The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1946
Page 3
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MON1M V, iJKCl'lMHK Schoolmen Urge 'ay Increases South's Educators Open Conference In Memphis Today. MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Dee. 9. (UP) — "ensiles to Uic 51sl annual meol- _ ., of Uic Soutliern Association oi •Colleges und Secondary Schools to'"" predicted Hint the association Id go on record as favoring a _.. . increase lor teachers in accredited bir-.h schools. Some COO educators, representing 221 colleges and IMO high schools "' U states, were here today for Ihc opening session of the meeting, which will continue through Friday. Maintenance of education .standards in ihe face of tremendous overcrowding caused by large numbers of student veterans will dominate discussions at ihe meeting. Or. Albeit J. Geiser, of SI. Petersburg, Fla., :,aUl lie believed the public is "willim; to do anything wiiiiin H-ason 11 to pay lugiiei- sai- i S5A Representative j To Visit Blytheyitlc WLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUUIKR NEWS Fre_e Schooling Proposed for War Orphans LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. «J. (U;P.)—Study of proposed veterans legislation is continuing today after a discussion hy committees of four veterans' orgnniz'i- tlons mectllng here yesterday. Although the group reached no decision us to what will be sponsored, members Indicated thill a bill will be introduced providing free college education for 'jlnl- drcn of servicemen killed in World War II. A similar measure, was cnactecd after the rim world war. J. Wesley Sampler oi Rogers, head of |1) C Amcricim Ix-glon cintt clinlnnnn of Governor nen l*m-ys veterans 1 legislative comnmtee. snkl the erouii tt '"' meet Dec. !ti or 17 to adopt specific, proposals to Pjncc before the legislature m Jamiuty. aries to teachers. "We must pay our teachers salaries sufficient to keep cnpnWc pco- I'le in the profession." declared As- so;ialion President Dr. William R. Smithcy, of the University of Virginia. Speakers ivil! include Dr. G. Oufce lliimpliroy. president oi Die University of Wyoming; Ucan 1, p. Lewis, University of Virginia;-Dr. Fred M. Alexander. Virginia State Department of Education; Dr. Roscoe K I Parker, university of Tennessee; Dr. 5 C. Carmichael. president of the ' Foundation for the ad- A representative or tlie Joncslroro office oi the Social Security Administration will be nt the Htatc Employment Sei-vlce office. 11K South Second, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to interview Persons interested in survivor's insurance and old a&o benefits, it was announced this morning by the ASKS office. Interviews of this nature are tield here twice monthly by representatives of (he •vaosboro £ office. . [Deafened People May Now Hear Clearly Science foi !!ic now made it possible !ie iVifK'w] !>• hear '•>!;•' . i| is a li?:r-in;; tlevicc so ll-at it fits in iue Iinnd and enables tliousaiuls to enjoy sermons. music, and friendly comp.inionshlp. Accepted by the Council of Pnilsioi Medicine of the American \!cciieai Associalion. This device dors no. require separate baltcry pack, battery ivire. ease or garment I" Inilgi or weif^h you down. The lone i- clear and powerful. Ko made that you can adjust it yourself to suit your hearing as your hearing changes. (The milkers' of HcHmic, Dcpl. _ 72, 1450 W. lath St.. Chicago 8, 111.. I arc so proud of their achievement that they will gladly send tree descriptive booklet ami explain how you may get a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing device in your own home without risking a penny. Write Beltonc today. The Hiiioiint of wale,- in !!ie oeenns of the world is 13 times the c ;l n,,iit volume of all the land above tea ' " level. OKDKI! III tbc Chancery <;ourt, Cliicka- Arkansas. Thclnia Lear Jackson PlnintiJI, vs. No. 0909 rank .h.ckson Defend.ild. The defendant Prank Jackson is hereby warned to appear wilhin thirty days in Ihe com I named in IV.c caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Thclma Lear Jackson. Dated this 8 day of December 1<M6. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk.' C. P. Cooper, Ally, fo I'tf. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. ad vancement of Teaching; and Dr. John C. Jordon, University of Arkansas. KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Call "The Old Reliable" One-Time Queen Of Seas Sinks Giant Liner, Former Europe, is Victim of English Channel Storm LK I1AVHK. Dec. fl -HIPl —Tti,> 40,7-ia-lon liner ijbcrte, Immciiy the Oerimni Atlantic speed champion Em-opa. .sunk on Its sta'iboa:il side in the I.e Huvrc Harbor (<>- dny after a storm-tossed collision. French officials of the coin- IKvynie ciencrale Transallanu<me. new owners oi ihi: liner, said trier'; was i:oo ( | bo|ie of pumping out and refloating the water-filled vessel. The i.iberl,. ttns wrenched truin its moorings iit 11 p.m, Sund.iy In gale, blown across the nnchjir- age ba.slu ni Uncc minnte.s and smashed inlo the overturned hulk of (he wrecked FL-I-IK-II linr'r Paris. A hole wiis torn in the Ubertc's side at engine room level. The Uhcrtc settled to the bottom, still upright. At 8 a.m. me crew was removed. Atiout 1100:1, more ihnn 12 hours afler the col- lison. Ihc liner settled down on ils starboard side. Recently ihe vessel, .something of a ba,i hick ship from the Mine she was built I,, irr.!H. was clvcn lo France by the united .Stales. America us captured the Kurop:< near the end ol ihe war. but the liner failed lo satisfy American maritime if'iiih-cmrnts. Renamed the Libcrle. the vcsse was rjeiiu; retitled lo enter the North Atlantic run under tin Trench Ilafi. A southwest mile rip- piiiR from the English Channc the! broadside, am ilc'v her into the middle of (hi basin. The Paris burned in i!)3!i whili led up at a dock. The vessel said m her side, and the hulk has licci n the harbor since then. Th French government charged th ;lrc was caused by sabotage. In 1933 [he ii3G-(oot Eiiropn. Ihei operated by North German Uoyi won Ihc Iratis-Allanlic speed rec-( oi'd. (.Tossing ironi Chrrboiirg lo New York in 4 days. l(i hours and 4H minutes. Later tlie same year the Italian liner Hex beat this record by less Ihun Ihvee hours. Eventually Ihc Atlantic blue ribbon passed to tbc Queen Mary. Fall from Horse Fatal BEHRYVILLE, A'.k.. De=. I). (UP) —"Wayne urucc Ho.vorton. ^0. ol Dry Fork, has died from head \vounds suffered when a horse stumbled and Ihrew him near his home Friday. He is survived by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cluud Howerton and two sisters, Norma and Barbara lowcrlon all ol IJiy Pork. pressing lor n new agreement, lie has los| biidles belore and fought i li» v\in the war. Mere me the avenues oiien to im: 1. If (he courts slioiilil uphold Is right to (ermluate the govcni- nent aurceineut. | H . could dvinnnd luil |)H' government nci;otln(e « ew one, Uiuler I lie Stniih-coiinnllS 1 cl, he can ask Diy witgc s(abll!i-.ii- ion buard anytime lo order n hanpe in wages and worklnr con- lilion;;. '.I. lie can relleiv cfforls lo nc-g- itiaie a conliact wlih the mine Unless Ihe coin-Is held I hat Lewis ould terminate hj.s aKieemenl with he KOi'criiiiiciii. j u . | lat i ,,„ blls | s i)|- hope lhat tlie government .uuld neKolinic with him. The rrcsent conn Ij.ittlc developed from he administration's ictusiil (o d(i o, vould lie coni))li,-a1cd by the IOIIB- landhui dillereiu-es between •ioiitlwn group and those rcpre- -entiiu; ihe rest »J the country. The southerners liiivo relnsed U iccopt K'lins of Ihe government igrcoiiu'iil as a basis for new bar- Ynur Source of Dependable Service 2089 Your Source of Dependable Service G. O. POETZ MAGNOLIA PRODUCTS ' • \ HERE'S WHY MOST MOTHERS Children Catch Cold W armins, fsoolhinir relic! from distress of colds starts ii\ :i inury when yon rub on Virkn VapoRub a I bedtime. Because VapoRub penetrates to upper bronchial tubes with its special medicinal vapors ... and Mlinulates skin surfaces like a wanning poultice. Then it works for hours to bring- relief wliils flic child steeps! Try it tonight! AT Btnm.lE rnli tliroat. 