The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1946 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 13
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FH1DAY, DECEMBER 13, 1940 I BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION **U» nU CM MB •Ualau 1 am* ra Hi«~ ___^__ I_ !*• | _t_M_l f4t M *~ »_( Amf |X4 • -- " *»»~I--I-I-I 7c One 19J5 Ch.vrolcl lui: 41 w tnile4 r e, iihone _'J9I. 'PAGE THIRTEEN, For Sal* 19:18 1'unlUe 2 door — new tEret •— L'lvsn. 19IJI '.J iloor mcilel A. Ck'an t,'ni- lires l'Jl"J nu>ilrl A coupu — new lires. 1'JHL Hoick 4 iKmr—Cleuu, fuur new Ihes, , Oua jiickuji (ruck, jooi] lire* mil lev- «r»l yl!i«r» tu ctiaus^ from All tity dfivrn van. Jolllf« Uuil Ors, Manila. Ark. J2!7-|>k-ll U UniM _*t Un. >«t -_> - KOBtt |w u»«Vl...* I0« *.* order*, roc tin* or «lz ttnul •»* rtciiped b*fori •_plr_t10» vlH *• el*-*!; •<• for tbu number of time* th. »a ™lT};e- b7 persona rivi-lug out»ld4 of •fty be MiUv coup_h4d f*«i Uke. t_« 004 UB4 r.u. »o •«r< will 1» UkM tor OD« fjoc«rr«ct Inanition pf *>/ id. _ ^^^^ For Sole — 1910 lav, Ijuioe-i «u4 ronli'* - ili-Kyi) — wf-ll p.iyiiiif nmles. 1 J|;( muilrl ;i ipjarler Inn stuk'- liml --fnoil .-i.iHliliuri. I',).,, tl.uiiu. Hir (in- Huffman. ArV. I'lniiiK I'.I'J-' I-l.l.DOCS K01I RAI.K luv.. ilirc'f r.-ti-lv..-.! llnpli.l ai»< lliiIT rrirlsli>ir>t llrium li-rri«.r>. KliiliBl ww.ks ulil. llr I' '!'. Ai|ulno. 1U* W. 11 Ih Si.. pliun<< 4 •-'.). <'iirullifr«villi'. --' ROM.ISON' NKW SUHDIVISION ltt\ .,11 Urri-l rtckl. illytlierlllc H»chine shop. o»n aaaa. miB-ck-if witf-Hi bolll V«n«ti«j» blind* — 11 UP* culort Three weeki delivery. De*l'< l'»in » Wfelliwyor dlore. 1017-ek-H • t*Tt buyer lor JOIIT b.oto«. U. 0. C.mpliell Phonb t« — -mo. OIHce 120 Soulk Htto.l. 10|2-ck-lf Mornlnjf Wc'ro _i'Uin_ l"e new Joan, rlu-ncr. Fiiii I'uum, liUi? H'fljiiiiy'ji IJIIM/IL-SB. Ill-Hi -S Husiness lot 127x311 ft. South Division. See H. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. ll-22-ck-lf : i; 27 acres of good alfulf;i land — (i room house, with lights and water. I'leuty of liarns and storage houses On Hwv. 18, 2 miles east of Ulytheville. See or call Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch if., phone 2034. 12-11-ck-M .'-_".' :t ' 7 iGravc-t road, south and w« of Cump Moult rie. These lots ure restricted to 41 to 2(> drop siding, painted, ushe.stos nhingles, concrete stucco or brick. Streets wil be graveled in front of al lots. Water will he in ;il!e\ at rear of each lot. This place will he clean, a place you'd like to live. 0. S. ROLLISON. 405 N. Hroad- way, iihone l!.')()fl al ni^ht. iry'n —ii>|j kirnt*. I'liom- :ii:in. Culnr Xmiis Ir, Taylnr's (In. for salo. 7oc ami «]'• y S,,,,lli II »-y. Ul. A. T. Earls for Knoil (arm land*- 'fioue :18|-J. Kenned, Mo. I'ust O(li<-i-, ,ri__ til)-. Slo. ia|^l7 vitiK Inwn must spll—House htil'l 00<1» -Iso luriiilnre. Ii05 t'liifk. For Him—a Genuine Bamboo Fly Rod for Christmas, §12 to $22. Planters Hardware. I2-H-ck-12-24 R-riioin house, t.'nri ke niaile into :i|iHrtint:nls. Dniiljlc Karngc'. O0. r ) Ci Fruehauf lank trailer, capa city 4,250 gallons divided in 3 compartments. 