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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 11, 1946
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NORTHSA 8T Allk-iNti.a .ior. o^ „ ^*^ XU11-NO. 222 BlythevlU* Dally Newi Biyihcvlll* Courier Armament Check Sidetracked for BroaderProgram UN Members Called Upon to Begin Disarmament Moves. I..AKK SUCCESS, N. Y., Dec. 11. —(UP)—Great nrllnin, [lie United Slates and Russia anrccd tentatively toctay lo drop their de- iiiniids for si troop and armaments census In favor o( a broadened proKiam for the united Nations to lake immefftalc .steps to reduce aims, ban atomic bombs, withdraw troops from foreign soil and es- lablish international controls. In a compromise engineered by the General Assembly president Paul-Henry Spaak of Belgium, the UN members would be called upon to take up nt once the problem of world disarmament. nil: Three representatives acrecd to Hie move tentatively, but explained that they would have to consult with their delegations be fore finally pledging their govern mrnts' support. 'Hie new proposal would call up on (he security council and UN members to report to the Genera Assembly next year the steps taken to: 1. Establish international troop and. armaments Inspection aben cics. 2. Draft, a treaty for outlawing of atomic energy for militarj purposes. 3. withdraw their troops from former enemy states and fron fiicndly .states in cases where the; were stationed there without per mission O f (lie country concerned. 4. Establish a general and "bal anccd" program of arms reduction The plan would be added to i Partly-drafted resolution callhl; upon the Security Council lo diaf a program of arms reduction am enforcement measures, and t sprcd work on an agreement I outlaw atomic weapons. U. S. Delegates Busy Sir Hartley Shawcross of Bri lain nnd Deputy Foreign Mlnlstc Andrei vlsliinsky or Russia declar crt themselves "agreed in prlnci pie", on tile program. Sen. Ton Conhally. D.. Tex., indicated lha, lic \vould ask the U. S. delegation to support the proposal. Under the new -formula, Russia would drop its demand for a census of troops stationed abroad and Ihc U. S. and Britain would drop their counter-moves for a report on troops at home. Britain i);o would drop its.demand for international verification of the troop figures furnished. The new proposal would not call for immediate publication of atomic bomb secrets or the number of A-bombs .the U. S. has. It would, however, call upon the security council (o rush \vork.oii a plan for atomic control. The American atomic energy plan would call eventually — but only eventually — for revealing atomic secrets. Russia has wanted an early prohibition of atomic armaments, and the destruction of stockpiles. These differences would have to be ironed out as a "detail" under the atomic control program. The agreement in principle came In ii closed meeting of the draft- inn uronp. but it will be debated publicly later today by an 18-na- lion Political and Security subcommittee. Spaak Offers Compromise Spaak told the delegates that I he "troops on foreign soil" issue had become "hopelessly embroiled" in the general arm's reduction problem. His compromise bid came after tlclesflles Mad debated for nearly three hours what one delegate termed "an historic move" to permit nn International agencv to cn- Icr any country at any "time lo check up on national troops and armaments. The compromise proposal followed a Joint Anglo-Russian demand for an immediate check of the world's armaments. Including the American stockpile of atomic bombs. The proposal was handed t o a United Nations disarmament stib- commillce which Is working on a blueprint for worldwide reduction of arms and armies. Truman Plans Christmas Eve Talk to Nation WASHINGTON, Ucc. 11 (UP) — rrsideiit Truman will make n hristmas Eve address to the na- 1011. The President's remarks will be iroaticast. over all networks at a ).ni. EST, I>cc. 24. (Mr. Tninian plans to spend Jhristmas at his home in Indepcn- lence, -Mo., and ihe date of his departure from Washington has lot been decided. If Ihe President leaves WashiiiR- 1011 before