The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 11, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY,.DECEMBER 11, tO!G BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER PAGE THKBV Audit Proposed For New Dealers Republican Senator Insists New Rulers Must Have Figures 'Weekend' Star in Familiar Role fe* * , WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. I UP Sen. E, v. Robertson. iFiep.. Wvo.) today demanded an independent audit of every governmeiil activity under the past H years of D'-'nu,- cratlc rule. , Robertson proposed that the <iu<!il be imulc by certified accountants responsible only to Congress, lie .said the Republican Party should demand it before accepting resnni- .sibllity for government affairs uncV.-r their new congressional majority. Describing the government <>'- tre United States us "the biggest bu«!- MCSS undertaking in the world," Robertson said: "I, for one. urn not prepare:! to accept this responsibility un'.il I know exactly the financial coi i tion of this business." Robertson compared the sv, n to Republican control, of Com ic s with a shift in management of a huge business enterprise. In ] i case, he said, the Democrats \ e fired and the Republicans hir.'d to take over. "We. of the Republican Partv. in order to do our'job, must kn u m financial condition of every depart, ment, bureau and loaning ikenr \ for which the new Congress n t appropriate money and tax iiu 1 people." he said. "\Ve must have authentic fimn- c-ial statements on every phase .;f public endeavor. Without these we cannot intelligently plan our future course." Robertson said the audit sli mid cover the entire period from March •S. 1933, when Franklin U. Roosevelt first took office, through Dec. 31. 1B46. He said he based his demand m the belief Hint the principles of pii- vate enterprise, which made Hie United States a great nation, r,hou!d be applied to government. "These principles have been to- tully ignored for the past 14 ve.irs by the biggest and most important business in our nation," he charged. "Since 1033 our government—l!ie business owned and operated b.v ih.? people—bus spent more than it has taken in: has thrown money -ibimt with apparent disinterest and has piled up a national debt so that it cannot be envisioned by tl-.c average citizen, himself n stockholder in the U. S. A." Robertson contended that in government, as in private business, "the mistakes and the accomplishment of the former management, shoul- 1 be tabulated and credited for 01 against him." All This Research at Least Produced an Item for Othman BY »'RK1>KK1CK O. OTIIMAN United ITess Staff (\iiri'i|K>nil«nl WASHINGTON. Dec. 11.—1 Uuvc spent one hour and ten minutes at a press confe'ence, where 1 understood not one word. I Suive before me an Mi-page doenmcnt which reaches its hi>>h pohu. with t tile lint statement: HSI lone »»• ! |,, S > IIIK HC) plus RC equals flNl plus 1 1;( t , RSI. !, y . Twenty other corrcspoudcnls at- | ,[,,. tended this meetlni;. They recelv- | ,,.,.. ed this same blue-bound document, j '1 hey . took voluminous miles, but•[ I regret to report, they suppressed the news. They have written nothing. These timid cohorts of mine claim that unless they know wliat they are writing about., llii-y ciin- not svrite. Haw. And a couple " [ luuvs. That theory is preposterous us I intend to prove InmH-dinU'ly with an essay on the postwar corporate IK tine. ']'he l.\u kjiroiinj s!mpl>' lluii there have been complaints ' 'in ciu.u'iis 1cd up and, or, ll;tt I'ke Iniii) bi-lini twn-timed by *' ta,\ i"jll.'c:urs. Kay you own >.\l\ Ih^ cupiiai slock the Kuiwissle Tin Whistle Cor- •lalliin, \vhicll eanu'il Jt.tWO.lHW \t':ir, r ]hi' lax collei'lor.s i:rilb- so PIT mil ol that in ;t Imr- 'I'his led you £.'