Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 6, 1897 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1897
Page 1
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. 23D YEAR. MONDAY EVENING. DECEMBER <5. 1897 NO. :*2 WE MOVE Part of our stock into our New "Wall Street room about Dec. 10th. Until then we will Cut and Slash Prices throughout the house, in order to reduce our stock. Every department will be altered and enlarged/ for example: Our loak Department and Domestic and White Goods department will be placed in the oS'eT Store, our Ladies' Furnishing Goods stock will be moved to our Fourth street store room, and so it will be throii'*h»ut the house. All these changes necessitate a reduc- n o tion in stock, and to do it we rely on OUT PRIORS- "Your Store's" Underwear Prices. Children's blue, grey, derby ribbed, ieece fined Pants and Vests, winter w«ights;si/.es 1 and 2,12-icsiy.es 3 and 4, 15c;si/es 5, G and 7.. If You Want to Buy "a Cloak! Buy It of Us This Week. Owing to,the moving of this entire department to owr new Wall street store, we will make this a memorable week in CLOAK SELLING. Our sole object will be to r«duce our stock and if you need a cloak thii winter you'll heed our warning anft buy now. The prices which we will »mme you now will not hold good after we aie moved. Am elegant Plain Beaver Jacket, Velvet Inlaid Collar, Kersey strapped se ains, fly front. Congress Has Again Tackled tha Problems That Have To Be Solved. OPEHiTG SCEHS 13 I7CT EXCITIM Either in the Hoi:se or Senate, the Time-Honored Programme Being Followed. Misses' Union Suits, derby ribbed, leece lined, soft as silk, ar klc lengths, a good purchase at oOe,our price OKfi for this sale &*J\s (Five better grades just as eheap.) Ladies' derby ribbed Union Suits, nkle lengths, tk-ece lineti, double yoke, fancy edges, a 75c -gar- A Of* »entfor "TOO (Many other values just as good.) Men's gray, random mixed shirts and Drawers, heavy weight,the regu lar 50c sfiirnient, in this sale.. tailored I nick, a "nnnenl we marked Men's heavy derby ribbed. Shirts and' iJS.fiO early in the season, G±A QQ Drawers, fleece lined, form tit- A A ft \ our moving price will be- V JT.t/O ting, a 75c: value for 'X'XU j At $G.!>8 a light tan mixed Covert Men's heavy Jersey Knit, fleece lined ' Jilckct< ,. u . ge jnlaid y dvL . t Collar| fly Shirts and Drawers, knit in one piece, j f rorlt , buU oned hisjh ut neck, close fit- no seams to rip, an Soc value for only (No more when these arc gone.) 50o ting back, woll worth $10.00. At §7.48 a plain Beaver Jacket, black or blue, storm collar, tailored back; half We are Scle Agents for 1 he! silklin£ll ' thorou - lfhl - v wellmade ' a real | $10.00 value. Ar $!>,48 a handsome Novelty Mixed Jacket, trimmed and bound in braid— the new effect—a number of colors to select from, truly a $12,50 garment. Don't let's forget the children. Here is a Navy Blue Jacket, sizes 4 to 14 years, well mad", stylish in appearance, well worth $3,50,our Up\ building price is $1,98 "Your Store" Will be Hie ChristmasIStore. Pre-iklent Mnltes a Trip from Canton, O., Especially To 15e on Hand, and His >le»sa^*' Is Kejul—Comptroller Eckels' Final Plea for Changes in the Currency Hnd lianking .System — Keynote Is Abolish the Greenback ami Other Government Notts —Legislative I'rospects. Washington, Dec. 6.—The regular, or long session of congress, as it is called, because there is no constitutional limitation upon the period of its duration, opened at noon today. The leaders and a large majority of the members of both houses were here to participate in the opening ceremonies, and President McKinley made the journey to Washington from the bedside of his dying mother that his absence might not delay the national legislature at its assembling. Tho house was' called to order by the speaker, and prayer having been said and the roll called and the presence of a quorum demonstrated, the clerk was directed to notify the senate that the house was ready for business, and a committee was appointed to wait on the president. After that there was a recess to await the arrival of the president's annual message, which was read upon its reception. It is the intention of the house leaders to proceed with the business of the session as rapidly as possible. The committees will alJ begin their labors this week, and as all of them have more or loss bills on hand which were introduced at the extra session there will be no lack of material for the house to work on after the committee hoppers have begun to grind. Cubit Likely To Be Heard I<'rom. The appropriations committee has been at work for ten clays and Chairman Cannon expec-ts to pass at least two of the regular budgets before the holidays— the legislative, executive and judicial ami the pensions appropriation bills. Among- the early general measures to receive consideration will be the bankruptcy bill. Beyond doubt there will l>e several during the week which may be more or le^i- sensational, and some of the radical pro-Cuba members will attempt to get recomr.ienaa.tion of every comptroller in the past twenty years. •"The busi.