The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1946
Page 7
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JSATUHDAY, DECEMBER C, 1Q4G CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •il» ni* ft, lu. !„ HiOBt: n u- tu.« in Uu . """"III IM "••• p«x Un« y*r Aay 11« IIJBM per UB§ jwr daj~_I _--! 7c • tllB4B i*r Unt i/or A»j . tic MonUi iwr Un« »0c Client fire t.~«rftf4 wordB to tt» UD«. Ad order«4 for tbr*« or lix tiaM and i«vp«d b«for« ezplratlOK vlU W cli&rg- for th« number or t?me« the *d if 1 >nd ad)UBtnieut cf bill road*. OlaBBlfUd Advcrt'alac copy BUb- tfl by peiEonB residing outalde of tfc» rmist >e accompanUd by cash, Katei .' •• «aally compULtd from th* aboT« IM«. rtiBlnj ord»t foi irrtfulu Inxr- •»aa lakuB the one lira* rate. Ko reB|:onsinlllty wl], b< u*« for •ICBlflid ad, For Safe .orated 218 N. First, ."! roomH and bath, in tfood condition. liuildiiiK only for sale, purchaser must move house wilhin 30 days. I'rke S2,- For Sol* BLYTllEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEH NEWS LANI) FOR SALE •II acres one mile from Lost Cane Store; fair six room house and barn; purl of this is oh inside of levee but is high dry land; it is in corn this year hut has cotton all around it; it is as good Little Itiver soil art you have ever seen. Kor <iuick sale §4,000.00. ) 57 Vi acres one -1 room house and one ;i room house ;ind a good barn; short distance east of lllylherille on gravel road, light line, mid school hus route. Knixiin 1 bus lo lUylheville. I'ricc _ S Hi 5.00 per acre. (!0 acres just across Mo. Slate line on Dunklin iiiul 1'emiscol Co. line. Kxlr: nice 5 room house (pi'int ed) and good barn. This is two bales per acre cut (on land, all tractor l.ind. iltcl oil liarri'l itcXi. nlrllicville M»- djlno Sliu|>. Call Ii3:;8. illlK-ck-tf uitfm L.ullt Veuutlau bll^d*—11 tap» colurB. Three *tjp)(B delivery. l>ukL'» halat Jt Walll}a|i«i dlurti. l(J|7-ck-tf i»ve buyer for your kome. U. 0. CftiupLell 1'huiie 446 — 2U3U. UllKe 1?0 Boiilk tjevoid. 10|2 tk-lf f,2C J ItM V«nn MorninK l.i-M.T. Hartal. k\Vrc' bi.llin« ll.c m.w roam i-ivaner. Fin* Li'.miil like's I..INil.v!i3. Deiirb • .'aim' i \v ill|i»|icr Sli.r.t. "• llI05.rk-12!27 / piece dluette ruit«: PbUCQ raillo. l&l.le moiK-J. Wain, 21^4 O&iulyn b'l.. 1'rl.le ,A<)JUIon. 1 ltl2-bk'12|l'J liusiness lot 127x311 ft. South Division. Sec Ii. C. Campbell, 120 S. Second. 11-22-ck-lf. 2:iO. Terms can be arrang-j price Sir.0.00 per acre, ed. Tom Little Realty Co., 80 acres of very best heavy phone R(il. 12-:)-ck-l(), loam soil with nice 5 room house, barn and out buildings. This is all cypres.s land just a short distance off Highway 25. Close to WyilieviHe. ' I'rice SKifi.lllr per acre. Canalou, Mo. Nice one and half story residence, large barn, tenant house, tool shed and other out build- ingH. This hind produced fifty-six bushels of soybeans and 1 1-2 bales of colton. This is one of the best improved Sfl'.s tor some one wanting a home that can be found. Price 11,000.00. S(if,00.00 cash Goodwill Kibles, the perfect i " ltl balance gift. Call Mrs. R. M. »eck r ! *'*>' loan -. lony lime phone 2S9:j, :>fll N. Hroad- wav. <'.-.l:Lr Xni:n Iri'CM for Fab:. !•'( - rn>U.,-N CriH-.-ry. Stunl. H« &?<• .\. 'I', l-.'ai-l* I'tiiinn :i«r.', HI- H.':.i:y City. Mi. l»:i!