1000s 20 tires, large axle and brakes. This trailer and . tank in perfect condition. Cost new .'i,850 will sell (fiiick sale §2,250.00 terms, lilylheville Motor Co. 12-7-ck-l-l X.i-nilli ll^lin. C!i»ir si.l,- HID,1,1. \:rt» ,,,! riniililiiin. $fi*. Kcc Flowers lilt Ithilio Mail at l.ny I-:ich Clnivrnlrt Co. ' S-|,k All kinds of fireworks for Christmas. At HuchaTinn'ss Grocery, North Hi-way 61 12-10-pK-2t Modern home, 5 rooms am hath, in good condition Has attic fan, hot water heater, Venetian lilinds Located in neighborhood ol home owners. See or cal Max Logan, Kealtirt-, Lynch sr-, phone 2034. Duroc boars and bred gilts with or without papers also meal hogs. C. K Abbott, West Highway 18 12-IO-pk-l ml f>f Hiillsml !,,n,, I,nil,s ^allii-r fnslM. ,\l».i *vr Nave In n«ni... iT on'-,' Ilinnr Davis at Krtinklin H frnmi' linnsc. C^rni-r lol Sinilli -JEsI strt-.-l .Tint Only rJ.'iflO »l Hie lin i.iur.' Infurinntimi sei> |il:n-i> fir call :IOU. shire i1o!n>: nifi' Mrlf-r>. 4 i-iir>iii* ;i I >[oi'k :in,l ir'ii •r. Wrili- I'. S. (', liv nlii I]M lllll'". l,1v- 12-1(1 pk-17 Sllill-. HlKl' ™l I'll.,I... -'-,1111. IJIl-J-1'k IT, . On III,, II,',I diivciirllr ; I C'lal f»>.- iili dij.slii' Mil sh'.'l r:iiiKi' i'if>k ^("ve. al- jniKt TIIMV I'liuilitinii. tlas wali-r l>.i<-V r*-aily [ii luiinirt In rani.-! 1 liniliT. Ililr- L-ain'—- Kfiinc In rnnntry. Aluily «l~ i.iiiy. liill'.'i'rJ:"' •1ODA FOUNTAIN ?OR SALE ,!<iuid, Carbonic with Car- bonator, ten pumps, twelve foot counter and nice back' '""'^ bar. Will sell at a bargain. » Call 9«G, Ulytheville. - 12-12-ck-tr BRING IT "BACK HOME" TO US FOR EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS The long-life finish on your Ford car will keep its beauty brighter, longer. Don't let traffic scars spoil its appear •nee. Bring it "back home" to us for expert body and fender bumping and refmishing. All work done the Ford way with special Ford euuinmeut and finishing material*. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. TeL' 453—S721 For Salt X.MAS I'UI'PIKS Hed t'iiows, piiro while U's- Spit/., Collii-s, lJo<i ami Black and While Cocki'i-s. Will |,()hl till -\niiis. Mrs. N. (;. Joromo K». llvvy. (il, phono :)HI1. JiMl-pk-H mils tri'os TiO cciils and up, I'luine yoi)i- orders — 1) (>1 Lewis Poultry. 12-1 2-clt-l r S'cw "i-riuiiu luiiise, now ready to move inlo. On Hwy. IS, (mo block wesl u! Ciileway Sloro.. 0. S. Hnllison, phone .'Cioo „( 12-1 2-ck. If. rj'l:i|,l. 17 I'lnV.'''!'!-'!! 1 '''"'^! 7 "''''''" X.l I.:. |'<.M||,',|, M',-,'' Ual l;,,u... v,i ll"i:i I.I. l l i-«ilni: n ..I. .\,|,l For Rent LET US BE A SANTA GLAUS TO YOUR CAR THIS CHRISTMAS GIVE SEAT COVERS A Gift to be Appreciated SEAT COVER PATTERNS ARE BEAUTIFUL' ! 2. r >(l iicres of jjood col ton corn and hctui land on. jft-avel nuul, nc-nr Ulythe-j ville. School bus. Call or write K. B. (joe Clot I on 2(i or (MR. Taken Up Services ike* uu nn my i_ru], 2 lorrel cmlm, 1 I with ch»ln on fool. J. M. Uiev^n.. ,~* ;u!Z3-ck-l' '' :l 1 if. \V. T. FRUCK FOP. SALE xtra duty 1912 Chevrolet, tires on all six wheels, overload springs, healer, spare wheel, fog lights, insulated body 12'/ 2 x<>!/..xfi!/v feet. Perfect condition. Call 2147 or 9(iG, Blylheville. 