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tTVI "'Tli'"'- w n 9 m ' f 1 "T "V - ' . V e it I c ' ; ri d' v Page 42 S.F. EXAMINER Thurs., Mar. 15, 1979 "it. i; ' C ... t f v. hv'iNl I -- ' - , ! " ! '3 xaminer George Olson S.F.'s crumbling heritage All that's left of Union Square's old Fitzhugh Building is the bottom floor and the name on the arch. Cleveland Wrecking Co. is handling the S298.000 razing project. Despite the best efforts of San Francisco's traditionalists, a new Saks Fifth Avenue store will rise on the site. U.S. grant for building in Susanville Examiner Washington Bureau WASHINGTON Commerce Sec-. retary Juanita Krejis today announced a $190,000 grant to support the Indian Kancheria in Susanville. Lassen County- Tlie money will be used for a multipurpose building to serve as a skill-training center and office complex for a tribal construction industry, the Cabinet officer said. The grant was approved under the provision of the Public Works and Economic Development Act. which authorizes funds to create immediate jobs in construction of useful projects in areas of high unemployment. In addition to creating 10 jobs, the Susanville project is expected to stimulate the tribal construction industry and diversify the rancheria's dependence on farming and forest industries. The skills center will offer instruction in construction trades and auto repair. V . Inverse condemnation tossed out by high court Homeowners whose property has been diminished in value by zoning law changes may not bring an "inverse condemnation" action to recover damages from a public agency, the state Supreme Court has ruled. An inverse condemnation is a mechanism by which aggrieved landowners try to force a public agency to condemn their property in order to gain compensation for the loss of value. The case that prompted yesterday s 6-1 court ruling involved Donald Agins and partners who own five acres of unimproved land in Tiburon overlooking San Francisco Bay. A 1973 zoning law said the plaintiffs could build no more than five dwellings on the land. They filed a $2 million claim against Tiburon. but it was rejected. The court, in an opinion written by Justice Frank Richardson, said landowners may challenge the constitutionality of such ordinances through lawsuits or administrative hearings, but they may not recover damages on the A-backer quits energy commission SACRAMENTO (CPU - Nuclear power advocate Alan Pasternak today announced his resignation as a commissioner on the California Energy Commission, effective June 30. Pasternak, a longtime critic of California's ban on the construction of nuclear power plants, was the only commissioner on the five-man board to defend the ill-fated Sundesert nuclear project in Southern California. In his resignation statement, Pasternak said the Iranian oil crisis and the prospects of further turmoil in the Middle East have "vindicated" his assertion that Sundesert should have been exempted from California's law on nuclear waste disposal. Capitol summary inverse condemnation theory. The plaintiffs contended that the limitations on the use of their land imposed by the ordinance amounted to "taking of property without payment of just compensation." The court rejected that argument. Justice William Clark dissented. He held that private property may be "taken or damaged for public use" only when "just compensation" has been first paid to the owners. Joining in the majority opinion were Chief Justice Rose Bird, and Justices Mathew Tobriner. Stanley Mosk, Wiley Manuel and Frank Newman. Mutilation case buttons in fireplace SAN DIEGO (UPI) Prosecutors say investigators sifted through the fireplace of the man accused of chopping off the hands of Mary Vincent and found two charred buttons similar to those on the girl's jeans the day she w as raped. The buttons, each emblazoned with the head of a lion, were found in the San Pablo home of Lawrence Singleton, testimony disclosed yesterday. Singleton, 51, is