Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 7
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NORTH BOUND. 6:20 a in No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sim.10:22 a n< 3:30 p m No 22 Michigan City dally 4:-15 p m 1:55 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun No 150 Accom. ex Sun.. 6:45 am •Docs not run north of Peru on Sunday. Trains 21 and 20 run dally between Indl- jnapolls and Peru, No. 20 via Tlpton arrives at Bloomington at 9:32 p. m. making-direct connection with C. & A, faat train arriving In Kansas City at S:53 next mornlns, connecting direct at Kansas City for Denver, San Fran clsjo and all points west. Free recllnlns chairs between Tlpton and Missouri river lor all passer.Kers. Nos. 20, 21, 22, and 23, connect at Tlpton with main line trains rorSanduaky.Pcoria anfl all points east and west. F->r ticket rates and ceneral Information call on J. J. Skinner ticket iifrent, L. E. & W., Pern, Ind., or C. F. Dally, (jenerai passenger atfent, Indianapolis, Ind. i;hey -•he Pi-njn."yrrmiiH S'. fDklly except Sunday, Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col....*12:50 a ro • 2:45 am Philadelphia & N, T..'12:50am Richmond & Clnti....« 1:00 a m Jnd'plg A Louisville..*12:45 am EKner & Peoria • 3:05am Crown .Point & Chi..* 2:55:am Richmond & Clntl..t S:« am Crown Point & Chi..t 0:00am Moimcallo Jc Ellaer f Kill) n in Bradford A Col t7:56am Effner local rreight.,t 8:30a m Ina'pla * Loulovlllo..' 2:00pm Richmond and Clntl.,• 2:10 p m Bradford and Col....* 2:05 p m Phlla & Nuw York....* 2:f>5 P m Montloello & EKne...t 2:20 p m Chlcaso «l:35pm Chi & Intermediate..* 4:30pro Kokomo & Rich t2:30pm Bradford & Col.,.....t 4:30 p m • 2:45 a m • 2:20 am • 2:30 am •12:30 am •12:40 a ra tll:20 p m t 7:a(ipm t 1KB p m t 4:15 pm t 2:15 p m • 1:30 p m • 1:20 p m • 1:10 p m • 'lad p m t 7:45 am • 1:55 pm •12:30 pm tll:00am t!2:20 p m J. A. McCULLOUGH. Acent. Logansport. WEST BOUND.; ]!•:(( p TO 10:!4 p in (•:17 p in a:33 I- 111 J nf") ir'il 1. inin . tPllj i» FIT . St. Louis limited dnllj, TIU.I.O -13'.. Vast Mull anllr. 'old no 47' ............. Kansiis City upress dally • ow t o.-il ^acexprrhS(.«llj ixtiin 'OKI 1 1- d.'/..Jli II' u m NO. EAST BOUND. 2 N. T. 4 Boston lira d dally 'old no 42., 2:41 am 6 Fast mall dully, 'o:dno4U ............... »:4» « m 4 Atlantic Llm aally ex Sun 'old no -14,. 4:52 p m 74 .Local Irt. Accom. daily ex 8nn ......... 12 60 p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. No 35 arrive ........................................... 'M* » In No 37 arrive ..... ,', ................... , ............. 2 J5 p m EAST BOUND. . . lO,*" a '" -i- M P '" No 36 leave No 34 leave VANDALIA THAJNS LEAVE LOQANSPORT. IND. , , , . FOR THE NORTH. J>"o 6 for 8t Josepli, ddllj'ex Sunday.... l«:3l a m No 14 for at Joseph, daily ex Sunday ..... 0:15 a m Ho 20 for St Joseph, ex Sun ...... '.'. . . . . j^ p m Jlo 10 to St Joieph Sundur only ............ -:(H) u in No 8 eiSundar wrSouti Bend ............. t) 35 p m 'No 8 has. through purlor C«T, Tndlannpoliato South Bend via Colisx. No KO' has through sleepers, St Lonla to llsckl uaw. • .-: i ' -.. ....-• FOB THE SCUTH No 13 for Terre Haute iJnllJ ex Sun ........ 7 ill a m Jlo 11 forTerroHnutedaUrexSun.... 2£f> p m NO 21 dally ex Sunday ............................. 11:50 » '» No 13 lias ihron([h parlor car, Sooth Bond to lD(llan«polb,vla.tolfiLX , • , . j?o 21 has thn ugh Slcener, 3faoklnaw to St. Louis. - • • • . No 15 <!ailT except Sunday ..................... »35 p m No IT Sunday only ................................. 10.