The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1946 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 17
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVENTEEN '•' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION *ui* nt» for So/. .. ------- Month p*r UM _______________ * oe C*JAt fii* ••:•»£• word* to tho lia*- A4 order»i far tkn> ot <te «•»«• •»• rtapptd Vilort expir»tlo« will <» e»»r«- «. for Ibe uumbir ol ttm« tk« »* »»f*'"l >ud vljustment cf blU ""«•• - 1936 1' 2 floor — n*w (5r«i — drill. IDUI ;! iloor moiltil A. Clean. Xew llrcB. 19'jy mo <Jul A cou|ie — new tire*. I'M I Hnick * Jo«r—Clean, lour now tires. On i 1 pickup (ruck, KOOI! tires ami EUV- oral otliorK to chuotti from. All CJI>' driven vtrfl. Jolllfe Uied t'trs. ManllJ. (Tn7~I04f> Wievrolel bus: 41 pMMiiRor. Low mllr*K*. l»hone si'J'Jl, BlythekkMo. of &?ll must t* »ceomp*nl«d by «»&, *TK*7' W *»attj compiled (TO* «• »bo»« Utla. A4f«rtlilB| or«« f« lr tljai tah«B tbi OB* tlffi* rH*. Mo reBLonslblUtr will b» , u * 1 ^ •QI* Hun. <m« lncurr«ct lnB«tum «» T 1 ht:dlfi»d *d. __ -l U iiLtftv\,-c toti s'.tiVi- ...n.liliiiii I'riiv tl.licill. liif(ni:iN. Ark. l>li,nn- :^I0 1H-I.I.IXWS For Safe Kleel oil l,»nrl rlrts. cLiinj Sliop. Oall SB28. ui torn Lull! Venutl* culuri, Three wwefc I'*!*! * W»l]jJ*per blind.—11 UI IIIOLLI8ON' NKW —- JKUIIDIVISION c"tf, (ii-avel road, south and \vei-l of Camp Moultrie. Those lots ure restricted to 21 to For XMAK I'lH'IMUS 'd Chows, pure while Eskimo Spit/, Collie*, K«'d HlacU HIM! HhurV niul While Cockers. Will hold I ill Xliuis, Mrs. N. (J. Jv'rome So. Ihv.v. 61, plume .'U01. J2-II-PU-M IJ/ l"f .iulie 12C Kuulk B«CO«J. W.i i. Wl! • »oioe. B.. 0. — 1>»SO. Olfk'il llnrualn. 5:0 11120 -lik-Hlll — I ' 2(5 drop siding painted, . .jam Ilk"-' 1'aiul i NV i Kin. Denl's i> IHIW foam t' .jlj<jil)-'» basil '""""' """MI25.CK-.2I27 liusiness lot 127x311 ft. South Division. Sec H. C. Cunvpbell, 120 S. Second. 11-22-ck-tt asbestos shingles, concrete stucco or brick. Streets will be graveled in front of all lots. Water will be in alley at rear of each lot. This place will be clean, a place | you'd like to live. O. S. hOI.USON, <IOJ> N. Hroad- wav, phone .'i'109 at ni;;h(. l2-U)-ck-17 Avi'i-y Ir.iitnr. i-i->-<j,i<lili<i»,.il. hk.. • ~ . ,f |i- i % ,» I I'liuih r, full tv.ilnr. Ifn-iik.-i- [in '27 acros ol good alfalt;i uviui! ,,-^t- Ml , n ,. ,.„,„.,, ,„.„ >i ; ,rn>wi ji _ G room house, with ^^^^'K^n, .M,,, lights and water. I'lenty ol'. ^ n,. „,»•. *!2;.ii. IHIUPCS. lr " ril for h-.irns and storage On Hwy. IS, 2 miles oast or Wythcville. See «r call A.,,,, K,,u,r S . «j j.,.- »» ?".«ij ;»;'^ . . . 1 '', Km WJiili', MLiliti'iiL. ItiniK Al.l. f ..... mililiu *i:,uu BRING IT "BACK HOME" TO US FOR EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS The long-life finish on your Ford car will keep Us beauty brighter, longer. Don't let traffic scars spoil its appear txnce. Bring it "back home" to us for expert body and' fender bumping und refiiiislimg/ All work clone the Ford wqy with special Ford eciuimneiit and fmishmg materials. S|>.'i-:<il IMnvi' I .l.'.ir »i'ilan li, 'li.'V (iin.^.-. SI,-,,!,. M,v _ i-j-13 |ik-r lain, K"'"! I'UV, n'mi. M»)- 1. 'i..' I'k.'ii.