The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 9, 1946
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VOL. XI,HI—NO. 220 BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS . • THB °OM'NANT NKWSJ'AI'KJl 01' NOIITHEA8T AHKANHAH ANIT ««II.,....,. Q .„.„ ^*^ BlythevlUe Dally News BlythevUle Courier Blythcville Herald Mississippi valley Louder Investigators Seek Cause of [•Fire in Atlanta Death Toil Reaches 120 With Four Bodies Yet to Be Identified ATLANTA, On.. Dec. 0— (UP) — Official Investigators, .spurred by shocked public demands, worked today In Hie seared skeleton of tho Winccoff Hotel In hopes of finding union;; the mills whore KO died a means of preventing Cm we lire catastrophes. Meanwhile. Ihc families of four missing teen-age girts will meet Tuesday, nijht to decide If they will accept th c charred remains of the only lour bodies still unidentified. The families will gather In the First Haptisl church nl Gainesville. Ga.. to examine what clues of Idrmilic.-ilion arc available—a gold ling Inscribed "SD". n high school class ring marked "FLP JfM-'J". ji key to room number 1230 where sonic of thc girls were known lo be staying. A number of Ihc 89 persons Injured in Saturdays prc-dawn fire still remained in critical condition from shock, bnriu. pulmonary f 'x- ovders nnd smashed hones received when they jumped from high in the burning building. Wo^l Hold Firs H was Icnrcd Hie final death toll may sun mount. The lire was the nation's worst holel disaster in hislory. Work of Inn doctors and nurses for the most part, now is just routine. UIIL red-eyed, ivhansted undertakers and mortuary workers still labor unceasingly. Many of them have had only short periods of respite since trie swift catas- Irophc of Atlanta's "second terrible December 7th." Representative:; of underwriter firms. lire department, officials from llunughoub the nation joined in it minute.. ronin-hy-room check of die fire-blackened hotel skcle ton. i .The city council's Tire committee will meet today. Special committees from Ihc National Five Prevention Association and the N.itiona, Conference of Building officers :tlso . will make exhaustive studies of the carnaec. Seek Cause of Catastrophe Unofficial -theories- tor 'the blaze include that of spontaneous combustion. Somewhere perhaps there were oily rags in a maWs closet. There were also supposed to be paint .supplies left, over from recent work. A guest reported yesterday that he saw sparks in the elevator shaft several days ago. He believed it wns from a short-circuit. Hotel officials have not commented. Maegard Mayor w. B. Hartsrieid H.'i.slcned to open thc holocause scene to experts for use as n gum laboratory, "so that thc nation will have thc benefit of their /hidings here." It is believed that a special grand jur.v will make a separate investigation nf thc fire. Fulton County Solicitor General K. K. Andrews said that if ihc jury found evidence of criminal nffll- gtncc. indictments would be soiiRlit against thc hotel management. iThc building has regularly passed Us monthly city rue inspections.) Hrcaiisc tlic WinecofT was li.i'.cd as "liic-proof." it, was not. required I" have outside Tire escapes. Nor dirt it Iwvc a sprinkler system. As hundreds were still milking pilUul treks from hospital to mor- Hiary. 1-lioiisiinrts of others turned to .Sunday memorial services for those who diet! iii the nation's worst hotel lire. In Atlanta, ministers borrowed their lexis from a consolinc found in the open pages of a dam.) MTin-hed Bible from one of llic lical-rorroclcd rooms: "l.rl not your hearts be troubled. YC l>eticvc in God: Believe also me. In my fathers house arc niiMiv mansions ..." Other services were held at hj.