The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 6
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S556 r OOOBudget To Aid Sportsmen Gam* Conservation Commission Gets Okay Aftef Hot Arguments By PAVt RASENFIELU IlnlUd Prac SUtt Correspondent LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 10. (UP) —The protective wing or the ArK- ansas legislature fanned .up a still breeze In- LiHl^Rock tliis week— a gjisj',-that more or less kindwa the healed discussion on the proposed $SW,000 budget of the Game and Fish.'ComnUssioii. . After all the fireworks had spent themselves, the 12 men on the prt- leglslalive joint budget, committee approved 1527200 as Hie annual Commission •budget for the next t»-o years. The action came on Thursday morning after five previous discussions and two appeal anccs befor Prothro Plans tor '47 MEMPHIS, Tent)., Doc. 10 —;-JP> —Memphis Chick pitchers nwd catchers will i-eport at the spring training enm)> nt B»y Rk. Louis, j Miss., in late February, with Hie remainder of the squad tentatively scheduled, to .report March 3. Chick 1 Manager Doc 1'rolliro snld today. ! BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS get fn deferment. And strangely enough, the Big gest .stumbling block In the solution to the appropriation was not the amount ilself, It reverted back to Constitutional Amendment 35 passed In the general election it: 19*4. That's where the Commission scooted out from under tho hovering wing of the state legislature. Rep. Dick Wright of Arkadelphla — forsceing ever-Increasing budgets and, soaring hunting and fishing icense fees as a result .of tlie Commission's Independent status— vas Joined in his views by Jrlc Sen Caviness of Danville, Sen i Goodson of DcQiicen and Rop. L. H. Autry of Burdctte. Sparring with them and arguing for the Commission were Rep. Hus- Roberts of Conway Sen RUS' -, — -•*-. --- ~..^.i » L . v .^. onway en RUS- the group by Commission Secretary sell Elrod of Siloam Springs', Sen A. MsAmts had failed to do 'Ernest flaner of Hot Springs, Sen! anything except wl'deii the gap ol disagreement. This new approved figure Is ?3«,less than the Commission's requesl. Lee Reaves of Hermitage and' Rep. Edwin Cash_pf Mnlvern. And r,s ~ for $M.Cflo ctit In the budget request, one' Committee ----- -.._.. ....- w»,!!ii.i.,iuii a ,c^ti(jai. ^..^ uiiu^^-i. it'nui'st, one cojnmittcc The reduction was effected solely | member had a plnn for that too by stashing provisions for gome Tim entire sum, under a program wardens. The Commission will DC proposed by Goodson, would back .'.Mowed 81 wardens instead of Uib :r huge statewide gmne and fish 100 ; asked-for, and the total fund refuge development plan to com- for warden travel and malntanancei ptement existing work along the was set at $75,000 instead of the'same line. The croup failed to tviss W5,000 suggested. Goodson's nTotlon. Before the committee finally ap- Out of last-minute discussion be- proved the budget, It began to IcoK fore-actual passage of the budget, sis though' It might be passed on' o| ie new siigestlon cropped up — to the House without rccoimnciida-; iiil'S- Sen. Lee Reaves of flcr- tion. or that the Commission would milage—pointing out that tho com- be asked to reduce its request byi mission nnjoys a virtually Indcpen- niore than $100,000. in fact, motions dc »t sUtus—proposed that It either were Introduced to that cfiect. but. pay ienj_on [t.; oflces In the cap- they ended up with an others per- Ho! b:iilcring or find accommoda- talning to the Game and Fish oud I lions In a dowiHown Little Rock .... . I building. Pop Cagers Selected for Opening Game The Illytheville Papooses w:u open their ba.skelbnll season j-Vi- dny night when they meet caije- iiien from Ilayti. Mo., on the home court in the first of II JJH.IIPS scheduled so far this season. Eight open dates remain on tin: Paps' .schedule. Pap cafiemcn for this season arc Benny Gentry. Harold Honcysult, E. 13. Gee, Buddy Domiers. Jimmy PercifulJ, Jim Dccre, Jim Berry nr»> Hiinrih EH'vn C'aldwcll. Kenneth Hood, Dick Reid, John HuU'h- Ison, Huzzy Wundcilich, Jimmy Garner, L?e Wcb'o, Thomas Prince, Charles Phillips, Carl Beaii, Larry Llltz, Charles Lutes. Bob Kirshncr William Sylvester. Carl Wyatt. .). C Droke. Charles Stevens, li'ill Fowler and Bill Victory. Picbable starting line-up for to- nlBlil's tilt follows: Gentry ami Hone.vcuu, forwards; E. !j. Gee. center; noimers and Wva(t. guards'i Harold Honcytntt will act as same captain. ! Remainder of the schedule follows: DC;. 