The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California on March 6, 1972 · 19
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The San Francisco Examiner from San Francisco, California · 19

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1972
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fW?n., Mar, 6, 1 972 AftAft &Jf.xmturr-ratjf 1 11:00 - 4 . Luujh-In: To beautiful downtown Bur bank comei n former "Mlis Bur-bank," Debbie Reynolds, to sing, act and dance up a Ntorm. Appearing in cameo segments are Charlie Callas, Jack Carter, Johnny Cash, Dick Cavett, Queenle Smith and Burt Mustin. (One hour.) 8:00 B Gunimokei Deputy Festui Ilaggen is tried for murder. Seems he is a dead ringer for murder suspect. The man's ex-wife even identifies Festui as her former spouse, NOTE: Ken Curtis plays both Festus (with beard) and the real murderer (without beard). (One hour,) 8:00 7 Monday Night Special: TONIGHTS BEST BETS ON TV 9:00 7 Monday Night Movlej "The Delphi Bureau." TV Key says: 'Tolished action drama, a pilot film with a surprisingly light touch. Agent hero Laurence Lucklnblll plays a government agent who takes his Washington orders from a wealthy matron, Celeste Holm." 10:00 5 Sonny and Cher Snow: Sandy Duncan cuts loose In a five-minute darning commercial bit. Sandy and Cher co-star in a "Gypsy Doodle" operetta. (One hour.) .10:00 Special: Debate of five Democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire. (Taped last night.) (90 minutes.) Dwight Newton P wight Newton "Champions:" A study of several top athletes and the dedication and drive which motivates their determination to win. One impressive segment profiles Cheryl Tous-salnt, America's champion female runner and her life in a Brooklyn ghetto. Another lenses the champion Japanese girls' volley ball team. Also featured are runner Kip-choge Kelno, hurdler David Hemery, ice skater Janet Lynn and swimmer Michael Wenden. (One hour.) 8:00 t Hollywood Television Thea ter: "Awake and Sing," TV Key says: "Walter Matthau and a fine cast perform Clifford Odets' biting 37 year old drama of a Bronx Jewish family's struggles during the Depression. Odets bursting vitality hasn't gone moldy with age. Mom rules the roost, sweet grandfather spouts socialism, the kids desperately want to escape snd boarder Moe knows everything is a racket. Odets' tightly written drama has snap and pace and appears tailor-made for TV." (Two hours.) A Reborning 'He-' At KEMO-TV i Of San Francisco's four original UHF television stations, only Kaiser-owned KB1 IK-TV, Channel 44, has remained continually afloat. KUDO-TV, Channel 38, sank to an early grave. KNEW-TV, Channel 32, was declared a tax loss and was given to KQED to simulcast Channel 9 programs. AMAKIDIO CABRAL V'Musical International" MARMADUKE "All right, Snyder, never mind whether I'm a 707 or a 747 1" KEMO-TV, Channel 20, ran Its owner, U.S. Communications, Inc., into debt. USCI closed shop and prayed for succor. It came when the station and Its debts were acquired by local entrepe-neur,Leon Crosby. Crosby's Initial p r o-gramming thrusts are to ethnic and youth audf-ences, working extensively through program brokers. Example: For the next two Wednesdays (7 p.m.), accomplished Portuguese composer-guitarist-singer Amandio Cabral will headline "Amandio's Musical Inter- -national." Cabral and his producer, Nancy Katz, prepare the program and reel in sponsors (Levi Strauss, Cost Plus lor whatever) . If the "pilot" programs please the spon-Ws, Cabral is in business. If the sponsors waver, he's 'out. ' . ! ' THE REBORN KEMO-TV begins weekday pro-rrammine at 4 D.ra. with two Spanish soap operas, "Simplemente Maria" and "Natacha," followed usual-fly, by a locally originated ethnic hour or two, either (Portuguese, Spanish or Italian. From 8 p.m. to midnight, partially or totally, program director Don Humphrey has evolved a weird and limp sort of conglomerate titled "KEMO Free Form" fwhere anything might happen but usually doesn't. i The pitch appears to be to anyone willing to iWatch second or third string rock groups, singers, sto- la imnAi-snnafnra filrnfotl flrttatfl fT dft.1t-' w . mwr wn a vi V ri A Ji ! l A. - J.MA. leers. Best act inx rAiuj aaiuruay mgnv was a uauto Ifrio from Ann Halprin's Dancer's Workshop, periorm-ling for the publicity. v Best thing about new KEMO is that nearly everything (save soap opera) is televised live. The sense of Immediacy is splendid. The lack of organization and talent is nerve-wracking. ' , The "Without a Doubt" program last night (8 t o'clock) with Dr. William Tiller of Stanford discussing parapsychology, aura photos and acupuncture for an ,'ftour was fascinating despite hostess Lynn Davis' apparent inexperience as an Interviewer. She is more , comfortable BEING interviewed. !'; , !h . THE KEMO BOMB of the weekend was '.Twenty-Twenty Vision" (Saturday 10 p.m.) on which ko-hosts "Big Daddy" Eric Nord and Michael Moeller babbled like dodo birds often heedless of their guests, artist Pat Cucaro and rock promoter Walter Stone of Loadstone. Si , Cucaro finally maneuvered discission around to his paintings and Stone was able to present his latest protegee, blues belter Jacqueline Jones. Miss Jones can rock up a storm but about all the backing she got from the Funky Nitty Gritty Band was funky grit. 1 :. Meanwhile, here's to anything "live" on television. May KEMO remain live and prosper. Skoal. mmWL IKSU lA!US UBLMQP US&n Will iniuKt flQuMWJ (Quid dilkiit (Hum tltelllftfllrtt- ll TH1NS 'Fdiir wd Mtnthol 16 mj "ik", 1.1 mj nicoiim n pir cigitint, FTC Alport Aug. 71 Tonight and Tomorrow on TV -4;30P.M,-QD-McHali'iNivy(nrun) 3 Bill Cosby (rirun) rjD David Frost. Tid Knight ("Miry Tyler Moon" show), Mitt Mvnri, Kenny Ropn and tho First Edition -Niwi: Amburi-Iinstn iesimi Strut 1 f Love Lucy (rerun) 13 Bltj Valley (rerun) 36-Movle: "Silent Conflict" Popeyo and Friends (60 inin.) -9:00 P.M.-Q3-Pleasi Don't Eat thi Daisies (rerun) 3 Hopn's Heroes (rerun (D 11 Dick Van Dyke (rerun) (g) Spanish Children's Show -5:25 P.M.- . 8 Sport sclue -5:30 P.M.-(D Gllliran's Island (rerun) 3 Dick Van Dyke (rerun) Hews (2-11-13 Hews: leasoner-Smith 8 Petticoat Junction (rerun) GH2) The Electrit Company 10 Hews Spied Racer -6:00 P.M.-(5) Mayberry RFD (rerun) -SKZ)-3--' 1-1 '-News --What's Hew: "Three Boys in Taiwan" 10-Hews: Walter Cronkite 53) Spanish Program 36-Movles "The Fugitive" Fiintstones (60 min.) -6:30 P.M.