of Marston, Mo. O. p. Rr.lncv Jr.. ol Memphis and .Juanita Hollowe.ll of City; Join E. Silinon and Hessic Mae Hll b'Hh cf Manila; nnlc Sims Z-ii-li'V. Hi,, and M-iitha Ann Hale i 1 , III., Dcmpsey T. Watts o City ami Dorothy Jewel Hooper o Nashville. Tenn.; J. o. Wicker o Luxora 5oc!e!jF—PenoBal M. Mead of New York, chairman | The Fidells Class of UK First' of the Inyesligators, remarked it Baptist church ha<i ICs annual was a nice morning. Christmas dinner In Ihc social "Yeth," the geniieiiii.n from Mis- center of the 'church sissippi agreed. Then he subsidied nisht. The guests were seated sit in his chair, directly behind his „ v-shaped table centered with n lawyer, as though they were riding Christmas scene nnrl from the vll- a tandem bicycle. As the day , ngc clulrch cilnle [llB tralns o , Marriage License* Marriage licenses hnvc bcen issued recently from the Blytheville Office of Mississippi County Clerk to Ihc following couples; Arthur Renter and Mis. Lillic Hall both of St. Louis. Mo.; Robert Edward Ross and Catherine Zan- netlo bolh of Buffalo. N. Y.; Hoy | Sawyers of Blylhcvllle. nnd Opiil , M-Cord of Hornersvillc, Mo.; Cloyd I Pierce of Stcelc. Mo., and Mrs. I Elaine Sanford of Cooler, Mo.; Leo I Taylor and MIS. Elsie Flftming britli "' Blvlhevllle; Barney Smith and uornlliy Hurtle both of Rives. Mo.: ,1. C. Sclicarer and Jane Coleniati Monday bnth of'-Leaclivillo; Lloyd''Sehwnr'* ' ' of Pascoln, Mo,, and Annie Williams of Hayli, Mo. Howard Roberts and Louise Keller 'ootli of L;n:livllle; Vo.vil I, Faui'hl and Mrs. Mudgelinc A. Patterson progressed. Sen. Bilbo poked "Back Again"! BONNEE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH 30$ BARNEY'S DRUG STORE c«fi \V. Main i-him, M), SEKVICI lTrat , ADAMS APfLIANCf CO., liw. • - J. W AsJAMK M«i. "bf«* MM W* uf MF, r I.lnnle Thoip bith of City; John M. C.iMnlmn am! Mnr-. Frances .Smith both of Slcele. Mo.; Arthur !)o;k and I,<!ll« llolllnsccd bolli of I.eaclivllle: John Lafurlelt aiu\ Vflmn l'.iu:ine Russell; John linrvcy Oorrls of City and Louie MllUpnn ot Newport; John Flell?. nnd Ellu Alrxander; William R. Erwln ami /VThlc Roberta Homar both of fUcele. Mo.; fieiaUl Miller and I'aullne Odiun both of Flint, Mich, Methodist Hospital Policy Board Selected HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. (UP)--B. T. Fooks of *Cai day heads a policy committee appointed to s cl up i\ ' make other recommendations Itic Arkansas Methodist hero. Other members oT the committee named at a meeting of the hospital board yestcrrtny were Tom of Ha'. Springs, nnd D Luttorlnh who represents the modi- en] staff of the hospital. The group will mnke its recommendations to the board in January. by Bvoo's friends. The evidence indicated that the man took his pals to see the generals, that he bombarded the undersecretary of v;ar with letters and telegrams, and that he f.:ot them what they wanted. The clurgcs are that they kicked back a little something to the man, such as a $25,(1Q[) check, a limousine, and a dream house nun: bar two on an island they 'milt on a ]ake at his Pc?an plantation. The committee \vill get to these later. The generals agreed that they tic Oliver of Ooblcr. Mo.; Deo. 14. iden to- Ltcc ap- 2cl and ons for Hospital 5mmittee hospital nrlc.s H. le mcdi- scurtht valiantly to keep r tlieir nerks. They let his build the air fields and th in vain to check charg the foremen were forcing t borers to kick back $2"fccs their jcbs. "They were cheating eacl testified Douglas I. McKf I'ssistant to the chief o Engineers, "but \ve could evidence they were cheat government." : friends ney tried ;es that their la- thcn of Army find no the! Mrs - Bob Thomas was hostess to Detailing the cheating and telling about how look most much each field of the day. The v.