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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 13, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XL1II—NO. 224 Brylhevlllc Dally News Blytlievillc Courier THE DOMINANT NEWSl'APEU OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley JMATIlKVIl.U'i, ARKANSAS, KH1DAY, DIOCUMHKK IJ5, 1'M'i Three-Way Train Accident Kills 12; Nearly40lnjured Passenger Plows Into Wreckage of Two Freights in Ohio SINGLK COFIKS FIVE CENTS MANSFIELD, 0., Dot-. 13 (U.P.)—-A Kpeedmjr Pennsylvania passenger train to- ilay smashed into wreckage of two freight trains strewn across ils right of way, kill ing at least 12 soldiers and trainmen and injuring approximately '10 others. Six or tile (lead, three of them soldiers on route home for furloughs before being sent overseas, and three crewmen, were idcntt- lied. At least six and possibly more bodies were still buried In tlie tangled wreckage of Hit- Pennsylvania's Golden Triangle passenger train. Warren Pirn, funeral direelor at Woostcr, O., said crews al the disaster scene had told him that at "least seven or eight more persons arc in the wreckage." The Fifth Service Command headquarters at Columbus, O.. reported that "at least" eight soldiers were killed in the crash. Railroad officials said a special train had picked up 70 uninjured passengers and taken them on to Chicago. The speeding passenger train bore clown on the wreckage only minutes after the two freights crashed, Riving no lime for warning signals to be placed, trainrr.n said. Most of the injured were taken to General Hospital here, where six were reported in critical condition. Only live of the dead were immediately identified. They were: Robert E. Keith, 31, Toledo, O.; E. H. Patterson, 44. Canton, O. ; passenger train engineer; F. J. Hughes, Sandusky, O. brakeman; James B, Robertson,- 30, Cal., ai>" Ordean H. Bjugson, Anita, N. D. soldier. An uninjured soldier, Pvt. Roberi Radtke of Milwaukee, Wis., said "most of us were sleeping when we hit about. 2:30 a.m. I crawled pjit o: a-.tear in the side of the car'aftci I was knocked to the floor. Then was lots of escaping steam am some of the men were yelling. Out side, bodies were lying all over thi tracks." '^ Officials at General Hospital said most of the passengers suffered fractures or were burned by escaping steam. Fourteen of the 40 taken there were released alter treatment for minor injuries. , The hospital, already overcrowded, emptied its maternity ward to earn for the stream of injured. Tlie soldiers were riding in the first two coaches of the passenger train. One of the coaches overturned aii ( | the other was derailed. Railroad workers used blow torches to extricate the injured from the two cars. Railroad officials said the first of the two eastbound freights stalled with a broken air hose and then was hit by the second freight following it. Wreckage, including one entire freight car, was thrown over the eastbound tracks in the path of Ihc speeding passenger train. Postoffice Plans Speedier Service For Holiday Rush Poslofficc .service for the 1046 Christmas holiday season is going to be excellent in Elylhcvillc, if plans of Postmaster Ross Stevens arc successful. In an clforl to have postolfice customers be waited upon m?re rapidly and for people to receive packages, even as late as Christinas morning, several new innovations arc being marie. Beginning tomorrow and continuing through Dec. 28. windows will be open at the postoffice all day on Saturday, instead of closing at noon. Instead of the two windows for purchase of stamps and mailing of parcel post, there will be four _windows. with two set aside for those wanting only stamps and two more for parcel post customers. To supplement the two trucks now delivering parcel post here will lie two Army trucks, due to arrive Monday from Camp Joe Robinson, Little Rock, for this purpose. These trucks will be used through Christmas morning for delivery of gift packages. England's Queen is Lost In Fog Just Block Away From Buckingham Palace LONDON. Dec. 13. (U.K.'.