Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 4, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1897
Page 23
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Arrive from Bradford "2:45 am; +10:20 am; •1:20 pm; t4:15p ro, EFF-VER DIT1SION. U«ve fprKflner t8:ir. a m: »9:00 » m- t2:OS p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner i7:35 am; t!2 50pm;i2:4S p m: «:30a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI, L *Te for Richmond +12 53 am; +5:30 ft m : »1 .05 pm; t2:20pm. Arrire from Klonmond «2 :30 ft m : t.U :00 » m •l:50puj:+10:59pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LODI8VILL1. IjMve for Louisville 12:45 a m: *1:10 p m. Arrive from LouiiviUe *i!:'10 a m; »1:56 p m. J. A. MoCUliLOTJGH. Agent, LOOANBPOBT NO. I Fnetern Kxpross dally 6 Mull and Express daily * Atlantic Express dHlly if Fort Wa? nfi f ceo Ex Sunday.,. T| LOCK! Freight Ex Sunday WXBI BOUND. * Western Express daily — Fast Mali Daily Mall and Express dally Pacific Express daily Decatur AccoEx-Sundav Local Freight Ex-Sunday — BL KIT IB pmHION. 1TI8TIIDI. LOOANU-OR! XKD CHILI, WXBT HOT/1ID. MO. I6~ _....JLrrlTei_™.- M o,8T Arrives • AST BODHD. •0. M Le«vf« „. HO. M —Leavet — I | U 7* . 3:33 t in . »:*» a u ,. 4:18 n m 6:K p in . 4:1S p m .10:54 p m . S:13 p m . 2:40 p m ..11.-S3 a m . 7:85 a m , 7:35 a m 8:SO ». B .3:30 p. n -8:06 a. a ,S:« p. a VANDALIA LINE, Time Table, In effect Sept. 2$, 1897. Tv*iM» Leave JUoxumport, Indtua. FOR THE NOKTH No. « —.10:38 a. m. No. 8 - -.. *>:•*• P. tn. FOR THE SOCTH. Ho. 21 -V<6a. m Wo. S -:25 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains md c*ation«, and for full information ai to lato*. through outs, etc., addres* J. 0. BDOBWORTH, ag«nt, Logansport. or 1 ^. KORD. General Passenger Agent, St. Loii'j. Mo. . R. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. 8oU<J trains between Peoris and Sandusky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- neOtioM to and from all point* to tne United fetog and Canada, AUUYB SOUTH BOUND DIPART No U Indianapolis Ki p dally T: 10 a m 11JB am No 23 " Mail *Kip_U:38am (daJ'j except Sunday) No »Indpl's Krp ox 8un~~ ! :!6 p m »-U B m No » PaasenBet- exeept Sun No laKoohesterlocalanive ;45pm except Sunday, WORTH BOUKD. •HI a » No » Mall * Kip jsx Jiuu. -Js:i»am 5S • m No 11 Mlahtean City *aUrV. <:i5 p m MB « m No M Detroit Kxp *x Bnm NoUOAroomexcept Bun... 1:45am •DOM not mn north o™ Feru on Sunday. --"-—t ratet aDdj°neral Informatton'oaU loMr, ttolnt tnot, L. B. 4k W. 'T^;^* « — '• ^ ' -mnmmmm maw Jerry Hlakle. of Rochester, N. Y., Is the cHy OQ business. Bevrare of Oiiitments That Contain Mercurj. aa mercury will surely dc-BToy tbe efDse 01 smell and cemj/letely deranpe t£e -whcle sys- te n when enter nir it through tie mucous surfaces. Such articles should ; erer te used ej- cept on prescript:oD8 from reputable physicians, aa the damage tbty will dr. is ten fold to the good you can p' eslbly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.. contains no mi rcury, and is taken internal!}', aetlDF directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of thOBjStc-m. In buying Hall's Catarrh C^re be sure you get the gem/ice. It is , taken In- lernaily and made in Toleco, Obi",!by F. J Cheney i Co. Testim 5n als fret. Sold by drufrpists. TSc. Hall's Kamliy Pills tire tbe^bcet- Mlss Lizzie Fitzgerald, of 17 Ubl ttrcet, Is entertaining Mr. Walter Jonos of Indianapolis. Rheiinitttbm Cured iu aiUoy. "Mittic Cure" for rheuma'ism uud nou- ralwiu rad.colly eurrs in 1 10:* dajs. Its action upon tho bypteni is remarkable aud uivt-K-rious it removes at once the cause and the disc-apu inmitdiately disappears, 'ihe Ijrtit dose tTtutly tient-flis '•'•> c< nts. Sold by \V. H. Bringhurst. druggist. Lopans- pc-rt. The paper hangers employed by a local firm struck t'nls morning against a reduction of wages and wun. Catarrh in the head, that trout 1- sorne and disgusting disease, may be entirely cured by a thorough courte or Hood's Sarsaparilia, the grett blood purifier. Hood's Pills cure nausea,sick headache, indigestion, biliousnes-s. All druggists. 