The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 5
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KKIDAY, DKCUMBKU 13, l'J-10 BLYTHEV1LLK (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Experts Survey labor Outlook Steel Wage Dispute May Point Way to Peace or Deadlocks ISV KAYMON1) I.AUK United I'rcss Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Dec. IV—OUP> —What is the outlook for labor wyce this uinler? will it be an- ,k'ier sfiistm of strnles and bitter deadlocks? Government labor experts p Ved by the- United Press came up with" divided opinions today but many expressed belief that the steel' wage dispute would set the keynote. If that forecast should prove U'lie, ;i peaceable settlement of the steel case might enable the nation to escape a repetition of I is Ifl-lii industrial warfare. Working time lost in strikes this year will reach an all-time, approximately three limes the fiRtire for 1£M5, the previous record year. At best Ihe outlook is uncertain. But one government labor official, saying h« refused lo share the ixssimism of some of his eol- Icasncs, predicted thai the forthcoming CIO disputes would be settled with want; increases of 10 to 15 cents an hour without a recurrence of the 1B4C wave of strikes. To cope with new strike threats, the labnr department's concm'a- s.ervice has launched two ex- inents in the past week. -Seek- new avenues to industrial peace. One was a labor-management i-itnlevenee to develop procedures for preventing strikes in public utility industries. The second was an "assembly" of 24 union and management representative. 1 : to work with the conciliation office al Philadelphia in the maintenance ol industrial pence in the Middle Atlantic States. If those experiments should prove successful, they will be tried in other industries nnd areas. Neither, however, offered a mechanism for handling the steel case. CIO President Philip Murray hearts the steel workers, whose contract expires I r eb. 15. There have been siirns that 'the CIO leadership is anxious to avoid strikes, both to offset the wage looses .sustained in 194G strikes because of the fear of drastic and new labor legislation. Employers no longer need to worry about price controls nor can they claim excess profits tax refunds next year to offset strike losses. On the other hand, reluctant lo vniSE prices further and the premise of labor legislation may stiffen management resistance to wane boosts. The three largest, CIQ .unions—. tho sire! workers, trie' united Automobile Workers and the United Electrical Workers—will meet at Pittsburgh Monday for a joint strategy meeting. The UAW already has asked the Olmsier Corp. for new wage ncgo- taticns and has .set its sights on hourly raises of 2H.5 cents. It cannot tlcmand negotiations with Oncra! Motors and Ford until March 10 and May 1, respectively. The UUW contracts with General Electric. Westinahouse and Gcn- { eral Mo'.or.s can be reopened earli- ' or under varying contract provi- sion.s. All Hire; of those unions were involved last winter in disputes which .••el off the record-breaking wave of strife's. President Truman blamed postwar strikes yesterday for rrlaving a formal proclamation declaring the v,-',\r emergency cntlcu. l.abnr department figures show 1 IB .MO ,0110 mi'ii-days of idleness in strikes during the yo iiiontlis uf Ihe year compared wilh a 12- month total tif 30.000.000 in IfMS and 28.000,00,1 in 1C37. the previous record years. The recent coal strike alone added about •1,000,000 man- days to idleness lo llttj 1940 total. II isn'l I"" laic In have CHRISTMAS CARDS PRINTED tim* ilay .service thruu^li S;i(urH;i v, f>cr. ill Attractive Cards Reasonable I'Liin