The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 6
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BLYTEEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY,' Suggestons For Belter Farming Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. FARM NEWS-FEATURES Published Kvery Friday in (lie Interest of Farm families of This Agricultural Section. Another j^j for MASSE Y-HARRIS .. the New "VELVET RIDE" Shock Absorber SEAT* r llic tfltc at last is Ihe kind of ir.Htnr seal you've Jrcainttl .-.limit 3. scat Hut docs for llw tr.iclur V-lnl Ilie shock al.smbc-r dij f, automobile. / This .IKW "Velvet K.'de" shoe!; Mother sen — a fcMme of MJSU-V. Harris tractors . . levels out i!, e n>i. fi ii plowed ground . llw (winces sml bu ..'«•• umps . . c o{ conventional luctor t.,,i,« the, bus.!;,!;, l Il's another first for M.iMey-l'.irm Trjctors . . . another rcjwin why it pays lo own a Come •. in and let m tell you about ihc "Velvet Hide" 35 well 25 all llie <,tl K - r fe.iliircs llut are matins Masu-j-.Hjrm fir>[ choice with moie and more Machinery Care Pays Dividends Most Deterioration Due to Weather, Rather Than Wear More fnrni msicMnc.s are dlscurd- cd bccnusc of age anil weathering Ihnn IX'Cnnse ol woar. Assistant County Afoul W. O. Hiuicllfcikcr declared yestcrdny. Where practical mticlilncs should rjc .stored under flood shelter, he said. If shelter is not uvuilable «'ic recommended a ijoocl Inrpir.tUii as the second best Ijet. If neither ol Christmas Trees Can Cause Fires; Cautionjs urged | Dnrinu tlic next few v.'eeks many people in Mist,i!.;.ippi CV.'nty will ] he ciidlnu u niitivi- cedar or |>Uu> i lor use :i.s a Christmas tree. AM t;<>!:s:b!c pre-iuilioiv; ngflinsl fire should b? lu effect around Clirlsl- inns trees and all C!i:i:,tn>iis fteuim used in decoration, (.niitlims Hoine D.'MKmMTRMuil /i;,<;tll Co;n l,--f C'oleman. l)ele:'!iVL' ilc:nic:il con- iiecliuns. j:art!':ula: iy, .should bo guarded against, The lr«> should bi! |)]:i:Vd so that .its a:,:idental liuniliijr would noL iKnitc' c-utiains or other con'busli');.' Inrmshin^s. Frtslily cut cedar or pine trees standing In a pall of Farm Women's Column ;•;;;<> (fins-; may be treated witli (ju:nir:)l.s to produce \\ coUu-ful ill |)1 iy of brilliant flames when iln-y art to.Vii'rt on an often Tire, uvuiruinu lo Home Her , A .r,<-m Cora Ing the fuel: Grille or pulverize the chemical .salts as fine as possible. Thoroughly mix four lo six ounces of the various chemicals w lth aij ul it « half pint of varnish or shellac, or a halt pound of wax. This will produce (.'luiugh liquid to treat about a bushel of cones, so alter the pro- Hom« Deninnstriilioii: pcirlUms u«'cirtlmg to the number Leu Colernan. 'f'Jtcy f ol each color de.sired. Gutter bars, stt'kles und canvases are t'ootl exain]>le;; of ' Whether Die machines are stored or not some iv.uls need beucv protection than .shelter alone ]>ro- vidcs. Canvnses should be removed from combines ami kjiniler.s ;\iul stored In H safe, dry, rat-proof place. Unprotected melnl parts such us spline slrafls: sickles and jsvmds; plow moklb3arrls, landshtes. shares; binder needles, t\vlne hold%\ 'oii'il bills, ttml knives; asul r.ulLlvnlor trip shanks' should be coated with grease when puL in storage. eel Ihe foUov.'Ui'j ]>ro?i (Jut off the end of the trunk (HtMIonulIy sit least cine inch :\mn the oripim) cul <Mift. StiVntl' the tree at once in :\ contained of wat- or and keep UH- w: U 1 ;- lfvt.