The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1946 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1946
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) C'OURIKR NEWS MONDAY, DKCEMUKU 9, Important Information •All vehicles listed in tliis advertisement will be sold "as is—where is." Priority groups will jpe allowed to buy on dates specified for each group. Sales will be made on a "First Come- First Served" basis. x Veterans must present (heir priority certificates to be eligible to purchase vehicles. Sales will, however, be made on "First Come—. First Served" basis. , Previous purchasers will be eligible if they have certificates. All vehicles have sales price and sales number marked on the windshield. Trailer prices will be prominently displayed. The only office where Sales may be completed is located in the War Assets Administration Building at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock. Vehicles tuny be inspected at any of the sites designated at any time (luring the week of December 9 through December 12. ' Purchasers are urged to Inspect units carefully be- lore purchasing. AH sales will be made in accordance with terms and conditions of War Assets Administration Snles Conditions as revised July 15, 1946. ; After sales contract is completed, payment must be made in the manner set forth in the Revised Sales Conditions. Priority claimants may inspect or buy during the time assigned to their group and in the sequence indicated. Brokers are excluded from priority purchase. 1. Federal Agencies must show evidence of authority to purchase. 2. Veterans of World War II must have certificates. Apply at the office Veterans' Division, 209 Wallace Building, Little Kock, Arkansas, if you (io not already have a certificate. S. Small Business must b« certified by and purchase through RFC. 4. State and Local Governments must show evidence of authority to purchase. B. Non-Profit Institutions . must be certified. Information available at near- : est WAA office. Porbeck Building WAA OFFERS SOMETHING NEW "SET ASII3E" and "NON SET ASIDE" ITEMS (SOME HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY OFFERED) NOW AT ONE BIG FIXED PRICE SALE and Other Used Vehicles PRICES GREA TL Y REDUCED « *i AY INSPtCT VEHICLES AT ANY LOCATION LISTED. YOU BUY AT ONE PLACE ONLY, CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. YOUR DELIVERY ORDER WILL BE GIVEN YOU THE DAY YOU BUY; YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE DELIVERED AT THE SAME SITE YOU INSPECT IT. SALES WfLL E i? N DATES SHOWN BELOW. INSPECTION CAN BE MADE FROM DECEMBER 9 THROUGH DE- 12. "SET ASIDE" Veterans and Veteran Dealers WW M December 16 - 21 Bid Sale (Set Aside Vehicle) December 23rd -O- Veterans and Veteran Dealers May Also Bid On Non Set Aside Vehicles. "NON SET ASIDE" Federal Agencies Dec 13 - 14 Veterans World War II Dec 16 Veterans and Veteran Dealers W W II Dec 17 RFC Dec 18 State and Local Governments Dec 19 Non-Profit Institutions Dec 20 Bid Sale Dec 23 BID SALK OPKN TO ALL ELIGIBLE PURCHASERS VETERANS PLEflSE NflTF- fll! vehicles sold "As ls"--"Where Is", "First Cow-First •^••••"I'w •'••tit JE HuEE. o--___jyj r> A x. • •• ••*»•• __ served . Date of your priority certificate does not matter. At STUTTGART ARMY AIR FIKLD* • '• Stuttgart, Arkansas Description » Ton Dolly Trailer, Hcil 5 Ton Fuel Servicing: (201(0 Gal.) Fuel Servicing (400(1 Gal.) 10 Ton Trailer (Semi Laboratory) .. 