-ns sinking low when Sen. Homer fb 1 " 3 ", 8 *, 1 - ° f Michi P an c «"cd for •-• o.,. llu the testimony of Edward Terry, c^.s or Kil«ore VI->irt n^ni-4 t^. L.^ c* T->n-_. _t_.,- v-'^'Ji t, the Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service Tuesday afternoon. After the business meeting presided over by tile president, Miss Florence Rush, the hostess " W '"- , ;; Want Ada, who uscdo_beSen Bilbo's clerk 'Scama O1VE US THIS DAY . . . OUR DAILY For bread the merchant labors long anri late; For bread the beggar goes from gale to gale. For bread the sailor loses lienrlh and home, A thousand, thousand miles bicad-scekcrs roam. For bread are weddings made nnd sermons said; Of all goor.1 things, the first and best is bread. —By Arthur Guilcrimn B • Charles E. Koush and Mrs. Emma Jean Lindon both of citv: Raynond Charles Tatoin and Wilmah Adeline Scott both of City; Ccnton, Mrs. BuCord Duiiton, Mrs. bolli of City. Charles Howard, Mrs. Fnizier, Mrs. I Waller Stevenson of Arniorcl nnd Mtirry Richardson, Mrs. Jim Me- M '"S- Lorettn Maxlue Allison ol Cullar. Mrs. James Fowler. Mrs. City: Will Turnoow and Mrs. Mnt- John Tluventt, Mrs. Cecil Wricht, Miss Margaret Moffctt. Miss Era r:ookc and Mrs. c. B. Wood, teacher. Mrs. T. 1. Stanford was in charge or the Pnrent Teachers meeting Wednesday afternoon. She present- orl the carols and customs that make our Christinas beautiful A drninntlzation of "Christmas Customs" vas given by Miss Betty Sue Mirrlln. Mary Virginia !>o- Inct. Cleo Hannn, James Hill nnd Cliarlic Woort. Hostesses lor the' sods I hour were Miss Emma Kinnimcr. Miss Christine Galvci'l. Miss Maxinc dn Carry and ^frs T D. Wilkins. -flic sixth and eiijht grades won the attendance prizes bv having the most mothers pres- ' out. IS and North Highway 61 Hear America's favorite tenor JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVEST OF STARS with Howard Barlow and «0-pl«ce Orchestra lyn Murray Chorut Distinguished Dramatic Catti Special Musical Gueils FULL NIC KEIWMK • 1:30-2:50 f.M. CST INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER'- 3 -24th- Yrur » In H. S. WERNER Call 3431 tor A To*! O. K. CAB HI Santa Says . . . JOIN! OUR CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB If Cln-iKlmns .shoppinc pul.s n l>if_c <lonL in your luiilttei. \\liy not do somPl'hiiifj ahoul it . join oni' Savings C!;ii> NOW . . . ;iiul noxl year's (jifls will bo jiaid for in advance! \ THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. Tfw Only National Bank in Mississippi County l>uta»r« M«Tto t Give Your Feet a Break • with Proper Balance Resoles arid Heels of finest. Quality HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. "Ptr" Anjrl Radio Service ' ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1. \>. .Mijii.v f/ltr. Phone 2071 . SQ6-03 W. IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice 'Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for ImiiKrtbl; Delivery CALL Steele 17F22 , DIXIELAND SERVICE M.I.IS roOI.K, Owner.,& Mfir. Highway Gl North at I1OLI:,\NI), MO. .KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" Your Source of Dependable Service Your Source Of Dependable Sen-ice G. O. POETZ MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES ' Wm. R, Overton -- county surveyor Serving This Area 40 Years riionc ICvcninjrs — Roat House, 15ig I.nke or % Box R.|. Roseland, Ark, Follow the crowds to PLANTER'S! for all your gift selections— Toyland on Balcony Gift Dept. on Main Floor HOMK OF FAMOUS BRANDS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. West Main St. PIMM515

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