-l ;>'"'jve Hie cut s-.u-Iuci- (Uiriiip. Ihe piillro time Hie lr<-p is in Ilie liotise. While this treatment will help | >"=, prevent fires, the Iree and nil "I'd ureens .should tip flreiircofort if they an; (u be used v.'heve nicy in tlunjser of prfKlncing a Here are hrr tiitcc! if.ns: Into a lurse p;ill i:tn one pound ol uiiMniniiMm :iU):!iute or rnlr'nim chloride for each (our po'.'iuls o! may b hazard. THE^riMPLEMENTCO. *' SlWt 1 ''»»": ~'M2. Blylhevillr, Arit. 'MABSBY-HARRTS SAT,BS & SKUVICK Storage batteries on tractors and .stationary units should be kept tree (;r greens. Thoroughly dissolve. nea'r fully charged during the win- the chemical hi wi.ter. usinif one ter inoiitlis. Mr. HozolimKer nd- quart of water to each pc-und ol vises. A weak battery may freeze either rhemical. Place the pail in during extremely cold weather. \\'a- a tool—but not freezing -place. ter is used In farm plement tires Cut the base of the tree or boujflis. as a source o[ added weight, and on a slant and place in the. spill- Tills water must be protected fi'otiv freezing. Calcium chloride is generally used lor the purpose. For protection to 20 degrees nfoovc v.ero. use one-half pound of- comincr- cUl calcium chloride rjcr gallon of water will give protection to zero degrees. Two pounds Per Ballon will give ;>:otcctlon to 2o degrees below zero. k<- nice Christinas filfts to j>eo- •.vl'.u have lire|)late N and arc Tialiy appropriate for home a! the ho'iday .season. To pack- tl'iem for ^ifts, sl\e .stif<^ested ui; ij-ivs tlyeii ti) lilsynisc' unut- -ii-.c letlei'inx and tletl wuh t-);!)re(! i-iljbtjn, or palnieu pi 1 DaskeU w!lh haiKllc ({ecora- i»i colored flnmes are oblained h:;inp inexpcnslvp ehcmicnls to i"i. Many 01 these chenUcalt; i In' obtained from the local U .-'ore or paint shop. From .»»• loiiiiiK list njiiy ], B sclec-led any 1 e or four preferred colors i are least expensive: 'ifch flames- strontium i-hlo- f'l'cen flame;; -borax, boric '"' barinij] chloride; purple— | in chlorldp; blue—eo])|ier ox- ,-i'llow—sodium chloride ICOIH- j ""in Kill i; orantje--calcium ehlo- i ijdi ; l.ivender — potasslnin ehlo- : iirle: and i;rccnl s h blue to purple— ( co,!),,.,- .sulphate or oo|;per chloride. I The cones or any -pines, .spruces. I "r Ins may be tisr-.l. They should ' he r.unoiiijh'.y dry ami not loo old i or d.-lerioraled. . Well-dried husks <liy rhi|: s ,. small sticks, or "corn- ' f«-.,..s j.|vo fair results. : Hi re are the directions for [rpat- ' Use (|iilck-dr5:nf varnish or shellac, melted paraffin wax, discarded wax from jars of liome- canned pre.serve.s. or ends of burned candles. If wax is used, melt it directly over low heat in a dis- carde ( i tin can. Stir chemical mix- lure into tl'.e liquid. Ret the can in a i)nn of hot water whlic working with the mixture, so. the wax will not harden, (if it does hf.