on trial for the September attack on the 15-year-old girl. Detective Sgt. Richard Breshears of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department said the buttons, charred pieces of cloth and two plain metal buttons were discovered in the fireplace. Found in the kitchen sink was a pack of cigarettes similar to the pack Vincent said she had left in the house when she and Singleton stopped there to pick up laundry. In other testimony, Singleton was identified by a truck driver, Carl Wolf, who said he saw her climbing into a blue van with Singleton on Sept. 28. And two employees of a fast-food restaurant in Gait, Mary Anderson and Susan Speirs, identified Singleton as the man accompanying Vincent when they stopped there to eat. "I noticed them because of their color," said Speirs. "She was dark complected and he was white." She identified the man as wearing dark-rimmed glasses. The prosecuting attorney, Stanislaus District Attorney Donald Stahl, then instructed the defendant to stand and put on a pair of glasses fitting that description, and Speirs identified him as the man she saw. Singleton is charged with attempted murder, rape, sodomy, oral copulation and mayhem. Robert Grimes, attorney for Vincent, said the trial probably w ould end at the beginning of next week. It was not known whether Singleton wot.ld testifv in his own defense. Libertarians in appeal for spot on ballot Lawyers for the Libertarian Party said today they will appeal an Orange County Superior Court decision denying the party a place on the June primary ballot next year. Judge H. Walter Steiner of Santa Ana dismissed a suit against Secretary of State March Fong Eu, who had refused to certify the party based on her interpretation of state ejection law. Ed Hark, Libertarian candidate for governor, drew more than 5 percent of the vote in last fall's election. The party based its request for ballot status on a state law that allows certification when a candidate receives 2 percent or more of the votes in a statewide election. Steiner ruled that the election code section cited by the Libertarians was not intended as a method of qualifying a new party, thereby upholding Eu's contention that the 2 percent rule may be used only to determine whether a previously qualified party can remain on the ballot. She aLso noted that Clark was listed on the ballot as an "Independent," not a Libertarian. Eric Garris. the Libertarian Party's Northern California vice chair, said: "While our lawyers earn- on the appeal, we'll go ahead with a voter registration drive." Eight thousand Californians list themselves on the state voter rolls as Libertarians. To qualify for the 1980 ballot, the party must sign up a number of voters equal to 1 percent of the vote cast in the November gulier-natorial election, or at least 68,000. Deaths Patrick O'Regan The rosary w ill be said at 8 tonight and Mass will be said at 10 am tomorrow for Patrick O'Regan. 17-year-old Riordan High School senior killed Tuesday in an Alemany Boulevard auto crash in San Francisco. Both services will Ije held in St. Elizabeth's Church at Wayland and Somerset streets in San Francisco. The victim leaves his parents, Thomas and Eileen O'Regan. a sister Ann. and a brother, Kevin, all of San Francisco. Christine A. Newsom Mass for Christine A. Newsom, member of a politically prominent San Francisco family, will be celebrated at 10 a.m. tomorrow at Notre Dame des Victoires Church. Mrs. Newsom, who was 70 and a native of San Francisco, died Tuesday at her Marina district home. She was the widow of William A. Newsom Sr., who managed several political campaigns of former Gov. Edmund G. "Pat" Brow n. Mr. Newsom died in 1977. Mrs. Newsom is survived by six children: Associate Justice William X Newsom Jr. of the state District Court of Appeal, San F rancisco; Carole Onorato of Squaw Valley, vice chairman of the state Transiwrtation Commission; Barbara Newsom Pelosi, wife of San Francisco Supervisor Ron Pelosi: Sharon Mohun, of San Francisco; Patric k Newsom, of Palos Verdes. and Bten-nan J. Newsom, of Marin County. Eugenia Bankhead. 