Sunday Journal and Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 26, 1954 · Page 20
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Sunday Journal and Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 20

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 26, 1954
Page 20
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S-B LINCOLN SUNDAY JOURNAL AND STAR Scptembrr 26, 1954 Home Furniihlngi Art «as elovei FriiiiddFre Wm)iut JJahy Grand piano, ] ,i price lew, Antltiuv walnut oial table, small antique chair. Hlue Curium built bar rel back daieno :il)2. r Cable 2' 39 Horn* Furnishing* ~~ '· HOUSE'DRAB?" SEE CHAE 39 |t lite Has raw, xcxxl condition $·10. Liquor cabini't. 115. b.iby **td 1)0. xiis space heater. Sin. Cut oak round dmlnit table. $!i. Cut channel T Vanti-nna, $15 a winter coats, al e» 9-J1, 110-520. 40 t l Lenox. 2t A new automatic dial control Klrc- trolux clcsncr You neur h n \ e to cmi'tv. J'aul G. Hanson. 741 So 31 3-02BJ. Sales, parts JM.TVICC. - Antique--MahOKan hiuh boy Ac wal nut chair ^-.(171) 2-.l!)U:t 2 Apt. Hie stou, usi'd 1 month. otcn. Inquire 4-0232. 28 Apt gas ranxe. used .! months, like new. 2915_So ·». 4-1 b H l -2 At Sheruln Williams--IJriKht Kre'.h Window Shades Only Me tin on our rollers at 15lh A. 0 2-G041 X Attention Scwlnu machine inspected, oiled, adjusted la home. SI.50. New. uvd machines, «uarantecd service. JlcJMahan Siwin« Machine Co 89J No 27 2-0700 -1~ Apt 3 hole gas stove $13 Fireplace xratc $7 50, double wa«.h tub* S7. r 0, Cedar thcst HO, music cabinet J5. chest ol drawers tl7.."0 27 JOHNSON'S SHOP 143U O. 5-6108 Antiques -- LarKc selection K.irlv American Victorian Fumilurc, cii'.hcs. copper The Village btort.. 1MOG J, 2-81J2. 20 AT 1018 M STREET Gold's Exchange USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES AT LOW PRICES PHONE 7-1211 X WE GIVE S S - H C R E E N STAMPS Beautiful 8 piece mvrtlc wood dining room set $150 5815 J. 27 Bed complete. Dreiser Used electric washing machine. 6-4202. 28 BEDROOM SUITES We Hove Theml S Pieces -- Dork or Light Finish --Bed, Dresser, a n d C h e s t $69.50 2 Pieces -- Walnut or Limed O a k -- B e d , Dresser, a n d Chest. F u l l y Dustproof ·with Center Drawer Guides. $129.75 and Up. We Trade . . . Credit If You Like KELLISON Furniture Co. 1507 O St 2-8091 27 Bendix tso. Economat. food condition, 2936 Sew ell. 3-9239. 2 Buy--Sen--Exchanite--We want to buy your rood used furniture. 27 STALONS FURNITURE 1494 O. - 5-4073 Dining room suite, table buffet, chairs, 6-1066. : Dresser: innersprin* mattress, bed: electric adding machine, chair, slipcovered: S' Hotpoint refrigerator. 2 years; sofa. 4-6533. -30 Frnridaire, apt size stove, Tbayer hixh chair Phone 6-6941. 28 Frixidaire 6-4910. de-humidifier, year old. -27 Frigidaire electric range, excellent condition 4819 Madison. 30 FURNITURE REPAIR Save money! Don't discard your shaky, scarred furniture, have t properly repaired. 21 END UPHOLSTERING CO. 3-2341 FALL VALUES For tne best ta TV SET; RADIOS. REFRIGERATORS at reasonable prices stop at-- 24 LINCOLN TV CENTER . 1338 O 2-5744 1338 South 3-2657 Gas ran.ce, like new. Wednwood. 320 Withe.-bee 4-5018. -30 Good'Circulating oil beater. 65.000 BTU. Reasonable. Oak buffet. 6-3351- 26 Good chrome dinette set. runs; nearly new Traverse drapes. 4-3513. 28 HAVE YOU SEEN BURKLUND APPLIANCE! If, yon haven't. Come to Ccraco and see us before you deal. We handle Television and appliances of. all kinds. We trade and we finance, Set-Burklund Appliance CERESCO, NEB. Ph. 2121 26 Classified Display New Furniture Warehouse 1011 No. 23rd St. Warehouse open Sunday 2 PM to 6 PM . Monday 6 PM to 9 PM » Remaining Stock io be Liquidated. CHROME S59.00 5-Pc, Set S39.50 * cf T-sJ1e anfl 4 Chnirs. Save $50 To $100 Masleriraft Living Room Suits. nnued for Jjlle Noer 'lo Sat! Wobble or JJicak ,'»» n Ollurs Ask V. c ''ill I'o $l!)D!l.-| II KMI1 aWI'i I ' l ' I ' I O 40U.UD JW UO Mohiiir Couri Onen S.n. 'J'o 'i 1' M Id.) C K!lh. Crete. N i b Kitchen cjbmu. eketnt wailnr. l.iun- dry stou 1 . pouh b w i n K . lawn inowus. tools, mivc itcnii. .O-uJll. 2('t'\() (Jue xa^lng--Must sell J'ViHldi urt .mlo m.ilio nashir, ustd 'J nmti, J-11'M i J[ Lovely 0 1 ' "(eUional, prjctk.ilh n c v \ . blond 'onur table for h,ik, I U J O I). Ant 2A - .iyl.iK rdniie. -Id ilust. contour bohd oik ranch stjle iicntjry. Chin.i ti.i vemti, .ill m i d l hostess ^jKon. candlewick trystal FrancK 1 Sterling -l.!5 No ?,~t 'i i'Ktures, coffee table, ice (.rc,im fru/ir, hassock. Good condition _ _ _ _ _ Rust platform rocker modtrn w a l n u t btok(,ase. \\ine oi.caslonj! lamps Very re.ison.iblt 4-5335 ^G Refrigerators 4 ft. Frigidaire $65 6* ft. Coldspot S.8950 7 ft. Crosley, 4 yrs. old, $109.95 Older Gas box $25.00 See us for New Admiral Freezer across top, only $149.95 x Gourlay Bros. Piano Co. 12 So 12 Since 1892 2-10)0 sofa, 110. double bed. J10. wall mirror. SO: child's ctuir swing, $J Save $40 and $50 Eldridge Rotary Portable Electrics Floor samples 329.95, now $89.95 149.95, now $99.95 New guarantee Terms Gourlay Bros. Piano Co. :12 So. 12 Since 1392 2-1636 X ^icc nalnut finish bedroom set. practice piano, conventional JluytjK »asher reasonable. C-2Q82. -29 Oil heater blower connections, 3 barrels, 1 year old. S35. 113(5 Knox. 26 See us for new Sewing Machines Eldredge New Home Domestic Vigorelli Bel Air Also used machines Gourlay Bros. Piano Co. 212 So. 12 Since 1892 2-1636 Simmons chair that maXcs bed. like new, S25. 3110 No' Cotner. Sunbeam Alixui aster iron; study lamp--all perfect condition. 3-7233 -27 Thor washing machine, double aluminum nibs. S3S 2326 So 25 -2 Pwm full size Hollywood beds complete, chest of drawers. 2-1170. 2145 Vine. 26 Jniversal electric sweeper, 7 qt. International pressure canncr. 4-4973, after 6 pm. -28 Up to $30.00 trade-in on a brand-new Dexter single tub washer Up to $75.00 trade-in on a brand-new Dexter double-tub washer TERMS Gourlay Bros. Piano Co. 212 So. 12 Since 1892 2-1636 X Tnclaimed storaRi.--Oil heater with blower: Firestone washer; large library table. Star Van. 27 USED WASHERS k E., Apex, Horton, Dexter, ipeed Queen, Easy Spinner. We Repair all wringer type washers. x Gourloy Bros. Piano Co. :12 So. 12 Since 1892 2-1636 'anity dresser, chest of drawers bed set. S60.. 6-2461. 26 tValnut dimncroom set 6 chairs, buf- fct, round table. 