The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 7, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, 0, 10 IG BLVTJIMVILLE (ARK.)" COUJIIER NEWS Waste Fals Move To Processors Confusion Over Pick-ups Eliminated Here in Blyrhcvillc With confusion replacing the in (f'liiives of war-time necessity. Ihe I waste juis .salvage campaign m Hlylhcvillc 1ms dwindled dtirin, the past year although eiforts ;ne now bc-ing made to speed the e ' lection mid disposition of wa*-te fais. Atcording (o a survey made of I "ints along the channels through which the waste fat.s travel u.i their \\-ay to helping alleviiu . l hortages of soap, piiims, c!ec(t e:i] equipment and numerous otN items, it \\-as found that ( I > t t nuinher of persons tutnme, i • xvaste fats lias dropped off greats '2i supplies being turned in v,rre not beiiii! picked up from groans and meat dealers nnd '3' improper packaging hampered pifk-up of fat.s from collection points I Many grocery store and inn | kets slopped acting as collectio.i points as interest in wusl" f\' salvage wanned. However, several markets anti distributors annntmc- ( ed yesterday their willingness In cooperate in the campaign. ( Hays Store. Liberty Cash Oro ery. Henry's Market and city Super Market -.vill act as collection agencies for waste fats, represent "lives of tiles'-' stores said yes 1 *i flay. Payment of four cents wit] be made for each pound of used I i s nirhecl in. Distributing Finn Assists Following the program, mapped by the state Council of Ihc U S Departmenl of Agriculture early in the campaign, which designated distributors a-s agencies to collect the fats from grocers and meat dealers, Ihe Nnnn Provision Co. announced yesterday that it would make pick-tips frooi lire collection points. Other grocery stores, and markets de.siring to aid in the salvage campaign mny hnve their supplies of used fats picked up by the Nnnn Provision Co. by notifying the company. A representative of Nimn provision Co. stated yesterday ihnt pick-ups had been made last month and were being made now. indicating that the comnlaints of several grocers resulted from a misunderstanding about, pick-up procedure nnd the agency desig- j llaled for the job. | I'l(i|>Cr Packaging Essential j 'I'lie company lias asked the cooperation of collection points in Ihe proper packaging of the used fats lo 'he moved. Collections of fats in jars and other small containers could not he handled", it was said yesterday. L-r»cr. metal containers facilitate moving ol fats supplies and insure pick-up. The fats salvage campaign i.s rrnrlucted by the State OSDA Council in Little Heck and n local cmuuil in Rlytheville. O. E. Robison. head of the Agricultural -Adjustment Administration office here. s'>id yesterday. The local council handles only the dissemination of advertising for the salvage campaign, he explained, and I administration of the campaign is job of the State Council. Mr. Robison said he wrote io .1. L. Wright, chairman of the State Council, which is composed of heads of extension services, agricultural naencies and other farm groups, regarding the. slow-up of tile campaign about three months ago but lias received no reply as yet. With dealers and distributors cooperating in the collection and ( moving of waste fats, the remainder of the salvage campaign's success rc.sls will) the consumer, from whom comes tho original supply of wasle fat.s and for wham the campaign is designed lo bring more soap nnd olher materials whase manufacture requires the used fat.s. PAGE THREE Harbor Becomes Mightiest of Military Owfposfs in All of Nations of the World «rew drill . Harbor .'