The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SGOU1U VOL. XU11—NO. Blytlievllle Dully Bljthevillc Courier Blythcvlltc llnnld Mississippi Valley Loader m,YTllKVlU,K, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, llKC.KMHKH 12. I'.Mil SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TEN KILLED, MANY TRAPPED IN EXPLOSIOH ir- Steelman Gets New Assignment In Washington Many War Agencies Placed Under New 'Temporary Controls' WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. (UP) President Truman today gave John R. Rteelman, former nrkan.san, E promotion wlien he made him "assist ant lo tlie president" and also t;ct up Ihe "Office of Teniporar} Controls" to take over Ihe functions of most ol the remaining federal \var agencies, except for llOUsillR. Mr. steehnan lia.s been rei-onver sion director aiul also head o[ th 1 economic stabilisation office. He v.-il continue in his new office lo aid the Piesidcnt in co-ordinating fed eral agency programs and policies. IHr. Truman named Maj. Gen. Philip B. Hemini; to head the new aecnc.v. Fleming will eontlnut lo serve also as federal wo'Us administrator. Consolidated into the new agenc were the Office of War Mouiliza lion and Reconversion, the Offic of price. Administration, the. Civ Han Production Administration an the Office o[ Economic Stabilize Hon. Mr. Truman named Prank Cree don to succeed Wilson W. Wyatl as liniising expediter. Wyatt resigned because lie felt lie was not getting enough White House support. Creedon wns manager of construction of the atouii; bomb plant at Oak RidBC. Tenn. Since then he lias served as deputy administrator ol the Civilian Production Administration in charge of its construction and housing activities. Raymond M. Poiey was made head of the National Housing Administration. He lias been in the federal housing program since 1934. At the same time, Mr. Truman's executive order setting up the new- office of temporary controls ordered the immediate termination of the Economic Stabilization Board, and Ihc termination of the wage stabilization board-as of Feb. 24, 1947. Calls Housing Conference The President culled a major housing conference this afternoon Mr. Truman declined to make anj .statement on UousiiiR pending his conference this afternoon, but he did discount reports that an increase in rent ceilings \vas in im mediate prospect. Tlie President explained that OPA controls on rents, sugar, and ric would be continued by Ihc new over-all agency. He said that the new office wotili I be responsible for carrying out th lemainine. continuing responsimh tics of OPA and OPA and ccrtaii reconversion functions. He remarked that the prioritie powers under which civilian pro durtinn administration operates ex pire March 31. except for buiklin materials, unless pxtended by Con 'Hie former heads of .OPA CPA have resigned. OPi\ Adivmns tralor Paul Porler is going to head a U. S- Krouomic Mission lo Greece. CF-A Administrator John D. Small is returning to private business. As far as llic Junctions of Ihc Office ol Economic stabilization arc concerned, the President said the duties of this agency were virtually Icrminated. that prices and wages were, decontrolled and most items removed from rationing. Mr. Truman predicted that the consolidation would result in economies of operation and in a more rapid liquidation of Personnel and government property no jpngcr needed". His Honor, the Judge s Convicted on Charge Of Driving While Drunk lUCKOHY. N. C. Dec. 12. <lrf'> The city (altars of Hickory were ckinK for a new municipal t-ouit id£o today, Juclse Charles navltl Swift was onvicted of rlrivinB while drunk t Winslmi-Saleni, N. C., and it vas fell a temporary surccssci houUI be appointed until Ills appeal has been heard \>y 5U|»m<« -ourt. CIO Wage Drive ArousesCommeni British Propose :arly Conference )n Disarmament Bchind-thc-Sccnes Talks Prevent Split With U. S. Over Bombs Arizona Mine Rescue Leaders Give JUp Hope of Saving Victim Hy IIKNKY ltl!:c,im milled ri't'.ss Slaff t'orrrspDinlml (ll.OKK, AIT/,,, Dec. 12.