or Printed SAMUEL F, NORRIS Printing Office Supplies — Sl:Uiu»ery formnly Acton's Atioss from.Cily H;iH HARRY FRITZIUS' 'FROM ME TO YOU' "For Every Evil Under The Sun ..." Little more than a year »BO, In these letters, the statement was. made that under existing labor h\\vs the Amentum people were at the absolute mercy of a .small Kroup of unscrupulous labor leaders. Until these laws arc ehan^od these men have the LEGAL rtfcUl, al any time U suits their fancy, to bring forced Idleness, stagnation, starvation, despair mid anarchy lo the greatest nation of one time "FREEMEN" In the world. We have Just seen the alx>ve fact demonstrated by o:ir, otherwise Insignificant m«n, using the despotic nowvr which he holds over 400,000 soft coal miners. You say, "Ho has been .stopped." Yes. but how? Not because he lied America's hands, by calliny a strict; of coal mines for the steel Industry just before Pearl Zlnrbor. Called a strike when the entire world was vail- ing with bated breath, as we were reaching the crucial closing weeks of the greatest Industrial cflorl ever put forth by any nation! - - Not again, Just before "P" Day, while America's leading military brains were piling up supplies for th'j Invasion of Europe, (the invasion which meant the salvation or the enslavement of the whole of the c'vl!!ml world.I when Mr. Lewis, with a cold-blooded deliberation unequaled even In Nav.l Germany nguln gave alii ami comfort to the enemy by calling his miners out of their mines and forcing a frantic government and frantic mine owncis to nft'i'cd lo his tralloruus demands. (Any officer or man In the inmctl forces would nave been couvl-mavtlulvd and .shot for a similar act.) Nol again, because, when last Spring America needed the loyal support of every one of her cIllMiis In the lulsc task of reconversion, with a slnrvlnc, and shlvcrlni; world awaiting the outcome. - - Mr. Lewis with two "proud" victories to spur him on again called his miners off their jobs. (Al this time the owners absolutely refused his demands but » government with Ihe laws stacked against il took over the mines In order to Rive Mr. Lewis his bloJd money and get hts miners back In the pits.) No, and not for the current dastardly slrlkc — ut the beginning of the winter when he (Lewis) knew and used as a weapon Ihe fact thai millions of men, women and children, uged and young alike, would siifTcr untold hardships because of his act. (Mr. Lewis' home Is gas boated.) Mr. Lewis knew thai there was a pH\ r ul '15 cUys normal supply of coal above uround. He also knew that besides the suffering caused, all major industries would be forced to i!l,w» nnd that America would lie prostrate »t his Icel wll.hln thlrly days. No, Mr. Lewis could not bo hailed Into court bec-iuis? of lliese major crimes nititlnsl his country nml iMjutnsl humanity. Like Al Capone, another gangster, whom the liovcrnmcnl, unable lo convict for murder and lawless- ness, finally sent lo prison on a minor Income-tax chnrKe. Mr. Lcwlu Ims been tcmnmurlly United on u icr.lmlcul churuc of contempt of court. Ills miners me not buck In the mines because their Kovcrnmcnl dlrecled Ihem tu t'.o buck, but because their boss, Mr. Lewis, Ihouc.hl It uood slraleijy to lift n despollc and tlletatorlal hand iiud say "Go!" He has only lo raise il again and they will 'ibe- dlnclly march out, leaving their comilry uuain prostrate, Unless the. new Congress luis the Intestinal fin lltiulc lo curb .such men nnd their unpatriotic. oiKanlr.allons, by enacting liuvs drastic enough thul llwrtt will never again lx> any doubt of Ihe supremacy of the Kovernmpiit over nil who live under the protection of Its Fln'n, (hen Ihc-y, (Ihe Congressl shuultl