3-2990 28 Ve buy anything--from 1 piece to s ··ouseful 3-2981 9 VcstinKhouse 9' rerfrixerator. «ood condition; coffee table 4-4322. -27 kVcstinnhouse apartment ranKc. 4 burners, automatic timer, like new. 3-3571. 27 Vhite porcelain coal kitchen stove, double opening on ton Solid walnut 2 piece dinette- set. 6 chairs, tt- ccllcnt condition -i-S19(. 27 WRINGER ROLLS for all makes of washers. Bnnn or mail old rolls to Gourlay Bros. 212 So 12th 2-1636 vt 2 Double Beds with mncrsprms mattresses. S40. 1 rose davenport .t chair. S45. 2 dressers. S."5 each 7 sds of 27" blue c.irpct. SlTi 4-6SISS. 2C, 9' Frcidairc Deep Freeze, excellent condition, half-price. 3-8905. 26 9x106 ru* with pad. several shades of blae, excellent condition. 4-4781. 3340 Melrosc. 20 14 reconditioned washinit machines, various makes, very low pnccs. 2-7191. as 4S Fim'daire 7', mcnt. Excellent 5-2247 eves. freezer compart- condition. J17r. 953 Philco OCCP Freeze. ISii'. 645 Ib. capacity. 6-7725. 1 54 GE automatic washer 1235; GE Do«r J195. 645 No 26. 2"! building MoFcriol 40 iVrcckinn buildinn at 14 S--Windows, doors II tip: floonnfr. bathtubs stools, lavatories, showers, lumber 4c up. Steel Jire escape.. 2-489 J. 2S iVrcckine at 1342 i* 3iondai everything KOCS. 3-7S41. -2 .£ StS'5- 3907 So. IP. -2 d coamon and 16 d common Lin- iicd surrlr. jn rcr ken while thcv last. Write Continental Sales Co Box 2SO Joornal-Slar -30 Mochlnery * I ools AUCTION MURDOCK, NEB. SAT. OCT. 2, r.1'4, 10 :)0 A M AOmiimtMtor'H «jlc of one of th biM ujlkuiun il wood Xc inela iiMihiix* tools in Southeast N i b Any cmilrictur or uiri'uiUr Intensted n \urnd or nxuil tools (.annul aflord tc nms this sale us jt will inUtidi mry kind of tool from lathes to hammers. 20 Matthew Thimgan Estate YOUNG LACY, Auctioneers saw 20 Craftsman Tilt blade bench _!'i'Ji]L_' v nH)tor_SKJj 0 2W) I IKMduuartirs for Vu belts Ac pullov r o l k r ihams. sprockttf. nc. (Jeiitra, M.uhimstt slnci 1!07 -X K1:SS M \CJ11NE SUPPLY CO 221 Souih (I 1'hone 2-17"jl Want a h t a v y duty saw .it a km rricc? Try the "i'ortcr Cable" model 11") "Contrauors Spicial' 7" s.iw Knouuh pawer to handle the tounhcst cutting lob. $7.100 POWKR TOOL UKPT. LAWLOR b 118 "0" Basement Wonted to Buy CALL US We'll buy your furniture 3-B227. 16 CASH For Your Furniture. 2-3151. -29 Jiri's bioclc 24," uood Prefer hchmnn 4-KVIS condition. 1 Good us L d studio couch or set. liot. 2SO Journal-bur. 27 Good used portable typewriter, 5-226 ( 29 Wanted--Bedroom suite, utility cabinet 3-8227 babr bed. 4 \\ anted--Used H-IJ1K) household xoods 23 "Wanted--Children's pla house Write description to Boi JI.j. Scward .Neb VG Wanted old iron lathe, small. Walter F. Kieker, Western. Neb 2fa Instruction 46 40 salesmen to form local sales masters national club Do it yourself club Box 265 Journal-Star 27 Accordion Lessons United Teachers of Music arc now enrolling students for accordion instruction b experienced and qualified teachers in our established Lincoln studio. First class beuan AUK 0. Contact studio. 2804 No 48 phone 6 0130, or Glenn R Tomlm 5-7313 -29 ACCORDION LESSONS Study with professional teachers, who are established m Lincoln 12 bass accordions, 135. X Dietze Music House 1208 O 2-6526 "THE MUSIC CENTER" High Grade Business Training. Lincoln School of Commerce 209 No. 14 5-2991 W. Robbins. Pres. X LEARN TO FLY! Airplane engine mechanic courses also offered at our government Korean Vet approved school 18 LINCOLN AVIATION INSTITUTE Union Airport 6-2909 HUNTING A JOB? Comptometer operators in demand. Short 60-day or night, diploma course fiti you for well paying jobs Weekly classes, free life placement. COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 903 O 2-5606 30 NE'V TERM OCT 4 Register now for Secretarial or Accounting Day or e\emng classes. Call 2-2464 NATIONAL BUSINESS INSTITUTE 13th and L Lincoln. X Sincere women under 55 urgently needed as Practical Nurses. High pay, bis demand in hospitals, sanatoriums. doctors' offices, private duty. Many earn svhile they learn. High school diploma NOT neces- sarj. Free information, write Box 10S1. United School of Nursing. Lincoln. Neb. 27 Help Wanted--Women (Salaried Jobw 48 NOTICE A strict censorship is applied against all advertisements under the "Help Wanted" classification. Readers will please promptly report any experiences of the improper use of these advertising columns. A good place to work REGISTERED NURSE For Industrial nursing duties, some typing required. Enjoy privileges of 5 day week, s t o r e discount, Insurance program, -pleasant working conditions. COME TO OUR STH FLOOR FOR GOLD CO. A woman for Dair* Bat and cafe work 11-30 am to 5.30 pm. Barba 2-57SS. Call 27 A WAITRESS HOURS 5-30 - S 10 P M. 4PPI.Y TO DAY HOSTESS 7.30 TO 2 P M . IN JAVA ROOJL 27 HOTEL LINCOLN A pcantv operator, downtown shop, salary, commission, paid vacation. BOT 246 Jonrnal-Star. -28 An ideal job for an EXPERIENCED WAITRESS in one of Lincoln'* leading restaurants, (tood pay rlus bonus, meal", uniforms, laundry. Day th.ft. so Sun. 30 TILLMAN'S RESTURANT 130 So 11 ^ lad* or tirl companion wanted for K while Ao work- Zola Fotlc. S44 J. Geneva. Xcb. 26 V waitress, afternoon eves. Apply in person Dietrich's Howdy Home. 1000 Smith. 1 A WAITRESS AT Tony Luigi's oo4 working conditions. PIcaje apolr in peroa after 4 pm at 5140 "O." 27 Help W«nt«d--Women 4 (KkUricO Jot» Nov J, pliyjKal education uradiiat to tiach frwiininliiit fa d t r u l inixt ru'iuilon V W C A . PBX OPERATOR Must be experienced, ave 21-40. Son minor olfke duties. Cull Jo: ap pointnum. 2-'13Ki W A T S O N HUOS THAVS- I'OKTATION CO. INC. Professional man wlshis mlddle-aue l'oustk( iper who enloys children For Ou. 1 pirmarivnt position Hotrd AT room proxidtd In lovel ranth home Reference jriguirid _C.JII_'l-'l|JO_nes ^ I'trrines'CofJec Shop. 1 IO~No 10, ha opening] for experienced Waltresse _2 Part time well trained, ambltliui Klrl to assist dancinx instructor will iLissii Coou opportunity to learn plus pay Phone 2-4')27 A icaitrcss 1ft a-n-6 "0 pro. no Suns. Hi-"VVas Cafe. 2049 O. -30 Susincn OHice Equipment 42 Drue «.icrc -wall fixjurc; and cases tor sale. Also a -SO sal Orau-nan vxij fountain, in ucod cordit-m Vamo Rc\jll Drue. UroVf-i BeTM. Xcb *H! A WAITRESS Eve nocrs. meaK top waits--rerr rlcasant surroundinKS. apply ta cer- v». -1 Sunnybrooke 745 So 11 , 73 =' 3iJ:nE dcsV. 3^iMc 3rvt rtair. 