Clnlslrniw Eve, lie will ipcak from Independence and (jive i signal to light the Community rfouse Christmas tree In the White ^onse south Kroundr,. If he is in Washington Christmas Eve. he will larticipalc in the ceremony personally. Mr. Truinan plans to spend only two or three days in Independence during the Christmas holidays. His wife and daughter probably will make a longer holiday trip. Blythevillc Herald Mississippi Valley L-juder Azerbaijan War Is Short-Lived, Tehran Reports Soldiers in Iran to Supervise Elections In Border Province TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHSA BY AUKANOAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Ji 1. Y'l I1KVIU .K, AUK A N.S AS. WKDNKSDAY, DKCIOMDIOK II, l<)l(i SINGLE COl'IBS FIVE CENTS TKIIUAN. nee. 11.— lUPl — Til' 1 Iranian war :::!ni.stry announced today I hut a two-day "civil wur" ended ubea the leruiets of A/.er- baljan notified the central government they had decided lo bow to Its decision to send in troops I" .supervise the elections in the province. Gen. Scpehod A. Ahnicdl. Iranian war minister, said he received at. 2 p.m. A mcssuRc from Jaalar Pihscviiri. leader of the .semi-autonomous Azerbaijan regime, annoliiU'lni: i lie decision to capitulate lo HIP Tehran demands. to Use First Set of Artificial Limbs arti- UN to Consider Border Incidents Greek Minister to Ask Investigation By Security Council LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y.. Dec. II. _(UPj _ Greek Prime Minisler ConstanUn Tsaldaris is expected .Jji present to the United Nations Security council tomorrow charges Ibal Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Al- banin have violated Greece's borders. Tsaldaris \vas fully prepared lo do so last night but the council became so deeply entangled in a five-hour procedural battle that 11 completely forgot him. Russia's bid to gain full participation for Albania and BulnHa- noi UN members—In tile debate was soundly defeated, 8 to 3. Instead the council accepted Netherlands proposal inviting Oicccc nnd Yugoslavia (o discuss Ihe Greek charges, but restricting Albania and Bulparia to prcsenlVg statements of their ,ca s c. It was made clear, however il after examining the statements the Security Council decided that it was confronted with a "dispute- then both Albania and Bulsarla would be invited lo par ti c i p!l tc iMiout a vote. If. on Hie ofhcr hand, the council decided that the problem ccn- .lltutcd a "situationnhcn the two natlons-under the rules of the charter—would not be invited to iKKc part in the discussions but would have to h e content with single declaration. Security council Chairman Hcrs- rnl ° J(lnson ' of th c "lilted States, called the next meet ing for n p.m. I^H v° H " P , Hc • sait) " lnt «'<> Greek and ^UBo-slay spokesmen would be H • immodifltc '.v but that the lbanian and Bulgarian represent- alives would be invited a t an "an- proproatetime.' to make their de P c- Movinj; arouml on wooden slumps and nlth aid of crulches may seem dlsn K rceable lo many bill lo 13-year-old jean Murlln, It meant walking for the first I' 1 "'' in her life. Thrilled over the first devices, being used |o leach her balance and walking before beinc equipped with iirlfilclal lens, she rnpklls 1 Is leainlng lo wnlk afler having been born willKjitl legs. llecause a luinl of *1545.03 l>n» been Riven liy sympalhellc. JKOple in a fluid sponsored by K- H. Ford and publicized by Hie Courier News, Ihe Dell school Klrl cx)>ccts lo be usinj; her permanent flclal limbs by next October. Slightly ninie thiin $700 of Ihe fund is bfliiB s-ient for Ihe devices, some money used for a new wardrobe and the remainder placed In Ihe bank for Ihe beginning of a possible college fund. Jenn is lo n-i-ar "pens", for - ---- which reccnllv filled In Memphis. Premier Ahmed Ghavanrs Hoops mill! February v .lier Ihree 'more had pushed deep into Azerbaijan | inches wl'l be added. She. then. Is in the two days since they invad- ; lo learn (o balance and walk on he longer "legs" nnd by Oclober It s expected slic will have pcrinn- leni arlilicial legs, with feel and fiiccs. Final ciits 10 SWC I1 Uic fund In- •ludcd money