25c. Two Of tbe children of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Farrer of SaullztowD.are ill of lung fever. "For three years I suffered from Salt Rheum. It covered my hands to such an extent that I could not wash them. Two bottles of Burdock Blood Bitters cured me."—Llbby Young, Popes Mills, St. Lawrence county, N. Y. It Is estimated by state gas inspector Leach that the waste of natural gas at Alexandria is 25,000,000 feet daily, which at Scents per thousand is worth $1,250. HDIHB Exciirsion.. . FOR November and December'97 - - THR -'- have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 10th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newell, Apt Logansport, Ind. The Century Magazine For The Coming Year, The Century Magazine, with its November number, enters upon ite iwenty^eventh year. During its lonp existence, by reason of its many notable successes, it has won an assured and commanr ing position. Durlrt? the corn- ins year The Centuryjwill maintain its exceptional position as a magazine of entertainment and as a leader in art and thought. Its pictorial features will be notable, and it will command the servl; es of the 1'oremost artijts.iUuslrators and erpravers ef this country anrt of Europe. Nothing like a complete announcement of its literary features can lie attemptednow.Dr. Weir MJtcboll. whose novel of the American Revolution, -'Hugh Wynne." is the great f uc- ce?e of the year. Das written a new story for the present volume It bears the piquant titie: " 1 he Anventures of Francois: Foundling Adventurer, Juggler and Fencing-Master during the French Kevolutiou." Ihe tale ;s full of romance and adventure. Mrs. Burton Harrisot. contributes a new ncvd of New York life, called "Good Americans," in which contemporaneous social types aud tendencies are britihtly mirrored and described. There will be a group of o!ever stories about horses and people who like horse?, under the general title of "Gallops " "A Women Reii- uiscences of the French Intervention in Meileo" will be given in, aTtcri' set graphic acd highly picture-que papers by Mrs. Cornelius Stevenson. Further contributions of the Interesting series of "Heroes of Peace" will 1 e made by J»cob A. Hiis, Gustav Kobbe. Elizabeth Stuart Thelps Ward, and others, For the benefit of readers of The Century an unusual combiuation offer is made for th:s year. There has been issued "The Centuty Gallery of One Hundred Portr»it£,"madaiupof the^finwt engravings thst have appeared in the magazine and representing a total exDec- dirare oi nearly JSO.OOO. These are printed < n heivy plate-paper, -with wide margins, lifce proofs, Tie retail price of tne (rallery « *7 50, bat this year it will be sold only in connection with a tnbicription to THE ZCKNTDBT, the ioeofthe wotof i e teirg .50. PUEPLE IS POPULAR. OF ALL SHADES FROM PALE LILAC TO DARK HELITROPE. Some Stylish Blouses—A Glance »t Ifert "Sprint's Styles—The Gigot Sleeve Will Still B« Worn—Attire For the House. A Sensible Apron. [Special Correspondence.] ?CE\V YORK, Xov. 29.—Very few people believed that purple could remain in favor another season, but it is now con- ended that it is "in" for the most popular color of this whole winter. When I say purple, I naturally mean to cover all its shades, and they are many, ranging from pale lilac, pamia violet, mauve THE NEW WOMAN. ATT1KK FOR IIOl'SKHOLD liUTlES. and light heliotrope to the deep petunia, dark heliotrope, royal purple, plum and aubergine. The list of different shades is still longer aud still further varied according to the material. Silk, wool, cotton aud velvet, even when of the exact shade, will look very different when brought together. Tho velvet will look darker than the satin or silk, and wool will appear darker than silk ill most lights. Therefore a silken garment may safely be trimmed with velvet of the same shade, and a velvet garment may be slashed and the slashes filled in with silk or satin