> <:l,.:vr.,l,.l 01 • fioo.l frtrm jHri.l •11. M.I. I'I.M (llfii l.i-nvi.iK Iwn. in.isl 5..1I —llonsn bnl.l ri.i'O^ nh« fiiiniliu,. lil.r, Cliirk. (iflS S. First St. Duplex apartment, 3 rooms and bath in I each apartment. This R house built new in Ii.'-t2. I Can be rearranged lo G rooms. Can be bought on terms. 521 Lumeratc SI. 4 Room house has water in kitchen and commode on back porch. Good location. Can be purchased on terms. Tom Litlle Realtv Co. I'hone 801. 12-3-ck-10 We have 5 new 4-whecl trailers left that we will sell at our cost lo close out. If you need. a trailer see us at once. Hlan Heath Auto & Home Supply Co. S'Jione 82S. "l2-:i-ck-1 ________ or Him — a Genuine liamhoo Fly Rod for Christmas. SI 2 'to §22. Planters Hard ware. 12-H-ck-12-24 Divan. .Mrs. McMullin, phone 28i)(i after 7 p. m. 12-5-pk-S mall <at,.. l>,.;n B pom] I,,, V. n,..,rv. .,,.,„„ („„, ;> rooms and bath. Close in lo business district. TCuyer (;an move in today. Kee or call Max I,ogan, Realtor, phone 20.'M, Lynch I5ld 12-5-ck-8 lyt.rM-riler. f!nr,,l n^ all si7rs. Phnur 910 acres just north of Steele, Mo. i/ 4 m ilc off Highway (il, gravel road runs through place. Has! 50 acres of good alfalfa,; nice improvements. This is just a part of our listings. If you don't see ^ N \ BRING IT "BACK HOME" TO US FOR EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS The long-life finish on your Ford car svilt keep its beriuty brighter, longer. Don't let traffic scnrs spoil its appear ance. Bring it "back home" to vis for expert body nml fender lumping nud refnushing. All work done the Ford way with special Ford cauiimicnt and finishing materials. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut ml Fifth—Blythevflle. Ark. TeL 453—3721 PAGE SEVEN We have opening in 01 di'pin tmeiil for gond man. I'ri'fei- sinueonc \vti-) has conditions, permanent position, good saliiry: Call Tom l.illle, Slil. ' l!!vlh<-- ville iMdfor Compiiiiy. ii. I vif» (iir jor. '- Situation Wanted f .i..ii.-ai RAY WORTH1NGTON •fcrvlnj Thft Nwltoii fur tl Vr>n IIS Ho. »r4, mylhcvlll*. Ark. <<!*! « I **-*^- L—. 1 » «l />. l^> fr A»a>J 'i ma f i, u. ^ ' —_ T»ne In fridenlU) frafnta 1 «t 4 V.HI, ovrr WIUJO CARS WASHER SERVICE I'hllHp Trd ACQUM 0]«m«r», i'uni, Iron* **d fliu A|>|)LlHiiceP Urinlrcil ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W AOAMH. Mgr. . tjOCf 1071 '^Uti'lIN W. M^ WE NEED 50 USED CARS AND 50 OSED TRUCKS WE PAY TOP DOLLAR Found Wanted to Kent I'IVHI K« I" IliU in-r.-M Inii-liir lain). A-t I. Tl'll Ul I'S. \Vlll.. h»V l.h (/,. l,.MIL.-r N.»-. r.'i-j-iili.ii Ills. I'.,11 >.|.k-rj|ii •i or -i cniiin fiirnislicd fipart- fiit'nl—Cull Hilly ttontic. nospernlcly iiocdcd. I'lionc :n:ts ' I'M-ck-ia-i Services Wanted to Buy anylhing here to suit yon,' All ;" ll: '! i "" < come into the office and '•"'" "" we will tell you nnout ' >r ,','ri,',7 Ul AV,- n.i , some more. We an.- always glad (o have you to come in. . We are no amateurs at this business as we have been selling land for ;i niimfier of years. . RIALES LAND COMPANY i'hone ;W22 Office in Hale Huiulirij,' Across from City Hall Hussel K. Riales Hen 1). Hamner ft. i\i. Reck iiui.' in 11 "^",';.! ''"'..Vki'tll! Ill- ;l-M». ll^J lj,,t!y SI I2[:-.-i>k-< rrll- l!,i i.].- D.lrl. JtlAI.KS I,AM) CO froiik (Nlv ll.Ll] in ti;iU. IU.IL;. It M B'rcli ri;<;-.