17—Luxora. there. Jnn. 7—open. Jan. '10—Lcachvllle, here. Jan. 15—Cosncll. here. Jan. 17- Open. Jan. 21—Jonesborb. here, Jan. 24—Open. Jan. 28—Gosnell, there. Jim. 31 — Holland.-Mo., there. 1 F^b. -t-—Lnxora. here. « i Peh. ^ Lcachville, there. Feb. II—Jone.sboro. thero Feb. 14, 21. 25, 28-iOpen dates,' Legion Cagers, Hays Team, Suffer Defeat ' I.oy Eic-h's Chcvroluls clefoat-d th,. Awietltan L,>;;i ull bar.kutball " lc .,.,, 35 to C, and DR. lilytlicviHc L-um dry trampled Hays Store l, y 4 " 7 ,„ 14 In "Y" League games played list tiikht on the iii, ; i, school CCCM' Neither of the winning tt . "' was ihrcuUMictl as they coast.-,! ,\ In the opener, Lutes and wi.v.i- vied for scoriu e honors with el,.!)', points each, with almost cverv imi on tlie Chc-vrolets cojiti'lbuii,,, ' the scoring. •* In Hie flnalo. Hester, Laundiv forward, led Uie parade wllh i markers and W as (railed |, v llK rmjDln* ,n::lc. Plslicr. who had ' I-or Hays, A. Dudos and SlmWm «crc- lilKl. with f,,ur ,,,,lnU S' I he Laiindiymcn used all 12 ~ > \ v ,,.,'* on their roster, !"•> Tlie line-up: l-'HiST GAME Chevrolet :tfi p,,s, ..F. p Am. A. mim-h 2 Mctculf •! .. Mehai-g 8 .. Horcn 1 c; Cliaiminn 1 ..."ai.'cun BM;lm bubslitiites- -Chevrolet: M, )s ->i «. Uitcs I), Knehler a, Stewart •• American Lenion: Mltch»ll "' Sleadman. H. Walclre:! • JOllIIKO!) liiunett •' SECOND GAME Lnnndry '17 Fisher II A species of shellfish found the Indian Ocean produces :i flute-like sound, • ; Hester I!) . Johnson ft .Cok'initn . Armstrong Pos. ....F.. P.. . .. . C.. Hays SLnro M .J. Du-.'los 3 • • • Simpson 4 — Juci;ftr 2 . Jon nuolos 1 Clouse 1 Blythevillc Laundry Subs: McGhee 1, Hart -I. Whittington Hc'i- i ton, Eakon, Hall 2, McWnir i. ] Hsiyi; Store subs: A. Duclos 4 Wakefiold, Ashby. $1 DOWN HOLDS AMY TOY UNTIL DEC. I4TH IN l.tttlf JOoli TV itrtntm This mininture baby doll It ur.dreued .;, liiHe girls will have lots of fun fashioning buby clothe! for itl Hai jointed arrm and legi. pointed holr. 4-in.. toll. S«* other dolli in Wards wonderful leleclianl TECH Construction Set Vhiltl', Tabular and Chnirit Lilllo folk, will love hovlng Iheir very own dining :el! Legs of lablo and choirs arc strong, lightweight V 4 ' l^bulor uluminumt Chair seals and bucks are ot smooth wood. Table 23 W so. 8.95 pitC*S make r.- models! The TECH is a newly developed construction set! Colorful plastic pieces are easy to assemble and Ihcy stay pul ... fit accurately with plastic rods ... no bolts or screws! Makes models to duplicate mosl mechanical principles as well as yoji own Ideas, Both sets in chest with instructions, An ii of rtaliilic i-construction wl thot birildi do:*m ont'aini loti of whoto ond half _ n a bricki and .p«cially d.,lo«d quick-fmkig roof. Brlcki or* wood, contra.tinp rid and gray color. ..,, Chick Cagers To Play Two Games Tonight Clilrkasaw cngcmon open thnlr Ijjiskcllmll season tonli/ht as the boys "IJ" team and the Senior Girls .s(|iia<! ineci boys and uirls from Holland. Mo., In a twin-bill bc-«:n- nlnu at 7::!0 on the high .Sirhi^nl com t. 'ilic Papooses were slated f.>r an w|j."j;iiiB lilt ionlghl until (t ((«./(:!- <j|»-d that liollnnU hud no imv.or K-JIIII so the Chicks' "H" quint'.step- ped in to till the bill. Coach Bill Godwin's regulars play their first i!«m<; Friday night against the Os- cf-ula nve on the o])po(ienfs court. Probable starting line-up for to- iiiiliit's boys' game includes Itobby Miilllns and Leon Duelos. forwuvds"; Bobby Mi-Daniels, center; Harold Traylor and Frank Scribner, suiirds. 