The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 30, 1924 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 22

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1924
Page 22
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., ... ' ... TIIB 0TTAT7A JOUEKAE TEUUDAT, OOTOBZS 30. lMt Stock Exchange-: - Produce Markets, Mining-:- Money and Bonds-:- Grains, Livestock and Metafs INDUSTRIALS START :; AN UPWARD SWING SEW TORK, Oct II (Wallstreit. aeon). - Lowering of th renewal .rata ui Mil money , to s per c.uu stimulated short covering ia the late morning trading and th general llat wung upward unde. th leadership f the.ataadard lnduetrial hr"-Bullish dsmonetratlon wr.mct pronounced la th merchandising larau, Bean-Roebuck climbing 4 U III (-(. th. highest pric lnc tb declaration of a 40 per sent, stock dividend In llll. and United ' Drue touching a now 111 blfb at 111 up t 1 1-1. ' American Tobacco - "B.M Inlaud Steel pfd., and American molting pfd alao sold at their boot price of tb year.. One of th feature of tb railroad group wa tb brlak demand for thePitUburg and Wast Virginia 'Right.' which moved up 1 1-1 point to a record top at Jl. Good gain also, wer recorded by General Electric, Allla Chalnw. U. B. Caet Iron' Pip and Atlantic Ro-nntng. Morning ! on Wall Street, rev Krted by ascDonrau - ana towini, Jon Bank Building : Anaconda ............, I( " - '. Atohlsoa ...... ..1011 Baltlmor ...... 1 Bethlehem Steel ...,,.. o - - , Caa, Cos. ..,., ,,111 Cel. Pet. m ,, SI I .Caa. Fao. 141 T-Craelble Ms Quit State Steel l cobs, uea Gen. Mote Indnetrlal . . Inter. Nickel It - - Iateraatlonal Paper ..... 4 Xennecott Copper, ...... 4 ' Mtk Track Marin Pfd. N. T. Central .. ..101 . Northern Pao 41 - Pan. Aner. ' Prod, aad Readlne: . So. Paelfla .............. Ilk Soathern Ry. i Btndsbaker ' Stewart Warner ..... 14 Sinclair it ' "Smelter Com. .......... 71 Suaar ....... ,i. ......... It Steel Com. .........., lel . union faeino .......ill . man copper ; - v. a. Rubber .-.Woollen Oe . 714 sotor Ii rial Alcohol ...... 70, ra rao H amer. Pet B 101 aad Ret Oil ..,..Ji ag rii cine ........... per 101 ber ill Ml uvnsa sales. . Th Standard Stock and Minlna- Exchange, suppllsd to Th Journal by J. T. Richard Co, Stock Brok-are, Canada Llf Bldg., Tl Spark - trtr-c!ty. ' Market quiet, not much Chang , fa price. . Thursday Morning Bale. -Argonaut l.lll at IT. Atlaa at I 1-4. 4,111 at I T-l. Ill at a. I.III at I 1-4. I.lll ' at I 1-1, S. Ill at l-l. '' Cllfton-j-1.000 at; I 1-4, I.lll" at ' .-tl'. " 1 o..." .1 - ton. uom Lajte at ; II, 1,141 at ll. I CO at II, 1.001 i at li. 1.040 m II 1-r, til at II. -. Columbu too at 4 1-4. .V ' - Hattlo J.00O at' l't-l. : Holllnger II at 11.11. SI at ; union.- ai . v ' Kaora 1.101 at 1-4. -- '- . tae Bhoi 7 at If I., ill at " Mclntyre II at 1C.II. Preeton 101 at Jl l-l. till at yll,'ll at II 1-4. . .South Keora 1.000 at II 1-4, . 1.100 t II. 1.400 at II 1-4. . Teck-Hughee 401 at 1.11, - III at l.U. Lio at 1.11. -TOugSTOakaa imoo att , 40 at I -I, 104 at 41 -4. . 1.000 at 47. 1.000 at 41 1-1. 100 at -44 t-4. 1.10 at 41. 100 at 41 1-1. vipond l.ioi at 1.11. 1.100 at Ml. i.eoo at l it, l.iat Ml. Weat Treo 400 at V 1.000 at t 7-1. . . . Bearar 101 at II. ' - Capitol 1.001 at II. Ill, at IS 1-1. C.rtle III at Tl 1-1. 