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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 21
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California • Page 21

San Francisco, California
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i ij 11 ml ml mr mit jj mj "Jf The weather Deaths Feb. 16, 1982 S.F. EXAMINER B7 Area forecast A Today a Tomorrow National forecast Bay NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE FORECAST to 7 AM EST 2-17-82 29.77 30.24 Be itti I I TAR Drizzle Rain Wind Fair Fog Overcast AA 30.24JYJ1 SAN FRANCISCOJ IOENVErJ JiqrQp L08 ANGELES FAIR JJilri I SHOWERS FLOW Today and tomorrow Chance of showers late today, partly cloudy tomorrow. Highs in the 60s. Lows in the mid to low 50s. Small craft advisory for southerly winds 15 to 25 mph. Thursday through Saturday Occasional periods of rain or showers. Patchy fog night and morning over many inland valleys. Temperatures near or a little above normal with highs in the 50s to mid 60s. Lows ranging from the upper 30s to the low 50s. DIABLOSAN RAMONLIVERMORE VALLEYS Partly cloudy tomorrow after morning fog or low clouds. Highs in the 60s. Lows in the 40s. SANTA CLARA VALLEY Partly cloudy tomorrow. Highs in the 60s. Lows in the 40s. NOAH DIETRICH Executor of Hughes' will I UPI WEATHER FOTOCAST Temperatures Tonight, rain is forecast for portions of the Ohio Valley, Tennessee, the southern and middle Atlantic Coast and the northern Pacific Coast. Snow is also expected over portions of the upper Mississippi Valley. Elsewhere, weather will be fair in general. Today Marin Oak Rdwd S.F. Cntr Arprt Cty Travelers' forecast Toda3Tomorrow 59 Today Marin Oak Rdwd S.F. Cntr Arprt Cty Noon 60 61 62 62 1p m. 60 61 62 64 2p.m. 61 62 62 67 57 Today Marin Oak Rdwd S.F. Cntr Arprt Cty 6a.m. 55 56 57 57 7am. 54 57 57 56 8a.m. 55 56 58 56 57 59 Noah Dietrich PALM SPRINGS (UPI) Noah Dietrich, who ran Howard Hughes' financial empire for 33 years before the two men had a bitter falling out, has died of an apparent heart attack. Mr. Dietrich, 92, whose biography of his boss was used as the basis for Clifford Irving's bogus Hughes autobiography, died yesterday in the emergency room of Desert Hospital. His wife, Mary, was at his side. The cause of death had not yet been determined, but Dietrich had suffered heart problems in recent years. Funeral arrangements were pending at Forest lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. He was a young accountant in Southern California when he heard that Hughes, a 19-year-old millionaire from Texas, needed an assistant The two men met in 1925, and Hughes hired him as his chief of operations. He directed the reclusive billionaire's business interests until 1957, earning $500,000 a year, and after being fired filed a $51 million lawsuit against his former employer. He also served for a time as vice president of RKO Studios. In 1972 Mr. Dietrich wrote the biography "Howard, The Amazing Mr. Hughes," which detailed the billionaire's political contributions and raised questions about his mental capacity. The book served as the basis for Clifford Irving's bogus Hughes' autobiography. In his book, Mr. Dietrich said the eccentric Hughes stayed in hiding for more than a decade because he was haunted by a fear that his appearance would raise questions about his sanity. Mr. Dietrich wrote that the eccentric billionaire had suffered serious head injuries in three airplane crashes. A first draft to the biography was said to have