-* p in For complete time card, giving all trains end stations, and for full Information B.B to rates, through cars, etc., address J. C. EDQEWOETH, Agent. Logansport, Ind. Or, -E. A. Ford,' General" .Passenger Agent, St. Loulu, Mo. THE OKMT HINDOO RIMBDY S T!U£ XBOVE Curca all ? ervou» Dijo»RM. 'YiUltnfr Uoniorr, ar««l8,3loopleicnfi->d, Sfigntly Lnifs- ilonn, etc., caiwod by pint almroii, elves •o•hmnk™ ontnnn, and quickly butsurol; ijuBtiHaHlia'Ml In old oryountr. fcaallycurrictuMivuHi roclrJt, ITloofl.OW » jmckuifo.. Six tor *.1.0(l with • written lunmntcc Kk»reor mwioymfuiidcd. Uon^ bvtian i;,,ttilion, but insist on liavlnB J>I>A1 F O, J. younlnijwlHtliiisno'/iirot It,we will »ond It prepaid. l* f CklMIO, 11U, .. ••rid leadinc druEKisis o douo in mi isuir.nl. The dipping of tin; li:uimiiiiMvd [li'occs Clio im-ltlng of t.ho iii'liMi'd plix-cu, would feast 1 . Grcut quun- ti.'iien of good coin'would cojno forth froim soot'uit di'iiwoi'si and from behind tin 1 ])jiii!«lpi of H'rtlnools. The mutilated silver would giuduafly llo\v Into the mint, and would can ID forth usMin.in n 1'ur.m wAi-k-li would uuiku mii'tUmion im- piixsiilik'. InuKli-ort lil'im: tlio whole cur- IVIK-.V at' l.lu.' realm would lie in « sound s:.au.', :i.nd during tin; pro^n.'Sn oC Mils .inv;i.i; cliiwi.w, there wouTil nove? :ii any moment bo a.uy scarcity of nioni'y. Tlw\SD wuru weAgHty conslderiiti.on<; a.iul, 1o tlie John: authority nf 'North mul IvOeUo,. o,ii-. snali :\ qiu'-itloji grunt n. 1 - jipeot is due. Yet -it must be o\ni(;d thill, the.iir |plan was o^iun to one ,ii'r.!ons wJuch did jiot indeed nJto- 'r esc;ipo fJicilr notice, Titir. of which sown ito IKIVC tliougliit txio Hghily. rwtoriiitUni O'f the cnn'Oiwy w.'u< :i to Hie wlrolc cuiir.iniMi.ity. On priiK-iplo, rlinn-, was the expom.-sc of nv-itorinj; it he cnrrCMK-y to be liorno by ;i |i:irt. of nlio co-nniuwiilyV It wns ino^t do-slrnWc doubtless tha.t the words pounds and sliilliliw should ,-isain have a fixed filRn!li«itj<i.n. that UVCIT man should know whu't his con 1 !r:id> menu* ;nul what his i>roiKirty n'iis worJli. Hnt was it just to attjiilii-Uiis excelk'Ht end liy meiUK vf wlil«)i the t'ffL'c-t would lie tlunt every farmer who liaO put "iy ~ linudrod pounds to pay his ivnf, every trader who had scraped f.ojrciher a liun- d.i'i'd. iionnds to meet li.is m-cepluncos, would find life Iiuiulred pon.nds rOilnced to nu-er. his nectiptjinoes. would Hud h'.i liniHlrt'd pounds reduced hi a momciit \.~> fifty or sixty? It was not the fault of sncli n i'ann.e.v or o-l! such ,1 trader thai his crowns si ml hsi'lfcrowns were not o: t'ul-1 wwpht. The sovM-nniont itself was to bhune. Tho evjl wl;ii-h the S-inle h:'ul paused t;iie Suite was bound to repair; JUKI it would evjdetttly !i;ivo boon wroiiK to throw the clui.rpre of tlie rep.ir- nttou on iv pnrt.i-cuhi.r claw merely lie- cause tlunt (sliiss was so ,*!tu:it.cd tlKit it could convenleuitily bo pillnswl. It would have boe.u as roasonaiilc lo rc- nni-rc t.ho tmiber in.orchaais to bear Mie wlinfe cost ftf flto'li.? onil. filii 1 Ch.'inncl Meet, or the ffiHiBiivlitilis lo liffir the whole post of supplcnl'iiK nrnij! to '.lie reprl- nir.nts'in Tlnjiders, ns to restore Uie currency of the kingdom nt the expense; of those ind-ivJduals In whose hands the clipped rs'ilvcr lKi.pnen«d a.'; - parlJcnlar moment to bo... "I/ocke declared Unit he rorrrotteil the loss* w.lii<rh,. H' l:is..'idvk-c ware taken, wou-ld fall ou t.ha hoildei-s of the short money. But it npnosvred to him tliat the mutiioa must -take a choice between evils. AIM! in truUi i'l was iii-ueh easiei' •to lay do-\vn. the Kcu.cr.iJ proposilion Um: the