with excellent effect. Another very stylish blouse was of siaoke gray reps. The short basque portion and the simulated revers were bound with gray fox. Ic opened over a blouse vest of white china crape and fastened with a small silver clasp across the front. Short, square revers and a tudor collar, faced with gray velvet, finished the front. The back was made very differently. All the upper part was laid in flat folds. This was then cut out and two lines of fur extended clear to the belt on both sides. A novel blouse was of tan cashmere, with straps made of two rows of black satin ribbon, feathi r stitched together with black silk. Back and front, collar and sleeves and belt were all trained with the same ar- ri'.ngcnieiit of ribbon. This is not anything like a beginning; to tell of all the wonderful arrangements in the blouses. Tliu mast striking of them are of cloth in dark blue, red. green or purple, braided richly alid trimmed with fur. They are such a, rage now that they will snou weary the wearers and beholders alike. In a large eloakhonse where they manufacture thousands upon thousands of garments every year I saw some of the things which are to bo offered next spring. There were endless numbers of iiewniarktjts, redingotes aud ulsters with scarcely any difference from those of ten years ago, save that tha gigot sleeve is put in all of these, not nearly so large as they were, but made to stand out well. The material is cloth, cheviot and covert, aud the colors for the most part fawn, tan. biscuit aud very dark slate gray and some black. Some, and those are the handsomest, have fly fronts and no visible buttons; the others have immense hern or smoko pearl buttons on the waist. Let us turn from them to some neat and seasonable garments which one finds quite as necessary to one's comfort aud happiness as the lauded outdoor things. Tea gowns of delicate gray cash • mero lined with pink or crimson silk are lovely and ;ire made wnch like theater mantles in shape, us far as the deep yoke and full rests of it are concerned. There are long hanging sleeves. The tea go\vu is very cozy aud rich and warm when all edges are bordered with fur. Tho plucked opossein makes the softest aud most delicate of such bordering, Cnmualiy Active In Politics During the Present Year. Who says the cause of woman is go- icg backward and that she has now less prospect of gaining full political and civil rights than she had half a dozen year? ago? Who says she takes no interest in politics'' Tho facts in 1*97 utterly disprove such notions. Never since I have known >"ew York city have women takei: such interest and participated so actively m campaign work as they have done this year. In early summer they organized their work. One favorite method was for committees of women tc visit the wives of \vorkiiijjiueu in their homes aud there labor with them and instruct them in the principles of the political parry for which the husband's vote was desired. The committee women found what surprised them somewhat—that rhe foreign laborer's wife in many cases has more downright direct influence with her husband than tha wives of most millionaires and society ladies have with their husbands. It may not be a compliment to the fashionable lady, but it is a fact. Each political party hud its clubs uf women helpers, even Tammany. One of the most telling points against seth Low. president of Columbia university and Citizens' candidate for mayor, was made among the women by a woman campaign speaker, Mrs Jane Pierce. Mrs. Pierce remembered that isi-th Low, when a candidate for mayor of Brooklyn, had promised the women of that city that some of their sex should be appointed on the board of education. The ladies went in with enthusiasm, crippled though then- power was by lack of the ballot, and worked their best for the election of Low. After he was safe, in office they visited him and reminded him of his promise. He treated them with coarse contempt and turned them away. He told them in so many words vhat a woman