—Coiiviural llioy were "dti.'.yiiiji; for ;i dwid imui," rescuers wont inln ,-i copper 'mino torlny with dyinuuilu to blast out tli^ hody (if n IHIUPV hurled ulivi 1 l).v u slide. . *--•' ---••.— They virtually ab;nidoiieil hope of saving ,]ohn Orekur. 10. Wlint inity have been last feeble Uinplnn cchccd hollowly down a mctalplpo Administration Ducks For Neutral Corner In Impending Battle WASHINGTON. l>ec. 12.—tUf —The administration durkecl for neutral corner today in the cor. irovci'.sy over a ClO-sponsored ve Port claiming industry can ral5 wages 25 per cent without \moi.i ing prices. Officials said (ho poveriunei wonlrt be only an Interested obscr or until it could be ascertaine -.vhelher the CIO wfigc drive be settled preaccfullv Ihrough gaining or erii[>t into anothr round of strikes in the stce!. aul or other important industries. Industry sources challenged the cciiracy of the statement that usiiiCKs was enjoying enough proi- ;s to raise wages 25 per cent with- llt hiking prices of their good:;, i National Association of Maiu-.- acturers source said It was erronc- us guesswork and that NAM cco- lomlsls would "tear It apart." Some quarters believed the 25 per cent figure would be I lie CIO's ing" price in forthcoming neg- ottatlons but that scttlcmenW could be reached for less, on the Jasls of present r.vcrtige hourly earnings in all nianufnctnrlnB. HIP 25 per cent increase would avor- ice 27 ccnls an hour. The big three CIO unions—steel, nuto and electrical workers—will meet next week in Pittsburgh to discuss their demands. The auto workers board meeting in New York has hinted at a general wage Increase demand of 23 cents an hovir. UNITKU NATIONS IIAI.L. Pln:,h- ne. N. Y.. Dee. 12. iUP) — Great ili-lluhi meed today Hie rallin:: <>f i world-wide disarmament cnn^ry- ence within tlic next six months lo consider slop:; for scfillnc: ('own world ainiiimcnt.s and provldlm; international safeguard:! tor Iho [tloinic bomb, A Canadian proposal that ri S;H-- ciul -session ot the UN General Assembly bo Minnnoncd to cnnsu-^r specific di.saimaincnt proposals drafted by Ihr Security Council wits approved by (he disarmament subcommittee by a 10 to 8 vote. The proposal, il confirmed l>y ill? UN Genera] Assembly, would eon- stllntc. in effect, a special United Nations disarmament conference. Sir Hartley Shawcrorui. chief liril- Ir-h (teli'K'.ile. loW a United Hallwx diaM'inainenl subcommittee tli-U such a Jscucral conference cuiild pass on proposal:* for atomic controls and arms reduction to on formulated l>y tlie UN security' He appeared lo be prepared Jo drop Ui'itish demands for ;in immediate census of tronps mil to oppose Russian proposals for a count of world arniametUs—'l- inz (lie U. S. atomic bomb •-.'/•ck- pilc. stand indicated ilial jehilKi-thc-sccncs talks brlwei-n SeCL'elary of Stale. James F. nyon-r, and British Foreign Minister ErncM. Hevin, had .succeeded nt least lor :hc present in bridging a split between tlie two countries on disrnn.- ament. U. S. to Hold Ilomti Scrrcl He spoke as American authoritative .sources made clear thin this' country will fight any move for nr. immediate census of world ^ruui- menls. Tins proposal, demanded by Russia, would enable inlerna^loivil Inspection /iRcncies' to visit Ihi:- counlry to''verify'Ihc extent of tlic U. S. A-bomb stockpile. Shaw-cross joiner! tlie United .States in demanding that (lie UN General Assembly sleer clear 'jl .'inaction \vhfch niisht interfere \v,i]i efforts of tlic UN Atomic Encr&y Commission to draft an atomic rn- ciizy control plan. The U. S. m-iin- Inins lhat sucli a plan must precede any action on arms riccniinl- in|5 or on an arms reduction program. Australia and Canada ,suc2?si;-d revisions in a UN nrms reduction ]>i-r,crarn now under