The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on November 6, 1975 · 32
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 32

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1975
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Page32-$Jf.t-xaminrr Thurs., Nov. 6, 1975 Now Caine takes over for Bogey By Stanley Eichelbaum "Peopor," which opened yesterday at the Market Street, Castro and Serramonte. begins with a shadowy, treneh-coated figure reciting the credits in ' a Humphrey Bogart voice. I An eccentric start, to be sure. But the film soon I takes us back to familiar terrain covered by the J private-eye thrillers made in the forties from the novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. T It's another nostalgic parody, with Michael JCaine cast in the uncomfortable role of a Los 'Angeles detective stamped from Bogey's mold. ; His name is Tucker, though he's called Peeper (the eyeglasses, I guess). And he has to explain away his British accent, doing it by saying that he came to L.A. after the war (the year is 1947) to find success, glamor and Betty Grable. "In time, I learned that Betty Grable had an unlisted phone number," Tucker soliloquizes to the walls of his dingy office. The lines don't come easily to Caine, who must strain to keep them going. He just isn't his usual cool, composed self in this labored spoof, which involves him in a crazy kind of case to find a lost twin daughter who was deposited in an orphanage 30 years earlier and is now the heiress of an underworld figure (Michael Constantine). The mixed-up plot, which calls to mind the old farces of classical theater, brings Caine into contact with Natalie Wood, a Beverly Hills nymphomaniac living with her frigid sister, Kitty Winn, on the estate CONCERT-DANCE TONIGHT THRU SUNDAY, NOV. 9 featuring DARLING DOROTHY & HER ? BAND DOROTHY MOSCOWITZ Piano and vocal BEANS BALONKA Sax and clarinet PLAKA TAVERN NO COVtt CHAXM TONIGHT If SIATEO tIFOOi 9 P.M. IT k ( NMSIM PKTl M TK HNII t aa 7ima DAILY at: t .30 V i., I miii J 3:30,5:30,7:30 and 9:30P.M. Barg. Mats. Daily til 2:00 - $1.25 Bt ALM dl POL St 1 ALSO AT THEATRES . DRIVE-INS J THROUGHOUT IF YOU YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN if J YOU'LL LOVE "OLD DRACULA' A Ln Nt'hiAmtaent Asionatn. Ltd hrMutr A World Film Services Production DAVID NIVEN is'OLD DRACULA'WhTERESA GRAVES JENNIE LINDEN NICKY HENSON PETER BAYLISS screenplay by JEREMY LLOYD produced by JACK H Wit MLR directed bvCIJVE DONNER Color by Mowielab f 9?1 1?34 1 1 At Both Theatres Ernest Borgnine 'THE DEVIL'S RAIN" Tonight 'Old' 8:00 'Rain' 6:30,9:40 CHtSIIMUI I ISTEINfR . wwim EBIilE FORD AKD THE EXCITING SINGING GROUP "LIFE" COMING DEC. 27 RED SKELT0N RI RESERVATIONS PHONf lULL-rULt ANYTIME iwA'--'5aifiri ff dTi" Mf-WWr tJV 1 f . Vs. 1 i h ' V GINNY WHITAKER Drums JIM STANLEY . PETER ALBIN Guitar & Vocal - Bass A 1024 KEARNY ST. S.F. 391-2812 FRIDAY: Nome th Band Contest "Prixvl" JOHN UXCOMLWE HUMUS'S ProAirllMlol ROOSTER COCCUUN C..mnd Otc Ltuty) IH I MKAVIMON Ptj ( 7bta 3?0 Shows Tonight at 7:15 & 9: 15 THE BAY AREA LIKED An American international Rflt-ase Exclusive Engagement Trie cTace neon JIv.jic j-iif.ll 9864767. Showtimes Today 6:00.8 00.10:00 1I1IOSS CitARV AT BLAKF 751-3J12 BAFFLING AND - Vincent 1,,-mriy JL. L -Hn 4 I j't jnf II Mac-. m m i i ' urn he r 661 51 10 ar Vicpnte J TO I S ' . .'