The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Nat Roughies Ip Tangle Again Leo Newman Teamed With Rodriguez to Battle Steddum, Moody Leo Newman nud Ills playmate, Carlos Rodrlquez, are slated (or another tug match iicrl'ormance Monday night in Che Legion Arena. And something always happens when these two appear. Tlifs week it will linppen to-Bill Steddum and Jack Moody, billed as the opposition team. Puling (lie past month, tlic Newman and -Roclrlquc?. duet has fcen high and low, winner and loser, fnvorlte and micicrrlog, Mr and toiinng. Last Monday nljjhl, the nair played the villians nncl fouled (heir wiiy out of being benl- cn several times, winning the match over Hex Moulcy and Hoy Welch after doing everything but planting land mines under the mat. -Three weeks HBO they v,pre' the •underdogs, and Wok a shellacking from Bill Canny and Hed Roberts. Weakened by n profusely bleeding head cut, Newman had to be enrl- ed away by Rodilquez before the tag match got past tlic tirst I nil. Bodriqucz returned to Innglc with Canny, two out of three falls, nut Gunny's iron fist put the Latin awny In five minutes. The words "scientific wrestling" appear somewhere in a book Newman and Rodriquez have never read. Their methods can't be classified exactly. It's more a matter of pointing out the mat, the opponents and ringing the bcfl. From that point, anything goes with them. Bill slcddum is a hard-hitlins sray.plcr who also poscsscs scientific wrestling talents. But he will probably not, get a chance to use them Monday night except »-r tactics involving speed. Stcdclum can absorb, rough treatment, us well as dish il out. Jack "Spider" Moody wrcsllv test K'hen ho is slightly Irked »t his opponent, and this should come to pass In a hurry when ho meets Ne-iiiwii. l.'is favorite hold Is n Slrangler Lewis head-lock, with which he has won most of his victories. In the one-fail openers. Newman will (angle with Steddnm and Rodriguez will grapple with Moody. Bi/yrmsviLLE (ARK.) COUIUKR NEWS Osceola 'Gravy Bowl' Grid Game To Be Just What Name Implies i.^ _ Osceo/o High Schedules 74 Cage Contests Major Leagues Act to Tighten Waiver Rules By I,EO H. I'F.TEKSEN (Imiicit Press Sports Editor) LOS ANGELES, Doc. 7. <UP> — The major leagues moved to tighten up their waiver rules today as they met in their annual joint session closing the 1946 winter baseball meetings. Both the National and IXMeuc voted for changes which prohibit clubs from asking waivers on more than seven players in any one day. Heretofore they could ask for waivers for every plnyer on ilr-ii roster at the same time i Additionally, they limited the .number or times that waivers may be asked on players. In any calendar year, waivers can be asked on the same player only three '.!mes nnd if any club claims the player Involved the third time the olaver automatically goes to the claiminn •team for (ho $ waiver price i-Wajvcrs can be withdrawn the first two limes in event there are nny claimants, but the stricter regulations are expected to remove one of. Ihe game's sore spots. In Uv past clubs have used the m«s waiver lists in order to get nl-.r'^s of ,pne league so they conld be <oid to teams in the rival circuit. Memphis Chicks Trade Curler to New Orleans MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Dec 7 (UP>- pne of Ihe leading pitchers in the •southern Association last vc-r »)? lll ! a " ctcr B >' r °» Cook of MO:,',: Plus, today was on the roster of Ihe New Orleans Pelicans j-Thc Chicks traded Cook to New WH i ". 