-den It will not re-melt at ordinary temperatures.) If a small number or cones are to be treated, pnlnt on the mixture i « quantities are to b» treated, of chemicals and shellac, varnish, sprinkle it on with an ol (1 whisk or wax with small brushes. If laig- '"'Com or an old-fashioned hand , • Jlon-Pr sprinkler. ide; r;i-t fnmous Cf.i: for fust , ,-•-! i.ii--,, which havu i l.y of <ui« L'anliON: 'i'; STARTS RELIEF IN JUST6 SECONDS Unlimited Opportunity TO OPEN "WASHERTIERA" (where home laundering can he done) IMMEDIATE DE LIVERY ON COMI'LBTK ICQIUPMKNT FOH OI»KN- h\<; y\NI) OI'EKATJNfi A LAL'NDRY R)U HOUHEWiVKS Unusual Rctu'n on Investment Factory Rrprcsentntive will be in Mcmp:i;s Tucsilay. Dec-ci nth. to ex]>lnin 0])c>ration and complete franchising r»r t< and localions. Make arrangements to be in Memphis, Tue r December 17tn lo attend special meeting. PAGE SUPPLY SOAP JD5-97 UX1OX AVi:. AIK.Vil'HlH COLD PREPARATIONS (ABLfclS.OR IIOUIO Simeon'Stylltcs InilK n pl feel high '>»tl HvL'0 on it years without descending. for Hon. Allow to iT'.r.sim until ill! or prac- tlcullv all ol the liqniil hys iiL-rii s.h'ioib?tt. If, uUor two or liu'ec <\w>. ii MiRtiis t he tree is not Uikinjj i;u llur sola t inn. suM a fcil & tuny b.'vOir.t t;io :cm:'r-mLnlei1, I g ~~ ~" } Farming Becomes! Big Business/ ni Survey Shows j SOES YOUR CAR IfAVE A- £ *• I t i I i i . . = Concertos : Operas Pinno Music "'"Strauss Wnlt?.es Hawaiian Music Lutiu American Fnvorllc? Shamrock Melodies ' Music, of George Gershwin ..-,Music of Stephen Faster Music of Irving B?v\in Bine Skies—Bing Crosby King Cole Trio Aliike H 'a musical Christnus Tor Die IHII; you have lit nmul. Hero ill Ailuins you'll lillcl HILT rinrsi selection of rcrorjt 1 * aint- h rnronl players In h>wu. Vnu'll Clllo.v "HIS" Kill it It's a rro- «r*l player ami reeurifls! Stle.nt Nighl Olc Bntlerniilk Sky A Gat in Calico Il's Anybody's [.ove Son" Oh. Dnt I Do H Yon Were the Only Girl That's Whnl I Like About. the South The Darklown Poker CluV> Hvnvtovs Arc Flvlnu Yon Keep Comint' Back Like a Song Benin the Bcgnme Star Dust Sooner or Later Cioltii Gel Me Somebody to Love Symphonies ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. . J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 208 W. Main St. Phone 2071 •ci? are of bnslner-is. Ki> \ merit of At;- ; list made up , £ *. «&> RECOHI) IM.AYRIM AND ACCKSSORIKS on , Ao [i fanticr hundred billion snys tlic TJ. S. rit'Vtltiirc which li.'.s .just mud n "bjlunce sheet at a^ric-iittaro Assists of A:r:rri. s :Di ;K-iicu 'olul $10! 5 UiHicjii (U>U;i:s. O." $.':fi G tuUion is f;inii li'.nd; jiliion is oti^or physi'-'Al n ilivosi.o.'-k, inacliinery, crojjs in [id'. C.^f-'h, uoiui •;, SMKI siuuliir 1 \S3Rls totuletl nu:i-o than S'^Q Wi- ion. A'?;u]]sL ihp.w assets. f;i: 'inf r.s )\Mwci only S'.i 3 .lillimis. Dui'uu; 1-^j is.sets rose SiO.G Ijillion. \vliilc tln.^i.s \vcn» C'IL S100 nillJion. F.irmers h:\U $1V bi^licn in tU*- po.sits luul cviM'Riiry; So billion m ]• hoiuls; $1 billion in co-o;H'i'ii- livt- iuvrsUuruts. Most, cf th', 1 SO pprcout increase in their ;is^s-ts sincro January 1. ]040 hus resulted from luiilwv nwakri vnluvs (nv l-.iucl, tivostork. crupx i-.iu] ina-liinriT. Hereford* From Seven States Shown in Memp MEMFIIIS. Tenti., Do.