— Queen Elizabeth 6<>t lost m ine fog 100 yards from Buckingham Palace lasl night. A ixilice search party foiuvl her stranded in Ihe royal liineHiunc righl in the center "of the Mall. She and her party couldn't [bid their way home. Liltlc wonder, visibility vas one yard. Hundreds of thousands oi Ihe Queen's subjects had Ihe same trouble, only some of them never did gel home. II was a pcasonper thick enough lo set the ancients muttering. UN Acts to End Menace oi Wars Committee Action Lauded by Russia, U. S., and Great Brituin UNITED NATIONS HALL, 'lushing, N. Y., Dec. 13.—(UP) — A 54-nalion United Nations com- nlltcE approved unanimously lo- day a resoultion calling for com- jresensive arms reduction, an ac- ion which the United States, Russia and Britain termed "a first step" in freeing tlie world from the menace of war. Soviet Foreign Minister V. M Molotov told the committee thai .he resolution to summon a special general assembly to approve world arms control plans placed the nations on "the important and difficult road to general arms reduction." The resolution, now sent to the General Assembly for formal acceptance, calls upon the UN Security Council to prepare treaties for arms reduction and atomic control. The treaties then woulel be submitted for approval of a special assembly and ratification by member stales. Before tlie resolulion was approved by acclamation both large :m<i small nations hailed it as the UN's first specific step toward world disarmament. Sen. Tom Connolly D., Tex., termed it a "real hope" for wiping out the menace of war, and congratulated Molotov for Soviet cooperation In. drafting the proposal Britain's Sir Hartley Shawcjgt* expressed "real hope" .thai the Of- curily Council quickly would pre ; pare arms control treaties. Dcrir y Plans delivery to ^ornes in City Delivery service of milk lo stores estaurants and homes in BlyShc- •ille by the iMeadowbrook Dairy is xpcctcd to begin within the next ew days, H. w. Goodman, a rvn- eseutalive from the dairy's Mom- mis office, announced yesterday. This will be the only milk deiiv- ~ry service available nl present in Blythcville. The milk will be bottled at Ihe itcmphis plant and transported lo Jlythcvillc overnight for distribution, Mr. Goodman said. "Due to ciic still limited supply of hish-quaiily nilk." he explained, "it will not he loss/tile to make deliveries lo cv«ri- onc at first but alter a few months we should be able to handle all deliveries." Pending siifficicnl demand, the erection of a miik bottlhi" plant in Blylhcvillc is contemplated, Mr. Goodman said. During the war. he pointed out. ;hc Meadowbrook Dairy sold fie Blythcville Army Air Base mnrc than 1,000,000 bottles of milk. Tenement Death Toll Increases To 21; 15 Missing Two Dead End Kids Held on Arson Charges In New York Tragedy NFAV YORK, Ueer. 13. (UI'I—Two •ad ond kids who branml thai they had started "one hell of a lire" were held on arson charges 'mlt.y us rescue workers dug with lilll'j hope through the rubble of a shattered tenement house for possible additional survivors of one of New York's worst building disasters. Fif'ccn persons still were nils&in^ and presumed dead ncncalh the ions : of masonry and brick in the wreck "d six-story tenement. Police Usl:ri 21 known dead and more than -10 injured. Anxious relatives still lined the street outside the biiililim; almost 3G hours after the building war, crushed beneath the fulling brick wall of an adjoining abandoned Icehouse. Tlie wall toppled as a result of a fierce blaze in the iee house. They watched through the nli;hl as fire and police rescue crews toiled in rain under the glare of scavch- lii;hts. They were still there when 'he day dawned cool and clear anel fresh rescue crews i relieved the veary night men. The rubble and debris was packed so hard within the shell of the ten.i^ ment lhat rescue workers made slow progress In clearing it nw.iv. Since the bulldhii; criimnled DM the 95 residents of the 22-family louse early yesterday, rescuers had Ucen painstakingly, slowly rcniDVinj he debris with their hands s-o as not to jar any further masses of brick on any of the victims below Cries for Help Subside Until late yesterelay Ihc rescuer? could hear the (gradually w«a!:cn- Intj cries for help from men. wom^n <md children still alive in the ruins. But by early today no furthei sounds were heard and Fire Caul Timothy P. Qulnnc said he \."