The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 2
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?AGK, TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) QOUBIEK JBWS Frenqi Poiiticos To Select Blum Former Premier Gets BoeluiKJ of Leaders In (^omrmmisr Party B> JOSEPH W, ORIGG, Jr (United Piwc.RUfr Correspondent) PARIS, D*c> 1.2—Leon Blum. W- yeai-old .'Socialist premlei v of the pre-war Popular Front agreed conditionally* loday to head a crisis government in Prance and quickly won assurance ,th/il; the .Nall-uinl Assembly would'name hlui- premier. The Commmrtsts nnd Popular Republicans'. jJIRI'y^.ilie • two <!oml- nniil psrUesV. annpvmcetf tlYey would vote for Bluhi Jii" the'assembly this nfteinoon; One MRP lender predicts! Rlflni 'would., be .elected 1111111- isnously. - ..,. A Communist /communique srid (lie- parish's support for Blum wus Intended':to dciuonstrate "unity »f thp working classes." Blum reluctantly agreed to lake the premiership on,condition that iio.vither candidates opposed him m the assembly. Andre Letroquer. a Socialist Parly leader,.nnnoimeeci that Blum gave his cmnHfled acceptance of the premiership -after receiving from i| lt . heads of all French parlies an urj>- t'lit npu?al to lead the rnunlry (ro:'ji its political deadlock. Blum v;us premier of the Pop-.ibr From Kpvcijni.neiit which Vulrd Prance for a. stormy seven-mini!! period in-1936. He was the coiin'-y's lirst Socialist premier. He was n German jifisqiiDi- during the war and since, then has played an elder steUusman role. Blum's- conditional" '"acceptance was made known lo Vincent Au-io] president, of tha National Assembly, after a delegation of p.i r t.v leaders had made'a personal appeal 10 Blum., All parties turned to the n«lng pre-war 'leader when they "hfd reached a complete deadlock jn fcr- mnllon of a coalition government and a national program. France'has been without an official government since Georges Hi- <lault:i three-party coalition cabi. net resigned last month' after ihe national election. Formation nf n Bovernment was blocked l>y a stalemate between Communists and r>,n- ular Republican (Mim In which fiKh refilsed lo Juin a government led by lh e other pnrly. Party leaders agreed to seek as premier someone acceptable In all i parties with sufficient personal •>!•.->•'Ire lo obtain an assemblv inaliVr- ity. It was hoped Blum, if ele.'fil would form a coalition cabinet stn-' ble enough to push lhrou B li ri national budget for l) lc iu s [ !<„.„, months of ihis year. Tennessee Horseman Reaches California : But is Aboard a.Train YUMA.T Ariz., Dee. 12' m I' i — •Jimmy Bennett. 24. Icok Horace . Orcclcy's ; advice and "went WC-M' on a horse.' Bennett, who vowed that l:fa ride horseback from Frank'm Tenn.. 16 California, lodav 'was en route lo Hollywood by" uam afler first stepping on California Poll. He reached the Califomia-Au- zona border here yesterday ami walked across the Colorado Huer bridge connecting the two stales After he. had set foot on (,t\i- fornia soil, he returned to Yti-na and sold his horse, the isut, ol 11 animals >e .tised in the ions "ide. Arkansas Hotel Owners to Meet At Spa Tomorrow HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Dec. 12.— (UPI—The Executive Board of the Arkansas Hotel Assoclnllon was to 'hold a meeting here- tonight, preceding <he organization's 39th an- litial convention here tomorrow. Guest speaker at tomorrow's gn- therlng will be George Hicks ol New Yor}: City, president of the National Hotel Association. Earlier In the week, n spokesman for the Arkansas hotel men Indicated that the group will discuss the feasibility of joining Oklahoma ami Missouri' in forming u til-state hotel organization. Jesse Stilt of Blythevllle Is the present nssoclallon president, New ofllcers '.till be elected nl a business session Saturday afternoon. 