.,,. , V IkM PRIVATE EYE Michael Caine does close investigative work with Natalie Wood on a case of mixed-up twins. of their crackpot mother, Dorothy Adams, and decadent uncle, Thayer David, who keeps buzzards for house pets. Some amusing moments come out of Caine's pursuit of the case, which gets him into dangerous straits with a couple of hired killers (Don Calfa and Timothy Agoglia Carey). Director Peter Hyams has attempted to recapture the zany spirit of "Beat the Devil." But the antic fun is rather limited, mainly because W.D. Richter's script is too pedestrian to allow for bristling, or even sparkling comedy. And since Caine is out of his element in 1940's Los Angeles, the film is never more than moderately entertaining. -lZ Thrilling CMrSLITHER" TODAY "Jaws" at 8:40 P.M." "Slither" 7:00.10:50 AONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME FILM EVENT! D.TO OfflFFITM CENTENNIAL TRIBUTE Nov. 6-15 L Dlv City J ? " X . ' I I -' "A - " f 1 r'in- X - I A 10-day repertory series of 14 legendary works by America's first genius of cinema. First and only theatrical presentation. Presented in superb 35mm prints in their original aspect ratios. Selected programs with live organ accompaniment by Robert Vaughn. Discount tickets offering any 4 regular programs for $7. may be used at the Surf, Clay and Lumiere, Fri. and Sat. evenings excepted. : , ' Thu 116 INTOLERANCE , Fri 117 BIRTH OF A NATION Sat 118 INTOLERANCE Sun 119 BIRTH OF A NATION Won 1110 BROKEN BLOSSOMS Tue 1111 ORPHANS OF THE STORM I Wed 1112 INTOLERANCE Thu 1113 BIRTH OF A NATION Fri 1114 INTOLERANCE JSat 1115 BIRTH OF A NATION See Mpvie Guide for Times Presented in association with Raymond Rohaue' 'Ri'th nf a Nlt-nn' hv nw-,rt normiuirtn cif HffflBIWi WWj fearniiniMiJ mwimMhtmiJk ia jamEs wucmioHE cs Harry S. Truman in GIVE 'EM HELL , IIAXUtY! "MISS JACKSON IS, AS USUAL j SUPERB . , . Jeanne Miller, 5.F. Examiner GLENDA MQSON I THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN Exclusive Engagement Today at 6 00.8 00.10 00 BEAUTIFUL" Ny nwr s H I I A- T7 Exclusive S.F. Engaaomenl Today at 6:00 8 0V1O.OO i , i ;f ' 9 i- 0 I ""VO- -w r : ? 1 V h ' -ftUY K TOO BTTBtSf FOK TOUNGO CHUHfll IPG 4 Co-M:"WESTWORLD" TODAY "Jaws" at 8: 10 P.M. 'Westworld"6:30.10: 15 . & THE STRUGGLE ' & ABRAHAM LINCOLN & HEARTS OF THE WORLD & AMERICA & WAY DOWN EAST & TRUE HEART SUSIE & JUDITH OF BETHULIA & SALLY OF THE SAWDUST & ISNT LIFE WONDERFUL & DREAM STREET Surf f-nnrU Xmrt r Iniinn ylct, iCCil csnn Mt4-41M p, i"i save i. - J iyl Bmniniwiiii ". . . powerfully affecting pageant of American Pop Culture and politics." Stanley Eichelbaum, S.F. Examiner 4 TRACK STEREOPHONIC SOUND LAST 6 DAYS! Today at 6 30 & 9 30 rttwesrvrwtva . fllexondro . Jodoromshy's The Holy mountain .. 