The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1931 Opposes Cut in Pay _BLYTHEVIILK. (AKK.) COURIEU NEWS !.iv Finlrls to Cm;)!;, C;uiv liY KOIISTV Ni'.A Srrvirc \Vii iCcpyil'.'llt. IflJI. NRA K- WAFIIINCiTON.—- Alia' dns:ii-ilis!s an? h-is'.nrw P'.it a real i rlnrj in ll'.' 1 d" li'.'ill ll-v l-V -i>-!-l"!.>~'n"' !e security to Hie •10.033.0"0 who still lm-c' jobs. This formula is offer"! li lor J.inv.'S Caili'ms of M Insnrjcnt!'i-'iii!ii'-.Tr~- -'• • di l :p]c:is lc t'v earn::'.:: of ]ildns!rv by asseitin 1 .; thai - their 1:1 cans' 1 :! Ihe prcs'T.l "-p-it \-. iinomplmTiejst and h'!:n:'.n Cruz^r.s is the fnrm-r r^nerV. i nnnasrr of (!•.? Ford Motor Com- ^T'liy. clviinna:: c.t ih n f^m:e's im- ivjriant in'' t-ommerer- eom- mittce. and a fni-mer CT clerk w'--o »i loss irc-n :iO vnrs his made him:.clf a fry:mi 1 of COO.OOO. One of t';e nw.t lenn-k- able things abonc l:im is thai he has a .sacial conscience. "We are so sick cconcuvcally tin; it is hard (o fin;! i>ny i/eii n r:i! acea." said Cnuyeii*:. "Flnt esl. step ™'n can 'ak n [•>'. •*•••! V:~T.-to histp.l a '•'use of s??:tri:: in the minis o' 40.OM.iVlt) ivo/bor; who are painfur.y employe.!. I'Vai- Es Deterrent "Today !!io;c workers live in fc fear that their wages v.ill bn C'.u )r that they will !os? their jobs. "Instsirt ol sarn;li:i!. thev Inard (heir dollars. They should. Thev are only practi'jinij that ^Inrdv .self- reliance and ruined indivicliiahsa-. recommended by I'rrsidenl Hoover. "If' t'.-o<? •W.003.000 consumer-, were as.siined (hat their w^c-. would not be cut. and if they cmilJ be certain nf an annual incrme. they won!d !;e~in to spend. Consumption would increa'?, nrodne- tic.n .vcul-.l pick KM ena the van- Eiiard of nnr C.c03.0fl3 nnemaloyed would be call«-3 bark to work: 1 Assurance (hat (he wacje scali v.ill 1)« invntained requires plenty of leadership, he pointed cut. He had jjf'-ped and demanded that ilie U. «. Chamber of Commerce at i;s recent mifiiivj would declare against w.a^e cms. It diun'l Tt V.'crks "Continuous employment can b? obtained by snbiiboi production," he said.'"Industry can both reiu- larize production and establish sim» system which will (jmrantce the workers a cprtaln incom; each year. Such systems have been to \nie- I cessfnlly operated in many inslinc- 1 es that there i= no question they I will work. ere is n» reason infiuMry I can't ftart right now with tho I workers it lias re:ain?;I. f,e; enr Irir.s pro:!:::? a little !rss !ha:-. I they can sill. If an inriii'trv—radio. I refrigerator or automobile: say—i. I Bcin? (o nroduce 12.000 nniu in tti- I next year. K it produce at in; rare I of 1C0.9 units a rnanth and i:n-?rr- |!ake lo scil at (lie same rate. L.-l lit keep right on wi;h a stable sch^a- 1 ule. "I bcli,-ve that principle wn::ld . Imakc our indn.sliialisf; .slerp be 4 -! I tor and crer.'.e a new efficiency "in i | industry. "Of centre, they will have IT b- llcss greedy if they do thai. Unr->- Is! greed has pul us wl:»re I we arc today. When onr indns- llrlalists have tbe will to prevent Ihinnan want an-J siifiVrin^. ;!]-".|will niiil a way." I'irnrcrcd in Wave Hisr It was Couz?iis- crlcrminMion (o •find a way that Ifd to the ^s'a!)