The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on May 12, 1970 · 35
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 35

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
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Irv Kupcinet Tues.,May12,1970 irtrir 3x,n Earl Wilson f 4s MITZI GAYNOR A swinging opener Gregory Back In Night Clubs , CHICAGO Dick. Gregory has resumed his role as a cafe comic here and he proved his long involvement in civil rights and politics hasn't impaired his humor. He had the capacity house roaring its approval of his sharp digs at our society, race relations, politicians. ' Gregory isn't letting his night club engage- ment interfere with his hectic schedule of college appearances. During his 21 days at the night club, he'll keep 14 out-of-town college dates by flying out early in the morning and returning before his 9 p.m. show . . . (Where does he get the strength?). Surprise of the Carson Show at the Sahara Hotel was Doc Severin-sen, who conducts the band on Johnny's "To-night" Show. Doc stopped the show with his trumpet playing. Which caused many in the audience to inquire, "Why doesn't Carson let him do that on his TV show?" Before escaping Las Vegas, we caught Mitzi Gaynor's opening performance at the Riviera Hotel. Mitzi was brilliant in her one-woman musical revue. THE GOLDMAN Brothers, William and James, of Chicago suburb Highland Park, are waging their own Hollywood Oscar battle. James won an Oscar last year for writing the screen play for "The Lion in Winter." William caught up to him this year by winning an Oscar for the screen treatment for "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Nobody in show business can match Jimmy Durante for loyalty to his crew. Song-and-dance man Eddie Jackson and drummer Jack Both have both been with Sir James for more than 50 years. That's making a career of it. Visitors to the Far East postcard that Patachou is repeating her success at the Hong Kong Hilton . . . And we get reports that Frances Faye, appearing at London's top cafe, the Talk of the Town, is the talk of the town. MICHAEL WAD LEIGH, the bearded 28-year-old who directed "Woodstock," the film based on the rock festival, appeared on a New York TV show with Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) and his son, Rep. Barry Goldwater Jr. (R-Calif.). Michael revealed he and the elder Goldwater had much in common lowering the voting age to 18, liberalizing the abortion laws and easing punishment for use of marijuana. "The senator was groovy," said Wad-leigh. "But his son ugh!" Chicago attorney Luis Kutner has been retained by the World United Formosans for Independence to defend the two Formosans who made that assassination attempt in New York on Chiang Ching-kuo, Chiang Kai-shek's son and heir apparent. Elijah Muhammad of the Black Muslims fired national secretary John Ali, his long-time aide. Honolulu actress Sherry Miles will co-star in the new Cinema Center film, "What Are We Going to Do Without Skipper?" Mirror of Your Mind The Pursuit Of Happiness By John Conwell Is pleasure the same as happiness? It is a pleasure to be happy, but not always vice versa. As Dr. Ludwig Eidelberg, editor-in-chief of "Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis" (Free Press), says "In Pursuit of Happiness," happiness is expressed in the "satisfaction that may take place between two individuals who love and are being loved by each other. The gratification of aggressive impulses may lead to pleasure, but not to happiness." Should adults act their age? Certainly, and not only because it is obvious that grownups can appear more than a little ridiculous when they try to emulate