2 other d.-vVs. »al^t Tile cabjicU cirrulaii-ii; oil bciltr 3^)516 -2S ATTENTION!! General laundry help IKKXPER1EXCKD V.'ILL BE i TK \INED. STEADY EMPLOY] MEXT. r. DAY WEEK APP1A" ! JX 1'ERSON TO SIR. Bl.XDEH. ! Globe Laundry 1124 L 26 LIVING ROOM 3149.50 2-Pc. living . ^^. Boom Suite S99.50 j ISla? NEW--USED i A WAITRESS Co 1^02 J «13i BTil " R1TE 4 Continental Restaurant 1511 O tTPCWTTICT class. S99.00 3-Pc. Bedroom I. 2-8577 Fcl:on \Volf Co. 8 A WAITRESS _ _ UNIFORMS FTR- MM1CD AVI'LY TO MR ]OH A K. 5VKL1XGTOX DEPOT SALESWOMEN We have weral positions open fo wonitn interested in silling fashio mirchandise. extelknt salary--draw ing account w i t h commission. Ful time or part time from 11 am-4 pm Preferably 2." yeari ot »ne or oldtr apply in person to our Fourth Floo office. ALSO--WOMEN FOR OUR ALTERATION DEPT. -Must br experienced, full or part time see .Mr. .Shadly. Hovland-Swanson 1240 O St. SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR WANTED 40 hr week. Mon-Fn 7'30 am-4'30 pm Call 2-1270 or 3-0072 for appointment, -i TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC TELEPHONE SOLICITORS part time, afternoons, downtown office. State age. Boz 273, Journal- Stat. 28 WAITRESS. FULL OR PART TIME. GOOD HOURS. PAY APPLY IN PERSON COUNTRY .GE.VTLEMAX. 2420 O WAITRESS HOTEL CORNHUSKER Opening for 1 day l eve. Waitress, immediately. Excellent gratuities many employee benefits. Apply ot Personnel Office -30 WAITRESS iaie opening for one full time waitress. OpenmKs for several pjrt time waitresses to work luncheons. 3C Country Club of Lincoln Call 3-8503 Waitress wanted, no Suns or holi- da\s Apply in person. Larry's Cafe, 1044 South St 30 .Vantcd--Experienced lady for general sales work. Apply in person. Ruppcrt's Pharmacy, 13 N -1 S anted women for cafeteria line kitchen work. Afternoon or eve shift Appli Rm 1, student union, 14 fi. R -2 Help Wonted Domestic (Salaried Job*) 48A A permanent position available for housekeeper to live in home. No ironing or weekly cleaning Will ha%e own room bath Must like children, 9 year-old-son in family. Ag Col. Dist. References desirable. i girl or woman for general housework. Large private room. Lie in Near bus 3-6209 ] Baby sitter, short day hours, 3 i., school children Must have transportation. 35 B. 3-2000 tfter 3 Pm. -30 3aby sitter 1-6 pin for 4 twins. Call before 11 am. yr. old 5-8740. -2 3irl--General housework, no cooking bungalow, li\e in, busline, 3-6051. 2 Elder or nuddleaxed lady interested to I n e - i n svork as nurse maid for partially crippled lad do hou»e- work. Reference. 3-1608. Full time cook, live in opiional Anderson Nursms Home, 254 j N -2 3irl, 20 to 45 for licht housework attend 2 small children. Private room TV. Ph 3-6589. 2808 Woodsdale -2 Housekeeper on acreage. 2 school children, ilodern conveniences Board room nood wages. 5-1247. 1 Middleaned lady to natch 2 children, lieht housework, while parents »orfc, room, board if desired plus wanes. 6-7074. 29 Reliable educated woman, experienced handling children for part time work to take charge home in parents absence for short periods. Country Club sccUon. Recent local references required. Box 281 Journal-Star. 26 School teacher desires reliable woman Tor permanent position as housekeeper, care 2 children. Room, board, $75 monthly. 2766 So 36, 4-6454 29 Woman wanted to take charie of two mall children. Some Uaht housekeeping in suburban home Mature woman S referred. Must liva in 4-4353 after pm. all diy Saturday. 27 Help Wanted Women 49 (CammbaioDjotM, Sales. Elc.j Amazinr new aeller--Name-In-Silvcr Christmas Cards pay you 165 on 60 boxes' Profits to 100 5i on Southern Beaut}, other assortments. Get samples on approval. Personalized gift free for prompt action' Southern. 478 N. Hollywood, Memphis. Tenn. DcpL 141, 26 Amazimt new Color-Glow Christmas Cards sell like magic from free samples--pay rou 155 on 50 boxes! Bin line. Profits to 1005J. plus bonus gifts! Assortments on ,, approval. S1.25 «ift free for promptness. Creative, 4401 Ccrmafc. DcpL S7. Chicago 26 Christmas Cards--Earn $100 and more with exclusive Deluxe 'Personal Christmas Cards, fast-sclluifc assortments, popular-priced imprints and Kifts Top profits and extra cash bonus plan. Sample kit on approval. Peerless Greetings. 316 N. Michigan. Chicago 1. Ill 26 CARD SALESPEOPLE STOP SELLIXG' fust paw out FREE ntts, make Jo 00 an hour picking up Self-Service orders for best-selling Christmas Cards- Samples on approval. *J3.2o in gifts YOURS FREE if you act fast. MIDWEST CARDS. 1113 "Washington. Dept. 377, St. Louis. Mo. 26 Demonstratot*--S25-140 daily part time. Our lingerie apparel axe sensation of party plan selling. Free outfit. Bcelinc Fashion* 4145 HM Lawrence. Chicago. 26 lousehold Pacer Products needs 4 salespeople in Li-Koto. For information Call 5-2474 27 : Unusual high earnings. Show lingerie, hosiery, children's men's wear on partr plan. We surt you. Thogerwn. Wilmcttc. 711. 26 cam a Donntyer Dert Fry Cooker or oixer free, for distributing onlv 25 bottles of a nationally adver- product. PSonc 4-5547. -27 Quick extra cash spare time! Sell Christmas cards, njlons. small appliances- stationery, nosclty gifts, children's books, tors. Big profits! No experience necessary. Hundreds of items! Your n»lon hos«ry at 75c pair. Free "details Wntr Evergreen Studios. Box S46 AF. Chicago 42. 311 26 Want»d--Saltsladic* to call on De- pjrtihmt Stores. Jcwclrr Store*. Novels'- S;orc«~ C«no Shory, etc. to «cll beautiful hand rainlcd Msal laNr mats door mats. sJwrvitHr bats, also lc«cin h*nd-carv«! cane*, ball halt. Hamcas. Idlhcr hand ioolrd jxvlct- twXs. etc Liberal commissions paid. rson STONK comrvGE \x».v- 1»*.NY. CH».RITt»X. 1A W $100 lamnhiv for -wearing levels- drc«cs s^irrlicd so yon t*v us ,7ma jfcroc Fa«Ji:cd Frocks to Jrimds N-o inix-«3ncn], rtniJissjTH! or cwmcncc Ticccs^T?-. F*tshic*n Frocfcs. Ocrt r-.VKl. Cincinnati. O. 25 Help W««tc4 F.rm 49A Slamcd man. went larm ocrcricncr. «CTOT«-!C hrapc. References TwranrsS znS-291 -27 Help W«nfed Men Set OUTPOST TAVERN r n , oilicc dc^.i. c^:",' c-i-d'Ht-v A ;'c ·«" | Tnrn3(] ivpc-«TiHr. V t n tcccriirn i Xcrd» In cook, rvc, »wk. 2S34 Fol- fljians A olhcr ciJitc ccaiir- I Vtfn, 3-6S27. 26 ·Salaried Jotm SO to Jfrnrnal-Star. an! Fuller Bra».nrt JS3 wrrt. Ben 19 MATTRESSES O.'ficc Fnrr 1 ! Co. jr.s ?