- lleved all those trapped had perished. . Meanwhile, Joseph McCabe, 13 and Joseph Elio, 10, members of n slum neighborhood gang which often had started area in the sl>:- story Ico house "just for the fui of;it" were scheduled to appear ii " ~" 's courl loday on an f.vso) Blind Veteran's Letter to Santa Reveals Surprisingly Keen Vision INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 1!!. (U.l'.)_Tlu> Idler to Simla Clans was Irani a blind veteran. 1| asked I'oi- "two liri K M shiny blue I-.VOK." The veteran is Cpl. Chester H I 5 ?: kins, who lost his sight when a land mine exploded In Germany. He Is u p:ilicnt In a hospital at Phoenixvlllc, pa., where he has undergone 211 unsuccessful operations. Snme day. Chi-i ho»"s to be a wilier, no he sent Ills letter to Santa Clans by v.'ay of his hometown newspaper, the IndlanalwUs News. The editors were so Impressed bv (he letter that they sent a reporter to PhocnixvlUc for an interview. In a copyrighted dispatch. Ule reporter wrote: • "As the Almighty would hnvc us see Christmas, diet Perkins has be clearest Ynlclide vision I've ever neounlered. even without the eyes c lost J'lst before the i\uhr cross- ig in Germany Jan. 10. 1045, when land mine exploded in his fncc." In his letter to Santa tlie sol- ier asked: ' Haven't we all been children? 'an'i all of us. though some of ns re adult in mind, ask for the hinds which we want most in life? As a Miial! child. I can remember wanting playthings and cnncly: teen-aged youth I wiinlei smart clothing and athletic equili- ncnt; now 1 want something altogether different 'It is practical. Most People School Teachers To Get Bonus With December Check: All employes of the Blythcvlll school system will receive a 2 per c enl raise in pay lor the montl of December, it was announcec today by w. B. Nicholson, superin tcndcnt of schools. The Board of Education, whici voted this increase for the on month at a meeting Tuesday, too this action. Mr. Nicholson explained "as a sympathetic recognition o the salary problem amonp teacher and other employes and as method of doiiiK something ahnu it nl this time of the year." would think It a necessity. 1 it Is. Only the person who doesn't have il run understand Hint. He knows It i.-) a God-given luxury. "In inking this, Santa. I Imvo lo Ililuk of you as an Intermediary between God inirt me...'llo Rave II me once before, when I was II. Uul 1 lost It. I hnvc missed It so much and would like lo hnvc It bark "Dear Santa, if God chooses, let me rimt beneath my Christmas tree two bright, shiny blue eyes Immmlng over with good health nnd true vision. Let me place them In my head, then let me look out through the window al the snow iB deep and crisp and even I iir as those beautiful eyes can we. Let me drink In the looks of J'jy on the faces of those who love mo. who have seen me ciopln imd .stumbling in the dark for si loiiu. Lei me hold those eyes ulof to the Christmas star thai 1 ml«h not forget the true mcanlnu ol Christmas... "If. on Christmas morn, 1 .should Farmer England New President of BlythevilleC.oiC. Officers for New Year Arc Elected by Board; 1946 Projects Reviewed Mho's Endorsement Found on Contractor's Checks for $25,000 Farmer Knsland was elected president of Ihe iilylhcvllle chum her of Commerce yesterday niter- noon In a meeting of the IOIU Board of Directors, Other officers named weiv: ,\1 vlu Huffman Jr.. vice ni'-Mldn'it W, K MoDanicl. second vice president: \v, J. Pollard, treasurer Worth I). Holder, secretary, was named several weeks u«o. Tin- new 'fi-yoiu'-old pr.