1.101 at Tt 4.000 at Tl. Crown Reaenre 1,001 at II. ' Kverett -T.0I0 at 7. Kceley 100 at Ml, 100 at I.1T. Lakeitda 1.00 ' l.f. . Lorraln-l,000 at 10 1-S, 101 at II 1-1, 1.100 at II. 100 at II. 1,000 at 11 1-1, 100 at 11. r . Mining Corporation 101 at Ml. .., 100 at I.I?.. :-; . Ophlr 1,100 at I 1-1. ; 1-4, 100 at I T-l. Tretheway I.lll t II 1-1. Bar 811ver 41 T-lc Total aal 10,110. MOXTRKAIi STOCK EXCHANGE. MONTREAL, ' Oct 10. Trading wa flulet at th opening of today' Stock Eichang, th only pric change worthy of mention being a on point advance by National Brwrla to II. aJ;ouh a board lot of B. C. rub changed handa at II, 4ip two. Thla latter taeu haa received practically no attention from trader for- aora time. In. ral fractional gain were reglater d within th flrat fifteen minute. There waa a lot of activity on th local stock exchange thla morning, and neveral cood advance war registered. National Brownie was tha most actlv issue, closing V 1-4 point higher at II 1-4. Steamihlpa preferred waa alao In demand and roaa I polnta to IT, at which It closed. Another 1 point advance waa made by Pom. Bridge, this stock closing at 71 after a period of comparative Inactivity, while B. C Fiah displayed strength by scoring a similar rise to II with small lots aelllng at 10. Dominion Cannert and Prle Brothera wer th only leader to display weakness, th former aell. Ing oft 1 point at 40, and tb latter l-l at II l-l. The mora Important advance were: Industrial Alcohol, up 1-4. to 41 1-1: Dom. Textile, up 1-1. t 44; Montreal Power, up 1 l-l. to 111 l-l: Quebec Power, up 1-4, to 1 1-4; Spanish River, up 1 l-l. to 111 T-l. and Toronto Rills, up 11. to 111 1-4. The greatest advance waa in Orll-vl Vlour, which roe live point to 110. , . . - - , MONTREAL SALES. -. Morning sales on th Montreal Exchange, aupplled by McDougall A Cowans, Union Bank Bldg.. Oct. 10. Brazilians II at II. 1 at 10, I at- II, II at II T-l. IS at II. , B. C. rlsnerie i at l l-i, at 10. Bell Telephone I at 111 1-4. B romp ton 10 at II l-l. - EGGS CONFISCATED. A farmer of Rnn.rt r a v. a 'large quanUty of eggs confiscated n By .WMd Market thl. niornlng by omeer of th Department of Agrlcultur. Th fanner was found aelllng cgn among which wr a . number of black rota. Parmer v 'w oemg warned oy th depart ineriL in (h.u -- . . befor bringing them . to th mar- Can. Cottons Pfd. It at II. . Maple Leaf Pfd. 10 at II 1-4. Car Com. 21 at 44. Cement Com. II at 14 1-1, IT at 14 1-1. Steamships Com. 10 at 14, 100 at 14tt. 100 at 14 l-l, 100 at 14 1-4. Steamships, Pfd. lit at IS. I t II 1-4. 10 at II T-t. II at II 1-4, I at IS 7-1. 14 at II. 10 at tl 1-4, I at II. IS at II 1-4. I at II l-l. II at II 1-1. I at II t-l. 110 at II l-l. 10 at II 1-4. II at II T-l. III at 17. Can. Converter 111 at 10. -Dom. Bridae 10 at 71. 10 at 4. 14S at Tl. v Dom. Canners 10 at 41. I at 41, SO at 41. I at 40. Can. Ind. Alcohol 10 at 41 1-1, 110 at 41 l-l. Goodyear Tlr Pfd. 10 at II 1-4. Can. Cotton Pfd. II at II. Blg Can. Paper Pfd. II at 11-1. . . , ... . . Shawinlgsn Right 100 at 1 l-l. Laurentlde 10 at II 1-1. Mont Power 110 et 1141-1. TO at 111. I at 114 T-l. I0S at 111. 10 at 111 l-l, 1 at 111 l-l. National Brew. Ill at II 1-1. II at II l-4.'Sat II. 11 at II 1-4. 110 at II. II at It S-l. 100 at il l-4. 141 at II l-l, 111 at II 1-4. II at II l-l II at II 1-4. 404 at II 1-S. IS at II l-l. IS at II 1-S. Tl at II l-l. 110 at II 1-S, SS at II l-l, to at II 1-4, 10 at l 1-4. its at II l-l, SI at 111-4. 40 at II l-l. 11 at II 1-S. 10 at II t-l, II at II 1-S. 10 at tl l-l. IS at II 1-1. 