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San Francisco, California
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Aug. 23, IV69 sr.if Page 3 S. California 1800 Flee Brush Fires Tommy Smothers Plays Local Club have to like Negroes, but it's your country. If they're burning it, you better listen." Of the new generation, he said, they were not. as were their parents, brought up on newspapers, books, the carefully structured sentence, By James Scherinerliorn 'Hie blond, intense young man ill at ease behind a speaker's rostrum dead-panned to 750 San Franciscans: "It's really great to be back in Frisco." 4 I 1 1 I it i trouble, someone in need, you better do it now because '1 1 ever go past this point again." Smothers likened the power of the three television networks of today to a town square in early America with three soapboxes "where they only allow minstrels and tun-nymen who say nothing." Historically, he said, wheie nation's artists have nut Ikhmi free, the nation has not i slow due process and equally Thus television's Tommy I slow bureaucratic chanue Smothers elicited enthusias-l Instant Success tic applause from a man, The new television genera-wife (and child) Common- tion has been raised on wealth Club luncheon at the i "instant success." he said.

1 i i i i ice. onci aiuu-rditice yesieiuay. xuKe a ucoaorant and you re Keen The "in joke" began an beautiful." LOS ANGELES (AP) More than 1800 residents fled their homes today as fires rampaged unchecked over a huge swath of remote and relatively unpopulated brush and grassland in Southern California. An estimated 1500 persons were ordered out of their homes during the night in northern San Diego County, where fire had blackened at least 45,000 acres. The biggest fire started yesterday on Camp Pendleton about 15 miles south of the western White House, but it was burning eastward today and said to be no threat to President Nixon's seaside residence.

No deaths or injuries were reported. Officials said they could not stop a file near Fallbrook, 85 miles south of Los Angeles, from a valley containing several hundred homes and a trailer park. In El Cajon, a San Diego suburb, a small fire consumed six houses before it was put out. Three major fires still burned uncontrolled in San Diego County, and two others in San Bernardino County. Winds fanned the Camp Pendleton fire about 30 miles south of Los Angeles across 20,000 acres of dry brush and into the adjacent Cleveland National Forest, where it burned 5000 timbered acres.

Two fires in San Bernardino County 60 miles east of Los Angeles burned about 1900 acres, creeping within a few hundred feet of houses. For Southern California, it is only the beginning of the fire and smog and hot weather season. Some of the hottest, dryest weather comes in September and October. ft 4 1 .1 Tongue-iti-C'licck He was asked in the question period a number of tongue-in-cheek questions, anionu them if he'd like to run for i i become a United Slates Senator. He said, "No.

I'd like to have a television show in Washington and invite Con messmen to explain their lulls, all that little print. "I think Congress should be on television every singls dav." amazing hour of laughs and; 1 ele vision, in an Imiir, long silences as members of brings instant solutions, the noted conservative group 1 "Why not instant justice, listened to Smothers tell instant brotherhood, instant what his generation thinks peace? Why should the today, and what he strongly process be so slow? believes television's role "We've got to adjust to should be in democracy. these demands as quickly as Kandou Concepts a 'j. "I'm gonna lay some ran-; Tht? V0U U)ti dom thoughts and concepts) loltf a ai(liencPi on you, Smothers said, 0.ilv live once. If vou testing mildly that he a wVo.m, someone' in not the usual "heavyweight" who addresses the Common-! wealth Club.

-i The gentle deadpan in operation again, he said, "I'm a former television Tic Fnr Lillle Old Lady Foiled at Bank Flume He referred to the CBS network's cancellation of the Smothers Brothers television series because he refused to eliminate comment and satire on the nation's troubles. His Right "1 exercised my right not to be a hypocrite," he said, and again drew applause. IX, -X V. AH A curiosity-ridden little old lady was aware today what comes from asking a banker what he is doing about, the holdup situation. It.

triggers, she discovered. "The only valid censorship the banker's foot on the of ideas," he said, "is the alarm button and almost irn-right of people not to listen." mediate arriv al by the FBI He insisted that a network I and police robbery detail right to censor the! Experiment Ml. 1 Above, a big Forest Service a i tanker drops clouds or murky fire-re-tardant chemicals over the Reeche Canyon area south of San Bernardino, where scores of private residences were' threatened by wind -whipped fires, At left is the home of Rolf Bohnsack in the Horizon Hills section of El Caion, reduced virtually to ashes by fires that swept in from sur-rou riding tinder -dry brush country. AP Pliolos vice president, added: "What are you going to do about all these robberies? Vou J4ie all the money away, why not give mc loot Alarm The executive foot hit the alarm. Minutes later Inspectors Hay West and Jim Kv-ans walked in West, and luans saitl they I'e to interpret the questionable, queries as just I hat and not an act of bank robbery.