<- pilals. !!y bedsides of some who escaped miraculously, prayers for the <le;id minded with prayers of thanksgiving. One such croup gathered around SI-year-old Mrs. George D. Burch (if Chattanooga. Mrs. Durch Ml 10 floors to thc concrete, but escaped only wilh broken legs :tmi bruises. Teen-aged Dorothy Mocn. of Columbus. Ga.. despite a scvcn-fli-joi leap, received only a broken nvin Sec RUINS mi rage 5 E DOMINANT NEWStVU'EU OK MQIlTgEABT AUKANSAQ AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ' : VTJ 11C V 11.1, K, A H K A \ S A S, .MONDAY, DKCUMUKIt !), 11) 1C, $70 is Added To Community Chest Fund Contributions lo the niythevlllc Community Chest Fund for 1M7 today stood at SS36322. A total of $12,0co is needed. Previously reported $8210.22 Joe B. Evan s .. 10 (KJ J. n. Smith ',".' 5 uu John K. Lent! 15.1x1 Or. J. K. licaslcy „ 15.00 Slewait Drug Store 25. W Totals $8363.22 Lepanfo Fire Fatal for Three Seven Others Living On Farm Are Victims Of Exploding Fuel LEPANTO. Alk., Dec. 9. IUPI — One-year-old I,ola. Mae Adams died In a Memphis hospital this morn- Ing bringing to three the total number of persons who have died from bums received yesterday when a farm house was destroyed by fire near here yesterday. Mrs. Abbic Adams. 38. mother of Lola Mae. died in u hospital last. nlRht. Her three-year-old son. Ralph Adams, died in the flames. Mrs. Adams is said to have been burned in awakening mem1>cis ol her family aflcr kerosene exploded in a slove. Critically burned is J. C. Adams, husband and father of thc three dead persons. Six other members of Mie fittmc family received less serious burns. Atlanta Fire Takes Over Hundred Lives Kire roared like n slant rocket blast, through Ihe packed Winecoff Holel In Atlanta. Ha., and al. Ic i.v, 120 pel-sons perished in the smoke and flnmrs o, by jumping lo Iho street, Here, nmlmlnncrs line up in from of the fire-gutted structure in Ihc msly inornmi! alter tl\ tNEA Telephoto.i Accused Slayer Wins New Trial High Tribunal Reverses Conviction' and Prison Term of 12 Years LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 9. tUP' — Lack of n motive ami insufficient evidence today brought, alxiut. ',.'ic reversal .of a Johnson Circuit Court decision sentencing Earnest (Biidi Johnson of Lninnr, Ai'k.. to 12 yisir-i In prison for second decree murder. The Arkansas Supreme Court n versed the decision and ordered the case remanded lo thc lower court for new trial. Thc case originated In thc lower court after the nude Ixidy of Rme- hart Herman Doerr of Clarksville Ark., was found in Spadra Crecf Aug. 30. 1045. -The prose.:\ttion charged that Johnson and Docri were together the night before Doerr's death. Handing down thc reversal. Die Supreme Court pointed out th-it no motive was established and that 'the evidence introduced in the Ilia below . . . was too slight to Justirj conviction." Tlic Chicago, Rock Island anc Pacific railway was ordered by thc high court to pay $5.000 damages to Pfc. Simon Kinr; for injuries buffered in a fall from n train July 1 1945. Tlic ruling a [firmed a Ye) Circuit Court, Danville District verdict. -The accident happened while !hi train was traveling west from tic Rock. Thc serviceman report- cdly had no seat nnd xvas advisor by a trainman to sit on n slop sluo near an opening in the bagpa-.c cal The fall resulted as Ihc ir.iii rounded a curve. In Navy's Mobile Recruiting Unit Visits BlytheYille To [;ivc members of thc Nava. llr.servo an opportunity to apply for a two weeks cruise every year aooarrt one of thc ships in thc u. s. Fleet, a Naval Reserve Mo bile necrulting Unit will tte Blythcville loday and tomorrow with headquarters in the Court House. To bj eligible for the two-weeks cruise accompanied by full pay and allowances, membership In thc J^r! T°f fVC V ' 6 Pros 1 -*"" IS »ec- ? , y i h (JB ' ) J - °- Bruim ° r t oi t Smith, j,, charge of the recruiting unit, said today. This pro- pram Is open to all honorably discharged veterans of the armed scrv- i:cs, he said. Another Fort Smith man R. H. Shepherd, A MM 1-e, is also traveling with the recruiting unit 11 Die in Hots! Pire in Canada Throe-Story Building Burns After Gasoline Is Used in Kitchen {-."