- llishmcnt by the Fr.rd Com;wny of a $5 minimum ware in 191.;. The |"xi fla-.iied around trc worid I-i- W'- -y bro'<e inta uproar. Th? p]^ ;1 «.i5 alternaiely praised as an en- Ihghteni-d. iii:ai,initarian step and arnnpd ns a Utopian scheme which |woi:Id unset "tlu v:ace market" ^Anyway, that was fr.e be.iimrrr: klilch (his co-.mtry has b:cn br.v- ""»!5 ever sine^ (he Work! War "And il was the mast invioriaiv kvent of u,y nr c .» cozens rc-all- Jc-d. 'I was ,j re p.-rsidcnt. gnpr.-l |:namB?r .-.nd treasurer of (he Fo-;l Ifcv." closed cars thcn,' rl and' 1S peo])'ie I'liciiH davr it , v , in( ,. Po , v r v ..|, r ; 1ml. cf orders, and we laid off »)0 Imril. "Jfy ofTira r.sed lo loek ,!o-. n on Ihn em|)!ayn;ent office of th" plant 1 fall t sal in office and as it |;rew colder I watched a err.v.1 of •nen millint; around, b^gim far |:obs. Msny of ;.-c:>i had ra over 1'oaU. I began to g;t t?rrihly ,-> 0 - ;cd. I sat there in comfortable liixury. and the mare I sat the Inore depressed I eo[. "Then one night in Jr.tniar.-. 1314 Ihe idea came to me that mayb •ve c^nld ray men enough ;-i- t>-. |!ay.s they worked lo iide th-n ovr: ..l.s when t'.-<•>• didn't. (o Terd tlie next day and others i (hat we have a mlni- ly wase s-il; of tf inoi-j l-f S2.M. We ci-;;iKl al tract public |ttciiflon and al l!ie .same time i:e' ...... morale Inlo onr mrn. I ••lid the s.-ih wcnld cost alioii: $10- •<M.nco more a year. said. 'Lei's think I! over ; worjns arc dauuve to c i county. Origin-1 tn 1-a- Mil--. pa:licuhi|-ly al- j the |nf,. l-:tien Is spnodlni! t !ln!:!s of corn, rndon rvops as well day. with drva:itati]i; IT- Driver Grove PAOR Mr. and .Mrs. Abrur Hall and Mlrs l/i!n!i Hall of Calumet, six-lit Wcdiii-MSjy willi Mr. and Mis. Cliaiiu- £piSilver. Cliff, rd .m. m -y and Tliimms tiiin:i'> an,! ch.ulc.s nn.l Troy Itii;- liam iviiiidcd Weilni'Mlay fnnn Os- I'erl.i \'.;-,i-,. t|-,:y have been vlsll111: ILI a l ( .,v days, j (\ hir.:c ruiwd 110:11 here altend- rd Hi.- (•!,,. ( . MW lr,es ut Ihr Mall M, ; ,.n school Tuesiluy and •I cut] U'cdi. Mi.iy evi-nliiK. ran-.- | Mr. aiul M, s . Climde Jone.s, Shoity ;,nd William Alexander were [an^t.i »r Mr. and Mis. Charlie S:nin;i-r. 'I'ui-.sday evcnlm;. Mi>. I'. M. Alexander of l.cuch- vllk> i-^ti-d M rs oim 1( [,. j olu , s j.- rl . Ma-.; M'Vi-lt MIS. : ed a n:: birthday Thin:: illness. linurovliii; from nl Ekron, Sunday afternoon. Mr, iiiul Mrs. ClKirllo'lJiock. Sal- unlay niyh(. Mr. W. H. Siulnger siwiit. the i>-'fk end with MI. Chnille Biirin- ccr and family. Mr. J. ll. Karelin of Trashey t-ane was the week rvid iciest of Mr. and Mrs. i.uivrrnri! l.iu-lus. liiiMfll .S;i:lii(;i-r sprni R.itiin|;iy iilnlil with TIOV ifiiihain. lt<-v. w. ll. KjiriiiKi'r will cnu- duct rhurcli M>rvlivs nl Uiivei- th'dve Sal in day iilulil. I ' Mm 1 ) 1 Cialne.-i sju-iil Ihe week end t: Willl hii :,lster, Mr:;. Kl.lllk Ke:i- ler ill Ucci'i'. Mr. and Mrs. (','cil Kicltrklcr and Mr. und Mrs. Kobi-K Williams ol {iuMicli w,.|-e vlsl'liu-.s In this vicinity H:md.iy i-vi-nliiK. Mr. and Mis. mil Huberl.on were um-Ms of Mr. und Mis. Ode-, HrcuVs. ."Htuuliiy. W. M. Weber of ihinlcUo were fliniM'crs In liiyllicvllle, 'Jliurnlny. Mlsi Cora I«e Colenmn nnrt Mr. S. I). Ciiriii'nlei 1 of O.sceola vls- lifd the linn'.Mu- Fchcol, Wednesday. visitors In Dlytlicvlllc, Thursday. Junior Mnxwcll silent fSaturdiy In liiyllicvlllc. p. j >j was taken for Ills llrr.t iildc when n "frlond" f,lii??..:d and r:lil)"d him. K1DKR «I\'IiS ItlDR MKMI'HffS. (Ul'l—Hcctii Phelps; Mi::. Croir.e .sianfurd anil Mrs.; 33. «:i jmiinrts, who slopped off here Hairy nianUud \M-K- i.uxora vis-1 ivhllo en vonle lo Louisville to "he l'j:X rrkl.iy. | :\ Jni-key" !