*o 2-S",04 CAK HOJ'fe. Jf, «· rt t r. 2 or 3 or* vrt\ .\rrlT in PCTJCTI. 21 TASTKK 'XX 13 Q S29.50 Innerspring Mattress ........ S3 9.50 S59.50 Innersoring Mattress .'. ..... S29.5D COFFEE, LAMP END TABLES S22.50 Coiiee Table. .S9.50 S22.50 End Table... S9.5Q S22.50 Lamp Table. .89.50 Warehouse 1011 No. 23rd St. I Moenincry Tools 43 tc-oK Ititplay Want Married Man For Nebr. Sandhill Ranch V7ork CASHIER 3XJ PT1. J. Airily In ocTKtn 3.V;0 Xo 4S 23 Aivlv n JVTton. Ncl- 1226 M 3D «lk IinjCifi. Arr-!' in Ntlwn't Cleaner*. 2226 M. 30 d JKIU!T « Btiifl* . (VI Mi Jntm for 4-4371. Jor jn*w3 A . Htiiti 26 Fre- Tlf/UKJ - .--V- ff./ P.O. Ecx :?64 NEED 2 FULL TIME CURB HOPS man be rifjornt . V.,~*tl NKED 2 CURB HOPS FOR \V K K K S X D WORK. E V K HOl'RS 2S KENEDDY'S 48 O OPENING for Monagsr drcroery dopt. APPLY MRS. EEHRFA'S 2 V7. T. Grant Co. 1005 O of ncxn nnur. Wciited Men (Silurii.d Job») 50 A ROUTE SALESMAN TRAINEE APPLICANTS advertised dairy rrixluU'. Opportunities, onrmn» in new Hi (ail Saltj pronrara. Call or the mid ol mm b t i w u n 21-35 van of ave. j'relerably married Good charai'U nUrcncn rruuin'd A ovi- ..reran earrunx ud^ancenKnt opportunitii Life IK.ilili Iiuuramc paid t company. Apply to lUtail Sale MauaKer. 8 am-4'30 pin. BEATRICE FOODS CO. 720 L Help WonfeJ-- MM SI - - Adv. Nuuliy ills OUT telephone dial 1'ast MJlir. JJtH'ral Conun i''rec Samples, Acme -Ml» 071'' ChUim- t«rd St , Honlun 22, Mass. _ 21 j Petition* M«« IJulre )ob Iron) e pin-)^ im Con JUKI unihiiin Can luruub reference* _.yjU'A)_jiflcrJI_pm. 28 HtuJuii wotild like work afternoon: At i-u-J. 4-1812. Dill KUwards. 20 AT UOWly-.MOU--1'JN BOYS NKKDMJ AT ONCK BOWL-MOII LANES. UO-1 SO 9 BURROUGHS CORP. Has openmn for several younif me on a s.iln force in the Lintol branch territory. Entensnc Irauiln v.ith vood salary. KxcluM territory wlih salarv and commisiloi after tramlnx. Good education, b.iikitroimu .sv.ntlal Some accoun me or bookkeepinu traminx dnirabl and some previous sales cxperienc preferred. I'hone or write branc manager, 1720 South St.. Lincoln Nib CARPENTER Experienced. Must hale tool* 2-J152. after 5 prn -3 CARPENTER EXPERIENCKD ON'I.Y-- SKE K.MIL AT 1147 DUNN OR CALL tj-'ilKi') EVES ELECTRICIAN'S HELPER Mu«t have experience. ALLIED ELECTRIC 214 So 13 -2 EXPERIENCED MAN For General Tire Service Age 2'j-30. Sec Mr. Busscll FIRESTONE STORE 12th N -2 Experienced sewer water roam construction workers Apply 9th A: Judson. Bclmont. H. R. Qookstroi Const Co -3C EXTRA FRY COOK APPLY TO CHEF 2' HOTEL LINCOLN £letator operator, between ase 20 4 j , splendid working conditions hours 8 am-5 pm. Call at 1024 Trus Bids between 9 am-11 am for inter \iew. 21 Experience not necessary. Sales Sen ice work $104 week. Car necei sarjr. Call 3-6897 between 8 t 9 pin EXPERIENCED USED CAR Mechanic Good lalary. permanent, full Urn* Midwest Motor Co. 150 No 20 2-2430 -2 Dxpenenced mechanic in Ford dealer ship. Top salary, permanent. .Mil ford Motor Co . Milford. Neb- Expenenccd painter manenL 5-1001. wanted. Per 26 Experienced TV Technician, good salary. Permanent. Hollar's Appli ance. .1541 O St 28 jearn the service station business Phillips Petroleum i.'o. will emrloy several applicants to 'rain tor service station dealerships. You'll be pan while you learn, uniforms, laundrj furnished 48 hr. work \vk. For de tailed information personally con tact, write or nhone R. b. Cum mmss. city manager, 25J7 Randolph Lincoln. Xeb . phone 3-2313 ^inotpe operator at once, permanent Also printer-operator combination man for job dept Steady. Blu ·Valley Blade. Sewqrd. Neb. 26 Hen with oAn trucks to haul coal by the ton Small trucks preferred Per manent winter work. People's Coal 2-8303. 27 MILL-WORK SALESMAN Perma nent job and excellent opportunity for assKressne man with established firm. Will furnish car and Kuaran tee salary. Apply with full particu lars of vour qualifications to -2i P O Box 573, OMAHA 2. Neb. » New Car Salesmen Two men needed to complete sales force, of well known Automobilt Dealership. Onh Qualifications nee essarv are neatness, and willinitnes- to work. \Ve ssiil tram ou on an assured earnings basis Do not phone See Mr. Burgess at 222 "W 3rd St HostuiRS. Neb. 26 OPPORTUNITY Goodjrear has an excellent opportu aity for a man to drive fleet sen ice truck, pick up, deliver and soli cit new truck tire and recappin bus iri ess. \etail experience helpful, but no necessary, high school graduate Ages 22 to approximately- 35. Com pany benefits include, life and hos pitilization insurance and pension plan, all free of cost to employee 2 weeks paid vacations Phone o see Carl Baxter or Robert Fabian at once for details. 28 Goodyear Service Store 1318 Q St. OPENING FOR 2 Good Canvassers APPLY IN PERSON -28 MICKLIN HOME Improvement 249 No 11 Out of town -work--Painting, repair- inl water towers. 1301 Virginia. -30 in boyi wanted M once. Lincoln Bowling Parlors- 236 No 12. -2! legistered pharmacist by Nov 1 or sooner. Box 2S2 Journal-Star. 2f Route Sales Serviceman ·"or Lincoln automatic vending machine company Permanent position with op_portunitv for advancement for mechanicallv inclined soung man. Paid vacations and other benefits. Apply in person only, no phone calls, between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. -- - ~ -- ..j,, s , Monday, Sept. 27. at 1241 26 SALESMAN Appliances and Television Our teak season is bc»inninit », need z qualified, EXPERIENCED i^lcsman. »ho can cam top wanes if he's ·willing to work. LINCOLN TV CENTER 133S South St. Sand cutter--This lob is heavy, hot. part nixht work, but H is steady with tood cay. Oo not apply unless you can (He lockl references. White Foundry. 630 K -1 ScalRite Manufacturing Co. need! accountant, experienced n Kcnrral accounting cost helpful. Pc"nanctt ro- sition with opportunity to jrrow with a irowint Co. 3615 No 45,^6-2361. Service Station Attendant who ' drive track. Most be honest. Permanent positiOTi. Reference! Box 181 Jonrnal-Star. 28 SHOE SALESMAN rhi« full time rjydtion b on our second floor fashion shoe dept- Some CTpjrricnce preferred- Training wfl] t* lavcn, 5 dav week A: 1S* discount on purchases bclrin iiBiiirdialcly. araitht saJarv bane with racnt incrcascc Ar- ply EsmloTcicnt office 7th floor 3112 or ·»-". 