-i--i'jiii ."Iri-t'in;; ».'ii;». K:i|,,,li lill,.,l. \V,,ol Alloy SWIMHTS, Wi.i.l Arr.iv l,]..nfci.(^. >V..ol Army JH,-krls ,'Mr;\ li,-;tvy Pi.-lil jm-kois uiili ilrau Klriii". Xr»- Army r:iin jiirkolv Duck ai.r, ,-or.lnri.j UiKUinj: .•;,!>*. Army (ivcrj.] ^. ciimljiil Army clifM.. s I rrindirml. ." n.illi|.s :»is K. Main. >ilililii.n. llH-k.-l 12-7-fk-li-ll • ^ room honsp. (Tan be mailo inlo Iwn f n|.nrltiii.mi. Double Kar.i K <-. r.Ct:, Cliirl- <'»i > r\savvlja.|2 ('loan. li):tl '1 I.H..1.-1 A C'l.-an N,-u I 10211 miuli.l A cimj.n — ii,.iv |i r ,.« l!):;i Hnicl; 4 ilni.r—Cl,-at>. r..l(r On.- |il'i-kii|i Irurt. c<mil lir,.-i ami rral r.[b.-r< I., ol s,- fr-irn All ilriv.M, ,-nrs. .r.illil* Curs. M.i Ark. 12:7-1.' A lr .r4.'"' w " 1> Si.,. 1 ,?. r i li ,!t>ONT TAKK A LOS?. (Jet ,,,, ln « l »P price tor your car or truck from I'llll.LH'S MOTUK CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tf Tractor repaint «nd nerTlce. Electric «nd ncetylene' —— ^,—]^~. — weldinif. HUcksiiiilti wurk. "«'•'»n 2770 '" efr '" B i™" |.'k'''i"i' Implement Co. Phone 3-lB-ck-tf . B»mt»— We repair all typee waablnic maehlnaB r.<K»r.lleii ot kind of con.llllon Alio 1'iiy am] ai.ll, fiielftin ani) delivtrr. lUr'V^.nie Machine tihi.p. Ql7-ck-tr MONKY TO LOAN Do you need n loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ash for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 20Si. Lynch Uldg., niytheviiie. 9-23-ck-tf I'KPLT Ilrtnginff Biid Vrl-'V - *' rn.'i.inn dial -lK\r,. I l|r:i-i>k-iZ|n Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows wcatherstrippcd. (;; E. Wigpinft, HI2 N. Ullh. Taken Up I'ake* op r>n mj (•rui, 2 iorr«l mulei 1 with- i'li«in ON lout. J. M. bttvuiij Loans AuLomohilc! I.onus Convenient \Vny lo Borrow COMPAHB OUH RATKS I'ci'Koiirtl Loans For EDUCATIONAL EXPENSE, TAXEB and Insurance, Doctor Dills, AcciuiuilnLcd Di^bls. QUICK, Conndcnlial Scrvico.] C. I. T. Cro,li( Company 110 N. Second st. Blytlli-villr, Ark. "" 510 FOR everything in INSURANCE IJMTICIt fN'Sl)lt,\N(;|.; At'.l'.NCV A. K. ItlKTItlCII, MIJI. Personal Pree lessons on Duck Calling by world's greatest duck culler every weekday at 0 a. tn over Kl.CN. Sundays at 12:15 p. m. Sponsored by Planters Ililw. Co. We also sell records of these broadcasts I l-9-ck-12-!, Lort ... .r,.,,n, J..,,.fc,.|. iv-.-ii lllylli.nill.. ..I. Trill LJ'JIHI i.r I'JJi l.k-lll pMt«Bt Hfltp and M«l>*«Bt. Atta- alj ZAluik«, DomfcTMt •avllmc till,. I.LUM. .BM «»r»1f» t. KUrKt* (M. E PAY OFF FINANCE CO. AND GIVE BALANCE TO YOU IN CASH Any Make or Yecii; Model LOT El CM CHEVROLET COMPANY Texaco Ga» & Oil* 301 W. Walnut fhon. S78 A—1n|. kn Shipment of hew tires .ivisf received, while they last. Can give yon any .size .in holh car and truck. Get yours today hefore they are srone. Hlvtheville, Motor Co. Phone .122. 12-3-ck-12-a We have new Dodge I '// ton heavy duty truck and 2-t foot Nabors Van Trailer. Heady to deliver. Must sell truck and trailer together. niythcville Motor C o. Thone 422. 12-3-ek-l'2-8| ; I p,, n •J m.iV Ijfcirlc rlinu- an.l rnllifl niijccil | il. l>ii|i|ii.-s. Sill l.illv Si I2ir.-.l.-in (•Mill's a.j.ii-. br.l r 1'lr.r. 712 i.r .i(l.-r 1217 ok 11 Mnrniiij; SIT .riiii- n,' Ui-ir. Cl..'vrrtl,.| bii^: .| I i.asj-c-ii *«-r. lj.iv niib-si;.'