The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on June 13, 1962 · 12
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 12

San Francisco, California
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Wednesday, June 13, 1962
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Pagt 1 2-& & Examtnrr w.j, Jum t j, mi n cccc Eyes Focmscdl odi am Uneasy Woeli im 02 & feDOD "OB FIRST) r AlS ALaTIUZ-WATCHERS MANNED BINOCULARS AT HSIIERMAN'S WHARF AS NEWS OF THE ESCArE SPREAD Escapes a Habit With Fugitives Escape tries are a habit with the dangerous trio missing from Alcatraz, according to available records. Previous breakout attempts elsewhere reportedly were a big reason for their transfer to the "escape proof" isle from other institutions. Clarence and John Anglin, with a third brother, were do ing 10 to 15 years for a $19,-000 Columbia, Ala., bank holdup in January 1958. Behind him, Clarence already had a record of an escape from the Florida State Penitentiary. At Leavenworth, Kan., Penitentiary, Clarence tried to escape on Aug. 8, 1960, with help of brother John,i by hiding himself in a pair of large bread boxes that were being sent to a prison farm camp. It didn't work. John was shipped out to Alcatraz, Oct. 24, 1960, and Clarence followed on Jan. 16, 1961. Frank Morns was an es capee from the State Prison at Angola, La., when he joined in the $6,165 burglary of a Slidell, La., bank on Nov. 25, 1955. And after his arrest the following January, he was caught trying to escape from the Orleans Parish Prison. Atlanta Federal Prison dispatched him to Alcatraz, Jan. 18, 1960, to complete his 14 year term. fu.ij- r jnjnru-Lnj-Lr.i-rL-L.-i.r - - r "i. ".r - - " - " - ii.m i Wu pMt" I ' TREASURE j SAN FRANCISCO Quenlin Convict Vanishes Second Time To Escape Three Escape Alcatraz; Bay -Manhunt (Continued from Page 1) J sors. Artful dummies in their beds helped the vanishing act Reports of raft-like objects ; on nearby Angel Island brought a swarm of investigators there. San Francisco's Marina Green became a popu lar gawking spot it is the closest mainland, only a mile and a quarter from Alcatraz. FAMILIES MOVED A special force of military f men Ira nrnprpfl for AnPPl Island last night, and three families on the island were ordered evacuated for their own protection. At least 25 Army men were brought into the search. A speeding car with three men in it forced a motorist off Highway 108 near Modesto and started a subsidiary manhunt there. But all that really was known was that the prisoners were gone, and, m sketchy fashion, how they did it. Warden Olin D. Blackwell said the canny trio must have worked on the plan for many months. He put the story to gether this way: The Anglins had adjoining cells in B Block, on the lowest of the three tiers comprising the cell area, and Morris was four cells down the line. LOOSEN GRATES In each cell there is a heavy metal air vent, close to the floor of the rear walls. The 8 by 12 inch apertures lead into a yard-wide service alley or tunnel that runs between twin rows of cells. By nobody knows how much 0. D. BLACKWELL . . . H arden of Alcatrai teal mvay fishing stealthy effort, the three worked away at the four-inch-thick plaster and cement around the vents with spoons (broken handles were found near the escape hatches). They got the grates loose. They also fashioned what the warden said were amazingly lifelike dummy heads self portraits in plaster, paint and hair. At 5 p. m, Monday, as usual, all Alcatraz inmates were locked in their cells for the night. Lights out was at 9:30 p. m. and at least one of the escapers was warned to douse his by a guard. During the hourly checks at night, the dummy heads "They sure looked lifelike," the warden reported, "the S. Africa's Racial Bars Defended Dr. Willem Naude, the Re public of South Africa's am bassador to the United States defended his nation's policy of racial separation here last night and urged Americans not to be deceived by "falsi fied and befuddled" images of his country. Before the World Affairs Council of Northern Califor nia at the Hotel Mark Hop kins, Doctor Naude charged that the United Nations has been the forum for such "image making on a vast scale." He claimed that South Africa is the most advanced nation on the continent economically, politically and socially. And, he said, "the Bantu in South Africa is well ahead".of other natives in the field basic human rights. iJb Fight Over A Transfer; Two Jailed An argument in a cable car over a transfer erupted into sidewalk fisticuffs i& volving two Muni men and two passengers in the 1400 block of Jones St. last night The passengers Edward Jamieson, 32, whose transfer was challenged, and Wesley Hering, both of 151 Ellis St, were knocked down. The Muni men, Conductor Bobbie Dawkins, 29, of 1227 Masonic Ave., and Paul Johnson, 28 gripman of 1285 Innes Ave. were booked at City Prison on suspicion of assault with intent to do bodily harm. Before their arrest, Daw kins and Johnson had taken tthe cable car to a Muni car barn, then rode in Dawkins' auto back toward the scene of the fracas but hiLa parked taxi en route. faces were painted flesh color" reposed convincingly above