The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, l'J-10 BIA'TllEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS latntan Newman Commissions On Wildlife to Elect Officers Tag Battle in Legion Arena-Goes to Team Of Stcddum, Moody S PTS M.VfMAM NEWMAN 31 AE Bill Stedclitm and Jaek Moody nerved vi<uors in last night's lag istcli at Uie Legion Arena ; after •jo Mew; and Carlos Rodrlquci! "it- disqualified in the first HOT SPRINGS. Dee. 10. IUH) —Thr. Southeastern Association ol Game and Fish Commissioners, with delegates present Trom 11 session here today, willi its llnai sessio nhere today, witii the election of officers i-oimciiug out l!io two-day convention. At an all-day business .session ' Newman was ayain sont from ring for loulinj; lo iimkc short •ork of the second fall. The a:tion-j]ackecl IKIUT.^ v.'ereito • igiilighted tjy numerous masj; en- iiifilt'ineiits us all four elasiicd Jitli P.eleree Mike Meroney in the ilddle of ijie heaps. -Reteree Mc- oiiey fought almost as much as uy nf the wrestlers, backing up lis orders to break with force a.s lie };r;ipp!cr.s wcro ,sr!dojn willijitf o liuit iieiiceably. 'i'he lir:;t tree-for-all \vas ctuu-h to yesterday, the group passed three resolutions designed to baek ( ,p i-oiiiii-rymion moves in Ihe Sovtili, 'udinj; a request to COM.IJIVSS ii'.m-aM.' the Ijudad (illotin.'iiv so additional enforcement oiliivrs can be employed. In another resolution, the a'so- I Sugar Bowl Tickets Vary Much in Demand NEW ORl.KANF. Dec. ID.—(Ul>> —Mnrrieil HiiBar UoM offleinls. swamped «it!i dt'maixls for football tickets lo the New Year's Day clash between Cicor(.|;i Hm ) Korlh Cnrollnn, amiouiieed despnirfnlSy today (hat llioitsands of requests never would be filled. The Tar Heel's front office in Chape] jiill. N. C., was deluged. North Carolina oftieiuls reported today ihey h ;U ) uncounted |hm,. s - amis or requests for llw ihrce- livf-nnd-Kix dollar ducats. ^It was Hie y.nne story at Athens. Gil., where university of Georgia officials already had'tossed In the sponge. M.-it-' from 27th ( o fourl!-, !••, im conmry in dv,,]-, stam^ snles. Me adrtcd that ' icc.llv;] fishing*-s " sold in Arkansas ihis yeav as r ^y" 11 . cal! "' «"<-•»« lo» to "daii s! er,w<ll as 200.0M himting i ponds and asked that all mi- Another spt-akei', lir riar. gnitory fowl be given more pro- ! Cotliam, a.s early iij the Hrst fall of i,i:!tch Leo Newman inciud- locl " )1 > "™' "'••>» ussisla,,, direetor of before. In U. a Wilrllife rri-iriim'iit S',io i mm. each of the states;i- ' that th i-nuinni, asked to enforce ie«ardin K the iiollulion of sireani' for the protection of wildlife. , eslimnles rei!ardi!i(! iiimnher of du;-k>; i n u,e u. fl. i entirely too h| B |, this year. t added lh:r MIC decria.s.. in i he vas lie tne Football Fans Sentenced'for Attack on Officer FAYKTTF.VJUK. Ark,. Dc-c, 10. (UP)—Three moil niul t\vo wi)i:n-'ii. nil rraliluuts ;>[ P.-iyi:Ui-villi', .voi'o fiw (in bond Uxtiiy. ni icr Imvinu l>:cn fm:.\a utility of ussuimins: ll shite null;-ci>ii'i> 'at i!u' University »I ArKiuiFM fool hull i".i mo here hisi Nov. 17. The wi'ji, Paul and J, u. York, bnitiicrs,. \vc-ro iclcuseil on $000 bund ru-h sitter b. inf. fini'il SJJ oudi unit si iO-iluy j.iii scntonco lor ri'sistini: ursi-sl.' i'liis ackiittomit fini's "t $135 ciii-li on 'diai'iies of ll>'S«Hltil\K :m Olii.TT, llrllll'.il'l'lK'SS mid cM.slurumt/ OH- pcuiT. J.iiiira riu'!i;:is, a veteran of \V;>;l(l War 11 mill u senior ill the U:'ivi'.