The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on August 11, 1977 · 31
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 31

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 11, 1977
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Ballet school ought to be disbarred Thurs., Aug. 1 1. 1977 S.F. EXAMINER PaflO 31 ' By John Stark ; The only thing stranger than the cast of characters In the horror J film "Suspiria" was some of the , X audience at the St Francis Theater, i where I saw it screened yesterday. Z That, however, is another story ; one I found much more interesting than the movie. " "Suspiria," which is also play-; tog at the Serramonte 6 and Metro II. is a violent, blood-spilling movie about witches in a German ballet ; school ("You vill dance or I'll put a hex on your tutu!"). The movie was written and directed by Dario I Argento, whose press biography ' includes a list of his other horror '. films none I've ever heard of. In one scene, a beautiful young dancer is strangled to death while her face is slowly shoved through a glass window. Following that, she's repeatedly stabbed and slashed, then hanged from the rafters. That all takes place in the first five minutes of the film, long before things really get rough. Making a rare screen appearance is veteran film actress Joan Bennett, who plays Madame Blank, a director of the school. All I can say is, Bennett's come a long way since "Little Women," not all of it uphill. Jessica Harper plays Suzy, a young American dancer who learns the terrifying truth about Joan Bennett "Suspiria" is mostly gore, with little plot or intrigue. One thing you have to say these dancers sure have it worse than the kids in "A : 1 1 i 'i Sll&l Better the second time 'round t 7 f . v i w i Joan Bennett returns to the screen as a witch. Chorus Line." One last question: Since the movie takes place over a several month period, how come the thunder and lightning storm never lets up? Dust to dust, crashes to crashes You like Ron Howard. I like Ron Howard. So, how come Ron Howard doesn't like us? How come he's made another car chase film, one as tedious as last year's "Eat My Dust"? This film is called "Grand Theft Auto," and it's playing at the New Mission, St Francis, Serramonte 6 and Spruce Drive-In. Ron Howard is not only the star, but co-writer and director. This movie could be "Eat My Dust," except it has a Rolls-Royce in it "Grand Theft Auto" is about two misunderstood young lovers, Sam Freeman (Howard) and Paula Powers (Nancy Morgan). Powers' father is a Beverly ' Hills capitalist who opposes her affair with the proletarian Howard. The two horny lovebirds take ' matters into their own hands by stealing a Rolls-Royce ' and eloping to Las Vegas. A $50,000 reward is posted for the capture of the two elopers. Everybody on the highway gets into the act, and most of the film is one long car chase. I will , admit the destruction scenes are pretty spectacular, and make Evil Kneivel look like Spring Byington. My favorite scene is the Rolls-Royce being completely torn apart in a destruction derby. Now, that's decadence! As did "Eat My Dust" "Grand Theft