The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 18
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PAGE TWELVE BI.YTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, UKCEMBEJi 5, 19-tC America Reaps 'Mess of Pottage' NAM President Asks Cool Strike Settlement "Without Concessions" NEW. YORK, Dec. 5. — (UP) — Robert R. Wason, president of the National Association oC Manufacturers, called upon President Tru- rrian yesterday to settle the coal 'strike "without nay concession of .my kind" to John L. L?wis and his United Mine Workers. Wason, speaking before NAM's 5Ut"nnnunl Congress of American Industry at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, made » bitter attack on Ijewis and on labor, which he slid luid become a ."super-government" ill.the United Stoles. ;,'."lThe sovereign power of the Un/ed Stoics Is Infringed by John I>. : :Lewis with the sjovennnont's complicity." Wason said. •'Germany couldn't do it. Japan couldn't do It: Lewis strikes the government with government approval. ".'The. strike is not one between the government and John I. LSI Is or Philip Murray or Caesar Pc- tcillo. It is a struggle by the Aincr- ican people to regain their rights sold to L«wis and Murray )>y a government in exchange for the people's votes." •Wason said that fn ihc recent election the people had moved "farther to the right than the ]io- liticinns of cither party." There was no assurance, he added, "that thi?."ricw parly In power will not again placate labor and penalize the public." "Government's sellout to labor In 11. years. Of concessions at public expense has created economic anarchy in America." Wnson said. "If labor's monopoly is sustained by the new Congress, continued • coercion or the public Is inevitable." . Harrfman Speaks 'Secretary of Commerce W. Ave- rcll Harriinan predicted thai measures yili be proposed in the next Congress to "clarify" [he responsibilities of labor unions to the public. "The power of labor leaders has crown to a point where we find one man defying the government and the nation," he said. "It seems evident tliat In the coming session of Congress measures will bo proposed with the objective of clarifying the relationship between the rights of laboi unions in representing their members and their responsibility tc the public." Harriman said he believed labo had a major responsibility In pre venting inflationary Increases ii. prices. "During the past six months," lit said, "the cost of iiving has risen sharply, and thus real wages have /alien. But labor can contribute to the avoidance of n further spiral in prices and eventually gain a firm increase in real wages if it ivlll show restraint now in Its wage demands." Management, on the other hand, . "must adopt pricing policies b:is- fcd.. on long-range consideration and not immediate profit." Harriman pointed out that government practically has withdrawn froni the control of prices and wages, and that the NAM had urged decontrol. The public, now looks to the association lo prevent a steady'increase in prices, he s.aid. Ups and Downs of Soft Coal Output This Year TTTT Vcwschort above [races Ihc erratic course of soft conl production in 104G, noting laclors contributing to its ups iind (towns. They Gang Up on Hollywood Films not spoken In court ;n a week, got to his foet. prom the inner Pocket of his wrinkled, double-breasted coat lie extruded a speech typed oil paper. Ho began in a low voice lo rend it. II was :i trembly voice, charged with emotion, hut with the words well- spuccd. 1 do not want lo <lo John Ij. an injustice. It is not for me in a case like this to say that he was acting, but I'd bet my last "remaining scoop of co.'i] that this was a .speech he'd rehearsed before a mirror. 1 can remember only one oilier orator who played upon an. equally magnificent set of vociil cords as if they were a. cathedral organ, milking them roar und in the next breath sending them Into an ear-cupping pianissimo. Tlmt was the late John BarrJ'tnorc, reclllni: Hamlet's soliloquy In an oth. crwise forgotten rnovtc. Aljont the only dlfrcrcncc was that narrymore wept vrtion the cnmrrii stopiwd grinding. Wluit Lewis actually had to say about H'e sordid history of Injunctions, the brutal woik of the miners underground, and the deprivation of their constitutional rights you may read verbatim elsewhere In tills newspaper. Nearly EO of the best reporters In the business tooK down liis every word, but is im- ppsr.tb'.c for reporters to convey on paper the bitterness ami the al- most-t>iii-iiot-Qu!tc tone of sarcasm of (He mighty organ when it boom* ert: "Your injunction, sir, i rcspcc- fnlly submit, deprives the unions of their constitutional rights." (low ran a reporter Bet across the Idea that tne Intonation of that word, "respectfully," somehow seem, cd not finite that? Who is to say Lewis wasn't, spiaklng respectfully? Mnybu he can't help It when lil.