0-1, „. rhc:-t and hark v.-llli Vicks J^M"-', t'npoKtttj. Us rolirf-bruic- Hlg nctlnn srnrts Instantly to relieve choicer . , . WORKS WHILE CHIIO SLEEPS In bring relief clurlns tlio nlgln. Oflcn hy morning njost misery of the coltl is goucl TS and IMAS TREES R GROCERY NorHi Highway 61 im() n [ v Attention GOLF PLAYERS We hiive in slock foi nicdialr dt'livery matched sc'l i . i'"J"V »!*•!, Hill Al.'tnuum, (;,.|f (;|,i| ls . (•«nsis(iii K „( i| j|.,, ns , ln( | I>;IK i' ( | i- ( i| nllaiul andaiid 'i Woods. Coiii|iloU. wilh Hajr. I'Vderal >19C r:\cisc Tax Incl. B4.3 DANE FERGUS CO. Osrcolii, I'lionu Ark. 11)0 iilnliia; more recently incy have iiadc it den,- ( | u ,y wnulrd til neno- '"' ( ' on a iciilonLit basis. The UMW Is c-cuuullted lo Il^lit lor a "enewai „( H S long-sought natlou- Maiiy Men Forced Into Idleness I*wis- oapltuliillon came Just as the umloniil econtnuy was bet:lii- •K to stumble as a' result ol Ihc strike. Alter an embargo on nonessential fidulu became eJlecilvc Friday, nuuss hiyolfs were ordered or planned In many Industries. The order was revoked Immediately after I,fwls called tiff Ihe walkout. Al Ihe same lime, tbc Civilian I'lmtucllon Administration cancelled the dlmoui order In force In '11 slides und withdrew unolhev which would have extended Ihc dimimt io the of tin- nation lonltihl. .Secretary of Inleilur J. A. Kvug relaxed icdei'ul controls on coal dlslrlbntlon lust nlghl. ills new order established n priority system t» insure deliveries lo "essential consumers until production returned lo nurmul mid <llslrlbulliin lilpc- Hnrs were filled. King's order gave prlmltlcs t<i Fistula Often Threatens Health HOOK imhh,' utilities, railroads, ships and lu".boals. ho.spltals. laundiirles. oo,| |ni>n'.v,)nu planls, hotels mill •ctall dealers supi.lyliiK these con- <mners or h'iusc-)iolder«. Utilities may net sufficient coal ,o hnild their supply up to a .lny reserve If Ihey are served hy full or :w days II their shli>nienlK nine by walcr. |-\ir other COIIMUU- i'1's. Ihe eoinpniMbli' fl«ures are nul :':"i dnys, respeetlvely, Olher consumers can be supplied up In Ihe lii-or-'Jft day limit, alter I hi- priority classes have been supplied. PAGE TUBE? Any person .suPferlnK from !• tulu. lieclal Abscess. I'llc.s or other rectal or colon disorder may obtain a new -IO-IIIIKK FIl HOOK on these uiul assoei chronic ailments. The book ).v lustrated with X-Ray plclures, churls and diagrams. Write Ind Thornton .fe Minor Cllnle. S ma, D2U McOce St., Kansas rj Mo. Send a ||ALLA\ARK Cheer Card today!! • l : o!l(s wlio'irc ill .-.— or I dun-in have plenty of time * to 3|>|>rccijiff j'our_cliousht-. DHEIFUS Mi!i:l Himlii;; . . . Wiinr Iliiimmins 311 WES MAI.\ ,'il COAL Continued from !\i<, r c 1. when congress uil! lie in session. But until Ihcn, Lewis will be on his order. Lewis raised the threat of a new strike April 1, WARNING OUI>i;i! In the Chancery Court, Chii-k.i- suwba District, Mississippi Counly. s;iwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Albert Phillips Plai'.Hiir, vs. No. 9331 Marie Phillips Defendant. The defendant Marie Philliir, hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer ! complaint of the plaintlft jMb Philli|:s. Dated this 22 day of Novemb.