-sldem Is connected with. Iluddieston Clvo- c-ry Company In lilylhovllle where In; bus resided a number of years lie served us president of Lion* Club, another civic; group n which he has been a leader. l>. A. Lynch, hot Ihul them. I won't red y ,hid , , , ljj " c "' '•""•"'« m^ileul '"HI T win still | ); grateful to o, ! "'7''"* 1 nvi ;'' l »° " Oiml " r »' for haven't I still a pood mlud a "''' lol ' s - '"" (l ° "I' »( ^ director: strong body, frlcmls who love me. and :i desire to justify the reason lor my existence?" Tlie letter WILS signed: "Irom 11 Grownup Little Boy." Seal Sale Funds Aid Local People National Bangle Day Sate to Be Observed In Blythcville Area When people contribute to the ighl against tuberculosis by purchase of tlie double-crossed bangles sold throughout Mississippi County, they will be giving toward support of numerous worthwhile cafes right here at home. Physical Training Program Expands Blythcville Schools to Begin New Activities For Spring Semester Plans for an Inclusive anil standardized physical education program hi the urncli! schools arc Hearing completion, it today by W. B. Nicholson, siipL-rhT- was announced tcmlont of Blythcville schools. "This program will Include the With $lO,roo the quota assigned Mr" Nicholson said, tnd wm" in- all of Mississipp County this dude a scientifically planned line executed Tirogrnni of health Instruction nnrt exercises." Competitive gRines such as soltball, volleyball jlball. football, track and aero- will be offered In tills pro- Scout Court of Honor To Be Conducted Monday A Court, of Honor for the five BD.V S:out Troops in Blylhcvillc and the nine other Troops in North Mississippi County will b? hel< Monday night at 7:30 in the First Methodist Church here. Worth D. Holder, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, wit speak following the presentation of awards. Highlighting the Court of Honor, presentation of awards will be made as follows: Second class, by Phillip Deere; First Class, by Cecil Lowe; Merit Badges, by Jamcr, Terry; and Star Scout awards, by James V. Dates. The program follows: Opening Ceremony, Blythcville-Troop 38; Invocation, the Rev. R. Scott Baird; group singiiiR, led by Sidney Wilcox; Tenricrfool investiture ceremony. Blythcville Troop 37; presentation of awards; retiring of colors. Blytlievillc Troop 38; and closing ceremony. Blythcville Troop 31. N. Y. Stocks" 2:M p.m. Quotations A. T. & T 1C3 1-8 Amer Tobacco 31 1-2 Beth Steel 01 1-2 Chrysler RG 1-2 Gen Motors 52 3-4 Montgomery Ward 033-3 N Y Cemtal lit 5-8 lilt Harvester 75 1-1 North Am Aviation 10 I-8 Republic Steel £1 3-R Radio 93-4 Socony Vacuum H 5-s Standard of N J 03 1-4 Texas Corp 5914 Packard i',!-l U S Steel T> Cipt. Thomas V. Ilannig'an sate four boys admitted they got hit the ice house by climbing to the roo of the blasted tenement and drop ping to the roof of the adjomin: building. They broke into a roon immediately under the roar when detectives found paper, wood, mat dies and candles. Ilnnnignn sail the boys lefl the building the sam way after their rins; leader remark •-•d. "Tills ought lo make one hell o a fire." As they fled, with Tire endues at eady drawing up hi front of Ule bulletin!;, they bragged to rjlrr:.'! icighborhood kids. "We did that.'" Then they took n street car to their home on West 178lh St., six blinds •xway. Chief Fire Marshal Thomas B:-o- ihy identified the bays as McCiite, Elio. Thomas Lyons and William Dahdah. Lyons and Dahdah. boih 11. were released in their parents' custody and ordered lo appear te.elay material witnesses. l-:\plo*ion Theory Fades In his uJTicial report to M.'.yor William P. ODwycr. lirophy s-iid the cause of the disaster was Ihe collapse of the heavy, concrcle roof of the ice house which s?nl one wall crashing into the tenement house. He said the fire started by the boys under the ice house roof yesterday afternoon caused \i lo collapse. Me said he had questioned numerous witnesses, none of -.vlinm reporlcd hearing any explosion which was believed al first to caused the tragedy. Firemen first had been called to fight a fire in the ice house at 5:0.1 p.m. Wednesday. They thought the lire was extinguished but were cilleci again near midnight. Firemen y eel tons of water on the roof's .