78, sister of actress Tallulah Bankhead and a contemporary of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sunday in Chestertown, Md., following surgery. Will Mastin, uncle of Sammy Davis Jr. and leader of the Will Mastin Trio who was in his 80s, Tuesday in Hollywood. Robert Hunter MiGimsey, 79, composer of "Shadrack" and several other songs. Tuesday in Phoenix. Ariz. Quest for a Medal of Honor Hero seeks 2 men he saved Wednesday March 14 THE GOVERNOR Proclaimed the day as A!be1 Einstein Day Appointed iudges Ch'tord Plumiey, 58. of Madera, to Madera County Superior Court. Michaet Mclnnis, 56. of Sui-9un. to Solano County Superior Court William Jensen, 63, of Valle-jo. to Solano County Superior Court. THE SENATE Bills introduced Raises Would appropriate $53 423.000 for increases in salaries and benefits ol California State University and Colleges faculty; SB575. Carpenter. D-Cypress Solat Would aiiow use of Housing and Community Development Soldr Ene'qy Demonstration Loan funds for loans to install solar enerqy systems in publicly assisted housing protects for low- and middle-income residents; SB5r36; Rains, D Ventura. Indian On law providing farm and home purchase benefits for members of state National Guard and veterans, would permit Department of Veterans Affairs to acquire rignts to leasehold interests tn tribal trust land tor purposes ot making purchase benefits available to an Indian guardsman or veteran who Qualities except that such lands are held in trust by the United Slates for Indian tribes; SBS?2. Keene, D-E Retirement Would require at least 5 percent of assets ot Teachers .inj Public Employees' retirement funds to be invested in bonds of any oty, county or district of the state, SB57t; Bill Greene, D-Los Angeles. Disabled Would extend for five more years the deductions from state income taxes ot up to $25 000 allowed tor the cost of modifying homes, vehicles and businesses to make them usable by the disabled; SB567; Sieroty, D-Los Angeles. THE ASSEMBLY Bills introduced Drunken Would require suspected drunk drivers to take sobriety testa regardless of whether stopped on highways or parking lots or other off-road areas; AB669; Naylur, R Memo Park. Judge Would reise manner in which iudges are elected; ABb70 arid ACA1, Hannigan. D-Fairfteld. Vocational Would, author says, stipulate that future funding for vocational contracts cannot exceed actual amount tor training, plus 10 percent to cover adminis-tietion; AB871, Mori, D-Pleasanton. Resolution introduced Smog Would request federal government to amend any regulation under Clean Air Act that prohibits or limits a state legislature Iron reviewing and approving each phase of any vehicle emissions inspection schedule adopted in order to comply with the Clean Air Act reauirements, AJR'J. Ps pan. D Millbrae By Ken Wong Korean War veteran Sunny Car-dona sat in his wheelchair, his left leg amputated at mid-thigh. He won a Silver Star for gallantry, but wants to upgrade it to a Congressional Medal of Honor. "It's not just for myself, but for my people," Cardona, a Filipino, said. Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., is supporting his claim. Now he needs the testimony of two men whose lives he saved 26 years ago in the hills of Sarae-ri, Korea. They were part of the 45th Infantry Division's Company I, 179th Infantry ' Regiment, caught in an ambush on the night of June 16, 1953. Cardona has just spent two weeks in Honolulu looking for the men, a Japanese-American and a Samoan-American. What makes it hard is that he doesn't remember their names. He came back without a lead. Cardona went half-heartedly about his task all these years until two years ago when friends and young Filipinos urged him to go all out to press his claim. No Filipino-American has ever won a Medal of Honor. "So many years have gone by. I don't remember the names