debate. Paul Hasluck of Australia 1.,-ild members tliat I lie resoiulion -.vas "surronnried by confusion and srum- ows"—that il provided no spec.ifir remedies for (lie heavy burden ol world arinamenls, Ij. D. Wilsress of Canada proposed an amendment callinc foi- suhmissicm to a special General Grant of Manila loday Iliat lie ' Assembly .session of specific hen- p'nnned lo fiie for a divorce ini- ! ''es for arms regulation and contfoi. inediiitrly and would seek custody] -Subcommittee Chairman I'.ud of [heir 17-month-old daughter. He voluntarily relinquished ihc baby lo her mother after she found \ w;ls informed by Shaw-cross them at Leachville Tuesday iii-lil. i " wc !uc ready to work on (hi:; <uic.s- " ' - 1 cows come maintained from liis tomb more than :!(> hours U|!0. "We are now dlRi-.ins; for n dead man," said Deputy .stale Mine In- tiprelor William Kucliar. "1 Mjrl- doubt that lie was not killed Instantly." Inspector Clifford M u r d o c k agreed. OrDinuUii!! .vltiewalls or, the rescuer.-; dui: deeper lido Ihe roek and ore made it Inorensin^ly dangerous to .send men into Ihe ;nino, aiul Kucha i' called off nil operations last nlBhl. fearlul of more casualties, il wns Hie llrst ITS^ foi rescue crew lenders shice. tlic disaster Saturday. As a Inst-dlteh .step rescuers planned today lo blast out Pie .slo]:e, or tunnel, where the miner \vu.s i,voikiUK on Mipptu't.'; ttesly'.nett to iireveiu the- cave-In that eiuiuhl lihu It was blocked by BOO Ions of loosr <ire and Kuclmr said Ihe miller's body uilRht be found In the dcltrlfi when II h cnvrleil "lit in rnrlonds. He ailmilled Hie blnsl mluhl kill Orekni If lie were .Mill nllvr In Ihe ifebils. I looked down the ;;tope In whieb Orpkar war. Irappcd and Iho spot wlwvr- he war. snppoi.eil lo ho >vmk- HiB was hurled by tons of riv/ and dirl. I don't see how nnyono could lie [.live. The iillKlUi-.-il.jnr knc. 1-.>, another Ion loose and the dust, loo choking for n man lo breiU more ihnn a few minutes. Klltnh M. York. ;i, lielptiiK to direct the rescue (cam lo Orekar'.- tomb, was imprisoned 24 hours nol far from him. Aside from thirst. York was unharmed when rescued Victims in Six-Story Tenement Buried Under Rubble From Old Ice Factory Wrecked by Blast Azerbaijan Chief Flees to Russia Iranians Celebrate Victorious March Into Trouble Zone Mother Regains Custody of Child The baby kidnaped Monday from a farm home near Lake m:y was bark today with her molhcr. Mrs. Lorcnc Shipley, who said she planned lo file nn charges against the father. Home,- Shipley, with whom Hie baby was loiinri at Leachvilto. The f;iMior. separalcd from hi.% ^. ife. told Cily Marshal Osrnv Mark K. Skelton, Pioneer, Dies Long Illness Fatal For Retired Farmer; Funeral Tomorrow Plough to Hear ContestDemurrer m Court at Osccola Also To Take Action in Craighoad Dispute I'v rHi;l>KKICK M. U'INSIITJ- llnltrd I'rrsH Slaff ('orri'Nlwulcul * NK\V YOHK, Doc. 12.—Tho liru-k wall uf a flnniinp; ire' lm«s<>. crushed iiKHitwl mi iuljoiiiliitf Icneinoiit, luniuft htTi' riirly Iniliiy killing or injuring ;i majority <>f I'm 02 iiersoiiH who livod in Uio six-story building which rc.sideiitn Hiiitl luid bo(Mi condemned "yi'.'il'ii ngo." Henri Spunk of Belgium i>rqp<| il:e to speed tlicir work, but Delay Lewis' Strike ^5 Formal Ending of War WASHINGTON. Dec. 12. OJ.'-M President Truman said kdi> thai the recent soft coal si tike had made it impossible lo <'e- clarc World War II loniviUy a an end now. Mr Truman told his news conference his study or the question of endins tlie war formally "as pro- rccdin^ as it had for some time- He said he thought II it had no. been for recent strikes, lie mir.h have been able by now to have declared the war at n" end. Mr. Truman said lie would . Congress ngain for the merger o K the armcri lorces, along lUc sauv lines he recommended io the 'as Congress. He declined to discuss the iabo or lax recommendations he make to