hung (hell 1 heads In everlasting shame, go silently back lo their respective homes and give Mr. Lewis, Mr. Murray et al tho reins of government entrusted lo Ihem, and lei Ihein openly lake- churgc. - - This would al be Ihc mure honorable way. In closing this letter, may I pass on to you a Iliouuhl whloh luis persisteiilly recurred In my mind. - - - ONLY A IS DAY SUPPLY Ol' Son 1 CJOAL ON HANIi, and after nil (he .warning we have had! - - WHY? WHO IS 1SK.1PON- HIHLE? WHO MADKTHIS VISUI'KC'V HKT-UP KOU MR. LKWIS? WHY NOT A YHAIl OR TWO YKARS' SUPPLY IN IHCSHIIVE FOK KMKUOKNCIKS? WHOSU WHLl'AHU 1H MOHE IMPORTANT, THAT OP MR. LEWIS ANI>:- 111S 400.000 MlNEtlS OR TUB WELFARE OF 'TIIH^' WHOLE AMERICAN PEOPLE? This s«ms to me a most.... Important question, yet I have my first time to see II mentioned in print or lo heijr It voiced over the radio. Where would Mr. Lewis get with n coal strike If thr.r<! were at all times H Iwo years or even one .year's supply of coal above Kround? His strike would die In It's Infancy, for us wealthy ns Ills union Is, no union coul'd hold io- gelhcr wilh one or two years ot Idleness. YES, WHY ONLY A 15 DAY SUPPLY, why not a law requiring the laylnt; usldc us a reserve supply, 5 per cent or 2 per cenl or even 1 per cent. (Lei the Stntlstlclans llgure Ihls out) ot each ton ol conl mined, until there Is « one or even belter n Iwo years supply above ground to be kept ever al that level. I think that this would draw come, of Mr. l«wls' shiirpcst nnd most obnoxious teellil After all. regardless of tho lows passed, there Is no practical way of forcing 400,000 men to work If they refuse to do so, Since conl is the bnsls of our whole great Industrial em. plre and since the vc-^y, iiic and existence of America deiwnds iiimn Ihcsc Industries, surely, yes surely a ijov- ermncnt Is JnitllSliiil In taking uteps to pvolcct this vital nnd precious mineral and a mere 19 days' supply sounds in Itself like criminal negligence on the part of sonicon?. Harry Fritzius 7 Gift Catalogue at soackteme or mealtime Last Friday I went to u lot of trouble to give you a partial catalogue ot our ores', assortment of TOYS. That list contained only about one-third of the toys In our 3(<JK'. Since I lien other fine toys have arrived and others arc arriving dally. Many wise parents are using our handy "lay-away" plnn and after having selected Iheir initial purchase of toys and gifts are adding to them as they arc added lo BUT stock. Our layaway plan Is not only for those who are not able to l>»y cnsli lor all their holiday purchases, although Ihls Is Ihe sensible way lo put your gift purchases on « budget basis, and have your Christmas pa;ii for which Is about ns fine a Christines glfl for Dad as nny he could receive. Our plan is also bring used by those who arc able to pay all cash bill are using It ns a matter of convenience. They realize Hint the lime to buy a gift is when they find it. Generally, lo wait Is to be too late. These wise buyers, therefore, have ns put Ihe Stems they will want. In the laynway department as they arrive, thus assuring tncinseives thnl there will be no Itut me- nunl dlsuppolnhi'.iints and at Ihe .same time having' Iheir gtfls conveniently stored away null) they need Ihem. The ii.iin Is not complicated. It's very simple, Slm|H> make your .'.elecilmis, pay not less limn one dollar on K ten dollar or less pui'dmse. or aKiortmcnl and another dollar for onch Additional Irn dollar purchase or fraction (hereof. Atld lo these purchases al any lime. II you have himght only 18,00 worth mill have ymlti one dollar you may, It yon wish, ndd another JD.OO worth lo Ih.s before having lo make a further payment. Afler yoyr purchase Is made, you may pay ns much or as lltlle as you wish until you are ready to take oul your purcluifie.