101 at II 1-1. .11 at II l-l. II at II 1-4 Price Bros. II at IS 1-4. II at U 1-S. II at IS 1-4. Quebeo Power 41 at IS 1-4. United Securities pfd. 140 at 111. So. Can. Power II at tl, 10 at Tl 1-S, II at TS. . . - Smelters 11 at 47. Shawlnlgan SO at 111 1-4. 11 at II. - Steal of Canada !S at Tl 1-4. SS at Tl 1-4. 7 at T 1-1. . npan. kit. com. is at 101, zi at 111 1-4. 31 at 101 1-1. I at 101 T-l. SI at 101 1-4, 11 at 101. 10 at 101 T-l. tl at 101 T-l. Toronto Ry. 71 at 111 1.4. I at 111 l-l, II at 111 1-4. 11 at 111 1-1. lit at 111 1-4. 100 at 111 1-S, II at 111 1-4. ' Dom. Textile II at 14. SO at 14 1-S, 10 at ! 1-4. 1 at 14 1-1. II at 14. . Quebeo Ry. Bds. tOO at 10. Wayagamack Bde. 4.000 at II. Cement, pfd. 7 at 101, II at 101 1-3, 10 at 101 1-4. Ogilvio I at 114, 41 at 110. Mackay, pfd. 10 at II 1-1. Ottawa Power 3 at II. , Tuckett 1 at It 1-S. v' " " Molson Bank II at 174; 4 at 174...4 at 171 1-S. S at 174, 11 at 171 l-l. I-,''. Bank of Montreal T at 141. , Bank of Commerce 1 at 1114. , Howard Smith Pfd. I at 14 1-4. . Vky. BC 1137 1.000 at 101.11. 19111.000 at 101.11. - 1147.000 at 104.15; 4,004 at 104.30. - 117 lv.100 at 101.10. War Loan. 111 4.00 at 101.50. 15254.000 at 100.IS. BAR SILVER, . ' , .SfDON, oct II. Bar llvr - - . pvace per ounce. THROAT TROUBLE DANGEROUS Starting Point of many Diseases Which Often . Prove Fatal ''!. y n cold attack the throat and rndr It o weak that Bronehlti and Tonalllti .m Jo ; ba an Iramovabl foothold. And th womt of K 1. that th throat continue to get Weaker . and . In-area th danger of much mora . Houa dlseaana. Ordinary cough medicine acting a drug glr on: temporary rUef if lnd.e.4 any at What I needed la aomothlng that wm build up th body so that It baa the strength in thm. m w. ae, which WIU moat certainly rmal- a long as ther 1 weakness. V'h ZZm?r Joh"' M'OWn oe Juatlhla rr.! 1 ;! yry thing. It I nourishing tonic- V ' nod whlnh Ainnll.. iki. ... . H 1 . . ..ww nr. looa l- ev. menta, producing th. enengy necessary 4 . H rrrZ'J0- UU ttth UolloU. Quebec, tell U ,. Pother John Mdloln rewtortd hi wife to robust h- -Mr lf ufrred from throat trouble for a long t!m bntnoir ln Uk.'ng rath.r John- Medlcm she 1. i. p., "KJtfc "Vi lt 2 r:i;erjo.r.nr4 M,or r41 ir! Tear ago. In llll. th Ry. father John O'Brien being attacked b a r4 cold, which left him with a stubborn, and distressing; cough, waa rap-l.l'y falling In health. Aa eminent physician prescribed a tonic for him wiilch supplied hi body with rich nourishment hla weakened system waa unable to obtain from ordinary food, and restored him to ragged health. J imply because of its merit thla food medicine was recommended by l ather John and h alnc enjoyed an vr Increasing popularity. lather John' Medlclna while nourishing Serve and body tissue, build-lit heI:h ant r"'1!. lrrroaa nd burden on tb dlgestiv orgsna A It r i i ns no '- d or iingru drug It 1 therefor safs to giv to e - . n f."' ,r f Ilia f jfi Hr. . i. . . . .... , .i i i EGGS AND POTATOES GET HIGHER PRICES Moit Pricci Steady At Well At-"tended Market., Th moat noticeabl featur at a well attended market on By Ward thla morning wsa a further advance In the pric of gg. For th past two. week eggs have been advancing In pric and they old this morntntx at II .cant per doxelf. Som wer offered (t II HoU but noh under that figure. Purchaaera, however, wer scare at these price patron claiming, that gg of a good quality could b purchased. In th shop at lower figure. ' Butter wss fairly plentiful, print selling in .moat case for 41 cents and