-.;ity. diviv iixVmls-i 1 flues, 'jiii his jnii .^oiiti'ih'e \v: - s Mi^iieiuicMl hr umjiu'ij::^ 1 (Miml. 'L'lio lWi> vcmit'ii :i!.~o cirow mini fines or S120 for ri'.slsliiii; arrest. ilrmiknuH'ss ami (iistui-iniiKr. In immk-fpn! omul, testimony was hoard from seven slut.- puirnlmt'ii. iiirliuiii-i: Patrolman Nnlj I'rltchnrd of,.Fi. Sinilh. who \va.>, imctly lientm by '111' York brothers fil I lie (.'iiiniv Mill •,. u ro ivqttlivfl In oxiiiljil tlu'iii. |ir«|)i>rly muiieiillcnli'd for u|. lowuii,,'. 1,1 i „(. nnrtetMBiU'il suj eM- editor of M,|,i e.stiik., within .six PACK; 1 Herman Kli'luirclKun . , . .Defcmhml. The ili'feiuliiiit Herman Htvhur'l- sou Is hereby ivnrnecl lo Mnpfivr ivllhln thirty dnys In Hie cowl ' "iii iv, 11 ik j kin ,--j.\ ^ II I Mil 1 I III iy l| tl Vf> III I Ilf CO',! months ,,it,-r i|i,. puulk'iiti>n ••( mmied in u u . cnpllon hereof M: tilts notice. ,it |,i s ofllec al Z15 an.swer Hie I'tminiulnt of Hie pin' Wnliim sircel. lilyilii-vllli'. Arki'H-l tltt Mulder.? Klchiirctson. 30th day vl Nuvcmtor, 1010. All npiienl from mieh en 11 l)e flfertcd only ]>;,• llllo;; n ' pellllnn, -Kliillnu the. i<roiiiuh of I • Mich appeal, wltli this njui't wlMilu Hotter', ( < f ^ Witness my haii<^»nd'?ifftkui »iil this 9th '—'-•"- T " ' x -— ^^ J six niuntli.'i Iruui tlu> (lute of ihi.s •T. v>.'., By RlUabeth Blythe, D. C. . . - iK, iiud if nut, .s,, mvsented Midi l):i!i'd this nth diiy or c'liilm will tie forever fcurcd. ]9 l>:iU'd this (HI, day of Dee,,,,l,cr.i " ,, AUV1 , Y NIOUU , HI c|clk FRANK f iinitr-i \<- '.. I!y 1!rllv K »'llli. U. C. Kxirin,,,- n! .he ,«ia!e o, MH !1VVl - V W>W "' AU> ' r<)r ''"'• IJolHc .Smith, deceased. ll.lO-n-L'-l : or \VAUNlN(i OIJDKlt i Notice is hereliy uiveil Hull the 'n (hi 1 Cliiiiicrry ('mill. <'lilrl,.i- i lu:,l will mid tcshillii'iil of Mi s. i V>1- wiHlw DMrii'i, Miwilsslpiil <• ..... i- ] 1U' Binilli, (keenso<l. wus iirnli.iti'd • ' - u >':i"siis. . j in i-ommori form in (tie !>mlMle Mui'ieru' Hii'hiu-ilsuii ...... I'liiliillll'.l Courl <u MissK',l|i]>i Cimnly, Arl;:i,il ' s - No. (11)11 I a,,.,, oiiickiisuwliii Dlsli-lrl', on ill" Imek tu the nll-or I ""^ - l ' l;11 "l« sold .• i" against Maocly J "" 1! "' d f! '" ln - 5 ' UCO '" 43 '' ri!) and .s!i.K«e<i wi(.h! llir " :lst "> V' al ' s ' •ou'irt pass Le.0 lin; 1!v to he ('owned and .s!ug;;e<i dnn. Nowinnn hetran a siiiuil-l r.i 1 ; scrap v.'itii Mike and Stcd- ancl Moody chained into the 'nfclf? to make it n fivc-mau uile- iip. ^I.-'roney F'er/ornis Shortly after thn closclv-knit mesh of arms and lcs;s unraveled. Hteddiun ])tilled Leo into the ring and another rrcc-for-nll was Horn. In the toiifnsion. Leo exited into the wrong corner and was horrified to find the rightful oocupants converging on him. L?o quickly got his bearings hut minutes later staggered himself when lie crashed to Llie mat alone. He hail planned to bring SU-dcUnn down with him but slipped his grip midway in a flying heart-lock. The next mob ^:'cnc resulted in a private match between Mike and NewmMi. with Leo on ihe rocreivint? end. Uollini; onto his back, Mike caught the' attacking Leo in the