They also turned th little old lady over to relatives who promised she won LI be returned to Xapa Stale Hospital tor additional psychiatric treatment. The vice president was re- comment of creative artists, ''he sJiahDily dressed little as it does, yet has an obliga- old lady experimented at 5:30 tion it does not meet to pro vide opposing views and information on the current American scene. 1' p.m. ye.terday in Citizens Bank Chest nut and Fillmore Streets Plunking down a battered valise on the desk of a vice president, who would rather' remain nameless, the little old lady cheerfully suggested he "fill her up with monev." i 1 -I Full Kate Politicians, lie pointed out, must pay the full rate for tel 1 evision time. "It should not rnsf in whnro 1ti nntilir Vinsi.

As recalled by the shaken ported in quest of a sedative. ness with the public." The networks protest they have no time for quality programs, he said. Receiver Acls Folger Father Files Container Dispute Teamsters Shut Oakland Terminal "They are all booked up with 'The Beverly Hillbillies' when the country's on fire." S500 Million Net CBS made $500 million net last year, he told his audi- S.F. State Student Government Out E. Bay iYluseum to Open on Schedule The Oakland Museum new demands except to tay Commission has made it! that the opeimg would clear that it intends to open i held as scheduled.

Estate Plea I i A petition for letters of ad-! ministration for the estate of Abigail Ann Folger, nce, yet had no free time for politicians "so we can be informed." He said, "You don't even Bv Phil Garlingtou Jr. By Urnest Itapley Labor Writer the new Elast Bay cultural edifice on Sept. 20 as origi II ayes said the commission will study all of the proposals massacred with actress Sharon Tate and three others in Bel Air, has been filed in Superior Court here. The action was filed by her father, Peter Folger of 3860 from the committee and will his stand probably take final action at. a contro-l the commissions regular nally scheduled.

The board look yesterday despite The Port of Oakland's big Seventh Street terminal remained partly shut down today by a new flareup of the completed at the Oakland Seventh Street terminal since last September but have not been operated because of the jurisdictional issue. Longshoremen this weekj IntuJ-cimniorino' versy flaring up from ethnic groups complaining that the museum's staff does not rep- a con- Woodside Woodside, a itainer dispute. meeting on Wednesday. Agrees He he agreed "in principle'' to demands for a better representation by minority people and equal employment opportunities. The commission president said: member of the Folger coffee Te'anister Local 70 pickets flan.

kept trucks out of two con- during the low-month student strike. Bank of America is the court-appointed receiver. Uniack said that as trust officer he could no longer justify the employment of the five staff members retained by the bank to handle the much-curtailed activities of student government during the close of the spring semester. Furthermore, he said, the receivership suit filed by Deputy Attorney General Joanne Condas has not been scheduled in court and "it i resent "all segments of the community." The question of delaying began unloading cargo frorri For all practical purposes, the Associated Students at San Francisco State College is out of business today. The organization's five employes have been fired, its few remaining functions halted and its equipment put into storage.

The action was entirely the doing of the Bank of America, trust officer Thomas L. Uniack said, and had nothing to do with the college administration or with President S.I. Hayakawa. Funds Charge tainer yards operated by containers at one freight sta the formal opening cropped up during a work session of the commission and its com- 'We need qualilied people. Folger estimates her personal property of cash and securities at $400,000 and real property at $130,000.

The petition says that no will has been found and that Marine 1 erminals Co. They were posted after two of three freight stations started operations Thursday with longshoremen unloading niunity relations a i I don't care if they are black. committee. brown or white. More Demands tion leased by the Oakland Container Terminal a combination of four Japanese shipping lines, and another operated by the Port of Oakland.

Marine Terminals Co. handles cargo at both places. Pickets Teamsters Local 85 last December picketed Marine i cargo trom containers taken Miss Folger obviously died two freighters, the Golden Or. Norvel Smith, a Negro educator who is president of Merritt College and one ol three chairmen of the committee, added three more demands to a list of six additional advisers earlier this uuesiaie. Listed as heirs are her mother, Mrs.

lues M. Folger of 1750 Taylor a brother, Peter, of Woodbridge, mm Gate Bridge and a i o. Teamster officials said this is the work of their members. Complaint The National Labor ligations Board here is investi- The Associated Students at State went into receivership last February after the Attorney a l's office charged that AS funds were being used to foment unrest Terminals Co. at 11 San Francisco docks in a dispute Jefferson Airplane Sentencing NEW ORLEANS (AP) A judge has issued suspended sentences for three members of a i musical group, The Jefferson Aiiplane, for narcotics violations.