roll at 41 cant per pound. Fo tatoea were fractionally higher at 10. cent per bag. Fruit wer very abundant, and sold readily In ba' ket lota, particularly peach, pears. plums and grape. : - West End Marat. Th pric of nwly-lald agg ros to lie a dotn on th west End Market. Th eggs wer offered m fair quantities and found a reaJjr sJo not withstanding th rather high pric asked. Butter sold' at from 40c to 4te a pound. Dressed chicken waabffered by a number of farmers at lie a pound, while liva fowl brought ll'each. - Potatoes old all over tb market at from 10c to llo a bag and wer offered in larg quantities. --. Carrots sold at II eenta a gallon, parsnips II cent a gallon, red onions 30 cent a gallon, and cab-bag I cent a dosen beads. To-matoea sold -at 10 cant a small basket Pumpkins brought from 10 to 31 cents each, according to the lie, nd celery sold at 10 to 30 cents a bunch. About 30 trucks and wagon war drawn up to tha curb and tn no weather Drought quit a fair crowd to th market Throughout th morning th buying wa brisk. ". By Ward price were: ' Dairy Products. ' Rutter, pall 40c to 41o Butter, roll .......... 40o to 41c Butter, print 41o to 45c Cream, quart ......... lOo to lie Eggs, fresh ., foo to ac Grain. - Barley Tlo to 10c Hay. new. ton ., Ill to 114 Oat, par buahel ISe to 40c Peas J.J to az.t Straw IT aad II '."" Mcata, Boafi-fronta ............ -To to- le Beef, hind .......... 10c to lie Beef, carcass "... 4o to le Chickens, spring, pair .. II to II Chickens, per pound fVSle to !e Fowl, per pound .... . no to itc Lamb, hind quartern 11 11 to 11.11 Lamb. fronts 11.11 to IS Lamb, carcass, pound., llo to SOc Pork. light llo to 14c Pork, heavy; To to 14c Veal, fronlali.i.jjctit.. I Veal, hinds llo to lie Veal, carcass . . .-. to to II fruit. ' . ; . Apples, bushel ...... TOo to 11. SI Applea, basket ........ lOo to Tic Apples, gallon ........ Zlo to lie Bananas, dosen ............. 10c Citron '. to to. loe Uraps. green and blue, lb. . .-.. II Drapes, per basket .... llo to 10c Oranges, large, dosen . . 40 to 15c Oranges, small lOo to 10 Plums, dozen 14o to II Plums. ' basket .....i., 40o to 10 Peachea per dosen .... Ste to' I Or Peaches, basket .....15c to Il.tS Pears, dosen II to 10c ' Vcgdablca. " Beats, dozen bunches ISc Cabbage ............... So to llo Carrots, dozen bunches ....... II Cucumbers, dosen He Cucumbers, small, baskst...., 40c Caullflowar. each ..... IS t 30c Corn, per doxea lie Celery, doxen head . . , . SSa to SOc Parsley, per bunch ............ lo Lettuce, three head .-.....,,. lie Leeks, per bunch ............ li Onions, per gallon ........... lie Onion. Spanish, per pound ... 10c Onions, green, three bunches. , ..le Potatoes.- per gaU llo to 10c Potatoes, bag I0o Peas, In pod. per gal... lie and 30o Pepper .................. L'i . . le Tomatoes, per basket ..'I0d to II Vegetable marrow , le to lie TORONTO PREPARES $10,000,000 ISSUE TORONTO. Oet 1 To authorise an Issue of approximately II.-400.00 e'vlj dabeature principally for the purpose --providing funds to meet the Toronto Railway award." a special meeting of the city council has been called for tomorrow, afternoon. Th by lew will cover 17.100,001 for street' railway psrenase. I1.1K.000 for Hydro extensions, an l7.0 for sawers. Only l.0.r an Hydro account will be sold at present and 11.000. 