was not capable of being a school trustee. The ladies bided their time. When Mr Low in turn vainly sought to be mayor of Greater New York, he had no more able or effective opponents than the women he had snubbed. There is a marked tendency toward employing womeu.campaigu speakers. With a thorough understanding of the points at issue they have besides a magnetism, a command of language and a sympathetic quality and flexibility of voice that are often lacking in men speakers. Some of the women speakers have been very well paid for their services this year. Acquaint yourselves thoroughly with the political questions of the day, all sides of them. There is something in , municipal government especially that 1 appeals to every woman. All of our sex 1 are vitally interested in good schools, clean and safe streets aud healthy homes . with moral surroundings. Take an active interest in these matters. They concern you more than they do men, and it is outrageous injustice that thus far in j the world's progress men have had all ' the say iii 'municipal government. Be- 1 cause men have had things all their own way is one reason why city govern- 1 uieuts are so corrupt in America. If women were allowed to serve as city couu ' cilmeu, do you think they could be , bribed to give away gas and street t'rau- ' chises which if taxed properly would pay the whole debt of a city aud give a fine public income besides? Just wait till women are mayors aud aldermen and couucilmcn. as they will be, so surely as the sun rises. Mile. Cecile Chamiuade, the distinguished French musical composer, is preparing a complete opera. She draws from her songs and other compositions a larger income than any other woman composer. Besides her talent in this direction she is au eminent pianist and can conduct an orchestra likewise. She has accomplished so much through concentrating all her mind on whatever she had to do. There ought to be iu every city a woman's law class similar to that in i New York city. It is connected with the New York university and is designed to acquaint women with the law necessary to help them in business matters in private life. The class was founded by Mrs. Munn and- Miss Helen Gould. Its lecturer is Professor 1 F. Russell of the law department of the university. The best part of this law class for women is that it is preparatory to the. regular law course in the university, aud every year yonng women graduate from that course as full fledged lawyers who began their studies hi the women's business law class. STYT-ISn BLOUSES. having points of beauty beyond swan's down. Tea jackets are made very ornamental and are of soft silks, cashmere, veiling and chhui crape, and all are lavishly trimmed with lace. These are to wear over pretty skirts and are very dressy. Dressing and morning sacks are made of striped flannels and flannelettes: also of eider down. Yokes and loose waists predominate. Plain, neat morning gowns are of dark serge, bine, gray or brown, with the fronts loose and belted in. For the young housekeeper there is an apron of blue linen trimmed with white, which covers the entire dress, and is also pretty. One may dress in velvet and wear it safely when one of these charitable aprons covers it from iamgerous contact OLTTE HARPER. Chicago's woman inspector of street cleaning. Mrs A. E Paul, is going on about her work, attending to her business and not saying much. The little she does say is to the point. "So far as I am concerned, my district will be clean, for I purpose to see that it is." She is \virniitier .onlrlpn oninions. A'ona ITTLE IVER PILLS WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO MEIDt A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to AIL The Greatest Discovery of the Famou* PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who need It and who will write for It. A large percentage of the men of today are sadly in need of the rigtot, kind of moOi-al treatment for weakness peculiar to raea. Many cases are due to early vices, others to