Auto" portrays parents as Jerks and cops as bumbling nincompoops. Two questions before closing this review: How come the Rolls-Royce never ran out of gas, and how come an actress as young as Nancy Morgan has such puffy purple bags under her eyes? (It looks like she's never slept.) John Stark Forum on Bay Area leftism Author Jessica Mitford will head a forum entitled "The Grand Old Conflict," based on her forthcoming book, "A Fine Old Conflict," about leftist political activities in the Bay Area during the 50s, on Sunday, Aug. 21, at 7:30 p.m. at Epic West, 2640 College Ave., Berkeley. The forum will be a benefit for Epic West, a nonprofit cultural center. For further information, call 549-1844. San Francisco Movies DOWNTOWN THEATERS ' f fCT Open Noon Mkt Opp 6th UKtdl 673-7373 j Barf Matt Dafty 'HI 1 be Sun. , "ORCA THI KILLER WHALl" , "HUSTLI" EMBASSY 431-5221 Cont from 10am. Mo-7tti BARGAIN MATINEE DALY TIL 4 ' JAS. CAAN "KILLER ELITE" , ROBERT DUVALL 10, 4, 10 "11 HARROW HOUSE" CANDICE BERGEN 20, 8.20 "THAT MAN BOLT" ' FRED WILLIAMSON 12:20, 6 FREE CASH EVERY NIGHT! MARKET ST. CINE. MaVet Opp. .tones, 861-5678 SPECIAL REDUCED ADMISSION FKICES ALL SEATS ALL TIMES THE STING" 1:30-3-8:30 "JAWS OF DEATH" 3:30-7 ST FRANCIS I & II Market between 5rlv6th, 362-4822 Bargain Matrn. Daily Til 2 . 1. "SPY WHO LOVED ME" 1:15, S: IS, 9:10 "DISCO WOO" 11:30,3:30, 7:20 2. "SUSPfRIA" 11 45, 3:00, 6 10, 9:25 "GRAND THEFT AUTO" 1:20-4:40-7:4$ CTB A kin Market bet. 7rh 4 8 J SI K AND 552 5990 Opp. Civic Or & Orpheum Theatre , NEW SHOW DAILY! Today; Bakshi't "WIZARDS" at 12:10, 3:20, 6:30, 9:40 "SILENT RUNNING" Bruce Dern-1:30, 4:50, 8:00 FrLi 'Islands in the Stream' WARFIELD Mkt6rh 77661 10 Barg. matt Daily 'tV 1 Exc Sun. 'THE HERETIC-EXORCIST B" "ITS ALIVE" : ALEXANDRIA foo Continuous from 12:45 pm Daily "BRIDGE TOO FAR" (PG) I 1:30, 5:00, 8:30 "HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO" . 1.15,3:15,5:15,7:15,9:15 ; 'THREE LITTLE PIGS" (G) "FOR THE LOVE OF BEKM" (G) 1:00, 2:40, 4:20, 6:00, 7:40, 9:20 PLUS SHORT-'TURNED ON" :alhambrai 775-5656 "BAD NEWS BEARS IN ' BREAKING TRAINING" 1:00, 4:50, 8:40 "NICKELODEON" 2:40, 6:30, 10:20 Barg Mat Daily 1st Hour Only IALHAMBRA "THE DEEP" 2 30, 6:10,9:45 "JAWS OF DEATH" 1-4:35-8:15 ) Barg Mat DaUy 1st Hour Omy 'nil nr i Baboo-38rh, 221-8184 : DALDUA Bus 38 GearyDrect ; THE KILLER WHALE "ORCA" 8:45 "GATOR" 6:40 & 10:25 : BURT REYNOLDS-MIKE DOUGLAS BELLA UNION 825 Kearny nr. Wash 421-4824 , "STORY OF OFRIENDS LOVERS" FRh Bruce Lee Fist or Fury ' CINEMA 21 0m2M "OTHER SIDE OF MIDN1TE" 9:00 'SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE' 7 frl irriiii Clement-1? WULIXUIVl 221818 "THE DEEP" (PG) 8:00 "FUN WITH DICK ft JANE" (PG) 615 ft 10:10 .CORONET ONLY NORTHERN CALIF. SHOWING IN 70MM ft 6 TRACK STEREO "STAR WARS" (PG) 1:00, 3:15, 5.35, 8:00, 10:20 EMPIRE Cine "EM 1. "SPY WHO LOVED ME" 12:00, 2:55, 4:50. 