The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1946
Page 4
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row* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bride-Beet Honored At Suppei Biidge Party When Mrs. .1. p. pride and Mrs. S. J.XJohen entertained Inst night for NJiss Margin?! Shaver, bride- elect of Joe !'. Pride Jr.. they used the colors of silver anrt while, with a (ouch or gold, in (lie effective combination bridal and Yuiotkif theme. The: supper bridge parly va s nl (he h,onic.of,M>s. Pride, mother of .the bridegroom-elect. Silvered Christinas trees were centerpieces for two tables In the living, and clinins; rooms, with theso decorated In-silver mid gold balls, along, with shining icicles. Bouquets of yellow imweix rtm drccrftted the two cntertalnlnB rooms where the n; guests were served at .small tables, i Eihjer-ciecorated- place cards w crc nscft and ^.corsage of white carnations '/narked MJM ; Shaver's place.- The-same Hume was emphasized Hi Hhe gifts mid their wrappings. Bridge was .plnycd following supper with Mrs. Cliffr-r,! C; uneit.e. i'-<uphlrr ot Mrs. Pride, assisting the ijostcsscs. Mrs. Oscar Fcndler received high fcore. prize. stationer,', and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris. husicrv for second iii-h. The? bride-elect wns prc- scnte^l lingerie^ ', ; ;, • •" "• : » ' Miss. Go'odrich Hostess To GEO Bridge Club MissN7era Goodrich was hoslcss Monday night to the OEO Undue Club -and Iw 0 Gaesl.s. rntertitiung al her home on ChicSusawoa Avenue,. | The.,.chrislmns colors were emphasized both in the tallies iisea' and In (l|c refreshments ot n salad 'course with cokes, served 1,1 the conclusion of the uridnc cnvurjs, Guestf were Miss Jetlyc 'Hullman suxi Miss Ha Rogers. Mlssviynn Jackson won n'^n score 'mid Mrs. Jolin F. Finns, bridge. »>i. • • . Presl3vtenan s Plan Auxiliary Circle Parly The' subuibrm home of air" I'.ai B. Hwlson, with its Southern Colonial pelting, will be the'scene of a Christmas parly tomorrow n!;;ht when ^"members of Circle One of Hie Woman's Auxiliary, First Pres- b;tcrift«Cnurch. will entertain with the ahnual holiday season partv. •Assisting Mrs. Harrison as "hostess .will bn her daughter, Mrs, Herschel H. Carter, niu! her daugh- ter-nyjaw. Mrs. w. V. Harrison Marries Former Memphian Mr. and Mrs. n. II. Scott, announce Ihe mari-hs'.' of their daughter, Miss Wiimah AiHine Scotl. to Raymond Charles Tatom, son of Mr. and Mrs. 11. E. Talojn of Memphis. The double ring ceremony wns solemnized NJV. -J, at the home of the Rev. Ray McLesler. pastor of the Promised Land-Yarbro M™ihu- dLsl Church. Miss Virginia Wheeler, cousin of I the bride, was maid of honor and I Monroe Hesharse served ,is best mn;i, The bride wore an ncqua crepo fi»..-k fashioned willi bracelet i length r.leeves and lace aplicpie iiu tlu; bodice. Brown accessories mid I n corsage of yellow ro.selmds ooin- plclecl her enstuiue. The bride's it- i?ndunl wore a suit uf row \voul with brown accessories and .1 iwr- saiio ol white carnal Ions. Mrs.. Tntoiii, a (jr.vl.i.ite of l!ur- drtte nigh School, Is coir.icuU'd with the Arkansas-Missouri Vuwer, Co. Mr. 'Hiloin was |ir»duatvd from ' Mcssick High School In Memphis f After twc, years service i;i the Annv ' KI.CN he came to lilythcville to bcwm'e Mr. 