5 Ton Dolly, Trailer " l',i Ton Truck Tractor 1111 "SET ASIDE" ITEMS Quantity At BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR FIELD* Blythcville, Arkansas Description ' ' 5 Ton Tractor, Federal ............. -Semi-Trailer (Glider) Dolly, Trailer Co ..... Trailer {Fuel Servicing), Hcil . 12'/ 2 Ton flat Bed Trailer .... ....................... Quantity "NON SET ASIDE" ITEMS At CAMP JOSKril T. ROBINSON* Description Scooter (with carrier), Cushmaii, lixl Drive 2!' 2 Ton Cargo, GMC, (>xf> Drive 1 Ton Trailer (wood), Winter Weiss 1 Ton Trailer (steel), Checker "1 I 1 ,; Ton Personnel Carrier. Dodge, (JxIJ Drive . 2',i Ton Cargo Carrier, GiMC, fix-1 Drive 3 ,'t Ton Weapon Carrier, Dodge, 4x4 Drive 3 Ton Flat Bed, While, 6x2 Drive 5 Ton 'Truck Tractor, International, .1x2 Drive =U Ton Telephone Maintenance, Dodge, -1x2 Drive 5 Ton C. O. E./AutoCar, 4x4 Drive I 1 -: Ton Shop iMainlcna'nce, CMC, '1x2 Drive 2',i Ton Tanker (1350 Gal.) GMC, G.vl Drive '..". At NAVAL AMMUNITION DEPOT* Description Trailer, Heil Little Rock, Arkansas Cainden, Arkansas Quantity 2 27 11 Fuel Servicing ;> /t Ton Carryall, Dodge, 4x4 Drive . Ill : !'i Ton Weapon Carrier, Dodge, 4x4 Drive : Vi Ton Command Car, Dodge 4x4 Drive ' . r > Ton Flat Bed, Mack, 4x2 Drive .. T.'- Ton Tank (101)0 Gal:), Chevrolet, 0x4 Drive J'i Ton Tank (1000 Gal.), Ford, 0x4 Drive I','. Ton Tank (800 Gal.), Ford, (ix4 Drive" i I 1 /!- Ton Dump Truck, Ford, 6x4 Drive llll'l 4 ]'.*• Ton Dump Truck, Chevrolet, 6x4 Drive 1.1111111111 ' 5 Quantity 1 Amhiilance, Packard, 4x2 Drive 5 Ton Truck, Walters, 4x2 Drive '11111 '"' 4 2 Ton C. S. & I'., International, 4x2 Drive ..'. 1111111111111". 1 .Tccps (Wrecks) •> 1't Ton Chassis, Chevrolet, 6x4 Drive 111'.11111 ; i :5'/i Ton Water Tank (6 Compartments), AutoCar, 6x4 Drive 1 3 ,i Ton Pick-Up, Dodge, 4x4 Drive j Hi Ton Tractor, Ford, 4x4 Drive 2 miscellaneous Vehicles (Just Declared) 41 MISCELLANEOUS LOCATIONS Quantity 1 .1 ARKANSAS ORDNANCE PLANT Jacksonville, Arkansas Description I Ton Low Auto 5 Ton Tanker (1600 Gal.) >,2 Ton Carryall, Dodge . 10 Ton Pole Type Trailers 11111111 5 25 Ton Drop Frame Trailer 11111111 i 20 Ton Semi-High Bed Trailer 1..1111111111111 l S Yard Dump Bodies ... •; Hi Ton Trailers llllllllll'Hll'l'l" "]'l Description BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR F1KLD : Blythevillc, Arkansas i Ton Carryall, Dodge .............. '.'-s Ton Tariro f.Mf 2\'i Ton Cargo, 'GMC^ Quantity ' Fuel Servicing Tank Trailer (4000 Gal.) .... 8 2V- Ton Oil Servicing, GMC 5 Ha Ton Field Lighting, Chevrolet ;i •!'i Ton Weapon Carrier, Dodge ;j I 1 ..-: Ton Cargo, Chevrolet ....! l y 'i Ton Ambulance, Dodge I •I Door .Sedan, Ford 2 CAMP CHAFFEE* Fort Smith, Arkansas Description Quantity -I 1 .:: Ton Cargo. Ford :! Ton Wood Van Trailers I'.i Ton Iln.s (•>!) Passengers) 11111.. :l 'i Ton Weapon Carrier, Dodge o Ton Cargo. GMC 2V» Ton Cargo, GMC "'.'. .'..' Bus (-14 Passenger), Dodge SOUTHWESTERN PROVING GROUNDS' Hope, Arkansas Description Quantity Trailers, Various Types 7 PINK BLUFF ARSF.NAL' Pine Bluff, Arkansas 5 Ton Pole Type Trailer j I'!: Ton Bus (2!) Passenger), Chevrolet 7 (i Ton Trailer Van . j 10 Ton Trailer (Platform) .111111111 1 STUTTGART ARMY AfR F1FLD* Stuttgart, Arkansas • r ) Ton Dolly Trailer y 1'i Ton Field Lighting (Chevrolet) ~ 2'i Ton Gas or Oil Tank, GMC . i li: Ton Flat Bed, Trailwagon I SALES WILL BE MADE AT A. WAR , CAMP JOSEPH T. RGRIHSON, ONLY Automotive Division LitU Hock, Arkansas

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