- 2:1. i:''ir/-|il.',i o;il—j;oiid quality— Christinas (roes 50 cents and up.' 1'lioui' vciin 1 orders — i)lil. Lewis I'oiiHry. 12-12-ck-t5 •><)!)A FOUNTAIN ™ •'OU SALIC .iqiiid C.'irhonic \\illi Car- honalor, (eti pumps, twelve I'nol cininU'r and nice tinck hur. Will sell u( 11 h:\i'L;ain. Call !l(i(i, lilylhevillr riU'CIv KOIf. SAI.K Kxlrii duly 1912 Chevrolet, tires on all SIK wheels overload springs, ' hoator sp;ire wheel. I'ojr MjrhlM, in- suliiled hotly !2'/ > x(i'/ / \(;'/, li'el. I'erfecl condition. Cal 2IJ7 «r !l(i(), Hlytheviik'. LET US BE & SANTA CLAUS TO YOUR CAR «il y| Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch lildg., phone 2034. 12-11-ck-l-J Ceil.r Xnias I POM for salo. 73o mill III", •r.yliir'. ClpoVpry. Sontli Ilwy. 01. Kra A. T. K.nrls tor ntnsi! c:'iiy"' M". J«vm l«'. Js . r<'"< 1 ",'"; e - 12m.rk.l7 1 nit* iiini<:« tniii.'r, lliilnnr >r!is. [.u^fll- ,,l nl VMii-icl|!<- Trailrr Cimrl. Huy. 1,1 Nnrlli. 12llO-|>k-lil For Him—a Genuine Bamboo Fly Rod for Christmas SI2 to $22. Planters Hard ware 12-3-ek-12-24 H nirtiii li"i-*c Can IJG made into tv.-f ;,,"', 1,,,,'ni:, Dilublo *»»««. COS ChU-k Fruehauf tank trailer, capa city ''1,250 gallons dividcc in H compartments. lOOOx 20 tires, large axle anc hnikc's. This trailer anc (auk in perfect condition Cost new .'5,850 will r,e\ cjnick sale 82,250.00 lerms r Wviheville Motor Co. - ' 12-7-ck-l ir-siilv tnoiU-1. Pxoi^ .*>'). S^c Vl.ivi-pr.-i 11 I.")' Kick I'lii-vri'li «l uriuiuliu in (it. (1:1 your i-liariri>--Oni. n.-v: I,LIN an,I :ill M nil-hlurols -'I It I>'*1 ,,1I.->!| i-uMilition. I!:.- ns,-<l I.I Va'r.l Duinp lloils. *?'.!) mrli. WIIISTI.K'S OAltAliK orc ilninv' n'K-ti liiisin*-^. l.iv- K-ts -1 v.KUU'i mill li'illi W»'" ^Illl-k »ll.l f.'lll Illlllclllll! n"'l Wrilf 1'. S. Hairier N'"»'f- PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY I FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut »t Fifth—lilyiheville. Ark. Tel. 453—3721 THIS CHRISTMAS GIVE CFAT JLAI A Gift to be Appreciated New r>-r<M)m house, now 1'i'iuly to move into. On Hwy. IS, one block wesl of (,'alc'\v;iy Store.. 0. S. Kollisoii, phone :i:)IM) al niijlil. 12-l2-ck-l!> For Rent Taken Up Services "s;irtli Mil. Co ..... I" All kinds of fireworks fo Christmas. At TJuchanjin' Grocery, North Hi-way Gl. ]2-10-pk-2f> Modern home, f> rooms and hiilh, in good condition. Has attic fan, hot water, huatcr, Venetian hlinds, Located in neighborhood ol home owners. Sec or call Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch FOR SALE . "room house conveniently located on N. Uroadwny 4 000. 5.,-oom Ulcl(?., phone 2(«l. 12-n-ck-H Duroc hoars and bred gills with or without papers; also meal hogs. C. li Ahbott, Wesl Highway 18. . house with bath o. corner lot of Lake St . house in Pride Addi S4.000. |-room my l»rin. 2 sorrel miilns, on lout. J. U, Ulbvor »-,.iirliiiii; Hl.'.ll »••*.. '<^ -•I,. ; . K .>. nil ('. I'. W,- l,iit!i- rtivor. ii;,rj-i-v- 'l-iinl:- .k 1:1 "OUR SCAT COVER PATTERNS ARE BEAUTIFUL' Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6-8-ck-tf Tractor repairs and Electric and acetylene welding. Blackamith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-ti Strayed'- iinl'nriil imili'y. !