Ine new Congress. He did ray, however, that message on the slate of the unio would be delivered separately froi the budget this year. , A year ngo. Mr. Tinman lnmv>e Ills annual stale of the xmlon mes sncc into one long document. Th year, he said, there will be three- Hie state of the union messag tlic new budget, and n report t the council of economic arivisei The economic report was- provided for the new "lull employment" act. tlic mother told the Manila officer, of whom she souaht aid shortly after disappearance ol the child. Officer Grant said he planned no further disposition n ( the case. Because Mr. and Mrs. Shipley id resided near Manila, prior lo ie separation, she went Iliere onday night seeking the, child, ter a man was seen leaving the nrch of Mrs. u J!. Anderson's onie with ihc baby in his nrms. Tlic mother believed tlic alleged dnaper was Ihe baby's father, ie had told Wcslcrn Mississippi oimiy officers, who aided in Ihe earch. With this disappearance settled, fficers there continued (o seek vhcrcabouts of 15-ycav-old Irene vie and Charles Ward. 16. sought ftcr they left (heir homes in Beach Grove Community, 17 miles rom Parapnild, about 10 days ago. ollowing an unsuccessful attempt, i obtaining a marriage license nt 'aragould. lion till the cows come home. Shaxveross maintained that ;he committee was attempting lo discharge functions of a general disarmament conference. He urged instead that the -Seeurily Council arri tlie Atomic Commission prepare ;n- U-rnalUmal trratic?, then Mil>niil them to a general conference, for debate. BlythcviUe Man Hurt In Memphis Accident J. B. Chine-. 622 west Asli. convalescing at his home jr head injuries received Tu?sil«y afternoon when he was struck by a car at poplar and Cleveland SI reels in Memphis. Mr. Clime suffered lacc.-'itnns about Ihe head and was romovco; to the Baptist. Hospital in Memphis for treatment before ve-.viri- insr lo his home. Recovery :roni Ihe Injuries, not regarded as serious, is expected in a week or lu days. Legionnaires Aid Project to Promote Sports A lasting contribution to llic Chickasaw Athletic. Club's drive for funds to promote competitive sports among high sciiool and grade school children has been made by Dud Cason Post (he American Legion. II was announced today. At their meeting Tuesday night. members of Post 24 voted to turn over to the ChicKasaw Athletic Club all proceeds from the rental of the Cisscll property, located immediately norlv. of iiiC- Legion Hut. This rental will amount to a yearly cotitrioution of more than S500, Lr.gion officials said. The Cisscl property was purchas- , cri by the American legion in 1043. By SAM HOHK1 (llnilril Tress .SUIT CnrrosnonrlriK) TEHRAN. Dec. 12.—Nearly a.Oflfl Iranians celebrating Ihe surronciei of Ihe Azerbaijan semi-autonomous repimc marched through central Tehran today shouting "death l< the traitors of Azerbaijan." Govci nnirnt troops were advancing over rough mountain roads o: llie northern province toward briz, iis capilal and Hie. - lartjnsli cjly. in Iran. Military s ill Tehran believed the troops reach Tabris-, loday. The erlel-.rating demonstrav>v shook their lists at. members of III- left-wing Tudeh Party as Hie cro-ji'( mrn-chl-d past the Tudch Club. "Long live the Shah I Lone llv. Ohavam! Denlh to Tishevni i ant all wtio wan! to sell the roim try to foreiBiicrs." the (lcmon:;tr.i tots shouted. Leader Flees la Ku.ssia Unrr>nUi tnr'd reports from T.ib'.i said .laafar Pislicvari. leader of Democrat Party which formed Mie Azerbaijan regime, ]iad [ted to P'u-' sin. The Soviet frontier forms thr northern boundary ol A/.crbalj.Mi. Pishevari was said lo te nccom- panird by M. Danashlian, lea-l»r e( the Fitlayis (armed peasanlsi. Irnnian War Minister Ahmed Alinicrti iniiiouncccl yeslerclay afternoon lhat. lie hfid received a nl-s- sage from Pislievari saying he h,ui ordered his troops to lay down their arm.