1 plus . pnTTOPO"! LAST 6 DAYS! "Holy Mountain" 8 15 "Ef Topo" 6 00 & 10.15 THE uU Ml Odtf team films 'Messiah By Kathleen Carroll Now York News NEW YOKK It seems an odd match, to say the very least Robert Rosscllini, creator of austere, humanistic films, and an avowed agnostic whose romantic involvement with Ingrid Bergman caused one of the greatest scandals in movie history, and the Rev. Patrick Peyton, a man of gentle wit who founded the Family Rosary Crusade and became famous for the slogan: "The family that prays together, stays together." Yet this unlikely pair have collaborated to make a new film based on the story of Christ "The Messiah." "It was not to be just another movie on Christ, but one that would "make people love Him," Peyton explains. Peyton determined to enlist the best filmmaker in the world, "whatever the cost." He T A till J tl K UtlVUl 11 111 I when car overturns United Press International ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. Teen-age country music star Tanya Tucker suffered cuts and bruises yesterday when her car overturned on a rural road near her parents' farm. State trooper Stan Penny said Miss Tucker, 17, was returning home from a Nashville recording session when her car went out of control on a curving section of State 49, flipped over and skidded on its top. Miss Tucker had crawled from the wreckage of her 1973 Mercedes and was "wandering around in a daze" when two men drove by and took her to a Nashville hospital, Penny said. Pointers play 365 Club The Pointer Sisters will appear in concert at Bimbo's 365 Club, 1025 Columbus Ave., from Wednesday, Nov. 26, through Saturday, Nov. 29. DOWNTOWN THEATERS BARONET Moriet St. 362 4822 "FRENCH CONNECTION 2" At 2:10, 6:00. 9:45 "BLACK CHRISTMAS" At 12:30, 4:15, 8K)S DCCT Open at Noon Mkt Opp 6ih .KC5 I 673 7373 Banj. Matt. Daily 'til 1 Esc. Sun. ROLLERBALL'-'BUSTING' "TAKING PELHAM 1-2-3" CklDACCV Cont.from lOo.m. CMDAjJ I Market-7th 43 1-5221 low, low pnc., bora. mat. doily 'til 1 3 TOP ACTION FEATURES 3 Rouqh-Touqh-Violent Action! 'BITE THE BULLET' Gcm HACKMAN-Jame COB URN Condicc fergen 10:1S, 4:10, 10:15 CHARLES BRONSON THE MAFIA FAMILY' 2:25, 8:35 "BIRD WITH CRYSTAL PLUMAGE" At 1232 and 6 JO rtm ncKJ kt 673-4841 CALL THEATRE FOR TITLES A SHOWTIMES MARKET ST. CINE. Market Opp. jones, 861 5678 Bargain Matinee Daily 'til 2 "PEEPER" (PG) 1:15,4:35,7:55 "CAPONE" (R) 2:50, 6:10, 9:25 PQyyjTI 39 Powell nr Market 'THE AFRICAN QUEEN" c.miranda "COPACABANA" ' ST. FRANCIS Market St. 362-4822 "RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER" 12:30, 3 JO. 6:30, 9:30 "STREET FIGHTER" At 1:50, 4:50, 7:50 STAGE Door "GIVE 'EM HELL, HARRY" At 4:00, 8HM, 10:00 CTPAkir Open 10 am. Doily 3 I KANU 1127 Market 861 8234 Gregory PECK-Gene HACKMAN "MAROONED" "PHASE IV" Burt Lartcaster-Suun Clark "VALDEZ IS COMING" Bingo Nitcly ot 8:40 p.m. WARFIELD Mkt 76 776 6110 Barg. Mat. Daily 'til 1 Exc. Sun. Charlei Bronson-Janws Cob urn "HARD TIMES" "MARY MARY, BLOODY MARY" ! DISTRICT THEATERS ALEXANDRIA "LUCKY LADY' "ROYAL FLASH' 8:30 10:40 ALHAMBRAI PS "MAHOGAMY" 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 borg. mot. 1st hr. iJoBy-wed., sat. 'til S ALHAMBRA 2 pGi1o "UNNY"1:45, S SO, 9:55 "LAST TANGO IN PARIS" 3:40, 7:45 barg. mot. 1st Hf. dairy-wed., tat. 'tH 5 AVrkJIIC San Bruno & Bacon A V fcrl U E Fn Only, 468 2636 La ural & Wordy Comedy Film. Live Pipe Organ Accompaniment DAI DA A Balboa 38th, 22 1-81 84 DALDvA Bus No. 38 Geary Direct "A BOY & HIS DOG" . . (Rated R)ot 830 p.m. Only 'Zordoz' 6:35,10:05 Bargain Mat. Sot. 