-ces of Sankir.fr, like every other form of investment, must be made attractive to capital. * • • It is considered by every great commercial government except the Vnited States to be the sole province of the banks to issue the paper which circulates as currency. The belief la a. bank note currency as being better and safer than a govern- nttnt paper currency prevailed unquestioned in this country until, under ths apparent exigencies of the war, the government undertook to issue paper currency. Even under such circumstances. the promise was always given that it should be retired at the earliest practicable mcrr.tnt. and the admission freely made That it was neither a wise mc-asur? nor a sj-ie form of currency. "Butwi -n the c-:.-in. t -;itiyn or the government m-tr. isr-'ii'-s on the one hand, and the unr---'. . ..:-y restrictions imposed by law uv-.in the other, together with the increa.-lns price of bonds required to be dep.isited as security, the note issuing function ot the banks has been permitted to become merely an incident to the conduct of the national banking associations of the count:-y. It has been seriously suggested more than once that the bank note issues be dc<ne away with and all paper be issued by the government instead. The danger of such a course is not to be 'over-estimated. The experience ot" every government has been that governmental currency paper is a source of weakness and danger. The argument that the government, better than the banks, can provide for the redemption of paper note issues will not stand the test of a careful analysis. "The government has no means for caring for its demand liabilities except through borrowing and through the levy of taxes. Upon the other hand the banks have assets which can be promptly converted into cash to meet their outstanding notes when presented. Their ability to command gold has always been beyond that of the government, for in each financial exigency which has confronted the government the banks have furnished to it the amounts necessary to maintain its solvency. * * * The Bank of England, the Bank of Scotland and the Bank of Ireland have been found to be ample in their resources to provide the note issues for use in the trade of the United Kingdom. The same is true of the Bank of Prance." The German Imperial bank IP also cited. In the statistical part of the report the comptroller gives the latest complied statistics relative to the world's monetary systems and the stock of gold. silver and paper currency. A very interesting feature of this statement is the per capita amount of each kind of money in the countries named. The ELKS VERK FREELY. Japanese Diplomat Who Turns Himself Loose as Soon as Ke Lands. GIVES YOUR MOLE DUE NOTICE resolutions of inquirv per eapita averages in the principal countries of the world are as follows: United States. $23.70; United Kingdom, ?20.6f.; France, $34.68: Germany, $18.93; Austria-Hungary. $9.33. and Russia, $S.95. The comptroller renews his rec- o^pr/iendation of last year, urging that national bank examiners be paid an annual salary instead of fees as now. consideration fora Cuban resolution before the foreign affairs committee can act. Representative Livingston, -of- Georgia, is one of these. But owing tc the nature of the house rules all these 409 Broachvay. Through to Wall Street. 306 Fourth Street Use Logan Milling Co.'s Flours Patent and Automatic. These Flours are the Purest and of Highest grade on the Market 8 9 hasty efforts will prove abortive, and the resolutions will probably take their regular course. ~ .senate Has Plenty of Work on Hand. There was nothing except indisposition on the part of members to prevent the senate entering promptly upon its u-ork upon convening today, as there was a calendar already made for it with about 300 bills reported from committees during the special session. But it is not customary for the senate to be in a hurry about most things. The regular routine of opening was duly observed; the committee to notify the president that the senate was ready for business was appointed, performed its duty and reported. The president's message was received and read, and what may happen before adjournment is reached had not developed at this writing. The indications are now for a little more activity than usual during the pre-holiclay session. This is largely due to the fact that the supporters of the administration and advocates of annexation are very anxious to secure the earliest possible consideration of the treaty with Hawaii. Hawaiian Scheme Losen Some Totes. Davis, chairman of the Committee on foreign relations, announces his purpose of pressing annexation at the earliest possible moment. One point which the committee will be called upon to decide is whether to proceed to ratify the treaty of annexation or to annex the Islands by resolutions. The annexationists have lost some votes during the vacation, and there Is now apprehension that the two-thirds vote necessary to assure the ratification cannot be secured. No satisfactory canvass is possible until all the senators arrive, and if it is then made manifest that the necessary two-thirds vote cannot be secured it is likely that the proceeding by means of resolution, which would require only a majority vote, will be inaugurated. The immigration bill, for which Lodge stands sponsor, is practically at the head of the senate legislative calendar and will be considered early in the session. CVRRKXCY COMPTROLLER'S VIEWS. CUBAN BEBS WILL HAVK TO WAIT. 