--.truc- turc and it was believed that ihis might have swelled the cork insulation on the 24-Inch thick walls which became so weakened Ihcj :ellapstd. Comniis'.ioncr of Uuiid- ng and Housing Ncwlon T. Grume! said there were no structural defects in the ice plant. He said Ihe wrecked tenement "had a fine cl-j.n record" with his department. for Christmas season, : the National Bangle Day sale will be observed in towns and communities throughout the county, In an effort to raise this sum. A small par! °f t\"*t rcniiey| go for one case oi a' young Bl; villc widow aiid her three chll all of whom are undergoing. trait ment at the Brxinevitlc sanitarium bul at the same time arc able to sec each other weekly. The 36-year-i those "exempted "for" Hi causes, lids program w!.' apply to all children In these grades, boys and girls alike. | Though still in, the process of preparation, the athletic program Mrt X ™ ££rt TsLM. 1 ""ma- '« »"» ct "' to be , ml taVo o orS o f^e ^rVece'nto'ite S ,S bet- ^ ^'^"^ f , r11 - «•»'«•»ter mid she has gnined 22 pounds. " ar y ' ° Much of her progress is attributed to her "peace of mind,' because her children, age 12-13-M years, also arc receiving treatment there and she gels to see them frequently. Tlie children, while undergoing eatmcnt, attend school. In the cvcral months they have been here, each has Kainccl about 22 omuls. Also at the sanitarium is brother of the mother. In a letter this week to ,Mrs. '. O. Redman, executive secretary f the county group, the mother csilantly asked If she might have ome more pajamas, because her dded weight made the others too mall. "The Tuberculosis Association did nc a irrcat favor when you sent i!y children here. I don't think could have ever goUcn well II hey hnti stayed there without me. is it is, I have hopes of gelling .'ell some day," she wrote and ho letter was concluded with the nb~rcular woman wishing Mrs. icdman and the other leaders Good hdalth and a merry Christ- nas." Volunteer workers lomorrnw in Blylhcvillc will include members of Alpha Alpha chapter of Beta Sterna Phi sorority and high school shls. Funeral Rites Sunday For Mrs. Louis Lafcrncy Services will be held Sunday af tcrnoon at Portagcvlllc. Mo." to Mrs. Julia Ann Lafcrncy. wife o Louis Lafcrney of Yaibro. win died Wednesday night at the fain ily hcmc there. She was 77. The Rev. Everett Hogiie. pastoi will conduct services at the Churcl of God with burial at the Port ngcvillc Cemetery. DeLisle Funcrn Home of Portagcvillc will be ii charge. Born April 12. 18C9. at Graiv Tower. III., Mrs. LaFcrney wa reared Iherc but also resided to a number of years at Conran, Mo where their children grew up. Fo the past 1C v ears she had mad her home at Yarbro, with a claugh ter, Mrs. Will' Purccll and familj She also is survived by two son L: M. Lafcrncy of Portagcvillc, an C. C. Laferney of Senalh, Mo., an another daughter. Mrs. J. V Christian of Little Rock, the form cr Mary Laferney of Hlyihcnllo. All of the work will be done under the direction and guidance of Conches Bill Godwin and Flr- nam Bynum and Miss Alexa Williams, girls physical education instructor. Several persons have volunteered Ihelr services to Instruct the school children in the vnrious phases of the program, Mr. Nicholson stated. Instructors Need Assistants "Many more can be used and will be needed," he pointed out. rc- qucstini! any man or woman willing to give some time one or more days a week lo the program lo con- lacl Coaches Godwin or ijynutn. Those who will give Ihis inslruc- llon. Mr. Nicholson explained, will be given a preliminary course of special Inslniclion suitable to grade school levels by the coaches and Miss Williams. "I wish to express for myself, the Board of Education ami tiic picsent insUuctiona] staff our great pleasure al being able to r.ivc this kind of work in our schools." Mr. Nicholson slated. "We arc especially indebted to the Chickasaw Athletic Club and to the many returned veterans of World War II who have volunteered to give these children the benefits of the experience they received during their service in the armed forces. 