of the men in my company. I tried the Army in Washington, but there's a privacy act so I gave up until now." But the thing he does remember is how it all happened that night. "We usually go out in the dark. We were making our way down a hill w hen we got pinned dow n by a mortar barrage. The shelling lasted an hour." Cardona, who was scheduled to attend squad leader school four days later, was asked to go out as point man. "I was point man six consecutive times. To hell and back six times. Nobody wanted to go. They say, 'You go. you have the most experience.' " ,. He was out some 45 yards w hen he spotted the enemy approaching from three positions. He signaled with a flare so his men could see the enemy troops. His Silver Star Award citation noted that despite being wounded he valiantly continued to fire until the enemy was routed and then helped evacuate other wounded men. , He saved the lives of 24 men. -; v 7" H 3 . t. V y ah "W , ' SUNNY CARDONA, LEFT, AND BUDDY IN KOREA He wants his award upgraded to a Medal of Honor including himself, but be lost his left leg and part of his hearing. Cardona rests his case on the fact that he was severely wounded w hen he performed two separate acts of "bravery and gallantry above and beyond the call of duty," which would qualify him for the nation's highest award. But first the two men he rescued must give witness. One was his "No. 2 man" on the patrol, a Nisei from Hawaii. The other was Samoan who trained with him in Company B at Schofield Barracks. Cardona spent two weeks in Hawaii looking for them in vain. Back in his Sunset home with his wife. Patsy, he hopes Cranston can unlock some files in Washington and find the names he needs. Meanwhile, Cardona is confined to a wheelchair. He has been using it since 1973 when an operation failed to correct complications from the ampuj tation. 1 He has five children, ranging in age from 12 to 24. They are Olivia, Nonie, Vic, Rose and Sunny Jr. Getting the Medal of Honor would mean a $10-a-month pension, "So you see, it's not the money. I want it so the Filipino people could feel proud that one of them won a Medal of Honor. 1 think I have earned it" : Anyone with information should call Cranston's office or Cardona at SWj- Funerals ARNAUD0. Prima BI0NDI. Richjrd A. CARTER. Eugene M CENTER. Eleanor ESCOLA. Nannie M. GUASTUCCI, Catherine Antenna HOO.Lee Shuck M0AR. Richard M0SHER, Dewey J. MUZINICH. Johanna NASCI. Anselmo NEWSOM, Christine OLSON. Inga nee Jonansen O'REGAN, Patrick J. PALU. Marie TRENTAC0STA, AngelO J. WAGENER. Belle Hendry WAGNER, Ethel M. ' ARNAUOO. Primo At rest. March u, 197V: dearly Deiovea husband o Yo'anda ArnaudO; devoted father ot Victor Arndu-OO; adored grandfather of D:ana Arnaudo. loving father-in-law ot Patricia Aruaudo; ae.ed 70 years; a memDer of Brancn Mo. 1. 1 C F. Friends may call after 2 p.m. on Thursday (today) and are invited to attend tne funeral o.i Friday at 8 30 am, from the Chaoeis of VALErjTE. MARiNI. PERATA tV CO.. 4340 Mission St.: thence to hnnraculate Conception Church, where a Mass of Cnnstian Bunal will Ce otte-ed at 9 a.m. Entombment. Holy Cross Mausoleum. Rosary Thursday evening (tonight) at 8 OCIOCK. 333-0161 BIONDI, Richard. A. In Santa Rose. March 14, 1979. beloved husband of Ann Biondi of Fulton adored father ot Richard A. and Paul A Biondi of San Bruno, Lisa A., Burcara A and Dominic A. Biondi, all of Fulton; a rauve of San Francsco: aged 49 years, a member of the Calif. Truckers Association, Italian AtnietiC Club & Kauoa AiDha Chi Friends are invited to meet at EGGEN . LANCE MORTUARY. 1!40 Menaocmo Awe., Santa Rosa, at 1G 30 a in. Friday. Marcn 16; thence to St. Ro'-e Catholic Church, where the Mass of Cnnstian Burial will be celebrated commencing at 11 a m. Recitation of the Rosary Thursday. March 10, 1979. at 7 p.m. at the Mortuary Interment, Calvary Cemetery. Santa Rosa. Those desiring may n.ane memorial contributions to the Heart Association or St. Anthony's Dimng Room. CARTER, Eugene M In San Jose. Marcn 14. 