000 for general city purpose. - Th lasu will be scla on Wedaea lay; -. WlJtNlPEO GRAIX. - WTJiXlPBO,. Oct 10. (Opnlng lurure): , Wheat Oct., -4 to t-4o lower at tl. II to 11.51 1-S; -Nov. 1-lc lower at 11.51 1-3 to l-4c; Dec 1-lc higher to l-4o lower at 11.41 1-1 to 11.41 t-l: Mav. un changed to 10 lower at 11.11 1-S to li.ii i-i. Oats Oct, l-4o towr at IT 1-lc Nov. .1-4 higher to l-4c lower at SI l-4e to 17 l-4c; Dec, unchanged to 1-4 lower at llo to 17 i-4e: Mayr-nchanged to l-lo higher at lie. to 11 t-lc Barley Oct, l-4d to lo lower at 17 l-4o t ITc; Slor. unchanged at 7c; Dec, l-lo lower at II l-la: May. unchanged to l-4o higher at IT l-la to 1-4.. Flax Oct, 1-1 to la . higher at 11.11 to 11.11 1-S: Nov. l-c to 1 1-lc higher at 11.17 to M il: De, S-4e to 1 l-4e higher at 11.14 to 11.11 l-lct -May, l-lo higher, at -.- . v DMlXtON OOVERXMENT BOTDS . Supplied to The Journal hy H. C Monk aad Company. Bond Dealers. Canada Life Building,. 11 Sparks etreet Ottawa. -.'. - Closing aoaa quotation VkHoey ltl llll 117 a. 4 ft. TaaaMa. - - Bid. Asked. Tiald. 104.44 10 l.l- 14.14 104.11. . .ll aa Pre. 101.7 101.11 4.44 4.10 4.40 1 , 14.40 10(i 117 ,. lOi.TO 101 Was a. wmb. It" ......... ioo lot in -i 11. .T 117 1l. 4.(4 Reaewal Bm l. Tasable. 137 101 05 . 11 J 4 t 131 ......... 1SI 10 11.11 ' 10 I'-fastla Um. tl. Tasaale. 111 1MM 101.11 4.TI 144 141.H -; 111.11 ' . MXTAL MAHUfTS LONDON. Oct II. Standard coppsr, spot ill It Id; futures, 114 lis; IctrolytIo, pot IIT 1U; 'utures fit; tin, spot fll 1 Id; futures fill 11 Id; lead, apot 117 la; f am res. III -7a Id; sine, spot 114 ta; future 114. 7 NEW YORK. pct,'Sl,-Coppr. Arm; eJectrolytlc. pot aad 'futures 1IH to IIS. Tin firm: spot and future 11.11. Iron ateady and-unchanged. Lead steady; spot I. IS to -1.00. ZHic. steady; East 8t. Louis, spot 4.10; future 4.14 to 1.15. 'Antimony, spot 11.75. MONTREAL MJiriXG EXCHANGE. Quotations furnished by L J. Isbell and Cnnipany, Limited, Standard liana uuuaing, i aparka - etreet members Htandard ' aad Moatreal Jjlnlni Excbanaeai - . Stock - : Bid Asked Argonaut ...... ....... ' It II Heaver Cons. .... ...... It. 17 Castle Trsthsway 71 74 Cons. Wast Dom II 1( crown Keserv .... .. il 51 Dome Mine .....14.1 14. Ooldal 10- 11 Holllnger Conar ....... rll.lO 11 Indian ... I Keeley .... ........ S.I7 S.I Ktrklund Iikt r u- i Lake 8hbre .... ...... t.t 1(0 Ixrrftln ' 19 Mc-Intyr .vn 11.10 Montreal-Ontario Mlnlne Corp. of Can. . Nlplaaing ...... ...... I.t Nawray Mine .... ... 17 Pore. Crown .... .. 4 Preston Esst Dome .... 14 llouyn ...'.. ..r... It Tarla-lfuahes 1... .... 1.11 Touh Oske .... .... 41 Vipond Cons. 10 11.00 7 170 1.00 7 ' - 10 1 MA 1.11 1.11 - TORONTO LIVE STOCK. ' TORONTO. Oct. tl. A light freshoffering and about S00 stale cattle Wer cleaned up slowly at pric. a quarter off Monday. Butcher cow and ator cattle mad th bulk of th offerings. Export shipments for the week totalled 1,700 head. Calve sold steady at 111.10 for top. Hogs remained steady at 110.15 oft car, with selects at 111.31. Lambs war actlv at a weak decline, closing firm at 111.10 for choice. - Sheep remained steady at II to II per cwt. Cattle receipts, 107. Quotation: Heavy -beef -stears, - $ - to -17.35: Butcher steer, cood to choice. 