The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1946
Page 4
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rou* Buyers of Homes Exercise Caution Prospects Become Price Conscious; „ Fewer Deals Closed Despite the' acute housiiig short- 8gc and (!ie ,cotilusion that exists with the removal! of most povcm ment control, builders l«ne discovered in recent months tlia! pur chrscrs of new -homes "are begin nmg to shop' around for values Instead of buying Just any house offered. The house with the most extras" is the one (list sells quickest. / A recent nation-wide sunej b> the building Industry covering 4WW rn-0'pectiva home-owners showed , that among the "extras" most In demand tire: '42 per cent Insist on brirk for outside construction- 68 per cent prefer lath aim plaster for inside wall co:is!nictl<m- 41 npr cent want n combination of paint a.ui wallpaper for inside wall decoration; 32 per cent insist, on as- i bestos shingles; 12 per cent want the house fireproofed; 27 per cent want the house soundproofed. Insulation Desired Complete insulation Is high In the list of Hie wnntert "extras" In homes today, as builders have discovered. The survey showed that 87 per cent of home-buyas want this insulation In their new homes Bearing this out is the experience met witii in a iart:c development on Long island where sales f"-e rowing -very slowlv because the houses have little or' no insulation. A similar development a few blocks away. ' with all the houses adequately insulated, was sold out in a matter of weeks. The survey., p'oints up one ox- inn V il , ltc '' es ' ! "B aspect which oo many builders have been prone to ignore m their j>la%Hng and home ° r ' Vl6 ' !10£t -> v * r •""»"' The public; has its fecit well on he '" 24-Hour Package Home NEWS Revenue Budget Request Trimmed Committee Member Hurls New Blest Into Governor's Lap in the r,!^i r P . hrea5 i' I ' le k>til«n«fc in home tamphticn, (liii new, com- rlctcly prefabricarcd house imroduced by Han.ill ft Jones Production found * C "' 0 " asscm l )1<; d °n the buyer's lot in 24 hours afcer boit™ S1 'c"hcVYV nl "« IOC '" n ' ? SOCtions ' C!ich """pl'idy finished, the unic* niroduoio/i of iliis packaged home by IfamiU f: Jones, who jet *r, aii-umc record n f m-,, '500 un!u delivered in il.o fi m 9 months of chii 1 jo come buiMiu£ technique. \t, o k i,g it the ground and 'its" Jhoul<icr f] Th, pubf J°n, (1 '" ls kil'hlL . cin n A <1 " d . l '' l "8?V! Burdens, ir It can find a well-constructed fimda mentally .,cund home.that is c om- f'-rtaole n ' from . f'-rtaole. nnrh rcason the clangs of fire, nnnyanc of rlist.irbjnga.olso and.-.thV <Ji3:om. lort of uneven temperatures i-i smnainr anrt-wlnler c '- uur< - 1 '•' Seek Swinrl Construction '- V f rS " rc sh °Mi''«f for liv- cicnc.v-mid comfort The physicians Save Lives of Babies By Transfusions BOSTON, Dec. 10 <U.P )-ijiir- Bcons nt ChilJreiis irospiiais n c . rc have .saved the lives of ta uew- ooi-n babies afflicted willi th c mysterious and deadly rtH COIHJUIOH OH by draining the infants' blood IIIKI ropiacing it with new blood, was disclosed today. The latest cnsc' was nl. Camp Rubinson, Southwest I'rovliiB Oroumis. stuiipart Army Airfield, niylhcvlllc Army AliTield iul Camp Cliafrce. 1'riority schcd- ule s for (lie non-sct-asldc Hems as follows: Federal agencies December 13-14; Veterans. Dccem- <jcr 1C; veleruns nn<l veterans tlcjilcrs. Decemher n- RFC December 1(1; State and local governments. Drcomljer in. Non-profit institutions. Dccemlier 20; other cli- t'ible buyers (on bid basis) December 23. 01 •. ° r, show that™ 0 ''" 8 . e !l ; SUloti0 "' sound-proof, nntl c °" stru <:lion rca- ^nn t *K i • *•»'i^MLtu rt;;\- son lor the widespread demand for In ?M lns ". 1a(i °» I" "ml 52 per cent of the priorities issued for GOO- TVrt'T « 0n ^ :> "" (1 " the current ?™ral flouting Porgrtu.i call for installation of gas heat, while the rcniainniK 48 per cent Is almost .equally .divided between coul and hn™ e - KaS '^"stry Is insistent that .,,,,„ „, Ciane Seavcy of \Vakefield, Mass . who wn s born in days ugo wilh nil the clminctcrisllcs of the malady. Jaundiced ami pale, the rhiKrs rod blood count wns less Uiau one half of normal ami doctors sa>o that a few mmiths ago she would Have died. ilowever, using „ 11CW| ,, om))ll . cnted system of .pumps und hloort from a three . special bank established moiuhs ago, the v '< made. The companies know «„„••„» -s Thi 9 trend, toward more careful b -Ing on the part of the l.ome- iVin-T'pv'rt • V '' m b3 " lorc 1U1<I ture. It