The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 11
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THURSDAY. DECEMBER 5, IMG CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS »M U» (M UM CfeiaV flra A74FM* vcrA* to tk« UMA* ord4r*d (or thn* or «U UBM ud **«pp«d btfoia «xplratlo» will b* c&tri* •« for tie uurnbar ol ttmu tin id »f»r,4,fd and td)«itm«i>t cl Mil Biidi. Ill QluaifUd AdT»rt:Ha( copy au& •Jtctd by jMrsooa residing outalda of u»* Bttit c« »cc«B»»nied by cMi. 1UWJ >upu.4d Item tb« ftbOT« ord« lh b« . tku eu tocotitct lixrtlon »( my For Safe ilirio S1ri'Hiiiiiri Nirr und i-l"' . fit.. I'r J' niul Mur- Located 2J8 N. First, .'5 rooms nnd bath, in good condition. only for sale, purchaser must move house wilhin :!0 days. Price $2,250. Terms oun lie arranged. Tom Little Uealty Co., phone 861. 12-l!-ck-H) 8t«el oil barrel rae*». ftlythevUle M&- fliine Shop. Call 2828. H]l8cV-lf LAND FOR 44'acres o.nt mile from Lost Carte Store; fair six room house- and hum; |tart ol . this is on htsicte of lovee but is high dry limd; it is in corn this year but bus cotton all around it; it is as good Little River soil as you have ever, seen. Kov Quick .sale §4,000.00. ) 57 '/z a,i'res one 4 room liouse and one 3 room house and a tfood barn; short distance .east of Itlytheville on gravel road, light • lint 1 , and school bus route. Kriwicr bus to Wytheville. Price Si(>5.00 i>cr acre. ' ISO acres just across i\lo. Stale line on Dunklin and Pemiscol Co. line. Kxlrnl nice 5 room house (pa ! nt- ! ed) and good barn. Tin-is t>vo bales per acre col- ton landj all tractor I.trd. I'ricc SI 50.00 per acre. 'ullcDa boill Veoetlftia kl}od eolorB. Three w«ek* duliv J'«l.t * Willpiper Slore. *T — 11 t*p« rr. D«Al't 10,7-ck H Hi ... ilATe buyer ror roar horn*. H. O. Campbell I'tiont «48 — 2930. Office 120 South 8eco«<l. 1012-ck-tt \Vorni Morning hr-Klrr. llartain. 5'JC I .u m>r.le < ll|2a.|.li.ll|M We'/-.. s*4lint: the new foain clfaner. VJna Knaiti lit" luilwOy'b liiisiocns. Deal's I'.ii.r* Waller Kl..r.:.__ . _„„ I roiuii niQilerii l.iinxalo. '\ lilnrks .Main .St. Kurninlitsil ur nnfiirnialii' 4(» <jr Krt ai-n-s kil -t nulf.s ot I, I'Owi.BK— I'l.onc :ior.s Two r.Kim .%!»in. I'll liouio in roar n[ 1915 40 acre farm near Manila. 40 acre farm on Milligan Hinge. IJolh on gravel highway and bus route. .[. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark ll-30-pk-12-7 80 acres of very best heavy loam soil with nice 5 room house, barn and out lutiki- iiijfs. This is all., cypress land jusl a short distance off Highway 25. Close lo Hl.vlheville. 'Price 3i:$5.(W per : acre. acres right in the (own ol' Canalpu, Mo. Nice ono and half story residence, barn, tenant house, tool shed and*>ther out buildings. This land produced fifty-six bushels of soybeans and 1 1-2 bales of cotton. This is one of the best improved 8()'s for. some one wanting a Iiomu thai can be found. I'rice 11, 000.00. §6500.00 cash and balance Ions; time ••Wi7" loan. 120 acres just north ol' DON'T TAKB A LOSS. tin' lop price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOK CO. Today. C-8-ck-tf FARM LOANS WINTER FREEZE Business Opportunities RAY WORTHIN6TON lai ThJ. a*c)l»« f«r tl Ton ll» Be, If*. WyUtTUte, Ark, TIM In PndculUI Pmmra Sunday ut 4 p.m. over WKKG Vi'm- llrpUiliit; Hili X In niyllifvlllr WASHER SERVICE I'llllllp t'rcl un €l««r.*ll, r'au 1 [*l«<-e dlnettw iolte; Phtleo radio. Ulil. model. \V«IU. 2124 Carolyn si.. 1'rlrls A.I.Ulion ll|12-vlt-12 Business lot 127x341 ft South Division. See H. C Campbell, 120 S. Second^ 11-22-ck-t; Goodwill Bibles, the perfect gift. Call Mrs. H. M. Beck phone 28<Ki, :ifll N. Broad way. 11-27-pk-ran 1910 luuilrl It .lulin IViorf Inu-lor n rultiviilnr MI\I| ttnt lioilniu br>>nk l.liiw Khv I .Sinilay. .