26 MILLER PAINE STEEL WORKERS EXPERIENCED APPLY IN PERSON CAPITAL STEEL CO. TOO] X o - 9 -30 UNIVERSITY STUDENT or APPLIANCE SALESMAN e are jwcrcstrd in a valecnum who w i«Tf*s»c * t:«xJ mansecr oT Jiic innc. Car cwn?i»5. eamin«s »nc aiXTJirp, cTrcTJcnce prcjerrrfl Inwir- A amnnn tynrfili f:vd rrttT- 2 AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN SlodcJyiVcT dcaJemiir nw3 hi«h type salrt-nun Salarr Or3 eonmiiwion lo a fln»l ijea num. ln«i -mr^ly rrfcr- mcci « io «»)r ability, nnt neco- «uil» m she artonwuvr field. Arptf m «T«fn 2S DE BROWN AUTO SALES Snwe 3P32 17 Jk X A JANITOR Stockroom Combination to 2-1 Jims tw wil!m« w WO hjni Full imw ttri/umtvn «mtKw- men. A«ly in rcison . 3ucrron}ee Clothing 1 132 O A CABINET MAKER xncnc« Ocsittt, KNO CABINET WORKS 933 No 2o 2-6329 Jrcc time after 3 TOI. ntff n citv csrrala- of Lincrfa N-KSTJ- U'dl he aHc to xt)i( 2-^ 5o 50 ^cr wee* a? sood Iionrlv rait irnrtc «oi»cm«orv cj«pacii» wifli 32 Jfi vear old catv carrier hcn% ^ have car 5n irder 5o set anonnd cm-n. «· we ray tnikan: uuti'i'cs on }xn- drivin* r. « an e«nccui31» yciod cprnrns Tor «n«; adminicti»t«in 4oa(-!l who arn the adwmtacc of jnsflical c»- Ticncc It will hrtr TOO eft »nr*d iron srsdnatio-i Afr-Tr m rvrvrt c- «tt-j ^ .-rid 3 30 om Jn city cmcoJa- ocrartnrnt i 2 JOURNAL-STAR PRINTING CO. 1.JXCOLN. NEB. \\~nrlt tr-cd man Ior htip wnr*. For- lioT«tT Seme Cn. 1024 Avrrv. -1 m*n CiUviin cJert 1m Tlpor 'Of^'con*' di^JTiTTilcir. Apply j^ jt!J«Uii 700 O. 2-^018. 27 WANTED A nun capable of rilhi*. . Hwlkon. 2-7625 fw «P- . JSO Co1» Swfflnt Co 711 So 25 tJmc vOxx* Ideal ea- finrjnatt Ior ycart inen «K5cnti. aTJrmofin or erraln* «f!«3«i]r «r»ij- ah. Ar^flr io Kcr^on, M«i«rr Stturt TnfMeT Z7 WCX)T5WORKJNC fjrni hai npramt hrte««lc «alo of and mill»ort. Wife RiJHncs, Morfla-a, foil Oclails of pas ocwriencc. frrvcled. etc S SASH * 7XOR CO Bilftfrts- Montana. 26 for man w lmi!J I*.O. BOYS Make Money ior School Sell Journal and Star newspapers on itood do* mown corners. Editions come out for street wiling at 0 am. 'J am. 2 pm. 4 pm and 7:30 pm Our strut salesmen are well supervised fe trained Appij, |() pcrjon lo Ant Street Sales Dept. Journal-Star Printing Co. 828 P ST Dm moncy-makln* opporlunit. Kx- cJu.sivc line worS uniform 1 .. Jacket, pjnts. ihirts, i.oterall'!. AdM.rlisinn embroidered. ' Eierj busniivs rrov- ptct Outfit fat. .Master Div.. HA Wutcr. Lmonicr. Ind M CH1USTMAS CAHUb--Unique gallery of personalized xreetinui lor those who vsant somelhinx dillertnt No other line like it bilcction of 1J2 exclusive designs. Including ;!U e-spcciaily for business firms, all with customer's name Wide price ranice UP to JO to 170 commiifion on each sale. Full or part time For elaborate sample outfit from famous old-established firm write PROCESS CORP . 1U50 S Chicago 23. 111. Troy. Dept. BC, A District Manager's position now open In Lincoln and surrounding arc* for Qualified woman to recruit and manage staff of sales women. Car and phono essential. Complete training furnished. An unusual opportunity with well established firm specializing in Homr I'ermanents and hair care products For further details and personal interview, write Uox 241 Journal-Star . A Dignified work calling on business firms Steady repeats. This is a big paying job with large commissions. Old national firm, rated AA-1. ARC 30 to 65 Car necessary. For personal interview see Elmer Spray, 9 30 am. Sept. 23 and 26, Lincoln Hotel, or call for appointment. A If you want your own business, can follow instructions and will \vork, write Snap On Tools Corp, 3601 Ko 24, Omaha, Neb, 1 MAKE S20.00 DAILY. Sell luminous name plates. Write Reeves Co Attleboro, Han Free sample and details. 26 Opportunity to build own sales organization. Training provided, call 7-1857 for appointment. 2 RETAIL SALESMAN Sensational money-roakinx opportunity in this area to handle complete line rubber nuts made bv one of America's largest manufacturers Every itore': a prospect Red hot line for fall' Write giving background Tnrough commission onl Matchell Rubber Co.. 2120 San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles 65. Calif. 26 Salesman--Lismg in Lincoln, age 23 to 40. to call on grocery trade, retail or wholesale grocery experience preferred, good car essential, some local traveling, established territon. won* -' l n-j-^ortnnity for a man not afraid of hard work. 1300 per mo. . ... .. i.-uninK. guaranteed salary commission plus car mileage. If.vou are interested in a permanent position ·with a good future send history, «i\- r-- ape experience, etc. Box 283 _Journal-Star. 23 Salesman EXECUTIVE TYPE NEBRASKA TERRITORY Right man can make up to S12.000 j early show ins business firms, etc . new pros en Sales Builder. Commissions advanced. Free working outfit. AVire or write Salesmanager. 1621 Connecticut Axe N.W., Suite 4 Washington 9. D.C. 26 Buiincif Opportunitim 37 A New Texaco Jen Ice station In n fine resldentla area w i l l be completed soon Appll cations lor lease-dialer arc beln« lon- sidered now For Information tall in _ _ _ _ _ _ A Real Opportunity For sale * »ood xomg busineut foi 'a'l'ir V son. Small uipilal requirid (. all 0-77."2. __ 2 Appliante and Skeluai iiuMiius "ir Iowa dolnn f2.'j.OOO yearly m.OOl price includes huildinx, fixtures, stock and truck Kashfmdcr. Wichita, Kan ___ , __ ____ _ __2t' An mtinstinx future In a sound and prolitab', business U sours w i t h J'ireMone Dealer fctore dealmn tires, auto atcessorus. radio and tileMsion. elettnejl appjjancis -sportinn goods housewares hardware lawn and garden, wheel xoods VilJ'nn'n 0 A ., ean1 ^' 1 Investment of S20 000 to J30.00Q nuts sou ir business and all details of basr slock, fixtures. sales promotion adsertisinx etc . taken care of for you under nur (.omplcte business franchise Prmouj merchandismx experience preferred, but not necessary if you hasc capacity and drive for Icarmnx. Our plan includes trainm* and personnel avM, )a ncc if desired franchise available in several cities in ^Nebraska The many Firestoni « -iV° w .powatmit tuccessfu stores will -eslify to the excclleni results of our dealer nrosram Cat I. E._ WilHams: Phone 4-j067 1714" Lincoln. Xeb. So. Cotncr Blvd Ulnasmith and Weldmn Shop m Colorado. Present o'vner 10 year" Building ground, stock and cauip- ·mint J9,";oo. Kashfinder, Wichita Ka i jf Beer taiem-liquor store. Well wtab- mned C.ood pu^me-ir Locatcrt 15 miles from the Lincoln Air Base Sunday beer Go~ i ^Mildmn. Rood fixture* All for $6,300 ALLEN REAL ESTATE ,, Off 4-2341. 