i s in line with consumer srnLuni" 5 ' f lclti - Thc d ">' s or free spendin. fioa passin-r. as Produc- ' rise in other industries this same irioney wi'l have in ii* spread further and last longer? r, Many Uses Discovered For Washable Wallpaper Some day. people will buy bed sheets, washable towels, ba< nn, s "id underwear-n,, made of pa ,„„ Per. predicts Pathfinder •K-wsib, magazine Theni DC a/^fl™ able and absorbent as fabric, ones and cheaper ( -Hiis "*e' r strcngth" paper, as tradesmen ca.l it, ,. not cn|, rely new. Women.have used it in dnst- "<B rags, curtains, fncc c i oth ,. cusposable diapers, potato bags anri frown food' wrappings. But that's only a taste The r-i savlc SpCctacular 5u = c «s in war i« nff , las elulsatl expansive mmcts Jo think up more than a hnnJrcrt possible uses for it. The Army found wct-itrcnj-tn paper made almost inrte.stniriiiiio maps. Test maps were thrown -n mud. driven ovcr-by trucks, scrubbed with G. I. soap, feed Js -loor mats for days, or soaked with c.l and used to clean rifles. Siill lnc maps were legible. What kon t them from falling apart was the Bynthctie resins that were blended tu ns paper >made as hi ordinary paper. elthfT. wood ' fib' C . or rnjis were used for base. I There won't be- rauc;i of t'tis : psncr available;. hoVcver, umi'i I the industi-y comes hrjarer mcttt-ic present record-breaking rtsmand:. ! Estimate as ;to .when Ihat win v. c vnry from Bdster to two years ••ovi mi; M n <t 1H- ;« blood was drained from her bo ly and replaced with new blood \u less than nji hour. The operation lias been done only, at children's hospitals wlu-rc a team of 20 dor.lors anil have been working <m . | lc C on;ti- tton known i^s Erythoblnstosls. Offers ... At Blytheville Airfield A final clonn-up j;alc of nil surplus vohl,-!es remaining in the Ar- kans'is region, War Assets Administration, will he .offered nt ideally reduced prices in a sale tchcd- iilcd for Dcct-mber 13-23. Rrgimiul Director c. S. Christian announced tcday In Little Rock: The olferinq will include '.'SO vehicles, mostly tri'cks and trailer.-:, SO me of wiiicli will be set aside for world War H veterans only, other., < o b( , nvn(1 . al-l': to <M)i."r priority uurchassrs Thu vehicles which nrc localcd nt seven different locations hi the state liny be inspected December but all sales will be handled ihroush the WAA sales olfiee 'at Crimp Robinson All vehicles will b- sold " ns is where is" as well as on a "llrsl <«>>,.. first. .,en-crr basis Mr M i"r . m '"; < " li -"<'- Vrt P r.-i, s i ' ' urlol ' ity certificate. .: '» accordniicc with a recently •hnncp i-i _ ""r-t- Jil ..,.L .x ,| UM M Ihc certificate will Vr.lwnHs, too . the- . Vehicles arc located Pine Burglary Suspect HcW LITTLK HOCK. Alk., Dec ;UI')-The budget rcquisi of the Hooneville Tuberculosis Sanatorium •vas up for consideration before the pre-btidgcl conimiUcc here to day. after the group yesterday approved mi over-nil JZei'ciiuc Department budget, of $1.138.000 in back- ins down somc'A'lmt from their attitude In last week's sessions the appropriation granted nue Commissioner Otho A 10. (OP)k .. mnn w HOPE, A!k., IJnc. W-ycar-old Hop,,. leld here totla.v. :.s ji^c annoiiii^- ed they hati. solved n series of «ry 1 's - — »•" v» iv* v>t,i(u n *JOOK wa.s approximately H percent more " '"•• current a|i|iroprlnUon ol '. altliough it was also some less than he lias asked mck-lrackini; after a rebulte Iin m C.ov. ncn I^aney last week tie committee, shortly after convening at I:.i0 pin. yesterday, moved to rcMiisider their decision that Commissioner Cook could not transfer sa »ry monies from one Job to another within his department Al- tl.oUBl. another point—one on salary 1:0111.165-was also conceded to Cook, the salary requests of the Itcvenue Department, were ordered held at some S74.003 less than was originally asked. Another decision of last week that the coininittcc members stood firm on was the blotting out of a number of departmental jobs in- chirtini; an inspectors in thc beyer- BKC division of thc department A stroiiK fight for re-his'.Rtement of thc investigators was waged by Rep. Dick Wright of Arkadelphia who saw the Um.or situation as "thc biKgcst problem in ln w enforcement in the state." No Rubber Stamp During Lhe discussion on the reinstatement of the Inspectors Rep Edwin Cash of Malvern answerer. Gov. Ls ney's remarks to the grout last week, which were, in effect criticism of the group's method! of '•hamstringing" Commissioner Cook. Cash said, "If it is not our job to look into the way