-;. Pay Ihc balance, then. That's nil there Is lo It. so Uicro Is no excuse for you lo wiilo and take the leavings at the last moment. The [olUmliic in A partial list of the many cltls you will Hint NOW al IKIT/.IUS I have long ago learned some important truths aboui merchandising. Buy whut the people want. Uuy only reliable merchandise. Buy n large variety tor the cus'.otner lo fried from. Tell the people what you have. Tell them the truth aboul every Hem they buy or (hat I offer lor sale. Make every promise good regardless of the Those cardinal 'musts' in merchandising I've learned nnd practiced and I've learned Ulat when the people leiirn thai a merchant IS practicing them, they will come from far nnd wide to his store—regardless of Us location. lhavc followed these principles in Ihe purchase of Christmas toys and Rift goods. I n-ed only lo lell you whal you'll find In my store. An honest catalogue of a cross section of our gift goods follows. There are many, many more which -though not lls'cil. are just as good, as timely and as reasonably priced. Regardless of who you art: or where you live come to Fritxius before you do your Christmas shopping. Use our layaway plan If you desire. In any case I ussuru you that yoo'll find a more complutc stout ol sensible gifts here than you'll find under any other one roof. 'A" ANN WINSDOR VANITY TRAY SET. is the answer to every woman's demand for a compact, attractive unit Ihal requires a minimum of space, ycl offers maximum ullhty. Custom designed of genuine clear LUC1TE with distinctive gold "Motif" background. Removable Bobby Pm Cup and recessed channel for lipstick, eyebrow pencil, etc The back Is fitted with a handy cleansing lisr.ui!' holder—right at the finger tips. INCLUDES 4 OZ. JAR • 4NN WINSDOR CLEANSING CREAM, and 2 OZ. JAR OP HAND CREAM. ANN WINSDOR COSMETICS rank among the FIRST. We think Its THE first. Advertised in Vogue and other better magazines. FriUius' have just been appointed their exclusive distributor in 13ly- theville. You'll hear more of it later. Price of Vanity Tray, get and Creams «>- S4"o , AUTOGRAPH BOOKS. Rich leatherette padded buKlnr;, I in white, cream or brown, a'79c article for Me " V\rai?ASrS ; -~:try ; to "find them elsewhere. One of the very finest 'better' gifts. 100% Wool. Extra Large, (64"x.18">. Heavy woven Wool Yarn in beautiful combination of rleii blues, reds and browns in blendes! plaids. Wide 4" Fringe. An attractive comfortable spread to grace the finest homes. Regular price $10.00, at Fritzius for ' s " 7b "B" BILLFOLDS. A complete assortment of men's pocketbooks to fit any pocketbook. All genuine Leather. Prices from 39c to S5.0U BELTS AND SUSPENDERS. All newest styles in Leather Belts. Prices S'.OO ••; $L5G (We wish to especially call your attention to our original "ELASTAGLASS." Clear pliant but tough plastic which will not get out of shape or crack. In both Belts ana Suspenders. Both are beautiful and will outlast 111051 leather belts or the finest clotr type suspenders) Price of each • 51.00 BATH SALTS Large attractive bottle of lively co'orert bath salts with unique small bottle of perfume forming the cork of larger boltlc. An allractlvc low priced gift sl - r ' u BATH ROBES. Men's All Wool. Attractive. com:oi",- abic $12.15 and 51C.5H "C" CIGARETTE CASES. New "CIG-A-CASE." All alir.