•ASKATOON. Saskatchewan, Dec. i UP;—Authorities attempted to- lay to complete iilenttfiralion o[ II inrsons killed early Sunday by a -peclacular fire which virtually destroyed the three-story Barry" Ho:el. Eighteen persons were injured. Some of the bodies were burned )cyond recognition. Thc holel rcg- sler and oilier records were de- itroyccl. mnking impossible an ex- ict cherfc of the number of gnesl.s. It was believed, however, the lotal ,vas less than 100. Fire Marshal Albert Hlgglns s«id tbc brick an<l wood structure was ':firc resistant." and. unlike Allan- Stark Tragedy bla/.c was biuui;ht under control. ta's WJnccoff Hotel, escapes .froni .^hich ' had fire . . of thc flc^l '(b. The 18 were injured when the) jumped from windows or fell while l.rylns to climb down ropes of knotted sheets, towels and rloUiinp:. said firemen rescued ".il- inost 50" pitests. carrying them down ladders or t-uidin;; them :iown fire escapes. Thc fire started in the hotel kitchen. A cook was I I icvcd lo have thrown some gasoline on a dyinf? fire. The resultant explosion spread bvirninp gasoline which spread ami rapidly enveloped the entire hotel in flames. Supreme Court To Rush Decision In Contempt Case Arguments to Bo Heard Jan. 14 to Get Ruling Before Now Deadline VVAKIIINUTUN. I in-. H-.IUI'J 'I lie Supreme Conrl. In an exli'ii- ni'dliuiiv li'iiiil step agii'rd today in '-I'red n final decision "n I lie con- Inupi. HI court corn-Id Inn "[ John 1'. l.c'.Us and the United Mine Wuikn;. tAI'l.i, The [-'uni ucllon mine n few hours alln the mlneiK luid Murle<l In ;;lrnim buck Inltj the ininr.'. niter an ut-diiy sli'lki' shutdown. 'llu' district rourl- here imposrd lines n| $:i,M(Ul(ll) on Hie iinlon nnd I..CWI:; lor [tolng uhciitl wllh ih<> si like in uVltaiicc of u rouri order. Ttui union iilinenlod (he i-cmvle- llons lo (he u. H, court, ol Appeals. The government Him n:;ked Ihe Supreme Court in lake over ilw nisi' directly. The hlRli cmirl's order today aiirced In devlale Horn Din nnrinui legal channels ntid review II cllri-cllv. The Mipremn conn also net all "Iv dnti'. .Jan. 1-1—tor inuumcm on the i-aje This wns nndn'slnoil I" have been agreed lo by unliiii id government attorneys! Unless the mipn me court has innisiial dlfilculty In making a <|e- iui, tills should "wnro a final iYllci. brim,- t|,r next com Mrlke deadline March ;il. 'Hie mine workers did nni i ( P' '.e llic i:iiiTini]ic(>l'.'i ,re'|U(.'.il (Iml Ihe i-ai.c no ilb-er-lty from fcdci'iil dlslrlr-l- court in i;ii|ireiiu< rourl. Chief JiiMlce J'Tcd M, Vlnson t: mt- fenrd will) piovcrninenl nnd un- Inn iilloi-iieyn Haiurdnv ami pre- •'Hi'iablv Iniliejilcd I,, Ibciu Ihcn Ihai hi;; ooiiit. would review Ihe Tins woman, a victim «f the Wlllecoff Hold fire. In Alliinld. tin. lies with her head out of Ihe window wheie •!), sou K ht In e ra] ( Many of the hotel (jucsls stood ill; the windows of their ioom s uiilil tnc smoke and flames ovcicnuic; them nnd ' they Jeil iwck Into MIC Infcrnr). iNK.^ •I'clnphuUi.i ';.-;.