("III. I. l-'HI |it II Loans Automobile ConvenieiU Way to Borrow COMPARE OUfl RATES Personal Loans For EDUCATFONAIj EXPENSE. TAXES | and Insurance, Doctor Bills, Acciuuuhitpd DcbUs. QUICK. ConridenLiul Service. WiSSlci M.chlue mrtlcf— \Vt) I.-puir «U l7|)^l WKAlllllK BMcklll^A rL•K^^JIe«• o( kind ol condillyu. Al«o liny »nil »»ll. pickuli «uil deliier. Illy! ,,.illf> Uncklua Hboii. fljT-ok-ir MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. Ill A approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 203i Lynch llldg., Ulytlieville. 9-23-ck-tt nf nf II, ,11, nil Milij, r,-,-.-iv,..l ; K ,-l yi.nrs .-nlli.T lasH. Also wi. ti.u- lo iiiunt-. ll.-aloo's wi'rs. Davis nl t'riinkliii •,.»• wliih- four room wMlhcr r,.iiii«' liuii-it\ (\irtn-i- lot - r ,0 x I TO fpfl. Snutli -Jl«t slr.-rl mil] IVnlimly AVI'. Only y.-.»n at llu- lim« l»-i>iit. P»r mot,' ii.fiiriiioliiin fee Kn-.l Sinilli nl nil 1 2!!l-|'k-l l> •M Viinl 2 il.u.r. QiillilJ- Sin ]~vi,^r^iiTrk ^K^r,, nl \V:,nl«. I'..pillar lirirf.l mnvnri with l,ii:li i,ri<-,-.l rt'.ntnri-s. (let ymir* nl \\'an!ft in'^ lor imly ^^O.SI.'.. Monl- tiiincry Wni-il i fa. 1'Jll I ck-lS iv'-i/l'nnz iin.-l'ino. rriilnrrrilntil i.lirli. W.Tliini; lonclii man.hiii. MoiLljronu . Wn r.l * 12111-rk-SI lilll-I'V-lS l.I'Mlir.ll. S mil"" of ralinnKl on urnvcl r.,!,.!. n,,..l IIiirB-ll. i.lioiiv aiWS. _ ll'ft foi" cnit.l cr.-i«* -iTiil lrM>^'lf-?n li^ v fi.r ..I,. riiniH. »i:». _ 12-ll-l.k-lilt llj'lln H2 Hide. Kwnp nn.l K»vo Swm> Ml ,,,,, 4«1 K. M.I,. M,. «",-.,,, 1 . rli ., 1 « Tl.r (Mi I5rand new California si vie borne, 5 rooms nnd hat'i. Rrnuppe<l with floor f'ir- n»fc and aftic fan. BLVV tiful hardwood floors, lot* of -deep closets. Ituill *'or goo«1 living, and ready for owner to move in. S«^ 01 ra!k Max Logan, Realtor T.vnch Rldjr., phone 2034.. l2-lt-ck-t-1 IV inn" 43 mo.l>.| II |ra-tnr 1 ,1!«V. I i.rralinp plow, I cnliivntar. .T. Claims, Hull Mnon, >ii j_ llnv !i1. 12|i:-pk-14 tion. $2,000. :j-room himse on Nwtl Tenth. SlviOO. 1-|1; f^j'-.. 5-nwm house with. Iv completely furnished. 250. G-room house with halli, «' Vine St. §3250. Terms. '/> cash. Duplex an South Firsl Stvcef -1-room house cm Lnmcrale St. S2,()00. Duplex on Sycamore St., one side furnished. <jr>.(>0li. Dupler on Ash St. BUSINESS INVESTMENTS One grocery Ktove doin^ ;;(>oil ] business, well located, for' only $3750. One of the best paying businesses in town, walk oitl proposition. General merchandise store doing §150,000 rer year business, will sell <m invoice price, with possession January 1, 1ft 17. We have several other businesses located in different towns. FAKM LANDS HiO acres east of S(e«le, Mo. Highly improved, w i i h gravel road on two sides. SO acres west of Hlyllicvillc. at SlfiO per acre. 10 acres west of Hlythcville, $1-10 per acre. SO acres on gravel road, choice location, the finesl land near Blytheville, S200 per acre. 2'10 acres near Braejradoeio, Mo. On gravel road, nice home with bath, gooc land, priced $175 per acre •100 acres in one block o gravel roarl in wesleri part of county. These arc a few of our list ings. See us before yoi buy. DAVID REAL ESATK INVESTMENT CQ. E. B. David F. B. Joyner, Salesman Phone 3fi33 12-11-ck-l Univiii'Kul C. J. Company 110 N. .Second SI. Blyllii-villc, Ark. Credit ['n|ier I- rt i'i mil l'rlr'»r- Weal her stripping. Save fue by having doors and win do\vs wcaCherst ripped. C K. • II afi-.", »( fi'ilili- Inn.I In Siinllii ll.ii,l,iu Cimnly Mil. t'.l« v, u ,'iiU-s (i .. Itu- .:n finvi'l rnnil. Tliri" .