from sliidcnl.s of llie Dell school, where she Is a .student, vho gave $35. c. II. whistle sent ed State Guardsmen Notified to Turn In All Equipment Company K. Arkansas State Guard unit which has .served this section as military protection dur- IIIK ricactivation of the regular 'local National Guard unit. Company "I. will be deactivated Friday night 'n Ihe final meeting. Capt, o. w. Coppedge. commnnd- »jp officer, announced today that aii members were to turn in their equipment at this meeting, to be held at the Armory nrn r>comm .!! l< * or National Guard of leers will be present to accept enlistments in company M . which Leachville Man, E. L. King, Dies; Rites Thursday Mineral services lor Flljia Lcc ig. who died at I,j s Lcachville home at 8' o'clock last, nighi. will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 oc J? ck "' the'Church of God there Mr. King. W h 0 was 76, had been ill of pneumonia for the past WCCK Burirl will ba in thc i, cachviUc Cemetery with the Rev Mr Hen derson. pastor of the Church o God m Mow-aii. in charge A resident of the Leachvillc community for the past. 30 years. Mr. HiR was a vctcrnarian, practicing He Is survived by l,is wife. Mrs. Grace Kins;; one son, Harry King of Manila; four daughters .Mrs Lottie Davis, Mrs. Pearl Morris and Mrs. Bertha Hnrtwick. all of Oregon, and Mrs. Melba Jean Cash, whose residence was not known He also leaves one brother. Morgan King of Batcsvillc. and 13 grandchildren. Howard Undertaking; Co. or Lcachville is in charge. the province, whicl „ ,,^ upied by the Russians during the viir and had been subjected lo i-enlcr or Irssc.r Soviet, influence. Premier Ahmed Ghavain's (roops lad pushed deep inlo Azerbaijan n the two days since Ihey Invad- ri Hie. province, which was occu- >ied by the Riisiiniio during Ihe war and had been subjccled to neater or lesser Soviet influence. Tlic official reports indicated hat ihe civil war over sovereignly n Azerbaijan had been ifler only comparatively minor skirmishes. Ahmed informed foreign envovs here of « message from Azerbaijan. The reports :M J<I GlKivanr.s' roops had passed beyond (he Ghana nkuh ranges of Mlcvdlalolig [he provincial border and were headed for Tahrh. capital of Azerbaijan Gen. All fiasmara, chief of staff, said Iroops operating from Zcnjan and Takab reached Mianeh, ihr- first big town beyond the provincial border O M the road lo Tabriz. "Tli; Zcnjan coluin,, ]i c nclratcd Uirouijh the Gharlanknl, passes, which is the doorway lo Azerbaijan, Rnsinara said. "This decided Hie Azerbaijan lenders to announce their decision to submit to the central government.' 1 He .said the Zenjan column would continue on from Malnch lo Tabriz while other units fanned through be province.mid took up pnsls foi he supervision O f the forthcom- amcnt °" S '° " >C I '' ilnla " r ' lV "- Smnll units will be detached along Ihc way and dispatched Id various localities, where the lisl- of disarming the civilian population wil] begin as a prelude to the elections, Rasmara said Although earlier reports of the advance Into Azerbaijan had referred to heavy casualties many Prisoners and some fighting the accompanying accou, lls of .,,,,,,„._ «.sof25 miles in a single day s »Rested that Ghavanrs i mil, wrrc moving for™,,, virtually at will Small Nations To Give Views On Treaties NEW YORK. Dec. 11. ,u.I',_ faecielary n f State James F H, T ., CS wants (o give the smaller United nations which fought against, Germany two chances In express nvir views on the German peace I real v, it was learned today They hart pnly nii'cc chanc- on sntcllilc ircB(ics-at the Pans $10; from Meridian, Miss.. canK cltl of $S from IliiRli and .ludlth Ciirlin, and from Sun 1'YanclsiM $'i fiom a former niythcvllle woman. Mrs, Alnic J, Ilisliip wrote i Courier News staff member sh wanted to help (he (jlrl of whoii slir read in Ihe paper. Miners Determined to Reach Comrade Trapped by Landslide Columbians' Offe rr Rejected I he Weather ARKANSAS-Cloiidy and continued warm. Occasional rain today. tonight nnd Thursday. Hearings Scheduled In Two Theft Cases Preliminary hearings for Hollis LcCroy of Canni and carfncl Arnold of