-.' "' 76 Blythcvillc Hunters Off in Quest of Deer At least 16 Blytlicvillc hunters today were in their favorite hunt- in!; grounds to take advantage o: the last open .season on deer thi; year which began today and lasi through" Saturday. Members of the Blylhcvild Hunting club headed for the lu.'it ing country in the vicinity o Klainc for a week's lumtiin; am fishlns. Hunters making the trh included nusscll. Uielan and Billy Galncs, u M. Vance, Fiedler Perry, Joe Cookston, clcatus Bailey. Clarence Moore. Blan H. Williamson and fioland Green. Hunliiifr in Stone County near Mountain View arc Percy Wright. Bob colcman and soli. Bobby. Vcrnon Osboni. Scott Alley and Everctte Keith. Wllh an estimated 20.000 hunters In (lie field during the .'irsl open season, incomplete returns 'o the state Game Commission showed that 1542 deer iverc bagged. However, commission experts expressed the Idea that there «ill be fewer hunters out ibis week and hence the average will be lighter. Colder Weather Predicted Mllrt temperatures continued to prevail over the week-end as identical minimum temperatures of W degrees were recorded during both Saturday night and lust night, according lo Robert E. Blaylock, official weather observer. Colder weather is predicted for tomorrow. Mrs. Jas. Perdue Dies in Detroit; To Return Body Mrs. Dorolliy Lee Perdue, wife of James Perdue of Del roil, tiled yesterday afternoon al the Herman Keifcr Sanitarium there. She was 35. Services will lie-held here following arrival O f the body Inraorru.'v afternoon, accompanied by Mr. Perdue and her sister, Mrs. R. II. Stevenson of Memphis. With arrangements incomplete today, services and burial were expected to be Wednesday. Cnbb Funeral Home, in clia:gc of arrangements, announced these pallbearers: George Stllwell. Fay Austin, noy Handlcy. Ocic Allison. Gil Burton. .1. T. SyKc.s. Mrs. Perdue, born Dec. 2. 1911. in Blythcville. had lived in Detroit only a short time. Death followed an illness or tuberculosis. Besides her husband and .sister, she also is survived by her me tier. Mrs. Minnie Garner of Blytheville: two brothers, Herbert earner of Blythcvlllc and William earner, of Ottawa, ill., and (wo other sisters. .Mi- s . Chester Gatl.-int of Stcclc. Mo,, and Mrs Kathcrine fisher of niythcville. Weather ARKANSAS—Partlv cloudy to cloudy. OcMslonai^'.'in tonight and in North and West today and in East portion Tuesday. Slightly cooler in Northwest portion today aria tonight. Wiseman Infant Dies An infant daughter was buvied yesterday afternoon but neither parent could witness the rites. The mother was ill and llic father with the Army In Japan. Tom in ie. Sue Wiseman was the name given b.v thc mother, following the birth Saturday morninc at Blythcville Hospital of the Wise, mans' first child. Tlic baby lived only three hours. Services were held at Cobb Funeral Home by the Rev. R. Scott Balrd. pastor of First Christian Church, wilh burial at Elmwood Cemetery. Mrs. Wiseman is residing at Dell while her Army-private litis- barid is on foreign duty. Her condition today was satisfactory. British Miners Trapped by Blast LONDON. Dec. SI. (UPi— Al leisl Kt men were believed lo have been trapped by an explosion loday in rtic l.owca Coal Mine near Whllehav:n, CiimbcrJand. The roof of some sections of llic miiif caved In at many plit^s. I Three men were brought nut b.idly blirnerl. It w-as reported that '^no nr-n were working in Ihc diggings ;,-! Ihe lime of the explosion. Some lift were believed lo be In llic imm-.'- dialc vicinity of the blast. One group of 23 men escaped im- iiii-dialely anil an hour later lli,ve more were brought to tbc surfuc-. Tin: explosion occurred about 3:-l"i a.m. i3:l!> a.m. ESTI in the mine owned by llic United Slcel Coiu- panies. l.trl. He.sciir parlies wen- organi/^d by Hie secretary of tho Cumberland Minns Assnt.-jaiion. -r. Fjtrphen.