11 States Invoke Closed Shop Ban Arkansas One of First in Nation to Enact Restrictions WOULD. BE Till; SAME An inhabitant of Iifara, or airy other of • the planets in our sol;'r .".ysls-m, would see the constellation of stars 'exactly as we see them from the: earth.... An athlete coffld hurl a 14-pound shot lo miles if lie had as much j energy as on. average car going n imle a minute. Read Courier News Wui:t Ads. RUB ON MENTHOLATUM Whirlaway's Gal Unenclosed Stairways Blamed For Death Toll in Atlanta Fire THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 194G NEW OHLKANS. Dec. 12. (UP)—. Warning Dial unenclosed stairways were to blame for lite tragic toll' of lives in Atlanta's WlncDolf Hotel lire, a national fire official today called lor conversion of existing public buildings to meel national fire underwriter standards, A. c. llulson. assistant chief en- yf the national board of dorwrilers, who arrived here vestU-aUon of tile Wine- i-r, told citv and stale evenlion olficials lhat proof vertical openings In ho-1 d olhei- public construction • bask answer to fire ha/- flu- after coif I in; lectio tels . wo s nrd -You've got to stop the vertical travel of fire," he declared Rcpua- liitliiB criticism of the Wlnccofr for not liavlng fire esiapes, Ilutsoh queried, -how could anyone ««4t to a fire esea|« through the scar- Ing heat of Hie corridors?" Hi> said he had asked the mayor of Atluma whether btiHdlhet u,^re with no adequate exit facilities could be forced to install them and wiis told the city .solicitor, .held it illi'tjul. '<Nn man," he said, "has the rig'jil lo say It is Illegal lo prevent tiu- death o! -122 people. I rloiVt believe thc supreme court would uphold the contention that any legislation designed lo save lives i» lltefjal." He called' for thc adoption o( lo^al hullding codes ordering conversion ol public buildings to meet underwriter standards, saying "it will be costly and It cannot be accomplished overnight, but it Is an cbjcctive toward which you should wo;k and which is the only trustworthy insurance against a repetition of ihe iragcdy in Atlanta." Baptists Talk Over Plan for Big New Agency NASHVILLE, Tenn., r>c )2 .1 U.I'.)—The Southern IJapUsicn vcntlon, closing Us semi-annual meeting here today, is expected to give final approval to :i chaiter of Incorporation for thc Soutnein Huplist Foundation. The Foundation was organized only j-ec^nuy. The convention's executive committee, in a meeting ycsf.e«ny, "looked with favor" on that a new 300-bed hospital bo erected at, Jacksonville, pin., anti that a aOfl-bed addition be moue to a ho.spllal at Birmingham, Aa. sr The Milky Way Is estimated to be made up of more than 100,000,- uuil.uoo suns. The marbled godwit migrates . east and v.-est to the coasts, alter ' summering In the interior prairie slates. Community Che Contributions Now Total $8668 New caiilrl!>u;;o::rf io 'lie lilythc- ville Community chest fund lor 1947 were announced today by Worth Holder, secretary of the Changer of commerce, and also .secretary for the Chest ap.encies. and the total now stands a The Chest has a goal of 'f'he list of new contributors lows: Previously reported $8493 22 W. M. Williams 15.UD Edyllie Shop lo.u'J Hess Clothing Store ; 5.UD I larry Pritzius lO.UD Applebaum's Ladies Toggery to.!):) Robertson Distributing Co. . . 20 00 O. O. Hardaway and Co. . 500!) ITIsie F. Fisk ............ ' Head Courier News Want *.ds. CHICAGO (Ul'i — Voters', ap-j pi(.viil this moniii 01 tonstitiiti'onal I imu'tulincnts burring the closed shop in Arizona. Nebraska and 66uth D!ikot:i boast.s lo II the number ol stales in which union meiiiber.ship is iryuhlcc! by .sinl- ute, according to American Municipal Association. Florida and Arkansas adoplrsl amendments t'.vo years a^o outlawing the closed .shop. Alabama. Colorado, Kansas. Louisiana, Oregon and wit/cousin have similar, but less stringent, laws. The new Arizona amendment specifies lhat "no persons shall be denied |lu> opportunity lo obtain or relnln employment because of non- mcmbcushlp In a labor organization, nor shall the state or any .subdivision thereof or any corporation, Individual or association ol any kind enter Into »ii v agreement which I'xchules any jWi.on iroiii employment because of non-membership In a labor organl/alion." The amendment approved Nov. fi by Nebraska voters prohibits "denial of employment lo any person because of iminbcrshlp 'or "non- ii'icmbershlp" in ti union. • 'lhe south Dakota closed .shun amendment reinforces a state >,iw Of similar intent enacted by the 1SM!