expanses of rd»tor.inj? -Hie currency otiplit fo 1«? !iwiie by !Jie public than to devise a.ny -naxle in wh.ith tiliey could without cxtraino inco.nveii'io.iico awl dii-HSBr bo so bonie. Was tt to lie an- .nomiced thait everj 1 person who should wi-t.li-iiit a te.mii of a year or half a year cairry to tiho imliit a clipped crown sltonkl receive jn cxchan-fre for Jl :i mJiHetl c-n'owm, and tliat t.lrc difference between the v-nlue o-f the two pieces should be made good out of the public purse? Thjut would be to offer a premium for clipping. The sircars wouM be; mioro busy than ever. Tho short money woii'ld evfriT dny become shorter. The differciice which t-lio uixpayeiw woti'ld h.'i-vo to nia.ke frood would prob- iibly.be si-eawr by a -ni'ltion at the end-' of tiie'verm than n.t the bpfrJuoJ-tiK; n,nd- •the whole of this million wonJd ?o to reward ' innitofactoa-s. If the time nl-' lowed for. t3ie bnijigJiiff 'In p-f Hie liaiiii- uienMj 1 coiln w.rc much shorteuod, t.he danger o>f furtihcr eli-Pi'i'iiKf would be' prapoiitlo-mUly d'lmta'ishwl; lint nnothei': cLanser w.o«,ld'.be Incu.rred, The sl-lver would flow into tlie mint so much faster than -It could possibly now out tJnit there nwi^t, idwlng-'some nw.ntlis. bo n ftnlcvous sCiircitj- of money. ".Mraiiwli/llo fJie mwly libt'i'iiti-'d presstsi of 'the' capital never rested ;i inonn?ulv IiMiiujnerti^le ]>:nnpl-ilets anil broadsides * abomt the coiai lay on tin: counters of the booksellers, .ml were thrust into the tends of jiuratirrs o-t in tlio lobby. In mio of tlie cnTion.< ;ind amiisinR of these pieces lA-wis aj).d bis ministers siru in- t.t'oduced, exprc«s*up ilia Ki'i'.'it^i aliinn lest Hn^'liuid should nifike he:-self the ri'Chost country in ihu world by Wie simjiic expedient or calling :i!in;ponce a t-'li'i-Ui.ng, - and cunnnwirly lire-. dirfJTijr Mint, if -the old gtandard Wfre iiiailm'tiii'Liiod, tihere would bo aiKriher revohitton. SoiM wr.iiteiv= vciieineiuiy Many a uervous woman sits up all tU« niglit and tries to read herself sleepy. Nine to one she don't accomplish her purpose, Nine to one, she (fets more and more ner. vous. The slightest sound strikes terror tc her heart. Tlie dark corners of the room contain a thousand frights. She doesn'l know what she is afraid of, but she is afraid, actually, honestly, nervoiTsly, abjectly afraid. Healthy women are not cowards. If a wo man is nervous and sleepless and afraid ol the rustle of her own dress, there is so'.iiu- thinfj the matter with her. The most delicate nerves in her body are set on edjre bj weakness or disease. Nine-tenths of th« nervousness, irritability and bad temper ic women is merely a symptom of ill health— ill health of the delicate a:id sensitive or. (fanisni that makes her a woman. If she is overworked, or over-worried, the effect wir. show itself there first. There U no u?e taking- harmful and deadly narcotics for nervousness and sleeplessness. It will leave the body in a worse condition than it wai before. The way to effect a cure is to curt the cause. Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription will do it. It has cured tens of thou. sands of cases of female weakness and nervousness, It is a most wonderful iuvig-orat- icp nervine or nerve food. It brinps sound healthy sleep and restores the glow anc bloom of health. It is the only medicine now before the public for woman's peciiliai ailments, adapted to her delicate organization by a regularly graduated physician— an experienced and skilled specialist ir. these maladies. It cannot do harm in anj condition of the system. Its sales exceed the combined sales of all other medicinei for women. The siory of , its discovery and iti wonderful success is told in one part of Doctor Picnic's fircat thousand page book, "Common Scnr.e Medina! 