the young. Older people like this are reversing the natural order, in which, of course, the young emulate their elders. Another thing, by refusing to act grownup, adults give the youngsters the impression that it is not such a good idea to grow up and accept responsibility. , Do talkative people have more interests than usual? Some smooth conversationalists are never at a loss for words, and they may very well have more interests to talk about than the average person. Yet compulsively talkative individuals, who simply rattle on, are afraid to stop talking. They almost frantically gush out the words; for to stop would mean heaven forbid that someone may find out that they are not as interesting to talk to as they would have you believe. ANDY CAPP IftJONrT BS LATE bVu CHAUCIE, ifsN WTWrer BE OUT IATB AKOUND ERE THESE By REG SMYTIIE V IV I r NOTA BIX PET-SOU OWE MONEV IN THE DISTRICT , . I T'OW ABOUT ME YES f J 1 mm I IV i mm lAnnir 11 KA.SJC . I IV ItlK WUKrUCW III II I" . I I t ADJU I flf" I I 1 HI AND LOIS By MORT WALKER anJ DIK BROWNE ' ITS HAVING TO VHJ.TO EVERVONE WHO STOPS TO I 6IVE ME A UFT THATXJW V JOGGING! BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH T7- By FRED LASWELL -,-r-r,.,. I l-CHECKFRS FUFft' RLFKFT I llTV- A VOL! MFFP I V0R6 EVES SNUFF SLEEP, KtSlS3 1 A VACATION, LOOK LIKE TWO ) MAW-ALL-NIGHT SSrfo?ceuSSnM" f -TvVH0NEy SOFT-BOILED ( CARD GAMES- THEN POLE FISHIN AN--. rrrf EGSS, PAW "V "'" . I j BRINGING UP FATHER By BILL KAVANAGII and HAL CASH 'cn " 1 HE MUST BE IN A I I THOU6MT f WE WAS -BUT " 1 1 DCNT KNOW sCZTZZZZfZ Bm TrZZ. f THE LIBRARyHE ) TRIPPER WAS Jl HE VEODED TO WHERE HE SOT H -fr rJ22z BSJPiEL r" , Nl said he had to inhere- y takehg&rl all that irn LLd JJOHmWJcXX DO SOME 4il V TO DINNER t MONEY TO T j ja oy " TIGER By BUD BLAKE f " rwHEpgl r iHr" now VoiAe or VouVesor vl x ) ( a hrtv 6potanp j m ARCHIE By BOB MONTANA YOU CAN?? EE WHIZI OP COURSE ) I CAN'T I CAN PLAY XBELIEVE OCAN?? I, ; WHAT'S jl riTCVpoA 1 N&ll it' v y "i I -im a. riTwtp nu l hii cAin a 7idoid r i i DONALD DUCK DISNEY STUDIO WOW.' I'LL HEAD STRAIGHT FOR the club house to START BRAGGING I I JUST IN TIME TO SEE J S 1 AW FAVORITE TV I t START BRAGGING Z ( SHOW BVA , tJ- TNDIMI STROKE OF LUCK J BUZ SAWYER By ROY CRANE WHILE WE'RE GOING FORTHE ICECREAM, BU2, LET MP JUST DRIVE BY COUSIN SAM'S HOUSE, l F V f WELL... SINCE YOU'RE A TR0UBLESH00TER, ITHOUSHT ( YOU'D BE IHTERESTEP IN PEOPLE'S 7R0UBLES.ANP WHY 1 COWE ON, BUZ. MAYBE ) PORTHE LAST I sECAK HELP THEM. TIME, WILLY, I'M l , riy COUSIN'SMMILY . KNlfJI XI I '..'tr-.r'W X J. 1 f f. J- V 1 - - v lpriiOf M 1 i i JHEY'RE ALWAYS FIQHTING... HEY, ll$TI&f BONER'S ARK Bv ADDISON 1 V MOMSENSE. L BlSPEAL.' ' Vv I PRJSCILLA - N 3MNSCXJT CHEESE WHVCAMT A OMVOURLAST I SAMPLES AT THE VOOGETME JOB VOU HAP - V SUPERAAARKET.' AMGOOP A THE AUPIENCE r JSL 9 m i f i i f ' - Ruta Doesn't Rue Her Name NEW YORK Ruta Lee's been heckled all her life by jokesters who call her "Ruta-baga," "Ruta-awakening," "Ruta all evil" and "Ruta 66." popular Lithuanian girl's in Sardi's. "Ruta or rue is a flower formerly used in RUTA LEE Bad jokes don't faz htr 1 "Ruta is the most name," Ruta apprised me strongly scented yellow medicines and love potions. Ophelia in her mad scene says, 'Rue for me.' " Now touring with Judd Hirsch in "Peter Pat," Ruta expected to be Ruta-bagaed all over again. You probably remember when she brought her grandmother, Ludvise Kamandulis, 90, from behind the Iron Curtain to the U. S., where she lived happily for two years. Now she devotes time to her f a t h e r, Joseph Kilmonis, of Los Angeles, a cured cancer patient. "He's 67 now and healthy," Ruta reported. Ruta revealed that one of