The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1946
Page 11
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MONDAY, UKCHiMWiK 9, 10-10 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN,,,, tmerica Holds ill Atom Bombs General Eisenhower Says None Have Gone To Arty Other Nation WASHINGTON. Do:. 3. (UP) lien. nwiylvt D. Eisenhower, army 1 Ihief of staff, said today thai no 1 |tomic bombs or fissionable mater- ever have been sent to Great n or any other country. remarks were in reply to bress conference questions about published slalemcnts that this |oimtry has given Britain atomic ombs. Before answering, lie went Into another room for a conference Ivilli Secretary of War Robert I 1 | 3 ;itterson. When lie returnca, he suid: "The British do not have cue Iwmb. Vcm may quote Secretary pMUerson that no botifo and no lis- |iiojiab'e materials have been sent Great" Uritain or C.T» other 1-onnuy." Eisenhower met with reporters lielure leaving Tor Minml. TMa., on n. liionth's leave; toj receive Irealment bursiiis. an Ldhrrcnt of the hlioulder joints. He tain doctors have T'commei'id- jocl a period of rest, lie will 01 Jlreated at Pratt General Hospital • but will be confined lo the hospital' |only nt niifht. "Don't five the people the Idea Ithat I'm headed lor ArlinRton |Cemctery." Eisenhower said. "I ncv- felt better in my life except |lor this j:iiin in my arms." .Shuns Talk of Candidacy Eisenhower declined to be quoted I on whether he would be interested nomination for the presidency. It I Is known, however, that Eiscnhow- Icr does not consider It proper for I linn to be considered lor the pres- Itdcncy by any political party while 1 he is servins his country as army I chief of staff. (Sen. tinier Thom:\s, D., *JKla., I has proposed a 1048 ticket of Eisenhower and James A. Farley—II I President Truman decides not to | rtiii.l Eisenhower intimated he would | stay as chief of staff as IOUK as Mr. Truman wished him to re| main. He said he was busy building an interim peacetime army lo serve between iio-.v and the ''super-blitz ape." He said that realization of the lyu? of war that would come In a push-button era should make the world realize it must make the United Nations work. He said special advisory committees of scientists were Jl?iiiK set up to advise the army on how to irepare lor the "super-nlitz ape." Eisenhower said the at my would makp a blueprint for civilian defense i-.itli Ihe advice of lending in- du.-tri:U:sis r.rid civilian leaders. He said that in wartime industrial tngiJiliz-Jtion should be :un by an industrial ctar.'but in-peacetime, the army^iiiiisi make the plans because no one else is cage: to handle the jcb'. Mother and Son Attend College Together BELLEVILLE. III. (UP) Mother and son are attending casscs together at Belleville High tJchool'.s .junior college, fulfilling a lifelong "inuition of both of them. Mrs. Thelma Crosnoe. mother ot three children, says her family talked her into attending school with her son, Stanley. 20, a veteran ol two years' Navy service. "I always wanted to go to college," says Mrs. Crosnoe, "but thai was out of the question when the children were small. 1 ' Thry'rc both studying music history and European hi.siory. 11, keeps ^/Christmas Tree' Discovers Its Inheritance From New Deal is 'Quite a Mess' By I Dnllrd WASHINGTON, IDcc. 9. OIP) --J painted on the walls. The round little fellow with Hie 1 cles cascaded down serape accent said If the RepiU'-! 