Lcachvillc, charged separately with burglary and prand larceny, respectively, were set, for Monday morning after both requested hearings this morning in Municipal Court. Bond was set at $1000 for LeCroy and at «500 for Arnold. LcCroy was arrested by Floyd Burrls. constable of iVeal Township; In connection with the burglary of Herbert Mango's store in Carml last night. He is reported to have forced another man, at the point of a gun. to wait for him while he broke into the store. Constable Burris said. As the owner was out of town, the amount of the theft has not been determined as yet. Arnold was arrested by Constable Bmris in connection with the theft of a motorcycle in Leachville. He later wrecked the motorcycle near Luke Cl'y. Mr. Burrls said, injuring his li'B In the accidcnl. peace conference after the Tit: Four had made basic decisions' But In any case they .,,c not expected to have more In 1,1 a :hancc [ o make reconnnciuiaiMiis n the treaty for Germany. ,ust s they hud on the other ireiiios The final draft of the. Gornni- treaty win uc drawn by -|i e Pit; Four Byrnes Is iiuistiiiR that cs.-xmaJ- . I.V Germany's small neighbors ar.tii the British dominions be given a I chance to express their views »na ] make their demands known m- mally before Ihc Hip: Four bc-,n their talks on Germany in Moscow. He nlso will support the holding of a peace conference similar/ if. the one in Paris last summer aim Fall after the Rig Four luvr worked out a draft and arrived fct. sufficient number of ".i.;r:c< decisions.' 1 GLCHK. Ariz., Ucc. 11.—(Ul'l Rescuers dug desperately loday at shall they hoped would bring them to a miner believed buried alive for (M hours. i Crews excavating the tunnel In which John Orckar. 40. was trapped by a slide of thousands of tons of ore and diri believed he still was alive. They said thai us lale at ;i p.m. yesterday' Ihey heard lapping on a pipe In response to their tups. Mine rescue experts expected It would lake another Iwo dnys lo reach Ihe chulc in which Orckar was trapped. Certain he could not slay alive lhal long wilhoiil food o r water, rescuers started sinking n / .itolt from .the top of the mountain tn which the Buckeye copper located. ; '' The shaft through the top 'of Ihc moiinlnln will connect with Ihc tunnel iti which the miner is trapped at a point about 200 feet beyond the cave-in. Rescuers siitd it would take less lime than "digging through the debris of Ihc cave-In. Working In shifts, they were digging is to '10 tons of rock and debris an hour 24 hours n clay. UiRKing in both the shaft and lunne! uas Flow work because of loose earth and orcMvhicli Imd to be timbered to prolcct the rescuers from another cave-ill. Earth rl- moved from the vertical shall. ha(, to be carried down Ihe mountain .side by hand. K. M. York. 36. also trapped in last Saturday's slide but rescued nflcr 2-1 hours imprisonment, believed Orckar wan caught in ti chulc between two tunnel levels. Ten other members or the 12-maii crew were close enough to the entrance lo escape. York said he probably would have been killed in the slide i; l:e had not been in a recess In Ihc side of the chule. Tlic dust was clicking for a time, lie said, and new clouds were raised as' more rock and ore fell Irom the .slide. "I got hungry before they icarh- erl me,'' lie said. "But, I wanted x drink or water worse than I (lid food." After he left the chute, he said, more debris tumbled down, plugglue: the bottom of the .-halt. Tlie mine, abandoned by the Miami Copper Co. before the war. was rcnpcnccl when wartime, prices on copper made it profitable and was being operated by Ralph Henderson of Globe. Three Members Seek To Join Ranks of Those Confessing BY ED IsRIDCKS (Hulled Press Stuff Onc.spimilriu ATLANTA, Gil., Dec. II. (UP) Three more stalwarts of Ihc Cohun .bians, Inc., race-bulling society, o feitd to "expose" aims, ambllloi «a<t oblcctiyts ol Uviv leaders -ti cSy, but 'ir-Bpiiciiriftr lhcirV*olrc lc> be rejected. Yesterday, Atty, Gen C-iok disclosed alddavlUs Engc of tw 11 young Columbians implicating four-month-old organization In Hitler-like plot lo take over U government of the United State... The plot