The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY. Yi, 19*16 [Housing Co : Investigated Federal Agency to Check on Jorsesboro .Veterans' Complaints JONKKHOHO, Ark,. Dec. 12 — <UP) — l r ii:|ey Vinson, deputy re- ial director in charge of real i T he disposal for the Federal'Pub- I He Housing Aniiioi'ity. was hen- to- I day to make a thorough investigation of charges by veterans Hint the cost of prefab'.leatrtl houses are the highest in the Southwest. •Mr. Vinson indicated Hint his I check on housing costs point to prices that run from 25 to 30 per | cent higher than in any other city '» the Southwest. He said that a technical rcpre- I senlntive of the govcrnmcni will be hero next week lo make a more thorough investigation of each of tile cases cited by veterans in loclg- im; their protests that the houses I are "too expensive". Charles .stuck, president of the Chamber of Commerce, which erected (he houses, said records FluwiiiK detailed costs for every 'louse .sold arc practically complete and indicated that efforts would be made to give the. toch-/- ral official every possible assistance. The investigation is expected lo Ije.cin next week. , According lo Mr. Vinson, the rc- ?:i'Ctecl and improved houses in Ancsboio 5 old from S3M10 in a few cases to S510:> in some instances. He declared that in one other instance in ihi s district one cjf these prc.abricaled houses cost as much ns MOOO and that was the first erected in the United Slates Mr. Vinson declared the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored building of the houses, had not •'"•terl in accordance with the spirit <>; the Government program for <-'.!. housing- ],y allowing all the •extras" on the house-..; without au- thnmaiion of the buyer. His chief point o f attack was for Khat he char.ire.s was a breach of conn-act in that the local officials Handling ihe housing had not filed >vilh Ihe FPHA .1 detailed statement ol cost before the house was sold i:> the veteran. Houses OhLiinril in Hauxitc The houses were obtained by c-liarlcs .Stuck of the Stuck Brothers Lumber Co. here, who also is president, <jf the Chamber of Commerce. They were at IJauxitc and moved here, where they were re- ted. Approximately 25 were "'moved and are scattered principal.• i» the caster:) section of Joncs- boro. "We do not expect the Chamber of Commerce to l c so. any money on those- houses, but with the cost 25 lo 30 per cent higher here than (ARK.) COURIER NEWH Cfeation of Jewish State Urged by Underground 'Chief BY KOWAKI) W. ..„, (UidU'd Press Stuff TKl, AVIV. Dec. 11.—Only the establishment of a Jewish staTc covering all Palestine can halt the Anti-Ilritish campaign of violence in the Holy Land, tin anonymous spokesman for Irgun Zvai Lcunrt. the militant Jewish underground organization, said today. An avoriigo-lo;>King man made that statement. He. sat behind a business-like desk in an ordinary house. Speaking quietly in Hebrew, he continued: "Otic does not trade with Ihe Holj L'liid. We do not believe there exists a 'minimum .solution' to the problem of Eretz Israel (Palestine). There is only one solution --the solution that history and reality have formulated." The identity of the Irgun spokesman must remain secret. This interview required several clays to arrange. But when it occurred there was no im.mbo-jumbo about It. ' met my guide on a street corner. He took me to a small house. There, was about as much intrigue involved as in meeting a friend downtown on v. rainy night. Quietly, but I irmly, this spokesman rejected the whole idea ol "horsetrading" for Palestine. Want "Rule" Transferred "There is but one basis for halting the fighting against the British," he said. "That is to transfer the rule over Eretz Israel to a temporary Hebrew government." He said the Hebrew government would begin immediately to effect the repatriation of the masses ol Jewish people made homeless by the war. He used the word "dias- pora," a New Testament term lor the dispersion of Jews after the Babylonian captivity. The Stern Gang plays an important role in the tortured politics of 20th Century Palestine, but Ir- gnn Zvai LcunU is the largest 01 the realy militant underground groups. Its membership contains a majority of the modern Hebrew "activists," who feel that the policy of negotiation is K. futile one and that Jews must fight lor their "Promised Land." "Youth in the homeland i Palestine) will continue to fight, for liberty and the unification of different parts of our territory," the Irsimist spokesman said. "Is this desire for a homeland not a 'minimum'?" he asked. "Why should something be regarded as natural and self-evident when it concerns Albanians and other people—and be considered unattainable and a 'maximum in the case of one of the oldest and most wronged nations in human history?" Irgun Zvai Leuim. he said, is will| ing to lose sympathy abroad—if necessary in the interest of it.' I anli-'Brilish campaign. I "Nobody will help ns if we do not help ourselves." he said. "The 'sympathy' of the world toward; the persecuted'is a kinti of intoxicating drug with which the world lulls its conscience; to the'perse- cuted it is of no use at all... 