John Cassidy, 25, and Charles Cassidy, 29, musicians, pleaded guilty to attempted possession of marijuana and received suspended sentences of 2li years each. Mary Mayer. 21, identified as an artist with the group, pleaded guilty to illegal possession of marijuana and received a five-year suspended sentence. Police arrested the three May 16. Utile Pupil lliol SANTIAGO (Chile) (AP) Police fired shots in the air yesterday to break up a riot by some 600 Chilean high school pupils demanding greater scholastic autonomy.

No one was reported injured. and a halfsister, Elizabeth, who lives with the father. week. The list calls tor more ticipation of ethnic grou rslllHSKlKKi may be quite a while before it comes up." Decision pending In the meantime, a court decision is pending on two student body elections held last April. A radical slate backing the strike demands won the first election, while a moderate group in favor of "peace on campus won the second.

A lawsuit is pending to settle which, if either, of these elections was legal. Prior to the receivership, the student body government I the affairs of the museum I and equal employment op- ji. portunities within the staff. i Smith also asked the com- I Falling Cargo Kills gating a complaint filed by i Pacific Maritime Association in an attempt to get the pick-jets removed. PMA charged Local 70 with secondary and a jurisdictional dis-I pute.

The dispute had ramifica mission to rehire Mrs. Julia Kf '-J' Hare, the coordinator of edu- )S Stalled Car's Driver Killed Scekinir Hcli) involving the moving of containers. Picketing was stopped by a court order but the case is still pending before the NLBB which is attempting to establish jurisdiction. PMA and the 1LWU are working on language of a proposed agreement covering the handling of container cargo after getting together "in principle." Terms have not been disclosed and the big question was whether the Teamsters. Union would go along with the proposal.

Teamster and ILWU officials cation in the museum pro- river 1 at the Lake Merced campus A huue transformer ton- acted in almost complete au- tonomy, hiring whom it tions at Piers 9 and 19 here yesterday when. Teamster Local 85 officials charged, longshoremen started working container cargo directed from the Oakland docks. This was settled when the stevedoring companies agreed "there would be no infringe- gram, wno resigned earner this month. Funds Project Also on the list, Smith proposed a special project providing funds for minority and ethnic culture in the museum. William Ilayo.

president of the commission, would not comment on the I A I wished and using student money to set up controversial programs, including some sponsored by Uie Black Students Union, leading group in the strike. AS merit on our work." Local C5'have bt'en unsuccessfully at months to tempting lor six get an agreement. AS Money The receivership suit alleges that many of the demonstrators were receiving AS wono-wioE BROADCAST EVERY SUM DAT A San Francisco motorist, Peter Langis, 45, of 2715 Ca-brillo was injured last night by a hit-run auto on the Bayshore Freeway service road in Burlingame. Police said the hit-run car was driven by a curly haired youth, accompanied by a young woman. Langis car had stalled on the freeway, police said.

He left it to go for help, climbed the retaining fence and was crossing the service road when struck. Wliafs tlirScore? pling ov er on a compact car killed one man on the Nimitz Freeway yesterday and tied up traffic for more than two hours. Killed was Norman L. Hill, 57, a machinist of 15363 An-dover San Leandro. Hill died when a 36-foot transformer riding on a drayage truck driven bv Conrad Bartels, 45.

of 1183 Filbert San Francisco, failed to clear the Marina Boulevard overpast. The transformer fell on the hood of Hill's tar, which burst into flame. Traffic was backed up in the northbound lane for 10 miles while a crane was brought to remove the money. i i Business Manager Tim Richardson said. The Oakland development could bring a showdown between the Teamsters Union and International Longshoremen's Warehouse Union in the container controversy.

First Dispute This is the first time the issue of whether Teamsters or Longshoremen shall load cargo into and unload'it from containers at the new dock container freight stations has arisen. Three of these have Iecn SUPERMARKET I mm DIAL I 7777777 1 iBtkiest Number is Thus far, Uuiack said; the cost of the receivership has been $30,000, but he was unable to piovide the total assets of the corporation, although, he said, "they are more than several hundred thousand." The annual budget of the AS usually runs around $450,000. derived for the most mims Sinus Congestion Colds Miseries Hoy Fever $129 mt 4 00 P.M. KEAR-FM 3 03P.M 1103 KC 97.3 MC Dart from an annual $20 as HANDY SPOI At lour foinrifo Fntui Sur For Latest Sports Results Dil Telescore. EX.

7-1240 sessment per student..

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