• .11. r.'iiiiiriday was n vl.siior In l.iixnra, Monday. Mr. und Mrs. V.'illlt- Howard of I I iix-'i'.i vlsllnl Mr. und Mrs. I'riday. M.i.. twri" Cole vlfltecl Mrs. Clvdi- r.'Mcn, 1'ilday. J. It. lllaylnrk, II. I,. Thorn and l,ollls White were vl::ltois ill o:.i. Ti.r.'-.d.iy. ' : Mr. .mi] Mrs. ,1. li. Miller wcie I 666 r.lQIMI) (Ht .TABLETS Hillrivs a Itr.n'.irlii- r.r Nrrralcla hi M liilimfrN. rlircbs II (,'util Hi; rln.l ii.iv. and rhrfl:<i Malaria in' i (hrre Uays. fur lialiv's Cold Mr. week •nil Tar-enter inr]ircl- v l''s l-i v i:!-Iy sepai at~d Friday found hi each ea:,e of <Imiia':" V d In Hi- fniTily Agent's of- fiirmer i'cp:'rt- ei r . Iri'l cut down itO - In two nlyhUs. .o,.,,,,.,.. re rr-.l lo kei-n ilie!™" 1 "'" "• I in ll'e hav Holds. in Ui«re re.'.sib?e (heir ,s whrre In control and rf"'cr. Manv farin- *-r [he ]nv fields wilh Ihr- ron'itA 1 made of n ilji'r of her friends with a liaily. I-Ylduy evenliw. | < Ciiiliu-* sjX'iil Salnrday v-iili charl.\s ssprlimcr. Klaniy Alcxnnili'i' .spent the 'I'd at I-cnclivllle with his Oak. Midway lie.- i,. Hrcek and K(!d Tiny M Career Beckons to No web! Musical Cinderella ]-rr- lv?i\v YOHK — Kcrrniee Aiaire. 17. a: (I l'.v/3 y?ars remove:! Il ?:n Jainc. L town. N. V., promir..":. t-j .luin ;e rank:; of modern Cind'.reilas. rerenice was nl work. u.s usual, in the oflice of a larj^c ^Tanhat*an |:rinthvj ccnecrn v:hcn notice came '.iiat she hr.'J . been nam?d winirr at >he "youii-; artist's voeal 1011- '.c:l" in th; stale or New Ycrk. a'.:J i!u:a c.:i:'d crrm;:?t? for !h:. iint.d'i- al yiii-e i:i ^an Francisco early in Ail cf which came cbr.i:t tbron:!'. a circn/r.Llanc: tlia'. h:u; iu si'ttin^ on Chiiulauiiua Lake. Nov.- it ri l'!iv;-,r!i'i t:int each year, tbe Baron. .•;: H.atb.: :h:c K\ans vo:i Klenner i-f.cKt:r-:v; ,-•'.' he:' tv.rnmcr ho;ne in tbir, lal:e and wo~ds couiury. A ^tudcni of famous eld rorld masters, and herself iin artir-t knowji H (he mnr.ic world for ir.any years. .?:: liaroncr>: gathers a lar^e nro-ip >; .'i'i;d-v.ts irr:n liulfalo and the i:i/.o belt ckiri'iv (his i,ca- scn. i it. also cnnic about, t! at. hi the course of a si:nnrrr two s:.-.sons at a. t!'e barrncss tecame acqnr.rtii- •:! vith ti:o yj;;:i^...r i-; n:w Jcl:nsc.n :il the time. The "A'.aire" J l w.-% bT L --',veJ frcm u I-i'enu l \ Gi-j-:d:athcj- for eonc.:rt and s:.i;o : '.irp:>':s. At the time, the chlid irvra'.eri no greater i:otentialili:s :h?n :n;n;- n'h:rs. tut a bil. rf !ra;nin.! convinced tl:> bar:)::-s3 lhai th re wes a "find"—a cclora- pirscncr and pprscr.ality Innu.ry ir.ciicattd i:ial (lie child's jl" proof bran f" orc»:i. mid- n f mp- rallon-! of ^n,l r]icrd li nf tbe worm;. n-'hlnln" citlli- f"- vr-rs nr» ari- had us her cucsls Hnicks and Doro- H|):li]|;or. Henry, Thomas r (ialnc.*: and Charles nnil I'liam alii-ndnl the ball Mr. riiul Mrs. K. M. McDomdd miiloii-d in Hayti. MD.. fjmiday nnil \l..lled frl'inls. ' Hied Ciawley was a busine!.. 1 ; visitor In iirlinii. /\rl;., .Sunday. Mr. nnil Mrs. Jack Mill were I'lvitn-vllle vi:-.llnrs. 'I'lnirsdny. Mrs. !