3-6095 3843 South St.. Lincoln 26 Business Specials » ICE CREAM DRIVE IN- Wei established, doing high volume, can be bousht risht DRIVE.TX MARKET- Ideal loca tion with established volume, Lin coin location. SEED FEED STORE- Very de sirable setup in County Seat Xcb city of 7,500, processing equipmen just right for speedy service. BEER TAVERN": As nice as ·vo. can find, good town of 12.000. can be bought right. CAFE- One of the top locations in Lincoln. ou will hke the arrangement of the high class fixtures. BUILDERS SUPPLY STORE' Here is * business that has and bright future. high volum Salesmen: $50 daily assured new colossal industrial and store deal. Samples furnished. Durasvear, 53 \\ Jackson T58 Chicago 4. 26 SELL ICE REMOVER! S'ew, sensational Ice and Snow He- mover in oellet form--has 30 times greater thawini capacity than salt. Just sprinkle on--ice melts instantly! Several million pounds sold last winter. Big demand--repeat sales--liberal commissions. VVnte Sales Manager. P.O. Box I960, Cleveland 6, O 26 Sincere Friendly Salesman For Exclusive Territory We are now at start of our biggest season Need fnendlv salesman to call on establissed accounts in local Hastings. Kearney. Grand Island Cedar Rapids. Waterloo. la. 961 of business firms buy and repeat eacn ea; \Veekly draw agaiut earned commmissions Exclusise protected temtoo. Oldest manufacturer of inclusive and Leading Advertising Services New men seaming Sb.OOO to S10.000 or more first year. Traimnit program. Year end bonus. Car essential. Rapid growth creates quick openings for executive positions from salesforce. Write or wire dualifica- cations to President, Kemper-Thomas Co., Cincinnati 12 26 SALESMEN Wonderfnl opportunity for yonnt men. with or without sales experience. We will train ion to sell our products, also furnish sou with prospects. Average earaiozs S100 ner week, no travelinit. 1 will aiterview men Thurs. Fn. of this week. iO- 1' \il 2-5 PM. Ask for man- MerT 2030 So. 27. 29 SALES REPRESENTATIVE for a leadinc 'ife insurance Compant apply at room 507 Trust Buildint. A To The Man Who Is Looking Ahead Nationally known AAA-1 company, in business since 188S. has carter opportunity for a top salesman 30 to oU, with car to call on local businesses in protected territory with exclusive advertising services. Established accounts. h«h percentage repeat business Weekly draw against commissions Immediate earnings. V rite ot wire experience. . Fred Secly. Os- bornc Company- Norwood. Ohio FARM MACHINERY CA.R AGENCY: Does over half million yearly gross, a honey. Many other businesses listed and d scribed in our new fall catalog If jou are interested in a going business the catalog will be mailed free upon request. y^AGNERCUTTELL TM? usine! X Broken Auctioneers 503-oOj Cont BldK.. Lincoln. Xeb Tel. 2-2627 Caf £ ^.o 316 -- cJean - newly decorated. call 2-7323. 28 Colorado Grocery and Market with 3 apartments and sleeping room £25? bl ?- ed ._i n Ba W? I! i P«ce of 115.000 Kashfinder. Wichita. Kan 2G COLORFUL COLORADO Profitable businesses, "including motels, dwellings, country homes and farms m this rapidly developing manufacturing and irrigated farming area with the best v ear-around climate east of the. Rockies W. E. Huff, Realtor. olo Mam, Longiaont. Colo -26 Dair Store, staple groceries and luncheonette, nice brick bldg. with modern npt. Attractive lease, must be sold 90 PUCKETT REAL ESTATE" 3-4238 4-6256 26 Distributing Plant Wholesale, Priced Right One man operation Low rent, Nice lease. Write P.O. Box 254 Kearney, Neb. 29 Electrical Contracting and Repair Shop »ith home in Kansas countv seat Priced for quick sale. Kasafinderi Vichita. Kan 26 Elevator, with complete feed and grain business Eastern Kansas county seat. Built m 1946. Consider reasonable offer. Kashfmdcr, Wichita. Kan 26 For Sale--Small cafe, food business. 2849 A. (1,600. Call 6-7339 after 6 pm. or .Sun. 29 Free business opportunity catalog Write 503 Cont'l Bldg Call 2-2627 WAGNER CUTTELL X Business Brokers Auctioneers Herd of 9 NCSA registered chinchillas. 2 pairs trades, proven breeders and offspring reasonable. Box 239 .Tournai-Star. 26 Up To $500 Monthly ^ood salesman for Lincoln and vicin- it% wh., will work Inc leads we fur- r«h We train you for success in thi f.cld Full or tort time. Car ncccssan 5-7313 6-Ol.Ta 26 .$325 PER MO. GUARANTEE Plus Weekly Bonus Based on Production Most have automobile to ?o«l eon- d:Uon. free to travel within lap imTtrf Lujcola Mon. thronfh Fri. each week. Hib tchwl education or cauivalcnt- «..__j Ko experience !» necessary, rf Bired yon trill attend sales school and receive field training it company AwA. H. Miner. -ebr. State Employment Service 90S O.. IO.OOO.OOO -women want automatic KcfnecratoT DcfnKtcr. You sell S out of 10 on jour-fire free trial. J250.00 weekly profit* not uncommon. Rush postcard for miarari- tced ttan- JJeFrostcanatic, DcW. 2OT-A. 1~3 "vV: Madison. Chicaso. 111. -6 Help Wo'tcd MM or Womea 52 fSalaricd Jobs) Experienced Fountain Help Hottrt A PM" lo midnight: starting »·»« S5c hour. HAMBURGER Kl^G 5 W 1 Q For sale. Ncwlj built garage with leading car machinery franchihses. over t225.0QO itross in '53, all clean stock, Ine northeast Xeb town, lame trade territory, dissolving partnership. "Write to Boi 284 Journal- Siar. · FOR LEASE oil company has cafe and service station on Hiway 6 m Lincoln. Moncjmakcr for man and wife. Small in-vcstment. Call 2-6955. ask for warehouse, eves. 4-1615. -2D For Sale--Variety Store, clean stock, extra icood fixtures. Priced for quick sale. Can be moved. Boi 277 jour- nal-Ftar. 5 Good, ftoini dairy and iroccrr business. Well located in South Lincoln, with 2-storr brick bnildin*. Wai sell business and lease buildin*. 26 See E. H. SCHRODER Co.. 5-S22I General Store hi Missouri doini 165.000 yearly. Inventory price about J20.000. Kashfrader, Wichita. Kan. 26 General Store and home on 3ti acrc% in Missouri. Total pnce about 17-970. Kashfinder. Wichita. Kan. 26 Home Shop, "zoned for business." near 13th Bit* Sts Lhc here aad make money. S J J. Earle Burnett 3-6427 or 3-6535. 