been obtained by Irving, who wrote a book that he presented as Hughes' autobiography. Hughes broke a long silence to denounce the Irving book as a hoax and fabrication. "He was the eccentric son of an eccentric father," Mr. Dietrich said of Hughes in a 1972 interview. "Those three plane crashes have damaged his brain. He cannot appear in public because he is afraid he will not appear sane. His last words to me were, 'Noah, I can't exist without I told him: 'Keep your hands outta the business. It's set up to run Relations between Mr. Dietrich and Hughes grew strained over the billionaire's penchant of leaving the most 9a.m. 10a.m. 1 lam. 59 60 61 61 56 60 61 High this year to date: 69 on Feb. 2 Low this season to date: 40 on Jan. 17 Sea level pressure at 4 a.m.: 30.15 in. Special San Francisco report Yesterday's high 59. low 55 Normal for date: High 58, low 48 IF. CALIFORNIA HiLoPrtc HiLoPrec it To 10 a.m. today RedBluH SI 56 43 longBcli 65 57 Hi LO Mi Lo Prec ReOwdCtv St 56 43 NworlBcti 65 57 62 52 Bakerslkl 73 62 Reno 55 45 .20 Onto 62 48 B'thoo Sxto 60 56 121 PlmSprngs 77 55 64 47 Bivme 71 San 67 57 .71 Ps 61 46 66 47 Eureka 61 56 60 SiaBrbra 66 54 SanBrnrdn 65 54 63 44 Frnno 64 59 .25 SiaMaru SwtJne 66 57 SO 65 44 Warovle 61 Slock ion 63 SnlsAnt 61 52 62 42 Monterey 61 HO Thermal SnlaCrut 9 68 52 New 00 Ufciah SntaMaria mm 45 22 Oiano 61 51 p.m. yestertUy TahoeVly 40 32 50 36 PauftUS Barstow 76 60 SF. Oakland Redwood City San Jose Concord Livermore Santa Rosa Monterey Lake Tahoe Yownite Hi Lo Wea HI Lo Wea HI Lo Wea Atlanta 62 54 Rain Las Vegas 66 41 Pcldy Pittsburgh 49 42 Rain 60 51 Pcldy 68 40 Pcldy 46 38 Rain Boston 44 38 Pcldy LosAngeles 68 55 Cldy Portland.Or 58 47 Shwrs 36 20 Cldy 74 53 Fair 56 49 Shwrs Chicago 38 32 Rain MiamiBch 81 70 Pcldy Reno 56 38 Shwrs 37 30 Cldy 81 65 Pcldy 55 26 Shwrs Dallas 72 45 Fair Minneaplis 35 25 Cldy St.Louis 50 36 Rain 70 38 Pcldy 39 25 Cldy 50 36 Cldy Denver 60 30 Pcldy Nashville 61 51 Rain Tampa 81 65 Pcldy 58 26 Sunny 61 38 Cldy 79 54 Tstrm Detroit 41 30 Cldy NwOrleans 76 50 Tstrm SaltLake 55 32 Rain 39 27 Rain 73 50 Fair 48 27 Pcldy Honolulu 79 62 Sunny NewYork 50 32 Cldy SanDiego 66 57 Cldy 79 63 Sunny 37 30 Snow 70 54 Fair Houston 77 47 Pcldy Philadlphia 53 36 Cldy Seattle 55 44 Rain 80 45 Fair 43 34 Rain 54 42 Rain KansasClty 48 35 Cldy Phoenix 76 52 Fair Washngton 62 43 Rain 49 34 Cldy 78 52 Fair 46 37 Rain YESTERDAY Hi LoPrcOtlk Hi LoPreOtlk Hi LoPrcOttk Albany 44 35 cdv Cincinnati S3 42 rn Milwaukee 38 29 cdv Albuoue 56 36 cdv Cleveland 47 38 rn Norfolk 69 55 .03 rn Anchorage -02 -06 cdv Des Moines 43 36 .01 cdy OkiaCily 61 37 clr Baltimore Hartford 54 38 cdv Omaha 43 33 cdv Birminghm 62 56 .68 cdv Indnaplis 45 37 .06 rn Orlando 83 68 rn Boise 50 43 .26 rn Little Rock 58 55 .99 cdv Ptland.Me 36 29 clr Buffalo 45 34 sn Louisville 51 46 rn Spokane 56 42 .23 rn CharlstnSC 71 64 .28 rn Memphis 64 57 cdv Tulsa 60 50 clr urgent financial matters of his empire dangling for months while focusing on more trivial matters. The men had a bitter parting when Mr. Dietrich demanded a decision on a point in his personal employment contract in 1957. Hughes reportedly told him, "You are holding a gun to my head," and hung up the telephone. The next morning, Mr. Dietrich found all the locks changed at Hughes' corporate headquarters and most of his associates fired. The break with Mr. Dietrich came at a time when Hughes, an aviation pioneer, needed him most as he attempted to finance the conversion of Trans