-i inflections seem to belie his. words And, of course, maybe my ears arc no good. Anyway Lewis finished his speed with a b?l!ow. He folded his manuscript ;md placed it in his pocket, lie removed his eyeglasses. He re- i Slimed his chair. ! The brows, which seem to frame ' his eyes in nnonished fur, tinnec , In the direction of the red spot 01 the .second bench. The Judge order cd John I,, back for sentencing to day. but if the Buddha was listen ing there was no visible sign. Zoo Meets Shortage by Butchering Own Hones PHILADELPHIA <U.P.> — Thcr never was a meat shortage at tl: Philadelphia 7.oo. Kven before President Tniman meat decontrol order, the lio'.is an tigers were getting their 10 pound of sli'iik daily. The secret. The. /.oo uses horse A welcome answer to Hollywood's juvenile actor problem are C'liilord ;md Itayc Severn and their eight children. Casting directors rely on the group lo produce at least out' candidate lur almost any vole. The Scverns luive been represented in IStt movies MI the last 11 yours, and thoir income totals aboiil SliO.OOU a year, Pictured nbovc ore: (front row, left lo right) Christopher. 10; William Roosevelt Churchill, '(; Teresa Wright, with whom Billy was working ai the time; ICrnesl, 13. (Back row, left lo right) Clilluixt Sevei ti: Raymond, 14; Venecia. 22; Yvonne. 10; ClilVr.rd, Jr., '21; Winston ' ~^ t'nmklin MiicArthur, 1!; anci Mrs. Raye Severn./'' Lewis' Best Courtroom Manner Causes Wonder About Attitude First woman in the world to hold a position as justice of the peace was Mrs. Esther Morriss, of the mining town of South Pass, Wyo. BY FREDERICK C. (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. (UPl — John L. Lewis looked llfcc a Buddha iu u gifty vest one size too tight. The lawyers argued a'sd the Judge made pointed remarks, but John Li's expression never charged. His gnzc settled on the bright red dress of n. radio girl in the courtroom nnd there it stayed. Nothing moved but the fingers ol his right hand, .fishing in his upper vest pocket. , These pudgy digits extracted finally a fnt and pale perfecto banded in gold. Lewis held this' masterpiece ol the clgftr-iiiEiker's art under flared nostrils and sniffed its nro- ma. He must have been breathing, but no quiver cimxe from any ot his 240 pounds. His lawyers were objecting to everything. The Judge vockd com- forlnbly in his red leather swivel chair and observed that the government's suggested findings of fact and law seemed about rip hi Lo him. The lawyer wondered if this meant the judge intended to liiul Lewis guilty of contempt. The judge said "Yes." Then, said the lawyer, his client had « statement. Ponderously the Buddha, who had DIXIE COASTER WAGONS $14.95 No need to look any longer— here they arc while they last. Heavy construction — will stand ?-£ • lots and lots of'wear. DIXIE LAND SERVICE ELLIS POOLE, Owner & M 9 r.. Highway 61 North at Holland, Mo. Outboard Champ Flits, But Can't Drive Auto NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. (UP) —Ethel Allman. 19, nevily-ccown- cd nntlniiii) outboard Ja ci"g champion ain't holder of n private pilot's license, doesn't know how to drive nn automobile. Her father, jim, a garage mc- havc outlived Fifleen-monlli-old Stephen Ballis, of Chicago, proudly displays his new monofirnmmcd diaper, inspiration of local novelty shop. atcd animals that their uhanlc and vctcian boatsman, said "she just Isn't ready lo learn yet.'' At Ifi, Miss Altman was the youngest person In the country to own a pilot's card. She has inpro than 300 solo hours In the air. Using an eight foot hydroplane, Miss Altinan raced through the water at. 34'i miles an houc to win the national outboard racing event at Kentucky I,ako, Tcnn. ncal and even maintains it.s own | slaughter house. An average 01; three horses are consumed weekly, nost of them liime or snpcr.'inmt- VISIT Mason's Studio 320 SO. LAKE ST. 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