'Adviser," which will be sent free ou receipt of ai one-ceni Mamps lo pay for inailinc; only. World'! Dispensary Medical Association, No, 6Vi; Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. reeo-hiud accordlnft to 1:ln; old standard both in welsh t and of (ineucss; that all the iivw pieces should tie milled : that tihe.la-.-s on- tin; clipped pieces (should be borne by Iho public; chat a t:me should be fixed after which no c-tipi)ed incncy sh-cnkl ibis's, except in payments to the frovornmeirt; a.:id lihat. n later time slionld lie Jlxi-d, a.l.'t.ci' which no cllppeil m-cm-cy should pa^s at all. W-hat. divisions took .place In -rlu: Conimiltt.ee can not be ascertained. When t;!ie res-:ihi- Hons were reported there v,-.-.s one di- v.is.ion. It was the titie.sUon whether the old standanl of weight should be inatnirt'iiied. T!ie noes were a linwlred a.iwl foureleu; tlie nyes two hundred and twenty-live. "Tho prLndples of the Hecoinjipe -Act arc excellent. But. some of the ileta^ils. both of that act and of a snpplonventary act which was passitl n.t a later period of tlie sciss-ian, seem ro prove that Mon- ra,aue had not fully considered what l-effrslaitiort caw, and what it cannot, aif- fect. For example, be porsu-aded tin; rarlitiimont to enact That tt should be pensil to ftivn <n- fake more thia.ii twenty-two slilhUimjrs for a KUlmea. It may bo-co-nfidonlily alfirn'.ed t,lia-t t'his enaot- nie.nt was not smKKe«tc<l or approved by Locke. He w<?ll fc-mew fliin.t the hiffh price of .sold wa.s mot the evl:, and fhat. a fall hi rhe prite of paid would- inevitably foWo.w, a.nd could by no lumiati power or inKMiiiltj- be made t'o precede. tlio recol.n.'if;e of the silver. In fact. tho ponaJty seems to have produced no effect wha.tever, pood or bad. Till the milled sliver was in. elrcula lion, 'the jruiJiea coiiHwiwl, In spite of the law. lo pass .for dilfty sldllin^s. When t;ic inilled silver bettvine plon.t.lCn.l, th-i; Kiilnea fell, .no* to hvon*y-twOi*liillii)ss. wJiilch was Muc'liifflii-st price al'owed by tlve hnv, but to t.weny-one slillliinps and. WITHIN OUR BOEDEES News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. WIH Kntorca ttio law. Indianapolis, I'm)., July IS.—Gov. Matthews is annoyed every year with numerous complu in is of the boisterous conduct of picnic parties from Cincinnati, Louisville and Chicago, and proposes to stop it with the militia. The governor says the law has been frequently violated by these crowds, whisky having been dispensed without a license, anil thnt boiclcrons conduct hns character- j>.cil the gatherings. The sheriff rf Starke county hns written to the governor infoiminghim thai« party o* several thousand Bohemians from Chicago will hold a picnic near A'orth .Tudson next Sunday and as!;s for instructions. The governor lias in- xtructcd (he slu'rift" to see that the lavs is observed.- 10 gather a posse lo help him keep order, and to enforce the "nw to HIP Ic-lter. Hi- has also ordered a militia fompnny nt Knox to be in readiness should l!ie shcrifT find it necessary to en I) on thorn. Kobe? Ituclnc KUInil. Tndiannpolis. Ind:, .Inly IK.