8'wn drupes. The leans, by chance, were ninkliii! a clloplmne on the Hangover Squares C. OT1IMAN Hotel, was tuiy. Sinniiba dancers I'rcss Staff Coin^iHiniltm threaded uinmii; Ihe palm trees Yellow clr- Ihe apple well-chewed :«r of yen, Yilliam Liuiiier of N. 15. ^listened n ihe spotlights. :eece suid one problem llio lepublieiins mtght as well lace low is housing for themselves liu heir convention in 1918. One 01 he commllleenien ajiree-d; ho said hotels already were booking 'ooms for sumtuer nfler next. "If worse comes lo worst." Mild Commit teemnn Raymond IIaii:>it e.iu of Democratic scandals lo In veslli;atc, he hoped Ihey'd incl'ida Puerto nico. A lock 01 ^riiy hnir curled i>\vr the pink brow of chairman Carroll Rccc(< of the Republican Na- llonnl Committee, lie beamed. We are not i>oiiij{ to overlook any green pastures," he said. The members, assembled in their first formal meeting shue the election, laughed. They ehe-v- ed. They clapped their hands. haven't seen so numy choernn people Hi Washington (come lo think of iti in exactly a month. The ladies wore trick huts, cor- tuul bin smiles. Tlicy .U. wore yomift. beautiful nucl 'smr.1 The giillnnl chairman said so. The gents looked chipper, loo. Ta"ii laces were shining; their comment appropriate. Take Gov. Ralph E. O:ues newly elected coniiiiltlceiunn Iron India. "When a child Is born >>acK home." he snid hi his acccpUnp speech, "his first, InlclliKible word are these: '1 am not a candid.m but if surticicntly urged, t wi accept'." Even Hie scene, in the Soul American room of the Static :>f yon-KUess-whero. "you "omc to Soidehni California. Y:>u 'ton't nee<l houses there." "Well sir." sumicstod Ciiiy Gil brlel.son. a i;entleinuu from Nn\\ JiM'.soy. "let us remember that Atlantic, city Is a pictty nice place. It's fcot an ocean, too." Rcecc turned that one over to i special subcommittee and Die commUleemen Inul a few thousand' words lo si\y about those Democrats. Not all complimentary > cither. "We've Inherited something of a incss In this country." Kep. Charles Hailcck of Ind, Die chairman of the National Congressional Committee. "We've i;ot lo do .something about il. I've talked to a lot of Democratic congressmen who are coining bncK The weird mask pictured auovo WHS originally designed us n facial ice-pack so screen actresses could refresh their fncos on hot sludio scls wllhout spoiling their mul<c-iip. llut some smarllc Is reported to have discovered It's a good tmlidole for tliiil "morn- iHB aflcr" feeling. The pack was mode by culling up a shower cap, cementing on plastic cube* containing water, then pulling it In refrigerator until cubes freeto. and dinned If .some of 'em anm 1 us liapi>y about our victory .'is w arc." "Jnsl think." snld the whit: haired ex-Senator John G. Tow:: .send of Delaware, "wo used I come buck here every Iwo yea Following an old custom in Ari- y.ona's Valley oT the Sun, Gloria Eikner and Lillian Klrod, of Phoenix, make a "Christmas tree" out of a giant Eiihuaro cnc- Uis by clecoriiting it with Vulc- tide ornnnietUs. her busy. She inaniigcs tlTc washing and ironing during the week, but the bakinf; has lo wait for the \vecK-eiul. Only $2.45 in 7 Weeks Not Enough, Wife Says LOUISVILLE. Ky. (UP)—An itinerant preacher \vho said he coul( not uc judged "by the laws o man" V7as given a 30-day jail sentence in juvenile court for failing to i>rovidc for his chfclrciv The man. who also vo\vcd to "let God take care of my children," was told he must stay in jail unless lie provided the proper food and elolhlng for his family. His wife I old officers he had given her only S2.45 in seven weeks. Place Your Orders NOW For Christmas Ducks, Geese TURKEYS American Lady Foods PICKARD'S rhono 2043 Chickasa\vba Announcing: The Opening of the Repair Department of the/ LEROY OWENS PONTIAC COMPANY Osccolu, Arkansas id mourn, Now look." Clialinmn lieecu called upon ep. claicnce Drown of olilo, llui iminilgn director. Drown wore u 'd, white and blue necklle and wide smile. He, loo, eompllmeiH- I some of (he )>emocrnls. "We hud Ihc help of many .ilrlollc Democrats 111 (Ills vie. nv." he said lie lidded (hat hu'U ke u llllle eredlt lor hlmselt. '1 menu 1 voted the lU'im'Jllc ekel," he said. "So (ltd Mrs. rown. i .saw her. Wo used aunt ce ballots." Some of the ladles talked un II as I lien Unit Cliuli'innn Hcwe lade his observation about tlK'ir ISO, lliclr beiiuly and their virtue, en. Lunger rose lo remark lhat In the long ago, a polllldai: could make one speech In one part 01 Iho country and another in nil- other. Tills time, lie enld. their .speeches had to match all over and still the licimhllcnns wen! Ho snid (lih was u good sl[;n. .The. !U'!