-(231 Dream of Jeannit (rerun) QD8Hews -Hews: Walter Cronkite (2-Movie: "The Misfits" (Part I, with conclusion Tuesday) (J) 5J 30 minutes with .... . 10 Hews 11-The Virginian (rerun) -7:00 P.M.- (2) I Love Lucy (rerun) , (3) -Wide Wonderful World (rerun) Hews 8 I Dream of Jeannie (rerun) 55) Hewsroom (30 minj 10 Wild Wild 13-Movie: "The Hutty Professor" 20 Italian Program Get Smart -7:30 P.M.-(23 Dragnet: how men an screened as potential police rookies (rerun) g) Lassie: the collie befriends a young deaf girl who has lost her beloved pet () Norman Corwin Presents: "The Better It Is, the Worse It Is" with John Saxon 8 Dragnet (rerun) IS) Scan -Movie: "Pride of the Yankees" 8:00 P.M. (2)-Movie: "Flaming Star" g) 3-8 Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In: Debbie Reynolds along with cameo appearances by Charlie Callas, Jack Carter, Johnny Cash, Dick Cavett and Queenle Smith 10 Gunsmoke: Festus Haggen stands trial as i murderer who bears in uncanny likeness to the Dodge City deputy (2) 11 Special: "Champions," behind the Scenes look at somi of the world's most extraordinary athletes, ill Olympic hopefuls, feituring Kipchoge Kelno, Kenya's long-distance runner, the world champion girls volleyball team if Japan, Gold Medal hurdler David Hemery of England, American fig- RADIO HIGHLIGHTS AM TONIGHT Teresa 4.50 p.m. - KXRX (1550) Drury consumer report. 4:55 p.m. - KCBS (740) The Subject Is Sex: Obtaining film roles through sex; nude film roles; heroin addiction and ovulation; Mafia wives. 6 p.m. - KKHI (1550) M 02 art, Adagio, Gavotte and Passpled from "Les Petit Riens" (Vienna Moart Ensemble, Boskovsky); Arenshy, Waltz from Suite No. 2 (Vronsky, Babin, duo pianos); Devienne, Flute Quartet in G Major (Rampal, flute; Genclre Trio), 8 p.m. - KKHI (1550) Guest Artist Clara Haskil, piano: Mouit, Rondo tor Piano and Orchestra in A Major mid Concerto No, 20 for Piano and Orchestra (Vienna Symphony. Orchestra, Baumgartner), 6 55 p.m. - KCBS (740) file 74; fred Wilcox talks about parking in tow away lonej, history of Calllornla counties; hexachlotophene problems, b 0 s p 1 1 e I tan lor the elderly and misleading advertising by a health insurance compay. 10 p.m. - KSF0 (560) Gene Nelson's Old Radio: "The Big Story." 11 p m. KKHI (1550! Dvorak, Piano Quintet in A Major (Serkin, piano; Schneider Quartet); Chopin, Scherzo No. 3 (Entremont, piano). TOMORROW 10.30 a.m. - KNBR (680) Lxami-' ner columnist Ann Landers answers listeners' questions. 11:25 a.m. KCBS (740) Newsra-dio on Records: Ken Ackermart reviews records by Richard Evans, Aldo Cicconlini, Neil Young, Wild Turkey. FM TONIGHT 4 p.m.-KJAZ (92,7) Compositions of Duke Ellington, 7 p.m.-KCSM (90.9) Live from the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Peking Special: The six correspondents who want to China with Piesident Nuon will discuss the pur- TV Movies Tonight 6:30 p.m. (7) "The Misfits" (1961) Clark Gable, Marilyn, Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach, Thelma Ritter. Arthur Miller's original screenplay about a group of modern-day cowboys and a frightened divorcee who is appalled at the cruelty of rounding up .wild horses. (Parti, with conclusion Tuesday.) 