26 Implement Axency in Iowa doing $200.000 Tcarlv. Rich farmin« arca. Liidit compelitioa. Kashfinder. Wichita. Kan 26 FOR MOTELS SEE POSEY .incoin--Nice borne--S onftj. Sn»a!l nxJiel and 29 modem trailer sswccs. »3) hllod Hcrac. 14 unite- w_3.J.^. Yearly income Sio.WO. cc S32.OOO. _ _ _ ,, . onitJ oa 3 TJJ». nien- ca«tcm Nebraska. ABracJivc 'Otbcr'snolcJs lo «cJcCt Irorn. 26 W. A. Posey, Lincoln. Neb. iCU WajJhhnfton St. r»ionc_3 J (»ti96 jtnotyric «»cr*icff. inn's r« ccpcn- J TVonW «TOMdrr pan JITDC. ChTO3CT»CT. 2-2312. 2 V^iTUKSS--3-4 JiinhM per S-« *». ^^ - ttrTrwa Drire in. 33« Hi* Itlp Wintti Mt« «r W»»tn 52* REAL ESTATE tit'rt man or 3»Sy. ccmfJ- drnlial. At once, Bfflt 274 JfvnoT- SJai. 26 'mrriom Wanted, Women 55 TticT. TOOT homr. Xecd Call etcs, .1-«t21S 2 iir» smMic. r»blw _ . » sJn«r«- firtd. 4-50S3 37 * G*r- 30 LIQUOR BY THE DRINK WcH-couhTcd tarcrn in «naTI town near Lincoln. Average Gross SI35 Per da^. Bnck bldt - lUs heat, air- conditionmc. Attractive lease. Can or wmc 26 J. PAUL KYSAR CO. 2-3223 929 Fed. Sec. Bid*.. Lincoln Hotel a-«J Senicc StaJicn ra Zicn National Patk. JO modem units. ' . Wichita. Kan. 36 New fro bay service station in excellent location to be orcned «ocm. will bds finance. Call 2-6955 as* ftr wart-hfius*. «rty 4-1635. 30 . to wfth rwHjoct aflvenisrd ra NBr_ coa.-1o- call 7-lS.x for ar- i«1 NG - HEAT3NG - Rcfn«cra- Nfflthcm Iowa county vat. An- »tr«t »25.O"0. OTlirrttcd Prtcn TrucV intrnJnrv, J10.0PO. REO. 6 W. Mo 6 Motels oi Distinction 36 VXJTS. BtTFF BRICK. 1«tefl»i* und hcmcr comTnnwm$: wonocrtul w»y. Gro»«J J4X).'i5.7.'i hi Jo' ^^ hcr ancmOi* connwrablc. I130.OTO, JO UNITS. BRICK VENEER. Jc- Jirtc InranJijnev m one She lop U.S. Jcnjn«t Jmihw-ay* No vacant* tiisi on every ni*M, Priced » C5riM ewe, any : wt, *at June. Pirk School ChiM ewe. TJclJriW S * J. 2-4723 27 ww 27 It airnim ·dr'M ore, »n 13 * Pew* OUNG MAN for AsisjmJ ITT yjrrd Good cTimoe for So jtie Tirtrt nun. torn- 28 ALLIANCE LUMBER CO. P.O. Be* 26S AJJwnoe. JT*. , Lortnc dnM ore. My borne 4m. Bclhtnr diarict. 6^5249. 29 Vacancies in the PJaythnt Nnraery. Licensed. Pbone fr6022. 6721 W«*h1mr * mtant to any boow. Cur- ort?-"/'" WRS. 4-6795. 30 I Uncobi, Neb. KHICK tmns, ctrwnic lOea tvftn, 5ri*Tway, *m IfioTwa Jiohway for inp travel. $95XXW. iunTfninJgns on Jjltc of Jne Ozsrkt. }n 3J« »nn« for » man and wife, meed worfli (be tncoty ttt. Si.s.000. 14 AAA CNJTS. Wcsera Iowa city. JtmcUon 2 U.S. Htj9mar», toc«ioii w7h lull occnramcy. 13 writs. COMrl-KTEI^T MOTKRN. ^vptr cm vimon. modern borne on ILS. 30. Vniral Xebras*a. Prkwl 50 «cll wWh JIO.OOO c*a Juilance *3PO ter nxmtji. Twn otnrn dfcriN-d m onr F*U. MOTEL CATMjOG. Wffl jnai' wlicTi remca tecJsoes 25 cent's 10 cover coct of piintint and mail- mt _ _ 26 WAGNERS CUTTELL MOTET, BROKERS * ' " _ Tel. 2-2S27 Builneii Opporfunltlei ___ 57 I'hlllips IVlrok-um Co. » lilnhly doirabk'. hith kalloimiiv wrvitc Malion for luM'. kood IcKJliou. Cil _a^2JM or 0-2U18 ________ _ 27 'JiKii liusmrss ir lursu .Missouri my. Lsuhlishid 27 yea!:. Crovsi'd J2S.- IIOU last ci.r. 1'rkc only *G,UOU KuKlifindiT, \VltliiU._Kuii. _ '^J SOUTH LlNCOLN- TEXACO Sen ice station for IIMSC. I j X C i l U n t lo L.ilion, Kuod tallon.ixi For infornij- . . _ . - - ·J'AVKHN-- Onl) liaiior lin-nM. by drink und p.ickatc In Kood town. pofl and uird\. modern buildinu. inonfj*' in.ikt.r. terms. Also p.ickuye liminr store In count* MMt town, rjiahmx UTriiors. 2d id KSOKOKAM: ;i]4 S. nth St. Norfolk. Neb TEACHERS- We can OIK* rou Ir the better position*. D A V I S M'HOyt SERVICE Lincoln. Nchrankn * To (Jet in or Out of Jiusincss X NEB BUSINESS BROKKHAOK 318 UldK 2-8077 WANTED Alan with successful cllmi and busl ness experience This is in a highly respected and greatly needed scmce field Carries future advancement anc substantial income No travel State niic Write P O Bo« 2073 Lincoln .Nebraska A Money to Loan 58 CASH As Soon As You Want It Whether you want a small amount or a large amount, for a short time or a long^ time, you'll be offered every convenience and advantage. Privacy Assured Loans up to $1000 CAPITAL CREDIT' COMPANY 1400 0 CALL 2-1221 CASH On Your Nome Only 150. $100, J200 OR MORE You can obtain a loan from us for any purpose with payments to fit your purse. Loans completed while you wait Come In or phone us todav COMMERCIAL LOAN COMPANY GORDON HAVLICEK. MGR. 138 So 13th A Ground Floor Fed Sec Bid*. CASH for School Needs CASH for Fall Clothing CASH for Auto Repairs CASH for Debt Consolidation. Or Any Worthy Purpose $25 TO $1000 Provident Finance Co. "Sen ice That Excels" A 1620 O St. Phone 2-3639 Loans Made to Residents Of All Surrounding Towns Personal Loans $25 to $1,000 For Bills--Other Expense Up to 20 Months To Repay Phone 2-8556 Open Thursday till S PM Cash Adsanced Mo. Pavment J 250 J16 70 500 31 S3 750 -15.S3 1.000 5919 Based on 20 Month Plan Secured Loans Also Made First Loan Co. OF LINCOLN 309 Sharp Bldg. - Phone 2-8556 A Little Ones DRIVING YOU CRAZY? It ou hare a lot of little bills that arc driving ou batty stop worrying about their Makf a quick trip--or a quick call--borrow the monev to paj them all INSTALLMENT Savings Corporation 138 No Jl LINCOLN 7-14(K For all_ Loans. J20 to_t 1.000 PE^RSOXAL MONEY for People Who Work A SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICE $25, $50, $100 up to $1,000 If your weekly family incwne is between J3o and *loO and yon are working. Uiu service is designed especially for yon. When necessary. every effort is made to rive 700 the money in one day Yonr choice of repayment schedule*. A PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION 141 North llth SL Phone: 54361 NEW Jjfe Insurance On Loans At No Cost To You How KDUI you amount ro to J 1.000 at Household Finance von «et life hxnrancc crotection si absuictc 1 ^ no cost to T oo If JOB nee' moncv for awn any POTPOV boirow from HFC. America's oldest sad lanrcsr coasutncr finance com- MS SERVICES HFC sprcaalize^ in extra fax Kfr- fce Moner nsoally UK aunt Household Finance Corporation Lfemxa Zad fto LJIr Side. ~O~ Sts FHONE 2-1097 Mohey_to_Lo«ii II I'LlTTl LOAN SEHV1CE. 48 t OJ "Vour Home Town Loan Service" Hour» J to. 8 pm X "PAY ALir'ToaniT ~IW lo ll.OW General koin, Servlc* A 112 So lllh Bob GoMe 2-1136 Roomi with Bo«r4 *1 ll'H F-- Hoard, room for working men, bws. Walking distann. 