-: and permit Hie covvn- inenl. fnrre:; to occupy the province. rremier Ahmed Glmvant aniiount-ed earlier lie hati sent troops Into baijan to supervise elections. Tabriz was reported enip'.v of Pisliavnvi's troops. Many of his .vo'- :iier.s were snid to have rctlirnrd home nnd buried their rifles. The Tehran demonstrators r;ir- ryiiii; a national flag massed '>u:- side tlie war ministry and ch-rvrrrl all military leaders who had planned the Azerbaijan occupation. Russian Support Lackinc Tutlch Party newspapers r.r.d menibei;; appeared perplexed *i> by what Nicy considered lack of strong Soviet action in support of Ihe Awrbaljan regime. Plslirvar has been consistently friendly lo Uie nwsiaus. 'ITic Iranian Fon-ign 1 Office said yesterday that .Sovv'l Ambassador Ivan Sadchikov .s-.ib- milted a mild protest nole Tues-lay against llic dispatch of government troops into the province. Hadio Tabriz reversed its noiiry last nigl-.f and praised Oliavam's goodwill and patriotic intentions. Marl" Keener Kl-'eHon. plonoer Tiller of Hlylhevlllo, died last nlphl at Blytlicville llosplliil. He wns 7:1. . lu ill health for an extended lime, he hnd undergone tronimenV In local and Mciuphls hospitals for Ilic pnr.t six week.-; but was brought mr a week ngo. n.1 hl^ request. Born Oct. 2rt. mil, at Osceolii, llc,,rnovcd when n young child lo ' is now Dlylhcville. Ho was » r until relirciuout, beciuiso of ,. Hecenlly. he lind matte *,' home with n son. Mark n Skcllon. who lives south of Uly- Ihovllie. .Services will ho held (omorro? aflcrnoon. 'i o'clock, al Cobb Funeral Homo by the Rev. II. W. Woo Ion, pastor Of Clear I/ako Bnplis Church, ivllb. burial at Maple Orovi Ccmclory. Active |-nllbearcrs will be Cod Biinn, Hrrmon Duncan, Cart On Ion. Herman nillennerry, Ho Hnynrs. Richaid linvne-i nnd Mm Wilson. Hnhorary pnllboarcrs will be . U. Kvnns. Hurry Sprlnpcr. '/,nc Taylor, olllo steiarl. Monroo Wll con. Far! Wilson. Krnrsl. Wllsoi -Jim Burns. R. K. .Jones. Albert Payne, Frank Webb. Mo Cable, Arch l.lmtsoy. Monroe nrshinnr. •Jack o/.enient. Ho h survived by four :;ons, I'Ynnk. Mark a., nnd Knwn- i 1 .!-:!' 1 - lon of Blylhcvlllr. nnd Kolon Hkel- ton of Diplcy. Tenn.; five dnusili- lors. Mis. Wnller Henrham nnrl Mrs. Calvin Conley of BlyllieviMo: Mrs. M. C. Bllies of Memphis, Mrs. Chester C. Danohower or Osceola. and Mrs. I3ow Thompson „( Dallas, Texas: a brother. W. II. .Skelton of Blythevlilo. n'hnll brolher. I.on- ilennlo Kov.-ler of Blytlieville. IB Rrnndchildron anil four gicat grandchildren. Twenty-four hours earlier it h denounced him as "the servant Anclo-Aincrican capitalists anil degraded reactionary." N. Y. Cotton ffar. May July O:t. Dec. U047I open 3193 3140 3037 2740 3230 high 3103 3142 304 D 2743 low 3172 3121 33CO 2693 1:30 3181 3130 3018 3215 Colder Weather Due For North Arkansas Fair and colocr weather were in prospect for North Arkansas tomorrow after additional rain (ell here last night, bringing lo 1.10 inches the precipitation for the 24- hour period ending at 7 a.m. Today. Robert B. Blnylock, official weather observer, reported. The .skies began clearing here early today. Mr. Blnylock said that rainfall since Monday totals 1.8 Inches, minimum tcmpei-Rlurc last Cotton Council Seeks Larger Foreign Trade night was 57 degrees, in si;UP contract wicli earlier reading this fall in the 20s. MEMPHIS. Tenn., mr. I- 1 - — j 'UPi — Nattona] Cotton Council i President, Oscar JohnMon -^nin to- j day IV,AL n pro^vftin tn lirttcr j Amcvicnn cottoii's foroitin trade j prospccU would be rirjiwn up I" \ tno ninth anntni nnilotiAl meet- j s »g or Ihe oreani?ation Ja»- 28 ~ ! 