'HARPER'S MAGAZINE will enter the coming year prepared TO pve to the rending public that which h.is nude it famous for the p.i>t quarter ot a century—contributions trom the pens of the £reat literary men and women of ihe K-orfd, illustrated by leading artists. A brief slance over its prospectus announces such reading as OUR PACIFIC PROSPECT PBOJKCTS FOR A MCARAGVAX CANAL TUE COIXEKflAL IsrOKTAXfE OF AN 1ST1I3UA.1 CXSAL E, lit*. PA I'1I> Tt'RFlS K, irORTHIXGTOy C. faRO K1SIKRN SIRKRU AND THE PACIFIC ' THE DKVELUPHEVT OF (H'R PACIFIC DOJUH j i> STSFUSX fi('.Vi(i £» CY/J.IZ.SS f'-'-irXXlS • * RODEN'S CORNER—THE NOVEL OF THE YEAR THE PROGRESS OF SCIENCE EUROPE. POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ART AND THE DRAMA ARMIES AND NAVIES STUDIES IN AMERICAN SOCIETY AMERICAN CHARACTER SKETCHES Ptrsiagefrte to o/i svzsfrixrs in Ik Uitiitd Sltfts, CaxcdJ, nm' .Iftxitc. $ub. J4 t year. Addwi HARPER ft BROTHERS. Pub't, N. Y, City. Send for free prospectus ^ COL. Lrw Wiltacc w. D. HowclH C D. Wiraet ^Taiits the Govern ment to Go Out of the Xote-Issuin£ Business, "Washing-ton, Dec. 6.—The annual report of Janies H. Eckels, comptroller ot" the currency, for the year ended Oct. 31. 1S97, invites the attention of conirress to amendments to the law recommended in former reports without specifically repeating them. On the subject of bank note circulation the comptroller says: "It is noticeable that in al! the changes \vhich have been •wrought in the national currency act from its inception to the present time, the feature subject to criticism, but which was intended should constitute the principal benefit to be conferred, has remained comparatively unchanged; namely, the note issuing function. "Whatever justification there was in the first instance for restricting the issuing of notes against the bonds of the government deposited wita the treasurer of the United States to 90 per cent, of the par value thereof long; since ceased," but "the law still remains amejidjnent." ia xcite at tfet Congress >"ot Likely to Help Them—Currency Legislation Is Likewise. Washington, Dec. 6.—The correspondent here of the New York Herald telegraphs his paper that, regarding Cuba, pro-rebel sentiment is strong- in both houses of congress, but the disposition of many of the senators and representatives to delay action, pending the trial by Spain of the new policies of the Sagasta ministry, and the influence of the administration and of the conservative leaders in both houses will be able to prevent any action. These are the conclusions arrived at as the result of conversation with practically all of the senators and representatives who have arrived in Washington. Among the members of the house of representatives the proportion of those in favor of action is rather larger than among the senators. This is accounted for in a large measure by the fact that a majority of those seen are Democrats and Populists. ! who are opposed to the policy of the administration. However, the house is practically powerless to act in opposition to the will of the Speaker and the party leaders. The speaker and Chairman Hut, of the committee on foreign affairs, are- opposed to action. The Republican majority of that committee is in accord with Hitt, and the speaker, backed up by this committee, can hold any Cuban resolutions back indefinitely. Currency legislation is worse off than the Cuban rebels, for it is a case of one house absolutely opposed to any measure the other is likely to adopt Republicans agree that there is little or no prospects of currency legislation and many of them, like Cannon of Illinois, are emphatic in the expression of the opinion that it would be a mistake to attempt to pass a measure through the house with the certainty that it would fail in the senate. Judge Cox, of Tennessee, the leading member of the Democratic minority of the committee on banking and currency, does not believe it would be possible even to get a bill out of that committee ow- in? to the conflicting views held by the members. That Unless the Mikado's Interests in Hawaii Are Attended to Either by Dole or MvKiuley There AVill B« Trouble— Spanish .Editor and Minister Sure the United States Will >~ot Interfere in Cuba —Geriuwn Kditor's Remarks on Hayti. San Francisco, Dec. 6.