excesses, while many of the cases are due to overwork, worry and pcner-.il nervous debility. It matters not. however, •n-h.it the cause may have been, the fact still remains that they all require proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Vv'ritc us at once, giving a description of your case, and we will prepare you u course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and teid il to you ABSOLUTELY FSEE. in plain sealed package. \Vc can give full strength, development and tone- to cvi-rv portion and orgv.a of -.he body, slop :-.ll drains ami losses, and restore you to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is impossible with our method. \Vo cave thousands ot testimonials from all over the world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY: PhyttJ-iunif 7»wf i';*.'--, CJ:ie«yo: ButSCHABD. WA?H,, Maixh 3. lS& DC An Sias,—I luiva rt"?;:yly Oai^h^il mv c'mrsoof treatme:;^, r.nd find my- BelT n J'llerent man. I cannot find vjards rnc3;;h to; pruu-o und c-iprw.^ the d(*ep KIT.'i c u d:? 1 it'c! ii" 1 wards j-Ji'.. Your iro;it^^"it is ^BH'ly wonderlul. I am [>cr- ibctly cured, and thank yo.-. i\ hundred tirat*» and will help you all I possibly can, May trod UJew yoa und your ivork. Yours truly, C. ±*. F, PAyifirt/!.*" IwitHtf, Cfiimgo,- LOTEX. Li., June 19,1996. Mv DEMI FrvTEXDG.-'Plaase accept mrChunks lor tha kindness yon ba^a demo mo, Looses h;ivo entirely stopped nnd ri^or h;i* returuod. I urn ul* O. K. 1 CM iK-tter th:m I hare bt-cn lor i"> ywiin-. I do toe feel liko tho name man. ,\J1 my friends v. r hen they in .&1. n**, say, " Whnt hiu*e y*u been doing? Never i-mwu niiia coiau out like you." Ever your friend, M-1*. C. fhysieianif Inxfimi*-' HAVANA. N. U., Jon. 29, IKS- G"^n,KMEN.—I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for tho rosnlt of my tre/itms-nt. During tbu h^-'t two veeks rhntl took your LreatiDent the improve- .ni-ni \-;;\* rf.Hny.rkable. T li::ve hn.*i no emissions or other symptoui* since talltQrt jour racdicjne. My friends are aM pcrjjriwd at the itnprovemrtntin ray KenuriiJ appeiiriiccu. Hoping that you may over prosper*! rsnuiia, YoantsincoraJr, Horn* of PhytficiaKJ Institute. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file In our business office, and all arc bona fide expressions of permanently cured n?e-a. Do not delay writing to us, ana remember that we are not only u responsible institution in 27cry way, but ours is tbe largest medical institute in America That m-kcs a spoony of &EXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents for postage on medicine, which is always pluini.. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL •- J «^M« M^^^A^^P •^^^•••^BV' VMM f^mrmnt^wr •^^•7^^? of thB Wortu « B*(WM PbM, FIELD&FLOWERS tbt 6«0ett TkMmommtM Iwcitr Tic most beautiful Art Prodnction oT the c«» I tury. "A im.ll »m«h «f «•• MH «T»Jf«t •»»]*• ,om. gathertd fn.» th« «.«•<! »•"•,* «•*•" IM * r.rw of Lore." Contain* a selection.of tit-nso* beautiful of the poems of Eugene Field. Hrni sojnely illustrated by thirty-five ot the worWr sreateit artists as thei r couttibutlos to the Moa umentFund. Bat for tie »•*!« coitribatitai «f tfc treat irtl.fi tali b»»k ceald »ot k«« kw« •»PC*«* t.r.d«or S 7 .o». For sale »t book gtore*. or KO prepaid on receipt of Ji.io. £he lovtotf«in£U (nt Child's Poet laureate, fluted "T «« £?£ mittee to create a fund to build the Monnxne» •»nd to care for t.be family of Use btlored poet..~ ^ I'itld Monamcat Sc«r«Blr tt< Crossing tbe Plains In a Prairie Schoonei This is a. scene from otn new romantic serial by Major Alfred R. Calhotuij The Weldon Estate v;^ We recommend it to you because it is a. story of exceptional power and interest. It is something not to be missed. You will find it IN THIS PAPER ONLY 189V DECEMBER." 1897 Su. 12 19 26 Mo. Tu. !We. 6 7 8 13114 15 20 27 21! 