--on. An attempi v:as l>eing miule In contact 1:1 men who were near Ihe explosion and ;ire missing. Fire Damages Residence at 515 S. Franklin Illylhcvlllc lirrinen made live runs over Ilio weekend. Ihreo "f t.'icm lo grass (ires. Only one lire resulted in serious piopnty damage. Fire of unknown origin rair.c;] serious damage to Ihe interior nf tin- residence of Mis. Naomi Kaiilh Wheat. Sis South Franklin, r-ivly Halm-day nlchl. Believed tu VIVP startc-d in a bedroom, the bliiy.o curretl while no one was in house, causing heavy dam:i4f each room and resulting in lire t.'Bter damage lo furniture. Firemen brought under cnnirnl n overheated oil healer yc.-.icrd.iy fleriimiii al (lie Charles Brvanl residence on North Eleventh Kiivi-i. No damage resulted. Runs were made lo exlincins.'i :< trass lire yesterdav noon al 2ir, \VI-M Davis and two others Saiimlav -'I- ternoon at 118 West Kcnturky and 1100 West Willow. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 280,000 Coal Miners Return to Work Alter lewis (alls Oft Strike I'l'ITSIUIlUW, Her. 1). (U,! 1 .)—Tho lu-lr t\v(i.iui(|.||-h,iir week sli'ikft. Uoporls inoro lliiin liHO.OOO <I[ KKWH wore b»ch in t ilnll.s ro|)or,lo<l across (.lie tmtion. The back lo work march slnrled early lod«y Jji HIP custom flelih anil Ihc working forte grew hourly. Nlghl r.hllts will swell the loUl-^ some miners still awnitcd "official" nollce of John L. Lewis 1 r.t-rJkc c:in- rellnllon order, but were prepared" i return na soon no locul iinlou- icollnss could Iw held, • With Hie resumption ol coal pro- il'ietlon employment In coal con- Mimlng huliisttles hsgan to ellmfj. flallroHd workers were recalled and Itirlniiiih for Itwtory workers can- cclleil. nut the Mcfl IndiJslry hnm- licred b.v cooled funmccr, arid short cniil sup]illes, <xa:t not rxwelcd to rernl? pre-r.lrlkc opcrallonal rntcs for 10 rtays lr> |,wo wcrks; . Mines (;ioMrt is ji,,j Tlir •ninfs began reopening lo- dit;- liner HIV 18-day fitrjke shut- Five Blythevil!e Men Enter Prison The lllylhcville tor mure than n men year, lit. In a cane the .md Washington Man Hurt Carl Aslin ot Washougal. Wash., wns undergoing treatment today at Blythcville Hospital for minor In- Jm-les received yesterday morning I" an automobile accident. Hfs nose was lacerated, and a knee Injury, upon examination, was disclosed of :i minor nature but he rcm.ilncd In the hospital loday. Unlightcd Wagon Hit By Auto Near Barticlcl A collision late Balurdav nl?hl on Highway 18 near Harf'ielrl between a ear driven by Karl Bell of Arinorel and a mulc-drav™ \vae on driven by fiobert Lester. Nearo ° r Barfield. icfulled In damage to the wagon and the death nl one ot the mules. Bell was easlbound and Lester was westbound when Ihe accident occurred. Lester's wagon was uti- lielHed, officers said, but was being driven on the right side of the road. Lester was the owner of tlic mules, tllry said. Debate Swells LAKE SUCCKfc'l!, N. Y.. Dec. II. <UP) Kgypl Joined France In the Unllcd Nallons disarmament debate today with a proposal Una all mcirbers bccin callinj- home their armies abroad and start, general demo'.iili/.allon ol their armed lor- rcr.. Kcypt Mibmilted an amendment fo the disarmament resolution being dialled by a subcommittee of the political and security cr.mmitlce callini: lor "the gradual and 'balanced withdrawal" ol forces of UN members "stalionetl oul.sidc I heir own territories" and liernobill/.Titlon of their own forces. The \\nrdliii; was similar to thai of a French amendment. IJllK Ihe Kg.vpli.-in amendment also (-ailed for UN members l.o withdraw their armed forces I mm Ihe i.crrilnry of other mnijb.Ts wJirje they are stationed without consent "without- delay. 1 ' nrilain's Kir Hiirllcy Shu •xcrma proponed that a dcmund for the military staff committee lo get down la woU: on Ihc nerds of UN's international police force be wril- len into llic disarmament le.'iolll- lion. Floral Concern Plans Opening For Wednesday Another nc* business In lieiiic established in Hl.vlhcvllle by Mr. and Mrs. Hives C. Allen who will '>prii a limit] shop WerinKflay at their home, -in Clilrkasawba. To be kntnvn as Allen's Flowers, Ihc new firm will feature flowers for weddings, funerals and r."