11.10 to t; fair to good, 4.I0 to IS: com mon to fair. II to !.. uuicn-r half era rood to eholce. II to It: fair to good, 14 to II; common. t to 4. Butcher cowa good to cnoic. j.7i to 14.10; fair to good. It to 11.75. Canner and cutters, 11.50 to 11.60. Butcher bulir, roOTTIt.50 at 4.z; fair, ino 11.50. Bologna. $125 to 13.75. Feeding steers, gooa, a to $1.71: fair, 4 to IS. 8tocker. good, $4 to $4.10; fair. 11.50 to $4. Calf Kocrtpta. SS. Quotations: Choice. Ill to f 11-50; medium, $7 to $1.10; grasser. tt.10 to, 14.54; milch cow, cholc. $70 to $10; springer. Choice. $10 to $100. Hog Receipt. S40, Quotatlona: Fed and -watered baala. off cars: Select bacon, $11.11: thick smooths. $10.11: light. $1.15: heavies. $1.11 to ll.Tt: sows, $1.15 to $7.31. Sherp Receipts, 4 IS. Quotatlona: Oood light aheep, 17 to $1; heavies and buck. II to $7; cull.' $3.S0 to -$4.10;- good - w lamoa, ii.d; oucaa, s to medium. $11 to $11.15; culls, $8.50 to $1. ; ':-... BANK CLEARINGS.. , OTTAWA ,.. MONTREAL N0RCR0S3 TO QUIT CANADA STEAMSHIPS MONTREAL, Oct . I!- J. W. Norcross, th managing director of tb Canada Steamship Lines. Limited, has resigned from hi active post with th company ' and will shortly retlr from hi - dutla. according to Interest clos to th company, although nothing official Is available. I. P, Enderby will take over Mr, Norcross duties, it la said. , It la understood that Mr.' Norcross deslrVs to. retire altogether from active business and has had this Intention for vral years past, only remaining with the company at th ollcltatlon of hla fellow director. In resigning hla offlc as managing- director, Mr. Norcross will terminate a period of about 10 years spent In th actlv operating directorship of the company. 60TH ANNIVERSARY PRIEST'S ARRIVAL Hla Grace Archbishop- J. hf. Emard wa prat yesterday at St Andr Avellla for th eelebra-Uon ther of th fiftieth anniversary of th arrival at that plac of the Rev.-Oanon J. P. Belanger. ' Canor Belanger wa for 41 year parts') priest at St Andr. retiring In 111 In addition to Hi Qrac mass cleric of Ottawa and district Journeyed to St' Andr Avllln to d; honor to on of th oldest and m' beloved priest In th diocese. Canon Belanger xelebrated high mass and waa assisted by hla twe nephews. Rtvs. Dieudonne and Aerate Belanger.. The latter had th' honor to succeed hi dlstlngutsh.1 cncl aa parish priest of St Andre Avetlln; Hla Qraee was present at the mass and th sermon wa preached by Rev. Abbe J. B. Basinet parish prleat of St Agathe do Mont. A T Dsum wa chanted " and special musla was rendered which included a violin obtlgato by Mia L Brisaoa and aola y Dr. Baauln aad Pregent and others, i , At aeon a banquet was held, at which addrsssa wsr given and an Illuminated addrea waa presented to th aged prleat by Mr. Adei,-d Quean! ea behalf of th par la 1m loneer of St. Aadr Avellln. Canon Belanger haa bs a prleat for II years. H .was born Rlgaud and waa ordained la llll, becoming pariah priest of St Andr Avellln la 1174. In llll h established the new parish of Notr) Dime da la Palx. SATURDAY NOV!87" f 1 i AviWfa . . lLaKt sit "VV1 III I I 111 V I ft . ii inn i g '4 Ottawa Office Cor. Elgin and Sparks Sts. The Ideal Business A notional necessity -iWfi aflxed Jmown cost of production for which there is on increasing demand ... no tabor problems no inventory adjustments a product sold as mcmujac- . . ; . tured . and not sold unless paid for -TfcM sr soma of thg facts which hsrs Stabilized tha Water Power Industry and made ' its securitiss safa and proAUbla invcstmsnU. r '.. ' Ws wouUllkroatoroirBxoUt -POWER DEVELOPMENT IN CANADA. - . Wrtltforaeopj- NESBITT, THOMSON & COMPaANY J 145 St. James Street, MONTREAL Torootol Hamlltctt 'Winnipeg London, On t. -- ' M Winter's Connng! - -. Place-your order with us for . the Old Genuine Scran--ton Anthracite; also' Welsh