7:30 p.m. (44) "The Pride of the Yankees" (1942) Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Walter Brennan, Babe Ruth. Biographical drama of one of baseball's greats, Lou Gehrig. t p.m. (2) "Flaming Star" (1960) Elvis Presley, Barbara Eden, Steve Forrest, Dolores Del Rio. In Texas of the 1870s a half-breed must decide his loyalty to either the white man or to the Indian. 9 p.m. (4) "I Thank a Fool" (1962) Susan Hayward, Peter Finch, Diane Cilento, Cyril Cusack, Kieron Moore. A doctor, convicted of euthanasia, finds herself employed several years later by the prosecutor who tried her case. 11 p.m. (44) "House on Telegraph Hill" (1951) Richard Basehart, Valentina Cortesa, William Lundigan. At the end of World War II, a displaced woman assumes a friend's identity and settles in San Francisco. 11:30 p.m. (5) "Children of the Damned" (1964) Ian Hendry, Barbara Ferris. Strange circumstances surround six small children whose presence poses a threat to the world. Por iik Average Good Excellent poses and effects of the trip, 7 p.m.-KPEN (97.7) Liadov, Eight Russian Folksongs (USSR Symphony Orchestra, Svetlanov); Ravel, "Ma Mere L'Oye' (London Symphony Orchestra, Montiux); Tchaikovsky, "Souvenir of Florence" (Copenhagen Ensemble), 8 p.m.-KR0N (96.5) Opera: Bizet "The Pearl Fishers." 10 p.m.-KJAZ (92.7) Big bend jazz with Herb Wong. TOMORROW 8 30 conclusion KQE0 (88.5) Congressional Black, Caucus hearing on media. I a.m. to 8 p.m. through Saturdiy-KSAN (94.9) Disc jockeys and newsmen from KSAN conduct I drive to register the 18 to 25 year old voters. 12.30 im.-KQfO (88.5) Concert of the Week-Wagner'i "Die Wal-kure" from th Bayreuth Festival: Starring Gwrneth Jones, He'ge Brill-oth, Karl Ridderbush, Katerini Legeiv ze and Theo Ailum, tin skating champion Janet Lynn, Australian swimming thampion Michael W i n d i n, and America's outstanding female runner, Cheryl Toussaint (60 min.) -32-$ptclal of the Week: , "Awake and Sing," Clifford Odets' 1935 hit Broadway drama about the life of i Jewish boy in the Bronx during the Depression; Walter Matthau stars gijrj Free Forum (until midnight) 36 Movie: "Here Comes the Waves" -8.-O0P.M.- 3 8 Movie: "I Thank a Fool" (10 Here's Lucy: comedian Flip Wilson joins Lucy in a spoof if "Gone With the Wind" (2j 1M3 Movie: "The Delphi Bureau" (made expressly for TV, possibli new series) starring Lau-r i n e Luckinbill, Celesti Holm, Deen Jagger, Cameron Mitchell, Bradf erd Dillman, Bob Crane, Joanna Pettet In i suspense story of a secret government investigator who becomes entangled in a web of murder and intrigue when he looks Into the disappearance of an entin fleet of obsolete planes (90 min.) -8:30 P.M.- gp io Deris Day: Doris' job is threatened when she writes about a prominent San Francisco family -Outer Limits 10:00 P.M. (5) News: George Reading (5) 10 Sir ny and Cher: Sandy Duncan guests QD 35) Speclah F I v a Democratic candidates in the New Hampshire ' primary answer newsmen's questions (90 min.) . 36 David Frost: entire show examines the turmoil In Ireland 10:30 P.M. g One Step Beyond -11:00 P.M.