- sages. alonr «ilh decorations [or parlies, while other doii.irtinenl-'- will specialise in potted plant* and sale of gift pottery. Mrs. Allen lias rciruUy returner] from St. L/nns where she was crarliiated from Graham and Cior- l.v Moral .School of Hrslciilns. Bolli Mi, and Mrs. Allrn were In St. Louis for the past several (lays, buying .stock for the business, and will spend tomorrow I'll Memphis. purchasing additional Ho'Acr.s for (he holiday business. Mrs. Allen was for Iwo years connected with 'flic Flower Khop. The daughter of Mrs. Alice Womack and the laic C. E. Woinack. her father wa.s an educational leader of Mississippi County and her mother also, for many years, has been a school Inslruclor. Mr. Allen, son of Mrs. Matlic Allen has been in thc oil business a number of years, having also been reared In IJlylhcvillc. Bolh Mr. and Mrs. Allen will be active In thc Ticw floral shop, which has been arranger! in the west unit of the Alleii-Wr.mack rosjdcntr. involving -r.Udo law iog»rdlng bor, today worn lnr»«li'.-i o f tin L ArkaiiKii.'/ Stain I'ciiltenllary \\ ^TirrfjT,r_ WlWliyf, .eif'i'wy.f'l!., •'•• 'ihelr cominllln't'iil.i' until" Dci\ V -The men are Allon Collins, Holland Oaklny, iienny overio I'rank C;ui'eln and Hilly Tup): Encli was given u one-year leu lioiub. held by the olflcc i Sheriff Hlile ./nckson pf-iiilhi^ their arrival al the Mule prison, were canceled today afler tlic prison office icporlc'd their arrival Hierc. This IK the second conviction since enactment of Act 10:1 nl tin-. Arkansas Legislature in:w session ,,u rt -afoil 11 nl as Jny Cotton Estimate Again Lowered Agriculture Officials Now Place 1946 Yield At 8,482,000 Bales WAHIUNCIION. Dec. 0. (UPI The Aurlnillinr Department todav predicted n ifffd ,-oiion crop nl *.- •lltt.noo bales. The reunrl represents a dci-reii-ir ol li.nco hales fmin Ibe department 1 estliuale which placed which itnpiisrs a prison sentence upon those found [;nllty of using force to iirevcnl an employe from igagln^ In business. The defendanls were charged wllh n Hacking A I,. Cobb. m. driver of the City Ilus Lines, Hertt.. 15, lH1. r i, itller some of them had left employment, of T. J. narncK. who operivle.'i the bus line licivI'lckcllni: of l.Hi- bus lines' otlle,: allegc'rlly by Ihc dc- injecfed during tint Nr.v. crop (it (MBI.OOf) lilies. One mole estimate will be made on thlr, yeav':i crop. Thlr. yenr'.s estimated ylelil p-nrs w lth lost, year's crop of I).. lidlcs and Hie 10-yriir IflM- 1-t avciann ol I'.l fiM.OCiO lude.s, The new crop eslluiHle Is only sllchlly inrj-cr I linn Ihe IMI rrop of 'l.mri.onn bales, wlilru was the smr 1 L:\-i!; since 1«M, ' ' Tin' ciil.liniili- wiui based on citip eondl! luns n-c. I. Condltlom; Iheil Indlcaled a yield ot '.'M.I pounds of cotton lint per acre mi lotal plnnl-llilis of n.ti:m,f)00 wics. Thi! depiii-lnifiiL will miike lu fl- nnl rep'irl. on cotton pioihictlon iie.xt sprlni;. Mciinwlille, the i-ensii.s biirenu reported Hmt T.tltt.nH bales of cotton were jtlmicd from the 194« crop pvlor lo Dec. I. This compares with rij& bales during the. tror- rcspondlnu period of 1945 and «.- 2H'/.7OT balcK In in-H. 'Cutlnniieed producllon from the ir>4« ,einp WIIH plafetl at 3,45'.t,00!l tons, six per cent below ttml- produced In IMBj'Ud IH iwr cenL he- Inw Llie 10-year averaRC. H was Dslluniled Dial B3» iwmid.'i of eol- tonsced were produced Uila yew ,for each ^7.1 jiniinds of lint. I'hn 'departnlf(il~TBld 'Ihi;" feln- th-ly small , 1B46 crop b rt'tle to nntavornblc weather and severe boll weevil damage In Mississippi nnd Louisiana. Damage MHO WM more than average In Texas. Oklahoma. Arkansas and Alabama Colloii prodiicllon In hnlcs "y p-lncipal producllui; states Included L North Carolina 120.000, South Carolina onsnou. OcorKla 655,000, Ten- ne.ssee Siq.OOO. Alalxttna 8f».0<X), pi I.CIO.OM, Arkansas l.