'rM 5-Sun. 'til 2 BRIDGE GeQryn,73T2 'THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN" At 640, BOO, 10:00 CANNERY Cinema LeovenworthatBeoch 4416800 "NASHVILLE" 630, 9:30 CASTRO Costro Market 621-6120 'PEEPERS' 6:50, 10 "NEPTUNE FACTOR 'BJO CINEMA 21 "OLD DRACULA" 800 "DEVILS RAIN" 6:30, 9:40 COLISEUM 'JAWS' 8:40 "SLITHER" (PG) 7, 10:50 L ? -W-T0W.W.THAT"A San Francisco Movies CORONET -tSS "Hearts Of The West" (Rated PG)ot7:15i9:10 ELREY 1 970 Ocean Av , Free Porking 587-1000 4-Track Stereo Sound "ROLLERBALL" (R; 8:35 TAKING OF PELHAM 1-23" Shown ot 6 45 & 10:40 EMPIRE Cine West Portal 661-5110 1. "LOVE & DEATH" 8:10 "EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX" 6:30, 9:55 2. "92 IN THE SHADE" 8:1 5 "ROSEBUD" 6O0, 10:00 3. "OLD DRACULA" 8:00 "DEVILS RAIN" 6:30, 9:40 FOUR Star "LOVE t DEATH" 8:35 "EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX" 7, 10:10 Barg. Mot. Sat. 'til 5, 1 st Hr. Sun. FOX SKYLINE Skyline BM Westhorougb Blvd. Karen Block-Lily Tomlin Robert Airman' "NASHVILLE" Gene Hockmon "CONVERSATION" GATEWAY rkitte.lM One Week Only! Must End Tuesday! DAZZLING NEW 35MM PRINTS Ethel MERMAN-Morilyn MONROE . 'THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS" 8:00 In Techncolor ft Cinemascope A Alice FA YE-Tyron. POWER "ALEXANDER'S RAG TIME BAND" Shown at 6A0A 10:10 Wed: 1112: 2 BOGART CLASSICS 'CasoWanco''AII Thru The Nighf GHIRARDELLI Cine Beach at Polk Street 4417088 "ROOSTER COGBURN" (PGl 1 30, 3:30, 5 JO. 7 JO, 9:30 Bargain Matinee 'til 2:00 DiklAPiA Mission at Ocean GRANADA 584 6850 LOWEST PRICE IN TOWN! 'TOMMY" (PG) 740. 10:15 "ALICE'S RESTAURANT" 8:55 rDAkin Mission btwn. 22nd 23rd GRAND 648 2676 "SHANGHAI JOE" 8:30 "REVOLT OF DRAGON" 10K)S "BAMBOO BROTHERHOOD" 7 Jackpot Bingo Friday & Saturday kiCTDA Union-Wehster IVIC I KU 221-8181 "LISZTOMANIA" 7, 10:40 "PERFORMANCE" 8:45 METRO II Union ENDS SOON! DeSica't 'BRIEF VACATION' Malic' 'MURMUR OF THE HEART Brkrf-9.00 Heort-7. 10:50 NEW Mission Mission 22nd 647-1261 'Night Moves' 6:30,9:50 'THE LAST DETAIL" 8:10 NORTH POINT'M Free Park, orter 6 pm All Day Sun. "3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR" , Robert Redford-Faye Dunowoy At 5:30, 7:45, 10:00 PARKSIDE ,TOSr,SS "FUNNY LADY" 9:30 p.m. "HEUO DOLLY" 7 .00 p.m. PLAZA I & II Serramontr Plaza, Daly City, 756 3240 1. "ROOSTER COGBURN" John Woytw-Kafherme Hepburn Tonight at 7:15 & 9:15 2. "MAHOGANY" Diana Ross-Billy Dee Williams Mon-Fri: at 7309:40 REGENCY I VonNes6?3S7T4T Sidney POITIER Bill COSBY "Let's Do It Again" At 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 barg, mat. wed., sat. 'tH 5-lst hr. sun. Low Rote Parking Jack Tar Hotel REGENCY 2 WS ALPACINOIN "DOG DAY AFTERNOON" 12:50. 3:10, 5:30, 8.00, 10:20 Bargain Matinee Daly 1st Hr. Wad., Sat. 'til 5 On Available Seating Low Rat. Parking-Jack Tar Hotel ROYAL Poik nr Colitomio 474 2131 "92 IN THE SHADE" 6:45, 10:20 "ROSEBUD" at 8: 1 5 borg. mot. wed., sot. 