allegedly Included Importation of a private arsenal from Germany, via New Yoi'K. The three new "converts" approached Solicitor General E. K. Andrews of Fulton (Atlanta) Superior Court, but it was indicated he would reject, their offers because lie probably will subpoen:ic them anyway to testily ijcfore a grand jury Friday. Andrews will ask Ihc jury to drop all oilier business Friday and consider indicting Columbian President Emory Burke and Fnunder- S?crctni-y Homer I,. Unimis on charges of inciting to riot. Another Columbian, whose, name was withheld, may be indicted for illegal possession ol dynamite. The Columbian conlcssors. James Ralph Cliildcrs. 18-yrars-old loday, and Lanicr Waller, said the, unnamed Columbian bought dynamite and plotted lo blast a Negro house the night before a Negro house actually was dynamited here. The cnnlessiolis were made in New York Dec. 2 and 4 |o Prof. James II. Sheldon of u lr ,•.„„. sectarian Anti-Nazi League the youths were persuaded lo \eal Columbian acliviUc.i by blonde secret agent working the league. The pretty arrnl, ricncc Fonest, 24, of New York, posed as a Fascist. Joined the Columbian:; and worked for a week as secretary t<i Looinl.s and nurfce. She pluHogiaph- cd records on microfilm with n cig- arettc-li(;hter-sizc camera. Kiwanians and Jaycees Seek More Toys for Christmas Party Final Rites Tomorrow In Yarbro for A. W. White Services for A. W. "Bunch" White, who died Tuesday a'. Walls Hospital. w ni be held tomorrow afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, at Yarbro Methodist Church. He was 38. The Rov. Ray MeLcster. Pastor, will conduct the services with burial at Elmwood Cemetery. Active pallbearers will be Edward n. Aiken. Clcatus Bailey. Herman Turner, Morris Sanders." Ear| Wilson. J. c. Ellis Jr. Honorary pallociucrs will be Ed- S!>r Boriim. Cecil Ulm, Ernest Halsell. Percy white, G. T. Gracey, Dr. D. C. McLean. Leonard John son. Glair Miller. Carl Bryant. To help make this Christmas a merry one for the needy children' of Blythevillr, the KiWMils Club and the Junior Chamber of Commerce arc pressing their annual joint project to provide pilt.s for I these boys and girls throudi Hie collection and repair of used and damaged toys. This project will rcacli a Yuletide climax on Ihe morni'iis "' Dec. 24 when both organizations play host to needy Blythevillr children at a special party— complete with Christmas tree— in the Jnvcw rluo rooms wliish will be appropriately decorated for the occasion. At this party, the toy.s collected will be given the boys and girls along with fruit and nut* purchased by the Kiwanians and Jaycees. A guest list ot children to attend . . Smith Johnson, Robert Grimes Bob Owyn. and ' Memphis. c with be made from records in tnc Blythevillc Welfare Office. The sponsoring organizations plan to contact local merchants sell loys and oblain (rom broken and damaged who Ibcm Hems Hint _.. can bo repaired. Vocational KRrtcul- CampbH! ofi lure students of Uljtliovillr High I School will repair the, c toys usiain this year as they have done in Ihe past, and sonic new ones will -x constructed. All individuals who havi loys that arc no loncrr being used arc asked by Khvanians and Jayrces to contri'nulc lliem lo Ihis project. Persons desiring lo conlribuir loys arc asked to call nilly Doone, one of the Jaycce cominitteemen. at 3738, Mr. Uoonc will make arrangements for having the contri'oulion.s picked up. Toys may also be lakeii to the vocational agricullure build- Ing on Ihe high school campus or lo Ihc Jaycce club rooms in the Anthony building. Lasl year, more (ban MOo toys were" repaired by Future Farmers ol America club mcmbe's and were given to Goodfcllow families and to Ihe 82 children Attending the Christmas party. Members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce commiticc are Freeman Hobinson (chairman), ba- gronnc Whittle, Olho Slantlckl, Jimmy Sanders, Jim Smolhei mon, Vance Henderson, Tommy Tinker, Harold Anderson, Elmer Ambrose, nitly '" Marl: Anderson and 1'Ycd MuOliL'O. Budget 3els Attention of *ommiffeemen State Institution Seeks More Funds To Increase Services I.ITl'l.H ROCK. Al'l:.. Dec. HI'i- -The budget rcmirsl. of iiiu'li'dlscussoil .Slate Hospital Nervous Dl.n'anes holds the lop sprit m Ihc agenda us tin- prr-li'ttlsla- tve Joint ItudKi'l commuter oilelud innlher :.i's:;lmi In l.lllle Hock inrbv. The haspilnl opei ul Ion nf which is at present iindorgnlnn Ihe scru- Iny nf the I'uliiMkl Cniinly (irnr.d liny Is ri'i|iir,sllii|( nn annual ku!