World Airlines to jets. Eventually Hughes lost control of TWA, his favorite concern. Mr. Dietrich was raised in Wisconsin, one of seven children of a Methodist minister. He first came to Los Angeles in 1911 and became involved in efforts to bring Owens Valley water to the city and in the land boom that accompanied it. He was auditor to the syndicate headed by Harry Chandler, the late owner of the Los Angeles Times, that bought ranches in the San Fernando Valley area for $50 an acre, lobbied for the $28 million bond issue that brought in Owens River water, and sold the land for $350 an acre. Mr. Dietrich was married three times and had three children by his second wife, Carol. denotes readings not taken. Satellite photograph Weather elsewhere AFRICA Hi Lo Wthr Hi Lo Wthr Hi Lo Prec AMERICA Jerslm 43 36 cdv Tel Aviv 59 48 cdv MxicoCty 77 52 yesterday Jo'burfl 82 64 cdv Tokyo 50 37 clr Montrry 91 61 Hi Lo Wthr Kiev 28 18 cdv Vienna 28 25 cdv Nassau 81 70 .52 46 36 clr Lima 75 65 clr MEXICOCARIBBEAN SnJuanPR 75 SO 41 cdv Lisbon 54 45 rn Yesterday's readings St.Thmas 86 77 clr London 45 36 cdv Hi Lo Prec Tgcgloa 57 46 clr Madrid 48 34 rn Acapulco 91 72 Trinidad 86 71 .20 48 27 dr Manila 88 66 clr Brbados 85 72 VeraCruz 086 71 36 30 cdv Moscow 30 18 clr Bermuda 85 58 CANADA 64 50 rn NwDelhi 72 50 cdv Bogota 59 52 Yesterday's readings 50 28 cdv Nicosia 50 41 cdv Curacao 86 73 .10 Hi Lo Prec 86 64 clr Oslo 36 34 cdv Freeport 79 71 Calgrv 30 14 61 46 cdv Paris 45 36 cdy Guadlira 71 45 Edmnln 14 -03 34 32 cdv Rio 97 70 clr Guadluoe 85 72 .36 Montrl 41 30 54 48 cdy Rome 54 46 cdv Havana 86 72 Ottawa 42 28 37 36 rn Singapr 88 75 cdy Kingston 87 75 Regina 16 12 43 36 rn Slckhlm 34 28 cdv MonlgoBy 85 71 Tornlo 43 32 36 32 cdv Svdnev 82 71 clr Mazatlan 59 54 Vancovr 52 46 14.4 57 50 cdy Taipei 59 54 rn Merida 68 68 Winpeg 14 12 .4 Armlrdm Athens Bnokok Beirut Blgrade Berlin Bogota Brussels Aires Cairo Coprtfign Dublin Frank frt Geneva Helsinki HngKong Today's 9:15 a photo shows various amounts of cloudiness over much of the west. Rain was falling from Oregon southward through to Southern California. Another area of showers is rapidly approaching the coast from the west denotes readings not taken. Precipitation Regional forecast RAINFALL to pjn. yesterday Last July 1 24 hrs. to date Normal July 1 to June 30 Seasonal Normal to date to date last year SNOW DEPTH to 10 a.m. yesterday. Location Inches Donner Lake 35 Soda Springs 82 Echo Summit 62 Yuba Pass 39 Carson Pass 85 Luther Pass 47 Bear Valley 60 Badger Pass 72 Kirkwood 78 NORTHWEST CALIFORNIA Variable clouds through tomorrow. Chance of showers at times Shelter Cove northward through tomorrow. SACRAMENTO VALLEY Increasing clouds with a chance of light showers late today. Variable high clouds tomorrow with areas of fog or low clouds tomorrow morning. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. Lows in the 40s. SIERRA NEVADA Variable clouds in the north and mostly fair in the south tomorrow. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY Scattered showers ending from the north this morning with partial clearing. Areas of fog or low clouds night and morning hours. Becoming mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon Highs in the 60s to low 70s. Lows in the 40s IP low 50s. MONTEREY BAY AREA Partly cloudy tomorrow. Highs in the 60s. Lows in the mid 40s to low 50s. Small cralt advisory for southwest winds 15 to 30 mph with lighter winds inside the bay SALINAS VALLEY Partly cloudy tomorrow. Areas of fog or low clouds night and morning hours becoming mostly sunny tomorrow. Highs in the 60s Lows in the 40s. 26.69 14.85 14.15 13.44 11.68 6.16 9.12 19.09 10.85 7.98 8.87 5.59 4.30 3.55 39.76 22.06 20.66 19.53 17.22 10.24 14.05 Eureka 74 30.96 Red Bluff 17 19.46 San Francisco 1.33 18.86 S.F. Airport 1.22 21.85 Sacramento 1.22 21.13 Fresno 21 4.80 LosAngeles 00 5.63 Peter A. De Cenzie Peter A. De Cenzie, a prominent San Francisco theater operator, died Saturday in Peninsula Hospital of cancer. He was 74 Mr. De Cenzie owned the El Ray Theater in Oakland until it was closed by construction of a freeway. He then opened the Gayety Theater in San Francisco. He also produced several films. Mr. De Cenzie was a member of the Variety Club of Northern California and the Irish-Italian-Israeli Society. Survivors include his wife, Yvonne, and a stepson, Richard Hurtado of Burlingame. Private services are pending. Inurnment will be at Olivet Memorial Park, Colma. William Creighton Peet William Creighton Peet, a former Safeway vice president and secretary of the VS. Maritime Commission during World War II, suffered a fatal heart attack while skiing. Mr. Peet, 74, died Saturday during a skiing trip to Mount Lincoln at Sugar Bowl. Born in Rye, N.Y., on Sept. 7, 1907, Mr. Peet attended St. Marks School and graduated from Harvard University in 1928. After serving in Washington, he was named vice president of Oceanic Steamship and in 1959 became a vice president of Safeway. Since his retirement, he was involved in activities of the Trust for Public Land. He was also a member of the Pacific Union Club and the Burlin-game Club. He leaves his wife, Helen Hope Peet; two daughters, Hope Austen Sun and moon Tides Times, heights of tides at Golden Gate Road conditions Sun Today Sets 5:50 p.m. Sun Tomorrow Sets 5:51 p.m. Moon Today Rises 1:29 a.m. Sets 11:53 a.m. Moon Tomorrow Rises 2:24 a.m. Sets 12:32 p.m. Feb. High Low li 5 12:31 VI 7:54 3.8 Fit Low Rati 17 12:03 3.0 6:18 5.3 1:27 0.8 9:03 4.0 18 1:11 3.1 7:11 5.5 2:18 0.4 9:49 4.3 Page and Lea Austen Hooker, both of San Francisco; two sons, David Austen of Palo Alto and William Creigton Peet III of New York City, and five grandchildren. At his own request, no formal services will be held. There will be private family burial services. Contributions in his name were suggested to go to the Trust for Public Land or a charity of choice. Stanley King Goldsmith Special to The Examiner SAN RAFAEL Stanley King Goldsmith, 52, founder of a chain of popular sporting goods stores and a former president of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, was killed in a plane crash Saturday. He was flying his own twin-engine Seneca 3 from Grass Valley, where he operated Mark Sports, to Smith Ranch in Marin. A native of San Francisco, son of jeweler Robert Goldsmith, he graduated from Washington High School and San Francisco State University. He served with the Air Force in Korea. His prosperous chain of sporting goods stores began with his interest in archery and a tiny shop on San Rafael's Fourth Street where Mr. Goldsmith fashioned arrows by hand. In relatively few years, his enthusiasm for sports had expanded into water sports and skiing. He advised and assisted many young manufacturers in developing useful gear. He helped found the Marin Skin Diving Club, the Northwood Bowman's Club and the Marin Ski Club, served on the board of directors which organized the Montecito Shopping Center here and helped