30, in Gixlvcslon. ! Johnston said Oiat nil pstimnlcn | 250 rcprf.scntativc.s of .six branchc-s of the coUon Jtulustry, would J*> ln In plans for intensifying research and snles promolioii ncUvHicK. AgriculUire Secrelnry Clinton P- Anticrsoa \ V 1IL atUtrcs-s tlu: o|>t']H"»if ^r^jhin oF the mrotln^. Power Company Changes Its Corporate Set up Tlif Puhfir .Son-ifr Counnir.Mon j '•niprovrrt npplicnUon nt ArkJin- ) Missouri power Coi'por^lion "I i hrvillr to trniisfor nil of it-s ! proper ties niul Fi.s.sols lo thr np\viy j Compimy. Thr former firm Ls n Dr^tlawi corporatioii and Ihc lallrr nn j kfin-sa-s corporal ion. Tlic lrnns xva<; rcqiirslpd to pornitt I hr ul ili- j Ucs company to jirquirr Ihc i i^ht i of oniiticnt dntimin. Thr com ml*;- j sion ]irovious1v had approver! I lie I company's artiolrs of incorpniiilinii.; This iirnrinc in Lttllr nock ^vn 1 ^ atloudr-d hy Cbnrlrs Rny Nr\vcoml> rnH rrantiin Atkinson a"s rcpiT.srn- lativrs of ihr company linvinp honcUiuartrv.s hero. Also in Litllo Hock aro srvoral olhrr rrprr^nitnllvrs of Vhr fivni lor a hearing yr.slcrday and ioday En which rxlonslnn or a main tine- to servo spvra] numpins plants in ric fields bctwcru Coi ning siirt Kncblr: arc sought, i AUmriinc t.his >icnvinp JUT: Jamr? ! Kill Jr., president; K. B. Thomas. assistant lo Iho prrsidnU; Cir-orco Pollock Jr., Glenn hadri and jiiuiny The two Import iint ense:; In be nirrd Inmorj'ou' hi n ;>]H 1 <'iiil C'h'CtlU Cinnl !,('fi.'U(in nl Osceoln nri 1 « i x- nn'lecl lt> cnivunnr Uir cnllre duy with llic Mississippi Couuly election richcdulcti for Urn nf- lernoon. following dispofiititm :>I a motion in I ha wet-dry pler-iinn cniiliovf]"-sv' In Joncsbor tuicl Ciii'a- wny In Crsilithciul County. Circuit, Jiulue Wnll.rr Klllounh nf Wynne will puss upon two iep:\- riile tinnntri'i's nird. by n II or no v* ir VVlllliun llcrrymnu, (U'fcmlum In .-.nil hrcmclil, l>y Jnck rinlry ttofj M»n. d(!fralrci by WZ voles In llv unrllT:; rnt'i" on fni-p nt returns lu ist Suinmer'n prliiHiry. hi Hit 1 Uiiit. hnivi^K, he will pun a nvilinn to cllMnl.'* Ihe pe- ll ion (llr-d by Iho "Wrts" lo n elect Ion for Cvai^he»d Ci o(r-fs to decide whrlher Ihe dr> luv pnssc<l mure 1 Ihuu Kvti yciuv tin would he reucnlrd. 'I'lils l.s ?;iv or 10 o'cluck. The- dotiHMTcr /lied In itn n Luiiul complaint in ihu Mls>|>i-i Ippl County election r.ontcsi sinl n.'i overruled by Judne Klllnii|Mi ?pl. n when Ihr dcnmrror tislu'tl for cUJunL c ;.Mil oT tlic Milt hec.niKr II clly did not stilts u cim ;c of iu'.Utm, . ' T'vvci DciniiriTrs lYnclhi;; ^ The new ileinni'H'i' '!:> to runh ut flic .'ie^KiniLp yf> nitron l.loi is i: L ni- (alnrd in Hint many parn^nktias in Ihe oriRhiul cmnpliiint. " 7ho::c chanu: fraud in voting nnd ppi'sous i'liai'HoU with lliis oH The second {Irirnirrrj' ,is lo the c n I I rn nin(?nde<l cnmplulnl an ^ruund.s Hint it. docs mil .'.tnlr: n cause uf action, nnd tluit it \viis nol lllcd wilhln 10 dnyn and Unit 11 IN nol snppoi'lcd by proper uflltlavil.s tif 10 reputable eltl/ens. Jnd^c Klllough can Mi.'ilain rllfu-i of the de.innrrers, wJilnli won!:: merni diMiilssaT ol Hie case, or lu can overrule both demurrers, whlcl mean:; Ihe r.nse would hi* tried, Altorney.s for Ihe plnintllF hnve nnnouncecl .luttKc KlIlmiRh hi Moiulny n.- rlnlr ff>r Iho cn:.e In Lr licnitl at O.'irrfilii. provided Mie dn nnirvrr:. HIT nvrv ruled. b\it, 'iltor ncyj. lor Hie dr-fcnse -':Mtd today the hrul tiol. been ndviseri of any MIC! arlfnn ;md thnl. Jud^e'Tl wa'i ..'-chcdiiled 10 liolil a ruurl. i;r.s .Sinn at. Hiirrip-huvK 'in U\M. <1 »Uv The motion lilrd by "I3ryB l7 ^n Crai^heiul County is bused unoi Ihrir conlention IhnL only cci',-;! \\-ards nnd lowjis linve netltinnc volhiK upon Ihe issur wliilt* that al lei^edly no less Hum a comity* rouUI icpral tJif l:iw as the "nlive connly vr/trcl wlirn tin; law wns passed. W. I /-fin .Sinitli. (;. M. IJuek mul (irnhiitn Kudhury i cprrseiil ,SU?r- iU-Klfrt T\evvyninu. CHinuk- I'. Oi')per and 'I'. .1. Cmv/der rcpiTiicnl. Mr. liohinsnn. C. of C. to Elect Officers for 1947 Twctv« Now Directors To Meet With Board Today for First Time lflciM's of Hie BlyllwvlHp ClHi of C'otnmei'ce were lo be niim- i>d Ihls nflernoon In a iiier.llng of dlreelors. set foi 1 2::iO o'clock, lol- lowlnii eleclloii o[ 12 now Iwo-yeai lerm (llvectors by lialloUn^ mi'iubei.'i. eel''!'