- $:i,ll»l,n2ll for the next tun vi'tirs. pi-iicllcnlly nil) pt'r cent, I»IOIT than Ihc Inslliullon now Is rrceiv- IIIK. The budget calls for iiilnry liu-rcnses. extra lielp mi'l n. icncriil uplifting ol condtllDiis ut Itie^ Little Hork liiui llrnlnn nnll.l. Yeslerday. the commlltcc. uf'.i'r a Innu discussion, approved I IIP ',v, r n- I'l'iir budget nf the Arkansas l>nl>||<j Welfin-o Dcpurlmi'iil • nl. $I7.|)S|,::C( lor the ||rsl year and $17,l!H:i.noo'f.:t tin- second yeiir--reductions of UK-IT than $3.o(i<),tiflo from ihc rciin'."ilf mite bv Welfare Commissioner r |Vd I'rliii'ipal rediii'lUin In Imlh vcmv ci'.me as n result of debates <in grams for old ago iisslstnner. a \,i blind, dependent children and general relief—all mmpnrli'i Iriiiu stale monies. While Clirisly Imd asked | ( i: •<II.(>U(),(>I)|] froin tiie stale In inn.II id SIMHIO.OM Ihe followlni! ycnr the li'Hlsliiloi'H—on a motion .if Ken I-;. J. Hullcr o[ Fnrroif City—votnc f!>.n<M,(ino cncli ycnr for Iliat inu- pose. Aelini: on ii motion of Sen. |Xar- ni'.sl Mnner of lint Springs the com. mllece approved Ihe appoint mm of a three-mail commlllce tn hi vi'stlualc. the use of public wcl [are funds for patients in the (Jnl v«T!.!l.y Ilospllul. Th« commlllce is compuscd o Maner, Scnnlor Duller and sen I.ce Heaves of Hcnnltiij;e, Oilier approvals ycstcrdav In eluded the Stale Library ComiiiK sion at xl-IO.riM—Mime $l),!iOI) |«than requested; und n state, tent liny budget of $«B,GOO, onl SA'IOll .limn the. lunminl askci by Pi-Kon i5ii|tcrlnlenu'en l l Tom C'ojf Jaycees Seek Entries for Annual Award An appeal for additional nomi- tmtlons in Ihe junior Chaiubcr of Commerce annual Dlslliimiislicd Service Award was made today by James Hoy, urcsldeJil of (lie Jay- ce.e sroii]!, who udviscd Unit only those nimies submitted prior to Sunday could be considered by the. committee appointed to select l/\- thcvillp's outstanding young man of KMii. '•'nines of young men dcscri'liiR consideration (or Hits award may lie submit! cd to James Neblili'., (ontnct rcprc.seiitalive between the Junior chnmlicr nnd the secret cnminlllcc of prominent local cil- twris nppoiiiled lo make the selection. Eligibility for this award, To be presented In Ja unary during Nn- tlonal Junior chamber of Commerce Week. Is open to any young man "not less Mian 21 and not more than 115." The person selected must be of high personal chnr- aclcr and sibim.y. but does have to be affiliated with either the (oral or national .liiycec groups. Judging ulll be bused on achic.vciiienl. il , leadrrship and service in (Ills coin- 101 1 immliy dminc the calendar year, and nominal Ions may be submitted bv anyone residing 111 or near lllytlicvllle. Mr, NeblnM has announced that .several nominations have already been received bin, thai both U>c r'imnilllee and the local Junior Chamber desire as many nominations as f.oKslble in order thai fair consideration may |>c Riven cvery-;viiig ol such a high award. All members of the committee responsible for the .selection arc past Ihc 35-year age limit, and their names will be published following aii'.ifiuni'cment of name of Ihc rcccipicnl of ihc awnrd. CIO Launches Wage Hike Fight Report is Issued Pointing to High Corporate Profits Food rices Begin To Level Off NFJW YOHK, Doc. 11. (UT>- R»all food prices apparently h»ve euchcd their p«ak and begun to •vul off, aecrclnry of Agriculture illiilon I'. Anderson snld In an ad- Ircs.'i to the daliyinen's league co- ipernllve association. Anderson added that a downward tend miiy develrji duilnn the ItU- :er monllis o( next year. MarineTranspori Plane Overdue With 32 Aboard Officers Fuor Ship ". May Have Crashed • Near Toledo/ Wash. (lj.l ; .) lorln, lioiir port , Dec. 11. —Searching parties ,.,„.„„. Ui tnc wooded Irills near To, loday in the a'. Marino.'