5-73.1(1 ~ Summr -- Nicely turnl: ·J-1U08 iljbed. G* , ,,, jr--Roo-n board, working imn. lunchm packed 20 2430 K--3 mcili, lunchej picked. "Colfoe anytime'' TV. shower. JJ-8J72. -30 2811 I--WorklDK people. Private rooms. Meals. Lunchu packed Bus. 302 "Starr--Jjxcillcnt meals, lunihci _n,LLkid_KnipluH;d man 0-1057 -JO SiiiKlc room for younit man. Good mcaK- 3-UOl'J U Room*, Sleeping n ^ u~ tlOVCt 62 First floor, naelv furnished. Near bath. Emplojcd lady. ' 15 A. C--Close in., roomy. 1-2 ern- PlOKd entrance. 1310 U 2-0413.-2' 21 fc Kjoiib -- Gentleman Spacious, well furnished front room. In congenial family home. S2j. 110 No HI Clean room, nicely furnished "O" street buses. O-J050 .10 204 So U--Cle»n sleeping rooms. 3rd floor Conveniently looted. Re£ sonable 328 So 17--L.irxe third floor west room, double and single bed. home privileges. 3 girls. St.. --8 345 So 29--Attractive room for tlrl. Call V7367 after 5 PM. 5 314 So 27--Modern comfortable, business men students. Reasonable. 2-4J29 _27 32~So 16--Nicely furnished, clean, Businessmen good habits. 2-820B. 27 j Hill--Attractive large room for students,, private bath, garaseu Close in. S20. 3-3JS7, 3-9766 1 732 So 13--Nicely furnished single, busline, employed sirl. student. 2-2339. 28 S3() So 11--Business man, lovely. clean, quiet room, large closet Adjoining bath, telephone, close in -i~ 920 So IS--Nice well furnished room, closet. Close in 5-6923. 2 1007 So 16--Large, light, southeast. huge clobet. business girls. 2-5421. 3 1011 K--Clean, comfortable. Near bath. Employed lady ."I-4-U7. -2 1026 So 14--Clean, comfortable room near Capitol. Near bath 5-4058 30 1033 So 12--Walking distance, clean comfortable, gentleman 5-5820 27 UOb H--Desirable sleeping room, near bath. Close in- 28 1119 K--Large clean nuiet sleeping room. walking distance. 2-1374. 3-74G2. 1 1219 C--Redecorated, quiet, private brick home, gentleman, near bus. 2-3732. -28 1220 D--South room, private entrance, frigidaire Gentleman. 2-S236. -30 1227 A--Clean, 2nd floor, emplojec? men or students 3-3303._ 27 1235 J--Sleeping room or apt. Near bus. 7-1331. 26 132C G--Employed gentleman, or student. Clean, quiet, near bath 2-1362, 13 ij F--Clean comfortable sleeping rooms for employed woman. 3 1401 G--Large room, private bath. first floor, working men. 5-4255- 2 1421 E--Nice sleeping room for gentleman, block to bus -2 1430 Garfield -- Clean , bath bus Gentleman 3-7515. 2 rooms, near 27 1500 P--2-4745, 1334 O--2-0166. Sleepinc rooms lisht housekeeping rooms. Refrigeration 17 1529 B--Clean, comfortable room. Close to bath, bus. Gentleman. 3-OS 45 1616 So 21--Large cheery. Reasonable. Busline. Employed ladies. 3-2481. 2 1621 So 22--Rooms. Norrpal bus. 3-2919 before 10 *m 7 pm except Sat · ;Z 1720 Haraood--Large room, closet. near bath. Emplojed gentleman. 3-9163 2 1709 No 29--Nice room. Students ot employed gentleman. 6-24S4. 5-7522. 1711 _D--Clean, comfortable, privats home, near bus. £5 week. 7-2910. 1 1710 Sewell--Gentleman. Near bath. "Bus. Very nice 6 50. 3-2576. 3 1736 L--Basement room. Entrance. Shower. Close in Reasonable Gentleman. 2-5179 27 1721 M--"Homey" large, private entrance. Closets, carpeted Prisiicges. Girls. 2-1131. -27^ 1725 So 2»--Lute room, nictlj furnished. Lutr. References. 34208 eve* ? 1753 So 16--Clean, comfortable. In- nerspnng. Student or business man. 3-1786. ^L 1930 C--Gentleman. Pleasant, comfortable, carpeted room, near bath. 7-2370. 2 1909 Sumner--Nicely furnished, men students. Garage. 3-190S. 2 2100 South--Attractive front room, newly decorated, on busline. Business or professional woman preferred, 3-3787. 2 2105 E--Nice lane dean room, closet, inner-sprints. Near bus. 2 2400 R--Nice southeast room, first floor, near bath. Working gentleman. Busline. Available Oet l. 5-fe7S8. -1 2427 P--Clean rooms, close in. students, businessman preferred. 5-4174. -28 2435 C--Clean, comfortable, near bus. 1-2 gentlemen, students. Garage. 3-4263- -27 2704 P--Comfortable, near bath, private entran e. Gentlemen. 2-4957. 5-4513. 1 294S P--Room for ftirls. Laundry kitchen privileges- Bus. 5-64S7. 2 3440 Starr-- Tscar An Col, ri-om. kitchen pn-.ilcecs Ladies -3116 -2 3629 "W -- Room tecakfast, in exchange for light -nork. . A*. Col. male student 6-5973. 29 Attractive, first door, private entrance, working gentleman. 5-5333 after 2:39 PM. 29 Attractive large room, redecorated, private *i bath. Single man. 7-1553. 26 Alt Coilctc--Nice »p«cious rooms- Xear bath. Kitchen privileges if desired Prefer Don 6-3732 after 7 PM. 27 Attractive room for business iitl. touth of Capitol vicinity 5-2070. -30 First floor bedroom, kitchen privileges. Fruddairc, Xear bath. Utilities. 7-2529. -2 Nice sJcepHU room at 2339 Q. Prefer busman or school cirL 5-5115 afar h p n 26 Nice room, good board if desired for business tirls- 3-172S. 29 Private home. Businesswoman preferred. 2-3662 afternoons cr cics. -2 Students--Quiet home. Livini rocca studr. Privau bath. Close 2212 Sheldon. 26 Students--dean 2 rooms. sSudr, private bath. Reasonable- 2212 Sheldon. 2 H block from canras. Gcatkanea. JIT. rao 330 No 13. 27 2 KcnUcroro. students or career, quiet private home. 3 exposures, carpeted double room private bath, furnished deck adwow. Near tro. Heated *ar- asc optional. SouUi East. 3-S715. 26 2 large rooms, one twin brds. on* doable, lane closets. Rasdolsb Di«- tnct -J-2029. 2S Rooms. 32" 1 - So iO -- Nice 2 room! bontcicrci-ii loom, 3incn.s daJacs famarfied. \ 31126 N--One roosi. Hna, otniTcw lasndrr vririlcces. rclrlsxraliao. I3O. 2-4073- 27 2115 So 3-3 -- Setn3-t««3nea:. ccJrance. bath kilcira, 3-243S. . -2» MONEY SEE THE FEDERATED FINANCE COMPANY "The Friendly Ljnooln Omnarrv" · or rent, iisftt j50ojicccJ*TOg or »Jcmjis 3xnr roil- npw VKJTTJ. See 4J!»M«J 423 No 30. Cull 2-3SS8 nr STTWTI jifi, eTT?c3mcy TJJilftJtx. iQuirv h«h Tririeoaior. 5-3080 aflcr 32 Yean of . 3.'W3 O 5-: ...·am Service 17 15® O Snore tiTin§ Quaitera Dc«rc jtrone Ja5». JT«. clrs: in. 20-30. nice ladr }-drc» woman lo apt. own bcdrooai, in 3-33 J 2. sliare c](«c 2S Girt- ace 25-35, to *h»re 3cnt3y -J-733H . 30 nrasant room JjuSy. TJlchra otc*. TV. 4-2W8J 4-2001. -2 Wanted - Western Auto Associate Store Dealer Own a Western Associate store for "as little 01 S75K). No experience necessary. We train yoix Good locations available. For information write or call Ken GalcheH, 320 So. 29. Lincoln, Nebr, 7-2583.

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