. l.l.i.n.- j:i!il. lllylli.'i-ill.-. l2:l-.-k-lu;i I For Rent •-lir.l l.r.l, :™. 10117 [ HVrlrir slnv,.: Klrrlrir A n '- ri "" '".'•l.i'r: Lailips nv. >l. *r'r 8 ' '•|,;,,,"" ; iv- ! "' n C " M: 1'v'r "k h> Kruehauf lank trailer, capacity .1.250 gallons divided in 3 compartments. lOOOx 20 tires, large axle and brakes. This trailer and lank in perfect Cosl new 3.R50 will sell quick sale 52,250.00 terms, lilylheyille Motor Co. . . 12-7-ck-M . O.iislom Orln,]. oo H 2r,<l 81 i:N.p is. isn't 12 inhc Zfnllli Mlilnrl-nlylr r»dlo~noi>.l COTliMion. Call 2f)S(. 12[6-pk'lO 'lo.lrntini—Steam hrat. 1'hrvn lown. Men only, a 10 W. Walnnl. >ttlo« ip«e« for rent. Entire »ccon>l fln'or (it 138 r.. Muln. Prlvala en- trknee. *encti*a blfocfi. Pkonp ROI. 9l3Ve<-lf Kc.lronm cftnvfinipnt In l.alli. heal. Phono 3325. Oil W. Mnln Comfnrl.iWe hcdrnr.m adinlnln^ 1017 Walnut, vhone 251B. llll Rcilrnnin N*. Olli rlinne '2^J13. 200 acres corn and l><;an land. Near Rernic. Mo. Sec Winficld Mick, 217 La St., Klytheville, Ark. 12-6-pk-LO Hione_J2J):5. U-2G-pk-12.M iv^i.-r.^'^'^i.'^!^',:. MI I Courteous Service Dependable Service Drive Your Car to — LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Us About THE SENSATIONAL NEW U. S. ROYAL AIR RIDE tire -- now for Sale! More Air! More Comfort.' Better Cor Control.' We give the best wash and lubrication job in town. Will call for and deliver your car. Langsfon-Wrofen Co. Safes— BUICK— Service U. S. Tirei Mobilgai and Oil WVROKER BEKV1CI . .. RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Any Make or Model I lo 2 Dnys Service We Call For iiiul Dclivp PHONE 2642 Fred Caliihah MOTOROLA Sales anil Service 100 South Kirst FEET feel better with better resoles and heels. We use famous NEOLITE heels for a better step, better balance, BETTER JFEET HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. O. K. CAB JM* Mmnh. O»r,rr RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (,\]l Tyjios Kt<-r-pl Cancer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic fill jn.ii,i, niviiirvllle, ArW., Phone 2!i1l FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H ? Webb Ilwy. fil »t Htiilc Uric t'lionv lilythevlllu 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Presh Stork Ciinrnntveil llwMt l'rlc*n Kirby Druq Stores Refrigerator Service Frrd I.awlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. I. W. Ailunw. Mtr. I'liiitic ^071 ZOC-81 W. Mala W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Motel Bldg. Phont 3545 DON EDWARDS -the T;pcnrll«r MM- KOVAU SMITH, CORONA rX REMINGTON FOKTABU 110 N. SECOND 8T. PHONK M83 (Every Tr»n*aetlon MUST BB BATI8FAOTORY} Sec us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. riayc your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I.SEAYMOTORCO. <:<>mplr(o Klorfis of l':irls For Chrysler rrnilncl* 121 E. M:iln Phone .i22 BY EDGAR MARTIN .. IT'S 100 TCJIWIAL OMD PtTTV TO MtWlOtJ ft«VWPM! f\MO Tr\tN) ^Ht MIGHT NOT FRECKLES AND HIS KRIKNDS WHAT'LL we DO MOW. MISS RAV As soo,g AS rue HOUSE BOLTED L HAULED THtr CURWrM _ . SMGE ANOTeLL THE AUDIENCE To BE PATIENT 1JMT11- We GET "•iE PUY OR6AN!ZED AGAIN " Coinniniiily 1'ro.jccl CREEPECS .' THE > r BY MF.UR1IT, RLOSSE? 'i^ffiv^i^ 0 l^v^^^^r

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