-(J) The Saint (rerun); News r(5(73 8-10-1 113-News M t vTl: "House an Telegraph Hill" -11:30 P.M.--(5) 3-8 Tonight Show: show returns ta New York with Bobby Darin, BuffySiinte Marie: News GEHO-Mivli: "Children af the Damned" GP 13 Dick Cavett; News 11 Movie: "Tarzan's Magic Fountain" 36 Movies: (1) "Silent Conflict" (2) "So Preudly We Hail" (3) "Roptili-cue" -1:38 A.M.-(S Call of the West (rerun) TOMORROW t00 A.M. 3 Rhyme end Reason (SI Sunrise Semester () Arts and Ideas af latin America (premiere) 1.30 A.M. fin-News (g) Sut Yung Ylng Yea (7 A.M.i Jim Dunbar 10 Sunrise Semester 13 Introduction to Art -7:00 A.M.- (3) Jack La lanne (4) 3 8 Today Show: coverage if the New Hampshire primary is Included (fj) 10 CIS News: John Hart 13 Let's Speak Spanish 7:45 A.M. (33 Religion Today -8:00 A.M.- (2) Cartoon Town (B 10 Captain Kangaroo 8:30 A.M. (3D Romper Room CB-Movlo: "Designing Woman" (1957), Gregory Peck, Lauren Ba-call, Dolores Gray, Sam Levine; marital conflict drama (Part II, conclusion); second feature, "Random Harvest" (1942), Ronald Colman, Greer Garson, Susan Peters; English World Wir I vet gets amnesia (Part I, with conclusion Wednesday) 11 Cartoons -9:80 A.M. (5)3.Dlnih Shore 10 Lucy Show (rerun) 11 Jack La Lanne 13-Te Tell the Truth 9:30 A.M. (2) 10 My Three Sons (rerun) GD 3-8 Concentration ' (-1 ant I ay Affair: Hugh Koferd, president af California Republican Assembly 11-Movie: "The Sun Also Rises" 13 Phil Donahue 10:00 A.M. QD-10-Famfly Affair (rerun) g) 3-6 Sail of the Century -10:30 A.M.-(J) Flying Nun (rerun) G 3-8 Hollywood Squires (13-10-leveofL!fe (3D Galloping Gourmet (J) Sesame Street 13-Call13 11.00 A.M. Q3 Donna Reed (rerun) r 3-8 Jeopardy 10 Where the Heart Is GD-What En ry Woman Wants Ti Know -11:30 A.M.-C53 Lucille Rivers Sewing (43 3-8-Who, What ar Where C53 10 Search for Tomorrow (2)-1 1-13-That Girt -12 NOON-CD Virginia Graham.- Ralph Story, Ken Murray, Bob Thomas, Michael Jayston G4XKU0-Newi (73 11-13 Bawitched 8 Three en a Match (J) Misterogers 12 30 P.M. (43 8 Days ef Our Lives (53 10 A the World Turns (73 1 1 -1 3 Password (jg5 The Electric Company -1:00 P.M.- CD Movie: "Andy" (19BJ), Norman Alden, drama if l middle aged retarded man (43 3 8 The Doctors (53 10 love Is a Many Splendored Thing (23-1 M 3 All My Children -1:30 P.M.-(43 3 8-Another World () 10 Cuidlnj light t7) 1 1-13 lat a Make a Dial 38-Yegi for Health 2.00 P.M. ' 1 Movie: "A Funny Thing Happened en the Way to the Forum" (438 Bright Promise 15) 10 Secret Storm (7 11-15 Hawtywed tame 31 Mike Douglas -2:25 P.M. $jj Stories af Prof. Kitzel; Instructional -2:30 P.M (33 8 Somerset -10-Edge of Night (23 11 flatlng Game 13 Truth or Consequences g$ San Francisce Today: Noble Fields, Women's Army Corps representative -3:00 P.M.-(53 Gomer Pyle (rerun) (43 Three on a Match (3J Mike Douglas: Co-host Eva Ga-bor, David Brenner, Fran Jeffries, billiards champ Willie Mosconi, Ambassador Sol Linowitz (chairman, National Urban Coalition League) (23 11-13 General Hospital 8 Galloping Gourmet 10 Virginia Graham g$-New Zoo Revue: "What It trowing Up" 3:30 P.M. (53 Charlie and H u m p h r e y Good Stuff Hour (43 Andy Griffith (rerun) (23 11-13 One Life to live 8 Movie:' "The Last Wagon" 36 Timmle and Lassie g$ Banana Splits -4:00 P.M.