1 V Utrism in p «"ange for hard-hittmg outfielder Red Ixjvis Cook won n games and lost^i'v for the Chicks «, lc past '^, o ! i ; To raise funds tor the )Hirchaso»- of gymnasium equipment for the high school, the Klw»nls Club of Osceola is sponsoring „ benefit gome there Thursday night which »lll bring together two of the re putedly roughest teams ever to wrestle » pigskin la R Gravy Bowl grid classic. E. P. Bradley, president o: the Osveola Klwaril.itu, dropped an ominous hint regarding Ihe' rugged brand of hall cxjiccted /when he pointed out yesterday that i;j .sole purpose of lhc grime was to r.|>e funds for the gymnasium equipment nnd that the club assumes ho responsibility for ."ally damage suffered by the players or spectator" The ixxsl-scnson—and post-graduate—team line-ups follow; 1 'flic Redskin Ramblers — Dtikio Speck (captain), Paul Ulaekwood, .-.,.t Si:ccK, It. D. Mrars, lillly Uow- <H>, Edgar Young, John Ed I'hll- hus, Harry Minion. BPII nutlcr Jr.. Arthur Ayrcs, Henry James Swift. Mcivln Unplm-.s, nnd ervu Hendrlx. The sunlnole Bow Wows—Rube Boyce (captain), Red Amiable. Fimnlt Wilson, Jimmy Knrwlck. Billy Reid, Bill WnUon, Herman Phillips. Bo Pairlcy, Leo Schrclck. D. E. Ycimjr, nobcrt Ciay Driver. John T. Dllliud, jc* Shlppcn, and Allen Scgraves. Racing Board Schedules Oaklawn Meet LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 7. tUPl— The Arkansas naming Commission yesterday prantcd the Oaklawn rtaclng Association a license to operate Oaklawn park In Hot Springs for 30 days from Feb. 24 through March 29 The commission agreed .upon key personnel at the annual spring meet, tightened restrictions on the use of drugs ,and agreed that the state should accept Ihe same percentage of the parlmiituel lake as at pa"St meets. The state collected $>9l,000 from the race meet this spring, figured on five per cent of the total riiioiint wagered and 50 per cent of the breaks. Key personnel approved included: P. J. Holmes, general manager 1 S. L. Nuckols. steward; P. N Burke Mmianna. state steward; Dr. P W Ashc. honorary steward- E. W Bury, track secretary; . R. P. Me- Aiiliffe. Judge for the association; ' ^Fourteen games and two toiirnn- ments are listed on the 104*5-47 basketball .schedule for Osecola High School, Coach Rube Hoyce announced yesterday, one open dale remains on Ihe schedule. Ten boys have fumed out for basketball this season and 1(1 glrlx turned out for their team. The schedule follows: H"C. 11. Osceola at nee. 10, Osceoln at Luxorn. 13, niylhevlllc at Onccola. IG-17-18, ShaMiiee Tourna- Oamdcn, •'n«Re Dr. William nnd Carl M. L. Turner of for the commission; Dlackshire, chemist; Burns, starter. The commission denied Petition; of jockeys Marcos Peiln and William Lang for rc-insUtcmcm at the track. The rmlr was set down last season on charges of using electrical devices on tlic horses H. Highfill of Blythcvillc mission chairman presided com- Dec. Dec. mom. Jan. 3. Oiccolii at Jilythcvlllc. Jan. 10. o.'ccnlii ni Wilson. Jan. 13 Dyes.s at Osceoln. Jan. IC-n-18, Imxlng. Ciolden Gloves Toui-namcnt. Jim. 21. Mis.sco ;i| Osceola. Jan. 24, Open. Jan. 2B. Wilson at Osueoln. Jan. 31, osccolii at Mlssco. Feh, 4-5-G. i,cpnnlo ToiiriiHinenl. Feb. n. Shawnce nL Osceol.i. Feb. 14, Uixorn at Osccola, Feb. ig, osccolrt at Keiser. , l-'ch. 21, Oxceuln nt- Shawnce. Feb. 25, ICciscr at Osceola. | On the boys' cage squad arc Tommy Banister, Freddy Banister, Billy Uay Drcmuin. David Hisnv.