•..t'raris- whicli has been .since yesterday' with aboard: The wound search near Toledo was Blurted afler a couple iu- porlrd hiMrliiji a loud crashing noise 1,0111 licast :>f their home at B n >n , yeMcrdny. • ••-.''-,,.'] n v (IIAHI.KK II. HKRROU) Air seal-Chen were called off when H'nllrd l-ress Staff l"rr*™!d"ntl, I'" 1 "'""f, 0|)SCI! "'" l »<-' "™ Whore WASHINGTON. !>ec u (UP)— ,„''* 3hl>> '»»>' hnvc gone down. The CIO threw Into Us wage, drivel "o rescue parlies oil the ijrouiVd today an Independcnl aniilvsls that' tt 'T , lnl " " i:tl()U «'ler .M. P. Pnil •"•- —• • ' - ""'I Ills wife reported hearing a (•rash which they believed might have been the. missing plane "smash "lush" IMA corporate prollln ol i $;r ( .ncO Justified Immediate 2'n per cenl wa(!C Increases lo work- •s—'.vlthoiil new price Increases. Thr report, entitled "A Mivllonal .'nee policy lot r(M7." wns prepared by Hobcrl ii. Nnlh»n associate:; nt the request o( the CIO. NHthan la former deputy director of Hie Ottlce of Win Mobilization unit ncronvciMon. <!iMirnc Homiicy, ernrrrtl rnarn- (;rr <if tlit^ Autnniiibllc ,ftlanufnr- tutm Awnrlnllon, s»lil the N»- tliini rrpurl "Is bawd ,011 an cro- ntmile fnlUr.v. >1 "CU'iicinl profit forecasts, .such •1.1 Hint. Junt released by I lie CIO, obstruct neiiulne collccllve. bnr|;i\ln- ln« and promote the lypc. of In- duslrlal slvllc which iilmllar rc- porls Ki-ncrated a year a|;o," Uom- ncy snld. lie. naltl the aiitomnblle niaiiu- fnclurliiK com|)an:es as a group stil- feicd an apcrnlini; loss of ll3o,(XlD.- 000 for the first nine months of 191(5 and a net. loss, after tax rc- limds, of JS.ftOO.OOO. "llou'r.ver, the union inoi»oi>ollc.'i promote their national profit estimates us a cloak>for tliclr national and huliisiVy wide waRe ilxing prac, tlccs which have already Increased cnsl to the. ! polnt where an alarin- Inc number of customers M'e tic- inn priced out of the market," Ilomhey said. Nntlmn's rcixirt said the present **lir3j.\lanrxi hetwrcn , WKC5 f ,nnd pi-oflls Is unsound mid wuriied that "unlr.'is Dierc Is HII Immediate Jn- ercase in wanes or a sllsrp drop In prices, we are flirting with collapse." But there l s no evidence, that business Will cut'prices before i depression, he nddcd, and lubo. therefore should not forego needed WIIRC Increases at this lime. Ho said corporate business as a whole could grant 20 |>er cent raises without having to boost prices. A CIO sources said CIO unions would use the report as lunmunltlon In their campaign lo win ''substantial" 1947 WIIRC. increases In the steel, automobile, electrical, rubber and other Important Industries. Nathan headed the OWMB stall which In Octolicr of 19+5 compiled a roporl slallm; lhal Industry could absoib a 24 per cent wage Incrense and still make record profits. •Says Workers Suffer His new report emphasized two main points: 11) workers have suffered a substantial loss In take- honie jmy despite IM6 wage Increases, and f2> iiulirslry now is able to alisoib substat'l-lF'.l new wane increases. Nathan said ihe weekly take- home pay of automobile workers declined from $59.42 U/ 453.12 between Jim. mis and Oct. 1946. and steel workers' earnings were down from .$55(14 (o #50.28. The only offsellhiK development, he snld, was that lower-paid workers received relatively larce wage Increases. Thus, the. weekly take- home piiy for scncral relail merchandise store workers rose from $2221 lo $2«57 between Jan. 1!MJ> and Or.t. I01fi, Mimber workers' cartiinKs wcnl, up from $33.72 to $3fl.VP and canning workers [rom $31.69 to M1.54. »K asninst (he hllhldc. Later E c\'- cral other persons reported hc,ir- ln« n crnili.lji (lie same aren at about the lime the. marine, linns-", port was reported In trouble.. Tho transport, a Curtlss-Corn- mnndo. WHS last lieard Irom when' lire pilot radioed lhal Ico was foim- ' !'