- 3 Get Smart (rerun) (D High Chaparral (rerun) (7J 11 Love, American Style (rerun) (5) Misterogers ,10Mike Douglas 13 Gllligan'i Island (rerun) 25) Spanish Program 36 Stingray; Newt Speed Racer -4:30 P.M.- (23 McHale't Navy (rerun) 3 Bill Cosby (rerun) S3 David Frost: examination of the world of TV's "soap operas" (23 News, Amburg-Jonssn (53 Sesame Street Tl I love Lucy (rerun) 13 Big Valley (rerun) 36 Movie: "Devil's Henchman" g Popeya and Friends (60 ninj Weather Report Foiecast to 4 a m, tomorrow, from National Weather Service. rigures show low temperatures expected during period. Nulionul Forecast Cold weather is forecast for the northern states but milder weather is forecast for the rest of the country. Snow is forecast from the Dakotas through the Great Lakes to inland portions of the Northeast. Snow flurries are forecast for part of the western Plains. . . Weith. Hi Lo Anchorage C 15 O AtlenU C 51 43 Boise CY 55 39 ton CY 36 33 Brownsville R 71 65 Buffalo S 35 17 Casper CY 55 6 cf10?0., c n Cincinnati c 30 21 Cleveland S 22 17 Dallas C 6i 37 Denver CY 68 16 Des Moines C 35 7 Detroit S 7.2 18 Great Fall CY 54 29 Honolulu - 65 Houston PC 71 56 Jackson C 58 44 Jacksonville ..... C 69 52 Juneau CY 25 a Kansas City C 52 18 L Verne C S4 52 Memnhis f c 50 32 Miami Beach PC 81 72 Milwaukee C IS 5 Minneaoolis C 12 -6 New Orleans c bS 56 C Clear CY Cloudy Weath.Hi New York C 43 Phiiadeiohia C 43 Phoenix . C 93 Portland. Ore CY 62 Reno PC 79 Salt Lake City PC Seattle CY 54 Sookane CY 54 Washington C 49 CANADIAN STATIONS Calgary CY 32 Edmonton s 11 Montreal C 29 Ottaw , CY 28 Toronto PC 21 Vancouver r 49 Winnipeg CY 8 PAN AMERICAN STATIONS Bermuda pc 74 narmosillO C Mazatlan c mexico tity H Monterrey nasseu . Veracruz La Paz .. PC PC 90 82 77 93 04 79 SO La 34 32 55 53 26 38 31 36 4 -6 17 11 14 47 -14 6 S2 4 70 70 S Snow , H Haze I Rain SK Smoke F-F01 iMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiim jiitMiiMifiiiiitfffitftitfftiififiitMititffifatfiiiiitttifiuttitttitiMiiiiftia Bay Area Forecast ei ef 3 p.m. fir through Wednesday except Pn,!che!ofJ0(! or ,low clouJs morn-inRs. S iRhtly cooler Tuesday. Low hoth nights in the mid 40s to low 50s. High Tuesday end Wednesday in the mid 60s to mid 70s. Varieble winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. State Road Conditions The following report wes issued by the Stete Division of Highway at 12 noon. Motorists are cautioned to carry chains at all times when driving In the mountains In the winter. Chains are often required on short notice due to changing road conditions. All road reports are subject to change. Motorists are reminded that the maximum speed limit when chains are required Is 25 miles per hour. I SO DONNER PASS Open. Carry chains. Fair. US SO ECHO. SUMMIT Open. Carry chains. Fair. SR 70 FEATHER RIVER HWY Open. I t SACRAMENTO TO 0RE80N ST. LINE. Open. SR 20 MARRYSVILLI TO.JCTI SO open. US 17 JCT I S WEED TO THE OREGON STME LINE Open. SR 08 SACRAMENTO TO JCT I I RED ILUFF. Open. US 101 EL CAMINO REAL Open. US 101 REDWOOD HIGHWAY Open. One-way traffic et the following locations due to slidesi 4 miles north of Orick. 