bodies fashioned of pillow and blanket. Not until the 7:15 a. m. head count for breakfast was the escape discovered. UP 30 FOOT riPE During the night, the three had scuttled through the small burrows, covering them with cardboard, painted to look like the metal vents. Once in the service alley, they went 30 feet up a pipe, dismantled a five foot stretch of an air condition vent and somehow pried or wrenched some bars off it. That got them to the roof. By scuttling 100 feet over the messhall to the northern end of the prison compound, they were able to clamber 40 or 50 feet down an outside drainpipe, illuminated by a searchlight. That left them about 100 to 50 yards from the water's edge, between the power plant and the employes' recreation hall and at the north east end of the island. WHAT TO DO? Their choices were few: To crouch in one or more of the numerous small caves that dot the rocky shore, particularly at the 19 acre island's north rim, as so many of their predecessors tried with no luck. To make a swim for it to the Marina Green a mile and quarter away perhaps, or Angel Island nearly two miles to the north. To find or fashion some kind of raft from flotsam and go with the tide. OFF THE ROCK After locking up the 264 remaining prisoners for the day, the prison's 144 em ployes joined the FBI and other forces in a painstaking search. Warden Blackwe sounded convinced that they were no longer on The Rock And for most of the night a moderate 2.7 knot current was flowing past the .island toward the ocean, a deathly traD for all but the most magnificent of swimmers. Less than a half dozen per sons are known to have made the swim between the island and San Francisco. No escape craft was found during a land, sea and air search. Units of the Army, Coast Guard, FBI and various sheriff's offices joined in the hunt. So did auxiliary units. And here and in other bay-side cities, special alerts had police prowling the waterfronts. The Coast Guard had two patrol boats scanning the area, plus planes, "he Marin Sheriff's marinj. auxiliary put several more small boats on the prowl ana nis air posse had eight planes aloft. The report of a Coast Guard helicopter that a raftlike object was off Angel Island brought immediate closing of the State Park there and a blockide of its shores while Army and PBI hunted its acres. NO LETUP The raft turned out to be a fishing net, and a second raft report turned out to be nothing at all, but the pre- cautions were not relaxed and trackers continued to beat the bush. Ninety per cent of the island had been checked by nightfall. The hunt was to resume today. Warden Blackwell, away fishing at Lake Berryessa sped back upon news of the escape and arrived about noon to take charge. He said the escapers hadn't taken anything along with them, so far as an inventory could show, and if they were armed it probably was with something they had fash ioned themselves. THE "MOAT" Map ohowg distance acrosa "moat" of Bay from the Alratraz Penitentiary $127,000 Estate Gift To Stanford A gift of $127,000 to Stan ford University from the estate of the late George Havas, Oakland engineering executive, was announced yesterday by university president Wallace Sterling. The gift was made to the school's f 100,000 PACE pro gram. The money will be used to ward f uiancmg reconstruction of an engineering building A skinny San Quentin con vict awaiting trial for escap ing last November apparently pulled a repeat performance yesterday when he disappeared from the prison'k maximum security exercise yard. Prison officials said 23 year old James Preston Winton may have holed up some place within San Quentin's walls, but an all-points alarm was issued to police agencies. In reporting his disappear ance, officials revealed for the first time that the prison er's wife had told them of a cross-country crime spree by Winton after his escape Nov. 22. CAUGHT BY FBI Winton was arrested by the FBI Jan. 6 in Mariana, Fla., but at the time no informa tion was given about his al leged crimes during the cross country flight. Associate Warden Dale Frady said yesterday that Winton's wife told prison officials that he had taken her and her baby daughter albng after the escape. En route, she said, he stole two cars and pulled armed robberies in Oklahoma City St. Louis, Mo., and Little Rock, Ark, netting more than $3,000. She said she left Winton in Miami, Fla., and returned to her home in San Pablo. AWAITING TRIAL Winton was returned to San Quentin Jan. 24 and was scheduled for a court trial July 3 on the escape charge, Winton, convicted of bur glary in Fresno in May, 1960. was serving a six months to 15 year sentence. Winton is six feet tall and weighs 150 pounds. He ha green eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion. Shortest Swim To the Marina If the three Alcatraz fugl tlves swam to freedom, their shortest swim would have been a mile and a quarter to the San Francisco shoreline near the Marina. The prison island is two and a half miles from the nearest Marin County land, a mile and three quarters from Point Blunt on Angel sland and two miles from Treasure Island. 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