organize the Northgate Mall merchant group. He was honored in 1955 for rescuing a skin diver off the northern California coast. In 1970, he was among several American civic leaders hosted at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida for their contribution to community life. His wife, Olga, who had helped at stores here, in Mill Valley and Novato, recalls "he always gave his projects his best shot. He helped others to grow and he, personally, was capable of coping with extraordinary circumstances." She said Mr. Goldsmith, whose chain of Stan's stores was sold to Oshman's of Houston about 12 years ago, had grown restless in retirement about 5 years ago and began the new Mark Stores in Sonoma and Grass Valley. Mr. Goldsmith is survived by his wife, Olga, a son, Mark, Grass Valley, a daughter, Tania Stine, Novato, his father, Robert, and two grandchildren. Arrangements are pending. Full LastQtr. New First Qtr. O0O0 To 10 a-m. ystrday. Route Condition Comments 1-5, North Open Wind warnings Ml. Shasta to Grenada. h5, South Open Wind warnings Castaic to the Grapevine. 1-80, Donner Open Carry chains. US-SO, Echo Open Closed Sly Park to Meyers due to US-101, North Open One-way traffic 4 miles north ot Legget. Slide. CAL-36 Open CAL-88, Carson Pass Open Chains required Silver Lake to Kirkwood. CAL-89, Lake Tahoe Open Closed JCT-US-50 to Bliss Park. CAL-120, Yosemite Open Information auppimj by GtiTrans. Mountain winter condition! change rapidty; motoriata should alwaya cany chaine. March 17 11 15 am. March 9 12:46 p.m. Feb. 23 1:13 p.m. March 2 2:15 p.m. HOAL DIFFERENCE: San Mateo Bridge 38 min. hiflh: 74 mm, low: 19 leet high; 01 teel tow. Richmond 2 1 min high: 29 mm. low. 0. 1 feet high; 0.0 leet low. Dumberton Bridge 48 mm. high; 87 mm. low; 2.7 feet high; 0.1 leel low. Carquinex Strait 114 mm. high; 136 mm low; 0.3 feet high; -0 1 feet low. Sun, moon and tide predictions baaed on National Ocean Survey tables, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. LATEST FORECASTSWeather 936-1212 Marine 876-2886 Aviation 876-0111 Road conditions 557-3755. Weather broadcast 162.55 MHz I Funerals ABALAYAN, Josephine ANGELOSANTE, Antonio BAJUK, Josephine BERTOGUO. Peter J. CANESSA. Theresa C. CIUCCI. Marie L. COBB. Miriam Patterson GROVES. Robert Lee, Jr. LAWLESS, Michael f. LYNAM. Maris McKUNE. George E. MORGAN, MariarelE. MURRAY. Ann SAPORITA, Mary Tsricco SCHEITER, Mai SCHMIDT, Charles F. Are you in the market tor lavender, lace, lumber, lamps, lawnmowers? They're all in the Want Ad Supermarket Phone 777-7777 of the late Rose OeMartini; loving aunt of Raymond and Antoinette DeMarttni, Marie and Mario Ansaldi. Marie and Robert Grassilli and many other nieces and nephews; a native of S.F.j aged 89 years. Friends may call Wednesday and are invited to attend the funeral on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. from the Chapels of VALENTE-MARINI-PERATA 4840 Mission thence to St. Theresa's Church, where a Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 9 a.m. Entombment, Holy Cross Mausoleum. Rosary Wednesday at 715 p.m. 333-0161 CIUCCI, Marie L. At rest Feb. 14, 1982: dearly beloved wife of Randolph C. Ciucci; loving sister of Lena Brunelli, Mimi Connel and John ProchiettO; loving sis-ter-in-law of Viola Gotelli; a member of Catholic Ladies Aid, Holy Rosary Sodality of Epiphany Church. Epiphaiy Senior Club and the Blessed Sacrament Society of French Church; a native of France; aged 84 years. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Tuesday and are invited to attend the funeral on Wednesday, 10 30 a from the Chapels of VALENTE, MARINI. PERATA 4 4840 Mission thence to Church of the Epiphany where a Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 11 a.m. Entombment, Holy Cross Mausoleum. Rosary Tuesday AFTERNOON at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 333-0161 COBB, Miriam Patterson In Sf Feb. 13, 1982; at the age of 67, following seven years of declining health, the past five at Pine Tower Convalescent Hospital; daughter of Mrs Harry C. (Miriam Ann Phillips) Cobb, who died in S.F., Jan 8, 1967; a native of Rogers Park, Chicago. where she and her mother lived until coming to F. in 1939; retired long time employee of Hotel St. Francis; survived by brothers. Loveli Clendenin Cobb of Lighthouse Point, Fla. and Mass will be offered at 9:30 a m. Rosary Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Entombment. Italian Cemetery GREEN STREET MORTUARY VALET PARKING BAJUK, Josephine In DC. Feb. 15, 1982; beloved wife of Joe Bajuk; loving mother of Theresa and Joe Baiuk; dearest daughter of Rozaliia Vidmar (Yugoslavia); loving sister of John Vidmar (San Ramon) and Loize Vidmar, Slavo Pasic and Annica Jaska (Yugoslavia); also survived by many nieces and nephews: aged 46 years. Friends may call today and are invited to attend the services Wednesday at 9:30 am. from DUGGAN'S SERRA MORTUARY, 500 VYestlake Ave DC, thence to Our Lady of Mercy Church where a Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Church. Interment, Holy Cross Cem. Rosary tonight at 8 p.m. THE BUD DUGGAN FAMILY BERTOGLIO, Peter J. In Concord. Feb. 13. 1982, Peter J. Bertogho: husband of Victoria (Vickie) Bertoglio; father of Joseph Bertogho. both of Pittsburg, Virginia Rossini of Oak-dale and Charles Bertoglio of Woodside; brother of Marie Poorman, Meadowmont. Ca; also Survived by two grandchildren; son the of late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bertoglio and brother of the late Joseph Bertoglio: a native of Butte, Montana: aged 71 years; past Supreme Venerable of the Order of Sons of Italy of the U.S.; past Venerable of the Grand Lodge Order of Sons of Italy in former Sec. Western Region for the Secty. of Transportation of the U.S.; member of Order of Sons Italy. Oakland Lodge. Funeral services Wednesday, Feb 17, 10 a m. from the PITTSBURG FUNERAL CHAPEL, 2295 Railroad thence to Church of the Good Shepherd, where a Mass of Cristian Burial will be offered commencing at 1030 a m. Interment, St Mary's Cemetery, Oakland. Reciation of the Rosary Tuesday. 8 p.m. at the PITTSBURG FUNERAL CHAPEL. Spiritual bouquets (Masses are preferred.) CANESSA, Theresa C. Feb 14. 1982; dearly beloved wife of the late L0uis Canessa. loving sister Ewing Phillips Cobb of S.F. and by sisters-in-law, Virginia Carlson Cobb of Park Ridge. III. and Margaret Helen Cobb of S.F. and by faithful friends, William Nairn Macqueen and Joseph Hale Armstrong, both of San Diego; and relatives in Toronto and Winnipeg. Friends are invited to participate in a Memorial Mass at Holy Innocents' Church, 455 Fair Oaks St. (nr. 26th St) on Wednesday. Feb. 17, 1982 at 2 p.m. Inurnment, lona Churchyard, Cypress Lawn Cemetery. Contributions to American Cancer Society, preferred. GROVES. Robert Lee, Jr. In San Francisco. Feb. 12, 1982, Robert Lee Groves, beloved son of Robert Lee Groves, Sr. and Doris Groves; loving brother of Robyn Morales and Paula Groves; loved