.!]J, whirll ' Mri'f'ily bo\ - s from tb ' i;o\'rill- Jit iinuoiuxced was your (larsttn- ir.come. t'ii Ihey toil!; :!{; jirr cent Hint, too. Nn lumder you're a red necklle, urrlvctl «llh both urnis full of |)ai;ers will) Hisines on Hum. He Is (hi 1 mlliH! director of t:ix irsiHUTh. Will) Mm was VlU'h- ::rtl Citrude, a y(»uiiulsh Icllow with lyi'ulus'es. lie wrote Hie leiuirt. "Now nbmil this loiinihii 11 lie iniVnt the lK'i;lnnliiB ol this dis- patchi. just whul dv>i's it nnianv 1 ' the experts \\erc anktul. llrr, 1 ui'f . Uii'lr iin.swi'i'K. verbal tin: I (ioode: That's for Hirm as UkK i'<pi:itloas." babes In the fiscal woods. J looked at (h» charts. Mostly they looked Ijkc MuMmonu'tei'S on a cold day. Slicre explnlned them. When ho li:i ; | (Inljlud this, he said: "These rluirls lire Intended to •sine as aid,. You may find them | rather (nrbidding and confusing. that cas^ 1 .surest you Jusl n ;r,' th( in." lour ol Southern liussin. the Tass Asenc v reported today. They linve b'.'rn visiting Goorgia. Premie: 1 ,'o- scf Stalin's native province, N'o wonder the iiviisary callt^l tiu- I'oiiieifiK'C tu duscuss metluuli m uiMallon. double and othcnMse. 'In'- 1 ) K.itlu-tinu w - as held in a riuiin 'Mtli luri]lU)i.e ciilmi'il ualls. Then' ^•crc ihrty oil ij.iintlni's on fiullH'. 'Jni- >!:i>wed a blii'./.ird on ai i<L> i:iiiii\l iiioiinlHln, one 0-, ;i bhll'-ltlllrk <K-rall. ;lLli| till' 'lllivd . r;ut)\e cuws tout' spotttd 1 . tliuF> biii'A'io t'ntiii;: hay. The I'liiiiri, urre sofl. 1'iiis .sh-i«', a Miuill man v.llh n r that tine." They hull iin blackball rlimittid Hie Mlbjecl. Hl-.ere belli-vei] thr l>hi:'-bonr.d lj* v.tuud a UUtc expl'.iiuhi! 1 ,. Ii! 1 *'x- I lamed it fin' •!(> nilmiles, ttitli r; t- i rciiccs to mool ([Ue.silims, ,.ix jblltii iilld pr"u\*-eost rt'latlnn. My fellow wrrespondc'iils. 1 innH .say. luul InteiesU'.l i xpr. :,sUms <•.'.'. their faces. I iilid tit ceullrui. but I I elillld not. 1 fell like Moi Illn.'l I J-'lH'l'd; to hide my sliaiiie I 11 ini'd |lhinui!l! the window upon ihe li ai l mi- I Kikei.i 111 !';•!•.Idrlll Trnrimr.s slorin | huek yin-d. They weiv profe.-.sloiials. "No\v lei us turn tn the cliiirt.'i," bi'l'.an Khvre. Thevi- was n rustlinn of pull's a,s (he repord'l'r; solluhl p;U'e -II. llhei'e was solnelhliiK ob- vlim^ly, Hint \\ould tuidie .si-use to I I liiriiinl lo the window. Those , lello'.vs 'nil the White Honce Itiwn | were forUmate; i: ( i clunis lo worry i Hum. Only U'tives mill a brec'/.s. I Tn,' iMinferi'iiri 1 ended eventually. i''.hi: au.swer L; yes iind ID. The i^iiveiiiiiient li:>hii't made UP its loiild | mind jet w!:i'lber It Is full 1 to tax >,h>cUu-];ter 1 .'.'H'e. ) mnhv no a^M;!o^Ue^ loi 1 n tiered omls.'.ions in Ibis .survey of the subject. H Is beliiv than none. Trustee $75,118 , ; ;J Short, Check by "' Auditors Reve.qls-T I NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec! 11. '-i L j (UP)— An alleged shortage of f75,- j H8.95 hus been found by state ij»- 1 dl tors In the books of the Gibson County trustee. State Comptroller Jincu Maddux said today: Felix Collins, fornxr trust**, was indicted Mohdny on n charge of (.