—The state supreme court has upheld the Roby racing law of iSS.'t. The ense on mo np on appeal frotn i.ho decision of lhcL;ike county circuit, court, which refused to prant an injunction to prevent racing nl: the Sheffield. Forsyfhc ami IJohy tracks so long as the law which provides that racing 1 shall not be held more than 3j consecutive days at any one track was not violated The supreme court holds that (he three tracks are rwned by one corporation and thnt the Sheffield and Forsythe tracks \VITC constructed for (ho one purpose of evading the law by racing 13 days on each, thus making the attractions continuous. Contractor .Hust Tny. Indianapolis. Ind., July IS.—Alexander d', Tatton. of Co!unibns, O.. ;u< lewee of convict labor inxj.be South Tndinna prison, fell'behind with the state, and suit was brought in Floyd comity by the attorney general and judgment wits taken for $28.2-12.02, The company nlso operated a factory at. Muno.ie, ns well nr- at Columbus and the I7nio;i national bank. Muneie, a creditor of notes fnlly secured, applied for l.hc ip- pointment of a receiver, -which war granted. The slate opposed the receivership and appealed, and the su- premo court has held that the Fat ton company wax not insolvent and that the receivership was unnecessary. Minors Need Kuflonn. Terre Haute, Ind., .Inly IS.—It is tin- doubicdly true that 2.000 or 2,SOC bituminous miners and those dependent, on them are on very short rations. Perhaps 800 or 1.000 have left the state- since the strike against the reduction from (10 to '>~> cents began on Jvfay 1, Several hundred are nt work, some at GO cents and others at day labor rates, There are no reports of actual suffering from hunger, but in many mining communities the people are. living on vrg-e- tables which they have raised or which are given to them by the neighboring fa.rme.rs. Committees to solicit ait! have been sent in all directions. The Woman's Bicycle * In strength, lightness, grace, and elegance of finish and equipment Model 4J Cchim- tia is unapproached by any other make. saddles are recommended by riders physicians as proper in shape and ^sjust- ment, and every detail cf cq'jipment contributes to comfort and p!s£.s«jrc<. 100: TO ALL ALIKE. "Tho added pleas-J-o cf riding » Cfrl- umbia Is worth cvc.-y ifolisr of tiria $IOO a Cc.'umbia costs." Beautiful Art CatQlo^De cf Cc'-jmbi.i ar.d H.-irtf^rd Bicycles is free Kyqu call upon may Columbia Ap,er.c; by niu:'. from us :or two 2-cc::t ituir.pE. POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn. Branch Stores and Agencies ir. nlrrOBt every city and town. If Columbias pre not properly represented in your vicinity, let us knew. , IIS1 THE WORL,P \ Por keeping the Systom In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headtch •» CURES Constipation. Acti on tho Liver and Kidney*. Purtfle* t»H» B'.ood, Dispels Cold9 and Fevers, Baautifle* the Complexion «nrf tm Pltaslnft- and Rofreshlno: tr» the Tasta. SOLO mr tt-L. DnuQQisr*. ffk nicely llluatr.itwl elfttty-piffe Lincoln Story BoqU CITIB ^o cTtrj pnrchMer «< * »»ck»ee of LincolD Tea. Price IISc. Aik fftti drurcUL wr LmojLK T«» Ce_ Tort WI T M. tak For Sale by B. F. KEESL1NO. LUSCIOUS WATERMELONS. "Early -in Februa.ry the panic wli'ch had been caused by the Hist debates on the currency subsided; and, from that •Kimo till the fourth of May. flie want of money was not very severely felt. Tlie recoimajcre Ijcsani Ten- fnrniK-s,' wcro e.w.'Ctiutl in the crardeu behind tlie Trcasnu-y; au-d every day hu^e lu'nps ot pared aidd <le | faced cro'W.ns aaid sliilliusrs were turned fcn-to m;u«9y lui.sats. 'wlvieli were instan.Uy sent off to the mint In the Tower." - ondaryorTep ry 11LOOO 1'OJSON pormanentlf ea IU3& toaWffliyi. Sou OOB bo troulocj A fty. IfrouprcfBrtocomeherowowllicoD' 'iracttopajrtllroidftironndliotolbllli.rind .Plmplos, Copper Cofored &puta. Clcom on my pmt'oi tbotiodr, Ilnlr or Eyel>rown rnljlntf out. It I* thli Secondary UtOOlJ.FOiSOS wtm»rmntectociiro. Wo9olicittbemoiitob<t4 date -care* nod clialtanco ttip world rora p»>e we< nnnoteurr. This d]«cn«a,b.