•:. M. McDonald niul Mrs, Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 l!vit»<i ••n'riu- .'i-inji adjoin Ihe ^s(ii'd Inv fields, •"me tai-in-rs. Mr. c.irpnnt-r r avs. win In liin-c oo!(en a fa!rlv •oo:i !-i'l hv ri'-ni.'" 1 ' a harrow n>•ea--' ro" r r nv rt r the alfalfa l^ile n tup nffer"nrm nr ra^Iv in ll 1 " "inrniuc :is Mi- worn"; do most of |llrj r f^ nr ]j,,^ nf -.j-rbt. Jll USillC '•ols-n'd bail iiie ad'liiinri of nrail"e l>- le-unn .-^-.js !<; nffncllVC. iVfr. •"((••pel !!•<- vnniis. THtl-VK': er r"!'ir, s )i |i,j s sf'nM [|-.- i-art j of Ihe for within a year. l-UI, (iOI.I)l--JSII ., nun - Nelson u .i(l,oi]l n s-hC.ol sr-nson. Thieves we] and Mole all the second time ffitfTnian AVu'.s Irs. Annie otokrs anl son. Jnlv.i •y. v.-hc have bc?n visitrn; Mrs. |';cs' :i a lighter. Mrs. V:-nr.^ Cl:n- briini of RiiiVy. Mi.-s. fn:- ihe pasc week, returned iion-.e N^c.ntEay. "ifrs. Victoria Nct-ly was ihe guest, of Mrs. L. F. Moore Monday. Mrs. R. L. Atkisson hnd as her ?,iie=t Rilndav Mrs. Cro:^o Porrv. M^rs. Mattie Ca.ssiday was th; nest of Mrs. Fiia Ray W:d:i.'s iav. Miss M.ixine CopcLiiid s;viU . r ei:i:erjay afternoon with Miss Gillie Hay. ilisscs Lora ?,Iae Copcljnd and h as Her. n'cc Alairc eoidd net aflord the expense, of a tb'. ronth vocal education—which in N'r.v Yori;. runs Into consirter- rb:? nicn'y. Sa ths baroness d:- (:c!cd p;rso:Ki:lv lo become Berenice's musical mentor. For two \isrs slu has been crucm end r,ln- <!cnl of the bnronrs.'v and has fouivi er.coura Cement from half a dozen tf U"e MEtre.rolitan stars. New she i.s hc.\d;d for laurels in :i:'j n:!tJo:iril voice conLst ant?, it .'•he wins, v.'il] us> tliL v prize moncv fr.r Miieiy rj;;-;:'d. Mcrn'ivl'il? Berenice £o:s on working', for cciiter.tanlri must pa> HARR1SBURG. ra.. (UPt—Deer mav now be taken alive and uninjured wiih a new Iran deMCi"d -ind mierr5sn:!ly employed by Pennsylvania Game Communion tiapj>ers. they desi:e:l '.bcir cwn fare to th.i coast. chance we would be afrr.ii! ef I hat S3 a day. 'So Henry s.ill. 'OXav. !']] a^rce. B'.:t T th'nk we lu:I better Inv; the board of dircc'or? rj?= en this.' "We had a proven in 1'ie bv- | laws, liberal cumuli, that a'i', f "t::n" j tivcs - thr'e of t>e five directors wer? !c- Bethcr tlicv conla have a mreti;r;. So \ve called John Hr,r'; t'-:' lawyer nni met in an albv and ppssNl the '-.vs-jliiShii.' I Goldic .K!"df,oc- and Messr.-. Jnln- | ny and Herman May motored to ! Biythenllc Wednesday. ; Mrs. L. F. Moore and dntr.:li- ,<.tr-. Lor,i Mae and Mixin; Cy,^land alten:!ed ihe eo:imp:ire:nen'. exercises at Coaler T-:ursctay ni^ht. Fitlncy Miller jr.. of Cooler was the g'.ic-sl of bis filter. Mrs. L. F. MoJre, Friday. | M'.ss ^'^a•ie Hay .is ?r"ndins th^ : wp'-k-enrl wi:h relatives in Ftlvth-e i ville. Miss Mildred Ray s;>.-nt. Severn! dr.ys this week as the guest of Mr.-. Paul Fit^ovnld. , Mr. anrt Mrs. A. I,. Reavers and i family left \vr.1ne-.1ay far poinl- in Mississippi v:!iere thry will v r s'' and at'.cr.:! s:'.;?3\ durin; their va- catien. ^fr.s. M. A. P-ole of M-!!!->tl- ha.- rctnriiDd :o her !:oine aft?r several days v:. r ;t l;ere wi;h rela- C.V1THES CANNKD FISH I'iTTSFin.D. Mass., IUP1 IVt- er Tyer bra.sts of catcliini! two f. !i in die .*'.rir:i-. lie savs he was fl.-.hiiv! in Ihe Vokum river when I'onlMit .M-alcal Inlrrc--!