'til 5-lst hr. sun . You can sell anything in the WANT AD SUPERMARKET fSi: consulted prominent Hollywood Catholics like Mike Frankovich and Gene Kelly, and made a special plea to his patroness, the Blessed Virgin. Within 48 hours, he was in the home of Rossollini. "I poured out my dream to him," Peyton recalls in his lilting Irish brogue. "I said, 'Would you be Interested?' And indeed he was." It was Uossollini who suggested signing their agreement while kneeling before Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica. Peyton's job , although he credits his inspiration, the Blessed Mother, as the real producer of the film has been to raise more than $3 million. This he has done so energetically it nearly cost him his health. The actual creation of the film he has left entirely to Rossellini. It hasn't been easy, what with an amateur cast and shooting in 100-degree temperatures in the Tunisian desert. But Peyton, with Just a bit more than $100,000 still to be raised, is very pleased with what he predicts will be "a beautiful, heart-rending film." And Rossellini has earned Peyton's undying respect, as an artist and a man: "He's a friend of Our Lord. He wants this to be the crown of his life." aiaiiini8iiiininrrT Charfe Rich with David Wills and Billy Holliday Oft NS TOMORROW NIGHT Fri. and Sat. al 7 30 4 10 30 and Sun. al-B:00: i8 .50. 7 50, 6 50. Sun. mat. at 4:30: $7.50, 6 50, 5.50. Circla Star Theatre 1717 Industrial Road -San Catlos, Ci. 94070 :- iimtimirfinnMiiiFT SEAVUETWIN Wrsl Manor Drive Polmetto "ROLLERBALL" at 8:50 TAKING PELHAM 1 -2-3" 7, 1 1 TOMMY" at 9:20 "GODSPELL" 7:30 Saturday & Sunday 1 & 3pm "HEIDI AND PETER" SERRA unipero e" reri pini "JAWS" 8:10 "WESTWORLD" (PG) 6:30, 10:15 SERRAMONTE 6 Located off Highway 280 across rom Serramonlt Shopfxng Centw across from Gemco. 756 6500 Coll 756-6663 tor Further Into. 1. "LOVE l DEATH" (PG) Shown at 6:158:00 TwiLite Hr. Bargain Rates 5:45-6:15 2. "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" (PG) Shown at 6:00 8,8:15 TwiLite Hr. Bargain Rate. 5:304:00 3. "92 IN THE SHADE" (R) Shown ot 6:00 & 8:00 TwiLite Hr. Bargain Rates 5:30-6:00 4. "PEEPER" (PG) 6:30, 8:15 Twilite Hr. Bargain Rates 600-6:30 5. "GIVE EM HELL, HARRY" (PG) Shown at 6008,8:1 5 TwiLite Hr. Bargain Rates 5 30-600 6. "OLD DRACULA" (PG) At 6:15 8, 8:00 Twilite Hr. Bargain Rate. 5:45-6:15 STONESTOWNTwin Behind Emporium, Stonestown, 22 1 -8 1 8 1 Acres of illuminated Free Parking 1. 'THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN" (PG) at 6:40 & 10:25 "FRONT PAGE" at 830 2. "HARD TIMES" (PG) 7, 10:35 "LAW AND DISORDER" (R) 8:40 Bargain Mot. 1st Hr. Wed., Sat. TANFORAN Park IV Tanforon Pk. Shopping Cntr., El Connno Real at Sneath Ln , S. Bruno, 588 0291 Absolutely No One Under 14 Yrs. Admitted otter 5pm without Guardian 1. "92 DEGREES IN THE SHADE" (R) at 12:30,4:25.8:25 "ROSEBUD" 2:10, 6:10, 10.O5 2. "FRENCH CONNECTION 2" (R) 205,600. 10O0 "CAPONE" (R) 12:15,4:10,8:10 3. "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" (PG) At 2:30, 6:05, 9:40 "BANK SHOT" 1.4:35,8:10 4. "HARD TIMES" (PG) At 12:10, 3:35, 700,10:30 "CAT BALLOU" 1:50.5:15,8:45 Bargain Matinee Doily (Exc. Sun. & Holidays) 12 Noon to 2PM t" I ii r C Stockton near Broadway ' IV1LJ Ooen 1245 nm, 362 3770 LOWEST PRICE IN TOWN! Beatles 'MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR' At 2:30, 5:15, 8:00, 10:45 THE LORDS OF FLATBUSH" At 1.3:45, 6:30.9:15 CENTO Cedar BAY AREA PREMIERE THE PRIVATE EYE SPOOF TO END ALL PRIVATE EYE SPOOFS "THE MANCHU EAGLE MURDER