'and Mi stair announcer at Radio si:it!im : their home at Mr. and Mrs. W. T. French Feted On 50th Wedding Anniversary Oi Dec. G, 1856. Miss Lula HII- + _ burn and w. T .French were mar' in a little country town Methodist WSCS Presents Program on World Peace A program based on World peace nixl World Fellowship wns presented .by the First .Methodist Wnmnn's Society of Christian Service Monday afternoon at the Church. Singing of "Hark the Herald Aiif;els Sinn" opened the program n 5?'V K^ ^"' orSiri^'UUn^ M^iunmotli Springs. Ark. In 1916 Mr. nnd J|;. French moved to lily- thcville and settled on a farm near Yarhro. Frklny the Frenches Celebrated their Cioldcn Weddins Annivcrsiirj- In their country home ; on Number Nine Roart In Hie vicinity in which they moveii 30 years ago. WHb them on the occasion were two daughters, live sous. 21 graml- chilrlreu «,„! Uvo Br e a t E rand:hild^ „„„,,.„„,„, 011 um , rcn. MissliiBwasadniiBlHcr. Mrs. J. ! Around' the World K Krcch. who died In 1929 when' ,.,,.. ,, „ " she was 27, but her four children ^ l- TO B r «»i ciialr- v. r erc '.vlth their grandparents for the celebration. j Baptist WMS Units Meet At Homes For Program 'Die five circle R:oup<i of Pirsl linptlst Woman's Missionary Society met yesterday afternoon at the homes of their hostesses for pro- cram and Hibie study. Mrs. J. Q. names was hostess Dnllie liltc, Miss Hlte opened the' meelini! by lending Ihe 11 members m prayer. Mrs. w. M. Williams tannin the lesson for the group study. Mrs. E. B. Woodson, rc- tiriiiK chairman a: Die Circle, was presented a glfi »y Uic members • Mrs. ,j. T. Westbrook cntertnineil twelve members of Circle Two with Mrs. Krjo Carson opening the mcctini; with prayer. Mrs. Ted Kln s uuiBhi the lesson .stutly. Mrs. West- broOK, retiring chairman of her Click' was presented a gift The mooting was closed with thc 'Lord's I'ruyer. , A covered dish luncheon was served at the home of Mrs J ir Scnman when she was hostess lo Circle Three and Riie.sts. thc Ucv and Mrs, E. C. Brown, tile Rev. ami Mrs. n. B. Illcdsoc. Mrs. H n Brooks. , . After the luncheon the group' met fm routine 'business session and I the pi osculation of a Rift lo rctlrmJ .•hah man. Mrs. n. E . Dlaylock. Mrs. Brooks closed Uic mcetiii" with prayer. Mrs. n. c. Ulnnkcnship wn.vhos- less to Circle Four for luncheon. Ihe 15 members exchanged Christ- mils (lifts during the social hour and wore dismissed with prayer hv Mrs. Theodore Locaii Nine members of Circle Five were entertained by Mrs. William Berryman with the meeting opened with nrayer by Mrs. Walter Bhhop. M.-S Bishop also inuglit thc lesson study alter which .the group was dismissed with prnycr by Mrs. W. J Rodgors. '•' , ' Ilic bridal motif while the brld'-c tallies hinted the approacl'inr; Christmas season. Arrangements of chrysanthemums decorated thc livlnt' room where refreshments were served from small tables and where thc bridge games played. Miss Mary Adah Uoblnson won .liife'h score nnd Mrs. John W. Thomas, second high. At Ihe Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Rogor Cooper, city. Donald Chcrepski, city. •Mrs. J. R. Peters, Caruthci.svillc, Mo, Mrs. B. L. Farmer, Stcele, Mo. Mrs. J. 11. Anderson Jr ciiy 'Born to Mr. and -Mn. S, W. Jliit- ton, M-inila, a son last night Dismissed: 'Clinrles Irving DcWitt, city •Mrs. Joe Isaacs, city. Ella Sue Ashley, city. F.diin Mac Nance, c ily •Mrs. Lena