1 ' 1st) lo serve next year, ilhers who ijo nn I Jan. 1. Dlsruvi Thins fur 1017 Foremost In plans for 1047 wll 10 cliiK'r cooperation between Ih Chamber of Commerce and .nmlo Chnmher of Commerce, with i.ji president of thn younger men uroup lo be Invited to all mea Ijs In Ihe fulnrc. Appreciation for the officers e this year wus voted by Ihc d rectors as they remembered Ui xccllcnl work done under Icadi.'i still) of Mr. I,ynch during in past. \2 months. The l.'lylhcvllle cham'icr i Commerce accomplishes! I wo pro, et.s, iimonct numerous other!! i lesser Importance. A new unit of Rice Stlx f;in ment factory was obtained, cost approximately $ias,l)QO nn provide employment for nn add tlonal 20.1 people, most of whoi are women, to supplement ![' first factory unit built under simitar program a number of yea' aKO, nnd which has provide:! subslanlliil payroll for Ihe cll.y. Helped Obtain Alrpart Use of Ijtytlicvlllc Army Ah 1 Me as a municipal airport -.vas o' lalnrd by Ihe City or ulylhuvlll assisted bv Iho chamber of Ooii merce, with the program fjn- n roni;rel tiliil this extensive iir nnd mormons fiiellllics, Is oxn.v:' lo become permanently Ihe pvop-J erly of ttie clly. Tn retiring from the presidency of this group. Mr. Lynch lefl this pisilion for Ihc Mflh lime, having served Hint many terms since Ihc group was formed 30 years ago. Heads C. of C. WASHINGTON, Doc. 1,'J. {U.I'.)— K. T. Ncwlon, Uattiei- ui'K, Miss., e:onli'iictoi', tu.stit'icd today thai on Sept 7 lie tfiive Sen. Theodore G. Bilbo, I)., Miss., four cliecks - _— —* olHiinjs $25,000.' Photographs of Ihc checks worn placed In the record of a Sfiiatc War Investigating Committee." The Rroup Is hearing charges thai Bllbb •ccclvctl gratuities from contractors whom he helped set army air biisc coniilrucllpn Jobs. The committee recessed for luncheon without asking Newton what Ihe checks were for. Newton had tesllficd previously lhal he hud lriee.1 lo get Diiba's hel|) In obtaining government contracts. Askud whelhcr Bllto wan i)f any help to him, he said: "I don't know. I hope he was.' I uskcil him to." Newton was a member of a con-, trading firm which built Iho $13;907.005 Kcslcr Held al niloxi, : u contract awarded June Swollen Stream Hides Bodies Of Father, Son JOXESUOnO. Ark., Dec. 13. <W> —Searching parties continued today to look fc.V the bodies of 32-year- old Fred Johnson and his seven- year-old son. Merl, who were drowned in flood-swollen Thompson Creek yesterday. Johnson and his Uoy were swept nto Ihc lorrciu when a rickety Court to Rule On Contest in Sheriffs Race I With the arguments finished at 12:20 o'clock today. Circuit Judge Walter KillouRh of wynn was expected to render a decision rai v Ihis afternoon at Osccola In Ihc wcl-dry controversy of CralRhead County. Till. 1 ; vraring was lo be followed bridge gave way tnulcr the weight| by another court session this af- of their wagon and team. Another, ternoon in which Judge Kllicmgh son •- 11-year-old Howard — had cllmbsd out of the wagon as It approached the bridge. He watched helplessly as his father and brother were swept downstream. Johnson was taking his boys to catch a school bus. Searching parties with ;;ra(>i>liiiB hocks located the. submersed wagon and drowned team yesterday but have been unable lo locale the bodies ul Johnson and his son. Temperature Tumbles With Ihe passage ycslcrdr,- of a cold from weather system, tem- peralures In Blytheville dropped 20 degrees lower during last :i Rht than those of the previous night. Maximum tcmpcr.ituro reach night was 37 degrees, complied with a low of 57 for the prec.'rting 24 hours, according to Robert. E. Ulayloel- ollUial wi-allior oi>si"Tcy. was lo pass upon Iwo demurrers filed by attorneys for William Berryman, defendant in the sheriff contest suit of Mississippi County, In which Jack Finley Hobinson Is seeking lo oust Mr. Bcrryman as the elected sheriff. Dismissal of Mr. Robinson's suit Ls sought in Ihc demurrers. Courl was to reconvene al 1:30 o'clock in the wcl-dry controversy. In which the rirys nrc racking lo have dismissed a petition asking for a vole to legalize liquor sales in part of Cralghcad County. Rotarians Hear Of Conditions Within Germany Trncilnc! the economic clIslnlcRrn- l.lon of Germany, during the war nnd since ils ending, TJr. laulr, llubcner told itolarlans al Ihelr weekly luncheon in Hotel Noble yesterday "that our future economy Is ' closely associated with Inlernallonal trade and thai It behooves our political parties Ihn United Stales to stand united with a slrong. unclersland- ind jntcriiallonid policy." "So long as Germany Is ruled hv military novrrnnienls set up by Ifu.