. . Dec, 1, heneiith Its surface are 20 con- ' lU-Uls. ihlll In [He-win 1 years '••I'U 1 -lined vi<! llcnl lanks. each sui:ur nine ulul I hen were niftier than u •jo-slory bulldlnc. | fcnmmls Un Minnies, me now clOR- <'"|ii Jii' o! holding 1!MJ.020.UOO Kill- 1 lu 1 ;! with suriilm propel ly--'.ninbcr. I'IIIK oi liii-l oil. Tlu> unik'rKi'Uiiiulj <lii:-ks, uenenilors. cmiics, lows of was built of course, because ilii*; iniu'.h'tm'ry. Where, ilurlnK the war N-ivv wauled to net its luel oil-- 1 the Suriiiucu. Knlei prise niul other ' •UWS.IX'n bmels ol It— out of rcu:-h ,' cnn lers tied irp ul n dork, now I i STs luul c«rt>o sht])s come along- , side. I The siibaiui'lne buse hus perhaps changed the least. Sovcrul blue- blu.'k subs lie In I heir pens. As the Navy enlisted und officer pi'rsuTmel hus been greatly cut. so hus Ihe number of civilian woikers b:en i educed (o 11200. Util I'oiir] lluuor Is still ui'owlni) In a:e». World Wnr II put Hawaii on the limp us one o] the world's key potnls, ccimcnnleiiHv us well us militarily. Toduy most ol the great flylnn fortresses. Nuvv Coi'suhs and ofhei 1 1-very lime Navy men looked a I I lie :«•.-.{ of tunks back ol I'eurl II n KI> Navy Vnrd they whu'tid ul the thought til ulml u lew well- pl'u-c.i b:m,bs would do. Clromid was iiviken on Ihe underground Die i'av uller Christmas. 10-10, mid a.•'.ual rjum'ohiK only Increased leiujMi ol ihe wo:k until U W.lllu II. Huberts l/il 12 Hlock 1 15.42 1.54 15.42 "1.64 15.42 IM 5038 Willie 11. Roberts Ul 13 Ulock 1 15.00 1.53 1S.30 1.53 15.30 1 S3 5<M9 IKKKOIII.AK LOTS S. )'. Mni'llii Lol 1 StR'/i 8-15-11 ' 12.90 l.»!t.!9 W. 11, Dycss I.ol 2 BK'.'i B-15-11 990 99 1089 I'AVINd DISTRICT NO. 3 i Itl.VTllKVIM.K I.HH. 1ST ADDIS. Mnl'i'l Ncedlmm l.ot fi Hlock 2 17,10 1.71 1710 1.71 07C2 OIICKASAWHA Jndi Robinson W 1.1' , lot II HUii-k 1(1 .,, 5.10 ".51 6 01 I>AVIS 3KI> Camilla EK.. I.o| :) Hlock 2 0,60 .Cfl 1.26 Canada Wj I-ol •! mock 2 e.OO .60 ft.CO H. II. Htoiin J<nl I Hlock 3 4.20 .42 4.0:3 Pearl Harbor . . . Today was >;iniple(ed O:-l. I, 11)13. More than -U'dO.tU'l) pauiids ol ,str|.ual Mi'el ami 21.100.CCO .pounds ol le- iuliHved 'iteel went into n. S.U-K riUI.M ATOM IMIMIIS llvined vltlj ieet liclieiMn lied Hills Mirtaee. Ihe tanks and Ihelr m-ci'io'.is eonteius ale Mile-even (''inn an atomic bomb. Togi-iber 'with 1L! surface lunks sllinited between ihe HuJuwu and Mibllmllne base jiutes. Hie underground Jtolds Millineiu fuel lo sii]>|>|v the I'u- cili.