and Bituminous. Wholetale and KetaH, G0A Order Now At Lowest Prices Bid, 1005 JOS. D0LAN & SON ..... I 4.III.I17 14,711,011 MRS. T. M-VCXATGHLTT. The funeral of Mrs. fT. J. Mae-Lauahlin, well-known artist, and member of 'St. Andrew's Presbyter tan Church, who died on Monday, waa held privately at 2.10 o clock yeaterday afternoon from her residence, 111 Prank street, to Beech wood cemetery. Th service at th house was attended by her relative and a few friend of th family. Th funeral service waa conducted by Rev. Major O. O. D. Kllpatrlck. paator of St.. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. - The chief mourners wer her husband, Mr. T. J. McLaugh lin; -a son, Mr. John MacLaughlin, and on daughter. Mis Audrey Mao- Laughlln. CALIFORNIA CALLS YOU ! It call to every person who seek recreation out of door at thl season of th year. The lure of thl stat la In Its inflnlt Variety, golf ing,- motoring, yachting,' aea-bath-Ing, tennla, horseback rides and biking trip alwaya In th open - whlling away th day and keeolnc you In perfect physical condition. Th Canadian National Railways offer a variety oi, routes, via. th Chicago gateway, or via the Cana dian route, with tha-antlon of going-,, on way and- returning . the other: Th Canadian National passea tnrougn tn canaaian liocklea at th lowest altitude of any trane-cootl- nental railway, amidst scenery of Indescribable grandeur. Low tourisVf-J tares, uoeral stop-overs, . For further Information, reservations, etc- apply to any acent of the Canadian National Railways or to City Ticket Office, corner Sparks ana ssetcaus treia. viueen too. Stocks Bonds JfohlXJold i 11 DCTXXO aad ctMng tvIc as perfect aad goaraateed flTO n give aatlsfactlnat. 1 a i Vow caa alwara de end npoa ear adrtrc fry It, ... ..4 . -gpeti wuh fact-r Mowatft : MacailliTray Vtmm Bjsak Snag. . OTTAWA t s in npt issat $1,000,000 Cosmos Imperial tVJills, Limited ' ; Btad Qfies: BemOhm, Oat - v 1 T ' ' ' 20-Year &A First Mortgage Sinking Fund Gold Bonds Dated ISA November, 19ti. Due JSA Noeember, 19 U. Principal and halt-yeaA intend eewponi ISA Mag and November), payable in earreni fold coin of Canada or . its equivalent in lawful money of Canada at Ae holder's option at any Office or Branch in Canada . of Ae Bank of Nova Scotia. Sonde may bertaietervd ae to principal. Denominations; HfiOO, tSOO and $100. - fiusMwa it mmit far s pasnW ., em 70 oiaf iat Itenk, 1998, twjfeiml to the taisi iava eer saafsrWy, Callable in whole er in part at Ae Company's option on any interest date on sixty days prior notice at 105 and accrued interest, up to and including ISA November 19X9; lOi and accrued interest from ISA Slay 1930. to ISA November 1934, inclusive; at 103 and accrued interest from ISA May 1935, to ISA November 19J9, inclusive; atlOtand accrued interest from ISA May 19b0, to ISA May 2944. tWiuuwv ; Trustee: Tie Royal Trust Company, Toronto.. V ' CAPITALIZATION Common Stock ............... First Mortgage Bonds (thl is) Jvformetien SrpplM bf bW Cemyawy : Althotlssd ............ . . . . . . 