•iiibey.r.Miig. that sum, • • Culllns uns a deputy In. the qfr. flce of trustee C. O. .Berry before. ,, he was elected lo the position himself in U'42. Collins was defeated for reelection last August. . The tongue o! the lion Is turn- Ishcd with an array of riaasjer-llke bristles. - To Avoid Mail Contracts \ Pnwptly R*H«»« Cough* Front ACHING CHEST COLDS ftay Mil land, who won cinema fame as the star of "Lost Weekend." is pictured in a real-life role familiru lo many husbands. He looks on qum.irally as Mrs. Millar udmws a new evening dress at a Paris couturier's. Hay probably doesn't know it. but. willi its high neckline and long sleeves, it's a very unusual modcL arkana. She has been in a coma since she was lound lying on a pile of stones under ,a bridge on Highway 07. Sheriff W. E. Davis of Miller County said that Mrs. Bl.isingame irts been unnble \o aid officers in investigating the circumstances Eurrouiidine, her beating. Tests for Veterinarians LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 11. — iUPi—Examinations were scheduled this alternoou lor 15 applicants bv the Slate Veterinary Kxamin- ' ?, Hoard in Ultle Rock, Dr. !i. T. Echllll of Texarkaila will have charge. Ftfari Co'lMfr VK Wjmt A'ls Ban Against Marrying German Girls Lifted FRANKFURT, Dec. 11. IUPI — Gen. .lose))h T. McNarney today rctwcsrt the ban against marriage of U. S. soldiers and German women to permit marriages by til's "p:iov lo theiv doiwLiuc from the European theater." The new nil'' removed virtually all vestiges of the. once strict ban on fir.tmiizaUnn of American troops with the German populace. Rooseve/ts at Kostov MOSCOW. D.^c. 11. iUP)--Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt have arrived at Ro.slov on the Don in their 1 'TH.K HOCK, Ark., Dec. ;l. < IM'.i - Jllil.-i lor rarryln{< mall fin the :H() .Slur contract rou'i'.s In Arl;au»!is will be received by the :•• r;;ml nvMr.linil postmaster :cn- i'1'iil In W:i:,t)hi|!«m until p-'b. '.HJ. it v,'ji.'; unmniiificil here today by Mrs. Ksvilda Robinson, poslnvisvr. DBETUS for CHRISTMAS FIRSTS Attack Victim Enters Hospital In Littie Reck LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 11. — (UP)—State Hospital officials to- d-Ay described the condition of M f . Vera MEIO Blasingame—victim of a brutal ntlnck near Fulton, Ark,, 12 days a»o—as "serious ^>ut not critical." They indicated than an examination showi'd the ifl-yoar-okl Phu 1 Bluff niollipi' \vas suffering froiii a (Un^'cs^P^ frnctvup ot tlic skviU which had caused n brnij\ injury. An operation probably v/i!5 be ncc- L-s.sary. Mrs. Bliisingaine was moved to IJu> hospital yesterday from 'IVx- Follow the crowds to PLANTER'S! for all your gift selections— Toyland on Balcony Gift Dept. on Main Floor HOME OF FAMOUS UKAN'DS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. for VALUt for STYLE foi\SELECT|DN 12,i West Main St. IMnmo SIS J!. Diamond solitaire. ?M.!I.V . Six dtumond pair. 515 !.50 * I). Five diamond rlntj. i;. Sl^ diamond set. SIM,;>0 •'. Seven fiery diamonds. S8M SPECIAL! 3 DAYS . . . SOFA BEDS Here ii is ... a picture of conifort anil on sale for Ihrcr ilays only at Alvin IlartJy'.s. Comn in ami ]ii?k one onl . . . you'll he f;l;ul ,MHI iliil! They're spi inq-ftlU-tl, iruifcn info n snf;t hcd and cnme rumple Ic ivilh niiholstcrcd urms anil bed linrn coiniiLirlincni! .There's nothing thai will cnlmni' ,Vrt\ir living room m\>rc U»;\n one of these new-styte sofa Iteris, 59.95 619.95 and 79.95 ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 East Main St. Phone 2302 'Yon'1! surely find us FIKS'I' in every I'cjiliivi.' wlirn ymi buy jcwolry. '!'!"; nt'HX'sl .styles, Uio liiKlu'st, iiuiili'.v, llio i;i-e;il(\sl viilncs . . . (ill ;u'(i yours i I' you sin)]) liore Cor i-hvislniiis (iil'l-.-'. Rulova S.'!7.r.O , SPECIAL FEATURE for TOMORROW s •->.<>:, s:i.r>d ;{:>. no $r, s:5.7:> up Gorgcnits 10-l'icce Dresser Sel Grnen SI57.50 . All " Vnr 29 Attractive m.itriiet patlern. Oifl boMil. DREIPBS . . _. Wiiiir niniiiiiiul;; STORES IN W.YTHEVILLE, MEMPHIS AND DYERiBURG 3lfi WEST MAIX Si: Sec Our Display of HOLLOWARE— RADIOS APPLIANCES and other gift items CONVENIENCE

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