- Heel's needs lor six veins. Kailms who rouiiht from Pearl llaibnt to oXhmwu are nearly all civilians now mn\ (lie families ol j Ihe |j/ucelimc Navy now live i-om- I lorinbly in Hie hundreds of ciaonsel ' ""••' liiut border the Immense base. Stressing pcace-tliiu' and Hie fem- iKinr loiK-h. they are bordered uy l>mk [lowers MX! morning glory vh' n over Ihe tools. Where huge alrcrali curriers aii'i n.CCO-lon biiitlcshlps were n: | anchor or lied alongside one of llu I many doVks. today (he mightiest I warship in die entire yurd Is H I auao-ion dcsiroyer. Most of the I ):si!ld>ni>s are standing, however, mill in semi-operation. The large inllilaiy oil « liave disappeared (rom Hie lilUi. cloud-flc.r.'.'d skies, hit inktiit! tht'lr places are Inereiis- hiK numbers ol i;lum passenger mid MeliUil piauc.s making ihe hops from Los Angeles, Han i-iaiicisLHi, E'oiiiiiml and Senile in us bilcl a lime us nine hours, where u bout requiied four-and-it-hall cinj's t)r lonner. Thousands who ivent lo lliswali i s sen'liM 1 p 'O]ile tir civilian war v,o."!.i-rs e!ect<:d ti) remain. Radio Service ADAMS APPLIANCt CO., Inc. Mi:y< r (Iraljer N W U)l 1 Illock I 7.38 ,74 n.)0 Jesse While I.ot 7 Illock 1) 20.00 2.0020.00 2.00 -14.00 .tcs.-e White I.ot (I llloclt 0 2(191 2.70 20.04 2.70 26.91 2.70 BROS MOUKIS AIIDN. 'I. W. RsklldKC - Ixil !) tllut'k "C" ' .... M.48 1.45 li'lOl PA UK ADDN. Mrs. Nancy Prloln Lol 3 Hlock I (1.40 .84 8.40 84 18/10 Willie II. HohcrU I/it 12 llloek 1 7.32 ,74 7,32 .74 7.32 .74 24.IU Wlllli- 11. Robel'ls I.ol 13 Illock 1 11.03 .09 C.UO .00 0.90 .69 2277 All persons, llrmn und corporations hiierestcd In liny of tiuld propel :y ure liereby warned nnd nolllled tlnil Iliey ure required by luw lo appear wnliln tour HI weeks and make defense In suld suit or same will be laki n for confe.'isi-il and llnal Juilijiiiont will Ix) enlcrcd directing the sale o[ wild liuuls for ihe (impose of collccthiK said lux or assessment, 10- I'.ether wllh the payment of Interest, penultlo.s, utloriieys' fees nnd ciinrl ' led this mm U day of November, in 10. Clerk. I'ho J. W. Ad» 2071 •4CKJ-UH W. Main [CniTOU'S NOTE:— IVarl Har- bnr five years after the Japanes« sueak attack is tlcscrib?il here by Harry Criiysou, N'KA Sonrls ^ill- tor, who recently flew lo Hawaii on assignment, (iraysiin previously visited llnvi'aii ..uriiiK a wartime round-tlv'-wnrld niKl't. 1!V HAKltV CKAVSON years after the debacle at Pearl Harbor, ihe visitor sees almost no .s^ns of the fury and havoc that fcltrsl over the deep inlet bay. hard by fabled Honolulu, at 7:55 a.m., Lie?. 7. 1941. Where once there were blazing battleships, smckiiu; do.ks and twisted wreckage of vest hangars, there are now Creator military installations than ever. The reservation has been more than dovbled in area and 20 times, expanded in extent, variety and! ccst of its installations. It and. ing ol hundreds of thou.suntls ol men tloocled HonoluHt wilh one ol the greatest tides of cash revenue any city of 2CO.OOa has ever .seen. [•"verybrxty who was in any kind of business" couldn't help hut make money. wo:kers were well pnitl will) time-and-a-half for overtime. Only a handful have traveled since Pearl h'arbor. There having been nowhere to spend their money, the ^'ar workers. Travel agencies are now doing a land office business. The International Longsnoremen and Warehousemen's Union (CIO) strike against Hawaiian sugar industry closed 3'i plantations for 7U days. Losses ill EO-degrec raw sugar totalled 185.CO tons. The 43-day shipping strike also hit the islands hard. Three relict ships carrying food had to be sent ittt;> Honolulu during its course. The indirect losses of the sugar and shipping strikes :an'L be esli- island of Oahu constitute the: " liltp ' l > t"t «'ere heavy, mightiest single fortress in the world, the top strategic point in the himePiicific. 