-L:- Hvc blended colored plaslic case. Moisture proof lor only s "c CIGARETTE CASES. Genuine Leather SI.00 CEDAR CHESTS. For Ihc liiiUcs' dressing l-.ible. Prices begin at 51.25 CHESTS. Beautiful mirrored VANITY CHESTS. All exposed surfaces mirrored. Made lo resemble dressm; table with unique upright, mirror in round or 'jblony at back. One type has mirrored lid which lifts oil. Makes an Weal Jewel case. Another larger chest has rJainly mirrored powder box on lop with drawer lor jewels etc. bcncalh. Always a Delightful Gilt. Prices S3.98 an-1 to.lli) CHENILLE BED SPREADS. Extra large all over Chen- I'llc in attractive solid colors. A scarce item. Recular 415.00 value. Frilzius $12.:n CHENILLE SPREADS. Copen Blue Only. All over Chenille for twin beds. Sold only In pairs. Very ich appcariiy. Per pair J2D 39 CHENILLE SPREADS. For Baby's bed. All over chenille. Attractive nursery woven in design.' White with blue or pink trim 55.00 "D" DISHES. DINNER SET. 53 pc. sol beaulitul china. Regular price $25.00. Fritzius price >h).93 DISHES. Heat-proof Luncheon or Brcakfasl set. Very al- iractivc. Service for four. Cups. Saucers. Plates. Goblet type Glasses. Creamer and sugar. One of the nicest low priced gifts you'll find. $5.00 value for "3.95 DISHES. Juice set. Gold cmtotjsscd. Etched design Pitcher and 6 Glasses s,l . r >0 DISHES. Water Set. Not ordlnar*. Beautiful 7 pc. sel. SI 00 DISHES. A wonderful selection of odd pieces. Cups and Saucers. Plates. Bowls. Platters. Pickle nnd Relish Dlslies. Creamers. Sugars, Butters. Complete line of Fire Kini oven ware. You'll find just about anything you want in our selection all reasonably priced. DJER-KISS GIFT PACKAGE. (BARGAIN1 51.00. Box Face Powder. $1.00 box Foundation Cream. Both (or SI.CO "E" ELECTRIC HEATER. Newest design. Will blend with finest furnishings. Large enough lo heat a large room comfortably. Years of service. Fine gift SI I 9ii ELECTRIC HEATER. Fan type. The very thing fnr the bathroom or small bedroom. Very comfortable on i cold Winter morning tC.M "f" FOUNTAIN PENS. If you know about INK-O-ORAPH we. need say no more. There is no belter pen Hi any price. The Army bought entire output during the war. They are Mill very scarce because of large demand. We, have just received 5 Dozen. About half these are already simkcn for. Writes like a pencil. Is foolproof. Makes 6 carbon copies. Never leaks. Ask Ihc man in the bank or the bookkeeper. As advertised In Saturday Evening Post, Time, Life, Vogue, etc. The price is just ; .J.2.00 "G" GIFT BOXES: 2 FIELDCREST solid color Guest Towels in cellophane covered attractive gift package tl.BS One large Solid Color Ficliiciesl Bnlh Towel, one 1 Quest Towel In matching color...' $3.35 Ladies White Nylon Slip. Beautiful antl rare gift In nl- ti'Rclive Christinas package ., M.[>0 White Satin Bra. One pr. White Rayon; Aunties. .$2,50 • .Pink Crepe Gown. Diiinty lace trim, Grecian bodice. Full length, Beautifully boxed. A very rare item. $6.50 Black Taffeta Slip. Black Miiltlflllnicnl Silk, lace trimmed panties tbrlcfs). Slip can be had in oversize up to 52 at slightly higher price. Panties <fc Slip Sfi.oO Black Multifilimcnt Silk, lace trimmed briefs only In beautiful Xmas package ' $2.75 Altnictive, heavy Luncheon Cloth (5lx54"K Solid colors wilh 0 matching Napkins. Set bcnutifulh/ boxed.and cellophane covered : 3535 Men's All Wool Oxford Gray Coat Swc-fttcr. An old staple item but very scarce now. Attractively packaged i^/iO Two Attractive Tea Towels in beautiful package... .!Wc Two extra large Tea Towels. Heavy bleached snow white Muslin, with large fast color attractive flornl or fruit designs. Attractively boxed wilh Xmas tic and cello covered $1.50 GIFT PACKAGES: All of Ihe following and more not listed arc neally packaged in Clear Cellophane, with beautiful Christmas lies, making nol only bcaulllul but serviceable gift scls. Very practical; 1 Large Stainlc.s-s Steel Cookie Shcei: 1 Stainless Slccl Maple Handle Measuring Scoop: 1 Set (Diamond. Club. Spatle. IlearU •! Aluminum Cookie Cutlcib; 1 new type scratchlcss Pol Cleaner: 1 all purpose Can Opener: 1 all steel, lifetime Ice Pick: 1 S. Steel. Maple Handli: Corer. All in attractive package lor..... ,.