.':. nnnoutu'C( ftfoll Hay:i. \V. (5 Iliirfmnn Jr.. W A. NclsnA. W. ((Mliiy. nre: Hu lllKKiuson. Alvln I* 1 . Mi-nnnlel. H. Nicholson. Marvin Niinn, .len.v I'oo W. ,1. Pnlliird, Murrny Sinnrl Jiime.s 'I'crry, C. V. 'IMcXer. Tho 12 hold-over dlre<-|or.s nro: U. A. l.ynrli, ,1. A. I-voen, Jesiie 'I'a.vlor. Piosr-o Crnfton, II. D. Hughes. C. p. Tompkln.s, .1, W. Adams. ,1. I/nils Clirrry. n, I. Vnde. I^inuer Krn;],ind, .;nme« Hill r.. W. I,. >lorner. The inn IJonrd of Dlreelors Will c ivwdo up ot men lu ninny typca I llvollhnod, Including mercantile. ollon nnd liy-prodnctn. Hunlipr. hoveriifir/i, ediieiillon, COTII- nunJcullon.s, juHurnnce, Hlwti'acl ind .fnrniing. . / Ol.lier' walkn of llff reprcBenlert i the hnUlovcr directors am n«, pracllce Inw nnd electric H. A. hynch. 1CI4« presWoiil, o girr.'ildR over Die mce'tlliR. Pope Appoints New Bishop For Arkansas Mr. KinHh rilso >:; nn nltonvn' In e Cnunhcnd rjiso. represenliriu WASHINGTON. Dec. 12.—(UP) Tone Plus xll hns nppolnlod Bishop Albeit 1,, Fletcher Ip bo bishop of tltllo Hook, Ark.." Ihe Apostolic, dclogallon Announced here Inday. Also announced war. I hi? appointment of Bishop Aloyoliu J. Wll- lltiBer of police. Puerto Rtco. «B llhilar bishop of Blrta and coiid- Jiir.lor bishop o( Moiitcrey-Fresno, Cnl. He assumes Iho right or succession |o Bishop Philip o. Schcr of Montorey-rYcsno. nisho'p Floteher, who IK Til), succeeds the Into lilshop Jo!*i n. Mnrris :il I.lltle Rock. He war. con- r;ecraleff titular bishop of t?aluo.s nnd niixlllary bishop of l.ltllc flock In inio. Is Nallve of Mltlc Hock ' IT-IT,!-: ROCK. Ark.. Dec. 1^. rUPi- nishop Albert I.. Fletcher, unpointed by Pope f'hrs XII us bishop of the Little Reck Dlonesf. was horn |n Little Rock Ocl. 28. lfl!>6. Iho s nn of Die lute Or. Thomas M. Melrher and Mrs. Flclehcr who now lives In Texarkaiia. While firemen and p^lke rm«r- sf)\mh warchcrt through' debris In an effort to rrnch »t least ;io prisons sllll missing, a. prrljmlnary check showrri ien XIIOHII rirnd, unit at least 25 injured, il iipprnred that almost tUI those hllll hi the ruined brick huHdliiR were Injured o rdeid, The cries ol some of Iliosc Irnn- i-d could lie heard nl Intervals. One nmn who hnd screamed nl- inost. constantly for many hours. "Gel. me out ol hern." was removed alive. A priest crnwled through B hole In onb of the shattered brick wnlls and Rdmiuls- Icrcd lasi. riles to three persons whom lie bcik-vecl were beyond hope, A detective who also entered Itu- w-rrckriRc lold of MndliiK four bodies. Four n-rfons tiled In hospitals to whle.h they were scut oiler live alntins sent fire and. rescue equlp- niciil In the scene at Amsterdam Avenue nnd 184lli Street, on' New Yoik's Upper West Side. The big lee plunl. of the Knlckrmbockev Ice Co., abandoned some Ift years ago, was wrecked by fire nnd explosion, tint! II wns llic rear -wall nt Hip. i>lc building which crashed the lonement. Hoys Admit .SUrlinc Fire Marshal Thomas who began an Immediate, investigation, wns (I'.ientlonlnR a luiif dozen boys, ranging In ''aen from scveb to ir>. He believed llin Urn probably had been started by hoys who placed In llic abandoned Ice house. Several small fires set by boys had occurred In the l>;il|ding previous!) on'f ; M - them only* yeiitpVdivy noon. • Inter, police Onpt. Thomas V. HiiniilRiin siild Hint four boys, .all Ifl or 11 years old, had admitted they stftrlcd yesterday afternoon's fire in the |co plant while pluylug with candle,').The Identified dead: Rose RRRIISO, 25. n Vinanl who wa.s carried out.dead. Silo had lived on the third flcor with her mother, who .was rescued earlier. Frank \JiorUcad, u fireman who war. nniouK Ihe first to answer what, appeared to be routine cfvtl at 11 :fo p.m. lust nlnlil. AnUiony Blniicnrdl, .11. who wa^ Inken from debris plied high on Ihe lencmcnl's third lloor nnd died cnroutc to a hospital. I')»»lc\ Doralo. 