'I lie Henior Girls meet tlie Hoiland i;lils quint In Hie curtaiu- iiiis;T at Tr.'iO. •Jiiii-ty (,'irls are listed on this season's squad, under tho direct ion of Conch Anne Whltttngton. Five Ictiemu'ii I returning f rom ]., st year's .squatl include Bonnie Hall, Virumlu Mann, Ruthe Seay Palsy Travis and Winnie F. Whfsenlumt. I^-obable starting line-up for lo- m«nt's tilt follows: IJ. Ball, seay and Patsy-Wilson, forwards- Mann •Irjiyi-i and. w. Whlscnhuiit,'guards.' Oilier members of tin- squad in- rliide Annie Aired. Nellie Asbb.v Olella Bailey. Mary Hall, Doris TirRSDAY, Brown, Ann Catliey, Emily douse. PeKB.v Flecman, Margaret Hill, Betty Jones, Clarlse Maxwell. Keba Noble, Edna Overman, Launcli I Overman, Mary Jo Ross, Anita, feykcs. June Spires. Dorothy Phax- lon, Ann White, Bobby Whiscn- hunt, Sue Widncr. Dean Fowler' Jo McGreagor, Louise Turwr ami Gay Creellus. Gene K. Bradley. Ally, for Pltf. 12110-17-21-S VVAKMNG OltitEK 1" the Chancery Court, fchleUu- sawta l)Ktrk-(, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Eula E. Pennington Plaintiff vs. No. 09JO Claude Allen Pennington, J,-.... The defendant ciaude Allen Pe'i'- nington. Jr.. is hereby warne-i -o appear within thirty days In" the court named In the caption hereof of and answer the complaint of t'-e plaintiff Eu!a E. Penningtuii Dated this Bth day of Ucccmln- 4(1. '' HARVEY MOHFUS Clerl- By Betty Smith, n. c. XMAS Tree Light Sets and Extra Bulbs UiMITKI) STOCK PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., | nc 1M W. Main St. Phone ;,l:, WAUN1NG OKDKK '» 'be Clianccry Court, Chlrloi sawba Disirirl, MKsitsippi c»un ly. Arkansas. Edith Mae Garrison Plnintiir vs. No. 9891 Jitmc:; Edward Gnrrison, Dcfcndan The defendant James Edwa-\ Garrison is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption li--r and answer the complaint M tl )L New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVERY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Kox Optm Week Days 7:»fl p.m. Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cunt. Shuwint Tuesd*? Crime Doctor's Manhunt A Columbia Picture with Warner Baxter Short Subjects Wednesday & Thursday "Wife of Monte Cristo' with John I.otler Also Short GAY CHRISTMAS GIFT SUPPERS FOR THE WHOLE FAKKLY /J Quilted D'orsay A lovely gift! Women's pale bl'j-i rayon salin slipper. Thick cushicrecl platform sole. Wedge heel. 4-9. 159 2 5 Smart Bollet Style lovely, women's black rayon satin slipper vvilh brilliant scroll embroidery! Padded plalform sole; 4-9. 2 59 Corduroy Slippe? Durable blu» corduroy D'Orsoy for women. Ttim and neat with malcliing royon plush collar. Low heel. 4-9. 198 Children's Slipper Durable and warm! Prown leather boot wilh flu fly nal.iral shearling collar. Cushioned plalform sols. 6-3. 2 98 Men's Wine Felt Slipper A foncj wearing, comforlobb gift! Roomy moc-styla loc folt ovcroM. Sturdy hard leotlier solss. 6-15. 269 Men's Brown Romeo Comforlobla fovorllel Soft brown leather with elastic side inserls. long wearing leolher soles. 6 to 12. COUPON BOOKS. May be spent as Cash for any item at Wards! DECES'imORjo, 1'W plain!Id Edlih «„,, Garrison. Dated Iliis 25 rlaj- ,,t Nov (a;,; IIA11VKY MOHKls" Cl'-'-i- Gene 15. Jiradli-y, AUV. for'pur"" 12 1U-17-U1-3] >p*n 6:30 ji.rn.; Sln>»- Slarls 7 ,,.,„. Tuesday I'AL NKiltT CITY FOR CONQUEST' wilh .lames Cagncy. Ann S)icri<hin Serial: "Who Is (Juilly'.'" Alsu Shurl.s Wo(!nt'S<l:iy & Thursday "THE RETURN OF" L FRANK JAMES" Henry Fniiiln. n,.!io TieniKj- Xc«s of (| 1L . [); lv •Slioi-ls CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" WKKKliAYS Hox OTfiee Opens fi:\r> p.m. Kbiiw .tlarts 1:01.1 ji.ui. ( TUESDAY "THE LONE RJDER FIGHTS BACK with Gem-sr Iliiuslon, "I'li/'/y" Al St. John Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'An American Romance" (In Turhnicnlor) ' I Brian Dnnlcvy, Dan Iticimrjis Serial: "/orro's ISIarU IVliiii Olia-itvi- IS Also .Shorts THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today t-augfis // .. enough to bust /// <\\ a bustle ... as III f VvVi tf iey go sparkin' ' / V\\ hprscie:sbiiggy ?c ,^ RKO Xcws and Comedy Wednesday X- Thursday Aloma of the South Seas' Midi Dorothy Lamciir mid .inn linn Ni v ws anil C'anirily if • t

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