1979; beloved husoand of Muriel Carter nee Hansen; loving father of John,, Michael and Mary Ann Carter; loving brother or R.ta Burney, Beulah Picone; idolized granclather of Matthew and Timothy Carter: loving fatner-m-iaw of Barbara and Debra Lyine Cartwr; a member of ILWU. Ships Cierds Union. Local 34; a native of Missouri; aged 65 years Spiritual bououets or donations to your tvorite charity preferred Funeral binding trorn DUOGAN 5 SEPRA MORTUARY. Suu Westiake Ave,, t'dst Of Juripero Surra Blvd.. DC. DJGGAN 5 SLRRA Tjb-H'MO CENTER, Eleanor In Daly City. March u. 19 dear mother ot wnham and Thomas Center, aunt of Jack.' Emmet t and William Heparty and Edwaid Campion; granamothwr of eight: a native ot San Francisco, aged 71 yrs Rosary Thursday 7 30 p rn. Services Frtdrv HJ a m. COMISKY-KOCME Dolores 4V lfelh Sts , S F. Mass Friday )0 30 a in. St James Cbu'Ch B:inal Holy Cross Ce,TietorV: RONALD BROWN DiRECTOR 81,1 -7 W0 NEW OFF STREET PARKING COK, William E. Suddenly. Marcn 1J, 199: survives uy wire Lillian-, sisiers Lorraine and Mary Heer; and very very good friends. Ruth M Quinlan and Rosemary Baumgaitoii; retired cab driver; ex-Patrolman. No services. No donations. GUASTUCCI. Catherine Angelina Mrcn 14. 1979, Oeioved wife of tne late Amenco Guastuco; loving mother ot Gmo; (tear mother-in-law cf Florence Guas-tucci. grandmother ot Lino and Sa'idra-, aged 85 years. Friends may cail after 1 c rn. Thursday (today) and are invited to attend the funeral services Fnoay. II am., at the Chapels Of V ALENTE, MARINI. PERATA & CO , 4840 Mission St. Interment. Italian Cemetery Rosary Tnursday evening at 8 o ciocK (lornRii) 333-0161 . HOO, Kee Shuck In S F , March 11, 1979; aged 94. survived by sons Thomas and William Hail; granddaughter Loretta Kaok. tather-tn-iaw of Cynth.a Gee and Doreen Ha'l; grandtatner-in-iaw of William Kwok. Services to be held at CATHAY MORTUARY, 1213 Powell St. Sjnday, at 11 a m. MOAR, Richard March 10, 1979; oeariy oe'ovec) husband of A'ma Moar; loving fatner of Richard Moar and Evelyn Piercy; idolized grandfather of Douglas, Scott. Janet and Brian Piercy. Fami.y services were held on Tuesday followed by entombment at Cypress Lawn Cemetery. 333-0161 MOSHER, Dewey J. In this city. March 1 ), 1979: beloved husband of tne late Florence Mosh-er; devoted fatner of Ronaid D Mosher. Funeral services Thursday at 7 30 p m., al the Cnapeis of ARTHUR J. SULLIVAN CO. ?254 Market St net. 15th & 16th Sis. Interment. Mt. View Cemetery. Reno. Nev. SULLIVANS 621-4567 MUZINICH. Johanna March 12, 1979: beloved wife of the Ute Joseph Mu?m:ch: loving mother ot faranko, M'.an and the late Daniel devoted grandmother ot Donna Bryant. Joanna Hicks, Pau'a and Richard Muzmich and four great-grandchildren; lovme aunt of Yoianda O'Bi ien, Rov and Cuioo Ti ipaidi: a native ot Yugoslavia; aged 91 years. Funeral Thursday. March 15, a! 8 30 a m.. from tne Chop.'is of V ALENTE. MARINI. PERATA & CO . 4840 Mission St.; thence to Church of the EpiObany, wnere a Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 9 am. Interment, Serbian Cemetery. 333-0161 NASCI, Anselmo In this city, Md'cn 13. 1979; dearly beloved husband of Amaiia Nasci; loving father of Joseph Lencioni; adored grandfather of Joseph Jr. and Louise Lencioni- idolized great-grandfather of John and Deanne Lencioni; dear father-in-law of Minne Lencioni; a native of Italy; aged 81 yedrs. Friends are invited to attend the funeral on Friday at 9 a m., from the Chape's of VALENTE. MARINI, PERATA & CO.. 4840 Mission St.: thence to Church of the Visitac.on. where a Mass of Christian Bunai will be otteied at 9 30 a m. Entombment. Itai,3n Cemetery. Rosary Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. 333-0161 NEWSOM. Christine In this city,-March 13. 1979; beloved wife of the late William A. Newsom; loving mother of Caroie Onorato. William A. Newsom Jr., Barbara Pelosi, Brennan Newsom. Snaron Mohun and Pali ick New-'jont; devoted groanomoihtr ot 18 liranach.ioren; a native ot San Francisco. Rosa.