- 13. ( —Tlu 1 sct'ond nnii'-tai IH-^art Dixie Hereford Club c:Uilf s! nut;; today :it the She'.by Cou Pena! I-\tnn v;irl; jja'L;hiji of brr ing cattle as !:io ]unM).'!U r . Herds fvoiu sevt-n i.tute-r tire tei'od in tlv sno* 1 . and c.iLtlri from lii states aiv on !i;in-.l is servi-r.s and visitors. Tractors and Farm Equipment SALE We have just received several new and used tractors of all sizes in both John Deere and Formal!. 1—1fl.l3-M-Farm:ill wilh cither 2 or .l-Hwv cvillivalor (new) 2—new fi-K;irm;ills •t—Ifl.lfi IM'arnuill 5—IM'arniiills from If! 12 In 1'lla nimlcls. fi — A John Doore fvom 19-1.1 mwlpls. 2— New l5-.Iohn J)cerc 1 — N'c\v H-.John Dcerc 1—19 It H-.Iohn Deere to All the obove fractors ore equipped with cultivators, middle busters and planters. We can furnish breaking plows and discs with some of thorn. These tractors are in excellent condition! •a See these tractors and get our prices be/ore you buy Now On Display at— Brown Motor Co The mis'li toe, the lir.'it offidal K linnia ac!oi>'nl it \vhil ilcirv. YJhcels ou\ ol balonco causa linrd L!ccring, a rough riding car and it's foully dangerous al high speeds! V/hat's more, unbalanced wheels causo uneven tiro wear .. . pounds out grouso and oils in vilal front ev.d parts; creates abnormal v/ear of bearings, bushings, ti» rods, etc. '^ Uss Our Budget Payment Plan 110W. Main Phone 2497 p;tr.n.=He. NV:IS > flower. Okln- I still a KT- ! njbvvs Your JOHN DEERE w. n. BKCUVN JKSS Manila, Ark. Phone 31 Hi , •/i-'Ml'L^-' JT **\ \ 1 v H You're probably well icquatnted with our service man, but «re you tware that lie's factory-trained lo service your John Deere tractor and Equipment the way they should b« serviced? Whatever your trouble, our service nun can fix it up quickly ... til 4 «i<rprisi/!j- ly lou> cost, x. With the thorta'ge of new foods, you realize, of course, how Important H la to keep your present equipment on the job. Kight now we suggest that you talk with us. We'll give you expert advice. And, i1 repairs are necessary, you'll be completely •alisfied with the work we do for you. For your own protection, have your John Deere tractor and equipment serviced by a man who knows your machines —a John Deere factory-trained service man. Don't delay .. . ask about our complete service NOW. fc&ssco Implement Go, WARDS MIRACLE BUTYL TUBES . . . FICHT PUNCTURES Yes, it's o fact :; ; road tasls.prove butyl-rubber figh's punctures! Ordinory tubes Tend 10 tear \vhcn punctured. BulyJ-rubber lubes actually cling lo the puncluring object . : : oir escapes slowly, allows you to proceed to O service station. Avoids roadside change! HOLD AIR LONGER, TOO! Butyl-rubber tubes hold oir rnonlhs longer than ordinary lubes! These amazing lubes actually odd thousands of miles to Ihe life of your tires by slopping under-inflation . . . worst e.iemy of tire-life! Replace your present obsolete tubes wilh Words "miracle" inner lubcc! COST NOT A PENNY MORE THAN ORDINARY TUBES! • Resist Chafing and Culling • Prevent Fxcesifve f taxing • Eaiy lo Repair • WifhslarxJ Higher Temperature* • Kttpt Spare Keady for Emergency Size: ^0 - 16 rod. Tax fxlra

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