9 miles north of Or-Ick. 10 miles north of Orick. 13 miles north of Orick. miles north of Humboldt-Del Norte Co. line. 1 miles north of Klamath. 3 miles north of Klamath. 6 miles north of Klamath. 16 miles north of Klamath. 16 1-3 miles north of Klamath. 10.7 miles south of Crescent City. SR 40 YUBA PASS HWY Open. SR 4 EBSETTS PASS Closed Mt. Rebe turnoff to Jet SR S9. SR OS CARSON PASS Closed 6 5 miles east of Peddler Hill toJctSR as. SR SO MONITOR PASt-Closed Jet US 395 to Jet SR 4. SR 08 LUTHER PASS Open. SR at WEST SHORE LAKE TAHOE Open icy spots US 50 to Bliss State Park. SR 10 NORTH. SHORE LAKE TAHOE Open. SR JIT NORTHSHORE BLVD. Jrt SR 28 Kings Beach to Jet I SO Truckee. Open. SR 101 SONORA PASS Closed Cow Creek to 7 mile west of Jet US 395. SR 120 TIOGA PASS Closed Crane Flat to i miles west ef Jet US 395. SR 151 JUNE LAKE LOOP South Jot US 395 to North Jet US 395. Closed power house to North Jet US 394. SR 110 JCT SR N Fresno to Kings Canyon Natl Park. Closed Jet. Hume Lake Road to Deer Cove Creek. US lit JCT US 101 Near Srescent City to the Oregon St Line, losed 9 miles north of Gasquet and at the Oregon State Line. Open )-way, light traffic only at following locationei 7 miles east of Jet US 101, 5.7 miles east of Jet SR 197 end 6 miles east of Jet SR 197. Restricted to light traffic only from Jet 101 0 5 miles west of Idlewild. SR 101 MAMMOTH LAKES Minaret Road Case Diahlo to Mono-Madera Co. Lin e. Closed Mammoth Mountain Inn to Mono-Madera Co. Lin. SR ft JCT US '01 Areata to Jet i J Redding. Olen to 1 way traf fic at following locations due to Z miles west or lord tins 1 miles east of Berry Sum mit, 4 miles east of Berry Summit, t mile st ol willow Creek, 4 miles west of Willow creek. Special San Francises Rtport Normal Temperaturesi Low high 60. H 41. Highest ttmmnlim hl u.. w.l;2w?i,,-i'mpr,,,tur tniI M,h to date: 38 on Jan. 11. Inches 'eV' b,rom,t,r ,f -H Precipitation! July 1 to date .66. Normal to date 16.30. To date last year 14.97. EXTENDED OUTLOOK Fair and warm weather with local morning fog or low clouds near the coast. Temperatures should range from the mid 70s to the mid 40s. AY AREA STATIONS t ... . 1 mparaiures Tor Z4 hours tt I a.m. AREA Fair through Tuesday x-VE"1 ,0 or 'w cloud" nJar if-i.i'J11 mor.n'1 becoming mor ml?n JX8 JOy'Kht end Tuesday 'Jndn'innTindC0T,ulSsd.nyMr MiSt thrWu.Id.y,Vxc.pVptrhy or low clouds near the ocean thfs mniTnB' ylor "tenalvV tonight end Tuesday morning. ""i SANTA CLARA VALLEY Fair through Tuesday except petchy fog this morning and fog hd loW clouds late tonight arid TuesdTI morning. Cooler Tuesday; ,u,May indT.Tr,VdI VPPt '9 clouds and fog late tonight end Tuesdav morning. Cooler Tuesday. ,u,,a,y LOS ANGELES AREA Fog end ana haiy afternoon sunshine air'1 Mutodn.y International Local Time Hi la S. Frncisco 73 52 S.F. Airport 75 47 Moffett Fid 73 53 San Jose 75 46 Hi La Oakland 81 52 Oklnd Arpt. 69 52 Walnut Crk. 78 50 Redwood C. 78 44 CALIFORNIA STATIONS Ml LO Bakersfield 79 57 Eureka 58 48 Fresno 82 52 Los Angle 67 46 Monterey 67 52 Needles 92 64 - Pso Robles 82 47 Red Bluff Sacrmento Salinas San Diego Santa Brbr Stockton Thermal Hi Lo 73 47 77 48 85 48 64 55 68 53 79 46 99 57 City Aberdeen .... Noon Acaoulco Amsterdam Ankara ... "nans 1 p, Auckland M ooritn .... Birmingham Brussels . Cairo Casablanca Copenhagen Dublin Geneva Hong Kong Present Weather Temp. The State Forecast et ef 10 a.m. NORTHERN AND CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Mostly fair through Tuesday except light rain or drizzle likely near coast Cape Mendocino north at times. Chance of e few showers In mountains to the east. Local morning valley fog and Increasing coastal fog or low clouds. SACRAMENTO VALLEY Fair through Tuesday but with occasion-el cloudiness extreme north. Slightly cooler Tuesday. MOUNT SHASTA SISKIYOU AREA Increasing cloudiness with chance of a few light showers north through Tuesday. Slightly cooler Tuesday. SIERRA NEVADA Mostly fair through Tuesday but with occasional clouds north. Little temperature change. WESTERN NEVADA Fair but with some cloudiness north through Tuesday. Cooler north Tuesday. PT. ST. GEORGE TO POINT. AR-ENA Variable wind S to 15 knots except southerly 10 to 20 knots ?ep Mendocino north through uesday. Increasing clouds north Lisbon London ... Madrid .... Malta Manila Mexico City Moscow . . . New Delhi , Nice Oslp Pans Pe BekinB Rome Saigon Sofia Stockholm 1 Dm. 3 p.m. m. dnt 1 p.m. Noon lp.m. 2 p.m. .Noon 1 p.m. Noon 1 p.m. 8 p.m. Noon Noon I P.m. I P.m. t p.m. i.m, i p.m. , P.m. I o.m. 1 p.m. 8 p.m. lp.m. 8 p.m. ? p.m. . l P.m. Sydney 10 p.m. tei hviv Tokyo funis . Vienna Warsaw 2 o.m. p.m. 1 p.m. ) P.m. 1 p.m. CY C . PC CY PC CY CY CY 8- gy R R PC CY PC PC PC C R S CY C CY pRg CY R CY PC R K 41 86 43 48 57 63 46 41 46 70 If 45 39 59 57 39 54 63 ?37 ?8 73 48 32 41 43 79 43 32 64 68 43 57 46 41 with occasional light rain or drizzle. Mostly fair south except night end morning fog or low clouds. PT. ARENA TO PT. CONCEPCION Variable wind 5 to 15 knot through Tuesday. Fair but fog or low clouds mainly San Francisco north and extreme south this morning increasing tonight and Tuesday. SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY Fair through Tuesday except local late night and morning tog, Little temperature change. SALINAS VALLEY Fair through Tuesday but local low clouds or tog late night and mornings. SAN. LUIS OBISPO COASTAL C Clear CY Cloudy PC Partly Cloudy R Rain F Fog S Snow Snow Report fnow depth (In Inches) et road-tide as recorded by the Stat Division of Highways: Sod Springs 50 Conner Summit 65 Tahoe City 20 Echo Summit 65 Meyers 2(1 Tahoe Valley Yub Pass 56 Sun and Moon moran Mar. 7 2305 The Mar, 15 Mar. 21 Mar. 9 OJ35 181? 1205 sun will set today at 6:08 P.m., rise tomorrow at 6:33 s.m.. and set at k 09 p.m. The moon set today at 30:14 a.m., rises tomorrow at 1:49 .m.. sets at 11:05 a.m. end slides Summit, THE TIDE AT GOLD EM SAT Oate High t 02:44 5.0 03:Jl 5.0 t 04:27 5.0 I 05:38 5.0 low CO: 39 31 01:42 2.8 10 11 Lew 10:OO 0 t 11:09 0.7 12:17 0 5 13:16 o.a High 0f.:45 5 2 07:47 J 4 High 17:0t. 3.5 1841 3 5 19 51 3.7 20:40 4.0 Low 14 05 -0 1 14:48 41 TIDAL DIFFERENCI Lew San Mated Bridge 20 iH 2 9 55 mill, ?iS2 li Oakland Richmond 3J l hr, 10 min. Dumbarton Bridge 21 ?i 4 j 1 hr. 10 min. 21,51 4.1 Carquinei Strait 2 hr. t win.

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