-y Thursday. 7-30 p m. Paiking attenaants on du'y. Funeral 9 30 a m. Friday trorn tr-e Memorial Chnpels of CAPEW 4 ENGLISH, Masoi 'C at Goiden Caie Ave; thence to Notre Dame os Victoire? Church, wnere a Mass of Christian Burial wilt be offered at 10 a m. Entombment, Holy Cross Ceme- . tery. Memorial contributions to Notre Dame des yiCtones Church preferred. OLSON, Inga nee Johansen In Seattle. W. Match 12, 1"9, a native ot San Francisco; beloved wife of John O'son; loving mother of Ellen. Margaret. Jack and Janice, be'oved sister of E-eanor Johansen Berger ot San Rafael; . grandmotner of three. Inurnment, Evergreen Wash-em Cemetery, Seattle, WA., March 16, 1979, O'REGAN. Patric J. Acc.den-tai y March 14, 1979; devoted son of Thomas and Eiieen O Re-pan; loving brother of Ann and Kevin O'Regan: loving grandson of Michael Mulrooney: also survived by many aunts, uncies and numerous relatives, a native of San Francisco, aged 17 years; a member of senior class Riordan High School. V'S'tafon at REILLY CO. 29tn & Dolores Sts., 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday (today). Remains will he in state St. Elizabeth Church, Wayland . Somerset St. after 7 pm. tonight. Rosary 8 p.m. A concelebrated Mass of Christian Bunal will be offered Friday at 10 a m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. Donations to Riordan H gh School Development Fund. 175 Pnan Ave., S F. preferred. GOODWIN . SCANNELL 648-2233 PALU, Mane In this city, March 12. 1979; beloved wife of Cyprien -Pau; lovng mother of John Paiu and Yvonne Aspiund; devoted grandmother of Kathieen Brennan, John V., Robert, Marie. Patrick. Michael and Terence Paiu. Yvette Byers. James and Jeannette Aspiund and Diane Vaiencourt; loving great-grandmother of Six; dear mother-in-law of Patricia Paiu and Hil Aspiund; a nat-ve of Beost, B P , France; a member of Fiench Hospital Auxiliary and Seminole Council, No. 68 6. ot P. A Mass ot Christian Burial was ottered at Notre Dame Des Victoires Church on Wednesday. Entombment followed at Holy Cross Mausoleum. Spiritual bououets or donations to French Hospital Auxiliary preferred. CAREW . ENGLISH Successors to Gantner-Mai?cn-Domergue TRENTACOSTA. Angelo i. Suddenly in So. S. F.. Marcn 14, 1979: Oeariy beloved husband of Lorraine Trentacosta; loving father of Lori and Frank Trentacosta; loving brother of Frances Johnson; dear brother-in-law of Shirley Montelongo; also survived by several nieces and nephews; a native of S F., aged 5ii a veteran of WWII: a Toll Lieutenant for the SFOdkland Bay Bridge for 23 years. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Friday at 9 am. from DUGGAN'S SERRA MORTUARY. 500 Westiake Ave. east of Jumpero Ser'a Blvd.. Daly City; thence to Mater Dolorosa Church wneie a Mass of Christian Burial will be ottered at 9.30 a m. Imerment Hoiy Cross Cemetery. Rosary Thursday (tonight) 8 p m. Spiritual bououets preferred THE BUD DUGGAN FAMILY WAGENER, Belle Hendry In this citv. Marcn 13. 1979; w.fe of the late William O Wagener-. mother of Marian Wagener and the late Wuiian Wagener; sister of Leslie Hendry; a native of San Francisco; a member of Ocean Ave. Presbyterian Church. Visitation after 10 a.m. Thurs day at N GRAY & CO . 4000 19th Ave. at Sargent. Interment,. Goiden Gate National Cemetery,. March 16. Friends are invited to attend a memorial service 2 pm. Saturday. March 17, at the,-Ocean Ave. Presbvterian Church, 32 Ocean Ave Memorial contributions to the Ocean Ave.-Presbytenan Church preferred.1 WAGNER, Ethel M. March 13, 1979; idonzed wife of Frank J Wagner; loved aunt of George' Daniels ot Modesto; dear friend ot Eileen Butler; a member of Mt. Vernon Ladies. Friends may call at HALSTED & CO , 1123 Sutter St. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered. Friday morning. 9 30 o'clock. St., Dominic's Church Sterner Street at Bush COMPLIMENTARY PARKING HALSTED & CO. Funeral Directors HALSTED & CO. 1123Sutte'.SF 673-3000 24 Hrs All Services Itemized Valente Marini Perata Co. 4340 Mission St.. SF 333-0161 Florists ROSSI . ROVETTI Flowers, 365 West Portal Ave . 