22C3 air miles from huge Pacific. 2200 air miles from More than a million lighting men passed through Oahu in five years. At one time there were 4t)t),- J .:CO soldiers alone stationed on the i.siuiid. Hor.duiiu has seen the war come and go. find great changes have boeu wrought in the capital city. For months on end its streets were filled with hundreds of thousands of men jn uniform. Now the Army. Navy andT.larinc personnel and civilian war worKcrs arc almost llcg- ]ii;ible. Tile Island again arc giro 1 -, Inn for nw-etime bfsiness— tourist vtid otherwise. The palatial Royal Hawaiian and oilier holels, which were tukin over 'jy the services arc again in the hands of their owners and o'eiiij; refitted r.OAUED WITH MONK!' ' F.vcr.-bady in the island"- ex- (ej>!; the sitsar workers - ro v is j loaded with money. The immense '!'u ::;ry expenditures for installa- I tsons. construction, equipment and | i^rsonnel und the individual spend clude'd Hie slowlni; cViwn or clls- continlianre of work In lines., thill dciX'iu'ed on the snuur und other industries, but the pecple bore the | situuiion quietly unti there were no ' serious outbreaks of violence. Motion picture houses. s|H)rts events and other forms of entertainment continued to do record business. "More than 75.000 Persons converted the University of Hawaii campus into a thriving'amusement cenlov carnival that grossed more. limn S1CO.OOO In November, .loe Louis drew S53.CCO in nothing mole than an exhibition nt u $25 top. Some of the chunges wrought in Honolulu are pertiiuneut. Much ol the military installation is of concrete or other permanent construction. This includes the Mvbuloux $42.000.000 Red Hill underground ul -Pearl Harbor, a .system of subterranean oil storage unlike iinythini; in the world. Although Red Hill's contours are familiar to hundreds 61 thousands They in-1 comparatively few know that burled VISIT US IN OUR NEW LOCATWH Base Cabinets — Wall Cabinets Inncrspring Mattresses — : Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 113 Main Hume All Our Kmrdoyrrs art War Vcieranj. 2302 Save Money Today, Any l);iy STOP AND SWAP LLISKUT HUFFMAN'S Draft Holiday Extended WASHINGTON. Dec. 7. 'UP> —The War Department today extended the draft holiday :hrou:;h[ January, it indicated it was uncertain \vhethcr Selective Service ] calls will be issued for Tebruary SALE ABSOLUTELY FIRST OFFERING Finest Business Sites just North of City Limits on Highway 61 — and Desirable Tracts for Subdividing. Wilier, Lights. Telephone Available Also have. GO A Finn Farm Land, with Improvements', adjoining City Limits on liast Side: Division Street. -For I'lill Infiirmation- Wvilc or Wire ED HOftKKS, 1512 Alamo National