-, Billy Kersey, stcve Ralph Jr.. Bobby Dean Reid. Eugene Sliancyfelt, Jerc Wlsmen and Hnbbaid Woot-' en. Members or the senior s h-ls' team arc Mary Ann Adams, Mary Louise Aslimore. Carolyn Banister, Catherine Bootlie, Helen Huchanan Bettle Bui-ch. Nancy Cnldwell. Wilma LOU cllnlon, Ann Driver Anna Jean Poster. Maignret O Kmy. i>cBBJ' Lou Grlgsby drawers had been j> u |) C d i o Iho floors as trapped guesu attempted, to lake with them what of their valuables Ihey could salvage Bui Ihey Rave them up in order to Ivy lo save their lives and many failed In that effort, too. Many Indies were found sprawled In Ihe hallways or In tlic rooms of the hotel. The ices cf one body protruded from H second floor mar I (luce overlooking Pcachtrco Street ' Firemen could not remove the remains bccuisc they feared the front wall of the bulldhn: might collapse Firemen Arrlvr- Quickly Firemen arrived minutes afler lhc lirst alarm. They brought every piece of equipment, Including hooks and ladders, lower pressure pumnl crs and rescue nets. This 1ms been .standard routine for every down- SATURDAY, Kiv? tliem. At c o'clock one ol Hie women Her companion picked her up and held her at the window a few minutes, where the smoke was thinner. Then they both fell back into the r«ow. Kelly llutuley, llj, a delegate In Ihe meeting from (Jriffln, <i;inj:hler ol Mr. and Mm. HI. V. llnguley, r>f Oriflin. <ja., threw her suitcase out the window, put mi her roat and ttlmJf Mjlkcil alnnj a narrow protruding ledt« in a larldrr three witulou's from l-fr <> »n, It was second inm: m the past few months Hint such a ledge iiad idi, bins, Judith , ,„„... ,,, illv Yomig nml^Sni-n.Jo wlndlnml. the flames. Reassurances from (he street a:>- pearcd to forestall panic for a whil" From the entire wall of lh c bntM- 1'ig, fourth noor to th c nrtccnth came n chorus nf cries for lielp. '| lo mill floor, occupants began 'lo be forced by the Jinnies out of Window after another. Firemen town alnrm since a disastrous /Ire In the Cable Piano Company here several years ago when a; number of persons perished It "° was charged after Uint r| re Him "" slowness in ccttlng equipment to thc scene caused the flames l.o (jet out of control. Yet. 35 persons were killed live years lulcr In the Terminal Hotel fire. Alter a Nci;ro elevator clrl, Rosita, smellcd smoke. Night Malinger Comer Rowan somehow knew It was going to be bad and began dliufi Riiesls at once. Survivors were Riven coffee and i shelter at adjoining hotels, the Ansley, Piedmont and Henry Grady, all within a two block area of thc Winecolf. Two unidentified yi'i'ng women, about 18 and 20, were trapped on thc 12lh lloor fronl of the building. Silhouetted by flumes, they waved to thc crowd below to make ccr-, lain they were seen. One man Innncd lo death oiil the sixth floor while awjiiflng for, firemen lo rescue him. One minute he was standing there watching and walUnj;; the next his clothing i caught tire and he collated into tlic enveloping flames. A couph: on the fifth floor found their escape cut off. In thc bed with them was their curly-haired two-year-old daughter. They scooped the child up and held her out the window, high over the street, protecting her from thc heat. All three were rescued. . Sheet Hope Breaks ! rc " | The first person to plunge to Alm death was 11 girl of about H. life. Fire Chief Slyron, diirliiB a fire at the Piedmont Holi-l hore, saved himself by such an nr F ? ^ nssc >' Either she "or some one else ... ' Ctljl Nc " """''tier l«h door room had fashioned Thompson, Mary Sue. „ ro]M from a sheet and towels and by it she dangled for a while from the window. They it bvokc and she fell. Two women stood at a window on Ihe 12th lloor for more than two hours, smiling and waving at firemen who shot streams of water toward them. The water fell short of their window, and tlic fiamcs crept tip- ward—from tlie tenth floor lo the Hth. then to rooms around them on the 12th. Franklin I-'eder of New York, a hold guest who had left to meet friends at the airport only « few minutes before the fire broke out. watched them. "Look at them smile, when flames are all around theni," he said. "That's real guts." . ' •''' The firemen lost (heir fight to one ncum-cil a net Into an B |ic y <-t ii-e hotel's rear, where rooms were fiin being wiped out. The net -iui.>iu some, but missed olhcrs. i Thousands of persons Jammed the streets. As dawn came the roped off streets caused tremendous jams as many streetcar normally flow into Pcnchtrcc Street. Firemen ran hoses to and bus lines the city along the top of FIRE Continued frnm Tafr I. appeared at n window on the'ninth floor and let down a rope of sh-i-is she had made. Firemen bcugcel "her >o wait but she was frantic wii- She lowered herself ( o a wlnrti« ledge where rescuers were placing someone else on a Ijkdder. Hul J"Sl 3. tew feet from safety, n, e sheets parted and she dropnnl screaming lo her death. Another woman stcpiitd (o a v',\\ dow ledge on one of the lop JloOi-i Pimscd tlic-r P.. moment with hr-r nlghlgown shining „•£,](<, | n . fro ,, t of the flames. Then, the garment" too was afire.'She leaped toward » safety net. But .she missed .,," net, landing instead astride ovr-r- [d power wires that broke her I. There, she hung. In Jlames. mi- «'C« "l^r'rt 4 ? "'"- Wl<6 " lartri "'« vcic placed for rescue from ijie •owcr windows, nremen and poilr"- men on Ellis street motional;" i d _ e op o fashionable Davison-Pa.xon Department store, directly across Ellis I Street from the Winecoff, and nlay- | cd water on the flames. | Taxis were put into use as emergency ambulances nnd carried .some tals dCiU ' n " d lnjurccl to liospi- Scrjeant "Saves" Papers An army sergeant, who later said he carried "Important" government papers, saw no chance of bcinc r " c ", cfl ', b»t nf'In't stop worrying about his documents. He couldn't come down himself, so he threw Hie p.ipers out his fifth floor window. Col. p. s. Lee. Seventh Army provost marshall, who directed military police activities at the fire, said the s f cant, who's name was withheld, was later brought down by ladder. Corridors and rooms of the filth floor— first to b". examined— were blackened ruins with plaster and wallpaper liltering the floors A child s doll lay in the ruins. Evidence of attempts lo escape were found in almost every room Inadequate ropes had been fashioned of blanket.?, sheds and towels Sonic had never been used; others were tied to window-ledges or beds pushed against the windows Clothing and personal possessions lay on bureau tops, and dresser iveras l-owls had a .3«j batlin" with thc Pelicans. At thc same time. Chick ofnci ,1s mfirmed n rc , rort t ,, nt |nc _ Phis stpiad would K 6 lo B.iv S' ins. Miss., for spring Ira'inhV IF YOU NEED— Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes or Any Heavy Refrigerator for Immediate Delivery CALL Stccle 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.I.IS 1'OOI.K, Owner A Mj Highway SI North :it HOLLAND, MO. >• v % /•"• V "•" ^ A ^^ AA ^^^* XXXX * XXSXX ^* x **^^^>S'«v>^^ Chiropractic for Health | Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 ? DR. TORSTEN UNDQUIST f Ncuro Calometcr Service i Guard Bfdg., 209^ W. Main § ^Hione 3170, Blytheville, Ark. \ ^TSIWORKS (WHOLESALE) A wide variety of thc mo sl snlablc items ii.clu«Hn 3 Cap Pistols, Caps, nnd Plenty of Chinese Firecracker Also Special Assortments WRITB FOR CATALOG CAN TAKE CAKE OK LARGK JOBBERS OX CHINKSK TAYLOR FIREWORKS COMPANY K O. Itox 773 BACK AGAIN! iV.arliii Oil Company i s "riving :i«iiy alisohilcly free, useful .and valuable pri-miunis of fint'sl (iu;ilily. Ucincnil,ei' — llicsc preiniuriis arc .-ib.solulcly I rev ID all our .nasoline i-uslonicrs. Save your coii|>ui\s and oxchanjro (dim fur Citnmin and Diindcc towels. hi u |,. csl f|italify aluminnin ware. Canuisli-r Scls, |>cn and pencil sets. Alsn i^ wat-e coming .soon. See _ ;li The Martin Oil Company BARNSDALL STATTST5 IliRluvay 61 :U Slate Line Highway (il stiUio,, il( steolc, Mo. route whej) Implicit on .ill upper floor. The Wlneco.'f had file escapes on Ihe front side and most of the victims were !raj>- jjc i <| in front rooms. A number of persons Jumped into an alley that runs behind the building. Others jumped and crashed through, an awning that covens a terrace restaurant overlooking Pcachtrec street. Their bodies hit tables where guests dined last night. A rr-d j| il%c j, ull| , 1>vcr (lown . lown Atlanla (lurliij; the fire. Airs. W. E. 'nibble of Rncitriirri. III., said she remcmljercd falling from ihe window of her eighlh- lloor room. The next thing she knew she was In Grady Mnspltnl. Klir iinpenrcd In a da/od but not crltlnil condition. Her niece, Ima Dell Ingrain of Rockford, was rescued iron, ti, c K nine room Cinidy altendaiiLs reported that Edith Hiircli of Chattanooga. Tenn. juui|;e ( | from [he 15u> floor. Beth licr legs were shattered but slip H-as alive. One jumper, a man. sinking a fAo-story ladder alongside tlic balcony, knocked it ,,n( 0 the balcony and became entangled t], C rc. No effort could be spared other rescue work, In order 1 0 remove him. As flames worked upward to the rlghlh floor at the hotel's north- cast corner, oceuiwnlx ot rooms above began to swarn*. onto a sheet-ladder, which Ihey had collaborated In building, n broke under the weight and two persons together crashed to the sidewalk. The sheet-ladder started liom a window on the 13lh floor, on the Peach tree street side adjacent to Blltis Slreel, and extended down almost to the upper limits of an extension ladder. Occupants of adjacent rooms tried to reach Ihe ladder by swinging f rom window lo window on .smaller sheets, llou.w of Many Ilrtrrnr.s AK spectators shouted pleas that they not overload the huge .streamer, it broke over its half-way p/.nt, and let two persons drop. Flames raged from the third or up niKi scores o l guests hung from ihe windows pleading for ladders and nets. Tlie fire started without warning. Fin in es billowed from windows as If fed by a strong blast of air. Inside (he scene was one of honor that was relayed to the ground by the screams of those trapped. Several persons were forced out of their rooms by the terrific heat and hung by their ringers from Ihe ledges, dangling hundreds ol" feet above famed Pcachtrec Street, Wilting f[ )r ;\id. Lobbies of neighboring hotels iwere scenes of sadness—and rejoicing. L II. Davis, TVA engineer of Knoxvillc, Tenn., inquired for hours in (lip Aiisley Hotel lobbi- for news or Ills friend, w. 11. Walker, of Kiioxvllle, Later Davis overheard n radio broadcnst in wi>:li Walker was bolng interviewed. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Minnix of Columbus, Ga.. had received no news about their missing son. Rutledge Minnix. Jr., and hours after the fire were continuing thcJr vi- gil In the llniry Grady hotel lobby. Do/ens or other persons daxcdiy milled about, the lobby, following I heir rescue. FOR SALE Craftsman Lathe 11" x 4' All tools Including milling :if- tachmcnl. '•}', ll.p. Mofor 110 V. Drill Press Hr-jirli model, y, j|.p. Motor Electric Welder 20 lo 2S5 amps., ZM single phusc T. L. MABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3^7 FOR SALE 1 Farmall A Tractor 1 Oliver 70 Tractor 3 John Deere *B' Model These tractors ore late models, equipped with cultwators and plows. For information, phone R. D. WHITELEY & SON FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Op«n 6:30 p.m.; Sliow SUrto 7 pj» . LAST TIME TODAY "The Topeka Terror" Lane — Liiu|;< Ktcrlin- "Chick Gaiter. Detective Shorts SATURDAY MIDMT1-: SHOW Starts 10:15 p.m. "Her Kind of Man" Wilh Wane Clark, .fam's Page '/achary Scott Also Short Subjects Sunday and Monday Continuous Show Sunday "Sentimental Journey" John Payne, Maureen O'llar.i William Bcmlix 1'aramount News Slinrts CHICK THEATRE Where Happiness Costs So Little" WEEKIMYS Box Office Opens 0:45 JI.HI, Hhatr utorw 7:OV p.m. Last Time Today "Badmen of the Border" Klrby (Irani — I'li/zy Kiii-ii^ Kcrlnl "Manhunt of Mystery Islami'-l ' f,'Ji»l>trr !> ' ' Also C'attonn SATURDAY OWI. SHOW Starts II p.m. "Don Juan Quilligan" nitli William Hrncliv. .loan Ill<i:nl,.|| Serial: "Purpl? .Munslor Strikes" Cliiiptcr'IO Also Short Subjects Sunday «nrt tl1<inrt*> "THUNDERHEAD" (In Technicolor) IVcslon Foster, Ilifct Johnson NIMVS ;uul Cm loon New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Malijicc Sjtlurrlay A Suild.iv Box Opens Week Days 7:0fl p.m. Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Saturday "LAND RUSH" wilh Charles Hlarrctl" Also Serial nnd Slinrts SATURDAY OWL SHOW "ACCOMPLICE" with Hit-hard Alien Ai^o Short Subjects ATTENTION FARMERS Tractors and Farm Equipment FOR SALE We have just received several new and used tractors of all sizes in both John Deere and Farmall. l—in-n-M-FzirmaM wilh either 2 or -l-nnv cultivator (nc\v) 2—new Ii-F;irni;i]ls »—, B-l-'iirmall a—li-FitrmuIis from 19-12 lo 1!)15 niodcl.s. l>—A John Dctre from 1!M3 models. -—New I! John Deere 1—New H-.Tohn Deere .1—1 MI H-.Iohn Deere to All the above tractors arc equipped with cultivators, middle busters and planters. We can furnish brooking plows and discs with some of them. These tractors ore in excellent condition! Sec these tractors and act our prices before you buy Now On Display at— \V. It. ttllOWN Brown Motor Co HOI;M:I; Moni/o, Ark.' Phone 31 BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING I.OWKST ADMISSION 1'RICK •\NY\VHI <T RK! Kescrved Scats or. Me at the Legion Arena from f, p. m. Kvcrv Monilav Mondoy, Dec. 9th AOUI.TS <ir>c — CHILDREN I5c 8 yw» (Tax Included) - 0 " P' m> HOX SKATS 15c KXTKA TAG MATCH— ~ BILL STEDDUM and JACK MOODY versus LEO NEWMAN and CARLOS RODRIOUEZ 2 1-FALL. 30-MINUTE MATCHES Leo! Newman vs Bill Steddum Carlos Rodriquez vs Jack Moody Sundiiy and Monday 'THE GREEN YEARS' A. J. Oronhi's Great Novel With rjh-.u-lcs ('Dl)uni Alsu Short Subjects RITZ' THEATRE Manila, Ark. 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