CAPER MYSTERY" Gabriel Dell-Barbara Harris Shown at 6O0, 800, 10:00 COMING: RKO Pictures Festival Port II CLAY Fillmore neor Gay St 346 1123 LINA WERTMULLER'S New SexualPolitical Fore. SWEPT AWAY..." Shown ot 7:309:45 r.DC ATCTAD 636Jackson VinhM I Mr I Ml 982 6644 "WARRANT" "FOUR SISTERS" KOKUSAI ' Post & Buchanan 563 1400 "SWORD OF VENGEANCE' 5 Shown at 6:30 10:15 "SWORD OF DOOM" 8:10 only LARKIN Lorkin at O'Farrell 441-3742 "BLACK MOON" At 600,800 4 10 00 LUMIERE ttlm LAST 6 DAYS! JIMMY CLIFF MICK JAGGER 'The Horder They Come' REGGAE CLASSIC 7, 10:30 'NED KELLY' 8:45 SAT. MIDNIGHT PREVIEW 'SWEET MOVIE' Makavejev torout socto-erotic satire 9 Tlcktlt ii th Boa Older BASS. Macy , Tlcktlron and all agtnciai. Informtllon: 364-250 (San Francnco: 9S2-6550) MUSIC Hall 4:, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN' 8:15 "ELTOPO"6.O0, 10:15 CI IDT lrvin9 46th Ave 3UKr 664 6300 STARTS TONIGHT! FIRST ONLY THEATRICAL SHOWING OBSERVING D. W. GRIFFITH Centennial Celebration 10-Day repertory series; 14 works Daily program changes 35MM prints SHOWN TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. ONLY- "INTOLERANCE" 'The Struggle" 7, 10:30 Fri: Birth ot a NationA. Lincoln rtrIIC Sacromento Pfiiio "vUUt 221-B'Bl. Lino Wertmuller's "LOVE AND ANARCH Y" 8:25 Feilini's "AMARCORD" 6:15, 10:20 DRIVE-IN MOVIES EL RANCHO I & II El Camino& Hickey. So. S.F., 755 5000 1. "LET S DO IT AGAIN" 7:15, 10:55 "S.P.Y.S."at9:2SOnl 2. "BLACK CHRISTMAS" 7, 10:25 "IT'S AUVE" 8:50 GENEVA ' Nert,oC7P "CHEERLEADERS" "HEAVY TRAFFIC" JullCCtftkJ AtopGuttenbergOtt. m I J 3 1 J Pi 500 Mission 585 1 234 "RETURN OF STREET FIGHTER" 'THE STREET FIGHTER" "STRANGERS GUNDOWN" SPRUCE 1 & 2 SouthS F. 589 7965 1. "MARY MARY BLOODY MARY" "3 IN THE ATTIC" "3 IN THE CELLAR" 2. "92 DEGREES IN THE SHADE" "ROSEBUD" A DT I Open 10a m. -2a m Ml I I 55 Taylor, 441-161 I "DEEP THROAT" At 10, 12,2,4,6,8,10 00 "DEVIL IN MISS JONES" At 1 1, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. 1 1-Adults Only Comfortable Seating tor Couple. ART II Open 10 a m -2 a.m. 55 Taylor, 441 1611 NICOLE, THE STORY OF O" "GIRL KIDNAPPED"-Adult. FILM Festival 2 Two Full Length Features Call Theatre for Titles Showtimes plus Requested Short. Adults Only GAYETY Open 9 am, Adults 80 Turk, 673 2577 3 NEW HARDCORE FEATURES ALL NEW SHOW EVERY FRIDAY I A I ID CI Adults Only, All Mate LAUrVCl. 2111 Polk, 928 1119 TOBY ROSS DOUBLE HEADER "CRUISIN' '57" plus Bill Eld in "REFLECTIONS OF YOUTH" - MITCHELL Bros. Addt Biiou, 1046 Market, 864 1066 -Mitchell Brothers Triple Bill "SODOM GOMORRAH" Marilyn Chambers in "BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR" ' "RESURRECTION OF EVE" REDUCED ADMISSION Coll for Times-Open 9:45 am MITCHELL Bros. Adulti Only O'Fanell, Polk & O'Farrell, 776 6686 "SODOM GOMORRAH" "RAMPAGING NURSES" Box Office Open Daily ot Noon NOB HILL CINEMA 729 Bush Adults Only 78 1 9468 S.F. PREMIERE j. clinton west's "DREAMER" PUSSYCAT ZZ Adults Only-Open at 9:45 a.m. 'RENDEZVOUS WITH ANN' "COME FLY WITH US" CI ITTCD : AdJ Only 369 Sutter ot Stockton. 391 6656 "ANYONE BUT MY HUSBAND" "TWO SISTERS" !' DRIVEN MOVIES J It Dial 777-7777 - -v e. 4 it H. mm It C Ji W tt Wr- ! Jtfc 4

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