£3.15 Same ns alxive except measuring scoop is rcplaicd wllli set of 4 multicolored plaslic measuring .sixmns «nrt Ihe ice pick is replaced with S. Steel Maple H'jndta Really Good Paring Knife. Same price.... $2.75 Stainless Steel Large Cookie Sheet; beautiful 'jcvtr- :IKU or Juice Set. 18 Ct. Gold Trimmed. Etched D.ilnlv Design Pitcher and C Glasses S2.">0 1 Stainless Steel Cookie. Sheet: 6 genuine fine cut glass Water Glasses wilh delicate etched design S3.riO 1 Stainless Steel Cookie Sheet; one Water Set, Ixiuillfnl flowered design. A belter set. Pitcher. 6 glasses S2.50 One large Fire King ovcnware Pic Pan; I heat proof graduated Measuring Cup: 1 Syrup Pitcher, (glass with colored plastic, patented, spring clip cover) 1 Copper Chore Girl SI.C- Six large heavy glass Ash Trays, gift wrapped In cellophane SI.IK) Crystal covered Bultcr Dish: covered Sugar and Creamer, all matching. A very nice gift $1 JiO Six large glass Ash Trays; 1 8" glass Berry Bowl $1.30 Four Nested Glass Bowls 79c One 8" fancy glass oblong Pickle or Relish Dish: one set large glass Salt & Pepper with rctl metal top'i..6!lc Sugar Bowl: Creamer. Sail & Pepper hnc GUEST POWDER PUFF AND COTTON PAT SET IN CLEAR PLASTIC CONTAINER. SQUARE OR ROUND. A VERY ATTRACTIVE LOW PRICED GIFT 5Dc GLAMOR-LITE AND LOVE-LITE BY RUBICON. Sonw- thine New and Different. A dainty lilllc oil nUc-lamp wilh -,a litllc shade over the globe. IleaUv burns. Has rcKulur Unirner wick. etc. Fuel is brightly colored and gives off a liauntinK perfume or incense when burning. Can be used as night lamp and will burn regular kerosene when lu- ccnse is exhausted • SI 00 GARTERS. Men's by Macintosh. All clastic with genuine Lucitc liltlngs. No metal. Per pair =9c "H" I HOSE. Ladies Pure Thread Silk Full Fashioned 2 thread very sheer Hose Pair «.95 HOSE. Size 8'i only. Ladies 51 gauge. 15 denier full fashioned Nylon Hose.' The sheerest made. Per pair S2.M HANDKERCHIEFS. Tlie most complete assortment you'll find between Memphis nnd St. Louis. Both ladies' nnd men's. A complete assortment from fine combed cotton lawn to the fincsl imported Irisli hand embroidered linen. Priced 1Sc lo * 2 - 26 cacl) HANDKERCHIEF AND TIK GIFT FOLDERS. Much more clJective than Iwxcs. The very newest thing. Makes a bcin- IItul gift package. Each 13c it i it IRONS. Electric travel Irons. Cluiirnntccd. Regulated hrnl control. Will do more than "hghl" work. Oltl OPA prlco was $(I.'^U. Our price 51.118 "J" JEIIGENS LOTION in Gift Package. Large llotlle. Always acceptable $1.00 "K" KITCHEN-WARE. Genuine WALKEIl-WAHE. Hcnulltul highly polished mirrored finish Alumlnuin-Wnre. Large assortment. Makes lovely gilts for Ihc neighbor or friend. Ilcnsonably priced. Also a very good usKorluieul of ci\ni"p.l ware. * •' > .i ; • ' :•' • ••• *•"• • • LORD'S SUPPER'PLATK. This ls>a First Edition, KCIIU- Inc Sander's Ware. Fine China 1'lntu, '23 Ct Gold Embossed. Exact replica ol ruinous Masterpiece covers bottom or plate. Original colors exactly reproduced. Baked In. Cannot come off. This is more than i novelty plate. W« were fortunate In obtaining 2 of this First Edition Collectors Hem. They are eagerly bought by collectors all over the world. Vnlue increases with age. Each $l.6y LUNCHEON CLOTHS. Dainty Bridge Table Covri'.i. or Scarves. Gully flowered, Fast Colors. Very iicccnlnlils low priced glfl Sl.T;i Heavy "I'hoinn.'ioii Pedigree' solid color table cloths \vilh G Mulching Napkins, Very reasonably priced at Set. Sl/.e r>l">:5't" ..,$4,81 Large 'Sprlngmald plaza' Luncheon Clolhs. Snwo white with Bally colored Mexican designs. Fast colors. Sl/c !