—Tona Hoshi. envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary from Japan to the United States, was a passenger from the Orient on the steamship City of Pekin. He left last night for Washington, carrying with him important instructions in reference to the Hawaiian treaty of annexation which will be considered by the United States senate. Several months ago he hurriedly left Washington for Japan, He left just after the publication o£ his correspondence with Secretary Sherman with reference to the Jiawaiian question. Dispatches from Washington declared that he was angry with Sherman and the administration for their advocacy of annexation. "I know," he said, "that my recent trip to Japan has been misconstrued by some of the American newspapers. I believe my relations with the Washington authorities are amicable. My relations with Secretary Sherman are not strained. Japan and the Hawaiian Islands. "I desire to say positively that Japan is opposed to the annexation of Hawaii by the United States. The recent reports that Japan had withdrawn her opposition are untrue. Japan has certain interests in the Sandwich islands which the United States should respect. I believe this matter will be amicably adjusted. There may be serious trouble if the United States annexes the islands without regard to our interests there. But I do not believe the United States will act unfairly. Japan is very friendly with this country, and there is certainly a way by which the annexation question can be settled satisfactorily to both great nations. I return with certain instructions from my government. Says Dole Is a Treaty Violator. Japan has in the Hawaiian islands about 20,000 of he.r people. Hawaii,has a treaty with Japan permitting the latter to send immigrants there, and also imports for the use of the latter. Hawaii has violated this treaty, and our claim for this violation has not been settled. We want our claim settled, after annexation, if not before that time. Hawaii deported some of our Japanese immigrants. That was in violation of her treaty with Japan. Hawaii has also levied a. discriminating duty on Japanese mine imports. That was another violation o fthe treaty. Hawaii would certainly ac.t in the matter of our claim if the United States would use her good offices." Rcyal make* the food pare, wboleuoat aa Absolutely Pure L BAKIfiC K>WD€R CO., NEW VORIC GRADUALLY FADING' INTO ETERNITY Mrs. 3IcKlnlry Lies VucansoiouR and Her Death IK Certain Very Soon. Canton, O., Dec. 6.—Mother McKinley yesterday passed the fourth day of her illness and en*k'] - ed upon the fifth with the spark of life still burning dimly. There had not been a material development in her case. Her condition continued one of steadily wasting away, the constitution growing weaker hour by hour under the assaults of the disease. Anxiously the family watched by the bedside all day, prepared for the end at any moment, and sometimes feeling that it had come, as the patient was seized with sinking spells. During these attacks she would perceptibly weaken —almost cease to breath—and show scarcely a sign of animation. For the most part these spells were limited to half an hour, and when they were over she would resume the quiet repose characteristic of the entire illness. When she dies the doctors say she will just go to eternal sleep without a struggle and entirely unconscious. The patient has taken no nourishment since Thursday. It cannot be administered by ordinary methods, and the case is one in which heroic methods of administering food are not regarded justifiable. They could not restore health, would be distressing and annoying, and might hasten the end, HAVE A WEYLErTlN GUATEMALA. M'KINLEY'S ATTITUDE TO SPAIN. Sharkey Claims the Championsnlp, San Francisco, Dec. 6. — Thomas J. Sharkey. who calls himself the champion heavyweight pugilist of the world, refused to sign articles for a fight with J. J. Jefteries. The articles of agreement provided that the winner of the twenty-round contest should take 75 per cent, of the gross receipts, but Sharkey insisted that a, purse of JliOuP shoul.d be offered. Co'mtilne in Gr»olt« AVarfe. Pittsburgh Dec. 6. — The manufacturer!, of the white granite and semi-porcelain ware, who have been meeting in East Liverpool, O., during the past week, have formed a combination under the name of the Ohio "Valley Pottery Exchange. _ Corn«n Fiends 3Tot Guilty. OcoBcmowoc, Wis., Dec. 6. — Ernest Cornell, the self-confessed murderer of his two children, "Willie and Lillie, was brought into court Saturday and pleaded not guilty. His case WM continued un. . 11. Spanish Minister Quotes De Lowe as Saying; It I* "Very Gratifying." Madrid, Dec. 6.