'sympathy for their passive sacrifices accompanied Europe's Jews to (Nazi) extermination camps." "This is why we fight and do not weep," he said. "We arc convinced, too. that our struggle arouses .sympathy—very deep sympathy even—among'the millions'ol free people, or whose »• cestors fought against oppressors and tv- rant.s." Says Too Much iiluml Siillled The spokesman denied that "violence" was the. proper word lor the Irgun fight. He said, rather, that h was applicable lo British rule in Palestine, "urn milch lie- brew blood has been spilt in our lifetime," he said, "and this war calls for additional losses, but it cannot be avoided." If lliigaiia. the moderate Jewish underground army, is called in lo suppress the irgunist campaign, the Irgunists will be forced to fight, the spokesman said. "If — on British initiative the Arabs attack us. we shall fight ba:'k and continue to attack the British." he said. The spokesman freely admitted ^hat Irgim uses explosive mines in its campaign. He said there were two kinds oi mines; those made for the British army and the homemade variety. Dritish soldiers, he said, often were killed while trying to neutralize the home-made mines. 'We cannot miblish a textbook for them in order to teach them to neutralize mines made nuclei 1 conditions of ihe underground movement." he said, "the British Mammoth Cabbage Head Survives Dry Fall and Later Autumn's Frost-i To prove Hint eold weather In Mississippi county doesn't halt the growing of king-she cabbages I" Mississippi County, Curtis .J. Llt- lle brought to the Courier News offiee yo.sterday a sample from Ills late cabbage patch. The head he deposited on the. city editor's desk meiisiiri'd about 13 inches in diameter and weighed In the neighborhood of eight Mr. Little said that It was * specimen from his late crop of from 50 to (id heads, many of them nearly as IIUKO. The crop was planted in August. | U . .said, In the garden at his home on Highway Ul North, and had lo be dug up and re-seeded throe times during the late-summer dry spell. Tile cabbages resisted I ho. fall cold snaps nnd killing ( °' the past two months. They were plank-el and grown through this portion of the season as an experiment, Mr. Little said. Crashes and Girl Is Killed Y. Ark., Doc. 12— <Ul» —Churisrs of involuntary mali- have been filed gainst. Bollvnr, Te ,m., yoml , (uU()Wln nil .u.tomoblle crash near lirlnk- ile i »?,."!', '" w "' c " 01U ' B"'l w " s " ' 0l " C1 ' " n ' so " s vm '° anywhere else In the seven slates of this dislrict, we must have ac- lual proof to explain to us why the cosl is so much higher." Mr. Vinson asserted. "Had the cost of the houses here been in line with Ihosc throughout the district that range from S'GOO to $3300 we would have approved them readily, but 1 cannot put my signature of approval on the same houses which are 30 per cent higher," he asserted. Mr. stuck said cost of Ihe houses was approved in each case by the veteran purchaser. an d added that the cost list was not submitted before ihe house was sold "because it was our feeling that the veterans wanted and needed the housing and we wanted to let them get into the houses as soon as passible. As for the improvements, in prac- | lically every c ase, the veteran rc- [ quested it." Kobe-it I,. Williams. ri'G" poHc.-inaVi testified before a Senate Invcstl paling Commiite.0 in .larkson. Miss., that Iin struck H. E. Daniel. Negro, after arresting hj m jncon- nci:lin:i with tKstii]banec on .July 2 primary election in Gu'.rport. Miss. (NKA Tclcphoto.) WASHER SERVICE I'hillip Trel Vncnnn Clninor*. Fans, Ironn si4 Smut) A)ip]i.iucC3 Hcpaliod ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. -. W AOAMa. Kir. Fboop 1071 20B-OB W. M»tO FEET feel better with better resold and heels. We «ne famous NEOLITE heels for a better step, better balance, DZTTER FEET HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. 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Tlii' [icelcicnl occurred two miles (if Ili-lnklcy on Highway 7u. Witnesses, wlio followed the liol)- <'iis' f\\r, tuld Chief lloiulnson thai It liml been \i-cavlnn iroin sldo lp side of tlii' roiitt In-fore It Iliiulfy crushed Iniu a vclilek- driven i>y Gem- Ki'llmYK of Mi-mphl.'i, 'IViin. Follows «i\s mil Injured mill WHS exonerated of nil bliiuie by Invi'.v tlliiilUiU off leers. PAGE NIKE youthful driver. M .| m ,,,„„„. """' nl "'•"»"<•• Two Constellations Race Across Atlantic SHANNON AllH'OliT. Kilo, u;i')-Hy n marulu of minutes the Transcontinental Al beat the company's from Boston yesterday. Western Air, Inc^'m^'of Holly- IWH"'^^'^^.^^''^? "**"'* wood Htar ri'.'.e did refer to .snowy mountain 111 sight, «n-» «>« ngnlnia the Cairo's nine hours mid 14 iiiliuiles, RccordliiK to the llnnl , flumes given by tin com- revised pany. The nveiajie speed of the .winner of the tsvo Constellations was 320 miles mi hmir. Capt. 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