56G-2260 Cremations NEPTUNE SOCIETY A Beautiful Alternative To tne Costly involved Funerdi-Cemeiery System Pre-dealh Arrangements Made Immediate HELP FREE Literature - - Call - Call Card of Thanks Cemeteries-Lots FOR VETERANS and SPOUSE Beautifully Expanded Area Before need reservations avail. FOR ALL FAITHS WOODLAWN MEMORIAL PARK Colir.a Inspection Invited 75-127 AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOC. Gratefully acknowledges Memorial gifts. Mail to ADA. 255 Hugo. Sen Francisco. 94I22 ,PI-8'jl4 Ah I Htii 1 IS Foundation gratefully acknowledges memorials, donations, beouests-your gift provides care, education, research. Please Remember: 399 Buena Vista Ave. E SF. 94117 62l-3V;6 77 1-07 17 24 Hrs. 680 Beach Street. S F. 94109 DIRECT CREMATION ' Scatter at Sea or Carden $247.50 Complete No Member5h(D Fee Arrangements Maoe LV Mail Call or FREE Brochure (415)632-3377 24 hrs., v Vatiejo-Oafclaw.1 SKyview Memorial Consumes Attjirs Lc. 4J1 OFFICIAL ADVERTISING INVITATIOM FO BIDS FOR JANITORIAL SERVICES CONTRACT FOR WESTERN AOOlTlON AREA A l ? The Redevelopment Agency o trie Oty and County of Sa.i Francisco will receive sealed bids to orovioe Janitonal services for the Western -Addition Area A -2 office until ? 00 f.m. on Monday, the 26th of March, 979, in Room ?U at 1519 O'Farrell Street. San Francisco. California. B ds will be ooened at 1019 O'Farrell Street, in Room ?11 at 2:00 pm. on. Monday, 26th of March. 1979 Tht i contract documents and bid mstru- t moits are on file at, and may be i Obtained without charge or deposit f from Mr. Randolph Brewster, Assist- ant Prorerty Manager ot the Proper' ty Management section of the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco. Room 1, . Ibi9 O Farreil Street. San Francisco, " California 94115, telephone number (415) 922-9100. extension 44. A certified check or bank draft ', payable to the order of the Redevei- , opment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco, or negotia- 1 b'e U S. Government Bonds, or a satisfactory Bid Bond executed by the Bidder and an acceotahie Surety tn the amount of SSOO must be submitted with each bid. Attention is called to the requirement that the Contract will insure that employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of their race, cot or, region, sex or national ongm. A i so, it should be noted that an area based contractor will receive -preference if heshe otherwise meets the minimum qualifications. (See page 5 of the attached Instructions to Bidders). However, the Redevelopment Agency of the Oty and County ot San Francisco reserves the right to reject any or ail bids or waive any informalities in the bid- Oing. Bids may be held by the Redevelopment Agency of the City and ., County of San Francisco for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days from the date of opening of bias for the purpose of reviewing the bids and " investigating the qualifications of Bdders pnor to the awarding of the Contract. REOFVELOPMENT AGENCY OF THE CITY AND COUNTY OF 1 SAN FRANCISCO WILBUR W. HAMILTON Executive Director Mar 15.19.1978 ?t 895 LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF CALiroSNIA OFFICE OF STATEWIDE HEALTH PLANN'NG AND DEVELOPMENT NOTICE OF DECLARATION OF INTENT Notice Is hereby given that the Othce ot Statewide Health Planning and Development has received the toiiowing Notice!;) ot Intent to tile an application tor Certificate of Need under the provisions of Section 4J7.10 ot the Healtn and Safety Cole, as amended by Chapter 814, Statutues of 1976. St. Joseph's Hospital. 355 . Bnena Vista Avenue, Sari Francisco, CA 91117. Conversion ot i'i Reneral acute care beds to '11 acute psycniatnc care beds. No tost involved. Saieem A. Farag, Ph D,, rw r n.. Lniet Division of Certificate of Need 111 ? ;

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