-; Cn:i7.-;m E'.l:i-,'C5i.<: Ihe p?n!ili3 cf interests by jcpante hKlustr'es In set up unemployment reserves, as the Associated ClolhinT Mam:hr- iu v ?rs did bv ircotb.tiu? wi^!i ih3 Amalgamatc.l clothing Workers. Eome corporalions which Invs un- eninloymcnt fimcis. he points out. plar-^ 00 per cent cf their worker* on the payroll with r, pinrinlec of, weeks ol eir.ploymein a year and | 48 weeks a year, so tlut wlrn mainwme'it fails lo re.Milar- rtf iiroduclion th; funds have lo b- drawn on l-> pay tro.M CO to 80 per cenl of t',-e iineinploye.i worker's norr.ial wascs. "At. o:;r long hearing 01 uivm- pUvmcnt. In 1!)20. many industrialists said that when They adopted Young Folks and Young Oh. Folks Life's sure short — anyway yuh look at it. Might as well give yourself a good treat when yuh can. And Rancho Rea — high up in the cool Jemez Mountains of New Mexico—with its palatial clubhouse and every known sport and entertainment feeds and treats you like a King and makes life longer by many years- Season May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. f sild 'N'o. because ev.-rythiiirr ja policy of assuring an anmpf in- i :nn!c over for 48 hnnrs we do:i'l jce.nie fa- employs they always o. Von know, fear is the wort - found work for th-m"" Coire-is mns: t; filters the human nvn.1 s.iid. "Yo;i can depend on industry n » I knew if we cave nnr.wlvcs alto ect its money's worth." _ - T* tln^ you Ihr [«-R.ilt of In. pillar n-.o\.-i:^r.t. try Tin - H:..VF).t fiir llio i-.!:. j:t-. i^.i t! \viia l \V-. Cicii. :i C'-n.-tcu li <].'i 1 In rnl.i.~kl. V.i.. - t . . .1. out of fix as .^r f.n:l;y bowr! If^nfa III R-k- .^ilnK n'lkt tt iko It. J[r. K. i -n piit^rinicn- r.iys: "mien . . . ih.ll. lir, 1 i T , fc.-lInK— Just f I fee! IliU.j f THKDFORa'S . ., . i.ii.lit. (••in' Ma.- s. iy wo :.l H a l!r ..,t 1,..],,." ,„., BUCK-DRAUGHT It Jemez Springs, Nev: Mexico ^ rite for full information tc, 155 EAST SUPS-IIOR .STREET CHICAQO, \^<mj{ Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Place your finger on your Adam's Apple. You are actually touching your larynx-this is your voice box—it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple you are considering your throat—your voea! chords. What is the effect of modern Ultra Violet Rays upon tobacco? Dr. E. E. Free, one of America's well- known scientists, who was retained by us to study Lucky Strike's manufacturing process, addressing tho Illuminating Engineering Society, said: "The essential effect of the Ultra Violet is the [noductionof belter tobacco and of cigarettes regarded by virtually all smokers who have tested them as milder and with a lessor tendency to cause throat irritation." Here in America LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette that employs Ultra Violet Rays in connection with its exclusive "TOASTING"Process- the only cigarette that brings you the benefits of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process which expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. ~~~" Dnncc Orcfic.!- Irn, every Tuc.<- nnd Scininldy rvcnins ni-cr N. B. C. net- ttT)Tfcj. toasted" Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows —Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection—against irritation— agcvnst cough

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