-i5 nlivayg "MBIed th» Mfclll of the Wont eminent phy»l- •clani. . «BOO,OOO capital behind our vnconat- olute proof* m objected to'th,e proposition that thfl public slio-trld bear the expense of rtstorhvf: nhe ciirreucy; some ur^ed the jr-ov- .crnsnent to take this opportunity of as- .•si.iniib.tin« the mojiey of Enplantl to tlie money of ne.iffhborjup nations; one projector was for'coining'fjii'lldew; another for eol'iiiinft dol-lni-R, "Wi'thll.n the walls of Parliament the debates continued during several aux- loiw days. At lengili Montasne, after defeat/in^, fiiwt those wio were for let- tn'nj; tljliifrs remain unaltered till the' 7)ooee. and then- those \vlio wore for the BtitJe slvlMliipr, carried eleven resolutions in• which, the outlines of Ms.own plan were set forth. Ifwns rosolyed that the money of the kingdom should be Now Stoamihlp Lino to Jnpnn. St. Paul, Minn., July 18.—(jenem! Manager Iwnnag-a, of the.Tapaiiose Muil fiieaniship company, with headqnurtors in Tokio. hns sig-necl a contract with the Crcnt Xorthcrn Railway.company for 'the establishment Tf n sttamahip lint 1 between -Tokio'nnd SwitiJe. The GrciH Nort'hevn.system will then extend from Tokio to Buffalo, X. Y. 1'or iho pirscnt there will be ,bnt oni 1 steamer casj monthly, the firet one leaving about Aug-nst 15. "' ' -. Instructed'for llryun. Philadelphia, July 'IS.—Thustiice convention of the American silver party was hchl here. ightceii deloiriitos- n.t-larpv were chosi'n to tlie na- tioanl convention to meet at St, Louis on July ~~ ami the. 1 were instrnyipd to vote'for .liry'an :ui< Rewnll as the can- 'didate of the American silver pajf.y. . Prom?rvln,7 i'ruJt Trlth .Borax. Experiments r'.rc' sitill beiiig'tried in England in preserving fresh ,-fruit; in boras.. It has been found perfectly successful with -cherries, and is now .being tried with vegetables. . , . . r.lvlni; Vfarrimc or stormn, : The night watchtr.au in Albany, Mo., rings, the .big bell when he thinks tbe' clouds indicate the near approach,of <v, heavy storm. ,' ' ' . A Groun Uoodtt Mnn. Shelbyvillo, Ind., July IK, — A man cnllinff himself Christopher Tctereon, of 310 State street, Chicago, entered the oftici; of the Singer Sewing Machine company and wanted to dispose of $100 in counterfeit paper money to Frank Bonder for ton dollars. Bender asked him to wnit there until he went to the bnnk to get ten dollars. Instead of doing so he returned with an officer when Peterson jumped through a window nixl escaped, leaving the "green goods." The counterfeit was of the denomination of five' dollars and was . almost perfect. • To Be Tried lor Mnrelcr. . English. Ind., July IS.--Tin' case o/ Jimies C. Weathers, charged with killing- W. H; Hobson at Mnrcniyo last month, was called for preliminary examination, which he waived, and was put under bond of .$10.000, instead of the $rj,000 set by t.he coroner's jury. Mr. Weathers claims that Hobson, who was a brother-in-law, was crazy and came upon him with a shotgun, threatening to kill him. The prosecution declares thnt Hobson arose from n sicl: bed that day for the first time in a yenr. IMny Call iv Mliiem' Strike. Rhclbiiru, Ind.. July IS.