by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a nephew; a native of Ohio; aged 24 years. Friends may attend the funeral services 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 17 at ANDERSON'S, Valencia St. at 25th St. Interment, Skylawn Memorial Park. ANDERSON'S FUNERAL PARLORS VISITOR PARKING LAWLESS, Michael F. In Seattle, Feb. 14, 1982, Michael F. Lawless: beloved father Richard and William Lawless, Mary Mauer and Theresa Ainslie, dear brother of John Lawless and Rose Haley: dear grandfather of 16; great-grandfather of three; dear uncle of Mary Schabert; dear friend Helen Codell; a native of Canada; aged 82 years. Funeral will leave the SAN BRUNO FUNERAL HOME, 200 W. San Bruno San Bruno, Thursday, Feb. 18 at 915 a thence to St. Bruno's Catholic Church, for a Mass of Christian Burial commencing at 9:30 a.m. Rosary 8:30 p.m. at the above Funeral Home. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. Visitation beginning 4 p.m. Wednesday. LYNAM, Marie Feb. 14. 1982; aunt of Richard M. and William T. Lynam; grandaunt of Gyn, Ian and Kyle Lynam; a native of Tacoma, aged 85 years: a member of Immaculate Conception Sodality and Third Order of St. Dominic. Rosary Wednesday afternoon after 10 a Wednesday at the Funeral Chapel. Memorial gifts preferred to St. Anthony's Dining Room, S.F. CHEDA MATTEUCCI SAPORITA, Mary Taricco In Millbrae. Feb. 14. 1982; late of Millbrae; beloved wife of Joseph J. Saporita; loving mother of Joann Ziss of Novato; dear sister of Frances Bertolucci of Carmichael, Rose Jenovino of Sacramento. Louis and Frank Maita both of Daly City; also survived by three grandchildren; a native of aged 67 The funeral will leave the CHAPEL OF THE HIGHLANDS. El Camino Real at Millwood Millbrae, Wednesday at 94S a for St. Dunstan's Catholic Church, in Millbrae, for a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. Recitation of the Rosary Tuesday at 8 pm at the CHAEPL OF THE HIGHLANDS. Contributions to the American Cancer Society, preferred. SCHEITER, Max In this city, Feb. 14, 1982, Max Scheiter. beloved husband of Hana Scheiter; adored father of Susana and Catalina; loving brother of Elsa Zentner; devoted uncle of Paul Zentner; also survived by many loving cousins and friends. Services will be held Wednesday 11:30 am. at Eternal Home Cemetery Chapel. Colma. under the direction of SINAI MEMORIAL CHAPEL. Contributions to Congregation Ner Tamid, preferred. SCHMIDT, Charles F. In S.F. Feb. 13, 1982: deraly beloved son of the late Emil and Katherine Schmidt; devoted borther of Sister Mary Martina, Sister of the Holy Family, Joseph. Loret-ta. Marion and the late Christine Rose, Katherine and Emil Schmidt; a retired employee of the S.F, Department of Public Works. Friends may visit Monday from 1 to 5 pm. and Tuesday from 1 to 9 p.m. at CURRIV AN'S CHAPEL OF THE SUNSET, 2550 Irving St. (at 26th Ave Rosary Tuesday 8 m. Funeral Wednesday 8 30 a.m. from CURRIVAN'S. Mass of Christian Burial 9 a St. Gabriel's Church, 40th Ave. and Ulloa St. Interment, Moly Cross Cemetery. 2 O'clock at HALSTED-N GRAY 1123 Sutter St. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered Thursday morning 10 o'clock at St. Mary 's Cathedral. Interment, Dominican Cemetery, Benicia COMPLIMENTARY PARKING HALSTED-N. GRAY CO. McKUNE, George E. In San Francisco, Feb. 13, 1982; beloved husband of Ethel May McKune; loving father of LeRoy Earl and Vernon Franklin Carter; a native of Pennsylvania; aged 77 years. Friends may attend the funeral services 2 30 m. Wednesday, Feb. 17 at ANDERSON'S. Valencia St. at 25th St. Interment, Olivet Mmeonal Park. ANDERSON'S FUNERAL PARLORS VISITOR PARKING MORGAN, Margaret E. In S.F., Feb. 13, 1982; beloved wife of William B. Morgan; loving mother of Kathleen and William Michael Morgan; loving daughter of Michael and Margaret Murphy; dear sister of Bob Murphy; a native of Valleio. Memorial Services will be on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. at Church of the Good Shepherd in Pacifica. Contnbuitons to the American Cancer Society, or your favorite charity, preferred. MURRAY, Ann P. In Tiburon, Feb. 14. 1982; devoted wife of James Murray of Tiburon; loving cousin of Margaret and Curtis Hayden of S.F.; sister-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Darby and Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Dettwiler, both of Santa Barbara and Mrs. John V. Murray of Tiburon; dear aunt of Alanna and Pamela Murray, both of Tiburon, Murray Darby of Missouri, Mary Anne Zegers of Santa Barbara. Peter Dettwiler of Sacramento and Catherine Armiio of New Mexico; a native of San Francisco. Friends are invited to attend funeral services Thursday, Feb. 18, 1982 at 930 a m. from RUSSELL GOOCH FUNERAL CHAPEL, 270 Miller Ave. Mill Valley; thence to St. Hillary's Cahtoiic Church. Tiburon, for a Mass of the Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Interment, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, San Rafael. Rosary will be held Wednesday evening at p.m. at the Funeral Chapel. Friends may call for, visitation Cremations Cemeteries-Lots ABALAVAN. Josephine Feb. 14. 19S2; Oearly beloved wife of the late Teotimo Abaiayan; loving motner of Timothy Abaiayan; loving mother-in-law of Cindy Abaiayan; devoted grandmother of Oeanna and Nicole; loving sister of Florence Pereira, Sylvia Harkins and Anne Benev-ides; aged 80 years. Friends may call after 3 p.m. Tuesday and are invited to attend the funeral Thursday at 1030 a m. from the Chapels of ALENTE-MARINI-PER ATA 4840 Mission thence to Corpus Chnsti Church, where a Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 11 am. Interment, Holy Cross Cemetery. Rosary Wednesday 7 m. 333-0161 ANGELOSANTE, Antonio In this city Feb. 14. 1982, Antonio Ange-losante; beloved husband ot Edea Angeiosante; loving father of Julie Angeiosante Rosecrans, Dino Angeiosante; father-in-law of Tim Rosecrans; dear son of Guilia and the late Berardino Angeiosante; loving son-in-iaw of Tommaso Bantucci; loving brother-in-law of Sabatino, Pas-Qua and Maura Rantucci; loving uncle of Tom and Louisa Rantucci: a native ot Italy; aged 57, a member of the Bartenders Culinary Workers Local 2 Friends are invited to attend the funeral from the Chapels of GREEN STREET MORTUARY, 649 Green Wednesday. 9 a thence to SS. Peter 4. Paul Churtn where a High Requiem VETERANS SPOUSES Beautiful expanded area Pre-need reservations avail. FOR ALL FAITHS. W000LAWN Memorial ParkCrematorium Colma-lnspection Invited 755-1727 NEPTUNE SOCIETY A Beautiful Alternative To The Costly. Involved Funeral-Cemetery System Pre-Oeath Arrangements Made Immediate HELP Call FREE Literature Call Funerol Directors HALSTEON. GRAY (. CO. 1123 Sutter 4000 19th Ave SF 673-3000 24 Hrs. All Services Itemized Funeral Directors 771-0717 680 Beach Street. SF 94109 BYRGAN CREMATION BURIAL SOCIETY $345 COMPLETE SF441-4699 i Burl 343-5511 Want Ad Supermarket Phone 777-7777 Valente Marini Perata Co. 4840 Mission SF 333-016

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