- MO.r.dfl, Louisiana 250,000.. Cot-tonseeil production by tons In principal producing slules Included: ' Carolina ISR/XM, South Carolina mooo. Georgia 2l».000, Triiiiessre M3.000. AlubniTia .110.00:), Mississippi 4.12,000. Arkanwi.') 510,Ono. Louisiana 103.000. - e down. leaving tlin- tcihporarlly ' J ° lm :l(. the lime, renrlanl:-,, vvii (rial. .Sentenced Nov. \y. of lust. your. bnnds were Ri-jinlcd for appeals Ihe Stair -Supreme (Jmirt nnr when the higher court .iffll'Mic'rt decision rf the lower courl. Hie men remained at liberty while ci- forl.s m.-tde lo appeal In Die United .Slates .Supreme Court. flirniii. .fudge /.al I!. Harrison, in chrrkljjf: flic rlorkrt. ;a his rt- r-nl- terms of court here, saw tnc ar-er, "si 111 pending." He tsMjrd cf»mml1meuLs bill, jillnwnl Itp detenfianls a inon'n's lime al. liberty under bond be!ore. brclnliini; Hie .sentences. l"l;c sheriff's office iiere rcccl'/erl "receipt" frrim llenslee, .is- :lant. .superintendenl In rh.ii'.'jo of Tucker Farm, who nolllieu Sheriff Jackson that Ihe men arrived wllhonl £iiard antl were now in Ihe penitentiary. Youth to Be Arraigned On Charge ot Burglary A preliiumarv Mayor nen 7-'. Butler ing before of Osceolp on clnirccs nf burglary anil crand larceny will be heUI tomorrow morning tor Mickey Ilnrgess. ar- leslcd Iherr yesterday inornlm: lor Ihe theft of S1PO from an O'.ccola rooming houriC. -Ilurge.'vS coule.'-sed lo Ihe Ihcft following his arrest. Osccola |X>1K'C said. Court to Demurrer in Vote Contest New dale of |lie hearing for Ihc roint to pass ii|ion iletnurrcrs fllcrl l,he defendants in Mir election suit of Jack Kinlry Jlobln- i against William Berry, has h-cn .set. for Friday at Osceola. It was announced today by rjlanric !•'. Cooper and T. .1. Crowdcr. at- torney.i for the nlnlnlitr. Circuit. .IndRC Waller Klllmiah of Wynne Is scheduled fo pass np- Ihe demurrers, which include a illon to dismiss I lie suit In which Mr. B"rryman oiislrd as sheriff- elect of Mississippi County. Dale ol Mic liritrlng was liosl- poncd from today at Harrisburg afler some of the atlorneys for the <lrfrnl:tnt cnuld not attend. Mr. nriryuian. elected by 232 votes on face of returns In the Aug. 13 primary. Is represented by W. I.eou .S'mllh. C. M. nuek and Graham If the demurrers are denied. Ihc r.i.-cc is Mated to be started Monday al Osceola. It was said . N. Y. Stocks 2:00 p.m. qiiotal ions: A T fc T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth steel Chryrtcr Coca Cola Gen Motors MonlRonierv Ward N y central Int Harvester Norlh Am Aviation . -• Radio Socony Vacuum Studeb.iker Standard of N j Packard lii'i 3-B 83 3-1 -10 l-'i 02 1-2 88 '-8 M5 1-2 f>'i 3-1 01 I-2 18 7-8 73 3-4 10 1-8 0 3-4 Livestock 21 . 67 fi 3-1 f-'f. LOUIS NATIONAL- «TOCK- VARfW. Dec. n-(UP)-IUSDA— Mvr.Mnck: I toss l.l.fifMl: j;al,ililc 11.SOD; ruar- kei fairly active wllh 2M Ins down nnd sows mostly Me lower lhati I-'ridny's avfrncr. Heavier weights .Mcady I" lOc hiaher; bulk good ind choice no to 300 Ibs.. $23.75 to $24: lop. $24 paid mainly for Heights under 240 Ibs. cdd lot* 320 to 350 Ibs. $23.25 lo $2,1.50; 130 to 150 Ibs.. $21.50 lo J.2.',25; 100 to 120 Ibs.. $20 lo S2I. Cattle: 9.100; salable 8.000: calves 3,000. all salable; literal supply ot callle not yet yarded. About 15 loads of steers on sale early and a little more than 1-3 of run comprised of COWK. Good to lop good .steers, $23 to $28; with some loads of medium. $17.50 lo $21; medium to low good heifers and mixed yearlings, $10 lo $20. . vnn- 'Stlll facing - —. .....,, n ,t to win the new fonlrHct, he wnnU lor his United Mine Workers. -,•.