12-12-ck-tf iiliiin. lliinil IniJ. *-00- May be ...... „! I il/s S * "lc Sliir.-. JU- Ha. Ark. Hume 2:1. l.ll J-l'B-'.' •i-room FOR SALE . house conveniently located on N. Uroadway. 54,000. »-room house with hath on corner lot of Lake St. 54,000. Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. R-3-ck-tf Strayed nlil yi-lliiw .lersec lii'id': nl. 11. S. Knil/.. 111. 1. I-J'I I-'nli-l I Loans Ijctnir. K*lr il Kmilli ol nin rTi np.iin nt ]iil.-li [irirnl ri-aturf* fif-l v Waril« mm- for only $301. [i (.•oiui'ry U'nril & To. I^ with r5 at Monl- '•inilliMi: flnrk of I'mmi't anil I'ffLi-ie vice. Kitperl y Waril X- l_fl1-rk-^l r,-«kla-l snilr •:i21 Cnrnlvi ^ mill'" nrirlh nF Culiimel I.TIHV] mail. Kl,»yil )lar|;>'U. |iln inn inii« ^onil crat« anil U'*|>i'ileia n.iv for Milf. I'linni- .109. !_•! l-|,1i-l;l I Mnrlin n? Rifle K>v«|i anil Save S-vari Sli,,p .101 K. Main. |.h. 8-,'l. IJIH-rk-ll Tan^nlii l.nil.l.. r M.'Ul -Avuil.llili sin.r.n. X- To • • • K ,2-u-rV.l Rrand new California si vie home, 5 rooms nnd hat'i. Equipped with floor f'lr- 4-rbom house in Pride Addition. S2,000. 3-room house on North Tenth. $1,500. 1-3 cash. 5-room house with Inlh completely furnished. §1,250. 6-room house with hath,.on Vine St. 53250. Terms. !': cash. Duplex on South First Street 4-room house on Lumcratc St. §2,000. Duplex on Sycamore St., one side furnished. $5,0(10. Dupler on Ash St. BUSINESS INVESTMENTS One grocery store doin^ j; business, well located, for only S3750. !0ne of the best paying businesses in town, walk on I proposition. General merchandise store doing' $150,000 njer year business, will sell on invoice price, with possession January 1, 1917. We have several other businesses located in different towns. FARM LANDS 160 acres east of Sleele, Mo. Highly improved, w i i It gravel road on two sides. 80 acres west of Hlythevillc. at $1BO per acre. 40 acres west of Blythevillc, SI-10 per acre. SO acres on gravel road, choice location, the finest land near Blytheville. $200 per acre. 240 acres near Hracgadocio, Mo. On gravel road, nice home with bath, good land, priced $175 per acre. 400 acres in one block of Automobile T.oann Convenient Wny to Borrow COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXES and Insurnnco, Doctor Bills, Accumulated Debts., QUICK. CoiifideritiHl Service. Universal C. I. T. Credit Company ]1G N. Second St. Bljtlicvillc, Ark. Tractor repairs and Berrlee. Electric «n d acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. 1'hone S64. 3-16-ck-ti ufkir all tjp*«. at kind of conillllo buy _nil .ell. ' pickup -oil ' nij-'liiMl'le M-cklno Bhop. I AIONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repnlr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rnd tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. M Logan, Realtor, phone 203i. Lynch Uldg., Blythevill*. 9-2a-ck-tf •Udrimri,—fitfn IK-HI. I'hon . lll'Jl-uk-121'Jl il(lc« J|,.co (or runt. Knllre ,reonil l«,ar al 1U8 B. M«ln. 1'rl.ale in- Inure. Tfnutlan lilliLila. rkunii 801. Ullll C.-If 1,1. LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 tost l»,ik I.HIM. mill.', alii,ill in , ,M I, , I'll, |,y,-,l -. irolulll M.1CI li,- Iliui jilMiiil I nr :. «,'..k^ t"*' i.-ii.iril *vi C M. .