a department is being run, we've got no busiiics up here and should go home.". ShorUv after Introduction of the Highway Department budget, the coininltlcc approved a »,0tt) con-, structlon fund. A delay for further consideration of the highway request was voted over thc strong objection voiced by Sen, Ernest Malier of Hot Springs. Other approvals yesterday was the Ncijro Boys Industrial school. $48,500; and the Fargo Agricultural School in Monroe County, J3.000. In addition to the $lL<C?32 re- qusied budget of Ulc Booncvlllc Sanatorium, the committee was scheduled to consider today a JJ50 - I 000 request of the State Library' Commission. The amount represents an Increase of $65.000 In thc current, minuet, a larcc portion of which would be used to set up new enuiilv libraries and to aid the library units already established. NOTICE Notice is hereby given thiit (li» untlrrslKiied will within the time fixed by law apply to thc Commissioner of Revenues of lhe State of Arkansas for a permit to sell 'beer nt retail at Manila. Mississippi County. Tlio undersigned stales that he is a cili/en of Arkansas, of good moral chari.'-ter. that he has never been convicted of a feiony or other crime involvhii; moral turpitude: that '10 license to sell beer bv the 'inder- sliiiird has been revoked within five years last past; :,nd that the uiidsr- siRiied has never been,convicted of vioallmg thc laws of this state or any other state, relating to the «.lo i of alcoholic liquors. I William Atlas. Chcr.-v. 1 iilKci'iljed and sworn to lieftire me tins <J day of Dec.. 1D10. EliralKth MI.SO-I :> . c ;' 1 . Notary Public My commission expires 1-28-00. TUESDAY, DECEMBER Need Accessories Mister? We >•„„ Whatever y»ur n «d, brinR your car in Shcllon Motor Company. usually have just the lliin B n«d, and at the price you'll wa ,u lo pay! f)rop in today if there's somrthinr you yrerf f or vour ,.,,. . . . we'll do our bcs( to help you. Make it a Christmas Gift... he'll like it! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY Q W A.I. loot, they said, consisted maiiHv of SI " - ; "— '= w Special Services \Vc have a 1 rained crew <>!' floor men lo clean anil mix. your hardwood floors. for Christmas':,'. VHXET1AN ni.INDS u_ CUSTOM nvn.T rail for free estimate. Wr noiv !myc n stock nr Ycnrliaii lllliul Tapes and Cords, get them IKMV: Hovo Your Venetian Slinds Renovated "av? yam- blinils .rrnovatcil for Cluisfmas. . we will furnish tapes and cord and rentier • all service ;>t a reasonable price. C.'omph-lc slock ,,f hcantil'ul wallpaper . . . | 3C sure <<> sec (itir iiiillpi-ns >;cf«r c y,,,, decorate! "Your Wo// Paper Style Center" AL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPEU STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Confer" 10IS - lKl - Phone 4M Is Your home Ready for WINTER? \V;snl (n CfunnmizL'? (M toursu you (]o' : ' Thru liiiv_> l!ial Iiotisc of yours wcaUiot- siri|i;ict] ,KIW. With n ,M r,-faif-,cr (!uc a( any li n , P Vf.u fliRtice lo save on fuel '" ; !.>- «H winter. V.'lnf's mnvc vi'ur !;,niily will |, c cau.rorl- i|''le and (here will bo ,V ; , l! Kc1ili<K)tl of sickness! Save up to 30% on Fuel Bills! NSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phone 551 No, this isn't n new kind of toy. It's merely Mrs. 15 roc lj Ci a ft cr a fcw j,^^^. rj ol Christmas shopping. "I'm simply whirling around like a top! moans Mrs. Brodie. "I wish there was a way to shop without stirring out of the house. My feet arc KILLING me! And I'm afraid I've fractured my budget!" Well, there's one item Mrs. Brr- "doesn't have to shop for— (hat's electricity! Jt comes to her special delivery, without effort or wailing. She has only to flip a switch, and electric power is right on hand in any quantity she needs. -Icctricity is easy on Mrs. Brociic's budget, too. Tor a fcw pennies, her electric range will cook dinner for her while she shops. She can rest her feet and listen lo Ihc radio all for nnothcr penny. Mr. Brodic has no complaint, cither. A couple of cents worth of electricity (and Mrs. Brodic) will iron a whole week's supply of his shirts. Busy, dizzy Mrs. Brodic! But tin's wild holiday fervor comes only once a year. And she enjoys helpful, dependable electricity— at low cost-all year round. So do you. Thc practical planning of the friendly folks in this company-undcr sound liiitness management—makes that possible. • '-'no, lo lie Men- Electric Hour—Me HOUR OF CHARM. SKiiiiajs, ^.-30 I'. .M., EST, CBS. M'MOPOWERCO.

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