>-lx72. Large. En. $2.05 Plaslic Table Cloth Covers. Saves laundry bills. Rnvcs wear and tear of your fine table linens. Pci'fcctiy clear plastic:. Does nol crack, shows finest lafoic clolh to advantage. No laundryiug. Just wipe Dlf with damp clolh. These • are selling fast,. M»kc a wonderful moderately priced glfl. 04x51..... .$1.51) 51x72 $1.97 Ladles plastic. Ptickclliook Rain Coats. Absolutely water proof. Hrauliful clenr plastic. Has belt. In several pastel shades. All sizes A real bargain and a fine ';lfl for a friend *>22b LINGERIE: Ladles Slips, The If not, Ihc only assortment In Dlylheville. One salesman Ihc other day said that we had more slips Ihan he had :iccn in all llic stores he had visited for the past sis months, colors, lea-rose, while, black, material, rayon • crepe, satin, (affella and nylon r.atin. Beautifully made. Really high class garments. Could obtain much higher prices, bul am holding them at our regular mark-up regardless of scarcity. AH regular sizes, nlso overslzcs up to 52. Prices from S2.69 to SI.33. Latlies Panties. Others hove panties. We nave an assorlmcnl of panties, brlef.s, step-ins, snuggles and bloomers. Colors lea-rose, white ami black Prices pair 50c to $2.2 r > May we especially call your atlcnllon lo our black imiillfillmcnt line gauge silk briefs. Wide dainty lace trim. A beautiful and exciting ';lft. Sizes small antl medium only. Prices, pair S2.2.) (Also couiplcle assortment of sizes nnd style,! in children's rayon antl cotton panties and I raining pants.) Pair 24c\ to $l.r/J Ladies Gowns. Ten-rose. Fine liayon Crepe. Finely tailored Grecian bodice. Lace trimmed. Fully matte ' and full length. Find Ihls gown In any other store A wonderful gift localise of their scarcity. Whllo they lasl $5.50 Ladles' Oversize Cotton Sleeveless small llowcrcd Print Gown. Another scarce Hem. Each $2.fs) LADIES' SWEATERS. The very lalcst styles. 100 r »- Virgin Wool. All colors, all styles. Large selection. Acceptable gift always. Prices up to SO.fiO LADIES' PLASTIC APRONS. Dalntv. pretty antl R.IV. Aprons and Pinafores save laundry bills. Sponge off with damp cloth. Prices SI.OO and S1.25. lAlso lilllc girls plaslic Pinafores. Clear or opaque. 89c. antl $1.00). LADIES' FULL LENGTH ALL OVER CHENILLE ROBES. Good assortment ot colors and sizes $13.50 "M" MEN'S SHAVE SETS. Gift sets by "Harwlck" $1.25 to $2.85 MEN'S MILITARY BRUSH and Comb Gift Set U9c Genuine GEM RAZOR DcLwxc Set. Gold mlcromnUc razor in leatherette case. 5 large packages genuine Gem Blades In gift package S2.15 Genuine GEM Mlcramatic Razor Set. Smaller pkg., fewer blades $1.75 Genuine "MORITA" narrow all elastic Suspenders. Bright., "gold" spring clips. A line antl uood-lookliig Sus|>ciitloi' SI '• (Also Roys' ulul Girls' all ehisllc Suspenders or Braces. 51)c) SHORTS. A fine Illft Item. Hanes white Pique. Very scarce. Have very good supply in all sizes btit they won't last > • I long. Pair :.$l.bO-' MKN'S HANES and KNOX-KNIT winter knit Underwear.^ l^ong legs uml sleeves. All Buy Dad a supply. $2,38 pr. MEN'S HANES "Fig-Leal" ono place Summer wl. knit•••• underwear. Goes on like a shirt. Metal sni(ps In front'let ' crotch down. Newest thing In fine mercerized coinbcd yarn Underwear. Suit tl.'Jii ,, MEN'S HANES KNIT BRIEFS. Small, lllcd., IgC 79c MEN'S HANES finest mercerized combed cotton yarn full slae "T" Shirts, The llnest on the market and a very acceptable git I , $1.25 , MEN'S Winter Weight Sweat Shirts (J1.K9 value) '. .v.'W.SO" ' | Men's Dress or Work Socks. Sheer rayon, winter wclferiti : ; rayon, Dress Wool. Sport Socks, long or short, elastic or j plain top*. The most complete line of men's and boys' hos- •'• icry In town. Prices in ellher glfl boxes or folders 15c-$l pr,...,| Men's Fine Ties, In Hill boxes or folders. Prices .up to 4l!. r >a'.'