Hnililin^, San Antonio, Texas ANNOUNCEMENT Shopping Days "*To Christmas It takes only 3 minule.s Charge Account at FITZPATRICK .Jewelry Stores Bl.vtlieville, Ark. Owrnla, Ark. Sikeslon, > I'arajnulil, Ark. \Vo arc ulnd to announce to nnr I'l.vllicvillo Trionds tliiil we have rocenlly hccn apixiintcd as (leni'val Ajit'nl. with full power of altornoy, for executing lionds to oiir frifiids Hie atlornuys ol of Ulytlievillc. We are authorized (o cxociiti* .Judicial. Kiduciary and Court (;osl lionds al a nioment's notice to anyone dcsivinj; a (Juardian's liond. Receiver's l?4ind, Administrator's Uontl or Cnutractiirs. \Ve shall he K'|:K! to serve VOM. V'or anything in the way of bond service <iv lin- liilily or fire insurance please dial :i;t(il for in- sin-vice. Follow the crowds to PLANTER'S! for all your gift selections— Toyland on Balcony Gift Dept. on Main Floor IIO.MH Or 1'AMmlS HltANIVS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. IN 'I'Mi: <'HANfi:itV COllItT I'OH TIIH CIIICKASAWHA IIISTKIfiY OK .MISSISSH'I'I COUN'TV, AUKAN'SAS. [timid ul ('cntniilsslnufis i.f Sc wi-r Dlslrlcl No. I nf Klylhtvllle, Arkansas .............................................................. riaiuiiir vs. \n. IMM1 lliii|iieii( l.aiuK Lots and Parcels at I. and iiiul lUllruuil Tracks unil KH'ht-ur-uay In said Illslrli'l ............................. Defi-nd. \iits XVAItNINd OKDKK AH piu.sons. llrms or coriioratlons having or claiming un Inlprest iu or in ihe followlni) described lands, lots, blocks, or parcels of hind, niilroml liacks and rl«lil-of-wuys urn hereby nulllli'd itiul warned Ihiil suit IK [lending hi the Chancery Court, for (he Clilekusawba District of MK-ilv slp,)l County. ArltutiKuK. to eufoice the collection of ccrlnln sewer luxes or iits on tile iiltaclicd list of luiids, each supposed ov,'n?r boln^ his or her, or Its hinds, UiHcther wllh amount severally dun lor ipim-Ue encli. lo-wll : itu nisTiiurr NO. :i ALLISON ADDN. Lot tl Hlock I Lot 4 Hloek :( \»l. r> Illock a Lol. I Hlock •! 4 t2li Wost Main Si. 515 FIREWORKS Ai! Kinds TS and STMAS TREES Nort-h Highway 61 ^ /. .him'!!. Klvln Hood I.ot :i Illnck I I 1 '. 1). Livingston I.ot -1 lllocl; 1 Llllle Hnwyer Will ThoimiH I .ulu Thomiis Cecil Home W. ,J. Savlllit Cobb Lol 2 Illock Ut'ssle Putter Ivy Lot 13 lilock -I Lot 14 llloek 4 Lot 15 Hlock 4 Lot 111 Hlock 4 I.ot fi llloek fi l-ol II lllouk 5 Ltil 2 llloek (I I/it II Hloek H Lot -I Hlock 7 Ijil. fi llloek 7 Ix>t •; Illock 7 Lol I Illock II I.ol 2 llloek tl I.ot :i lilock II Lot 4 Hloek II I.ol R Illnck tl 11.00 11.00 11.110 .80 .81) .1)0 11.01) i!0 7.08 0,24 (1.24 1100 (1.72 He.ssfe Parler Ivy (icneva Ihinuvuy Kobert A. Wlle.v ! Riehiird llritdley '. .leiiie Payne Vllilh Malone .1. L. Melvln Irene Trus.s Henry Tollver lli'nry Toltver lli.'iiry '('Oliver Mllev Miii>x Mlley Muex Mlley Mnex Henry Tollver Will MOKM Muck llowurd i ,1. .lohn.son ]. .1. Johnson 2,00 (I.IHl .20 .00 2.110 .20 LOU 5.0-1 1.511 0.4(1 .77 .02 .80 .07 .17 ,50 •1.00 .40 3.12 2.011 2.00 .20 .20 I.fill 1.50 Lot 7 IJiock II Lot. 4 llloek 11 Lut II Illock » Lot 7 Illock !) HAKItON * Durolh.v Ryles Ixit 11 Htock "A" Loitle Oreen Lol 7 Hlock "li" i.vilLir Oreen Lot n Hlock "li" I'. H. Ivellh I.ol 2 Illoi'k "C" Amandii Miller Lot li Illock "C" Kiel; Tlioiuas l/il 7 Hloek "C" .1. Sawyer Lot It Hlock "C" Olura lloud Lot 13 Dloek "U" CJlni'H Hoad Uil II Hlock "D" fHiira lload Lot lf> Illock "13" Annie Mo.sley I.ol 13 lilock "F," Annie Mosley l^il 1-1 Illock "]•'," Idiv Kooiiee C 1-3 Ixit 12 Illock "F" I-'.s.sle Koimee N 2-3 U)l 12 lilock "P" I Uobi-rl I.. Hall Lol II llloek "C!" N.iimle Hyde Uit hi Block "O" Ixjt 10 Hlock "I" l,ol II Hlock "I" •1.0(1 M 3.12 V ADDN. .... 0.311 1,00 10.02 .on <i,:i(i 12.00 12.01) 1.20 0.30 1.20 IO.OK .... 0.3(1 7.0B 0.24 0.24 5.40 5.40 H.OO 0,72 1.08 ft.04 4.08 l.M 5.40 :uo 4.till 3.00 1M 3.12 3.12 3.12 4.611 l.ftfl 1.511 3 12 3.12 3.12 3.12 3.12 .M 0.3(1 1.09 10.92 ,93 0.3(1 .... 0.3(1 .93 8.30 1.00 10.011 S3 9.3(1 .... 4.(ill .... 4.1M .... 0.3(1 .... 9.38 .... 4.BI! .... 9.30 .... 0.3(i .77 25.70 .02 22.52 .112 22.52 .54 fi.OI ,54 li.01 .HO 17.CI1 .117 ?.;l.ri!l .17 fi.90 .17 .l.i.B II) 51)1 ,54 12.01 .33 . 3.0(1 5. in Cfill 1.13 3/13 K'i Ed IJeasley 1!<I Hensley Kd Heasley .1. A. mm L.llilh i;itll Thomas Mnhy Thomas Mllby ,1. K. Wlmberly O. H. Phillips S'i o. n Phillips s'-i Uil 12 Hlock "I" I.ot 1 Illock "M" Lol 2 Hlock "M" HIGHLAND lal 1 Hlock 3 Lot 2 Hlock 3 5.01 : :).12 .31 3.12 3.12 .31 3.12 : 3.12 .31 3.12 0.3G 9.3IJ ; ADDN. 4.00 .40 3.12 .31 3.12 4.00 .40 3.12 .31 3.12 Lot 2 Block 11 ................. 12.48 Ixlt 7 Hlock 12 ......... 3.1)0 .3fi 3.00 uit » uiock 12 ......... nun) i.oa IOBO M. Hlichnnan W 33' l.xil 2 Illock 12 ................. 11.32 IIO1.I.ANDA1.K AUDN. Hlylhcvllle Lbr. Co. . Utl 12 Hlock "C" ................. 9.3(5 Anna River Lot 15 Hlock "C" ................. 0.3G ItOI.I.II'KTKU-SHONYO ADDN. .47 ,39 .10 31 .31 3.43 .:u n :'.a. 47 5. IS .1(1 5.04 ,i(i B.n-i .31 3/13 .31 11.2(1 .31 3.-I1 .31 3.1:1 .31 ;; 43 .04 20.59 1.09 M.O't .03 411.23 .03 I' 1 £!) .93 S'17il 1.00 35.3(1 1)3 20.M .47 5.15 47 MS .D3 1.1.?!) .f>3 !l).2n .47 I'l.Ifi .03 1020 .93 10 2!) .93 20. c .l) .SO 5.54 31 n (Hi .31 OPB .31 0.80 93 10.56 : .93 10.29 .31 U 2(1 .31 41 2)1 1.24 13.72 .30 7.9'i 1.08 23.7il .81 5.15 IN 'Jill: CIIANCI-KV rOl'KT roil THF. CH1CKASAWKA DISTKICT OF AllSSISSiri'l COUNTY. AHKANSAS. Knurl! of Ciimillissiuncrs uf I'avini; Ilistrirl Nil. 2. nf Illytlu-vlll.'. Arkansas niul Kuan! of (liimmissioners of raving Uistrirl No. 3, of Hlytlieville, ArMan- sas I'laintills, vs. NIL <)H55 DclilKiueiit I.anils. Luis anil Parcels of l.aml anil Itallroad Tracks anrt Hisht-of-way In said Districts DclctuHnls. \VAKNING OKDKI! All Persons, firms or corporations having or elatmlny an Interest In or on Ihe followinv! described lands, lot.s. hlocks. or parcels of land, railtord tr.ukr and rii;ht-of-ways are hereby notified and warned that suit is pendini,' in Ihe Chancery Court lor Ihc Chlckasawlja District of Mnsi.s- .