her pictures played in Lithuania and the natives were very proud her real name, Ruth Kilmonis, was in the billing. "It was a mistake somebody forgot to check the spelling," she said. "I am, however, very proud to be Ruta Lee Ruta as in Babe Ruta and Rota Ruta." MOMQUE VAN VOOKEN gave a party for her house guest, Rudolph Nureyev, and spilled brandy on her no-bra jersey dress which became clingy and form -fitting. Gina Lollobrigida exclaimed: "You should hire somebody to spill brandy on you every party." Jack Cassidy plays a defense counsel In "The Andersonville Trial" and chewed tobacco for the first time. "To my surprise," he reported, "I got high on chewing tobacco and it was so cheap, too." THE MIDNIGHT EARL: Orson Bean says he and his family "flipped over Australia," and that he'll spend a year there writing about other Americans who have moved there . . . There'll be an entire feature film on bosoms, produced by Larry Rivers. ( Yoko Ono once did one about bottoms.) Elliott Gould, filming "Little Murders," got Ids finger caught in a car door. As his friends sympathized, Knicks basketball fan Gould told them, "Don't worry about me worry about Willis Reedl Tiny Tim's "Game of Beautiful People" will go on sale (in a shopping bag?) . . . Jack Benny went backstage to meet Eileen Heckart in "Butterflies Are Free"; producer Arthur Whitelaw, who remembered Jack as "Charley's Aunt," jokingly offered him Eileen's role on tour . . . Xavier Cugat lost a prized ring right off his finger, while shaking hands with fans at a charity affair. TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Pat Cooper says he watched a mystery show on TV, and figured out everything but the commercial. WISn I'D SATO THAT: Taffy Tuttle claims her boy friend has no taste in gifts: "He'd give a nudist a pocket watch." Crossword Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1. Danes step 4. Perform alone 8. Wine vessels 12. Epoch 13. England's Anthony 14. Distance measure 15. Produce 17. Hebrew measure IS. The rainbow 19. Movie's Vincent 20. A fabric 22. Dirk 24. Islands in Galway Bay 25. Splutters 29. Russian community 30. Ruminants 31. Kind of vehicle S2. Certain installments 14. Zola novel 15. Scottish Gaelic 18. Slower 87. A title 40. Bantu native 41. Sacred image 42. Resemblinf a star M.Wsx 47. Earthy deposit M. Cravat 49. Sandarae tree 60. Medicinal plant 51. House wing VERTICAL 1. Wooden pin 3. Land measure S. Hygienic 4. Finch 8. Harem rooms 9. Lease T. Undivided 5. Lots token 9. Opera heroins 10. Fish sauce lL Withered Answer to yesterday's puzzle. rriojNGriAs) AfcAB (o DjopUM Ann j ole pUiRIA6'uNlTlNrT tr'nJP lilPlL QH ATE IS hiajr !E3siO j rjCj AG EMBTiK A iNsjAICT F E MPPIE 5"n vffo w Hskpi MCTa s stftr 6 O PrtopjE N H OIUjSiE a ve ID 0 V rfiR AjM SI G A sLlSiPM" TLJr R E S i i-1 mm i i Ann i Has tt MtotiM: It itsstos. IS. Emerald Ile 19. Dogs and cats 30. Coarse hominy 21. Diva's forts 22. Freshet 23. Hoarded by squirrels 28. Offspring 28. Assess 27. Hindu queen 28. Break suddenly 30. Seed 13. Mors base S4. Void's companion 88. Kind of veiling 17. Isinglass 18. Maple genus 38. David Cop-perfield's wife 40. A cipher 42. Small (Soot) 43. Dancer's cymbals 44 Sesame 45. Lamprey I. 2 i 4 s fc 7 3 9 10 : IS 16 17 r rm'. ts r t"- ST" " """" " " mM mm zo-zT T7rrr -T7 m HSii 24 W' & 2tT 27 28 "''' m.. mmm. '' g . 37 38 19 TWW-O TTT? mm Mi mm. mmm limit mm ,tUt, i i mm mm mm UmM mm 41 42 4i 44 AS r:?? rrn 1 I j f ;j I 1 1 f . j RYTTOqOPS ABCDE ABFC PBEG GHGI BJ IDI- JBKJEBKEH. Yesterday's CrT)toquip CLXMBING ROSES CLING TO METAL ARBOR. ( 1970, King TeUxm Srsdkett. Int.) TeteX! Oryptoqnlp dim D squak X .

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