-r. 131G. HARVKY MORRIS. Cler':. C. P. Cooper. Atty. for Pit. Gene E. Bradley, Ally, ad Lit.em. It Will Pay You to Sec FAMOUS DIVISIONS NEED PICKED MEN Jack W. Powell Insurance Counsellor Mississippi County A symbol of uncertainty LIFE INSURANCE — The symbol of Security. Office— 2] Lyncli l{Jtlfj. I'honc 3702 Residence I'houc SSOl 1' Office Ilox 00-1 Blythevillc, Ark. •>• COM PA'N Y VERMONT Out in the Far East—in Korea and Japan — Uic great Army divisions which fought down Ihe hard road to victory in the Orient arc now part of a brilliant peacetime learn. Their spectacular success adds new luster to battle (lags already bright with war-won honors. Many of these units arc now taking in new men. They accept only the best—rugged, keen young sokiicrs capable of fitting the roles established by men who preceded them. If you can measure up lo the standards required, it is possible for you to join such outstanding units. A three-year enlistment for duty in the Far East enables you lo choose tbc division with which you'll serve after completing your initial training in the U. S. • While serving your country in these fascinating places, you will be provided excellent living facilities. Far Eastern forces arc com- forlably garrisoned with fine recreational services conveniently near. Overseas duty also boosts new Army base pay by 20%—a Private makes $90 a month, clear of food, clothing, medical and dental expenses. Your nearest U. S. Army Recruiting Officer can furnish all details. • Uifcnto: Guy Umborrfo. "Ssi/ndOH." lr Wom'«ri el r« "Voice of ihe Army." "Proudly Vic HoiF." «nd Mff/or Fo •roodcaili «n your radio. Volunlccr lor One ol These Famed Fighting Units in the Far East iTjJj 1ST CAVAIRT DIVISION—The "Cavalry \^y Fir""''")*' S."'imi t '""''t'e'li'/h' 1 M»" lli'.u'i'l" \S r'okyo. Fo.iKhl uric ol the war's wildcM l'»llle» tlkinc Moni',l<: Airslri|, on I.oi Ntctoi. Kcccivccl lli>lini;iii>lit't Ci- ATH IMFANTRY DIVISION—Tlie "Ke<l Star Diviftioii" nr,w in Knrc*. 5jw lertific «c- inn in New Giiinc;i an.I Sir^apor anil moved on lo ]il;>y ,1 vit.^1 role in cle^rint; , Hie Jsps (ruin J.iuun, Philippine lal.mds. 7TH INFANTRY DIVTSION —The "lloiirr.ljisx l)Lwi,%ion.'' now hi I-'itsi to letap- lurc AmrrkAn Icnilory from Jan*. Tlichi ni«m Bll iOiei1 Unit Ciiationa for action on Aim. S^w hiuct -finriiinE on KwAJalcin, l.cytc anil Okinawa. 1UH AIRBORNE CIVISION-"Th c Anccl:,." now in Japan, Aw^r'Ierl (en JJisiinKtilshcrl Unit CElAtinn^ tm npect.iciilai fi(;rilinf: in six rnontlii on I.cylc and Ltuon. 24TH INFANTRY DIVISfON—Th c "Victory Division." now in Japan. VctCT-ms of heavy lightim; in New Guinea, Leyle., Marin<lui]iie Islflndv AwAr'ted I>i»|jn- Ciiivrieil Unit Cit.nions (or action in cap- tutmR Coirc«t«Ior Korlrcii. 2STH INFANTRY DIVfSIOFI—Tlit "Tiopic I,ii;huiinic hiv^ir>n." now in Japan. S,TW ], c - rou- hr P litine on Gu.i<I,ikar;.il. New Gcnt K >a Vrlla l^VcllA Aiir] l.nzon. Two I)i,Vin-^licl Unit Citationn for At lion on Luzon, A COOD JOB row YOU U. S. Army choose r«is FINE PROFESSION NOW! HERE'S WHAT YOU GAIN IN OVERSEAS SERVICE In /(ddilion to Foerf, torfjlnj, C/et»«i, Mcdicol oncf Donfol Care Slorlir, lait r* r fer Monld Servlt. Strvlcc It U. S. Onri«»l Scrgc.nK . ... , £100.00 or First . . ,<165.00 ^198.00 Corporal yO.OO Technical Sergeant . . 135.00 162.00 Privnlc Firsi Class . . 80.00 Staff Sergeant . . . , 115.00 138.00 I'rivarc ...... 75.00 Ov«ri*ai Service lncr«a»«l Bale Pay by 20*^1 YOUR REGULAR ARMV SERVES THE NATION AND MANKIND IN WAR AND PEACE Starling Baic Fay Per Mont* Service Service in U. S. Oveneai £1 20.00 108.00 90.00 90.00 OF RADIANT BEAUTY Straight at cupid's arrow . . . these brilliant shimmering -diamonds, mounted 1 in lavishly designed settings, point the way to her heart. The perfect gift to make her yours «orc»cr. Not in years such outstand ing Christmas values. BRIDE and GROOM THREESOME DHEIFUS 111 ftFST MAI\ST

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