1,100,100 Oatatandlng - I1.000.00I - l.Oll.lOO 1. tmlnaati Cosmos Imperial Mill, Ltd. (Dominion Chartar) will own and operate two modern heavy cotton dock manufacturing plan ta, known aa Imperial Cotton Co., Ltd., Hamilton, OnL, established In 1100, aad Cosmos Cotton Co., Ltd., established In 1181, as the Yarmouth 'Duck St Tarn Co., Ltd. Tha Companies mans-factor th heavier grades of cotton duck ased for Teasel sail, machaaieal belting aad Bom, railway car roofing, binder caavases, tarpaulins, tanta, awnings, flltora, cotton paper dryers, ate. Th output I sold almoat ntlraly to manufacturer, cuttera-np, railways aad paper makers. Tha qlpmnt consist of 11.111 spindles and S41-looms. . ; - . . -. ,1 Asiati a at Jane 10th. 1114, after prent financing; ' rjged Assets, Including real aatata. plant, machlaerr and oqalpment . ' 2,li,4Sf Tit BamUJan ami Yrmmdk floats a h ssrrW s esafa s ssajsr aatiss twaHam JtltlUSIJi. afaJasasa la aia lasss, abr s'ssWiaf eVyrseisrioa, it emm ee ef Jemmy lei, tfti, kg tPisinusV GnnsM a C. r faftaaws, ttSSJUlJBOt. - - - -. -: ; - ' ' : "' ' ' - Net Carrcat AsseU (after deducting all carrsnt lUbUlUe) ................................. 1.11 1,1 It ToUl Net Aaaet ft.S14.0ll. (Ovar $SQL4 far sack SLSM of bttttds af tMs I & Earwlitftt After provldlngfor dcptadatloa aad OorornmonT taxoe:"-" . ' Eight-year average, llll-llll, Indaalv ....;....1I,I4I.I1 . (4JI liases bosad iaterest reqairraaewt) ; v rir-yar average. lllt-ltU. laelualv ....,..,........,..... I0I.7IT.II ' . (4.71 Uaaea ao4 Latereat reqmirejncat) N . ' , Tar ending Dae. llat. Hit 114,171.(1 r (S.d Uaaea bond latere reawlreaaeat) . I las asf tmminmftr Ai tie swatU aaawg SOU. MA asasawtsa $1 IS.K1. er aflassaWrsss . 7. - SS4S rrsna tim lead isiawsl rsrairsswat, . 4. Sacur.tyt Tha bond ef tali Una will ba scard by a ipecific flrat mortgag ea all the fixed assets of ' the Company, except the Yarmosta office building valaed at not over Slt.000. and are a floating charge on all ". the' current assets. .r- ': ".. --.' ,''.. ..'.- ,;, - Th Trust Deed will provide that while -any of th bonds of this Issae are oatatandlng the Company shall not, through paymeat of dividends or other distribution to Its stockholders or by parchase or redemption of any of It capital stock, voluntarily reduce It act carrent asaeta aa therein defined below II othe amoaat of bonds 'of this issae thea outataadlng, or I7S0.000, whlcherer amoaat, la greater. .. . . S. Iimarancet Tha Trust Deed win provide that the Company' shall maintain Insurance, payable to the Trustee, on its fixed plants aad eqaipmoat at not lea thaa oae aad oae-aalf times the amount of bond outstand-' lag. Insurance at preeeat la force oa plants, eqaipmoat aad-etock. amounts to 11,011.001. Ia addltioa to the above Trust Deed reqairemeat, Cee aad Occupaacy Insaraae la at preeeat carried to the ax teat of 1111,100. . r law parsaaaaV aail ar Ae time item ssVm. vk eal if fcsasi and rsesasW Ig u. eaeyad I yW a ad Ispal sVlast Im affjsrs. Kmke, aaV AtteUn Cea-U. Termde, sat at a tutm ey if assrvGAs, lVsss, 8mm last a Uuliom. Ontmrit, eai Hr. Melmm, . : T-. . -, ...... Vaafct. lasast a If saDsaaU. Betifrnv " ' '. PRICE: 99 end occrued Interest, yielding GJ57. i Wa Ttmvermy 'ernes er mrtifiemUe wOt W rmtafVr iimw$ W JTsssaaW SOU. fllA QraWv sasy fa tdifl-mM m tdijrwfmU to say r ejtasi a mmr srsaass. : A. E. A H & CO. UNIOM BANK KLOOu - , - , J- TOKONTO , TKAJCaTOSrrATlOM BUM. MOtlTRXAL 94 WcOADWAY - - - - - . tfZW YOKX .- n ' , . . ULMCMiT HOOTS - - VICTORIA, aVC ; -"". ' HAKXIS TRUST BtOCU ; - : CHICAGO V ".. ' v 't'-."- : y-'v' TtLtTBOltB "''. ...V.-:'- ! '-'-' : ; T0ltO!tTO. dSMe,St0t . UOXTKSULstem SOfO rtCTOUS, tOS it t XQKZ. tmetint Ortm mt L CBltAOO. t-U&nU TTIj III Ii ijiifihrfaWaeieUsiV aaaeejyl as) aaaaef ea -. 'V:v &esrsht : - im -4

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