\ljl.ull. I'lnjin- -J'J 17 i:>;i:i-iii--j llo .-"lilnilillik- Inn i-liaiii^. nrnvv iK'ilk. :• I,till I Ul,.|-s. •' l,v:,r,: I.,.-I I.I- Mil. anil llh. mi Air ll rl s,< ml. SIT C. M. Alilnill. |,l ?^17 I_li:i-|il.-l7 Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows weathers) ripped. C. V.. Wiggins, f>12 N. Hlth. Phone 22!).1. ll-2G-pk-12-28 and attic fan. tiful hardwood floors, loti ' of deep closets. Built for ; v -rood living, and ready for owner to more in. Se» or i-V rail Max Logan, Realtor. Lynch Rldjf., phone 2034.. 12-11-ck-M V(i-'n,i'l 42 model H Imrior I HI»V lirnkinr i'lo<r. 1 rntiivitnr .T. ' I. (rAinps. Half Monn, R| 1 POT fl^ • ' 1!|lS-pV-U gravel road in western part of county. These are a few of our listings. See us before you buy. DAVID REAL ESATK & INVESTMENT CQ. E. B. David F. R, Joyner, Salesman Phone 3633 12-ll-ck-14 Courteous Service Dependable Service Drive Your Car to —LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Ask Us About THE SENSATIONAL NEW U. S. ROYAL AIR RIDE tire -- now for Sale! More Air! More Comfort! Better Car Control! We give the best wash and lubrication job in town. Will call for and deliver your car. . langston-Wrofen Co. Sol«t—BUICK—S«rvlc« U. S. Tim Mobilgos and Oil WBECKn BKKYICI Wmta_rt A Broadway Telepkoa* 5*' FARM LOANS RAY WORTHINGTON Bcrvlni Thbi 8«otloD for Zl Y«ui 115 Ho. 3rd, niytbcTtUe. Ark. Tnn« In Sunilay al-4 p.m. over WKCC Wonted to Rent or :i imlmiilKln-.l muni*. *|i:ir li.m,,.. C«ll Mil lll.inli.i. .',".< linimii. U In 4 I! or 4 room furnished iiimrt- menl—.Call Ittlly lloone, Despenilelv needed. 1'tioue ' Dan for dependahlj jr and licatinir service — Repairs—remodeling —Dial (>:!7 dny or night. Help Wanted M.-rliiinlc—Apt'ly Hn work. Hi,.- Wrili' ln>« I-.' Ill rl;-l7 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 01 at Slate Line Phone lilylheville 714 Announcements PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed lt»st Price* Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service, ' Fred Lawler '-4 •• ADAMS APPLIANCE 1 CO., Inc. : : ii' J. W. AcUmi Mir. Phone 2071 2K-M W. W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Haiti Bldg. Phone 354S \'iK Christmas HingrT Party al Legion Hut, Wednesday, 1 Dec. 18. Sponsored hy lit-' (lies of the Catholic Church 12-10-ck-l?! RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tj-jits i:\rrpl Cancer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 514 Main. llt>lhr>vllle, Arh., Phonf Wi\ DON EDWARDS Announcement — We Are Now Equipped to Give You Complete " ' REPAIR SERVICE - We/ding - Glass Installed - Pointing •', City Garage & Welding Shop \ PHONE S74. Dan Russell "The Typewriter ROYAL, SMITH. CORONA •>»« KEMINUTOH rOKTABIJI 3Z8 K. MAIN James Kussull 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONB (Every Truruactton MUST B» BATIOTAOTORT) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS !(^tou T>-'f PAINTIN6: BY MERRIIL BLOSSEF DONT KWOW ver-- IT CAMS ANONV- WDUSCY/ HILDA. PUBLIC - SPIRITED'DOCSNT MEAN TMAT I THE MAN WAS DRIWK'NG WHEW Ht SENT fT/ / CAME WITH CHECK B SiGMED FRosr—we HAVE eMOUSH • LETTUCE f-JOW TO THE 1 PROJECT/

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