^ . iijilvs ni>r;li Lriirlivillr. Ark. Vl|29-iik-12| Klar ]iO|» ffirn ulflfhinc. Kt'ispr Tlmalr Kcisfr. -Srk. 1! |30-pk-12| Ni.ii.ll stmlio niirifhl malioKonir K\iTlluilt Kiiiilillon. Call II.IIT. 12|4-j>k-r>|7 Highway (jl, gravel road runs through place. Has 50 acres of scoot! ail'alfa, nice improvements. This is just a part of our listings. If yon don'l see anything: here to suit you. come into the office and we will tell you about . some more. We iti-o always jt'lacl lo have you to come, in. We are no amateurs at this business, as we have been selling land for a number of years. RIALES LAND COMPANY Phone 3:522 Office in Hale Huildinj,' Across from City Hall . llussel K. Riak-K lien I). Haniner K. M. lieck l2-5-pk-« SO aocs r,,rn, — 00 lumom — 20 r.ill- . $7.001). I':u1 v n, Mjiuihi. Ark. I!i:i7 I'lj.n.imli M-.inn. Kxlta llrw. p. )n.»t,-r. |.]i,,, u . • Ice in your cur's radiator or ennino ciin cause serious clmiuiKR niul cost you u lot of money for repairs. Play snfe. Protect your ctir with 1 Ford Anti-Freezo. It is rust mid. corrosion resistant. Il will provide protection during the coldest weather if used in ncconlanr.'e \villi our Ford Radiator Prelection Chart. If you lire not certain your car is snfe, lot us check (lie solution in yottr radintor rion 1 . Better lie sale than .sorry this winterl PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut «t Fifth—Blytheville. Ark. Tel. 453—3721 H. S. WERNER Call 3431 "•*• NOW you can buy... REPAIRS and ACCESSORIES ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. IK. Mir. ion-os w. HI J, 1071 ...on our LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. He/p Wanted Wanted to Kent fi08 S. First SI. Duplex a»art- ment, 3 rooms and bath in each apartment. This house built new in IM^. Can b« rearranged to (> rooms. Can be Iwught on terms. 521 Numerate SI. 4 Room house has watev in kitchen and commode on hack porch. Good location. Can lie purchased on terms. Tom Little Realtv Co. IMume 861. 12-3-ck-lfl We have 5 new 4-wheel trail- ers left that we will sell at our cost, to close out. If you need a trailer soe us at once, lilan Heath Auto & Home Suppjy Co. Phone 828. 12-,3-cka2-8 Services Dri-ss Cli, Tractor repairs am) aervtce Electric and acetyleni welding. BteckaBiith work Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. S-15-ck-tt We Tep«lr fell typ*» wiiblnr mackln«f retfkrdleu of kind of condition. Alao bay and •«!!. pickup ftpd dcllvcr- Bly'li.vill. M.ckin, Shop. »!7-ck-t> IJ.|.t. AKI.--27 •"i;irM'-]' r !"iiir)i' i nr'il''''feri!i! r 'N:!l?oti!i'! (•!.!- \Vc have opening in our parts dciinrlment for good man. I'refer someone wh-i has experience. Good working conditions, permanent position, good salary. Call Tom Kittle, R(il. lilvlhc- viile iMotor Company. fan anil vvif^ for ynnl ^\<irk- nail niilk <.!i^ c<nv, \\ r iii,i. ir i f ()r haucrvv-ork 'iniisc » ith lifMs Ire,-. (loo.l MlarJ- 'ar rishl ].arlj. L'nalarl 1.. H. Flu'lcli- ir CliJci.n. M,>. | h'luc G85. .'i or -1 room furnished apartment—Call Hilly IJoone. Desperately needed. Plume ;!7;iR 12-I-ck-12- r , or 5 room furnished apartment or In position to pay up to SSO month. Will consider sharing lai'x- er home with family. Call Sir. Coles, MO. 12-3-pk-12-.(i Loans Automobile Convenient Way to Burrow COMPARE OUR RATES Personal Loans For EDUaATIONAL, EXPENSE. TAXES and iHsiitaucc, Doctor Bills, Acciiniulatpcl Dcbls. QUICK. Confidential Sctvicp. Universal C. I. T. C.rc.lil Company 11C N. Second St. Blythcville, Ark. k-l 3 For Him—a Genuine Bamboo Fly Rod for Christmas, §12 to $22. Planters Hardware. 12-3-ck-12-24 lilnili* <[it]lt LT.O'.I W. £l,,-. , ISO liSrlj. J Kit«ucr»l,l. \\ link, n.i.i.l ron.lilinn. I'ljonr MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone. 203 i. Lynch Bldg., Blythevitte. 9-23-ck-tf Paper Hanging anil r rtctiian dial 2S3f Weather stripping. Save fuel by haying doors and windows weathcrstrippcd. C. E. Wiggins, 512 N. Iwth. Thone 2293. ll-2G-pk-l?. 28 For Rent TI—flt*a-D heat. I'hone H2fi 2|2-ck-l|5 L'omforuhla heilrorirn. Shipment of now tires just i received, while they jast. Can give you any size in ooth car and truck. Get JL yours today Iicfore they f- are irone. I{lythevjlle, tMo- lor Co. Phone 422. 12-3-CU-12-S town. M»n only. 310 W. \vitlnol. We have new Dodpe 1 '•/, ton heavy duty truck and 2i' foot \Nabors Van Trailer. Ready to deliver. Must sell truck and trailer together. Rlylhevilfe Motor C o. Phone 422. 