••ippi County. Arkansas to enforce the collection of certain paving t-ixi's or r.ssessments tm Ihc 1 attached list of lands, each .supiiosed owner being <>:>i>o."ilc his or her. or its lands, together wllh amount severally due from each, to-wit: I'AVINd IIISTKICT NO. 2 W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY 115 No. 2nd Si. Phone 3361 'i, n III.VTIIKVII.I.I-: I.HII. 1ST AIIDX. I^t 2 llloek 1 15.00 Lot 3 Block I 17.70 Ull 5 lilock 2 10.H 1.02 1014 CHICKASAWBA I. H. Fleming E 50' I.ot I Hlock il -1.50 DAVIS 2ND C. II. Wallace W 37'.' Lot 0 Illock 4 14.10 N«ta Xceos Lot 7 & E'-j 2fi.lO nowiAN N 121'i 1 12.GO HIGHLAND I'LACll 2ND it 11 Block 7 18.72 I.fill 18.72 MOKKIS ADDITION Tliolma Ashley Jjat fi Illock 'B' 21,00 Herman W. Mny E 43'i' Lot H Block "U" 10.50 PARK AllDN. Mrs. Nancy Prlola Lot 3 Ulock 1 207(1 207 20.70 Willmglinm Uiirali Klines Mahil Necdluilll U>i, 8 Ulock 4 Will!,- n. Hunt Lot 2 Illock 1 Willie Times Lot 3 Illock 1 Manoruin Illndcrson lx>t 12 Hlock 1 Lol 15 Ulock 1 Lot 10 Hlock 2 Lol 110 Oree ne Sam Claylnu Nam.If Jones 11. Keith Mamie Tolilver lirjnrv Tollivcr ltd tic .'; John Moore Lot M.imi( Thtirman 0.00 .00 4.03 4. (18 .47 .47 Lol 13 Block 2 \M 2 Block 3 Lot 0 Dlock 3 Lot 1C Hlock 4 6.00 .60 4.6B .47 4.08 •1.08 4.68 4.08 4.03 6.00 6.24 4.GS 4.68 P. A llobinson I-'. A. Robinson M. L Nicholas M. L. Nicholas Uussell Phillips ItitKsrll 1'hilltps l'*lor(.nce Kirk Ixit 10 Block 2 I.ot 11 Block 2 I ml 14 Block 2 Ull 15 Illock 2 Lol I Illock 3 Ix>l 2 Block 3 Ix>t 11 Block 3 .1. K. Bralchcr. Jr. Lot 12 Block 3 Kniie Fnuglit lot, (i Block 4 FIsliM-Thompson Lot 3 Block 5 Ilomei Fisher Lot G Block 6 Tom E. Jackson lal 7 Block 0 Mrs N'ornl Cole Lol 1 Block 10 lilock 5 4.68 Lol 13 Dlock 5 li.OO .60 4.68 .47 4.68 UUI)i>I.K HEIGHTS AnitN. 4.68 4.68 .... 4.G.1 .47 4.03 4.68 .47 4.68 4.68 4.G3 0.30 .93 9.36 9.36 9.36 9.36 9.36 .03 9.36 4.68 9 3d .93 IOBH .93 10.23 .; .47 !i !S .47 r-,l5;_ .47 10.M • .47 11! 90 .47 S.I5 ". .60 13.20 .02 B88 .47 inr-o .47 5.15 .47 f,.15 .47 U',,90 .47 5.15 .47 6.IS .47 lOiO ." .47 ll.CO .47 5.15 .47 5.15 . .94 20.59 .93 1059 .93 1059 .93 10.29 , .94 2iKS9- M r. 15 .94 33.79 ; Carl . Marshall 7 Block 2 Harold Hinson 1.50 17 1(1 1.77 1I1.-I7 1.02 27.32 .-15 4,95 1.42 15.58 2.G1 2mi 1.26 13.S6 1.88 -11.20 2.10 23.10 LOS 1P.15 2.01 4554 12.00 1.20 9.36 .93 SUNRISE AODN. O C .Hawks E 25' Lot 3 Block 1 14.40 1.441584 SUNNYSIDK AI)I)\'. Myr.-. Tucker Lot G Block 1 Dr. F. 13. Roberts Lot 2 Block 2 Dr. K. K. Roberts Lot 3 Block 2 8.00 .80 6.24 .62 6.24 .62 2:152. 10.92 1.09 1201 3.12 .31 ;143 Ulllin ttowcll Lot 4 Block 3 3.90 .39 429" l/:c Eulng Lot 5 Block 4. 6.24 .62 6.24 .62 1372. U'e Eniruj Lot 6 Block 4 4.6S .47 4.68 .47 1030 R. T. Wecden Lot 8 Bloc:; 4 3.12 .31 3.43' J. J. Johnson Lot 2 Block 6 6.24 .62 6S3, Kuberta Mixon Lot 6 Block 7 3.12 .31 3.12 .31 6.86 Temple Blcdsoe Lot 7 Block 7 4.68 .47 5.15 All persons, firms nnd corporations Interested in any of said property tire hereby warned and notified that they are required by law to apiiear'- within four (41 weeks and make defense in said suit or same will be Inken for confessed nnd final judgment will be entered directing th« sale of snld lands for the purpose of collecting sold tax or assessment, tc- peUier with the payment ot" Interest, ])enaltles, attorneys' fees and crtiMt cosls adjudged against each tract. Hated this Ihc 12 dny of November. 1»«. - • HARVEY MORRIS, Ctertt.

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