7: IS, 9:30 2. "SPY WHO LOVID ME" 1:00, 3:25, 5:50, 8:15, 10:30 3. "SMOKEY ft THE BANDIT" 1:00, 4:40, 8:20 "SWASHBUCKLER" 2:50,6:30, 10:10 GHIRARDELLI CINE Beach at Poll Strwt 4417088 "ONE ON ONE" 1:30, 5:30, 9:30 "ROLLERCOASTER" 3:20 ft 7:20 GRANADA "RUBY" (R) 8:40 "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD" (R) 7:00 ft 10:10 BARGAIN PRICES DAILY GRAND "S Chtqutto ft Mm Abaraae in "DAVID AT GOLIATH" "SA KAGUBATAN NG LUNSOD" Chandra Romero ft George Estregan Show starts 6:30 Show Continuous METRO "ANNIE HALL" (PG) Urson Webiter 221-8181 7:30 ft 9:30 METRO II 30 "SUSPERIA" (R) 7:30 ft 9:05 NEW Mission RICHARD HARRIS 'Oreo, Killer Whale' 8:25 RON HOWARD "GRAND THEFT AUTO" 6:50 ft 10:00 NORTH POINT W GREGORY PECK -m-"MocARTHUR" 1:10, 3:25, 5:40, 8:00, 10:15 19th and Taravol 661-1940 PARKSIDE 'Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger' 7:00, 10:30 BRUCE LEE'S "FISTS OF FURY"-8:40 PLAZA 1 & 2 Serramonte Ptaa, Daly City 756-3240 1, Walt Disney Presents: "HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO" 1 30-3:30 5:25-7:25 9:20 2. "BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING" 1:00,2:45,4:30,6: 15,8.00,9:45 DCfCkJV I Van NeMSurter rVfctlV 673-7141 Lha MinneM-Robert DeNiro "New York, New York" 1:30,4:20,7:10, 10:00 Bargain Marine 1st hour Daily on available seating only Low Rate Parking Jack Tar Hotel REGENCY 2 iSS Ann-Margaret - Marry FeMman 'The Last Remake of Beau Geste' 6:00-8:00-10:00 Barg. Mat. Wea-Sat til 5-1st Hr. Sun Low Rate Forking Jack Tar Hotel ROYAL Pok it. CaWomKi 474-2131 ROGER MOORE -as- JAMES BOND m "SPY WHO LOVED ME" 1:05,3:25,5:50,8:05, 10:10 Barg. Matinees Daily Til 2:00 SEAVUETwin West Manor Dnve-Palmerto "GRAND THEFT AUTO" 8 40 "CANHONEALL" 7-10:15 "SUSPIRIA" 8:45 "FARMER" 7-10:25 SERRA Wer ' 755046? THE DEEP" (PG) 8:45 In High Fidelity Sound "MURDER BY DEATH' (PG) 7,10:55 SERRAMONTE 6 Located off Highway 280 across from Serramonte Shopping Center ocross from Gemco 756-6500 Reduced A dun Student Prices For TwMJte Show Tickets Limited To Seating 1. THE SPY WHO LOVED ME" 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45 2. "SUSPERIA" 2: IS, 4:15,6:15, 8:15, 10:15 Twi Lite 5:15-6:45 3. "ONE ON ONE" (PG) 2:00, 4 00, 6:00, 8:00, 9:55 Twi Lite 5:304:00 - 4. "GRAND THEFT AUTO" (PG) 2:15,4:15,615, 8:15, 10:15 Twi Lite 5:454:15 S. "FINAL CHAPTER WALKING TALL" (PG) 12:45,3:00,5:15,7:30,9:45 Twr-Lit 4:45-5:15 6. "SMOKEY ft THE BANDIT" 2:00-4:00-6:00-8:00-9:55 Twt-Lite 5:304:00 STONESTOWN Twin Behind Emporium Stonetown, 221-8181 Acres at iumriated Free Porkng 1. "RESCUERS" (G) 1:00,4:25.7:50 "NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN" (G) 2:25, 5:50,9:15 LAST 9 OAYS! 2. 'FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI" (G) 1:00,2:50,4 40,6:30,8 20,10:10 Plus Short "THE GIVING TREE" (G) barg mot til 2 pm Wed Sat (exc hols) LUMIERE Continuing Its Record Run! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER 'Black & White in Color' Tonight 7:30-9.30 TANFORAN Park IV Tantoran Pk Shoppncj Cntr., 1 Cammo Real at Sneath Ln., S Bruno, 58802V I 1. "FOR THE LOVE OF BENJI" (G) 12:00,1:40,3:20,54:40,8:28,10 2. "GRAND THEFT AUTO" (PG) 12:10,3:25,6:40,9:55 MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS" 1:45, 5:00, 8:15 3. "THE SPY WHO LOVED ME" (PG) 12 45, 3:00, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45 4. "THE LAST REMAKE OF BEAU GESTE" (PG) 12 15 1:55 3 35-5:15, 