—President Knight, of tlie Mine Workers' union, pays that u state convention will be caik'd nt Terre Haute next Wednesday, the object of which is to call out the bituminous miners, who are working at present regardless of whether they .ire leceiving the scale or not. . letter Carrier In Trouble. Lafayette, Ind.. July JS. — Philip Hloom. a le.ttc'i'-rnrrier. mid David .Hosi'nxwoig. a ticket, broker,.were arrested by secrct : servh;e officials on n chiiryc of robbing- the mails, l.lloom is accused ol' riding letters containing .railrond mileage and. selling the mile- .ngc ro 17o.sc A Brunette Statesman Tclln now the Melon Should Bc'Eutcii. "You want to know something about t.lio watermelon crop, and not politics. Well, bless your soul for that; it is a relief froju the a wf u) monotony of ram- pui^-u talk. "Alabama watermelons will be as pood this year as they ever were," sai-s the St. Louis Past-Dispatch, "and perhaps better, but to cat o, luscious melon is most interesting. Never cut a watermelon; it spoils it. Let it drop and then pick up the pieces and eat them with your fingers. Just imagine biting a chunk out of the ripe red heart; the heart that sparkles all over with little globules of honey water, and wben you get it in your mouth it evaporates and disappears, but leaves there Ihe sweetest taste that drives care away and makes the whole world sunshine. Rut, ot course, I'll admit that to establish that feeling for any length of time it is necessary to eat more than, one melon. "Yes, I have eater the hearts of nine radons without stopping-, but I recTcon I could finish several more. When I j;"ade that record Ihe suppijag-avc out nrid 'I had to stop. "People in the north. I understand, do not cat the seeds. Tf they had a stomach like mine, made in the boiler works, they could eat most anything, and I am particularly fond, of the seeds, as they are the, most nutritions." HIBERNICISMS. Two "Irlnh" Bull! >'ot ftt All Ctmrceabl* toi Irlfllimrn. • The Spectator ' records Two "Hi- bernicisms" which are not chargeable to Irishmen. One of them was recently uttered by the capt;iin of a "boys' brigade."—a popular miijtary organization in a certain English parish. HP addressed'the <»rps on the subject of the de;ilh of Prince Henry of Battenburg, and in ending his sympathetic remarks cliose ah appropriate hymn to close the service. "And now," br said, "let us sing these lines in solemn silencel" The other remark was made by a clergyman in a discourse on the transitory • lia-tiire of earthly things. "Look." he said, "a! the great cities of antiquity; whore lire tliry now? Why, some of them linve perished so completely that it i-s probable they never existed!" Good Hotels In Ntkznrcth. hotels have recently been opened on Moimt Carmel. n.t Nazareth, nnd at Tiberias. vinto vopue during the reign of Henry 11. In ilugland. A Fatal Shot, Shelbyville, Ind., July 18. — lonas .°lo°eph, i 1 clothing mercliaiH here, accidentally shot nncl futnlly wounded Jlis's Flora Slifor. He ^vas shooting at .a target' in his buck yard, wht'n'u bullet went astray and entered the -body of -MiKS,. Sliftfr, who was passing. S«s Fire hy 1,1,1,'htnlnK, .Muncie; Ind,, July 18.— J. S. .Black's large barn east of iluncie was fired by lightning' and destroyed with all the contents, .consisting of hay, wheat, farm implements and 25 head of hogs, which were 1 cremated.' The loss is nearly $5,000, with no insurance. .-••'• ' ' ' Cfimp Moeilnit Begin*. * LofayttterJnd'., July 18.