Bayd, city. lilythevlltc Hospital Admitted: l/iriiiines Sims, Dell Mrs W. A. Dobyns, ciiy. Dismissed: •I. W. Tnrnaee, Hayti. Mrj, . , .Uir-nhlx BiiKisi ||n.s|)i|ii| Admitleri: -, — W. I O borne, city. ' >IJ ™ Mrs. Mollic Montgomery city M'iniihis jMclhmllst Hospital Admitted: Ronnie Napier, Uracg (Jily, Mo. WEDNESDAY. DECKMBRU 11, Fiyc Seniors Compete In Scholarship Contest Helty Lou Atkins, Samniyc Lou Fergison, Owen Harrison Patsy Travis anrl Vannye Whitley Illy- theville nigh school seniors, were selected by their class (luring ;i meeting NOV. 10, to compete for the 121 four-year college scholarships and 600 $50 certificates of merit being offered sift In (his year by (he Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Board. These students w jn compete 'Aith seniors from other high schools throiiBhout, the United f-''.ritcs and territories. Special ap- tltiide tc.sto will be taken by these iinnounced on April 18. will 'te Osceo/o Woman III Mrs. S. M. Hodges of Osceola. wife of the publisher of the Osceoln Times, is critically HI at the famllj residence there. PERMANENTS Oil of TuHpn-ooil <5 85() Aliircrlllna Crrme FOR CHRISTMAS Kevltjn filff Sets i/elcnc Curds Cold Wires Domicile l'()MIH'lir» The Beauty Bar I'lionc 3202 Gkwou Koto] Comi When Mr. and M:'s. Frcncli came to Jiiythcville from the Oznrk mcuntnlns of Fulton County, they came to n small (own of dirt'streets surrounded by swamps and overflowing itikes but. ihcy stayed nnd Irained lo love the i.-incl on which lliey and all their children since lived. Oitairrlvlng rn Blythe- . . mun. discussed world pence and Mrs. Harry W. mines spoke to the group on World Federation of Melhotlisl Women. Announcements were in'.dc of the meeting place (or thc Christmas parlies. Hostesses for tlic social hour were. M"- E : 1J - f ' c . c - M: S - c - E - ^rigger. ville their elitfdren ranged from tl-r age.s of nine to 19. The Frenches now live In a home built six years n;;j on the Speiisor B'tncli farm. Two years ago Mr. _- , .,..„. , French rcl.'rcd from faiinlni; but LI , , r> A n both he nnd Mrs. French are .^tilH * 'OStCSSCS to U.A.K. ncl.ive with their truck gardciiii.'l,' " and housework. Mr. French Is 71 years old nnd she is G7. When 33 rr.up.its gathered to hon- A. E. Huntley. Mrs. F- O Lickmniin. M'-S. R b. Jones Mrs C«l Gosselt. Mrs. S. B. Smith. Mrs. U. S. Branson. Mrs. Dave Craig. Mrs. Gus Hale, Mrs. W. S. floke, Mrs. Coinvay, Mrs. Usrcy Chiirlcvoix Chapter of Davuzlilcrs of American Revolution met ,U Hotel Noble yesterday for luncheon and or Die cnuple Saturclny among them '<"' " UrosfiMin with Mrs A Con-V'v were tl lt v fj vc children. Mr,=. Spen-l > m(l Mrs. M. O. Usrcy jierv'.iv as sci- Bunch. Mr.-.. T. K. Johnson,, hostesses. Luncheon was s-rvi.^ 'n al.irlnis Froncl,!. Rvnest French. Roy; the Main Dining Room Fren'eh A !' Ilc . v ' r ' ! . llch «»d Uovil' Dllri i"; thn pvogrum held in il:o n v i n. UVCel '" nr 1>rar Colonial 1J «™'' Mrs. James Hill .1, Bijtncvlll.!. ., j vlco rcKenl. presided i,, the -ib" An anniversary c:::ner was scrv-1 scncc of Mrs F B J-vncr cd ron-plcic with a three tiered M,-, ,„ .n ^, J "5 1101 ' veddiim C ak5. Gnld wcddliig taml" 1 MlS " W " P ' Ob - 1 ' 51 - '"'^ chaii-- and other gifts of «old were I c- w,"/ """""""'i "'at Floyd A . icntcd to the couple White, locnl businerainan. had rim- ,— ,t \ .... . ' F HlMllnrl (l<p« ^.,n i .. 