^sla, IL'ngland, France and the United Plates there Is little hope of riuickly bringing aboul a new economic order." 1 he nddctl. Dr. Hubener pointed out Hint some progress had been made relieving chaotic conditions In the /ones occupied bv Great Drllaii ami the United States through' '. mutual ami consistent policy In tlv I handllni,' of everyday problems by I the military governments In those | areas. In speaking of the socialized inrdicliie in Germany. Dr. Hubcncr said, "w years ago Germany probably had the finest ^roup of medical men In the world hut due to . Hitler's policy nf giving high mcii- I leal positions lo strong Nazis, rc- Karclless' of ihclr ability, this pro- fr-ssion had degenerated In'lo i meaningless Incompetent t< cope with rampant, post-war ells cases." In conclusion he said. "The military governments, occupying tli four /ones of Germany, must for mulalc a cohesive, mutual policv of administration If Germany i ever to achieve economic order." Ur. Ilubencr recently returnc from M months In occupied Gcr many where he served In the Unit ccl Slates Army Medical Corps. Speaking in behalf or Ihc Tub crculosis Sciil sale. Alvln Huff man Jr. outlined the history i this work in which he told of Ih Brcal Rood accomplished by Ihl method, asking all to support till cause. Other visitors were Myilou Nail ing, Osecolu; L. r. Falkner. Para gould; Guy A. Trieslcr. C.P.O., U S. Navy: Dane FCI-RUS. Osccola aiv Stanley Hood. Junior Rotarian. Veterans Oppose Lilting oi Ceilings WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (UP) — The Velerans <>[ Foreign Wars appealed lo the administration loday to retain price and rent ceilings on Gl homes under Ils new decontrolled" housing program. The I'.)peal was. made by Omar D. Kolchum, VFW Icislslullvc director, hi Icsllmonv before a' Semite Small Business Subcommlltcc. Spokesmen tor Iwo other ,vcle- runs groups — Aiuvcls anei tlie Amorlniul :,Vetoi'f»is Committee — told the committee that too-hasl/ removal of biilltluiK rcfitrlcf.lo.rta would only enrich "greedy |>rofi- ccrs." Meanwhile, top administration fflclfils continued intensive efforts iltialcel wltli an extraordinary Vhlte House conference yesterday work out nn effective new hous- ig program. The conferees scheduled another Vhite House meeting al 4 p.m. to- ay. with President Truman sitting i for a while, anel a thlrel con- ereucc was set for tomorrow. Drainage Tax ncrease to 3e Discussed Hearing on the Lielltlon fll'Ml he Board of Commlssioni.T.s N. Y. Cotton Mar. Ma v July Oct. HIT. open 3170 3124 3000 2093 high 3182 3130 3016 2700 low 3150 3102 2933 2G7S 1:30 31G2 311 2M1" 2G1.) Weather ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy colder today and lonighl. Lowe., temperatures tonighl near 32 ' north and central portions. SiiTi: 1 (lay fair. wi"iiior in imrlhw\';l. under 1041. . Edwin Jones, Cliarlolte. N. C., Contractor, who also participated in the J:b, testified earlier that hei' donated 4500 to construction of a Poplarvlllo,' Miss., Baptist Church In which he was lolel Bilbo was Intercslcd. The "cummlltec UxUy .subpenaetl thi! liunk rcdvnls of Kdw»rd V. • Terry, who has been sought by the FBI since he wrote the'com- - nilltce, Ihul he, his wife and his daughter were threatened with rieuth If ho testified against B!lb«. Terry, a former secretary to Bllbq, has been missing since committee 1 Investigators first tried to subpcna him insl Saturday. .... 'Ncwlon Identified Hie four checks —three lor $5,000 and one for tlU,- UCO—as drawn on Ihe bank account of Newton and Glenn Construction Co, nnd signed by him as a parl- ricr In Ihe firm. Newton said he did liol cohsuH. Ills inrlncr. Fraiik 8. Glcim, before drawing any of the checks. - : All four checks were endorsed on the back by "Theodore G. Bilbo'.' nnd by "llobcrl Gaudy." • Bilbo told reporters that Oanely was a. Jackson, Miss., Insurance agent. - ' • •• ; '•'•••' • • James M; Mead, ,Dl,.N: ..