>uWtrans adjourned then for Itincli, A good lunch, loo, vi'ltu plenty of sugar In the coffco jiid cream on live cake. Two Conway Colleges Host to Debate Tourney COKWAY, Ark., Dec 0. lU.l'.l — Two Comvay eolteijes, Arkansas atale Teaelicn; and llendrlx, planned lodny to be Joint hosts to the annual Mid-South Debating iiicnl Dec. 12 through 14 *• < The three rounds of preliminary debate will be held on Friday, Dec. 13, according to Dr. J. B.-Wilson, head o Hhe English Department'*t Arkansas State. Eliminations will be Saturday morning, with the flriaM .inking jilticc In the afternoon. ' ContcstnnUi are expected from Texus, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma and Ark* nnsns, I5r. Wilson stated. It lakes 41) doublc-cdije tliln fiatcty razor blades lo weigh. , an ounce. The blades arc made or .(XH-lnch strip steel. Read Courier Nem W»nt Ad*. Itcmrniljcr—It Takes Only 3 Minnies lo Open a Charge Account iit Fitzpatrick Jewelry Stores Oscrnhi, Ark. Sikeston. Mo, Varapould, .>rlt. Our service department, located on Highway 61 Souh, at Walnut Street, is completely equipped with all new and modern facilities in a new building. We have gone to the limit in the equipment of our plant, in an effort to provide our patrons with an improved service such as they have never before received. OUR EXPERT MECHANICS ARE HAND PICKED After ron.siilcralric dcliher.ilion, we liiivc sclcrled a Klaff (if €.\|ierljy- fmined mechanics who have been affiliated with wi'lJ-kpown dealers in three stales: WELDON MERCER—Formerly with Dodge & Plymouth, St. Louis ELDON LINDSEY—Body expert, formerly with Cadillac Co., St. Louis. PETE NODGRASS—Formerly with Wilson and Johnson Motor Companies, W. Memphis. JOHNNY WHEELER—formerly with Osccola Motor Company. We have installed Iwo washing and greasing racks, so lhat you may hu served iiuickly, without delay.. You may now have your car overhauled or repaired with only, a small down payment, with halancc on GMAC small monthly payments, including all parts, lahor and accessories. You have our invitation to visit, us at first, opportunity. A frantic medianid n^nwi Crocket, Got so mad at his <&r he could hock it, But his wife, slie said, '!Nix! . '"It just needs '66 l ! Now it starts every time like a roclcei! FozRo&etSt&tj... Get Phillips 66 Gasoline Phillips roKiilnlon "GC>" pnnolino to vour «c«»«nnl driving comiilioiiB—thnt'H why von K a ^ tticwo quick «l»r<H on I'oUt niornin^H! Tluil.'H wny your air will wnrm up faster than it (U>en willi low volatility KiiHolino. Wo drnw on our rewirvcH of liijiti-test. inilunil to givo yovi more highly volivtilo oleni«ntrt in your fnol ji.s Iho wunthor get« colder. Try Phillips fi(>. Soo if thin "con- trollixl volatility" doesn't K'vo you quicker ntarl.s mid onaier wurm-iina in cold woiithcr. Drivo in at th» next orangc-und-black "60" ugnl AS THE SEASONAL TEMPERATURE 60ES OQVMN...PHILLIPS 66 VOLATILITY GOES For grood sendee...Phillips 66/ Expert Wheel Alignment & Balancing With Precision MANDEE EQUIPMENT ft t & E^> fti K ft FOR PURE FOODS cnv.STAI, clem- Ice keeps food KIIKSH sis llic inotnciH yon Irounlil 1(. FOODS slay fresh tacuiuic Ihcy arc KKl'T cold mid MOIST! The; moisture C'.IVKN off by ice nets ii.s docs Ihn FKK.SII inornlnj; tlcw! The prngicr niohliirc IT provides keeps fluvor :il 1U< pc:ik. YOU need this moisture nil srasons of the YEAR, not Just during ho! humid summer MONTHS. Remember, evaporation caused by ARTIFICIAL heat 111 your home saps vitil MOISTURE and flavor from nil food not' ' PROPERLY refrigerated by tnslc-frcc ice. '18 LEE POWELL, Service Manager / ,'•• (Formerly With Osceola Motor Co.) % ft ft 'ft 'ft 'ft JK *. ^ ft Ice is indispensable in the making of your favorite holiday DESSERTS! ICE IN THE WINTER? CERTAINLY! ^ARKANSAS ICE & STORAGE CO. North Highway 61 Phone 2841

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