stomach with his feet and juggled him like a medicine ball. Irritated, 1*0 rammed -Mike into a corner. That did it. Referee Meroney forth- v/itli disqualified Newman and Rodriguez, awarding the first full to Steddum and Moody after 2s minutes of br.ttle. The decision, of fctiursc. was disputed and a final resulted in which all hands took tlic opportunity to butt each other's heads together. Newman returned in the second foil to lake the lead in administering punishment, to both Steddum i'> regard mcmb''r.s s i"n as friends finally broke and -.Moody.-- steikUn loose after Leo gave his wrapped knee a working -over. Leo refused to break and a free-for-all came off when Mike put his order into action. N'cwman Indignant Roeirimiez and .Moody alternated' the advantage with ann-locks. Asi Moody b-'came top man. L-.'n rushed j in to change matters ay kicking him off Rndriqucz. In the ensuing) five-man brawl. Steddum was lossedi from the ring us N'e.vmall and Rodrique?. closed in on Ivfiko, who oent them both off. A( Ibis point. Newman was again disqualified and left the ring in righteous indignation as Carlos was left to the mercy of Steddum and Moody. Little mercy was shown .however, nnd short work was made of the Latin, with Moody RC-Uini; in the Tinal blows and pinning Ridriq;:<« to end the winning fall for lie and Steddum in 15 minutes. In the first yjrcliminarv bout. Newman made up for the differcni'o in si?." between him and Stcddum by moving faster than his slow- and-easy opponent. They took turns battering one another " with every hold in the book. Leo made the mistake of carrying his side-battles with Referee Meroney to extremes. Mike threw Newman from him and Steddum picked him up on the second bounce to win the bout in 10 minutes with a double jackknife hold. Moody and Kodriquen exchanged blow for blow and hold for hold in an evenly matched second bout. Both tangled and slugged in r,ive and take fashion until Moody l hoi'h policemen. ol N'lVrl'a- brr, 19-lii. by ll,i> ]'r.,hiilr r-f Mississippi County, Chlckn-;a-.vl>a n wildlife. Instead nfj District, Arknn.-;as. [ All persons having clainv; r.:aimt KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" of Viiiir Hiiu (if G. o. POSETZ MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS Miirlin Oil ('i>m|i;iny is (riviii}v ;i\viiy absolutely I'i'i'C, nsvt'iit and premiums of fiiu'sl i|iinlily. — those premiums are al.'Siihilely I ret' In all our Ka s "'ii"' fiistomorK. Save your ci»ii|>niis and •ON«'|IIIM)<;L > Hicm for raiinon and Dundee lowels, lii^h- t'sl ((tiality aluminum ware, (' 1 He(s, pen and poiu'il st'lK. Also s'lass- waro rinninii soon. See these pri'iniums at The Martin Oil Company CO SREYHOUN1 ,..AN9 SAVE DOJHG IT Your car will lust longer nnd your dollars will go further, if you travel the cotnlbrlnblt, carefree Greyhound wny. You'll ride relaxed, free fjom every driving strain. And you'll save money too, because Greyhound Tares are slill nt their low pre-war levels, So go Greyhound — for pleasure nnd profit. , > t s «• * ARNSDALL STATION (Inycrl o/inlo, m/rfrei.i jtncliilinno /noi o/ local Litt-yttoiintl depot /lore) brought his favorite Strangle! head-lock into play. The Latin srmirmer] out of two of them on the third try. 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