-'"• Lewis »•»». bnii-d Jit on <Hii5 »Mr ".» • rnvemmeiit xtt.xk In thf> rmirls, <m anMhrr hy Itjut Ihrrat HI l.lmr Irftlslatlon from nil an- jry Conirrtiw. »n<V on ntlll xnnihrr »>y » rltrp iplll » mon n Trii ,| mine «Mritr%. Tlin MOM- slfji .In tho court \M- Uc wu( rxpcrterl to be a decision '>>' [I' 1 ' Supreme Coin I, today to lake JiirsdlcHon of llic case, fltil cvciV wllli-Mirh swift action, n final rul- Inr may hn'pecks uwciy. ' ,. ,., Wllh an eye lo pant mine dlii- inites, govtrnmeiu ofitclals were prepared for some delays In reopening nilncs today under llic back-lo- work order Lswfs Issued Sattirdav. However. Miey Iho'uglit. the.miner:; ' would ho wore pager than usual" 0 return to'ftli:.'e (ho walkout cosl them 18 rlnys' p»y, wllh ChrUtina.i • spproiicl.iltik. ami they lost ! »f-lc»st-' seven weeks' WHBM In the;striker, last- Hiring -• • .,,. , .Tlic BovcrnineiilTiMl night est^b'- llshed n priority xystcin Ho.'crisuro coal for most e.wetitlnl users ilnta production does reach normiil: " > S!?.. rwiicst I tor.V. «uprem«. courl ffriw- ci<ti|c«-from (he goVernrn'tnV w«t Frjdaj', two days »rler Kcrt- crul olntrjot, Jutige T. Al»n Qolds- liori)U K h levied » $3,500,000 fine on t»e UMW> Riiri a 110,000 flnq on I-ewh for- conteinpt of court. Wiirs still Before Court* HtMi'before aoldsborough Is thc bnsic dispute over .whether Lewis hud « right |o lennlnntc thc union's wage contract 'with thc government, LC,»MS claimed he did and Iho mlncrr, 5 truck in response to (he >rnilnt)llnn police. His nrd'or HHturdny scut'll)eiii baek in the g'lvennnhil - .opernlcri blliimlnous mines on the' terms previously In effect. * Ooldiborough hnd sought, to avert, a strike pending a ruling on Lewis' contract termination rights, 'fc held I.eils nnd the uplpn In cc'iiternpt of court when they 'ig- »otcd a restraining order requiring 1 hem to coll off Ihc strike. The ••onlrnnl-. lfrnilnat[>>n dispute prob- »blv will reach tiie Buprsnie -Courl, loo. . ..-.-,, . fly rnlHng oft the slrlKc,'ic%ls escaped n new conteinpt charge under a pn-llinluury Injunction is- r-ued by OoMsborohsth to •- rcpl >;e the restraining order. floverniiienl, siKikcfmcn . would n»l s n y. however, UMW leaders hnd waned prosecution under the .Smllh-Connally Act. which forbids encouragement. O f strikes In Kovcrnment-operaled properltcs! II was Indicated thai UMW leaders, other Ihan Lewis, 'sltl! niljlil Inrcels of prosectilton. \j?->. Is alieady lias been fined twice- the . . allowed under Ihe f'mllh-Connally act. Lewis and UMW attorneys expressed confidence of a Supreme Court reversal or OoWsborough's conlempl verdict. Whatever ths decision, it may be significant In showing Congress and the adinln- klniI inn what steps can bo tnken lo cope wllh Inbor dlspulcs construed lo bo jeopardizing Ihc public welfare. Slill Srtklnic Strike Oubs ' While Lewis' back-lo-worfc order wns welcomed In Congress, it illtl nol soflcn demands for new legls- l«tlon lo impose curbs on strikes. It did remove (he coal strike as B factor which might create pressure /or immediate action after Congress convenes Jan. 3. By .selling a March 31 expiration Sec. CQA1, on fajrc 3 Luxoro Motorist Fined John Levma of Luxora was fined $10 and costs In Municipal Court tbLs morning for a traffic violation as thc result of a collision »t Walnut and Second early Sunday morning between a. truck driven by him nnd a car driven by P. S. WilliaiUs, Negro of Plat Lake. N. Y. Cotton Mar. May July Ocl. Dec. .open 3H5 3060 292S 26J5 high low 2:30 31«9 3123 3130 SC90 3065 3085 2941 2900 2941 264% 2S20 264J 1150 aid 9141

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