. on (he wlnijK at 0.000 feet nnd ted pcritiliinlon to go 500 feet nlKive Hie clouils for better n.vlnp conditions. At Hint time the planii wns :itl miles .south o r Toledo,'or about miiiwny bvtwrcn Seattle -ihd'. Pot-timid. Ore. " > ; The ship carried a crnw of three"nil 20 Marines who had left Qn'ii, Diego. Calif,, earlier In the day en route, to Snallie and duty nt I hi Snndpolnl Navnl Station heic 01 her transporls in Hie .,amc night landed nt Portland. The miss- Ing traiisiiorl was scheduled to land al'fcicnltle at fl:0« p.m. last nlglit: Postponement Granted UMW Further Litigation >Pjri^Wqge Contntcf s Cancellation Deidyed WASHINGTON, f)ec 11 (U»)_ Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsboro"u s h iiRrecd today to postpone K rullnit on whether the United Mine Workers fAPLV hud Ihe right to cancul their wage contract with the government. His nntion deferred further n.-^ Ion in that dispule until at Itar.t 0 days after the Supreme Court lears arsitiiicnLs on Ooldsboi'OUBh's Icelslon nnliig Ihc union and UMW 'resident John I,. I^wls $3,51000() or contempt of court. The Supremo 'Ourl will hear Ihc Rrgumohts en till. 14. Oovcriimcnl and UMW attorhevA lled> n .stlpulalloii yesterday Asking 'he po.iliioiiemeiit, and QoldsU'f- >U8h sUiiicd It today. ' ;". , I Tax Laws Discussed At Lions Club Luncheon Members ot Ihe Lions Club held tlieir weekly meeting yesterday noon at ihc Hotel Noble with Oscar Fcndler. [iljUic.ville attorney, as principal spr.ihrr. .Mr. Feiidler discussed state and Inheritance taxes. GucMs present included rt. L. Slirrrick, of Mem- pins; Lt. (j.g.l ,1. G. Brunn of Fort Smith, with the Naval Kcscrve Mobile Meet nil Ing unit; and R D. Human. advcrll.siiiK manager of the Courier Ncivs. More Rain Falls Measurements taken at 7 o'clock this morning showed that, .48 ot an inch of lain fell during the preceding 24 hours, according to Robert B. n'aylocic, oflicial weather cbjervrjr. Minimum temperature recorded durinf last nl«;ht was yd Funeral Services Held For Mrs. James Perdue Services were held Ihls .morning. D o'clock, at the church of the Immaculate Conception for Mrs. Dorothy I,rc Perdue. \Ufc of James Perdue of octroi), who died Sunday aflcrnoon at a .sanitarium I line. The 35-year-old woman for merly resided here, nurlal was made at Maple Grove diiclrry with Cobb nmcral Home in charge. Truman to Announce New Government WASHINGTON. Ucc. 11. (Ur- President Trumnn will hold a nsw.- conference at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow when he will announce the s»t\i| of Ihc new government agency lo Inkc over the liquidation and re mnlnlng funclions of scvtral w;;v time agencies. N. Y. Cotton Mar. Mas- July Oct. (inn) Open open 3129 3074 2944 2053 Shift high low high low 3167 3123 3113 3071 3013 2939 E714 1650 33,2 3Ui) 1.30 1:30 316 .111 301 2714 Reserve Officers Discuss Plans * For Units Here--;: ''inns for Ihc activation of a field arllllery and an infantry unit , icre were aimoitnced last iil^hl by Mnjor n. J. Kussey. of-^Jones.boro n mcaliiif of (lie Mississippi County Reserve officers' Association In the Anthony 3uilding While no definite date has bc^n l. i,,:l.lvullon 6f Ihc units' will IJIKO place sometime after Jnn I Other units will also be activated m Jhn iijtiirc, slated Mnjof Hiissey, «rio Is a member of Ilic Voii"sboro lieadqiiarlcrs of the Reserve Officers Association. < Major Hiisscv told inembew o f the Association that Army Air Corps reserve officers interested In activation of Air Corps itrilts should contact 10th Air Force llcactn.uartcrs nt Brooks Field, Texas. ° T Approximately 2.1 reserve officers attended the meeting.. Guests present included B. B. Diinlap, Joe Martin, ,j. R. Alcorn and C. IT. Terrell, all of Osccola; and Aubrey Hill of Lu«m», the only reserve o'r- Ticcr chaplain In MissljslprM coini- ty. Next meeting of Ih6 j\s5oclatlo» will he held Jan. 7 at a place to, be announced later. N. Y. stocks 2:0-1 pm. Qn A T and T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Bi-th steel ....... : Chrysler . ...... . Gen Electric ....... Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central lnt Harvester North Am Aviation . "'epublic Steel Radio ...... . Socon;' Vacuum Studebaker . ....... Standard of N J V Ti'Xas Corp ......... Packard ;• ., I) G Slv's'l : 168 82 '.". 40 931-1 88 ,375-R 53 3-t W 1-a 197-8 . 751-8 . 10 1-2 211-8 9 3-t 14 1-i . 211-8 68 5-* . W . S 5-S

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