6:55, 8:35, 10:15 Bora, Mat Daily (eic sun ft hoi) Til 2 INTERNATIONAL ;! A r Wll ir Thur-Frt only 468-2636 AVtriUt San Bruno & Bacon Tonight 8 PM Friday 8: 30 PM Grata GARBO-John GILBERT "Flesh & The Devil" 1927 Silent Score by L. J. Smith At Our Mighty WurKtier Edw. G. Robinson ft Joon Bennett "SCARLET STREET" (1945) BRIDGE w732l2 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA PREMIERE GeraMine Chaplin Ana Torrent In CARLOS SAURA'S BeautrfuMy acted, haunting morn "CRIA!" Shown At 7:00(9:15 CANNERY LMV-,oo 4 DAYS ONLY Brian DePakna's Shocker "CARRIE" 8:00 THE OTHER" 6:30, 9:45 Sunday: 'Juliet of the Spirits' Castro-Market 621-6120 CASTRO M.G.M. FESTIVAL! LAST 3 DAYS! MkwielSi Academy Award Winners! "American In Paris" Gene KethZLesKe Caron 8:30 "GIGI" 6:30-10:45 LIVE ORGAN NIGHTLY! CENTO Cedar ct "FILM NOIR" PART I (THE DARK SIDE OF HOLLYWOOD) ENDS SATURDAY JAMES CAGNEY in "WHITE HEAT" plus Robert Mitchum in "NIGHT OF THE HUNTER" Heat 6:00, 9:40 Night 8:00 Sun: Kubrick's "THE KILLING" plus "KISS ME DEADLY" 1 A V Frnore near Clay St. wLAl 346-1123 Fresh French Sexual Farce 'Pardon Mon Affaire' Tonight 7:30-9:30 4CT A D Clement 23rd Ave. 3 I AK 752 2650 NEW SCHEDULE NOW AT THEATER Root Redtord in Acad. Award Winning "THE STING" 6:15 & 10 Woody Allen's look at Hollywood "THE FRONT" 8:30 Sun: 'That's Entertainment' 1 ft 2 f L TPU A V 215 ockson at 13A I tYYAT Battery, 421-3353 THURSDAY thru SATURDAY ONLY! Gary COOPERJranchot TONE "LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER" 8 John WAYNE-Morktne DKTRICK "SEVEN SINNERS" 7:45, 11:15 ft 'Whispering Shadow' Sh. 106:00 Extra Added Bonus Feature RUDOLPH VALENTINO "SON OF THE SHFIK" 6 20 only Sun-Mon: "EASY LIVING" ft 'THE PALM BEACH STORY" GREAT STAR 63,8S "MAGNIFICENT WANDERER" "7 MEN ARMY" KOKUSAI &4oo "MOTHER ON THE QUAY" 6:30, 9:45 "DREAM OF LOVE" 8:10 only POWELL 39Pwnt'htt Cat Theatre For Title RICHELIEU WED. thru SAT. ONLY! Best of BOGART! TO HAVE ft HAVE NOT" 8 "KEY LARGO" 6 ft 9 45 Starts Sunt "ROARING 20's" Errol Ftyiwi "GENTLEMAN JIM" n vir loth near Valencia KUAIC 8631087 LAST DAY FANTASTIC ANIMATION FESTIVAL 'TWELFTH INTERNATIONAL TOURNEE OF ANIMATION" 6:15, 8:10, 10:05 FriSot: "Sweet Moirie" ft "Dailies" Fri. midnight Patrick McGoohan in "THE PRISONER" (chap. 17 ft 1) STAGE DOOR MONTY PYTHON'S NEW ZANY COMIC ADVENTURE! 'JABBERWOCKY' Shown At 7:30 ft 9 45 CI IDC stig at 46rh Ave 5Ulr 6644300 Final Tones Tonight! CHAPLIN CLASSICS! "CITY LIGHTS" "THE CIRCUS" Plus Chaplin short-'TAYDAY" Crty-7:00-10: 15Circus-Poydoy4: 15 Tmw-CONFORMISTSTAVISKY VOGUE S 'THE SORCERER" 8:25 "DELIVERANCE" 6:30, 10 30 DRIVE-IN MOVIES EL RANCHO I & II El Camrw & Hickey, So S.F. , 755-5000 1. "EXORCIST R HERETIC" 8:30, 12:10 "ITS ALIVE" 10:35 onty 2. "ONE ON ONE" 8:30, 12: 10 "YOUNG GRADUATES" 10:20 CkJr A N"t 'o Cow Pabce UtIStVA 587-2884 1. "HERBIE GOES TO MONTE CARLO" "NEVER A DULL MO MENT" 2. "SPY WHO LOVED ME" "LOGAN'S RUN" 3. "'STAR WARS" "VOYAGE TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD" SPRUCE FOUR 3w965 1. "GRAND THEFT AUTO" "MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS" 2. "FINAL CHAPTER OF WALKING TALL" 'TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN" 3. "SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT" "CANNONS ALL" 4. "ORCA" "LIFEGUARD" 55 Taylor 1611 AK I 441 "DEEP THROAT" "DEVIL MISS JONES' "WET RAINBOW" comfortable seating for couples BEAU GESTE l,5 New DvTncnstoft ThrMs Roger "HEAVY EQUIPMENT" NOB HILL CINEMA 729 Bu Adults Only 781-9468 Is Break Al House Records "HEAVY EQUIPMENT' The First 3-D Movie of This Type Phis JACK DeVEAU FEATURETTE PLUS "FALCONHEAD" O'FARRELL EAST 816LctVi 441-3742 IxchjMvft lit Rjn! lase BroutVi "PORN BROKERS" A wild tour through back streets of Europe's pom capitals! "INNOCENCE OF VALERIE" PUSSYCAT ,066924 "ORIENTAL BABYSITTER" "TAKING OF CHRISTINA" Adults Only By Arthur Bloomfield It's nice when a ballet, a painting, any work of art, makes a better impression the second time around, revealing previously missed delights instead of showing up cracks in its esthetic foundation. Henry Berg's ballet "La Prlmavera," which was Pacific Ballet's share of the Summer Dance program last night at the Palace of Fine Arts, is just such a work, its past promise giving way to present fulfillment. Set for three women in white, to the "Spring" concerto from Vivaldi's "The Seasons," it makes highly Inventive, but never self-conscious use of a variety of classic dance steps and formations. The choreography is closely but not slavishly tied to the various temperature changes of the music, darting movements and quick body vibrations in stormy, "furioso" passages giving way to floating, circling movements and prolonged states of suspension in more ethereal sections. Berg is at his very best when he forges a music-to-dance linkage that suggests the music is capturing the dancers in its grip and then releasing them. Think of a dance phrase in which the music builds up great energy, driving the dancers pn to great movement, only to break off Into a pause or a quiet section in which the dancers are left in repose, or given time to regroup. Parts of "Primavera" work this way, In a natural swing from active to static and back. The procedure b by no means original jn fact, it's the soul of dance-but Berg understands it better than some of his colleagues. Last night's program also brought a Joyous round of numbers by that very cultivated troupe, Theatre Flamenco. The Palace stage didnt convey much Spanish atmosphere, but the Flamencans' relaxed and pingy footwork (the feet working like a pianist's hands, one frequently syncopating against the other) was eloquent enough to make up for the atmosphere gap. And it was a pleasure to see this company dancing before a near-capacity house, Instead of the meager band of faithful who take in their performances at Veterans Auditorium. To judge by the claque-like ovation greeting Dance Spectrum's "North Country Moods," a new number by Carlos Carvajal to a folk song suite of Hoist. It's Spectrum that brought out such a large audience. But "Moods" was the weakest ballet of the evening. The English folk song material Carvajal is working with is really quite simple stuff, and it doesn't need the arch and Dvrotechnical choreographic posturings he's applied to it The evening's concluding number, John Pasqualet-ti's "Resurrection," to late Stravinsky, and danced bv Oakland Ballet, was quite bleak and arcane, until a marvelously buoyant final scene. puj Exclusive San Francisco Engagement United Artists 2nd MOW TH! a tuuMtvrrt n WArrr 3JC0 Daily 1:30. 