. Men's Gift Handkerchiefs. All kinds Cotton to Irish Linc«:''' In attractive gill folders 15c to $1.00 Men's Nationally Advertised Toiletries of all kinds. • MEN'S HINDS GIFT SETS ,,B'(C.,.,| Men's Gift Sets Niillmmlly advertised "Frontier Days" $1.39 Men's Genuine Leather Filled Cases $3.15 to '^B.iifl Men's Bargfttn Gill Sels. Genuine $2 Storm-King Lighter; Iwo pkgs, hollow ground Berkley Blades, all for $1.03" MIRRORS: Ladles Hand Mirrors. Genuine "Ruvclle" Lu- .',_ cite frame and handle double mirror. Ex. Igc. mirror $4JO ,.| Sri me ns above. Regular size double mirror $2.95 Upright Minor. Beveled plate glass, 12" high, B" wide. Plain, no frame, Back and easel ol thick attractive c'oifi-' ' | position. This mirror Is beautiful because of it's simylfcity. . Is worth at least MTj. Our price i' MAGAZINE RACKS. Adds il spot of gay color to any ro'im. A very acceptable glfl J3.75 Pcnctruy infra red ruby Bulb. For sprains, soreness, skin' "I discuses, clc. The same heal ray treatment, used l>y doclur.;. ..,! An acceptable gift to many .of your friends, New lyuc harmless to eyes. Can Ix; used safely to Ircal sinus infection. Advertised price SX'JCi " ( PICTURE FRAMES. Many different kinds and sizes including genuine Lucitc by Ravclle. Prices from $1.50-55.05 PHOTO ALBUMS. Large rich lenlhcreltc, cushion bound SI PILLOW CASKS. Gift cases In cellophane windowed gilt box. Come In rose or blue. Beautifully hand embroidered. Full slue. Regular price $<t.iiO pal. Frltz.ius' $3.35 RUGE. Nationally atlvciiisctl Charm-Trod. The world's fincsl. Shag antl throw Rugs. Mimy different shapes and sizes. Good assortment of colors. Priced reasonably. "S" STATIONERY: Boxed, "Pioneer" and "Flax-Lawn." Pure white linen to daintily tinted checks. Prices start at a iinall box for Ihe kiddles for I5c to $1.50. Most popular number l>er lx>x ......$1,00 SERVING TRAYS. Natural finish shellacked wooden frame nnd bundles. Glass tray wltli white doillo design. Larpe size $2.50; medium size $1.50, SCRAP BOOKS. Large, leatherette bound. White, brown » Ivory, etc ' -S'-W '-' SWEATERS. Men's antl boys. Priced S1.25 to SS.iJ SILVEI1WARE. Sllvcrplated over stainless silver filled slccl 24 pc. beautiful "Lcecrest" design. Lifetime wear. Stainless steel knives, attractive case S15V5 Stainless Steel Flatware. Lifetime wear. Beautiful tableware. In attractive case. Set $8.05 VASES AND PO'ITERY. Blown Deep Pink colored \asc?. Dainty, beautiful, graceful. Each ", "..",' 'M'.?5 Genuine Nyloak Blue Pottery 69c and $ 50 Hob-Nail Opal Glass. Graceful flower • basket. Each .' 69c Genuine 'Beacon' Hand Blown Vases. Water Jugs. etc. Each '.".'.:;::; '$1 5D* Nationally known-Hull Polti-ry. A complete HIM. Tho most beautiful pottery known. Our prices'a,rc-below.-- those of regular pifl shops, prices $1.15 to.$5.95 VANITY AND DRESSER SETS. Sparkling mlrro-ccl tray ,. vanity sets with covered powder box and two beautt-- ful toilet water or perfume bottles. Lovebird stoppers. In oblong or oval trays $450 Same as above with round tray and one perfume bottle ....; ; $2 50 Dresser sets all prices from :H-75 to Jioiaa "W" THE WISHING WELL. Hand painted bottle. of fire toilet water In beautiful replica of Wishing Well:. A nice gift $151) It Will Pay You to Drive Out to FRITZIUS The Toy and Gift Center of Blythevilie 2019 W. Main (Across from Rice-Stix Factory) Phone 3457

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