-.".'I I ,.',,,-- *lil, ,-l.,-l rullr. :> I,UI,« III I ,,.,.. ; ,l,]va-i,,n III in,,-, , l,, ,1 anil ^11 ill-,-,., ,il ,,,! ,»,! l> K Inn,I. \Vill li-:i^.' i-nlii.' lim IIITI-- Iri'n nf .-.!! i.-Mliil Tin- ti t^vn ycili [»->i>"l. Ki'- nr"l Vr,ll :,rri\-< in rr»|>* d'l \'Uti. \\'ril.- 1' I) lli.x il^l. lll>-. Ark. Ili-lll i-V-l'-l LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phono 578 2. r i(l acres of jjood colton r corn and hean hind on ^vavel road, near lilvlh.e- ville. School bus. Call or write K. li. <Ice Cotton Company. 202(i or (M5. .12-!)-ck-tf Wanted to Rent r. Cull K.I l(ln>iH'i, . r i7.-<. ITiiCnriilnliiul hull n'tti. ,'i or 4 rcM>m furnished apartment—Call Hilly IJoone. I)esi>ern(ely needed. Phone title* ap«e« tar r»ni. Knllr*i Tlcnr ril \'.'-K K. kTKnRft. v&iuiUkn h . 1'kone 801. OiOI-cftf nil K. Ulli. Plion He/p Wanted Woman for jreneral house woik, while or colore<l. I'lill or part time. (>ooi! wajjcs. Mrs. A. Con way, phone 2:117, Sill \V. i\lnin. ia-11-ck-ll Mi'i-h:iiilr~A|iM>- KM Ili-Wn lil. (i li...111. IJIIrl.K Courteous Service Dependable Service Drive Your Car to — LAN6SION-WROTEN CO. Ask Us About THE SENSATIONAL NEW U. S. ROY AUIR RIDE tire -- nQW for Sale! More Air! More Comfort! Better Car Control! We give the best wash and lubrication job in town. Will call for and deliver your car. Langston-Wrofen Co. Salei—BUICK—Servlc* U. S. Tire* Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER 1ERVICR. Walnut A Brwdwur . THep1io«« iM (Mnliirl I.. ". I'l li- I iiotiu r.Hr.. Lori IIIKI . l.iuvlrr nl ^11 I'!:-:::- fl'IIIT. Ml',' 'i|,lin. I 11 K. Asli HI. IJMIII-I.I. -Ill Announcements FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H.Webb 'Hwy. 01 ill Slnte Unt- I'h'one Hlytheville 714 Refrigerator Service y|' Frtd Lawlcr %•' '?-' ; </.!/} ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. ^| J. W. Adanw. Mei, ;''-'{ rhonr 2071 2«C-M W. MfS* in Christmas ltin<{o l'arl> at 1,1'Kion Hui, Wednesday Dec. 18. Siionsored by ladies ol' the QithoHc C.luivch 12-10-CU-I7 "NOSK-MONKEV" One species of innnkcy, ilifi rlilnopHliL'cus. or "ntj.sfi-niun^oy." iittikcs ils home In Die inounSiili.s of ccnlriil Asln. just below I ha line of cvcrlnsllng .snow. PRESCRIPTIONS PreHh Stock Guarantied ll«.st I'rlcm Kirby Drug Stores W. J. Pollard;! INSURANCE 1 v - •;• Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. ] Phont 354S A DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Maa" KOYAI* SMITH, CORONA r»4 RBMINOTOr* n>«TAWL« 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONB »WJ (Bvery l-ran»ftcUon MUBT B« 8AT18PACTOHY) I Announcement --- We Arc Now Equipped to '' ''• Give You Complete . x REPAIR SERVICE * Welding - Glass Installed - Painting City Garage & Welding Shop 328 E. MAIN James Rtisscll PHONE Sll Dan Russell BY EDGAR MARTI* BOOTC AND HER BUDDIR8 I -HK.T RMtD TO WROt TO N'OU TVVfM ttUER! BU"V I K»tV».lf . RU , "W«VT VOO'O Mt 70 S ONC' t'O JUST i UK6 VOR VOO TO KMOVO HOUR «. FRECKI-RS AND HIR FUTRNDS co YOU Tnw<? we Too»4 IT "D WE BA^4K AMD LOOKIMG- LIKE THIS/ AMD TAKEM p(Ty ONUS'

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