— The Battle Ground- camp meeting began Friday evening: with evangelical. song services by Prof. Ma-vwell. There WHB a good attendance., The cottages. on. the grounds are more geaeraJly occupied tban'laft .year. . '' '. " ' ! WEDDED TO A BARON. Elm pie Ceremony »t Which Ther« **• No BridetiualuA. Wiss Bianohe I>e Wolfe and Earoa: Louis de Levay, of Hungary, were; mar- ' ried the other night at Bristol, R. 1. .' Tbe proposed morning ceremony by,- Eev. Patrick McCabc, of St. Mary's- church, was not performed. ' . Bishop Harki.ns notified Father Mo-:'.: Cabe that the Ca.tliolio church could not' sanction the dual ceremony. When t-lw ; baron left Hunpi.ry the archbishop of- . his diocese informed him that there ! Plight be trouble in regard to the mar-. riage ceremonies in tliis country. H* tnformcd him, however, that he would ; luori^ 1 them according to the ritual ofj tbe church when tbi-y returned to the baron^s native land. . Tlie Catholic marriage ir. Hungary,. will be made an elabora,te event, andj will be attended by t.bc king- and all 1 , the notables of tbc court. Baron de«. : Levay said his parliamentary and mUi- tarj- duties were of such importance- that he'was liable to be recalled to-•:, Hungary at any time. . ... The ceremony was simple. It \va* . performed in one ol the smaller rooms ot the Colt mansion by Jtev. Dr. Locke,: :; of St. Michael's Episcopal church. Only.. v " members of the family were present.'. There were no best man and no brides* ; maids, The reception that was.held ;>: was of the most elaborate character.' -' •Boron de Levay is a member of th».-; Ifungaa-inn porliomentand an officer ot , the king's guard. .' . '.'•/ ___^—_——^^—^ ' .-.' BABY GRANTED WEALTH. Pouthn menu Brooklyn Child Deelmred t*' Be Helren to •4B.OOO. Margaretha Mayer; ten months old, was present in Surrogate Abbot's court in Brooklyn the other morning when she was declared an heiress to $45,000 , iu real estate and cash in bank. The baby cooed.and laughed and wn-s the , recipient of innumerable kisses and era- . braces by the friends of Mrs. iNfayer, who held up the little one foradmira-,, tion. She was born eight months and »<v« rtavs after the death of her father. .-.- Wheat from Gruns. •' Mr, Fnbre claimed tiiat ,'iftor JC.vwi* of cultivation he secured a variety of wheat from a noromon grass. Ihe "Aegilops Ovata." v.'hich prows abu.'i- :lantly fill over tlie *mi:.!i of Europe, O'.herw. however, claim-hi' was mis- tnkKi. and that the flowers of the p!r.nts in his experimcniR were hybrid- Iz"') u-it.h ivliwt. Tv.-o (.'iips nf i'o:-ni:n'.-il. two oups of flour, two cujjs of sweet millc, twoegirs. three-heaping ti'a.spoonfuls of bakinjf powder, naL'.-half cnp of butter, one- h».!f cup of Migar. R:i.l;e in gem tins.— N, Y. Lcfltrcr; Dew Reaches tlio CIooii«. Dew rises from the ground, T.nt how is the dew formed on bodies high up in the a.ir? If the dew comes out of the ground, should it not be- found-' on bodies only expose/! to the la-rtb? Now, .dew does not rise in particles, as it wa« once considered to fall in particles' like fine rain. It rises in vapor. trnibnrjt Clocks. The original Strasbnrg clock, the mechanical wonder .of Kurope. was made, in the', year 135S. The present elock wp» made in 1838 A Sufferer Cured "Every, scascn, from the time I •tvns-lwo years oW, I suffered dre:id- fully from erysipelas, which kept growing worse until my-hands were almost useless. The bones softened so that, they would bend, and several of iny findersHrc now crooked I'rora "~ tliis cause. 0;: uvy hand I crirry l.irgo scars, which, but for AVER'S Sarsaparill.v v.-onld be sores, pro\'i;!c j i! I 'was alive n;:U :ibla to carry anything. Eight botllfts ot Ayer's Sarsaparilia cnwl jr.e, so that I have had no return of Ihe disease for more than twenty years, The first bottle seemed to reach Iho spot and a persistent use of it has perfected the cure."—0. C. DAVIS, Wautoma, Wis, .THE 0»XT;wpBIJ)'S.rAG 'Sarsapartlla PILLS Piamots-Cscd r;^:iii»

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