7.1. a fcnaiit.. Thouins p'.illlips, 7(1, a tenant. • See NKW YORK FIHB on P»gc 5 U|XJD Fire (Mayor Stresses ISafety During ; i Holiday Period PoinliiiK out that bolnc careful co.sls nolhhif: jet pays blR dividends In freedom from pain and UiiRvtlv. Msivw ¥.. R. JarKson today asked iho peoitlc of niylhc- vilie lo aecepi ]icrsonal responsiml- ily lor Hie prcveiilion of ac.-tdcnUs ' ARKANSAS—Cloudy, rain today and In East nnd North portions l"night. Colder northwest portion this afternoon. Much colder tonight- with lowest temperatures 30 to 32 In North and West Centra! portions. Friday partly cloudy and Colisidcnihly ( oldcr. in the city during 'the Christinas ho'-lday:;. He also railed for cocpefaTion with the National Safety Council, the American Red Cross and 1301 other national orcaniMlions in ac- hicvir.j- an ac.'ident-Iree Christmas. | In connection with holiday safety, the American Red Cross lodny warned lhat more people arc Rill- ed by nccldeuls in December tlinn In any other month and listed I these "Dou'ts" (or Ihc Yulctidc season: Don't vusli; rton (- jay-walk; don't carry so many bundles that youj can't see where you're uoing; don't push; don't drive last In bad weather: don't put the Christmas tree close to fireplaces or other hcallnB units; and. in decornling the tree, don't use llghled candles, combustible decorations, bnd extension cords, or unreliable stepladder.;. Vocational Guidance Talk Made Before Kiwanians Members of llic Klwanis Club held their weekly meeting ye - ;ier- dny noon al. the Hotel Noble with Miss Kffle I^co Terrell, head 01 Ihe Vocational Guidance •'lep:i:t- mcnl. of the Bylhevllc. ugh ax quest speaker. Miss Tertell described the vocational culdaneo program In op- orallou at Iho hlRh school. Gti pro.senl- included Clint, Jones 01 Fnyettevillc. Oeorgc Speers of lionls nnd Clyde llixvper of >jly- theville. • Vl N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. QnoUitlons: A T and T '6 s '- 2 Ainer Tobacco "1 Anaconda CDpper 301-8 tlclh Steel :•• M '•;' Chrysler . 86 1-^ Ocn Motors .: 62 3-4 Montgomery Ward 63 1-U N Y Central > • 187-8 Int Harvester 751-2 North Am Aviation 10 1-8 Republic Steel 27 3-8 , rcadto » 3 ~* ' Standard of N J 68 I Texas Corp 591-2 UN Delegates Debate Hot Franco Issue UNITED NATIONS HAUL,, FLUSHING, N. Y., Dec.. 12. (UP) —The. Uniled Nations • ficnrrai At-seinbly .starlcd off "a-;..climauo triple plenary session today *,viu\ a showdown debate on action cie- slpnefl lo oust ClenoraHssimo Francisco n-iinno as.-dictnlor of Spain. Ambassador V. K.-" WclHnfUon Koo. assembly vlcc-prcslrtcnl, liniP! In Hie cliali--In .the nbsMicn of Presklcnl Paul Henri Spaak ot Bclgiuni, poslponcd \tnlil alter- noon a discussion of the veto r.- suc because cf scant altciirtrace at. Ihe morning session. Mrs. J. B. Graham. Wife of Farmer, Dies Suddenly Mrs. Lena Graham. 82-year-old -,vlfo ol J. B. Oraliam. died suddenly tills morning at the family home on Highway 18 Easl. Preparing lo arise for Hie day. afler apparently sleeping undis- lurhed during last night. Mrs. Graham collapsed and died. Besides her lvtis.l>anr), she tr, survived by two ri.-ui3i-.lcrs. Mrs. C. n Kelly and Mrs. A. n. Sims, and a .•on,' Billy Graham, all of BlyUic- vllle. Fiuieral arrangcHiet\ts. In charge of cobb runernl Home, were Incomplete early this afternoon. 0 s Steel Gen Electric ... Sucony V.vcmun 71 1-6 Schoolmasters Hear AEA Secretary in Wilson Members of Ihe Mississippi County schoolmasters Association met last night in Wilson with T. M. Stinnett, executive;Secretary pf the Arkansas Educational' Association, as principal speaker. : Mr. Stinnett discussed proposed scliwl legislation slated to come before the next session o{ tUe state legislature. 'Thirty'members of. the As.sod:Ulon' attended the meeting.

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