4:20. 7:10, 10:00 Barg. Mats. $1.50 1st hr. daily; $3:50 till 5PM: $4:00 after 5PM ""' on avaiiaoia seating oniy a. . r. -4 i Vat Jt& llMtWMkVMt lilMl llffl I llflf n. t44wUM Tonight at 7:30 and 9:05 pm. YW ri.A YI'C 'tiHAND THE FT AUTO' Dally 'Sus 11:45, 3:00, 6:10, 4:25. 'Auto1 1:20, 4:40, 7:45. Barg Matsdly 11-2 $1.50. Dally 2:15, 4:15, 6:15, 8:15& 10:15. Twi-lite show tickets 5:45-6:15. $1.50 ltd to seating. THE BAD HEWS CEAHS ARE D?.EYEAR GIKR AND OHE YEAH WILDER 51 ftj. m p . Ji 1171 StUMtC ltM' 'U"ti( l)"U0"t THE BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING WILLIAM DEVANE cufton james Wi.ncnBy PAUL BRICM MAN B,islUrwCriflIP'sC'e,vi'rtbBrU.lANCASTtfl Pioduti-0 by LEONARO GOLOBERO DKled by MICHAEL PRESSMAN A PARAMOUNT PICTURE COLOR Inn PMfirm ummj watemt orw -T'-J 2nd. WEEK! LLsl PLUS RYAN O NE AL IN NICKtLOOEON DAILY BHIiAKtNti Jt:00, 4:W, 8 40 H.M. NICKELODEON AT 2:4S, A: V), P.M. BARG. MATS. DAILY 1ST HR, ONLY m f)Al V CITY - DAILY -Shows at 1:00, 2:45,4:30, 6:15, 8:00 & 9:45 PM Curt Reynolds AND THE Sal.y Field Jerry Reed Jsclcic Glcason i-i'.'"''' A RASTAR Production A UNIVERSAL Picture Technicolor PCirstinu aetKi 5wsra) n-oi7''. io'j ,ai . j..? .? 2nd. XArrrrwr i W W 1 Bm Plus Robert Shaw in "Swashbuckler" Daily "Smokey"at 1:00,4:40 & 8:20 "Swash" at 2:50 6:30 and 10:10PM Daily at 2 00,4 00 6.00.8 00,9 55. Twi. Mon. Sat. at 5:30-6.00 & Sun. at 3:30-4:00 $1.50! m lie CANNOIMBALL Monday Thursday Opens at 8:00 PM. FriSatSun 0ens at 7 10 P.M. f SO i I H SAN 1 1 vm ina. o? Camp s 4o: LZU ! imtm hefcg , ac., !'i inr PLU &HOHT "TUHNID OH" II Ft.01 SHORT1 TMH a.VIMO T." AILV "eNJ" 1:00. I:M, AlM I DLV "uiiNJl" AT ;00. 1:M J i On, T 410 AND :OP.M, l i 40, f Wt rQ JBNO tfl jhpfA, W Ifs a brand new Love Bug-In a race for his life! WALT DISNEYpRooucnoNS' GOES TO i MONTE CARLO . : Dean JONES, Don KNOTTS. Julie S0MMAre,R&, JACQUES MAHN, XAVIRSAIMTMACAHY, FRMCOSLALANOt "X ARTHUR ALSBEHQ DISNEVLANqgg&JWAt-T DISNEY WORLD NOW PLAYING Ul AHY .11 Imh AVI Mil JU S-i SHOWS DAILY AT 1:15, 3:15, 5:15,7:15, 9:15 SHOWS DAILY AT 1:30, 3:30, 5:25,7:25, 9:20 Plus Walt Disney's "Never Dull Moment! Mon.-Thurs. open at 8:00. FrUSaUSun. open at 7 :30PM While the courts free the guilty... Bufbrd Pusser protects the innocent And there is only one way to stop him. f'tdf ALL NEW! Adventures of the true life hero... I Ml Htfc Hi V&Htl n m H il 1 UUWhVj BO SVENSON as BufonJ Rksu in FirjAL CHAFitRWALXIINlG TALL , it)nHiWi1Sr wjMWi A iiii',iiiimaa,Ivij,iiiW.KIibHKtM i prnitrtfl OMil I S A PMAI ' ft,on!t lAUC-IAHfllT! RRESTRICTED. NOW SHOWING I Dally at 12 45, 3 00. 5:15 7.30 and 9 45 - Twilight Mon. thru Sat. 4:45 - 5. 15 Sun. 2:30 to 3:00 -$1.50 Plus: "TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN" Mon. thru Thurs. Open at 8:00, Fri., Sat. & Sunday Open at 7:30P.M.

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