> legislature. The law makes persons responsible for closed slion practices subject to penalties or I3UJ fine and 00 days imprisonment. Florida's law currently is bel.ii>! crmteslcd in the court.' Arkansas' amendment does not of itself bar the closed shop, but enables the stale legislature to enact such a statute. So far, th c legislature ha; tnkcn no action on the mailer. In Colorado, .state law makes "the closed shop llle|;.ii unles/ approved by a three-fourths ijajori- ty of the ccllective bargaining null. In a slale-siipcuiscd election -CUD closed s hop is harrod ui Kinisai except when authorized by u ,,111- jorily of lhe employes voting by secret ballot. ' A two-thirds majority appvovil of employes is necessary to legai- I'.e a close,! shop in Wisconsin. Oregon's la-.v provides nuixlinn'n penult leu ft,r violators of S100 fin.' ""id tix months in Jail, and HIM Alabama and Louisiana law., S ]<"- cify slniiily lhat n worker need ~n.i> join n union lo keep his iob Bronchial Coughs! Due To Colds Upper Bronchia! Irritations tfonf imflTtKM hn*P fovnd tutkrey't Fo CAIIAOIOL WF*lure du1(l.1y reli*v*t peult r-iil^ tough* du» to roldi onj Upcer Bron • >NADIOL V.^luf*, made In U. S. A.—b, it.* lo'igeil t*H!ng cpuflh mtdiffre En (old •* WOOD'S IHtlXi S'l'OKIv KOTIIKOCK IHtlKiS CITY 1)1100 STOlti: YOU WANT YOUR MEALS TO CLICK TAKE A TIP FROM OLD ST. NICK- ^ftVftaiy DonJMiss Our LARGE BOX WASHING POWDER . * . a s U IB. PACKAGE „ B , each3Bc DIMEFS SHREDDED COCOANUT 3 Lb. PACKAGE BEST CORN z M a , 6^ IL L C 4 ^ JT lb. bag ^1.^3 : A $ S in heavy syrup „ . 42c NEEDLEFAST BALSAM, 2 to 3 ft. 40c 3-4 ft. 65c; 5-6 ft. 95c 7-8 ft $1.25 9-10 ft, $1.80 BARTLETT — No. 21/2 Can FRUIT COCKTAHl CAKE FLOUR FOOD COLORING Kukers Hull Crest No. !i'/ 2 Can Swnnsdown l.iirgL' Kox McCnrmirk Slewarl I'upor 1'coans l.b. r>!)(! XnisiK Nuts, Diamond Wahuils Kiilierts, Mixed Nuts, Creum Nil Is, Almonds, 1'imnd CLACK PEPPER FRUIT CAKES McCormick 1 \'i ()/.. I'kg. Mrs. I'nink's. Vacuum I'afkotl 1 I.I). !)Hc; ~i l,i>s. l''ruil CitUc Inirrodicnls. Chi'ivies, Curranls, |);ifcs, I'ijjs, I.imc. Oniilfff iind Cilii;>; 1'vol ('inifoclioncr's or Hrown I 1.1). I'k K . W 42 37 10 C 49 15 Raisins:. ftlCF Kilnry l!l "° H(wn - ' '•''• '""': - ! ' 1)S - W< IlIVL. . ;{ |. ()llm | s APPLE BUTTER ASSORTED GELATINS LIQUID SMOKE SNOWDRIFT 1''arm' Brand I I.!). :i <)M Knox 43 23 19 I'iiit ^r,c Qu:ivl SUGAR lii Hie Hi K :i ['omul ,|;u For (iixlcliriuix, f> M.S. .i.- )( . II) Pounds 89 Meat and Vegetable Dinner Broadcast December If, 19-16 Yl lb. lM-ic«-«rounJ tvvi grjins pepper ' I>ol4lo 1 '/, tu[>s JrAinrJ ms v,i JieJ vepeijble," I'/., cups P« Milk V 4 Lb. American Turn on oven; set nt moderately slow (350° F.) . Grease a .shallow 1 J /?-qi. baking dish. Mix together mi.','(i, potato, onion, '/• cup millc, 1 t«usp. salt and (he pup pur. Spread en bottom and sides of baking disli. Biiku 20 j ui 11. Meanwhile, mix t-- gc'ther beaten, reinaitting I cup milk, l /2 tcaip. s^lr and the vegetable. Pour ituo paritnlly bakc-d inenc mix- ttire. Continue baking nbout 35 tnin., ur until almost firni. Cut cliresc tnro !/2-Lii. si rips. Arrange on lop of mixture. Bake 5 (nin, longer, or until cheese mulls. Serve at once. Makes 4 servings. *Beef, veal, lamb or lean pork can be used. •A*Green or lima beans, peas, carrots, corn or a mixiuie of vegetables cnn be used. Yon Will Need: " : $^ Pet Milk .. can 13c Ground Meat 29c Vegetables en 19c Potatoes .... Ib 5c Eggs ...... doz 65c lb.12c Cape Cod CRANBERRIES. Ib. oka. 39c Large Crispy Iceburg LETTUCE . . Well Bleached Stalks fin EKill/ I 4 ^ I fi fi^if aarn 1 If v*LLLi^ii . . , . eacn iii rresh and Tender SPINACH . . . 3lbs.25c Fresh and Rosy Red RADISHES . . . bunch 5c hull of Milk Fresh Cccoanuts... Ib. 13k Slicing Quality TOMATOES ... lb.25c Snow White Heads CAULIFLOWER . .lb.17k Cellophane Bag FRESH DATES . . 11b. 25c Pink Meat, Large Size „ GRAPEFRUIT . . 4ior29c Texas Valcncias, 200 Sir* ORANGES . , . doz.35c Red Delicious, Ib. 14c; APPLES .... box $4.75 California Emperors GRAPES . . . . lb.17c Winesap, Roman Beauty, Ib. 12c; APPLES . . . bushel $4.25 LIBERTY CASH GROCER Note: For a better selection Place Your Order Now! Best Quality Fresh Shoulder Pork Roast ib. 4Sc Rib or Brisket Stew Meat ib 2 EC Hom« Dressed FRYERS, HENS Sail Mackere! American (2 Ib. Box) Cheese.. each Tender Beef Steak ib. 43c

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