11 - _ . . Other uiiesl-s bosirte mcmbere of »ha family h:i-iiic!cd Mr. nnd Mrs Waller Clark, Mrs. nnd Mrs E W Stt.vall, M,.. nnri Mrs (},,„,.,;,. Sln : well. Mr. and Mrs. Hciberl Miilllns Daughter Bom A <l»tmhlcr wns born niytheville irnspilJi) lo f, , ?- C Tr h ?r S bcc " llamc d Jniiicc'Ma'ri'e iviCiiriiiey. Dec. f,. al „,„, Irllnilod live rtollars In the Ne.tln;,,| Triluili: Grove Project in me:n.i,' v of Lbul. KiNar Lloyd, who K av« iv's life dm-ina World Wnr II. I.lniii^i'- nnt Lloyd's mime will lw inscribed "n a plague lei be placed on on- f,f , the trees In Ihe l-:«hvond WOIT-I [ in California. l!e!o\v hi-i name w'll i ho his war record which incl'ul-s the CmiRrvsslonal Medal of iioiiri' Mrs. jnyner and Mrs. Hill w-Ve named fl"le^.-itcs. by virtue i>f th--i — - Jcrc is Ever- prccision- - __ ' bnfli ••icJm" foi .inly S8-75 . *. and worth ,l« nmrf! Magic Feed prc- *tnts flooding or [calins;! Matching Fcatlicrwcigin 'Arpealer J'cncil Iccils new Vtiinis like a machine gun! :^ . anil you -gel both pen Ami repeater pencil at a price you would luirmnllv f}iV for a ^tiatanicec! pen »Jone. m fcm -I.\K n a mm n" !wb-6.Ds U G STORE 5C5 to altcntl the n A. R. Congress to be held in w-sn' ington. ». c., during tlic week' of Dell Supper Club .Has Christmas Dinner Dance Thirty couples WL -,a entertained Thursday night, when ibe u-n Siipncr Club had their Christmas party at the Hut, with host anil hoslcss including Mr. and Mis Thomas Hard!,, anil' Mr. and Mrs II. n. Crawford. Wreaths of mistletoe, pine cones and slender tapers in crystal holr- ers decorated the large table where n turkev dinner was servod A large liRhteil Chrislmas tree held tlic glfls which were rx- chnngecl nmong th c gncsls During thc Informal program Noble Gill saiiR several selections icd by- Mrs. Frances Kennett The group sang Christmas enrols .urn spoilt, i the remainder, of ihe evening rlnnciny;. Out of town guests were Miami Mrs. Harold Kanop of iyifi- wankcc. Wls.. Bursts of ^fr. and Mrs. H. R. Crawford Sr., of Uell. Mrs. Thurston Honors Miss Nancy Kirshner M'S. SlCM!U TlHirslOII WllS'llilStrss t? tlie La Nucvc Club hist niiih.t when she complimented MIs.vNiincv, Kirshner. who plays frequently with the club. Kirshucr, bride-elect of Chi<*f Petty Ofncer Guv Trislcr of Slirr-vi- port. Ln.. and Corpus Christi. Tox.. wns presented n gift of crystal oy Ihe hostess. Inclivkliial cakes inscribed with "Guy" and "Nancy" carried chit g THURSDAY Mrs. T. W. Goforth will be hostess in Jolty Eight Club Cny Council of lieta siRiiin. Pin will meet at 7:30 p. in., at club room. Ladies Bible class of First Mein- odist Church will have a covereti dish supper and Christmas parly at ii p m. at church. ' Fidells Class. First 5a;>tisl. Clmrch will mecl nt 7 p in ,u []- c home of Mrs. w. M.' Williams. 1306 West Main for regular nion'li- ly supper party. Phcb?an Sunday School class ol First Baptist church will have a social Thursday nigbt al tlic llolllc of Sfrs. II. c. Blankenship i Circle One of First Prcsbylerian' •Woaisn's Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Zal Harrison at 8 p m for a Chrislmas party. 1 Mrs. M. O. Usrcy will entertain the Midweek Club. ' Mrs. E. R. Lancashire will be hos- ' less to the Thursday Contract ••ii Mrs. Jnmcs Hill Jr. will entertain ,l,he Ortclte Club. Mrs. D3.v.'c Mnore iviii ba hostcs.