22 28 29 Th. 9 23 30 Fr. 10 17 24 31 Sa. 11 18 25 SICK HEADACHE PositiTely cured by these little ^Tiey also rdieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Ind^esJion aod Too Heart/ Eating. A per. feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, DrowlL nets, Bid Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Pain in flie Side, TORPID LTVIK. They Regulate tie Boweli, Purely Vegetable, ftmaU Pill. Small with 3Jrs. Paul as an example of woman's enlarged sphere of usef clness may be mentioned Mrs. S. V. Boot of St. Paul, who bas been appointed to the police force of that city. }Jrs. Root's philanthropic work in the city slums and byways made this appointment desirable, in order that, she might have more power. Another woman in a new occupation is 3Irs. Neal, on expert shot ind a game warden of Grand Traverse county, ilich. There is one occupation for women not overdone—that is gardening and fruit; culture Near an ordinary market any woman can earn a good living on a few acres of ground if she goes in to win. Poultry rearing and beekeeping might be added. Gardening is one of the most beautiful and healthful of occupations. A woman who is -willing to work can start in almost anywhere. Tender early lettnce, crisp radishes, young onions, peas and other things in their season mil always find a market There are localities again where a few •varieties of choice flowers raised in quantities for sale will make a fine living. ELIZA ABCHXKD COXXIR. i The Central Passenger Associa- 1 tion 1000 Mile Interchange| able Rebate Ticket Isforeale at principallieket OfflceBo i | The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored < ne year from date of sale, for Exchange 'I icktts over either of the following | named Lines: Ann Arbor, Baltimore i Ohio. Baltimore i Ohio Southwest era, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago i.'^'esc Michigan, Cincinnati & MueMngum Valley, Cincinnati. Hamilton it Dayton, Cleveland i Marie ca, Cleveland, Canton & Eouiherr, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago 4: Bt L. Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling. Cleveland Tern,in.l & Valley, ColumbuB, HocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandueky & HockiDgv Detroit;.S: Cleveland Steam h'avfjiratlon, Detroit. Grand Bapids it Western,. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Wtnbur#. Evansville & IndianapolU, JJv»nsTilie JfcTerre Haute. Kindly, Fort Wayne & Western, Flint & Pere Marquette, Grand RapHs ,£ Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Wester a. Lake ghore 4: Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nashville. Between Louisville * Cincinnati and between St. L and Bv«n*Til|« LouifiviKe, Bvantville & 8t Louil, Louisville, Henderson i St Louis, Miehlsran Central, New Toik. Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Central Cine*, Pennsylvania Lines West of Pitttburg-. Peoria, Decatur & EvansvtUe, Pittsburg i; Lake Erie, Pittsbursr & Western, Pittoburg. Lisbon &, Western, Toledo, St Louis i Kansas Cltj o Vandalia Line, Wabash Railroad, Zanesviile & Ohio river. Tbe price f f tb< se tickets are Thirty Dollan each. They are not transferable If the ticket i» used iu its entlretj and exclusively by the original purenaef r. a rebate of Ten .Dollars it paid by tbe Commissioner of the Central F«»- senger Association, E. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pittsburg, Pa Sept 30, 1887 Special Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines This Month. On December 7th and 21st Homeseckers' Excursion Tickets -A-ill bo gold Tim Pennsylvania Lines to poinu in AJabanm, Arlaxut, Arkansas. Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho. Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana. Michigan, Minnesota. Miuljtippi, Missouri. Nebraska, N«w Mexico. North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oremo. South Carolina. South Dakota, TennMtee, Tiaxa*; Utah, Virgin*, Wisconsin and Wjomtof. AnJ- body mar uke advantage of tbe low ntn. Full information free npon appUoaOao to neatest Ticket Agent ot the Lines or by addreMinc W. W. trict PHwnger Agent, Indiaaapoila,' lad.

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