—El Liberal, the official organ, contends that there is no ground to fear that the United States will recognize the insurgents as belligerents, or otherwise interfere in the settlement of the Cuban difficulty, "inasmuch as Spain has accorded her colonies in the Antilles the maximum of liberty that other powers accord to their colonies; Therefore," oncludes El Liberal, "the United States ought to be grateful to Spain. But if America's good will is hampered by offensive or restrictive conditions we must ignore them and act in accordance with our interests, our honor and sovereignty." A member of the cabinet, in the course of an interview Saturday declared that according to the communications received by the government from Senor de Lome, the Spanish minister at Washington, President McKinley's attitude toward Spain is "very gratifying." The government, continued the cabinet minister in question, does not believe that President McKinley will demand the termination of the war in Cuba within any specified period, "for President McKinley knows that Spain's first desire is a conclusion of the war. and that she is putting- forth every effort to end it." The Spanish government, he further asserted, is nowstudy- ing means of mobilizing the volunteers in Cuba, and Senor Puigcerver, the minister of finance, is considering proposals to raise money which will be submitted to the cortes. NOW THEX, UNCLE SAM", SHEER OFF. Barrios Reported To We Giving Imprisoned Ktiemles Daily I'logciiiKs. San Francisco, Dec. C.—The latest mail from Guatemala conveys the information tnat President Barrios is threatened with another uprising. Advices have been received at the capital of the Central American republic to the effect that conspirators are at work in the northern part of the country, close to the Mexican border, and are being aided by political enemies of Barrios in the eastern departments of the government. Behind the movement is said to be Genera.! Castillo, who participated In the recent uprising. He organized his forces in Salvador and then crossed the 'Border, an act which nearly involved the two neighbor republics in serious troubles. Barrios is reported to be in an ugly mood, and is dealing out terrible punishment tc a number of prisoners whom he gathered in the late uprising and has since kept confined in the government penitentiary in the city of Guatemala. Flogging has been revived, and, the lash is being used on about 200 prisoners, most of whom are whipped every day. WIDOW'S PENSION CASE~DECIDED. Well-to-Do Relict* of Soldier* Need Xot Make Application. Washington, Dec. 6.—Assistant Secretary of the Interior Davis has made a decision in a dependent widow's ctjsc which, while in line with some former decisions on this subject, is of especial importance as emphasizing a policy affecting a large class of claimants. Many- widows are applying for pensions who already have large property Interests, and consequently large incomes. The case In which the present ruling is made is that of Louise Wiemerslage, wtddw of an Illinois volunteer veteran. She owns fifty-one acres twelve miles out of Chicago valued at $150 an. acre and yielding a net annual income of 12,000; the hou»e in which she lives 1* worth $6,000 clear, and the only dependent is a. daughter capable of self- support. The case is rejected as not dependent on daily labor. Bellaire Steel Work* Strike OK Bellaire, O., Dec. 6.—The strike at the Bellaire Steel works, which has been waged by the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers so bitterly for the past two months, ended Saturday in a defeat for the men. Seeing that they could not win the atrikem declared the contest off and the old men will take whatever jobs they can se- That German Eagle Has a Double Head, You Know. Berlin, Dec. 6.—The semi-official Post says: "Should Hayti refuse the Ge-r- rr.an demands [for an indemnity on account of the alleged illegal arrest and imprisonment of Herr Lueders, a German subject, at Port Au Prince] sharp j link between the state university of th« He Was a Connecting: Link, Madison, Wis., Dec. 6.—Patrick K. Walsh died a.t an early hour Saturday morning;, aged 70 years. "Old Pat," as he was best known, was the connecting measures will follow. We shall first bombard the coast forts, and if they are persistent we shall bombard the city and the government buildings." Waiting for McKinley's Meitsmge. Madrid, Dec. 6.—If President McKinley's message to congress is not hostile to Spain the cortes will dissolve and the elections for the next body fixed for February next. English Champion Wheelmen Aj-riye. New Tork, Dec. 6.—Arthur A. Chase, the London bicycle crack, last year's middle distance champion of the world, the holder of the world's 100-mile record on the road, and of the world's one- mile indoor record and other honors, who has accepted Michael's sweeping challenge, arrived on the Campania Saturday. He was accompanied by his younger brother, F.W. Chase, who with him holds all the tandem* from one icile to. fifty, miles,. , . present and the past. For thirty-seven years he was a figure in state university life, being for the greater part of that time tti£.ciis±odlan-of.i£aln haC. DRGRMBE1R, HOKTH We all must have something lo give Hauk o»n «how you more, mud at • teMprioetoo. tb*n anybody Bar torn*thin*- that wtlli»«t«lifo time. Hirpvand W*tcb«* by the __ 410 BitMutwar. Diamond* a trpmtaHgr. D. A. HAUK. Jewekr&Optid*

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