-, to Ihe G. N. B. Club. FRIDAY Woman's Club will meet nt I lie club house nt 2;30 p. m. Alpha Delta Chapter of pet-.i Sigma Phi will meet at 1:30 p. in. h. tile club room. Mrs. John F Fields will be hostess Mrs. Leon Schcrer will entertain the c.. B.. C. Club with a pot-lurt; luncheon and . Christmas parly. Toddler's Wooden ROCKING HORSES S3.95 The Tot Shop May 10. Mrs. A. Conway ami Mrs. A. C;. Little were selected ;sllcr- miles. Mrs. Clco Lanuston presented a program on "Indians nl Arknnscis" wlitch was concluded wilh the Kinp- tng of the slnlc song. fStfp ,s» .-;'>m/v-&'><:• *,,..* ••.,'--, \\ \. , -*«*;:..'./.•'•*• ;• /-.-'•, '-., ^ -,%,?. , ••:"';?. J / !.•'£. ' -K' ; ' x ^>.^ W (> &'M${$$*(^ •*$' \ t •' • ^W ; (l|%iV' 1 --- v if $ , . : 'i ; •'&-<?:M-> 1 X'-x \',<&' \ %. ,'. •-'.•:* .:' . '••••iVifesi'.V A Hfylish ; ,nd cny in y,,,,,- ,, n ;,fr rc |.,, manner . . . y, M1 . .M ; , rl ii,,,,, rr i cl - t | s «illi ii new show ol loveliness willi each iippeiiranri-. each visit t-i OM hcanly cliuii-! l miss I lie I,u/,irr l«c|j,| K .;iv-n :>< Tin- noaiity Clinic . . . ench ;.„- •'icr treatment is individunlivctt , o Hlit Ihe pci-Fr.ll [«, uhicl, it is tn . I ended. AskalMMH , mr Lu/icr ChrUt- 1st National Bank BIdg. Phone 3274 There's Beauty tor You ot thc CLiNIC It isn't loo late In h:ivc CHRISTMAS CARDS PRINTED one day service tlirolt;li Saturday, DIH-. 21 t Attractive Cards Reasonable I'laiii or Printed SAMUEL F. NORRIS Printing Officft Supplies — Sl.Uii.n.-i-v formerly Arton's Across from t'ilv II;itl Xmas Special free Manicure with each P E R M A N E N'T Hair Set or FACIAL from Dec. 9th through Dec. 21st. Cold Waves $10 — $i;> Cr<i<|WKrmle * Permanent ^f up Miichinplesa SC-SO Permanent .... H up House of Shaw $«.OU l-'acials U Call 3,'i02 for Appoint - Arties Beauty Shop a13 N. 2nd 'THE MESSIAH" Hy C,. I<\ HAM)1C1, will be Presented by thc FIRST METHODIST CHURCH December 15th at 4 o'clock Mrs. U'il.smi Henry, Director iMr.s. John Ciuuiill, Organist this ad sponsored, by Planters Hardware Co, THE BEAUTY CLINIC MATfMct n^n 8mlth> ^^ t* N»n Bank B|d f . rtltUlt ,„, ' Shopping Days To Christmas K lakes only :j minutes to open a Charge Account FITZPATRICK Jewelry Stores Blythcvillc, Ark. Osi-cola, Ark. Sikc.slon, Illn I'aragnulil, Ark. Continuous Shows Every Day o» Office Op«-rn. i <. Show St*rtii J(:i9r U8TEN TO KJ.OIS a.m. IZ:« p.m. »:jt Thursday and Friday Selected Short Subject* Continuous Showrng tvcryday *" Pinafores /v Lawn Dresses k Holgate Toys * Teach-a-Tot Toys A Feii Cowboy Suits and nearly everything to make thc little ones hoppy. Of course tlicre ;ivc (lie HHlc imcs In consider . . . ;iml move and more i('s hccomini; cvitlcnl dial (he ]il;uv io shop for (he "small fry'' is The To( Shop. Here you'll find Hie very ilom dial will s ui( your [idle chmili ijcsf; ^ 7 H CHRISTMAS CARDS TOO! Box OfTlce Oponii 6:*S Haturd^T. Open* Sunday 1:00; 8tart» 1:11 C«nUnnoD5 Shows Sat. and Ho«- Barialn Night Every M s hi Ex»*l uunorea on (he KOIJ. Time 'J'oday DOUBLE FEATURE Woman in the Window with Kdwrrril Cl. Ttotihison anil Jniin lieinietl E TOT SH 105 So. Second St. Phone 2308 Back to Bafraan willi .Inlin Wayne anil rhilip Aim Thursday and Friday DOUBLE FEATURE _ A UNIVESSAl P1C1URE ~\OT Then There Were None with Harry nizjtrraM ;,, It | Waller liustnii

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