12-3-ck-12-8 fftifi.. Swap »„,! s» vr gVah .101 K. M.ln. ri,. «69. U|4-.«k;7 rrili tiome grnimil innl. Also cblckrn ,•]„.,,* finr i.r ronr, P . CuMom Orlnrl- in B . K k)> Mill. r,nn R 2n<l SI. >fflo* •?•«« f»T rani. Knttre ifcon floor at 138 E. Main. I'rltste en truci. T>nwl«« Wind., p.or.s 801. 9!31-r<.| (Ipilroom convctilonl to ball] nlrft beat. Phone 3*25. Oil \V. Main iiiunk i;u be<]rooio ndjnlninR hnlh. ut, phono 2516. ll| 11 N". 9lli, riionr" 233S Personal Free lessons on Duck Calling by world's greatest duck calkr every weekday at a. m over KLCN, Sundays at 12:15 p. m. Sponsored by Planters Hdw. Co. Wo also sejl records of these. broadcasts ll-9-rk-12-9l EVEN a Buick engln* w«ar« «v«ntuaHy, but our factory-built "Power Package" !> really a new Buick engine—makei your '37, '38, '39, '4O, '41, or '42 Buick hit the road again like a new car. You'H probably be surprised at the cost—it'« much lets than you'd guess. Come In and lei ui tell you about rt. We can arrange easy payments to »uit your budget. And you'll find this engine unit much more economical and satisfactory in Ihe long run than part-by-part replacement. One operation, and you drive out of our doors in your faithful Buick that will now give new Buick engine performance! Langsfon-WrofeirCo. Sales—BUICK—Service S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WXBCKKK enmci ft Broadway Telephone !>!» Place Your Orders NOW For Christmas Ducks, Geese TURKEYS American I.ady Foods PICKARD'S Phone 2(14 H 1044 Cliicknsawha CALL FOR 510 everything in INSURANCE DNITKl* INSVKANCE AdliNCY A. P. DIKTHICH, Mgr. Did you know Hint if one oi your whtioh In a> llttlo at one- olylilh inch out ol line, your tiro li drugged oldewayi opprox- Imotely 85 foot la every mile? It is easy to BOO from thin fact, how much utmocoiiary wear your tlroi receive ii your wlieele are out oi Hue. Faulty whool aUcjtnnonl, Ilk* faulty bulcon, j-hoinakos driving RADIO REPAIR SERVICE ' Any Moke or Model 1 to 2 Days Service \Vc Call For and Deliver PHONE 2642 Fred Callihan hazardous. Play §ale —driTe today and let ui check your wheel alignment with o«! Bennett-Ferigen Ch*ui« alyzer. In * matter ol we can give you «cciunt% Tie«ei prool oi the exact ilirfnmteij. condition oi your wheel*. If j correction U nece»e»ry, we put your wheel* in peri. alignment quickly 'end «t nurpritinyly low cott' LO Y El CM CHEVROLET COMPANY i •••-,. Tcxoco Got & Olli 301 W. Walnut Phon* 57t FEET feel better with better resoles and heels. We use famous NEOLITE heels for a bettor step, bettor balance, BETTER FEET HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. Phone 2882 FOR SALE \ Concrete Culvert Tilo Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. (il nl Sfule IJne Phone Illylliuvillo 7M PRESCRIPTIONS Slock Guatantcod Itost Price Kirby Drug Stores Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler ' ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. Phane J. W, ArJinw. M«r. ''•'£ 2071 z«6-N W. M»JS. W. J Pollard INSURANCE Gfcncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 O. K. CAB Jack Manh, Owner See us about your service on Chrys^sr and .Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically/ MOTOROLA Sales nnd Service 10(i South First RECTAL DISEASES Move your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. EDWARDS T. I. SEA Y MOTOR CO. Cnmplutc Stocks of Parts For Chryskr •The Tjp*writer M«»ROYAL, SMITH. CORONA r»* BUUNGTON POBTAOUt 110 N. SECOND ST. PHON* U«3 (Every Tr»n«acUon MDflT B« BATIBPACTOKT) BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIBS BY EDGAR MARTIN IT'S ftu. aoiroe. TO WORVC our, u. ett i •youR oftopv ' TOO &V OO FKECKLER AND HIS FUIENnS BY MERRIJL BLOSSEP RuSTV SLAPPED WE HORSE THAT LARD WAS RIDING, AND fT TOOK OFF our THE e\os IF THIS WERFMT 2oTri CENTURV. ID SWrTA*. I JUST SA<A/ PAUL, REVERE GALLOPING DOWN THE STREET' PLAIN 6INCER ALE/ * t/sa .

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