>., toiii'icpprtcrs lh»ii Gandy, waS "oh« rjf Bilbo's mch.''* / Newton, R burly,' red-fawd .mun In a. blue suit, came to'.the "witness stand with his former partner, Glenn. '•'•'. He said they Iricd to get the |I3.- COO.OOO Kccsler Field contract "Just as soon as we heard there-was such a jcb," The contract was awarded, lo the combine June 13, 1941.- Newton testified that he, Jones and B. L,. ICuosl, another member of the combine, went to see Bilbo at his Senate office on June 12, the day before. Terry Missing From Florida City for Week LAKE CITY, FLA., Dec. 13. (UP) —ICdward Terry, who is btilng IrnlmiBc Disltlcl No. 1C asking I hunted by the i-TJI for quaslioning ,n additional tax of one percent about activities of his fornibr tn'ss. the District's assessments for Sc] , Tlicotlbrc G. Bilbo, D., Miss., lias not hccii Saturday, his D-17 will be held tomorrow morn>K al 10 o'clock In County Court icre in Blylhcvillc. ' today. If levied, lhl:i lax wo'.dd jiot' ncrcase eh'alnafic taxes for ounty over Ihc IDtO level as a uinllnr additional asscssmiMt \vns uade last year. The district Includes hinds west of nig Lake nnd In the Chlnk.i- iawba District of Mississippi C'oun- •y. This additional one per ceni levy Ib b?ln;; asked for the ycar 1047 only, the commissioners cm- :>hasl/cel. These extra funds are earmarKcefc for maintenance purposes onlya:id will be used lor the cleaning, re- elrcdging and wlelcnlng of diicl'.cs the district. Funds fro.-n Ihis added tax In 1016 were used in and cleaning dltcnos in District territory wcsl of Big l,a!;e. heard from since allorney clisci'JSSU I J. B. Hodges, or Lake City. |c.on- Ihis , ij|-mcd reports that Terry, ; wno was Bilbo's former secretary, iiael received threatening telephone, calls while here lasl week. The commissioners slated That they hoped to use the extra funns for Ihc purchase of th-.'ir own dragline In 1947. The said they would keep Ihc dragline ^oinj 24 hours a day as long as they have maintenance funds with which lo operate. Although Ihe commissioners have not determined which ditch will be dredger! next, land owners adjacent lo ditches have been requested to give releases for damages lo crops and buildings and casement deeds for additional space needed in rech edging opera- lions. Frisco Advances Schedule On Memphian 25 Minutes New schedules effective loduy ^ the Frisco Lines McnipVriiri. overnight Irain bclwecn SI. Loius and Memphis, were amioiuicccc Ihis morning by E. G. Bak»r, passenger traffic manager hi St. ^ouls. Tlie Memphian will leave St. Louis 20 minutes earlier and arrive In Memphis 25 minutes earlier than ils present arrival. As No. 8Or>, the Meniplitan leaves x at. Louis at 11:00 p. m. nnd arrives in Blytheville at 5:20 n. in. Leaving Blythcville at 5:30 a. m. II arrives in Memphis at 1:15 at". As No. 8C6 on Ihc return '.rip, Ule McniplilBii leaves Memphis at ll:'JO 1>. m.. nrrivinp here al 12:25 a.m. Departure is al 12:3.1 a. m., reaching St. Louis at 7:15 a m. Superintendent Announces School Holiday Schedule Blylhcvillc schools will close lor Ihc holidays beginning Wednesday, W. B. Nicholson, superintendent, announced today. The grade schools will c'ose Wed Mrs. J. B. Graham Buried In Maple Grove Cemetery i Services were held this afternoon for Mrs. Lena Graham, wife of J. B. Graham, who died suddenly yesterday morning at the family home on Highway 18 East. The Rev. Raymond Wells, pastor, conducted services at the Pentecostal Church on Highway IS East, with burial at Maple Grove Cemetery. Navy Planes Collide NORFOLK, Va.. Dec,.13. (UP) — ncsday and the Junior and Senior TWO Navy planes collided-in the High Schools will close Thursday, air here today, Wiling one of Iho Both will reopen Jan. 2. I pilots. U. L. P. Bumper, of.Norfolk, Harrison Negro school will be who was piloting one of the planes, dismissed next Friday and will re- parachuted lo safely. IdentlfiCAlion oin-n Dee. M. ' ! of Ihe dead man was'withhold. '

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